A bee flies out of one end of Yu Di, and the golden tail of the bee flashes with this black poisonous light. This must be a poisonous tail sting, even if it is stabbed in Yuan infant, it will paralyze you for several times, not to mention the Dan-knot stage. It is very likely that you will become paralyzed and even a vegetative state when you are stabbed.
Lin Luo face a change back a few steps in the hands of the cloud sword has been taken out.
Lingbao people’s mouth overflowed with a smile flute, which suddenly changed from melodious sound to harsh sound. At first, the sharp chirping of the original golden bee revolving around Lingbao people turned to Lin Luo, and the two of them had received half of the tail needle and suddenly stood out for several inches. Actually, the black light shone again, and the huge eyes of the golden bee also radiated fierce light.
Lingbao people took off their mouths and said, "What about the little doll? Still want to be with me, right? If you give me your bow, I can give you a chance to live, but you have to go to a place. When you get in that place, you will never get out. That’s because the defenders warned you not to go to the place, and I can let you live. "
"Where?" Lin Luo eyes flashing while dealing with Lingbao people while thinking about ways such as defeating Lingbao people.
Lingbao people look at Lin Luo like turtles in a jar and see through Lin Luo’s mind at a glance. Does it matter if he plays tricks with a smile? "It’s called a sinkhole, and it’s said that the most mysterious place of Tianyanzong was originally sealed by the Almighty together with the sinkhole, but it’s dangerous to go in and not come out. If you want to live, you can go in and I can rest assured that I will spare your life."
Lin Luo cold hum a he naturally know what Lingbao people have in mind. This sinkhole must be a mysterious place. Obviously, all the people who go in are dead. The array guards dare not go in and say that it is extremely dangerous. It is the stage of deification. Zhongzhou has to find a master. Even Zhongzhou has a forbidden area.
"Why? Unwilling to go in? Then you have a way! " Lingbao people see Lin Luo expression way
"But I don’t know who can go this way." Lin Luo doesn’t fall in the wind at all. Although he can’t do his own kung fu, he can’t fall in the mouth. He can always occupy the same wind
Lingbao people’s eyes are even more violent. He knows that this little tiger can actually clean up the white-winged tiger in front of him. It’s really unusual for him to hear the white-winged tiger sound. Although this little tiger is very difficult to beat the white-winged tiger by shooting a bow, Lingbao people dare not be careless.
The original Lingbao people wanted to lure Lin Luo into the sinkhole by threats, but Lin Luo, a small man, had to fight World War I improperly!
Chapter 1 Dou Bao
The whimper flute sounded again. Na Di was first deep, like a sea breeze blowing on a rock, and then it sounded like a sharp and harsh battle horn. The wings of the golden bee vibrated quickly and gave off a buzz. The thumb-sized golden bee actually expanded ten times and became a fist-sized bee.
Lin Luo surly hands cloud sword oblique guide Tianyi a fighting spirit from generate.
See Lin Luo posture Lingbao people look more dignified. This Lin Luo body can actually condense out the meaning of the sword. You know, when there was a baby, the monks realized the meaning of the sword, that is, he also had a little knowledge of the meaning of the sword. I didn’t expect Lin Luo’s sword to condense so smoothly.
The golden bee suddenly stagnated. It felt a breath of fright from Lin Luo’s body. The Lingbao people saw that a drum flute on their cheeks was more intense, and they kept drumming like rain in the horn of the battlefield. When they heard this drum, the golden bee stagnated and once again came to Lin Luo with a vibration.
Lin Luo stood still like a statue with a sword in his hand. The statue was agitated by Na Di and aggressive by the golden bee. At this time, Lin Luo had the golden bee venom sting in his eyes.
The stinger Lin Luo’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger, and the size of the original needle tip is gradually reflected. Lin Luo’s pupil occupies the pupil everywhere, as if there is the stinger in Lin Luo’s pupil.
When the stinger approached Lin Luo, Lin Luo moved, the earth fell and the mountains shook, which made the world shake.
The tip of the needle pointed at the wheat awn, and the cloud sword stabbed the gold bee venom. With the sound of the stone hitting each other, it even gave off a little gorgeous fire. The gold bee buzzed around and quickly returned to Lingbao people, and it also sang slightly as if to tell its own pain.
Lin Luo didn’t think that the golden bee was so hard, and it was even harder than the stone. He was surprised and looked at his cloud sword for fear that it would be wounded.
Lin Luo was surprised. Lingbao people were even more surprised. He didn’t expect that the gold bee venom needle didn’t pierce Lin Luo’s seemingly tattered iron sword. The gold bee venom sting foot is comparable to that of the Six Lingbao sword, and the size of the poison needle is smaller than that of the wide cloud tip, which should be more advantageous. Then it should be said that the iron sword in this small hand should be no less than the Six Lingbao sword. Thought of this, a greedy light in Lingbao people’s eyes popped out again.
"I can’t believe that your fortune is quite rich. I am more and more curious about your identity! I have heard that the star mark of the main palace of Xingyue Palace has reached the end of Dan at the age of 20. Say it’s you. Hey, hey, don’t be too busy denying it. You’re dead anyway! Let you see what I call a Lingbao person! "
The words sound just fell and Lingbao people took out a plate of silver light, which seemed to be printed with a figure similar to Tai Chi pattern, depicting one white and one black as flowing water, especially two white and dazzling black, which was very strange. Then Lingbao people threw the plate at Lin Luo, but it seemed to be a dazzling silver light when it turned quickly, but Lin Luo knew that the silver plate’s lethality was not the silver light, but the disk’s rotating driving force hurt people. The edge of the silver plate was cut by the rotating force, which was the killer of the silver plate.
Seeing that the gray gas around was swayed by the silver light, the whistling wind was far more powerful than the Linluo steam wheel operator. The fire wheel operator paid attention to the fire power, while the cutting force was paid attention to.
Lin Luo took out the round umbrella from the bag without thinking and quickly opened it in front of him.
A buzz saw that the silver plate turned around the black round umbrella, but it couldn’t find a cutting position, so it had to turn back. Lingbao people made a strange trick to put the silver plate back into their hands easily, but his eyes looked straight at Lin Luo’s round umbrella.
"What is this? I think I should call you Lingbao, and there are so many treasures! I didn’t expect this umbrella to be able to resist the cutting force of my Tai Chi disc. It’s really powerful! "
Lingbao people looked at Lin Luo strangely and spoke with a splash and swallowed a mouthful of saliva
Lin Luo gently shook his hand, which was numb because his hand was covered by a round umbrella. Lingbao people didn’t see it, which made Lin Luo look more relaxed. Lin Luo’s mouth was cold and his eyes were full of dignity. If it wasn’t for the round umbrella to protect Lin Luo, it would be a big blow. I still feel that the hand meridians are a little messy for a long time to calm down.
"I have three treasures called Lingbao people, and this Tai Chi plate is the one that has followed me for the most years. I rely on this Tai Chi plate to cross the Dandan period in Zhongzhou, but I can come from behind the enemy lines and I got a golden bee tamed by Yu Di in the ruins. This is my second treasure."
Lingbao people’s eyes are cold. I don’t know if Lin Luo suddenly came to Lin Luo because of this.
"But few people saw my third treasure die on the spot because they saw the third treasure!" Lingbao people’s eyes changed and they were full of crazy colors. Then they dug out a jade Jane in their hands. As soon as the jade Jane was exposed, there was a rush of aura. You can see that the jade Jane depicts an ancient handwriting that scares people’s souls as if it were a thunder word. Lin Luo’s conduits are not good. It turns out that this youngest son is paving the way here.
"Five talisman wahoo silver flower operator! Hum, hum, how can you spell me? I am a Lingbao person! Treasure hunt expert! " Lingbao people are screaming and their eyes are red and seemingly crazy.
Although it is troublesome to clean up Lin Luo, it is less than five talismans, especially the wahoo silver flower charm, but when attacking the talisman, Lingbao people are shocked by Lin Luo’s taking out treasures again and again. The nickname Lingbao people is called Lingbao people. How can he allow a younger person to have more treasures than him? Only when his head is hot, he takes out this wahoo silver flower charm, but it is a secret that Lingbao people find it by chance.
Lin Luo was really taken aback when he heard the silver flower symbol of the wahoo. For the talisman, he knew that there were three types of thunder in the talisman. The thunder attribute of the fire attribute was the most offensive. Perhaps only one of the thousands of talisman can practice the Friar Leifu, but the advanced Leifu is even rarer. It can be said that the silver flower symbol of the wahoo surprised the friar in the deification period, but it threatened the almighty Lin Luo in the deification period. He was the external operator who learned that there were five attributes of fire, water and soil in Jin Mu.
When the five symbols are used, the paper will inherit the spirit force. At this time, the jade slips are used as the paper to describe the spirit force, and one advantage of the spirit force is that it can be used for many times. For example, this flaming tree and silver flower charm can generally make the jade simple and dim for ten times, and the jade will be simplified and broken. However, the jade slips in the hands of Lingbao people are still very dazzling. It is just a few times that the spirit force has been used.
Lin Luolai didn’t want Lingbao people to have a high-level coffin, because the jade slips in Lingbao people’s hands had burst out with a bang, and a dazzling white thunderbolt spread out from Lingbao people’s hands like a branch, and dozens of thunderbolts extended from the main branches in Lingbao people’s hands, which looked like talking about Raytheon, while Lin Luo seemed that the thunderbolts were like an impenetrable net and did not evade him.
Fire tree, silver flower, thunder, five charms, attack power, six stars, defense power and vitality
Aside, Bai Feng was almost scared and looked at the thunderbolt with a look of despair in her eyes.
But the more Lin Luo faced such a scene, the more calm his heart became. He was thinking about countermeasures quickly in his mind, but several Zhang Ling symbols appeared in his hands. It turned out that Fu Linluo threw the rocket symbol with one hand and whizzed it into a sea of fire. Dozens of rockets flew out of the sea of clouds, burning rockets like soldiers flying rows of spears to the oncoming thunderbolt.
Bang bang bang!
The continuous collision of sound, fire and thunder stirred up a burst of earth-shattering sound. This audio-visual is the roaring sea water hitting the coastal reef, and the gas explosion force generated by the collision of the two will overturn Lin Luo and Lingbao people at the same time. Even the nearby white maple did not avoid being knocked off and stumbled to the ground.
Lingbao is messy and dusty, but he doesn’t care. Besides, Lingbao people are sloppy.
"You, where did you get so many four-character charms?" Lingbao people look incredible with horror, and take out several four-spirit charms like wiping paper. What a big deal!
Lingbao people didn’t see Lin Luo’s dreary exercise when he threw the talisman. It was worse than hemorrhoids.
The five-charm is ten times more powerful than the four-charm. Among the four-charm of Lin Luo, the most powerful attack charm is ten, and one five-charm is for Lingbao people, which makes Lin Luo change the odds.
You stung me with a golden bee, my sword resisted you, my taiji disc cut me, and my round umbrella dissolved. When you made the talisman, Lin Luo, the talisman, finally stopped waving his hand, that is, bleeding blood and several rocket symbols.
Lin Luo’s eyes flashed tightly and asked, "Where did your five charms come from?"
As far as Lin Luo knows, there has never been a five-charm in Zhongzhou. Because Zhongzhou doesn’t produce jade slips made by the jade crystal root system, then the five-charm is made by law. If there are several jade slips in Zhongzhou, it is that the big family brother brought them back from the big state outside, but how can Lingbao people have them? Lin Luobai is puzzled.
"Hum" Lingbao people are cold-mouthed, but they didn’t answer Lin Luo’s words. Because this involves secrets in his heart, and he has already seen that Lin Luo is not easy to deal with. Who knows how many charms there are in him? If there are five charms … It’s best to expose some secrets less when you can’t kill a person.
"I can’t kill you, but I will stay here forever. If your family wants to kill me, just come and I’ll wait for you!" Say that finish Lingbao people eyes peep out one silk nai will leave.
Lin Luo is not so accommodating at this time. He grunted, "Come and go as you like. When this is your home! If you don’t keep the treasure, you will choose! "
Hear Lin Luo so big Lingbao people chest choking thirty years Hedong thirty years Hexi this role has changed, but Lingbao people pay and have no ability to kill Lin Luo. What’s worse, there is also a eyeing companion next to the crowd. Lingbao people naturally can’t underestimate Bai Feng’s subtle thinking eyes. "Do you want to know the secret of the five charms? Hey, hey, come with me to the sinkhole. If you are lucky, you will get something! "
After saying this, Lingbao people quickly flew away without giving Lin Luo a chance to speak.
"Tiankeng ….." Lin Luo dew looked at Lingbao people with curiosity and muttered in the direction of flying away.
Chapter 11 Traps
"Brother Wu, you mustn’t be that bad old man. We mustn’t go to any sinkhole. I think it must be very dangerous!" Bai Feng also heard the last sentence of Lingbao people combined with Lin Luo’s eager expression and immediately stopped Lin Luo.
Lin Luo looked at Bai Feng anxiously and sighed gently. How can Bai Feng know the importance of the charm to himself? It is as important as that of a sword maker who loves swords and flowers. When a thief sees a beautiful woman, her heart really itches like a cat scratching.

