She was hit by Shao’s tears before and after, and her four palms, strange meridians and veins all wanted to break, and she lost her fighting ability.

She knew that if she didn’t seize the opportunity to kill Shao’s tears in one fell swoop, she would be able to resist even Xiao Qiushui’s tears!
So she sent a double hook.
Shao tears in the hook is not dead.
Once Xiao Qiushui was shaken out, she stood with Shao in tears.
She tried to avoid retreating, but she felt dizzy and burst into tears.
Six hit Shao tears palm force is still strong!
Song Zhu flew out like a broken kite and flew out.
One, she didn’t rely on it, and she didn’t have the strength, just like every woman. When she fell, she fell into a male body, and that was Xiao Qiushui.
Xiao Qiushui took Song Zhu. At this time, the sun was bright, the mountains were cold and the trees were not far away. Xiao Qiushui saw this piece of white jade with a black face and beautiful eyebrows and timid lips. The bright red dress was like blood. Xiao Qiushui knew that she had to save her. She was a weak woman.
But when he looked up, the sun appeared in the dark. Before him, he was covered in blood, trembling and horrible, and Shao shed tears.
Shao tears suddenly laughed with hey hey strange laugh.
Xiao Qiushui said, "What are you laughing at?"
Shao shed tears and blood, and tears kept flowing. "I laugh at you."
Xiao Qiushui said, "What am I funny about?"
Shao looked at Xiao Qiushui with tears. "Do you know who you are holding?"
Xiao Qiushui said "Red Phoenix"
Shao looked at Xiao Qiushui with tears. "Do you know who her husband is?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "Liu Suifeng?"
Shao shed tears while laughing, bleeding and crying.
"Do you know who is willow five? ! He is the most terrible and poisonous person in the world today! If you defile his mistress, there will be a lot to see. You will suffer all your life … "
Xiao Qiushui roared, "Nonsense!"
Shao tears like laughing out of breath "not nonsense but true!" People clap to Xiao Qiushui with a palm.
Xiao Qiushui quickly put Song Zhushan away. It’s too late to take a hard hand.
Shao shed tears, although he was seriously injured, but his strength was still very strong. Xiao Qiushui even quit the seven steps and shook his body. Shao shed tears and blocked his acupuncture points.
Xiao colchicine fell unconscious Song Zhu side.
Xiao Qiushui’s dumb hole is not closed and he thunders "You-"
Shao burst into tears and laughed. Suddenly he paused and coughed up one mouthful blood.
Xiao Qiushui growled, "You don’t respect yourself when you’re dying-!"
Shao tears and tears "self-respect? I’ve been seriously injured, and I’ve died long ago without the vitality of Dan. "

The brute mother embraced the strong Sun Hao with a happy face. The old brute mother finally went to herself and will be the closest person to the holy king in the future. She said softly, "Husband, I am a seedling, remember."

Sun Hao "When will Xiaohe wake up!"
I don’t know how long it took.
Sun Hao asked, "Who are you?"
The pretty mother’s face is full of happiness. "The holy king has a miscarriage."
Sun Hao "Oh, why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?"
I don’t know how long it took.
Sun Hao asked, "Who are you?"
The pretty mother’s face is full of happiness. "The holy king’s concubine is drizzling."
Sun Hao "Oh, why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?"
I don’t know how long it took.
When Sun Hao asked again, "Why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?" When the mother was full of curiosity, she asked, "Who is the holy king Xiaohe?"
Sun Hao stayed.
After half a ring, Corleone muttered, "Yes, who is Xiaohe? Who is Xiaohe? "
Stand up and come out of the stone house. Sun Hao of the holy mountain roared, "Come out for me while grazing."
Border grazing don’t know from where a channeling and jump to Sun Hao shoulder barked "boss? Are we going to kill out again for fun? "
Sun Haoyi * * * eyes filar silk vacant mouth big asked "who is Xiaohe? I can’t remember, but I know it’s important. Tell me who Xiaohe is? "
The shepherd’s eyes turned round and round and barked, "Xiaohe is a little girl picking mushrooms. Come on, boss, let me sing a song with you. The lyrics are to the effect that he is picking mushrooms like this. The little girl is carrying a big bamboo basket …"
Sun Hao "Oh, Xiaohe turned out to be a little girl picking mushrooms …"
Slowly turned and walked to the stone house, grazing face revealed filar silk could not bear to sigh and ran a few steps. When his body froze, he found himself in the hands of Sun Hao.
Fishing for the edge of grazing and putting yourself in front of Sun Haoda said, "Who is the wrong edge of grazing Xiaohe?" You absolutely lied to me. If you don’t tell the truth, I don’t mind playing you directly, Tintin … "
Bian Mu’s face froze and his mouth was bitter. He said, "Boss, even if I told you, you can’t remember the past. Will you forget you when she is a mushroom girl?"
Corleone body straight "what I can’t remember? I seem to remember that this can’t be forgotten. "
The shepherd barked, "You are a holy king, a peerless holy king, and your life is brilliant. The mothers are all passers-by in your life. They can’t follow your footsteps and have a long life like yours. Why do you think so much? As good as I am, I don’t know how many concubines I have changed? "
Sun Hao’s hand is tight
Bian Mu was pinched and stuck out his tongue. "Boss has something to say. Don’t be rude if you have something to say."
Sun Hao buzzed and said, "I wonder who Xiaohe is? I also need to know how I can remember Xiaohe. "
Bian Mu said naively, "What do you really want to know? I said that it is estimated that you will be very sad. "
Sun boldly opened the border shepherd’s hand shield and hammer and said calmly, "Come on, I also feel that there is something wrong with myself."
Sun Hao, a border herdsman, barked at his shoulders and fingers. "Not only is it wrong, boss, don’t you see that you are very different from them?"
Sun Hao looked after half a ring. "They have one more head than me, but shouldn’t my body be like this?" Shouldn’t I be the first holy king? "
Bian Mu looked around at the bass novel and said, "Real boss, you came here with a head, but you were cut off by someone. It’s very simple that you can’t remember things because you have no brains, you know?" You have no brain … "
Sun Hao was stupefied and muttered to himself in the mouth of the holy mountain, "My mindless head has been cut off … but where is my head?"
Bian Mu muttered, "Then one day I really know that I have been kicked out or being kicked as a ball, or I have been treated as a dung gourd ladle …"
The border shepherd hasn’t finished yet. Sun Hao can clearly perceive that the border shepherd is wrong and his eyes stare "absolutely not"
Border grazing wagged his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, maybe there’s some bird-less place hidden, but I can’t smell any smell from my dog. It’s estimated that if it’s not hidden too well, it’s too far away …"
That’s true, but the border shepherd feels that he can’t smell the slightest breath, and nine times out of ten he has been kicked out.
Sun Hao felt very different when he heard the words of border herding. At this moment, he suddenly had a very clear feeling that his head was really far away. If he wanted to return to normal, he had to get his head back.
Sun Hao on the top of the holy mountain couldn’t help but raise his shield, open his belly button and growl.
Boss, I want a boss.
I don’t want to forget Xiaohe. I want a head!
Strong desire rises from Sun Hao’s heart, growls and vibrates.
The soldiers of the Hehe tribe knelt down devoutly and prayed that the Lord King missed the first generation of barbarians again. Every once in a while, the Lord King would growl like a wounded beast.
It’s just that this time the roar is longer and louder.
Sun Haohao, a distant Ranglin island, seems to have had a long dream. In the gentle dream, he heard Xiaoqing’s gentle song, Bai Gong fell asleep, Dafaxu began to operate, and he began to practice in his head.
The nectar of fairy pear tree, the original liquid in the source barrel, always moistens Sun Hao’s head, keeping it vivid and the skin more and more crystal clear.
I don’t know how long it’s been. On this day, my head seems to hear a distant call.
Fairy pear flower suddenly opened her eyes and two divine lights shot out from her eyes.
Gently open your head and say, "Xiaoqing, thank you for your care, but I should go. Xiaoqing, don’t worry. One day, your brother Xiaoshan will take you with him after opening the Sumeru Tower …"
Chapter DiYiLiuLiu three Escape from great trouble
Holy mountain
At this moment when the head is open, Sun Hao’s body is distracted, and he clearly perceives the body consciousness, and he clearly perceives the indomitable will of the body consciousness to resist the undead.
Strong willpower makes the sense of distraction more combative.
The body is wild and strong, and it runs wildly. The mysterious atmosphere evolved from the unique tomb will evolve this strength into a wild Xingtian strength and run wildly.
Sun Hao of Ranglin Island opened his eyes, surrounded by pear blossoms all over the sky, rising higher and higher. When Teng took off, his mind was distracted and his body changed unusually.
Stronger than fighting spirit, fighting day by day generally seems to pierce the sky.
Head and body roar upwards.
The square shield hammer seems to have attracted a flash
Suddenly, the belly button, the mouth, the eyes and the ears of the flesh disappear into the flesh and rush away into the abdomen of the flesh.
Sun Hao has been sitting cross-legged in the head, and Yuan Ying seems to have been pulled by a method in his hand, and suddenly a dozen outward.
The head and body are separated by hundreds of millions of miles and have made a mysterious connection.
Yuan Ying’s handprint, the real body, this moment transcends and makes a mysterious connection.
The handprint flew to the semi-flesh, and its true vitality was also triggered by a dynamic boom. One by one, a huge virtual shadow appeared, and the virtual Kyushu was clearly visible.
This virtual shadow has two heads and six arms, and it is more majestic than going to see it seriously. It is the most one of the three heads that has disappeared somehow.
The imaginary people are frightened. I don’t know what is the powerful imaginary monster. The imaginary city is looming in the sky. I am surprised to ask, "I don’t know if Fang Daoyou is coming to the imaginary and there are other important things?"
Virtual shadow ignored the mouth a binge drinking "head to …"
One hand in the six arms reached out as if something was fished out somewhere, and the virtual shadow suddenly soared a few minutes in the middle of a dignified bloody head, and two arms bowed slightly to the foaming at the mouth of the city and said, "Go by this."
Say that finish virtual shadow like a funnel to disappear quickly.
Crossing the road? The monk stationed in Tianxu City feels inexplicable that there is such a muddle. Brother Almighty passed by. If every Brother Almighty came here, it would be hard to have peace.
I haven’t finished thinking about it yet
There is a huge crack in the sky.
A huge head stuck out again and Jordan roared, "I feel the breath of Terran’s birth. Tell me where he is?"
The guardian of Tianxu City has already changed his mind for a while, but he didn’t think of the past too far away. Now the guardian is very dissatisfied with the endless passing and says, "Jordan, don’t be late. I’m afraid you are endless. Is it fun? Terran left early to chase you and go elsewhere to chase me. "

Said the hammer said to Samuel, "help me deal with the first few big guys, make a pair of sunglasses for each of them and feed themselves!" In how to communicate with them, you come to find a way to Miao Comrade. "

"Who’s in charge while I’m away?" asked Song Hammer and Bao Xiao.
Hammer looked up and took a strange look at the hammer. "You come with me …"
After Bao cried enough, he became interested in the ham sausage next to him, which was both curious and hostile.
"Look at your sister." Sausage reached out and pushed a pack of head "silly girl"
Bao’s eyes suddenly widened "Cat!"
Ham sausage put your finger on your lips "shh!"
"ah!" When Bao heard it, she screamed and swooped together with the sausage, muttering that she couldn’t hear clearly and muttering that she began to cry again with all her grievances. "I hate you … you throw me … throw me …"
"There was a little accident." The ham sausage was surprisingly gentle when wrapping the bag. "Aren’t we back?"
"Well …" Bao cling to hold the sausage hand "don’t go … don’t go …"
At the same time, hammer has been brought to the mayor’s office. The building is still the same, and there is no change at all. There is a light on the second floor, which used to be the hammer office.
"That building?"
Hammer, Hammer, arranged a suit "I’ll prepare something for you".
Ding hammer pinched a hammer’s ass egg as before, and then smiled and said, "Don’t be so bitter."
This can make Hammer cry and turn to eat. Hammer looks at her back and sighs, then pushes the door and goes in.
As soon as I pushed the door, there was a faint scent of grass in the vase with an orchid table, a white tablecloth and a dog …
As soon as I was familiar with the call, the chest of the hammer warmed up. Although I knew who it was at the moment I entered the door, hearing the sound again made him feel mixed.
And just as he was about to agree to go upstairs, the lazy dog lying on the sofa suddenly got up, took a look at the hammer, and then dallied away.
"Mama ah … will be the wrong meaning …" Dinghammer suddenly felt embarrassed. It turned out that the building owner called the dog, but even so, he still walked down the stairs.
The office door was slightly open with light green light, which seemed very soft. The hammer went to the door and gently pushed the door and looked at the familiar figure. He smiled gently, but before he turned his back on others, he had already said, "Two years. Oh, you owe me the best time for two years."
"Give it back to you" Dinghammer sighed. "I didn’t expect it to be you."
"Yeah, who else can I be?" Holding the dog leaf, I turned around and looked at the hammer and smiled. "I can always feel the fluctuation of your life, but I can wait for you if it is the legal location."
Ye’s expression became a little angry. "You kept me waiting for two years!"
Then she put the dog on the ground and reached for a designated hammer "Hammer! Bite him! "
The dog took a cute look at the hammer and then shrank behind the leaf with its tail between its legs. Dare to sneak a look?
"You scared my hammer," Ye said with a smile. "You are a bad person."
Fixed hammer shrugged. "I really walked for two years? But how do I feel that it has only been two days? "
"I don’t know, maybe it’s turbulence when I met you." Ye pursed her mouth. "It’s also a coincidence that you came. Bai Fei got engaged in five days."
Ding hammer zheng brain suddenly messed up again because he remembered that Bai Fei only met him last week, when Bai Fei was still single … And his words clearly revealed his affection and disappointment for Ding hammer, but I didn’t expect that she would be engaged in the blink of an eye …
"going to participate?" Before Ye left, the hammer patted the dust on his body, and his expression was bleak. "I have always been a public servant in your name, but you have always been engaged to the marshal of the second district."
"Isn’t it a shame if I don’t go?"
Ye didn’t speak, but walked to the window with the hammer, pushed the window and pointed it out. The hammer looked in the direction she pointed out and found that the city lights were shining, the tall buildings were lined with roads, and the cars were welcoming and being sent to the airport under construction. This scene was that he didn’t even think about it when he first came. Looking at those dim lights, the hammer felt like a dream.
"You’re a disgrace? Then tell me who else is not ashamed. "Ye smiled." The whole southwest economy, culture, education, industry and entertainment in the seventh district are here. Tell me where it is shameful? You tell me who is qualified to laugh at you. "
Hammer some embarrassed to touch his head "that’s your credit …"
"It’s you," Ye frowned. "I’m helping you carry out your thoughts, that’s all."
Fixed hammer didn’t speak is looking at leaf "Ye Jie …"
Ye reached out his finger and pressed the hammer lips. "Go to sleep and say nothing."
"Yes!" The hammer stood at attention and saluted "See you in heaven!"
"See you in heaven" Ye Chaoding blinked. "Bring me breakfast early!"
"No problem!"
After going out, I watched my city for an hour, and I had mixed feelings. Although it was a little sudden, there were some things … Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, I’ll walk. Nothing.
"By the way, what about Mo Hui and Ge?" The hammer squatted on the railing and asked the hammer around him, "Why didn’t you see it?"
"They? Yesterday, we were invited to participate in an international weapons exhibition. We were invited by three major arsenals. Now we are the fourth largest arsenal in the world, but we haven’t launched new products for a long time, and our share has dropped. "
"Not soon." Ding Hammer stretched himself and turned to look at Hammer. "You are beautiful, alas, much more beautiful than when we first met."
Hammer smiled a little shy. "Life is good …"
"It’s more beautiful to wear a military uniform." Before Dinghammer left, he patted Hammer on the shoulder. "God, we will formally form an army!"
"This is not! The army there … "
Fixed hammer hey hey smile looking at the distance eyes deep.
Chapter 11 Great Changes in Imperial City
Ding hammer dared to make such a strange decision. He didn’t think blindly with his eyes closed. Although he has been away for two years, the urban development is still moving forward at a high speed, which represents one thing, that is, the struggle for convenience in the imperial city has become white-hot
Through some broken information, I know that Bai Fei’s engagement is really a political marriage arbitration, so they draw people from the second district to make forward-looking preparations
Why would Yu Baifei agree to become a political sacrifice? It’s not very strange to know her. Bai Fei is a woman who wants to do great things, which is quite different from the big-chested but ambitious person like Daiye.
According to the data and intelligence, the seventh district has fallen into a downturn cycle due to the double chaos of the outside and the Ministry. The only one that is not affected by this cycle is this forgotten town.
But the more chaotic it is outside, the more prosperous it is here. In the past two years, millions of immigrants have moved into the city, which is just a fixed population, not including the floating population who work here to generate income. By the time the imperial city reacted, the city has become the fifth largest city in the seventh district for more than four months, and it has a miniature and complete industrial body. It is very direct for the city to show its national form and create profits from foreign trade, which is one-third of the total turmoil in the seventh district.
Of course, during this period, it was not that no one came over and wanted to directly submit to the big construction site. However, this clever but ambitious woman was fierce. She actually held on to her one acre and three points. She should pay taxes and contribute talents. No matter how people lobbied, it was of no help.
And all sides agree that the development of this city is due to the fact that if one side touches the interests of the big construction site when wrestling, it may directly push the big construction site to the opponent’s arms. This is not a joke, but the tripartite confrontation can’t say that the four sides are stable or barely strong. After all, there is a super soldier in the north … that is, Roger City, where people call him a great man from heaven, and it is always awesome.
"I don’t know what that guy is doing now." Ding Hammer looked at the night light and said, "This world is changing too fast."

"Come on! It was bitten by a spell and took this opportunity to kill him! " Chen Kai got excited from the ground. He knew that the caster had a certain time to move after the spell itself, because the power of the spell itself not only consumed their vitality, but also stirred their magic.