The scene was silent.

After dealing with her family’s things, she stayed in her family for a few days, leaving some special resources and Cheng Sun Hao with four women to step into the farewell party again and return to Lingtian Sword School.
Find Ling Tianjian Zu and talk about his cultivation progress. After consulting Ling Tianjian Zu, Sun Hao spoke out his cultivation plan. "Master, my double sword bone cultivation has reached the last step, but because of the particularity of the three major sword potentials, it may be quite difficult for me to complete the sword bone casting. Finally, my brother found a cultivation method, that is, entering the sword tomb …"
Enter the sword tomb?
Ling Tianjian Zu’s first reaction was to deeply frown. "The agarwood sword burial is a violent resentment and sharper than the sword burial place of the monks of Ling Tianjian Sect in the past dynasties. Even if you can hold on so strongly, the negative emotions will probably have a great impact on you. If you can, it’s better not to go in."
Sun Hao’s face showed a bit of wry smile. "Master’s sea sword potential, fighter sword potential and killing sword potential are three talents, and my bones are stable and abnormal. Even if I don’t refine the peerless double sword bones, I can continue to practice. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can accomplish in the third stage except the sword burial."
Ling Tian Jianzu spent a stay in his mouth and said, "So much? The three swords are condensed and refined to create a peerless double sword bone. It really is heaven and earth. This simply doesn’t give you a chance to complete the condensation! "
Sun Hao said, "The sword burial firm but gentle has been going on for thousands of years, especially there are still fierce and angry blessings. It is possible to help me complete the condensation if my brother calculates."
Ling Tianjian’s ancestor still frowned. "But the sword burial is not easy to open. You should know that the sword burial is a symbol of the sword burial and the end of Ling Tianjian’s sword Sect …" ~ ~
Chapter 1595 Lingtian Daqing
Sun Hao smiled and said, "You don’t have to ring the bell. You tell her the truth to the monks at the Sword King level. They naturally know what to do!"
Sword gentleman leaned down and said, "Good adult Qu Yue, that’s right."
With that, take out the notes and say a sentence to the inside, "Please notify Ling Tianjian’s ancestors when your honor Chen Xiang returns to the mountain …"
Playing notes Qu Yuejian Jun’s forehead is a little sweaty in situ, and I don’t know that Lord Aquilaria is a sense of origin, which alarms Ling Tianjian’s ancestors. And if these guys are here to cheat, they will be involved themselves.
The notes flew out.
Qu Yue didn’t receive an answer. In the middle of his heart, the tall peak of Ling Tian suddenly burst into the sky, and the bell rang melodiously. At the same time, all the swordsmen of the Ling Tian Sword Sect heard Ling Tian Jianzu laugh. "The good disciple of Aquilaria is finally willing to come back, and the bell rings nine times. The sword instrument welcomes the adult of Aquilaria back to the mountain …"
Sun Hao smiled at Qu Yuewei with four women around him and said with a smile, "Don’t go back to Master Ling Tian in a hundred years. You are still in high spirits …"
Others don’t know that Sun Haosun agarwood is a powerful sword king, but they know it clearly. The star hero Lei Peng Tian Jian Ling Tian Jian Sect is the root of Sun Haosun agarwood’s great status and glory.
Almost Sun Haoyin has just fallen into the sky, and the monks at the level of blade and sword king have flown out and shouted, "Welcome back to the mountain, welcome back to the mountain, welcome back to the mountain …"
Who is Lord agarwood?
Brother Ling Tianjian sent the messy sword king to welcome him at the same time.
But then they were even more surprised that something happened.
Two ancestors and three ancestors also appeared. Ling Tianjianfeng even cheered "Welcome agarwood back to the mountain …"
Although the word "adult" is missing, it is said that the swordsmen in Ling Tian looked at each other.
Lord agarwood is a promise?
Two ancestors and three ancestors should welcome you?
Sun Haozhonglang laughed. "You are welcome, two ancestors and three ancestors. You have broken the agarwood. Although you have made some contributions, it is not good for the younger generation, is it?"
The second ancestor greeted him and laughed resounded through Tianyu. "Aquilaria is the backbone of Terran, claiming to be the dawn star hero of our family, Lei Pengtian Sword. We two old deathlessly welcome you with light on our faces. That is a must, hahaha …"
Sanzu also said with a smile, "Ling Tianjian Sect has the agarwood, and the Terran has its present status. How can the agarwood not welcome back to the mountain now?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "The two bodhi old zu are welcome."
Three people laughed and flew to Ling Tianjianfeng.
Lingtian Jianfeng gave off bursts of sword sounds, and three layers of sword lotus rose at the peak.
Ordinary sword kings are flying and taking their seats in the fifteen sword flower rosettes on the outermost layer.
Understand the meaning of the sword, the sword king, that is, the top ten sword kings, took their seats one after another. Sun Hao saw his brother Ling Huajian in the second floor of the sword lotus. It seems that he has finally advanced in these years and successfully understood the meaning of the sword.
Finally, there are two layers of sword flower rosettes in the middle, which are tall and solemn. Four sword flower rosettes stand tall in four directions, as if there is a sword light flowing and dazzling silver light blooming in the sun.
The second and third ancestors took Sun Hao to the sword lotus. Ling Tianjianzu had been waiting for a long time and said with a smile, "Aquilaria, you sit in the East!"
The ranking of the Sword Ancestors of Ling Tianjian School is very particular about the position theory. Four Sword Ancestors are contemporary, and the East Sword Ancestors are the first Ling Tianjian Ancestors. At this time, Sun Hao is seated in the East, but he thinks that Sun Haoling Tianjian School should also rank himself.
Ling Tianjian sent sword kings to hold their breath and look at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao smiled indifferently and said, "Master, this Oriental Sword Seat can still be used when you sit on agarwood and sit on your head."
Ling Tian Jianzu said, "Chen Xiang, your current Terran status, Yin Peng, is in charge of the frontier power. Even in the virtual central Terran faction, you may sit high. Don’t be embarrassed that Ling Tian is remote, but you still know this weight."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Sun Hao is always a master when he comes back from the scenery. Now you let your brother sit in your first master. Do you think my brother will go?"
Ling Tianjian Zu didn’t insist on laughing and said, "No matter how you say agarwood, you also share the fate with me. It should be acceptable for Ling Tianjian Sect to suffer a little injustice. Well, I’ll take the seat of Oriental Sword with this face."
The sword kings of Lingtian Sword School have completely understood Sun Hao’s current Terran identity.
Ling Tian Jian Zu can’t compete!

At this moment, Kabi’s mind is full of Cherina’s appearance. He tries to disperse the transfer report in this way, which is also a temporary escape. Slowly, he recalls every conversation from the scene of meeting Cherina, and he clearly remembers that he didn’t wake up until the VIP lounge woke up before boarding the plane.