Van Kerry naturally knows the situation of gold Goblin at the moment, and he is also unambiguous. For the first time, he raised his tomahawk close to Goblin’s body and slammed it into the other’s body. The sharpness of the tomahawk in his hand is definitely not comparable to that of Sabas Kilo hatchet, but he rarely used to have a tomahawk that didn’t adapt to it. But if he couldn’t split it with different monsters, then the head of the red tarantula would be improper, or it would be a shame to go back to his hometown to farm.
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Chapter 35 Gold Goblin (End) (Recommended)
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The blood-red tomahawk crossed a heavy arc in the middle and split like a flash in the neck of the gold goblin. Van Clee wanted to kill this goblin once and for all, but the defense of this goblin was too strong. The sharp tomahawk didn’t completely cut off the other side’s neck, but cut the spine and got stuck there.
The severe pain made Goblin make a terrible roar, and at the same time, the staff in its hand was swung directly towards Van Cleef’s body and smashed in the past. This golden Goblin not only possessed the attainments of order magic and biological magic, but also possessed the strength of order biology. The staff made of bones was waved and whistled by the golden Goblin, and those who hit behind Van Cleef with a stunned expression were thrown out by this heavy blow.
Not far behind Van Cleef, Chen Kaike clearly heard the fracture sound of the other person’s body and bones, and saw the blood spit out from Van Cleef’s mouth and mixed with dirt. Van Cleef’s long life was also lost in this blow, and his life value was still dropping at a rate of one percent per second. How can Chen Kai sit on the ground and rest directly from the ground and run away despite the danger of being attacked by Goblin fireballs?
At the same time, he directly took out his backpack and put it in a box and stuffed it into Van Cleef’s mouth. Chen Kai knew that this kind of injury was definitely not cured by therapy. Such a terrible injury would definitely kill the aborigines once it was treated from time to time. But Chen Kai’s magic is not to mention releasing the therapy now. He can’t even release a flame. He can temporarily control Van Cleef’s injury with the fruit of the purple emperor and then slowly help him recuperate with the holy water of life.
But for the time being, Van Cleef has lost his fighting ability. Maybe in a few days, he can lie on a stretcher like the hapless thief Kashgar. Of course, the goblin himself is not much better than Van Cleef. The tomahawk is embedded behind its neck all the time, causing it to growl and shoot fireballs around at random. At this moment, the golden goblin seems to be an injured lone wolf, and it becomes its enemy when it approaches the object. Even if it holds its hand, it is a fireball.
When Llewellyn was carrying Van Cleef for his life, he saw his side rushing towards them with a bone tomahawk growling. The Goblin elite was hit by a fireball by his leader, but it fell to the ground for a long time and could not move. As a result, it was naturally cleaned up by other soldiers in Van Cleef’s team.
However, they pay more attention to saving their lives than picking up those remnants of Goblin Llewellyn, even if they are carrying shields. Sabas Kilo is holding his head and running away. Because the other party’s attack is too hard, there is almost no stop. Releasing Llewellyn feels as if he is in the rain of bullets. The fireballs that fly out one by one are shells that keep falling around behind him and smashing out pits and mud.
"Depend! Don’t you want money for this guy’s magic or is his magic exhausted! " Will carry van kerry has been running for nearly 50 meters away from the gold goblin. In this range, except for those goblins’ bodies, there are only gold goblins’ loyal hands, but these hands are also shaking on their heads at the moment for fear that they will be hit by a sudden fireball, but all goblins have not escaped or are afraid of the power of gold goblins. They dare not escape.
"Sabas Kilo, are you okay?" After running to the safety zone, Chen Kai carried the injury under control. Van Kerry went to Kilo, Sabas and asked about the fireball burning. He looked better than expected. Although his hair was burnt out and his skin was red, his life value did not fluctuate much. This shows the strength of the shield guardian. Of course, Chen Kai did not know why Sabas Kilo’s physical resistance would be so strong. He guessed that it might be that the high attribute would increase his resistance to abnormal energy.
"Well! Is the hair burned? What about the head? " Sabas Kilo wiped his head with a lot of ash. As his hand was erased, his forehead was exposed. Then he looked at it and sighed. He had a beautiful long blond hair and now it has turned to black ash.
"It has been treated simply, but the situation can be said to be barely controlled. It needs further treatment and rest, but it will definitely lose its combat effectiveness in a short time because he has three broken ribs!" Chen Kai slowly laid Van Cleef flat on the ground. Compared with Sabas Kilo, Van Cleef was as miserable as it was. There was a significant depression in his chest, which was the location of broken ribs.
"mom! This damn bastard! " Hearing Chen Kai’s words, Sabas Kilo couldn’t help hammering the ground with his fist, and at the same time, he looked at the other end with hatred. Goblin stopped breathing. Chen Kai looked at Goblin’s state through his vision. Although he couldn’t see the magic of gold Goblin, he found that his health had fallen to less than 250,000 through health observation. It can be said that because of Van Kerry’s crucial attack, Goblin lost nearly 50,000 health and suffered heavy losses.
If Van Cleef’s axe had been cut deeper or simply pulled out, the damage would have been even higher, but Van Cleef had been hit hard. It was very good that Van Cleef could have saved his life in the face of Goblin’s blow.
"You have to pull out the axe, so that you can do more damage to that Goblin! Sabas Kilo helped me attract that guy’s attention! " Chen Kai checked his own fighting spirit value. Now, although he has not recovered completely after a period of time, there are already 23 fighting spirit values, which is enough for him to perform two magic body steps. Chen Kai wants to rely on the magic body steps to directly rush behind Goblin and pull out the axe, so that Goblin is bound to be hurt again, and maybe he can completely put the other party on the whole party.
"Can you do it?" Sabas Kilo looked suspiciously at Ll, but thought that the other party almost killed the elite eldest brother Brin’s secret skill. Sabas Kilo felt that Ll must have relied on this method and responded to Ll with direct action without saying much.
Sabas Kilo once again grasped the shield that had not been completely cooled and still exuded high temperature, growling and rushing toward the gold Goblin. A layer of khaki quarrelling slowly condensed on the shield to form a quarrelling siege hammer again. This time, the shield rushing was almost Sabas Kilo’s bite of a tooth. Those scalding water broke the friction part of the armor in violent movement. This kind of intense pain made people feel like needles, but for the defenders who are as strong as a rock, they can bear the pain. Therefore, Sabas Kilo’s footsteps did not stop for a moment, and gold Goblin killed the past.
But beside him, a faster figure jumped directly, and the speed was definitely faster than Pisa Vaskillo. I don’t know how much because his sight also saw a figure flash by, and when the figure disappeared, the other party had rushed behind Goblin, waiting for him to cast a quarrelling siege hammer to create opportunities.
"kill!" Seeing the terrible speed of Llewellyn, Sabas Kilo thought that the chances of success in this operation would be very high. Without thinking about it, the shield quarreled with the khaki-colored quarrelling siege hammer, which spread in an instant and slammed like a beast. In the gasp, gold Goblin hit the other side’s body and couldn’t hold back to attack Llewellyn. At this time, Llewellyn directly grabbed the tomahawk handle, then raised his foot and kicked it hard to Goblinley. The reaction force pulled the tomahawk out of Goblin’s neck bone.
"poof!" As ll bite a tooth, this axe from the devil is pulled out of Goblin’s neck, and at the same time, it brings up a large area of green with a little silver light, and the blood rushes out as if it were free from Goblin’s body to form a green fountain.
Looking at the fountain that keeps shooting up, Chen Kai just landed, but he didn’t stop himself. He clearly saw that Goblin’s health remained. Although a large amount of blood loss caused some damage, compared with its remaining health, this damage did not hurt its vitality. Chen Kai bit his teeth and stopped his body. He grabbed the tomahawk that was about to fly backwards, and the axe handle was rotated and the axe blade was chopped on Goblin’s neck.
Chen Kai’s attack is very dangerous, because he almost chopped out the tomahawk with a Goblin fireball. As a result, when his tomahawk hit Goblin’s neck, the fireball of the other side also stung him hard. Chen Kai’s nearly 100 points of residual life fell by nearly 70% in an instant, leaving less than 300 points. However, compared with Goblin’s injury, Chen Kai is simply less rainy in Mao Mao, and gold Goblin is still alive and half dead.
Chen Kai’s tomahawk attack didn’t hit Goblin’s injured position, but he hit the place where there was no bone in front and the throat was sharp. Although the barrier of metallized skin in Goblin was weakened a lot, it was still severely cut into the other side’s neck. The two injuries in tandem were almost equal to cutting Goblin’s head. Now the whole Goblin is only left with the spine to support his head, and a lot of green and silver blood was ejected from the wound.
"honk! ! ~ ~ People die ~ ~ "It is difficult to spit out these words from the mouth of Golden Goblin. It held high its staff and tried to smash it toward ll, but it couldn’t be smashed. Because behind it, Sabas Kilo’s shield slammed into its body and knocked it out with a heavy blow. Then other soldiers rushed to the ground, waving weapons and chopping it hard. In less than a minute, this golden Goblin was completely chopped into paste. The only thing that can prove that it had ever been in something with that white bone.
"Finally D is dead!" Chen Kai looked at the pile of rotten meat on his stomach and gasped heavily. It was not until this moment that he felt the terrible pain in his body. A large number of fire elements were eroding his body as if he were going to kill him completely. Chen Kai had to drink a bottle of precious life holy water to save his life. Chen Kai felt that it was not enough to move that kind of thing. Although the price of the two was similar, the former could be bought in the market and the latter was almost impossible to buy except for picking it himself.
A few hours later, the broken Goblin territory was turned upside down by Chen Kai and his men. In this camp like a garbage dump, Chen Kai and his men searched for a lot of things, besides a lot of minerals, there were a lot of herbs, but they really got very few things, especially metal things, almost without Chen Kai. They searched the whole camp and found two broken pots, but it is estimated that no one would cook anything in these two pots because when Chen Kai and his men found it, a Goblin corpse was being cooked inside.
"This Goblin territory is really poor!" Chen Kai was lying with his eyes open because he kept stuffing various minerals into his backpack in front of him. So did Sabas Kilo and Hasakes. In fact, all the red tarantulas in Kashgar and Van Clee were doing the same thing, pulling the battle profits into their arms.
"If you are poor, please save some for us ~ Knight Kaichen, your equipment is much more valuable than these minerals. Why do you still grab things with us miserable adventurers!" Sabas Kilo said half jokingly that his tone of voice was very serious as if he were seriously criticizing Ll, but it was very funny to cooperate with his bare forehead and cheeks.
"Words can’t say that. Do you know the value of these minerals in Zerah fortress now? Enough to change three equipment like me. "Ll is not afraid to tell the truth about the price of ore in the fortress now. He also knows that he must not be greedy for ore, which will cause others to resent it. Although there are still many protections for players in the game, in case Ll does too much to make Van Kerry’s goodwill decrease too much, even if Ll is important to them, he will be killed and stripped of his body.
"Is there so much ore in the fortress now?" Sabas Kilo is a little incredulous. Although he heard Chen Kai say that the fortress has just been rescued from the siege, it is reasonable that this material should not be so scarce for ore. After all, as far as they know, there are several mines around Zela fortress with rich ore.
"Because those mines were temporarily destroyed, it takes less than half a month to resume production. Now, in the face of demon danger, the army in the fortress can’t wait to divide an iron ingot into two parts, and the demand for ore, especially precious ore, naturally becomes greater!" Chen Kai naturally knew that there were special mines in the fortress and there were thousands of miners in the past, but these miners were either recruited as soldiers when the devil attacked or killed when the devil captured the mine. Now, in addition to being destroyed by the devil, the mine is difficult to repair temporarily, and more dead creatures are entrenched, which hinders the production recovery.
It is a difficult task to recover the mining area for the fortress that can be cleaned up in the wild by players’ strength now, because there are too many dead creatures in the mining area, so it is faster to recover them because there are too many people to deliver vegetables, and the most important thing is that the mining equipment in the mining area has been completely destroyed, even if it is not half a month after the capture, the fortress can slowly invade the mining area, and at the same time, the lower the level of dead creatures in the mining area, the lower the recovery rate. What’s the lack of shortage? Those mines occupied by seven dead creatures produce high-grade ores, which are very important for the fortress to buy at high prices.
The high-level and middle-level people in the fortress hope that the high-priced acquisition can make some players risk their lives to go to those mining areas for private mining and then sell the collected ore to the fortress. Although the amount of ore is small, it is better than nothing. At the same time, the players also get some benefits because of this. Players don’t rush to train, but risk their lives to rush into those high-level mining areas every day. Once they dig a lot of high-level ore, they can make up for the losses caused by hanging it once.
"It’s a pity that these swamp monsters don’t have good weapons or my hatchet can be replaced!" When Sabas Kilo heard Chen Kai’s words, he tightened his pockets. They lost all the equipment. Don’t look at the bags of hides. Don’t find the ore piled up. There is a hill that really got a share. Everyone got a small bag of hides.
"Be content! It is estimated that it is good that these swamp monsters can receive these things in this swamp! " Leo shook the hide bag in his hand. The most important thing for him is not the minerals but the herbs. After all, minerals can’t save lives, but herbs can.
"Let’s go! Let’s go back to our camp early. It is estimated that a new swamp monster will come here soon! " Chen Kai took a look at the surrounding environment. Although Goblin camp is very messy, it is a good hiding place after all. Unfortunately, this place is too conspicuous and eye-catching for Chen Kai and others. Chen Kai estimates that if they stay here for one more day, they will be surrounded by many swamp monsters, that is, Goblin.
Listen to Chen Kai’s words, everyone nodded and strode away from this broken camp with their own harvest. Although Chen Kai once wanted to set fire to this place, he later thought that if the fire was too obvious, it might attract more monsters, so he gave up this idea and left a complete camp for those creatures in the swamp. A few hours after Chen Kai left, a group of goblin communities found this place and occupied it directly.
After returning to Van Cleef’s shabby camp, everyone was tired and fell on the ground, and then gulped down the freshly cooked broth. The original pot of potato soup had been completely overturned, so a soldier stayed in the camp and cooked another pot. When Chen Kai and his men ran to search for the Goblin camp, Van Cleef gradually woke up from the coma, but he was bandaged to make him move on a stretcher like Kashgar.
"KaiChen knight? Where do you think we should go after? " Leaning on the stretcher, Van Clee was extremely weak. His mouth kept coughing and a little red blood was coughed up, but these were pulmonary congestion. His body cooperated with Chen Kai’s treatment and it was estimated that when he would get better.
"Should be to the south! I don’t know, this swamp is probably a demon territory, at least in some parts of the north! In fact, some of my companions are trying to search the location of the demon gate to find out the number of demon legions, but this is very difficult! " Chen Kai bent his head and chopped firewood, and then his eyes looked out at a northern region where a small piece of black clouds was looming in the sunset in the northern sky.
"Are you? Demon Gate is really a terrible news! " As soon as Van Clee listened to Chen Kai’s words, he fell silent. He knew that there must be a source for the overall invasion of the demon, but his best guess was that it was a crack, and he would never believe that there was a demon door, because the former was torn by accident and it would be repaired naturally when it needed a little bit, but the latter was different. The demon door could keep pouring out and the demon army needed it to be open, so the northern part of the Hanseatic Empire would probably no longer belong to human beings.
Chapter 359 From crocodile sneak attack (recommended)
Ask for a recommendation
Ask for recommendation
When Chen Kai and Fan Keli were resting in a dilapidated camp, a group of people located on the surface of the dead tree that had been completely burned to ashes in the northern swamp were trying to dig up the soil, because when Yun logged in again, they found a serious problem, and they were buried and almost buried by themselves.
The hole they dug in the original cloud is about two meters deep. After deducting that the tent occupies more than one meter, there is still one meter high, which is located at the root of the tree. Two wooden boards are blocked to prevent the soil from pressing on the tent. However, because the surrounding soil is too soft, although the scroll of soil elements is reinforced before the cloud line, the wooden board square mud wall where the tent is located is still soft. As a result, a lot of soil has completely buried the square tree hole when the cloud line is over.
This is mainly due to the fact that there was a heavy rain in their line. Although the wooden boards blocked some of the rain, in the end, the charred black dead wood did not completely block the rain, and the roots and mud were washed directly and pressed against the wooden boards.
As a result, when they saw water curtain cave and Mud Pond on several lines, a large amount of mud almost flooded the tent along the rain, but the heavy rain outside was still there. If it wasn’t for Dark Bi and Yun, who couldn’t sleep at night and came to check the situation, it is estimated that it should have been randomly sent to other places when everyone was on the line.
"bah! This mud smells really bad! " Clouds keep spitting mud in their mouths. As a result of the continuous rain outside, a large amount of mud flows into the soil hole, and they are desperately digging out clouds and dark knives. Naturally, it is unlucky to drink rain mixed with mud.