"Thank you!" Kabi barely smiled and said to the opposite.
Then Kabi put the cooled coffee into his throat and stuffed the unmoved syrup Banji into his mouth at random. When his stomach gave off some warmth, he stood up and grabbed the big black backpack around him. A few steps away from the VIP lounge happened to be at the door of the VIP lounge, and his mobile phone rang the bell.
Kabi wasn’t surprised. He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and didn’t even aim at the screen of the mobile phone. He knew that it was Mr. Haas calling. After sliding and unlocking, he directly said, "What? Mr. Haas! Is it handled like this? "
"Ha ~ ha ~! When did you become so direct, but I appreciate this way of dialogue, so are you ready to listen clearly? " When Mr. Haas spoke, Kabi also heard Mr. Haas lighting a cigarette in a lighter from the receiver as usual.
Kabi said "hmm" that he should ask the question directly, not to mention having a general conversation with Mr. Haas in a roundabout way, so he actually stopped to go to the boarding gate and approached a corner secluded place and said, "Has Paris made the first offer?"
It was heard from the receiver that Mr. Haas was hanging out with the smoke ring for a few seconds before he said slowly, "of course!" Haofu Club is always in such a hurry. They have already made the first offer to Granada by mail, and this offer certainly includes the price of that guy Bam. I’m afraid that old guy Coboni is already in an emergency meeting with the board of directors. Do you believe it? "
Instead of giving a positive speech, Kabi changed his tune and asked, "What about Atletico Madrid? Has Shadugir also been quoted for the first time? "
As soon as Mr. Haas heard it, he was very surprised. He repeatedly said, "As far as I know, Atletico Madrid is also discussing the possibility of selling Shadugill. After all, the price is surprisingly high, and it is said that Paris Saint-Germain is crazy. They want to buy the three favorites of the European Golden Boy Award in the next summer transfer window. It is not easy to implement this plan and it is definitely not possible to get things done with money."
As Mr. Haas said, everything is true. Kabi has never escaped. Since the team has received the first offer from Paris, he thought that he must show his attitude to Mr. Haas at the first time and then said, "Mr. Haas! I won’t consider buying me in Paris for the time being! Understand? "
I don’t think Mr. Haas was calm and said simply, "Don’t worry! Young man! Please leave all the answers in summer! Because I believe that the summer transfer window will be more exciting! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Storm
At the boarding gate, there are quite a few passengers preparing to board the plane. There are still a few passengers looking at Kabi from time to time. It is easy to guess that those people are fans, but whether they are Granada fans or not, Kabi does not want to delve into it.
Before boarding the plane, the only thing Kabi wants to do is to find a quiet place to contact coach Coboni again, so that coach Coboni can know his attitude for the first time. Perhaps this can also be used as a bargaining chip for coach Coboni to negotiate with the board of directors.
After playing with coach Coboni for about half a season, Kabi knew more or less that coach Coboni didn’t want to leave the team in the next few years, even in Turin and Madrid, but at that time, coach Coboni gave up coaching in the same way to resist the pressure from the board of directors
In the case that all transfer reports have not been reduced, Granada is now facing the temptation of 120 million euros. Assuming that coach Coboni has resisted this temptation after losing sleep for several nights in a row, it is hard to think that he can resist the old men on the board of directors, and then Granada will lose two generals in a row in the summer.
With the absence, Granada will naturally choose to fill the second and third line offensive players. It is not difficult to find a real substitute for Kabi and Bam in the transfer market. There will be no more than three people. Instead, they will lure the first-line stars to vote with huge acquisition funds. How many are willing to join the middle-class team like Granada?
On the one hand, it is to temporarily keep the team’s hope for the future, and on the other hand, it is to cover up the temptation with huge sums of money. It depends on how coach Coboni can talk about the board of directors. If you think about it, you will not get ready to board the plane. It is really unlucky to say that it is rare to go back to Marseille to deal with urgent matters.
Moreover, although he listened to Mr. Haas’s suggestion that the answer should be left in the summer, he was like a man who was waiting in front of the TV to watch the finale of the play and met with a stop. At this time, an obsessive-compulsive disorder was still in his body. Fortunately, he saw that the passengers who were going to Marseille had boarded the plane for seven or seven to bring him back to his senses, otherwise he would have to die.
After the recovery, he finally remembered that there were still things to do, but it was difficult to find a place near the boarding gate. He managed to find a small one and took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to coach Coboni before boarding the plane. When the season is over, I hope we can sit down and discuss whether to stay or not.
Just when I took back my mobile phone, I heard the ringtone ringing from it. Coach Coboni replied to himself at the first time and took out his mobile phone. When I saw it, I found that it was a hemp rat, an idiot who didn’t know what to do, and then he was impatient and "scoffed" at the words.
"Don’t tell me how luxurious the private jet is. I’m boarding now. Would you please stop wasting my precious time, you idiot?" Kabi said and dumped his head.
The hemp rat naturally arranged private flights without taxiing to take off, otherwise it wouldn’t be the idiot’s turn to come over. But after hearing the impatient tone of Kabi, the hemp rat still smiled and said, "What? The closer you get to Marseilles, the more nervous you get? Ha ~! I didn’t expect you to be such a valued friend! At this time, the attitude towards friends is so bad! "
"Damn me!" Kabi scolded himself in his heart because he couldn’t figure out that he always had the leisure to listen to the idiot talking nonsense. Although he hated it, he often hung up and blamed himself for being a disappointing guy.
Kabi swallowed his breath and felt that the whole mood was much better. Then he frowned and said, "Friend! Please! Don’t let me miss my flight, okay? I didn’t hang up. I’ve been very polite to you. "
Maybe Marmot talked to Kabi while sipping champagne in the private cabin. Anyway, that guy’s attitude sounded more relaxed, like soaking in a hot spring in the depths of a snowy mountain. Then he still smiled and said, "In fact, I am very careful! Because just now I asked my private pilot to help you see the weather changes near Marseille, such as whether you can arrive at your destination on time by flight? Listen to me, there will be a storm in Marseille in a few hours. After all, it is a port city with great influence! "
Kabi snorted and said, "You are an idiot! You can’t be an airport worker. Is that an idiot? Won’t they inform us passengers when the weather changes in Marseilles? Besides, I also checked the weather there before I left. It’s not as bad as you said. I think your head is full of feces, okay? "
Hemp rat also smiled and said, "Are you French not only romantic but also always so naive?"? Do you trust a pilot’s first news or do you choose to trust the so-called airport personnel? Of course, my destination is in the opposite direction, and it won’t affect me. You still don’t believe me when I wake up so carefully? Alas! I wish you an idiot a transfer in the middle! "
Faced with fewer and fewer passengers at the boarding gate, Kabi is a little anxious. Even though he knows that the flight will notify a passenger who has not boarded the plane, he seems to be shocked by the hemp rat for a few seconds. It doesn’t make sense for him to choose a letter or not. He will never change his way back to Marseilles in an urgent situation, will he?
"Shut your crow smelly mouth! Be careful when you go back to practice, I’ll kick your football in the mouth! " Kabili said
The more I compare with Ka, the more excited I get. But Ma said, "Do you need me to arrange your stopover procedures before? Just let me know your stopover city when you need it. I promise to arrange it for you. Well, maybe you can return to Marseilles around tonight."
It sounds that the idiot of the hemp rat really cares about Kabi, but it can’t be delayed any longer. Before ending the call, he also teased the hemp rat, "No! thank you In addition, I hope that the torrential rain in Tessella Island for three consecutive days will make you an idiot hide in the hotel room. Goodbye! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five Suddenly turned
Cabby collapsed in the soft seat in the cabin, and the tiredness made him sleepy. It was not until he saw that the flight on the small screen in the first class had officially left Spain that he gradually shook up and then stood up again.
After crossing the border, it will be France.
Getting closer to Kabi from the fact that Cherina is about to meet is like playing in a professional arena for the first time in my life, but the pressure from the outside world and the audience is different. This time it is more like a "Dan Zhan" between him and Cherina and a "Dan Zhan" without hostility.
The comfortable soft leather seat can be lowered at will, or it can make Kabi put himself more easily. But at this time, he is lying still and has a fever. The more he rubs the palm of his head, the more sweat comes out. Uninformed outsiders will mistake him for having a phobia of flying.
The careful staff saw Kabi coming to ask if Kabi needed a soft quilt or a drink, but Kabi didn’t want to explain it when he didn’t want to, so he just made a few words to cope with the past. After the temperature dropped slightly, he exhaled the atmosphere and prepared to imagine meeting Cherina for a while.
Even though Kabi is a talented football genius, his imagination in life is pitiful. He can’t imagine how simple it is to go there after taking a taxi to Cherina to study at the university gate. He didn’t think about it directly, which is just to blame himself for ignoring this key point all the way.
It’s hard to say simply that you don’t have enough confidence, just like a shy person’s face will turn red after asking for directions on the street. Moreover, Kabi said that he could kill Real Madrid in front of thousands of fans, but he couldn’t say a confession in front of a girl in the end, which is somewhat ridiculous.
So whether to relax or really feel ridiculous, Kabi chuckled in the corner alone, which made a passenger in a suit look at him. The eyes always felt that Kabi was a neurological cause, and no one would laugh at the back of the chair in front.
Kabi didn’t pay attention to the eyes of the passengers in the suit, as if there was a passenger like him in the whole airplane cabin. He relaxed himself and continued to try to imagine the scene of meeting for a while. Except for leaving the taxi compartment for a while, he entered the campus for the first time to inquire about Cherina’s location.
Kabi didn’t choose to give it to Cherina after arriving at the school gate. He wanted to suddenly appear in front of Cherina without moving. Even though Cherina was in the classroom, he was determined to "ambush" himself outside the classroom. He said that this final effect would definitely scare Cherina to death.
Based on the feeling that Kabi and Cherina have already developed, it’s just that they owe each other a word. So Kabi is not worried that things will backfire, which is also the only part of the whole thing that he is full of confidence. Previously, he deliberately did not contact Cherina for a long time, which was the last effect. He laughed again at this.
As soon as Kabi stopped laughing, he heard the cabin broadcast. When he listened to the whole broadcast, he cursed the idiot Marmot three times at the first time, because the crew gave a message that a typhoon was gradually forming in the coastal area of Marseille, and the flight would be diverted to Montpellier.
"mom! That idiot mouth of hemp rat really hit the nail on the head! Damn the weather! " I will arrive in Marseille on time, and Kabi will be a little impatient at this moment, but it is not up to him to decide which way the flight will go, and he can’t threaten the captain to ask the crew to accompany him to feel the excitement of the plane passing through the storm circle, can he?
The news shows that there will be some drum noise in the cabin. Maybe many passengers want to arrive in Marseille on time, so it is difficult to express some dissatisfaction. So the staff quickly came out to deal with this kind of situation, not only explaining it carefully, but also asking the passengers if they need a drink, trying to appease some passengers’ emotions.
Although Montpellier also belongs to France, it is 17 kilometers away from Marseille, Kabi’s destination. Even if you go to Marseille by train for the first time, it takes nearly an hour, and you don’t want to delay it at all. Kabi is naturally impatient, and he has nothing to do except curse the hemp rats.
"The weather is really strange! Change and become friends! Are you right? " The passenger in the suit sitting next to him suddenly struck up a conversation with Kabi, which made Kabi’s reaction "hmm" casually. But then Kabi said that the tone of the passenger in the suit should not be a standard fan.
Then Kabi decided that the passengers in the suit didn’t know where they came from, so they simply took up the conversation with confidence. "I have a friend who woke up beforehand and said that the weather near Marseille is getting worse, but I just looked out of the window and found that it was very calm outside and it didn’t look like a typhoon. This is really strange!"
The passenger in the suit is not as impatient as other passengers. When Kabi is puzzled, he is even more anxious and slow. He explained, "Generally speaking, the weather news from the flight captain is the most real, and he can’t joke with so many passengers, can he?" In addition, the typhoon wind circle is moving at a very fast speed, generally moving at a height of 30,000 feet. The clouds you see now are very calm and actually normal, and the plane will definitely pass through those affected clouds when landing. Since the captain didn’t choose to ask to change to Montpellier, he said that the weather near Marseille was already very bad, otherwise the course would not be changed. "
Kabi is a layman who knows this common sense about the weather, but at least he understands the reason why the flight must change direction. After greeting the passengers in suits, he arranged his own itinerary and arrived in Montpellier. After finally deciding to take the train and continue to Marseille, he scolded "Damn weather!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Vague
When the train stopped, Kabi finally came to the place where he wanted to go back most. He looked out from the platform and saw the wind and rain outside. It was just after noon, but it was even more gloomy outside. Looking at it, there was a depressing feeling, and more than a dozen train bodies were washed white by rain.
When I walked out of the car, Kabi sighed in his mouth. He intuitively didn’t say anything when he was delayed in Montpellier, and this day’s trip was also very difficult. He said that it was a rare holiday for several days. Is it a harbinger of a tragic ending for this trip?
It’s inconvenient to think too much about Kabi. He thinks it’s the first priority to get to Cherina’s university as soon as possible. Then, because he is back in his hometown, he takes out the black cap from his big backpack and hastily covers half his face. Soon, he follows the crowd to the arrival hall.
Knowing about the train lobby is that Kabi has lived in Marseille for more than ten years, but his intuition is strange. On this typhoon day, the arrival lobby is crowded with people, and I don’t know if they are going to travel or meet local people. Maybe there are people who come to the lobby to shelter from the rain. Anyway, it is much more lively than usual.
Kabi didn’t stop at the lobby. He came to the taxi as skillfully as he shuttled through his own house. Just as he approached, he heard his Marseille accent lightly scold "Mom", because there were fewer passengers waiting for the taxi, and there were 100, but fortunately, the taxi kept coming in, which barely made Kabi relax.
Even Kabi can’t predict when he will get into the taxi compartment, but it sounds like he has a familiar Marseille accent behind him. When he speaks a word, he can shake his whole body. Suddenly, he imagines all the consequences of his trip because the man behind him said, "All schools and some shops have stopped playing this damn typhoon!"
For Kabi, it was a damn typhoon, which not only changed his itinerary for a long time, but also stopped all schools, which meant that he couldn’t get into Cherina’s university, so he scolded the man behind him, "Damn typhoon!"
Then, while waiting in line to board a taxi, Kabi tried to figure out how to get into Cherina’s school. Suddenly, he found that there was a lot less taxi. After a while, it took him a few minutes to get into two or three taxis, which made him feel uncomfortable.
It was only in the past ten minutes or so that it was Kabi’s turn to board a taxi. When he was glad that he could finally leave the damn train, his mind suddenly realized that the taxi had met before. If the taxi driver hadn’t greeted him actively, I dare say that he would definitely not remember it.
"hey! Old friends! How lucky you are to meet you at the airport again, and meet you at the train again this time? It seems that this is fate! Haha ~ ~! " The taxi driver laughed, and the whole taxi seemed to vibrate with it.
Then Kabi looked up and said "Oh". As the taste of scallion chicken legs in the carriage became stronger, he made a snap of his fingers to make it clear that this taxi driver was coming back to Marseille to meet himself at the airport. The "bear man" didn’t change his thick meat, and even the taste of scallion chicken legs didn’t change. It’s hard to think how many scallion chicken legs that guy ate today.
What’s even funnier is that the co-pilot seat is where the passengers sit, but the "bear man" guy is full of food bags. Some things that look like biscuits and chips are mixed together and fall on the carpet in the co-pilot seat, making the whole carriage not like a place where people come and go, but a small warehouse where the guy hides food.

Zhao Jie, on the other hand, walked quietly to Zhonghua Trail after Vivern joined the fray. His pace was slow and long, and the beautiful flower walls on both sides set off his beauty more perfectly. At this moment, both sides were in full swing, and the fighting seemed to have stopped all over the sky. War and ashes stopped in zhaojie, as if he were on a road to heaven. The brilliant light shone on his way forward, so quiet and bright.

In his hand, a flower vine gently winds around the soft slender fingers and rubs his skin like a pet.
This road is less than 100 meters. zhaojie walked for two minutes before reaching the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals. A ghost vine swam like a snake from the next flower wall, and it grew a thick leaf the size of a manhole cover and floated quietly in the middle.
Zhaojie will slowly step on the leaves and the ghost vine will slowly rise until Zhao Jietuo floats to the roof of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
He took a step forward and his body has moved to the top of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Here, Zhao Jie can clearly see the little girl’s flame, the ghost punch, Jeremy’s cunning knife, Leona’s heavy chop, and Hughes’ axe light, a kind of crazy killing of passers-by
Will look back zhaojie eyes swept to the front of the alien queen.
This monster is 20 meters high, and its body surface is covered with a metal deck the size of a wardrobe. These sharp spikes of armor are shining with cold light, and the toes of each claw of the alien queen are covered with a heavy weapon that looks very sharp, epee, axe, Long Dao, but does it spit out its tongue, and it has a spear head as dense as a mace? This monster’s eyes are more than one person’s height, and each eye surface shines with ferocious light. There are black steel feathers behind it, full of wings, and its wings spread out for 50 meters. The back of the neck is like a chimney, and the exhaust hole is crashing to * * with heavy gas. It can be expected that when fighting, this body is full of killing weapons, and it will never be ordinary white smoke when it is sprayed out.
In zhaojie, I looked at the alien queen, and at the same time, the alien queen looked at zhaojie with fierce little eyes. Although this monster didn’t understand the beauty and ugliness of human beings, its eyes were still fixed on the flower vine wrapped around zhaojie’s finger.
In that humble little vine, in that humble little vine, the alien queen felt the pow that frightened her.
Zhaojie gently caressed the lovely little flower, and his eyes showed a light of spoil as if it were not an ordinary flower but his daughter’s. The little flower was also quite spiritual and rubbed zhaojie’s gentle fingers like a coquetry.
At this time, the fighting between the two sides has ended, and the passers-by have rushed to the side of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals and jumped to the top of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals more than ten meters high.
They first took one look at zhaojie, and almost everyone was attracted by the latter’s rare pure smile. They almost didn’t want to move their eyes. However, after several female crossers screamed, all eyes were focused on the alien queen’s body. Crossers were immediately alarmed by this terrorist fighting machine.
See opposite the alien queen and there is nothing unusual zhaojie instead first said "SIRS just now, although everyone killed those powerful aliens, but those are, after all, only creatures that can fight, and this monster in front of us has no less than the queen of human wisdom. As you can see, this monster is born of killing. I want to say nothing more. If you can’t kill the alien queen, what is our field? So let’s unite and have hatred, revenge after the battle, and resolve the grievances after the battle, but I hope that we can share the difficulties at this moment. "
His words made a group of travelers breathe quickly. These guys gasped for heavy breath and held their weapons and staves in their hands. Even if they just joined the fray, Vivern had to be tight and ready to save at any time.
Zhaojie, with a wave of his hand, howled and rushed out all the melee walkers, including war ghosts and others, and stayed on the roof. The long-distance occupation was to raise the staves and end up with pike to attack first.
Theseus Lan also tried to rush forward, but a ghost vine took his hand with foresight.
Hughes Lan looked puzzled at zhaojie’s mind, but zhaojie said, "It doesn’t matter whether you have such an extra meat shield at this time, but so many melee walkers have almost no treatment career. Now you are talking about a passer who may die. Remember that the longer they delay, the greater our winning rate."
"The longer the delay, the greater the winning rate?"
Theseus haze strange crooked a little thought for a long time but didn’t come up with a why, but zhaojie said yes, how many fifty melee fighters have surrounded the alien queen, and even if he rushed at this time, there was nothing more he could do, so the man obeyed and saw who was attacked by zhaojie and immediately lost a treatment.
This time, it should be said that all the passers-by can experience the most horrible battle. The alien queen waved her limbs, tails and wings, and each of these sharp tools was thrown out before the passer-by came and left many wounds on her body. Those who were light and sprayed blood directly broke their bones, and they were able to attack with limited madness. Even if they hit the place where the alien had no armor, they just cut an inconspicuous wound and the weapon could only leave a few white marks on those armor. These passers-by only consumed less than 200 points of physical strength per attack.
Compared with zhaojie’s squad members, the damage they can do is considerable. Whether it’s the super-MA gun boxing, Jeremy’s throat-cutting+assassin’s track+weeding or Leona Berserker’s skills, they can leave large wounds and blood stains on the alien queen’s body, and the number of blood injuries is nearly a thousand.
While the long-range walkers in nightmare abode of fairies and immortals are not as strong as zhaojie’s squad, but the parts they can attack are different. These guys almost hit all the attacks in the alien queen, and a pair of big eyes make the alien queen have to be careful to avoid the attacks and neglect a lot of melee walkers.
All the passers-by in the whole battlefield are trying their best to make the alien lose some physical strength. Even some priests bombard the alien queen with their immature ranged attacks, but only zhaojie is still in the same place, dribbling and sweeping the alien queen.
"It’s no good. We’ve been fighting for nearly ten minutes, but this monster’s blood stick is almost not reduced. Think of a way." A soldier with an axe in his hand in the besieged crowd roared as he quickly hid from the alien queen and swept his tail
Part of the traveler’s eyes swept to zhaojie only to find that this woman didn’t move at all. If it weren’t for her partner’s hard work, these people almost wanted to give up on themselves in zhaojie.
"Try to climb to its head with the least armor," Leona shouted, noticing that the ranged attacker’s attack on the alien queen seemed to work.
When I heard Leona’s words, Jeremy’s cold face flashed a trace of perseverance and quickly pulled out to hide from the alien queen. He slammed his paws and jumped quickly in the latter’s arm, which was at a 90-degree angle on the ground, and his thick arm quickly ran.
At the same time, war ghosts, Leona, Raphael, Vivern, Keane and others are also sprinting along the huge body of the alien queen, and these figures are quick and agile. When the alien queen has almost no reaction, they have rushed to its shoulders and aimed at the latter’s neck exhibition attack.
"machine gun boxing"
"Cut the grass and get rid of the roots"
"angry ghost chop"
"Dancing wildly"
"five-segment chop"
"cannon curtain"
The fire fist of the war ghost bombarded the black holes in the throat of the alien queen and exploded, immediately blowing out a large blood hole in the throat of the alien queen; Jeremy’s flying knife instantly flew into the neck of the alien queen and flew back again with a large piece of lotus flower and minced meat; Leona’s flame sword rushed straight into the thick skin in front of her, which not only successfully cut out a wound flame more than two meters long, but also spread deep along both ends of the wound. Vivern’s feet firmly clamped the thick skin, and his paws crossed the sky with cold light, and then he cut the skin in pieces; Raphael’s body is like a shining lightsaber in a ghost’s hand, constantly waving his figure and turning it into a residual light, chopping around the thick neck quickly; Keane solemnly raised his right hand and fired several shots into the sky, followed by a wide range of shells, which led to the fall of the alien queen’s head and shoulders and smashed black blood holes everywhere.
The attack of six people caused the alien queen to cry, and her body spun suddenly. At the same time, her paws also looked at her shoulders, trying to smash the six passers-by like flies. Which of these six people is good? Have to hide their claws to attack and seize the surrounding wounds to ensure that they are not thrown out. Instead, they pat themselves on the shoulder and become even more bloody. Suddenly, they screamed even more miserable.
The square passer-by cheered up immediately when the attack worked.
"Don’t hesitate to continue to attack and stall the alien surface for a few people."
Zhaojie roared in the midst of the crowd.
Chapter 17 of the chapter directory should be for pseudo-fields!
Chapter 17 should be to the pseudo-field!
Crosswalkers’ attacks on the alien queen seem to be numerous, but the actual damage they can do is very limited. Even the attacks on the alien queen by Lien Chan and others have not achieved the ideal effect. The six high-end crosswalkers’ attacks add up to only one-twentieth of the alien queen’s physical strength.
Compared with its red and purple blood strips, the root of this physical loss is the feeling of cutting vegetables to your fingers/biting your tongue when eating/choking your throat when drinking water, but the passerby hurts it, which makes it fidgety.
Zhao Jie shouted this because he has been observing the queen. He has seen that the former has been restless, which means that he has been attacking the alien queen to release his skills.
Hearing zhaojie’s words, the travelers who were forced to sign a temporary contract were excited and turned to continue to attack the alien queen’s body
The alien queen wheezed and gasped, and her arms waved quickly to fight ghosts and others, but how can these passers-by be so agile that they can compete with the aliens who flexibly avoid the alien women to exchange attacks, and at the same time, they will once again scream from damage per second to the alien queen.
As the alien queen called zhaojie pupil miniature low drink a way "quick withdrawal".
Is around the alien attack war ghost three people after receiving instructions from zhaojie immediately jumped from the alien queen body at the same time war ghost also shouted "body back".
Raphael and Keane, who also attacked in the face, saw the war ghosts and others leave without thinking and jumped quickly. Only Vivern was still attacking crazily and cursing "What’s the panic?" We … "
As soon as he spoke, he saw the two giant wings behind the alien queen suddenly unfold, and then his body quickly spun up. The wings were more than 50 meters long, like helicopter propellers, bringing up a violent whirlwind wind pressure and abruptly throwing Vivern out. At the same time, the black steel feathers several feet long in the whirlwind were thrown out from the queen’s wings, like a strong crossbow of Daqin all over the sky, and it was overwhelming to all passers-by
"?"See this situation even zhaojie couldn’t help but burst a swearing finger and shot a ghost vine to entangle Vivern’s waist and pull it back. At the same time, several ghost vines were shot from three nightmare fairies, just like the tentacles of poisonous jellyfish, pulling all the passers-by into the nightmare fairies. Even zhaojie and his side Theseus Lan suddenly appeared a hole and slipped them down.
Immediately afterwards, the passers-by heard the crackling and rumbling overhead, and the villa where they were located was also violently shaking, as if an earthquake of magnitude 7/tsunami of magnitude 7/tornado of magnitude 6 were under public pressure.
After three minutes, the room finally stopped shaking. zhaojie flicked his finger at the back door of the villa and hit zhaojie lightly to "continue to attack"
All the travelers looked at each other, but the horse howled again and rushed out of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Vivern, who was rescued by zhaojie, took a complicated look at zhaojie. When the iron feather came just now, he was able to foresee that he was torn apart by the iron feather. In that case, no matter how strong his resilience is, it is absolutely impossible to have a chance to live. Just when he was going to start the random scroll to try his luck, a ghost vine saved him. He naturally knew who this ghost vine came from.
Zhaojie glanced at Vivern light way "continue to attack".
For the first time, Vivern suddenly had a feeling that he didn’t dare to disobey someone’s orders. He gritted his teeth to expel this feeling and howled and rushed out.
But when he went out, he froze. Not all his travelers froze on the spot.
Because they saw that the overwhelming snakehead had dyed the square dark, the ground was bombed by the explosive force of Kuroha, and even the whole flower diameter behind it was destroyed and the flowers were scattered everywhere.
I can imagine what would happen if this secret attack fell on me.
"Look," a traveler suddenly said, pointing to the alien queen’s body.