"All right!" Get up in wine and color, dress generously and cut your clothes. "I hope this news is worth more than my life."

Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine, a woman
"Are you sure!"
ZhongJun tent NanFu from low said lights a face has been angry some changed.
There was a silence in the dark and said, "Yes! Those ghost repair tools are all made temporarily, and their skills are superb. If I hadn’t seen them once, I really couldn’t see them. "
"oh! You can’t even see which refining technique it is! "
Nanfu is far away from one leng. If this person’s refining skill is called the second in Zhongzhou, even if no one dares to call it the number one expert, they all try to find this person to find the high spirit weapon. Unfortunately, this person entered the palace twenty years ago because of too many enemies and became a refiner. This time, if Nanfu was not away from the expedition to Lianghecheng, the one-man emperor Wang Ye would not let him follow.
"Ha ha!" The sound in the dark smiled lonely.
"I can’t believe that yuquan temple can have such a master refiner. If there is an opportunity, I really want to compete with this master."
Yuquan temple!’
Nanfu’s eyes narrowed slightly, remembering that he had seen the young monk who followed Lan Chenxi during the day and heard that he was a scattered disciple. Some time ago, the news was that he didn’t know that he had joined the Yin Frost Pavilion with Princess Zheng, and I couldn’t help but see the thin boy in front of me when I thought of these Nanfu’s departure.
It was a mistake not to kill him.
"I’m afraid it’s hard for you to kill him!"
The master of refining in the dark seems to have seen through Nanfu’s departure from his mind.
Nanfu from stroking the console table sword eyes cold light milli keep shot out.
"Don’t be distracted. Twenty years ago, you forced the royal family to kill Ye Lu, which is the bottom line of the king of Qin. Now you want to move Ye Lingfeng. I’m afraid the first opponent is the king of Qin. Can’t you see who the veiled girl is among the six people today?"
"I feel familiar but I don’t recognize it!"
As soon as Nanfu left, she remembered the girl who looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her.
"If I guess it’s right, it should be Princess Yun."
Upon hearing this, Nanfu was surprised. "What did you say? Positions how can let non-success princess "
Responding to him is a heavy sigh in the dark!
"I’m curious about how Ye Lingfeng got these people together. Lan Chenxi is said that when Ye Lingfeng met with a big family, the wind evil and Lan Chenxi once teamed up with Yan Weifa and eventually lost the first world war, but they also drove Yan Weifa to cross the sword to kill the princess. I think you also know that I don’t want to say more. Now Jiange, the new generation leader, Shen Yao, seems to be very close to Ye Lingfeng, and the little monk doesn’t know anything, but the refining technique is enough to envy Zhongzhou in Chuqinghe and Su Mei military strategists. Although the strength of these people is not top-notch, they are enough to deal with the "broken" in your hands, and what is the concept of the representative strength behind these people? You should know that Ye Lingfeng is like gathering these people. Have you ever thought about it? Besides, Ye Lingfeng’s plan is by no means that simple. You’d better think about it clearly. Now the demon race is imminent. The only demon race who can surpass the demon race in the past 50 years has died twenty years ago. You should know the truth! "
The lights are gone, and Nanfu is away from the tent, and it is dim with the disappearance of the dark alto.
"What do you think!"
Lan Chenxi’s hands will disappear for a while, and the bronze mirror will disappear. This magic weapon is a thousand-mile mirror made of wine and color, but although this building is called a thousand miles, it can make the range only about a hundred miles.
This mirror is divided into two parts, one is a bronze mirror in Lan Chenxi’s hand, and the other is a thin crystal in the hand of wine. Everything you see through the crystal will be displayed in the bronze mirror. I have to say this is a very good baby.
But the only pity is that there is no sound and not much information is obtained.
"No opinions, too little information."
Su Mei and others frown and expect a few debauchery differences. It’s a pity that the other party is also a master. debauchery can’t be too close to the big account, and this is a military camp. Even if Lan Chenxi and others look at each other, they dare not act rashly before Nanfu leaves the card.
"Do you want to test one!"
Chuqinghe fiddled with his long hair and spoke when everyone had no opinion.
Lan Chenxi asked, "How to test!"
Chu Qinghe laughed coldly. "Demon clan!"
In doing so, everyone is clever and knows your kindness, and soon you understand the meaning of Chuqinghe. The demon master forced Nanfu to leave his hand card exposed, but it is a big problem for the demon family to want to come to Chuqinghe since he must have a million plans. I can’t help but focus on Chuqinghe.
The second day early in the morning, Su Mei quietly left the camp alone. Just after she left, there was a shadow closely following her. She watched and followed Su Mei away from the back. Lan Chenxi sneered and put away a thousand miles of mirrors. If you can’t expect the enemy to take the lead, you will lose without a fight.
Nanfu has been away from the battlefield for decades. Is it easy for the younger generation? Last night, the so-called demon clan plan in Chuqinghe was just an eye-catching one, and the debauchery can let them see that Nanfu is away from Zhongjun’s big account. Then Nanfu has no such strange man who can hide from Lan Chenxi and others and overhear them saying that Lan Chenxi can’t gamble, but if he doesn’t look at the situation, he will fall into a passive position. If there is Lan Chenxi, one person will cross the knife in World War I, but there are five companions around him, Lan Chenxi will have to win steadily.
In fact, this is the same as the master confrontation. People who can seize the opportunity first can often occupy a certain advantage. Although the so-called latecomers can receive miraculous effects, the greater the risk.
Lan Chenxi’s knife never pays attention to what the first move is static braking, and it is a trick to kill. At this moment, Lan Chenxi is also looking for opportunities to compete with Nanfu.
"Do you have a clue?"
I don’t know when Chu Qinghe appeared behind Lan Chenxi and handed Lan Chenxi a bowl of hot porridge in his hand.
"Thank you!"
Lan Chenxi took a sip of porridge.
"It’s delicious!"
Lan Chenxi and others’ food was arranged by Nanfu Li. During these two months, everyone was camping out, and there were few serious meals. Lan Chenxi never knew that Chuqinghe’s cooking would be so delicious.
Being praised for cooking delicious food, Chu Qinghe smiled a little. "Seeing that you haven’t slept all night, you are thinking about making something for you. It’s very thoughtful!"
"Well, ok! The general layout of the cabinet owner has long had a plan, and it has been calculated that Nanfu’s reaction is in exercise, and he still needs to improvise. Some can’t figure out what Nanfu is thinking. "
For Chu Qinghe Lan Chenxi, there is nothing to hide. It is already a Ye Lingfeng woman. If the military elders are still alive, Chu Qinghe almost didn’t move the whole military into Yin Shuang Pavilion.
"It’s really hard for you, but it’s better to practice more now, so you are indispensable!"
Listen to the ChuQingHe LanChenxi one leng said "huh? How do you say this time I was ordered to be called back from Wudang Mountain by the cabinet master? If there is no accident, this time she is the leader. "
Chu Qinghe shook his head. "Xiaoqi has been with me since he was a child. Although his mind is elusive, I can guess one or two points. Even if the confrontation with Qin is nothing, the leader must be you because you are his most trusted person!"
"You’re kidding!" Lan Chenxi was shocked by Chu Qinghe’s remarks. "If you want to say the letter, it should also be you!" How can I get an outsider? "
Chuqinghe smiled sadly. "He will believe you just because you are an outsider."
Lan Chenxi wondered, "This is!"
Chu Qinghe reached out and took Lan Chenxi’s porridge bowl and murmured, "Because of a woman!"
Meng Lan Chenxi blurted out as if something had been knocked over.
Chapter one hundred and thirty, dawn
When was the last time you cried?

While ChuYu looked in a certain direction in the complicated cheers.

Then some doubt shook his head.
Is it strange that he is delusional?
I always feel like someone is staring at that position.
But take a closer look. There’s nothing there.
The establishment and reorganization of a country does not happen overnight. After the founding of the Republic, Chu Yu also has many things to deal with.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo left the follow-up banquet.
The federal prime minister, with his careless face and gold-rimmed glasses, always smiles, also took a look at where they left off.
He smiled with interest.
Sure enough, the stars and the sea are the romance of men.
What’s that fun of run a country in a mess?
Bad things or to ChuYu.
I heard that there is a mermaid in the universe. I wonder if he will have a chance to meet a mermaid beauty …
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo did not appear in front of Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister.
Because it is no longer necessary.
The two men left the party because they suddenly felt Yunmingyuan in their hearts, feeling that a certain kind of indescribable chemistry was weighing on them, as if they had suddenly disappeared.
At the same time, Han Xiumo also sensed some causal forces.
However, it is difficult to trace the cause and effect, no matter what the fetters and causes and effects of their article are, they are now thorough.
Chapter 719 Back to fix true boundary
Ma data will be copied once a day until the day they leave.
Have been doing all kinds of experiments in the laboratory, Ma suddenly noticed something and immediately came to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s hotel.
Then I found that their movies had disappeared.
Ma stayed in the smart device in the room for a long time before leaving silently.
Come on.
When cracks appear, the level of imperial and federal science and technology may not be found, but there are already several more developed technologies in the universe, which can detect non-energy fluctuations
The final lock-in location is the new galactic language.
There are occasional cosmic relics with special energy fluctuations in the universe, and many good things can often be found in such large relics.
Therefore, the whole universe is full of large-scale cultural relics.
It’s natural for a new language like Yinhe to be unaware of the large-scale cultural relics.
But now they have joined the Universe Alliance. After detecting the target, the Galaxy Alliance first docked. After receiving the news, the Federal Prime Minister was very excited and almost immediately began to make arrangements. It is necessary to take this opportunity to officially let the Universe Alliance see their value!
But before the arrival of the Universe Federation, it seems that there is nothing they can do.
Their science and technology can’t detect the remains of the universe’s literary alliance, and there is no other way but to wait for the alliance people to come.
It was also at this time that the Galactic people realized their weakness.
Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister looked at each other.
It’s hard to imagine that if the Galactic Republic hadn’t been established at the beginning, there would still be an internal struggle when they are faced with such a situation now.
"We are still too weak" ChuYu sighed.
The former Federal Prime Minister and now the chief diplomat of the Republic also sighed, "We knew the universe very well before, and now we realize that we are still frogs at the bottom of the well."
If the Universe Federation hadn’t told them about the ruins of the universe, they might have been kept in the dark, even if they had huge treasures around them.
This feeling is really … terrible.
Fortunately, they are not correct people. They were able to set up the Galactic Republic under pressure at the beginning, and now they can adjust quickly in the face of such pressure.
"It’s just starting from scratch. Our predecessors also struggled from scratch to the interstellar age. What are we worried about?" Finally ChuYu patted the table to pull the federal prime minister back from meditation.
"It’s also that our predecessors have given us good conditions. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. We should also create better conditions for future generations."
They don’t have the technology to detect the ruins of the universe now, but they can learn and study, and their descendants will certainly have such opportunities and technologies.
"That’s right!" Chuyu looked at the Federal Prime Minister and smiled when he was in a dead end for a while.

The great powers exclaimed that the brilliant Yin and Yang immortal light was above the realm of the Imperial Road, full of immortal meaning, which originated from the extreme sublimation of the round sea!

"No, it’s not over yet. Ren Huang continues!"
The emperors appeared and their breathing became rapid. Isn’t this the only road to immortality?
Is it possible to continue walking? !
"There are five elements in the sky, fire, water and soil in Jin Mu, and they are transformed into the gods of all things, which is called the five emperors."
Daogong also has a road sound that vibrates the whole secret world, and the ancient world collapses and condenses like an epoch-making singularity big bang. It’s just that this is a kind of five-element fairy light flow!
The five elements road condenses the essence of the five elements, and the world can be divided into five elements, which are the roots. At this moment, the secret realm species is the five elements fairy!
Another fairy road! People can’t help but be aghast. Is this five secret places and five roads? Is it a simple preparation or an orthodox method to fly to the fairy road?
However, some people are keenly aware of the differences, and these fairy species echo each other! Every extra Ren Huang Qi machine will increase by one point, which may be corresponding to something!
"In ancient times, the four poles abandoned Kyushu, crack day, and the fire was not repeated, but the water was not extinguished. The beasts ate the people and the birds seized the old and the weak, so Nuwa refined the five-color stone to make up the sky, and the sky made up the four poles."
Quadrupole boundary shock surge of fairy light also collapsed and condensed, changed the shape and moved closer to a higher and more source level, transforming a fairy seed.
There are four images of the holy spirit, feng shui and fire, and four pillars supporting the sky in spring, summer, autumn and winter, just as the flying dragon wraps around the zenith of the four poles of the ecliptic; The fate of the four poles is anti-form.
This kind of immortal light in the world is becoming more and more prosperous, and it is the Gankun fairy with spirit!
"Leihaiming’s five paths of anger belong to the pool for a long time, but it will only be a fish to turn into a dragon."
The ever-changing Dragon Mystery is followed by the change of the Nine Heavens, and the whole fairy species winds and condenses into a dragon-shaped fairy species surrounded by clouds and clouds.
It is said that dragons can be big and small, and they can rise and hide; If it’s big, it’s cloudy and foggy, and if it’s small, it’s hidden; Ascending is soaring in the universe and lurking in the waves.
This kind of self-perpetuating medicine stands out from the crowd, and it is more majestic than the lingering dragon spirit.
Boom! For a moment, all the Long Mai genera in the world trembled, as if something had happened to them, which made them put on some kind of shackles and could not help but pay homage to Ren Huang and recite reverently.
"Old and immortal, the immortal moved into the mountain, and the old friend also moved to the mountain; Sendai is the top of the mountain! People stand on the top of the mountain and become immortal! "
In the end, the great secret came to light, but it was condensed into a hill-like door shape, and a small human figure was sitting on the top of the door
This form is very miraculous. As soon as it is manifested, it will fascinate all the powerful countries, as if seeing a statue of a fairy, explaining that Sendai is really once climbing to the top of the peek, one would see the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky..
Fairy on the top of the mountain!
This kind comes from the feathered fairy! It is said that the mountain is free and unfettered
Boom! See the fairy in five veins and jump into the fairy in five ways! The five fairy species that shocked the world suddenly gathered together and arranged by yin and yang and five elements from five elements to dry Kun, from dry Kun to nine days, from nine days to eclosion!
This is called humanity, reaching the peak!
"Heaven is in the earth and ugliness is in the yin; Today, my fairy road is built on the road of all beings! "
Li Yu’s roaring in the sky suddenly reached the poverty-stricken heights, far exceeding the true fairy. A pulse that can become immortal feeds back the seven major universes of the ancestors at this moment, and the essence of an immortal is infused to help him transform.
This is the advantage of double-channel fruit becoming immortal. Even the quasi-immortal king can’t be condescending, but he can rise rapidly. When the resources will be saved for a long time, these are all advantages. It is like being flat when the two bodies are close.
However, the speed of five kinds of convergence and one earthquake slowed down, and this road was constructed to correspond to the five levels of the first realm of Xiandao.
"Five shakotan coast together! What is the realm where the five roads gather together? !”
People can’t help but shake it. It’s a shocking scene.
Once a secret realm was sublimated, the immortal could become immortal, but the emperor even sublimated the five secret realms with five veins, and made the immortal connect with each other. Where did the immortal go? Are you going to jump out?
Huang Dao masters are even more excited. This is the road to immortality!
And it is very suitable for them, which is derived from the idea of the secret dharma, whether it is simply building roads or orthodox dharma, you can practice!
"The practice from the round sea to the immortal is also from the round sea."
Chapter four hundred and fifty XianLu even out of the new emperor’s way
How many people can be seen in the vast universe?
You don’t have to cross the phoenix Lapras to swim every day
"It’s all over the world, but it’s all over the world."
Li Yu was born in poverty, and the immortal road became glorious, and the legislative road had its own blessings from all over the world.
There are clusters of fairy plants around, and each fairy plant is crystal clear and fragrant. It is refreshing to be close, and the creatures can’t help but tremble all over. Taking a breath makes people feel like feathering and soaring.
There are colorful flowers scattered and colorful, with light and rain, beautiful to the extreme, and his body will be surrounded by the day, and the five veins will see the fairy. It can be said that it is a rare wonder in ancient times, and even Cang Du will celebrate it.
Slowly, behind him, there is a heavy and heavy elixir, and the virtual shadow shows up one fairy after another. If it resonates,
"Psst, some immortals have never seen that chaotic violet Qing Di. It seems strange."
"Great, is this a reappearance of all the fairy treasures in the ancient years?"
People were shocked to see the dragon and phoenix, the golden tiger, the jade rabbit and the laurel; Saw violet swaying in chaos; There are even mixed fairy lights blooming; The wings are full of light, and the creatures cry long.
At the end of the day, there was a road floating from the sky and turned into a vigorous flat peach fairy tree. If it was a dragon, it would be inexplicable. As soon as the law was solidified, it would appear that the red fruit was scattered and the red glow was fragrant with the fragrance of God.
At this moment, the fruit drop is condensed by the law of blessing, and it is grasped by Li Yu, and the crystal peach petals around it are dancing, and the fragrance is fragrant all over the sky.
"yin and yang are born repeatedly, and a thunder is drunk by itself, and it is known to the world."
He sang songs and swallowed the blessing fruit in his stomach, and suddenly a thunder clearly showed the shape of a road to blend into the sky, which represented that this immortal road was recognized by heaven and earth as a part of blessing.
In an instant, Kunpeng coiled the peacocks of five colors to sing, and the feng shui cremated lotus was everywhere. If the Kowloon Bridge was not properly built, a fairy god would sit high and drown him here.
This is not an ordinary vision, but an entity constructed by the law of avenue blessing, which is an approval of Chengxian Road and will be accompanied by this law. The vision is full of sacred glory and scriptures everywhere.
"Fairy vision, every weight corresponds to a secret fairy species. This is a complete fairy road to the end of this realm!"
The imperial court honored people felt their five secrets throbbing with joy, eager to bathe in it, and the light rain even made up for their cracks in Sendai.
"Sendo has planted itself to take the road; My sentient beings preach about immortals, and the ten parties in the whole world can listen to them equally, regardless of high or low, regardless of race, poverty or wealth.
Thousands of sentient beings are like a humanitarian raft crossing me in the past. Now I cross all sentient beings and everyone can’ see the fairy’. "
Li Yu’s vision around him naturally enveloped and gathered into a platform, which alternately stacked the seven major universes behind him, driving the whole world to resonate and sublimate
This is feedback, because of the particularity of the body, so that he can do this step now, feedback this world and make the environment better and better, and another way is to fill in and make up for the extension and get a new life
In an instant, the whole world feels that Ren Huang’s willingness has been enriched and prosperous several times in an instant. This is the will of heaven and earth to promote it, which is beneficial and complementary and win-win choice.
More and more creatures are burning incense, praying and chanting Ren Huang’s name. They are quietly waiting for Ren Huang to preach, and everyone can listen.
And powerful enough creatures will naturally choose to listen near Ren Huang, which is more effective.
The most eye-catching nature is the immortal imperial court personnel, who are also qualified to serve around Ren Huang and become children to listen to the teachings of Avenue.
"HSS when it’s really a strong cloud, the emperor court tyrant, the king of god, has come. According to their present state, they are very mysterious and have been praised as the strongest player in this new generation; Even the Xuanwu Emperor once commented that the afterlife is awesome. "
"Ren Huang’s followers came in the past, and all of them reached the level of quasi-emperor. The most amazing thing was that Emperor Tian’s adult was muddy, and one of them got a statue and left Ze to step into the cloud nine; One is the holy king, who has been fighting incessantly today, and has stepped into the Dacheng level and become a contemporary tyrant. "
"Some people think that overlord can’t go this far, but he made the right choice and became a follower of Ren Huang. A rising tide lifts all boats naturally, even if the qualification is worse than that of the blood crystal perfusion Huang Dao master mark, can you give advice again? What’s more, it’s really lucky to have a big battle to sharpen your opponent. "

Chapter 350 embroiders words to get into trouble?