"In the five personal interests and management scope handsome also already want to clear …"

"Magistrate, there is no doubt that the first of the five Standing Committees is responsible for managing and coordinating all military and political affairs and government officials’ lives. Of course, all government officials’ lives must be discussed by the Standing Committee and approved by the majority …"
"In the deputy magistrate, there are two things: one is to take charge of all prisons in the government, and the other is to be responsible for supervising and finding out all unruly civil and military officials in the government … to ensure that all civil and military officials in the government are clean."
"Tongzhi management environment in addition to all political prison strategist …"
"Deputy Tongzhi assists Tongzhi in managing the government and specializes in environmental finance and taxation at the same time …"
"Company commanders milli accident in charge of a government all garrison and however, in addition to military and political events company commanders can’t reason to intervene in the local government …
"The last one handsome just said that the five standing committees were discussed by the five standing committees at the provincial level and no one was ordered to be dismissed …"
"The last one is to avoid gangs and protect officials. The company commanders and deputy magistrates in the five Standing Committees are not only managed by the first-level Standing Committee, but also directly managed and ordered by the government departments."
"In this way, we can ensure the independence of the prison and the army as much as possible, and avoid the situation of cliques and bureaucrats protecting each other …"
Chapter four hundred and forty-one The seven giants
After Wei Zheng explained something, both faces showed a heartfelt shock expression.
In particular, Sun Chengzong couldn’t wait to pry Wei Zheng’s head open directly to see what Wei Zheng’s head was growing up.
Of course, this idea is just to think about it. Even if you give Sun Chengzong more courage, Sun Chengzong will not dare to pry open Wei Zheng’s head and study what it is made of.
When this shock continues to emerge, Wei Zheng once again said, "Shuai wants to establish a standing Committee system in all government offices, as well as a standing Committee management system in provincial and county-level government offices."
"From now on, where we manage, we will set up provincial capitals, counties and towns … There is not much to say about the three-level handsome in front of the four-level management organization. The department will manage in the last town according to the five standing Committee systems that Shuai just said, that is, now … because there are not so many officials and things, we will set up three standing committees to manage."
"And from now on, no matter which level of criminal prisons are all directly interrogated and judged by deputy magistrates at all levels. Magistrates and magistrates have inspectors and cannot ask questions …"
Wei Zheng analyzed a new military and political constitution one by one, just like a picture appeared in front of Sun Chengzong and Kelly Y Zhou …
Wei Zheng said it was a full cup of tea before Sun Chengzong reacted from the shock, and then his face was still shocked with thinking. He directly asked a question that he wanted to know most in his heart.
"Marshal, since all the provincial capitals, counties and towns implement the management system of the Standing Committee, what about the Shaanxi Governor’s Office?"
If it were someone else, he would never ask such a question in front of Wei Zheng.
Because if the governor’s office also implements this system, the governor’s defense benefits will be greatly weakened.
At this time, this situation has such a problem. If you let it be known that an ulterior motive wants to snatch the hat from Wei Zheng, you will definitely be detained in front of Sun Chengzong’s head Wei Zheng to suppress Sun Chengzong.
I was so anxious and excited that I said such a sentence. Sun Chengzong regretted it as soon as he said it …
But there is no regret medicine in this world. After Sun Chengzong finished, he could look at Wei Zheng with a hint of heartfelt concern. He hoped that Wei Zheng wouldn’t get angry because of what he had just said.
To Sun Chengzong’s surprise, all his worries are unnecessary …
After listening to his own questions, Wei Zheng’s face not only didn’t show dissatisfaction, but was covered by a heartfelt smile. Sun Chengzong stared at a face and answered readily …
"Sun’s chief of staff, even the emperor of the dynasty, will make mistakes again and again, and it will be even more handsome for this bandit-born man to make mistakes in the future. Since mistakes will be made, someone needs to supervise the handsome and make him not make mistakes."
"Therefore, the Shaanxi Governor’s Office will also implement the standing committee system for management … If the decision-making military and political affairs in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces are discussed by the standing committee and approved by most of the standing committee, they can be implemented and executed …"
"But unlike other places, the number of the Standing Committee of the Governor’s Office is not five, but seven … Not only that, the handsome Standing Committee has the final decision and veto …"
"The seven standing committees jointly manage all military and political affairs in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces …" After hearing the amazing answer from Wei Zheng, both Sun Chengzong and Kelly Y Zhou could not help but exclaim.
After exclaiming, I stared at Weizheng with a pair of hot eyes and waited for Weizheng to answer.
Weizheng didn’t let two people wait too long, just a short meditation and then continued to speak.
"Yes, it is the seven standing committees … the six standing committees assist and urge Shuai to manage Shanshan and Shaanxi provinces together."
"In this case, the first leader of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National Congress will do his best."
"Yu Junshi, from now on, you will be in charge of all politics in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. The Standing Committee of the Standing Committee is handsome and called the Prime Minister’s remarks. The Prime Minister is handsome and all politics in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"Sun’s chief of staff, you are the chief of staff of Shanshan and Shaanxi provinces."
"In addition to the three of us, there are four members of the Standing Committee, including two assistants, that is, the deputy of the Prime Minister, one in charge of the economy of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and one in charge of reclamation and taxation in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
"In addition, there is a Standing Committee that specializes in prison inspectors and inspects all civil and military officials in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"In the remaining two standing committee members, one is the commander-in-chief of all local garrison garrison troops in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the other is the deputy commander-in-chief of the butch army who assists Shuai in commanding …"
"This is just seven people and seven standing committees … then the three of us will discuss a specific candidate for the remaining five standing committees as soon as possible, and the military and political reform in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces can be carried out as soon as possible."
After all, the status of Weizheng, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces has reached the point where people can get involved after this mess, and soon the names of the remaining five standing committees will appear in front of three people.
"Wang Fengsheng, the former commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army Musketeer Army, and the deputy commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army took one of the five standing committees."
"Zhao Yunsheng, the former commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army cavalry, and the commanders of all local garrisons in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces took a standing Committee member."
"Wang Pengsheng, the former magistrate of Datong, was the governor’s office, and the provincial judge was in charge of the prison and the inspector took a standing Committee member."
"Zhou Lao, the foreign trade department, was directly promoted to the position of deputy prime minister and director of the foreign trade department of the Governor’s Office by virtue of his strong economic ability. He assisted Prime Minister Kelly Y Zhou in managing the economy and taxation of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces to get a standing Committee position."
"In the last place of the Standing Committee, Wang Yang, the former Taiyuan magistrate, was accidentally left to assist Kelly Y Zhou in managing all wasteland and taxes in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
Faced with this result, even Sun Chengzong, who has been an official for decades, can’t help but defend his superb political means and amaze himself.
On the surface, the establishment of the seven standing committees of Wei Zheng is to separate the military and political affairs of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
Otherwise, the real power of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces is still in the hands of Wei Zheng.
Because both Zhao Yun, the commander in chief of the local garrison, and Wang Feng, the commander in chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army, are the real confidants of the Wei Zheng. If these two men command the garrison and the Tiger and Leopard Army, there will be no accident that the local garrison and the Tiger and Leopard Army will be in the hands of the Wei Zheng.
And the importance of the army in this troubled times is self-evident
No one can shake the absolute position of Wei Zheng’s two provinces, and of course no one can shake the position of Wei Zheng’s two provinces
In addition to mastering the theory of military affairs, whether it is to master Kelly Y Zhou, the prime minister of the National Chengda University, or to be directly pulled up from the low position by Wei Zheng, Wang Yang and Zhou Lao are better than supervising civil and military officials Wang Peng, with the exception of Wei Zheng.
In the face of Wei Zheng, be kind to them and add these people …
Sun Chengzong can definitely say that if they live for one day, they will not betray Weizheng …
In this case, the seven standing committees of the two provinces of Shaanxi and Shaanxi are still narain.
However, even if Sun Chengzong thought of these Sun Chengzong, it would not be significant.
After all, the reality of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces is that it is impossible to hand over the benefits to others and put them in people.
Two days later, the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office set up seven standing committees and began to carry out military and political reforms in the two provinces. The order was officially distributed to all prefectures and counties in the two provinces, and even the fifteen counties in the Shandong Peninsula, which had just been taken over by the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office, received a letter from the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office.
Of course, such a big thing can’t be hidden from the court.
In the face of the official tampering with the political system in the Shaanxi Governor’s Office, Emperor Chongzhen of Beijing was furious.
As directly told by the Shaanxi Governor’s Office, all the people in the big dynasty and the civil and military officials in the Shaanxi Governor’s Office have completely separated from the control of the court and set up their own independent kingdom.
But anger belongs to anger. What Emperor Chongzhen can do before he has absolute military strength is to endure this tone.
At the same time, Emperor Chongzhen, who is conceited, also cursed Weizheng for being stupid in his own heart.
Chongzhen, which was influenced by the emperor since childhood and educated by the emperor, is a self-defeating place.
In Chongzhen’s eyes, it is impossible for both the governor of Zhengqi County and the governor of Zhenger County to watch the profits in his hand being distributed. Since he is unwilling to distribute the profits in his hand, these local governors will resist …
Once this kind of resistance forms a scale, the foundation of the two provinces, Wei Zheng and Hu Bao Army, Shan Shan, will be hit hard …
In Chongzhen’s eyes, defending this military and political reform is to kill yourself and destroy your own foundation.
In this case, Emperor Chongzhen will certainly not miss this opportunity to weaken his opponent, so a large number of security agents began to go deep into Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces to prepare for this opportunity to weaken and shake the foundation of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
However, Emperor Chongzhen didn’t think that it was a month-long military confrontation between Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the imperial court. Officials in Zhongshan and Shaanxi provinces who still missed the imperial court were either dismissed or driven away.
More importantly, Emperor Chongzhen underestimated the influence and control of Weizheng and Tiger and Leopard Army in Shanxi Province.
Chapter four hundred and forty-two miscalculation Chongzhen
It’s really not desirable for the county magistrate’s patrol officers in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces to see this military and political reform carried out so as to divide their own profits.
But their officials and ministries are looking forward to the implementation of military and political reform immediately.
Because after the military and political reform, their profits will increase. From then on, they don’t need to look at the county magistrate more than the magistrate’s eyes.