Amdo West suddenly appeared like a storm comes to an end. Kabi looked at him and found that Amdo West had a strange mental outlook. The stubborn guy just stood at the bakery door with his head down and stared at the ground for a round.
Kabi kept a distance of two meters from Amdo, but he was already in a state of confusion. Kabi almost wanted to rush to Amdo’s front and shake Amdo’s body vigorously, and then asked him if this was a simple evil drama. Or is there another reason?
"Amdo west! Why are you back again? I almost want to go home to find you! " Although all kinds of questions are lined up in the back, Kabidi wants to know one by one, but he took the lead in asking Andosi and went back to the bakery because Kabidi was almost going home, so he was likely to pass by Andoxi in Lu.
Imagine Amdo’s coming back to the bakery again and definitely staring at Kabi for a long time. It was only after that that weak gas gestured to Kabi to let Kabi go to an alley next to the store and seemed to say something in private.
And Kabi let all the puzzles emerge in his face. He was "hmm" and then turned back to see what that guy was doing in the store. Only when he saw this did he find that the idiot was chatting with a salesgirl. Then Kabi informed the hemp and followed Amdo into the alley.
It’s wet around the alley, but the middle aisle is relatively clean. I’ve seen a drain on both sides of the alley and there are some colorful sundries on the side. When Kabi goes in, he thinks it must be the back door of each shop. For example, if a food company delivers goods, then both parties may make delivery in this back alley.
Except for a stray cat with white hair and yellow spots drinking dirty water from the drain, it seems that this alley is also very quiet. It is really suitable for Kabi and Amdo to whisper something that is still unclear.
The two of them bowed their heads and looked around in front of Kabi, and soon walked into the alley. At this time, when the stray cat heard a human walking, it flashed and ran away. It was very skilled to find a corner gap and just hid in it like a shrinking bone.
Andoxi stopped, but the guy didn’t seem to be going to turn around in a few seconds, and Kabi followed, confused. He hissed, swallowed, gently pulled LaAndoxi’s arm and said, "Andoxi! Tell me this is a bad play, isn’t it? If that’s the case, I’ll forgive you, too. Don’t worry about the consequences, okay? "
If you play according to the original drama and Kabi is negotiating with a normal person, Kabi will definitely rush to pull the collar of the other party and yell, "Have you fucking had enough?" You’ve been rushing all the way here, and now you turn your back on me? If you don’t give a satisfactory explanation, you will die if you are old! "
But unfortunately, Kabi was facing Andosi, and an emperor gave him a joke to make him born with autism. Andosi and Kabi also knew that Andosi would not say a complete sentence at ordinary times. If he was lucky enough to meet Andosi to express fluently, it would be very rare for things to happen.
Socabi can hold back his impatience. He has been holding his fist for many times and deliberately controlling his exhalation rhythm. On the surface, he is very calm and waiting for Andoxi’s response, but for a long time, he can’t guarantee whether he will yell at Andoxi.
Andoxi still turned his back on Kabi, and he always stared at the ground like that with his head down. At this time, Kabi leaned over to see what Andoxi was thinking in front of him, and then he found that Andoxi was rubbing his fingers.
Kabi sighed and said, "Amdo! Please! I really don’t have your brother’s patience. If you tell the truth, I will definitely invite you to cames Stadium to watch the game, okay? "
Just as Kabi intuitively walked into the alley for nothing, Andosi made a strange sound. "I just went home to feed Joel doughnuts and then I was going to come back here and wait for you, but it was too late!" Sister Candace has left with her old classmate. I hate her old classmate, but I can’t stop everything. I’m sorry! "
How to go to see Amdo’s words has revealed some nitty-gritty, but Kabi didn’t understand why Amdo wanted to apologize to him, so he said, "Amdo! Why are you apologizing to me? But your sister Candace is getting married. Should we congratulate her? But what if I didn’t get there in time to help you stop the proposal? So I should apologize to you? Isn’t it? "
"Why do you want to embroider other girls’ names on your sneakers? Candace’s sister was very sad after seeing it on the live broadcast of the game! Say that you have lost all thoughts on you, do you know? " Andosi’s temper turned and said something that surprised Kabi.
It sounds like Kabi suddenly froze and said that he embroidered Cherina’s name on his sneakers. Does it have anything to do with the whole thing? He ignored Amdo and bowed his head to think about it from the first time he met Candace, and then he thought about the recent cake.
Suddenly, Kabi’s eyes flashed wide, just like being shocked by a horror movie, and then he gasped. When he was about to ask Amdo clearly, there was a sound of numbness behind him.
"Idiot! Haven’t you figured it out yet? Candace likes you very much! But when she saw that your sneakers were embroidered with other girls’ names, she quickly gave up. I’m afraid that special cake yesterday was the last cake she gave you because she wanted to put an end to things and try to accept other boys again, such as the boy who proposed to her today. Aren’t you really white? Idiot! "
In fact, Kabi’s last round of recollection has long since been understood, and it’s just that the hemp rat suddenly appeared and said everything he knew happily.
Kabi found that his ten fingers were trembling slightly. He stood there for a long time in a confused mood for a long time and came to join in the fun. Marmot was even more quick-witted. Then he said, "I have learned something in the bakery, so I came here and heard your conversation again. I guess Amdo didn’t want you to come over and stop the proposal. You should be very clear about this now, right? But Amdo and Candace are really naive. Amdo, when you get here, you can stop Candace from agreeing to marry his old classmates. What a child’s character. And Candace? Did she really forget you so soon? I am very skeptical about this! "
Kabi turned his back on the hemp rat. When he heard these words, his back suddenly shook, but then he said angrily, "Idiot! You are definitely mistaken! Andosi is not a child! Do you understand? I have nothing to say in Candace. I believe I will say sorry to her if I can meet her again! "
With a snort of laughter, the hemp rat ate the garlic bread he brought with him and put on a look of indifference. While biting the remaining half of the bread, he said, "Since someone secretly loves the client, you naturally don’t know that there is a girl who likes you, but you haven’t settled things with the girl named Cherina China. I think this Candace should ignore too much. Besides, she also promised to propose to others today, right?"
Say that finish hemp rat ready to turn around and go, and Kabi’s mood has been in a low pressure, he is weakly "hmm", and he is still bowing his head and saying nothing. Andoxi said that even if he gets a signed jersey from Shadugir this time, I’m afraid it won’t make Andoxi happy again.
This hemp rat just stepped out of a few steps and suddenly stopped and turned around and said, "Hey! Idiot! Haven’t you noticed that Amdo is crying? I just found him crying when I came in! You comfort him! "
After listening to it, Kabi seemed to be hit on the back of the head, and his head was buzzing. Then he really came from a crooked place and found that Amdo’s west side had tears sliding, while Amdo’s west body had been shaking slightly for a long time.
Chapter three hundred and fifty-one Bad day
At that time, Kabi first came to Granada to report for duty, then lived in this small town, and finally became neighbors with Andosi. Even though they were so unhappy when they first met, they approached each other little by little, which was a kind of fate.
Although Andoxi once made Kabi angry half to death because of Shadugir, Kabi didn’t care too much about Andoxi because Kabi felt that if he insisted on blaming Andoxi, it would be like discriminating against a child like Andoxi.
Besides, Kabi, who disappeared because of Andosi, was able to find Andosi at the first time and dared to challenge Coach Coboni to work out the team rules. Finally, he insisted on leaving the training base at the expense of his own chance to play, and was almost punished by Coach Coboni.
And just now, Kabi managed to hold back his impatience and didn’t yell at Amdo, which is why he finally suppressed Kabi’s complicated emotions. After all, a real Amdo is a very cute and strange guy.
In fact, Kabi really wants to call Andosi a younger brother, but his parents grew up in an orphanage. Kabi’s intuition is that it is more difficult to call Andosi a younger brother than ordinary people, so Kabi has been loving Andosi subconsciously.
At this time, Andosi was in tears. He was naive. He liked Candace’s sister best. It was a kind of regret that one generation could not walk with his idol. But Kabi was absolutely unable to understand what Andosi could not understand.
Instead of explaining for a long time, Suokabi stepped forward to Amdo West and put his arm on Amdo West’s shoulder. It was like coaxing a child and patting Amdo West’s back. It was then that Kabi clearly knew that Amdo West was shaking out of control.
Although Amdo was crying and tears slipped from the corner of his eyes as if he hadn’t met the defense line, he didn’t cry because his eyes were soaked with tears and he didn’t even want to wipe them away once. He shook himself slightly and stared at the ground with his head down as if the ground was full of despair.
It’s impossible for Kabi to explain to Amdo in a normal way. At this time, the only thing he can do is to pull Amdo’s shoulder and let Amdo continue to cry on his shoulder. The distance between them is closer again. When Kabi heard Amdo’s sobs, he suddenly felt that his cheeks were sore and his throat was like a brick.
There is nothing else in the alley, and even the stray cat has never come out again just now. Besides Amdo’s sobs, he can hear them quietly. There is also the sigh sound of Kabi’s head hanging down. After patting Amdo’s shoulder again, he ambushed Kabi’s eyes and a tear finally slipped out.
When Amdo West’s tears seemed to rust, Kabi calmed down his emotions. At this moment, Amdo West slowly turned around and gave Kabi an inexplicable look. Then it looked like he was wronged. weak gas said, "Promise me! Don’t wear those embroidered sneakers to the game again, okay? "
Kabi didn’t expect to say that those embroidered sneakers were a token of love to Cherina, and he and Cherina are still not really sure, but it seems that the name’ Cherina’ is like a thorn in Andosi’s heart. Think carefully, Kabi can’t bear to refuse Andosi.
"good! I promise you! I will never wear those embroidered sneakers again, and you should get up as soon as possible, okay? " After that, Kabi was nervous and sipped his lips, waiting for Amdo’s response.
I didn’t think that Amdo simply "hmm" and became like a strong child to wipe away the tears left in the corner of his eyes and then ran away from Kabi and ran straight out of the alley. When he was about to turn the corner, he left a sentence "I’m home!"
Kabi was not surprised at all, but smiled like a load, and this smile was the only one that was most memorable today. After wiping away the tears in the corner of his eyes, Kabi exhaled a breath of air and walked out of the alley with great relief.
Just stepping out of the alley, Kabi intuitively felt that the faint sun outside the street represented a kind of freedom. He felt as if he were rowing a boat in the middle of the sea. The atmosphere around him was not only comfortable, but also wafted the smell of bread from the bakery when everything was really beautiful.
Take back your feelings and go back to reality. Kabi decided to go back to the emergency parking space on the expressway and wanted to take his blue off-road vehicle. At this time, he also looked at it as if he knew something was wrong, and his mouth gently hissed.
In addition to dealing with Amdo, Kabi also encountered some obstacles when he stopped a taxi and told the taxi driver to go to the emergency parking space, because the highway section was often patrolled by mounted police and was sensitive, and the taxi driver generally refused to go there because of the handover.
When Kabi finally took a taxi, he kept saying thanks to the taxi driver all the way, and the driver turned out to be a loyal football fan, and in turn kept asking Cabios for autographs and photos.
As the taxi driver’s driving all the way to the rush hour is blocked for a long time, it has been 20 minutes since he stepped on the brake and then stepped on the accelerator to stop the taxi until Kabi arrived at the emergency parking space.

-Xiao Qiushui appreciates them. He appreciates loyalty and loyalty. He doesn’t want to expose them.

He wants to leave quietly
He was about to leave for a cold drink. "Who is it? !”
This person is anxious and fast. When the beam rings, people have reached the beam, and a hurricane has flown on Xiao Qiushui’s back.
Xiao Qiushui doesn’t look back. Known bearer is an old man.
Fold the old man’s hand and you will know that his martial arts is higher than anyone among the six people.
Xiao Qiushui cut his palm, drew his strength, slammed into the broken window, and fled away.
Qi flew out of the house yesterday and saw Xiao Qiushui’s back slamming out a sword, but he was hit by the other side; At this time, Li Jiu and Pan Gui were also swept out and Pan Gui fell. "Oh, shit!"
Li Jiu said, "This guy is like the man in the teahouse …"
Qi Fei stamped his foot yesterday. "This person looks like Xiao Qiushui; If he heard it, it would be terrible to go out! I’m good at flying. I’ll go after him. You stay here! "
As soon as Qi flew yesterday, he shot out here like a projectile, and Pujiang sand jumped out of the tower. The old man also took Diao Qibao and Diao Jinbao from the roof tile.
Pan Guidao: "Boss Qi went after him and asked us to stay."
Li Jiu said, "I’m afraid that man’s flying skill can only be chased by his boss and his teacher."
The old man hesitated for a long time and looked into the distance. Finally, he said, "Let’s go into the tower."
Xiao Qiushui is full of energy at the moment, from which she has risen her flying skill, and she has rushed to throw Qi yesterday far away.
He wanted to leave Chang ‘an for Baqiao early to see what was going on-but halfway through, he reached out and touched his arms-Tian Yingxiong ordered Gu Jian Long song to return it, and Zhu Tianwang’s secret spectrum was also lost.
-where is it lost? It must be the roof beam
-will it be taken away by the old man? Probably not.
The true scripture is a thing for mortals, but it is a treasure for Shaolin.
Xiao Qiushui decided to go back and get it back.
-he knew that he would dare to turn back when he was surprised by the old man.
-maybe they left when they went back.
-even if it happens, it might as well be World War I, because he can handle it now with martial arts, or killing people without hurting people will not cause any harm.
Xiao Qiushui went back.
The tenth time to wander the Jianghu, the bloody case in the tower and the fighting at Baqiao Bridge.
Xiao Qiushui never dreamed that he would see such a scene when he went back.
When he walked near the Wild Goose Pagoda, he was especially careful to bypass the right road and walk to the bushes, and then he wanted to plunder the stone pagoda and rush into the hall to retrieve the scriptures.
He crawled along while watching the movement in the tower.
He suddenly stepped on something.
He almost fell on the surface.

At this time, there are many roadblocks around the quiet school in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to prevent vehicles from passing at will. The door is full of anxious parents. In a few minutes, the last entrance of the two-year college entrance examination will be over, and a group of teenagers will end their high school career. They are young and frivolous and walk out of this ivory tower to higher and farther places.

Yin Yun and other senior high school students are taking the exam at school at the moment.
"Ding Rinrin …"
Zhao Taozhe yawned and his mobile phone suddenly rang.
He picked it up, cast a glance, and then picked it up. "Yin Da, we are hot in the tree at the school gate now."
In a few minutes, I saw that my hair had grown a lot and Yin Yun came out.
"It’s finally over," he sighed. "What’s the plan for today?"
"How can I arrange to play in Hanchuan?" Zhang Xuan pointed to the basketball net in his hand.
The league has been over for more than a month. After returning from Beijing, the training of the basketball team has been released. Everyone is preparing for the coming final exam. Basketball has spent a lot of time, and now is the time to pick up everything.
The senior three players were busier after playing the national competition. Fortunately, the team got a good result when the last month left before the college entrance examination, and all the senior three students got extra points for the college entrance examination, which saved them a lot of effort.
"Yu?" Ji Hantian wondered.
"They are not as lucky as me. He and Xu Yi have been assigned to other schools to take exams." Yin Yunxiao said, "It’s okay to come later." This year, the Nanchuan college entrance examination disrupted all the senior three students in their respective districts and randomly arranged them in a school exam. This is to avoid being acquaintances in the same examination room.
Walk into Hanchuan Stadium
Ji Han took a deep breath.
He suddenly remembered that last year, when he first stepped into the stadium, the weather was even hotter than it is now. At that time, Yin Yun had not entered the third year of high school, and there were still a lot of idle time every day. Zhao Taozhe and Xue Yin copper are still fighting each other, and Sun Yu and Xu Yi still have some inexplicable hostility to themselves. What’s more, at that time, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School barely entered Nanchuan City to strengthen an unknown small team.
"Xiaotian" and several other people went to the stadium to warm up. Yin Yun suddenly withdrew and walked to Ji Hantian. "I heard them say that you gave up the opportunity to go to the United States?"
That was after the end of the league. Fang Yuan sent a large number of videos from Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to his mentor in the American Basketball Academy. The main purpose was to recommend Ji Hantian and Chu Chenxi to his mentor. Of course, these videos were the finals of the Southern District and the finals. These two events, Chu Chenxi and Ji Hantian, never fluctuated again, and they were very stable, but the strength gap was the reason for the final failure. This time, there was no luck.
In fact, in retrospect, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School was lucky enough, otherwise they would have fallen on the road of competing for Nanchuan championship, and how could they have waited until Wu Ji joined?
Fortunately, however, Fang Yuan finally got the answer that the tutor had recommended two people to a high school. In July, Fang Yuan went to the United States to participate in summer training. Knowing this news, Chu Chenxi naturally would not miss such an opportunity. In this month, he has been following Fang Yuan to promote himself. I believe that his personal ability has reached a peak now, and he can’t be mentioned in the same breath as last year.
Ji Hantian thought for a long time but declined Fang Yuan’s proposal.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to go, but that there are too many things for him to miss here, and he has a far-reaching way out.
Everyone knows what the level of basketball in China is in the world. If you choose this road resolutely, no one knows what will happen in the end
The most important thing is that Xia Jing is here.
"Well" Ji Hantian nodded "I’m not ready yet"
Yin Yun stared at Ji Hantian with incredible eyes. "You are now the first point guard in China high school basketball. There is nothing to hesitate about where the United States is to let you continue to shine. If I have such an opportunity, I will definitely go."
"I don’t know, maybe it’s because we are the second runner-up in the country." Ji Hantian inexplicably remembered that on his birthday last year, he made a wish that the MVP of the National University Competition was lost to the Tsinghua High School Affiliated to Nanchuan No.7 Middle School in the final finals, which shattered this wish. Ji Hantian still has regrets about this land.
"Well," Yin Yunnai shook his head and knew that Faquan Ji was cold. "So what are you going to do next?"
Ji Hantian stretched himself and "took the national championship of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to win the MVP in the national finals"
Yin Yun didn’t look too surprised to hear that. If it is said that Ji Hantian in the southern district is not qualified to say such a thing now, then no one can say that Yin Yunxin laughed. "When I first met you, I was still wondering whether a teenager with such a weak temperament could play basketball well. At that time, you beat Sun Yu and surprised me. Now I think it’s really sitting on the sidelines."
Ji Hantian’s smile has become more and more shy. "My goal at that time was just to beat Yunshan High School and Xue Yangyi."
Yin Yun took over the conversation. "But now every time I close my eyes, I will think of the game in Nanjing. You made Ouyang Zhi show that I never had an idol, and after that day, I think you are my idol."
Ji Hantian also closed his eyes and recalled those days a month ago. "I don’t know what it is. I just think I can throw the ball into the basket. I think I can throw it into the basket when I get the ball."
"It was really crazy at that time," Yin Yunxiao shook his head. "I remember that at this time last year, Yu and I were still here, and we were able to beat Nanchuan No.3 Middle School and practiced day and night. Now the goal of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School has reached the top of the country. It’s unbelievable."
"this is the credit of everyone."
Yin Yun waved his hand. "The most important contribution is you." He patted Ji Hantian on the shoulder. "If you hadn’t played with Nanchuan No.3 Middle School, you would have lost. There would never be Nanchuan No.7 Middle School today."
"That was Chu Chenxi’s last save."
"When will he leave anyway?"