Real cattle are not technology, weapons or technology, but people are real cattle.

And the player who manipulates the future fighters in front of him is the super elite of the elite in the Eastern Dynasty. What can you say when you are defeated by such people?
Bing Zhi suddenly said, "I have one last question. Is your anti-equipment sniper rifle also made in Ukraine?"
Bing Zhi was startled. "No?"
Mad Dog Dragon Road "It comes from the Star Workshop in the West of Loulan City in the Eastern Dynasty. The designer is Yuanfei!"
Bingzhi took a deep breath. "It’s not a shame to die in this person’s Excellence!"
"You are wrong again!" Mad dog dragon said coldly
Bing Zhi stared at him suspiciously. "Oh?"
Mad dog dragon said, "Wu Zong designed this set of steel suit myself, which is more advanced than you."
This ice wisdom has to admit
Mad dog dragon said, "So you died in Wu Zongshou."
But Bingzhi didn’t understand this. "What?" to be continued
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three Heicks arrow
Mad dog dragon’s tone has changed and he can’t say contempt. "My reconnaissance and detection system analyzes that your body’s energy is changing. You deliberately ask me questions and try to blow me up when you delay. I tell you that your wish has fallen!"
Ice wisdom face finally changed.
But now there is no chance for him to speak, because the surface of two robots suddenly "bursts bursts" desperately and soon became two light balls.
From a distance, there appeared a white bright light thin line on the beach, which extended to the two wings for 50 meters, and then the ball of light quickly collapsed and expanded instantaneously, and a big explosion occurred before the scale, which made the whole Chutian Island seem to be shaking.
There is no fire, no wind, no dust, and there is a wave of light energy that spreads in all directions.
Ten seconds later, the beach was quiet again, not to mention the dream old man and Wenwen. Even those reefs and sea rocks were not seen. The whole beach was razed to the ground as if everything had been destroyed by this amazing explosion.
However, the future soldiers in the flat land are still intact, and their mechanical arms are crossed in front of their faces to erect a blue energy wall. This time, the defense shield released is 2 meters high, bluer and brighter, and the scale is larger and more exaggerated.
I don’t know how Bing Zhi felt when he saw this situation in ghost mode. He tried his best to blow himself up and shake the future soldiers. Strictly speaking, his energy source can’t be compared with the future soldiers’ scientific and technological energy. In the end, he must die.
As it approached 7 o’clock in the morning, it finally gradually lit up.
However, after a night of heavy rain, the rain and fog on the sea surface are still very thick, and the visibility is really low
If it is said that the Golden Bow and Red Beauty pirate ship will never go to this sea area, it may hit the rocks at any time. This is not the Chutian Island Department but an unknown area outside.
In the dark and deep sea, a mighty warship is lined up on the sea, and one day Kang warships can come to this sinister place.
The central carrier is particularly large and eye-catching. The atmosphere in the cockpit on the fifth floor is very tense. In addition to manipulating the warships, there are several familiar figures, namely Ruo Feiyu, French enemy, Situ Ying, Hua Longyue and Lan Qiaoer …
These are the people who were defeated by Tiankang Regiment in the Battle of Dynasty Harbor. Besides, Lan Qiaoer was accompanied by an imposing cloak warrior, who was sent by the Golden Bow Family to attack Yang Feng in coordination.
This person is an absolute field talent, and somehow he was taken to the Golden Bow home network.
Lan Qiaoer is full of confidence in this operation. A warship, more than two people, a group of excellent masters, sophisticated scientific and technological weapons, and the Fairy ahead … Such a force is even stronger than the strength of the allied forces in Dynasty Harbor. Even if the Eastern Dynasty is in the way, she has the confidence to annihilate each other in an instant.
She couldn’t think that this time the Eastern Dynasty was really in the way, and she couldn’t think of how strong the interception force was in front.
At the other end of the sea, the Aurora was quietly floating on the sea. The cold star was tired after a sleepless night, but he didn’t dare to relax because the real fighting time was coming.
The reconnaissance screen suddenly appeared abnormal, and a red bright spot came from the gate at a very fast speed. The cold star couldn’t help but turn back. "There is always an unidentified unit behind us in Uzbekistan, which shows that the unit is too small. According to the radar display detection system, it is a scientific and technological facility with an energy intensity of not less than 1 node …"
Dozens of people in the command hall came to sleep, and they all woke up when they heard this.
Jianghua Road "playing terminal system verification"
Cold star alpha males, but still turned to do according to the words on.
After a few seconds, he was pleasantly surprised that "this is our Eastern Dynasty allied unit."
On the continued, "send a terminal transmission signal to inform him to supply three units of energy to him from the launch port before landing."
After the terminal is connected to the branch, everyone is curious and looks at the central big screen with their eyes wide open, because the big screen display is the real-time scene at this time.
Seeing the future soldiers dragging their long blue tails slowly towards the Aurora in the night, this is not weird and terrible in the eyes of the Eastern Dynasty, but handsome and handsome.
Leng Xing Daqi "didn’t expect our friendly forces to have such a high level of science and technology."
"You are wrong!" On the correct him "he is not our friendly"
Cold star startled way "no?"
On nodded and smiled. "He is the guardian of our Eastern Dynasty and the lucky goddess of our Eastern Dynasty."
Lengxing said, "Then who is he?"
On the course, it is impossible to tell him that this is a mad dog dragon, but to explain with a smile, "It doesn’t matter who he is, what matters is that we can work miracles if he appears."
At this moment, a section of the wing steel plate of the middle section of the Aurora extends out to send the belt, and the future soldiers will lightly descend to the surface to send the belt steel plate, and seven probes and mechanical arms will pop up in the future soldiers’ body to scan and fiddle with it as if to repair it.
This time, the waters went to the central console and personally fucked around. Everyone was curious and watched and talked about it. What the hell is this mechanical warrior?
Mad dog dragon, this will also be in the future warrior department, and the processor sound will keep ringing.
"The system is receiving the estimated repair time of 3 seconds!"
"The defense system is recovering the estimated time of 1 second!"
"The flight system is modifying the frequency conversion and the estimated time is 6 seconds!"

The light stone department seemed to burst into a small flame, and then the flame quickly became bigger, and in an instant, Longye’s hands were wrapped up. The sudden change scared Longye to almost throw away the light man, but he suddenly found that the flame did not hurt him.

A salamander jumped out of the light stone. First, the salamander circled in a narrow place, and finally the salamander dragon bumped into the next wall.
The thick wall was knocked out of a big hole and the sun shone into this dark corner all the year round.
"There is no shortcut to the real road!" An angry sound is burning in Longye’s mind.
"Is it that taking away the light stone directly makes Reshiram angry?"
Before Longye thought of what to do, the hand light stone flew by itself, surrounded by flames, and the light stone released bursts of fire waves, which swept the whole land.
In this flame, the light stone suddenly bloomed with dazzling white light and strong light, so that Longye and Nazi could reach out and block their eyes.
The strong light slowly took shape, and the light turned into a snow-white Reshiram.
Reshiram flung his arms around his chest and all the flames were sucked into the tail like a steam turbine engine.
Without the flame, the burning gas immediately becomes cool, but staring at Reshiram Longye has no time to pay attention to these.
Reshiram yelled at Longye, a Yi Long wild one who wanted to attack himself, and immediately released an explosive. Unexpectedly, Reshiram didn’t pay attention to Longye after yelling, as if saying that people who were not recognized were not worthy of attention.
Longye really wants to let the Tyrannosaurus directly compete with Reshiram, which can also help him understand the gap between his elf top beasts.
However, Reshiram didn’t give Longye this chance. It flew directly through the big hole in the wall and outside.
"It seems that Reshiram is not angry because of me." Longye can feel the growing anger in Reshiram.
"Nazi, Meow Meow, let’s go and see what’s going on." Longye called the two of them to do it together, and then they went straight to Reshiram, who was about to fly out of Longye’s sight.
Reshiram seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere. It has no idea of saving energy, but it is moving at a high speed. If it is not a salamander who is good at flying, it can’t keep up with it.
In order to avoid losing him, Reshiram Longye took out the treasure-hunting instrument and locked Reshiram’s position with the sharp marking function.
Reshiram knew that Longye and them were following behind him, but there was no response at all. It seemed that it was more important for him to go there than anything else.
After flying at a speed of half an hour, with the help of Longye and Nazi, they can’t hold on any longer. Their speed is slowing down. Reshiram has disappeared from their sight. If there is no treasure detector showing the location of Reshiram, Longye would have lost them.
"We wouldn’t have worked so hard if Super Archean 2 was still here."
Longye complained, but it didn’t help the situation now, or Nazi released her Metagross to replace the salamander.
Metagross’s flying speed is slower than that of an abrupt change. However, Nazi has a special skill to hurry. She released Alakazam in Metagross’s body, and Nazi held Longye and Meow respectively.
"Hu takes us to move forward in a flash."
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Chapter 47 Reshiram sabotaged the performance.
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It’s a chaotic chapter
Looking at his uncle Magikarp Longye in front of him, he suddenly ran past several alpacas.
Longye, an impressive supporting character with no official name in the pet elf animation, knows a lot about Uncle Magikarp’s deeds. On the St. Annu, the uncle sold Magikarp, which is said to be able to produce gold. As a result, Kojiro, a fool, spent 30,000 yuan to buy a trio of rockets that sank on the St. Annu, but with the help of this Magikarp, Magikarp almost killed Kojiro and abandoned Magikarp in anger. As a result, the carp king instantly evolved into a Tyrannosaurus rex, and the rockets and Xiaozhi were blown away together.
This is the first time. After that, this uncle also sold Magikarp as a stupid fish to Musashi, and Chimecho as a rare one to Kojiro. The worst thing is that this uncle was able to change Kojiro’s big-eating flowers. You know, big-eating flowers are the evolution of big-eating flowers!
Such a character turned out to be his father? Am I going to sell Magikarp with him in the future?
Suddenly, Longye thought of one thing. Since this wretched uncle is his father, shouldn’t he grow into this wretched appearance?
Longye immediately got up and went to look in the mirror. Fortunately, the young man in the mirror looks less handsome.
"You are still so smug when you get up." Uncle Magikarp said with a smile.
"Is Longye awake? Let mom see how worried you are these days. Why are you so naughty?"
When I saw my mother Longye running in, I finally knew what I was like. It turned out that he looked more like Longye than his mother. I couldn’t help thinking to myself, "This uncle Magikarp is very good, and he can marry such a beautiful wife. If it weren’t for his looks, my buddy, I must be a member of the idol school now."

I’m very happy and grateful to Shuiji for this matter. When Dugujian studied, Shuiji did his best, didn’t slack off, and worked hard to practice, which made him quickly understand that the first three forms of the Seven Decisions of the Heavenly Sword became the highest martial arts among the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect except the elders.

In February, by chance, Shuiji suddenly received an epic level, and the demand was to stop the destroyer from calling the ancient destroyer corps to this world, which meant that he would become the savior in the game.
When Shuiji listened to the request, his heart was filled with joy-how many teenagers dream of becoming a savior! Even if you can become a savior in the game! Shuimark thinks that once he really succeeds in saving the world, his savior will be recognized by everyone, and the goddess in his mind will inevitably turn her attention to him.
At that time, he can pursue feather as his savior. He believes that feather will never be indifferent to himself if he wants to become a savior-women love the strong!
On March 3rd, in the Tianjian Sect’s general altar, the secret temple has just completed all the trials. The water mark of the Seven Heavenly Sword Departments is quietly staring at the old man with his back to himself in front of him. The water mark will never disrespect the old man in front of him, even if he is young and crazy, because his achievements can definitely be folded by China people.
"Mark ….." Lonely Sword slowly said, "You have done my best and I have nothing to teach you. I hope you can have good luck. It is enough for these martial arts to carry forward our Chinese martial arts."
"Brother Bai!" Water marks should be respectful.
Lonely sword turned around and nodded with satisfaction and smiled kindly. "I have given you the nine-instrument Buddha sword in the town. You can stop it-I know that you have a mission to save the world, and I won’t leave you much. Go! You have the strength to finish what you want to do! "
"It’s Master Brother who leaves!" Water mark bowed with his hand, turned and strode away from the resplendent hall of secrets.
Dugujian watched his brother’s water mark leave and started slowly back to his room. As soon as he got back to his room, he lifted his mask.
"Shout ~ ~ ~ finally sent this kid away all day long, pretending to be serious and really tired." Du Gujian was relieved before he was dignified and steady, but now he looks like an old rascal or an old urchin.
"Ha ha, if your disciples hear this, they will definitely fall to the ground." Suddenly there was a male voice in the room, followed by a middle-aged man in a suit who appeared in the room-this man was none other than a game designer, Wu Han.
Lonely sword looked at Wu Han pie pie way "cut ~ ~ is it possible? My room is specially modified, and the sound insulation function is absolutely perfect. Even if firecrackers are set off, no one will hear it. "
"Oh is it? Then you are really tired! " Wu Han sat in one of the chairs.
Lonely sword depressed complain "didn’t you say nonsense? Are you and I willing to pretend to be serious? If those rabbits knew that I was like this now, would they still learn martial arts from me-if Chinese martial arts didn’t continue to shed ghosts, they would want to create this broken head of the Sword Sect! "
"Yes, yes, yes, I know you have worked hard, okay?" Wu Hanku smiled and shook his head. He couldn’t stand the personality of Dugujian. At the same time, he also admired Dugujian. Because Dugujian had achieved his ideal, Chinese martial arts had sacrificed too much.
DuGuJian also don’t want to argue on this topic, so he changed the subject. "Right now, the’ savior’ has been successfully cultivated. What about the’ world devastator’ in the night wind? I don’t think you don’t know? Writing this’ epic drama’ directed by Wu Han "
Wu Han shook his finger and said meaningfully, "No, no, no, you’re wrong. If the night wind was still his words five months ago, then the director and editor would be me. But now I’m just an editor, and the night wind is the real director. Because the drama performance process is in his hands, all I can do is to push him to perform-I’ve been watching the night wind. Now he probably guessed that we officials are secretly promoting the game ‘evolution’! That is to say, he is playing his own game through our promotion. "
"oh? Do you think so highly of him? " Dugujian came to the fun.
"Haven’t you seen him? Still ask me? " Wu Han asked
Dugujian thought for a moment and smiled lightly. "Ha is also very interesting to that little guy, and his observation is very keen and cunning. He is one of the best among the younger generation."
"So you look good! Look at our night wind director is like directing many’ actors’ to perform their own’ shadows’ … "
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The night wind led by the guards soon entered the castle, and there was nothing wrong with the night wind along the way. Some curious people would cast puzzled eyes from time to time.
Finally, the night wind was brought to the castle hall-this hall is half the size of a football field, and the structure is resplendent and finely carved; There are five stone pillars connecting the top floor on the left and right sides, and there are large skylights on the left and right sides of the top of the palace to let the sun shine into the palace; At the front end of the hall, the plush chair feather is sitting quietly with his hands closed and his sword in his hand.
"Miss Yu, Mr. Night Wind is here." The guards bowed respectfully.
Yu slowly opened his eyes and said in a cold tone, "You all go out! You are not allowed to come in without my order!"
"Yes!" All the guards in the hall listened to orders and withdrew from the hall in an orderly way, and the gate was also closed.
"…" The night wind silently stared at the feather and didn’t move a face of indifference and calm.
Feather got up and walked up the steps and slowly approached the night wind-suddenly Feather pulled out the lost angel of Excalibur in her hand with great speed and cut it silently toward the night wind.
The night wind looked at him with a slight surprise and immediately returned to calm, kicking and retreating from the sword of feather.
But the feather attack didn’t stop her. She acted quickly and waved the second, third and fourth swords toward the night wind.
The night wind didn’t ask and didn’t speak. Silence evaded the feather attack. The cold sword light kept appearing in its whole body.
In attacking feather, she didn’t make her skill the purest fencing to attack the night wind, but now she has made great progress in fencing compared with five months ago, no matter how fast, how strong and how sharp she is, she can never get out of three moves if the average person is against the enemy.
However, the night wind is not the same as before, and its speed is much faster than that of five months ago. What is more commendable is that his fighting ability is much more perfect than before, so the night wind simply dodges every sword of Feather.
The attack and avoidance of the two men are intertwined, and the sword blade is broken with rhythm. The light of the sword is like performing a dance that belongs to them. Generally, if there are other people around, they will be performing instead of fighting.
"Swish ~ ~" A sword breaks Rapier’s pledge toward the night wind. This time, the feather sword moves so fast and suddenly that the night wind has no chance to dodge.
The night wind was a little frightened and calmly stretched out his right hand to eat the middle finger and held the thumb tightly, and the high-speed sword move that split toward himself stopped at once in the hands of the night wind.
The two men kept this posture and stared at each other quietly. Both sides had no expression on their faces and their eyes were surprisingly dull.
"Night wind what?" Feather finally spoke. She really knew the true identity of the night wind, but the question she asked was unexpected. Night wind feather would ask him why he had disappeared for five months, but the actual question was "What did you want to kill the ancient dragon?"
After listening to the night wind, he froze and smiled lightly. "Ha, no wonder I think that black knight makes me feel so familiar. It turns out that she is you-Yu!"
"…" Feather didn’t speak silently answered the night wind.

After the salamander broke a hole, Longye got a clear view of the situation inside. There were four people lying on the ground. After careful inspection, it was found that all of them were in a coma.

These people are lucky. Long Yeli’s super power carried these four people out smoothly.
"It’s time to go back and make peace with Nazi," thought Long Ye.
But at this time, a crisp sound came to Longye’s ear.
"What happened here? What about the others? "
Looking down the sound, Longye turned out to be a Miss Joey shouting on the mountain road.
Miss Joey was also shocked to see the meeting. She stayed in the nearby elf center, but a violent explosion suddenly came to Miss Joey and ran out.
Longye asked the salamander to pick up Miss Joey. As soon as Joey landed, he exclaimed, "Did a spaceship crash?"
Longye calmed Joey down first, and then told him about the situation here. "Come on, my companions and I were looking for a psychedelic cave around here, and I met the notorious elf hunter J. I fought with the hunter J. This time, I naturally wanted to arrest her, but I didn’t expect her to escape by spaceship. I attacked the spaceship and the spaceship fell."
Lainoye was going to make up a random reason and then take himself and Nazi out of this matter, but he remembered that there were five hunters J in front of the psychedelic cave who witnessed the whole process and could not tell the truth.
"Don’t move!" Miss Joey suddenly released herself from Longye’s side, Ji Lidan. She stared at Longye with a wary face.
Joey doesn’t know who hunter J is, but it must be very dangerous to hear Longye admit that he shot down the other ship.
"Wait, you listen to me."
"Don’t move!" Joey was shocked when he saw Longye waving his arms, and then he trembled a little and said, "Don’t touch me. Ji Lidan is very good."
When Ji Lidan heard Joey’s words, he also made a show of strength, but Ji Lidan’s round body did not kill him.
Joey stared carefully at the young man in front of him. Although he was not fierce, it was scary to do things. Joey, however, how dangerous it was to see those ships destroying a spaceship. Joey had imagined the young man opposite him as a demon in human skin, afraid that Joey would unconsciously substitute himself into the duties of a good sister Junsha, hoping that this would make him look calm.
"What are you doing?" Joey became nervous again when he saw Longye suddenly turn around.
"There are still several wounded people over there. If I don’t go there, I’ll die."
After some explanation by Ryuno, Miss Joey believed Ryono’s words for the time being, but she was afraid that Miss Joey would like Ryono to leave soon.
Miss Joey didn’t go with Longye to find Nazi. Now it’s the most correct choice to ask for support immediately. Joey asked the salamander to send herself back. She should inform her good sister Junsha to come quickly.
"Don’t try to escape, I have already remembered you." Before leaving, Joey bravely warned the "suspect".
Miss Joey’s strong composure made Longye want to laugh. He shook his head and returned to Nazi with several wounded people and those petrified elves.
Longye didn’t petrify the elves at the first time. After all, the situation is chaotic now, and no one knows that if these elves are released now, it will probably bring trouble.
"Police station? This is No.42 elf center. There has been a serious accident near here. I repeat, there is a spaceship crashing here." Back to the elf center, Joey informed the police as soon as possible, and then she returned to the place where she met Longye with a medicine box.
Operation Junsha in Shenao area was still very fast. Ten minutes later, a helicopter flew to Longye, and Officer Jenny and her family arrived at the scene.
The wreckage of the spaceship surprised these people, too, but they were professionals after all and soon commanded rescue workers in Junsha.
These policemen are much more meticulous than Longye. First, the bodies of the people inside the spaceship are removed, and then the scattered elf balls are put away. At the same time, another group of people are directing the water elves to put out the fire.
"Hello, my name is Zhenxu, and I am an elf search officer. According to Miss Joey’s information, you are sinking this ship." A girl with purple-gray waist and long hair and neat bangs came to Longye and asked.
Longye carefully looked at the elf search officer in front of him. He always felt that he had seen each other somewhere.
"True Mood True Mood" Are you the girl who claims to be able to understand the insect elves? Longye suddenly asked
"How do you know?" True mood frowned.
"We’ve met before. You forgot to be at the elf tower and once when you caught the elf hunter."
"I remember that you are Longye, and this is Nazi with super powers." Zhenwu was deeply impressed by Nazi’s super powers.
"Even if we know you, don’t want me to practice favoritism and malpractice." Zhenwu then said seriously, "I’m an honest alliance search officer."
How can anyone boast that Longye shook his head slightly and told the truth about Hunter J.
"Are you sure it’s Hunter J and her gang?" True mood solemnly asked
"Of course I confirmed that she was lying there."
An alliance search officer really knows about hunter J. She and her gang are worried about the crazy case in the Shenao area. Although the search officers have been trying to arrest her, the other party is too decisive. Some people say that they will give up and give up. The search officers in the Shenao area have been busy for a long time without results
Go to the front of the body that has just been moved out, and the hunter J’s unusual dress immediately makes Zhenxu recognize it.
"It turned out to be a hunter J!" True mood shocked to see the dragon wild this person can catch the hunter j?
Confirmed the identity of hunter J, then the nature of Longye’s action has become a struggle against evil forces, so naturally no one will be held accountable for his shooting down the hunter J gang ship. After all, it is understandable to be heavier when the evil forces fight.
Chapter 2 Harvesting the Round Shark
Since there is nothing wrong with them in Longye, it’s natural that I won’t face them with a straight face again.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here in Shenao. What a coincidence," said Zhenxu strangely.
"It’s a coincidence, but sister Zhenxu, weren’t you there before? Why did you come to Shenao again?" Nazi asked doubtfully.
True mood Zhan Yan smiled. "My hometown is here in Shenao. After I finished some things in DuDu, I applied to the headquarters to transfer back to Shenao."
Zhenxu explained it, and then she looked at Longye. "Former Miss Joey said that you brought this ship into the dragon field. You are so strong now. I wonder which one of you is better than Aaron?"
"You say Aaron is?"
"It’s Aaron, the four kings of God and one king of insects."
When Zhenwu arrived in Aaron, her face was as proud as if she were showing her baby to others. Nazi couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t this Aaron when you come back to Shenao?"
True mood face some blush, but she didn’t refute Nazi’s words. Obviously, she is the other party when she returns to Shenao.
"I didn’t expect you to know the four kings of God and Austria. I also hope to have a battle with Aaron. What are you going to do with the elves captured by hunter J?" Longye asked, pointing to the elves who had been relieved of petrochemical status.
"We will take them to the nearby elf center to take care of them, and then we will release news to find their trainers."
Longye nodded, and now he can do the same.
"By the way, I helped you get rid of a big bad guy this time. Do you have any rewards?" Longye suddenly asked
"This ….." True mood hesitated. "If you can capture Hunter J alive, there must be a reward, but now you know that there are many people in Hunter J gang who are guilty of immortality. The League should make up for it."

The most sacred place of Cai State, like Chen State, is covered with golden clouds, which shows that a country is lucky and a country is prosperous.

The ancestral temple has the elders of Cai, but Cai Cai Huangong is too powerful.
Cai Huangong’s fortune from every sacrifice is not given to a group of ministers, but enjoyed by himself or his relatives. Although Wang Cai and Chen Wang are generally a monarch, Wang Cai is already two or three hundred years old.
The elders of the ancestral temple of Cai Guo are almost all descendants of Cai Wang.
So Wang Yi of Cai made it possible even if the elders of the ancestral temple were unwilling to do so again.
The elders looked at the ancestral temple square, and thousands of masons had gathered. This huge number also made the elders talk for a while
What does Bian Que want?
It’s okay to toss about the elixir courtyard next to the ancestral temple. Why did you come to harm my ancestral temple?
Bian Que and Jiang Tai are in a group.
Jiang Tai is holding a big wooden board with some complicated patterns in his hand.
"Listen, we’re going to build the biggest stadium in the sky, and we’re going to set up a high platform around the biggest sermon venue. There’s not much technical content, but it’s just piled up one by one to make all the people who come to listen feel at home!" Jiang Taikou call way
A group of masons looked at each other, mostly illiterate. How can they know what makes them feel at home?
Jiang Tai sees casting pearls before swine, even if he turns his head and gives the plank plan to Manzhong.
"Uncle Man, you are responsible for letting them know!" Jiang tai wry smile way
"Well, don’t worry, but this amount of work is not small, at least in half a year!" Manzhong shook his head and laughed
"Nothing, don’t worry, get it slowly!" Jiang Tai affirmed
"That’s good!" Manzhong nodded
Aside Bian Que looked at the big wooden sermon venue and his heart surged at the moment.
Compared with the huge square in front of me, Bian Que was grateful. "If Jiang Tai can gather 100,000 people this time and let me give a lecture at such a huge venue, I will be satisfied even if the effect is not great!"
Jiang Tai see Bian Que at that time I don’t know Tathagata.
This is only a football match audience at most. Some superstars in previous lives can also make the stadium bursting. In previous lives, the superstars were just ordinary people touring. I don’t know how many such conventions have been visited in a year. They are full of fame and screams.
Are you satisfied that you haven’t come yet just once?
Whether Bian Que shocked or a group of elders and masons of the ancestral temple were at a loss to command the huge project officially.
At one time, the Zongmiao Square was crowded with people, and a large number of stones were transported, and the sediment was flying all over the sky. At one time, the Zongmiao Temple in Cai was hazy and dusty.
The elders of the ancestral temple face black to death.
"Get up the ancestral temple hall and don’t be polluted by these dust!" An elder said with a black face
"Elder, I just inquired about a temple, and it may be foggy for more than half a year!"
Three days later, Jiang Tai looked at Manzhong again.
"Uncle Man, these things are too tired. Anyway, we make money. Don’t be too provincial. I heard that Cai has a Mohist brother, right? Mohism seems to be very good at building cities. Why don’t you recruit some Mohist brothers to help? " Jiang tai call way
"I am not afraid that you will design this leak?" Manzhong is worried
"What are you afraid of leaking? I don’t worry that if every country has such a big venue in the future, it may be helpful to me!" Jiang Tai said
"All right!" Manzhong nodded
Within two days, Manzhong found a dozen Mohist brothers.
When a Mohist brother saw Jiang Tai’s drawings, he opened his eyes one by one and said, "What a magnificent Dojo!"
"Yes, if this is built, many great events in a country can be put into practice!"
"Mr. Man, it’s a fantastic idea for you to announce this to us, and it also inspires me a lot to build a city by Mohism!"
A group of Mohist brothers sighed.