"The boss, Qian Longhui, is my old boss. What is it if I tell others about your curtain?"

"Well, you did the right thing!"
Two dog dialed the words of Qian Longhui in one sentence. "Boss Qian asks you something. Do you know Huang Fangfei?"
"Yellow wheatgrass? No, I don’t! Boss Pi who is she? " Qian Longhui secretly cursed Qian Feiyan for being so kind to her when she was a niece. She betrayed me!
"If it’s a woman, I’ll ask that first!"
When Tian Huilixiang came in, she reported, "The boss Gong Yexian asked you to go there. It seems that she found her second brother!"
As soon as I heard that I found Gongyetiemu, two dog was excited and said, "Very well, Feiyan, you can rest at home and enjoy pear fragrance. Let’s go!"
With that, Pi Ergou left the hotel with Tian Huilixiang and drove to see Gong Yexian.
Besides, Qian Longhui, a big boss in Shenzhen, arranged spies to stare at Pi two dog before he left. He learned that Pi two dog had left Qian Feiyan at the hotel, and Qian Longhui immediately sent someone to raid the Xionglong Hotel, put Qian Feiyan in a masked Baotou and tied her to a secret room in the suburbs.
"untie her!" Qian Longhui ordered two thugs to lift the shackles of Qian Feiyan before.
Qian Feiyan was surprised when she found out that Qian Longhui, the former boss, tied her up. "Boss, do you tie me up with a pole?"
"Qian Feiyan, how did I treat you before?" Qian Longhui resist anger way
"Good! I’m not your niece. You treat me like a niece!" Qian Feiyan looked at this secret room inexplicably and found that she had been to this secret room many times. She knew that this secret room was a place where the big boss punished sinners, and suddenly her face changed.
"I am so good to you that you betray me?" Qian Longhui said more and more angrily and slapped Qian Feiyan with a slap in the face.
"Boss, I swear that if I tell you anything, I’m not human!"
"Bitch still dare to swear! You didn’t say a word. How did Pi two dog know that Huang Fangfei and I had it? " Qian Longhui great anger way
"Boss, he has his own intelligence network. I really didn’t betray you. Believe it or not, I feel guilty!" Qian Feiyan argued
"Smelly three I associate with wheatgrass but top secret no third person except you know! You have betrayed me shamefully and you have to argue! You two hang this bitch and give me a good beating! "
One order, two thugs are like hungry wolves hanging Qian Feiyan from the ceiling with a net rope when they see a surge of meat and bones.
"Boss, I am embarrassed!"
"Call me and beat me!"
Two thugs took turns beating Qian Feiyan as a sandbag and waving a long whip to beat Qian Feiyan until he was raw.
"Smelly three, I finally ask you if you betrayed me? I’ll spare you if you admit your mistake! "
"Boss, I’m sorry I betrayed you. I’m sorry. Stop fighting!" Qian Feiyan really can’t stand the torture, so she opens her mouth to admit her mistake.
"Go to you?" You also said that you had wronged the person who betrayed me the most maliciously. You waited-"Just saying malicious words, Qian Longhui suddenly saw a face sticking out from behind Qian Feiyan, and the face giggled at him. Qian Longhui rubbed his eyes and looked again and suddenly saw a little girl with two holes in the ceiling floating over quickly!
"A-A-Er, did you see anything?" Qian Longhui is in close contact with werewolves and sees ghosts. He is much calmer than the average person.
"There is a man in the ceiling of the old boss!"
"Boss, why does she have a head?"
Then two thugs screamed like pigs and ran away.
Luo Luo—
Seeing the female ghost Xiaohong slowly floating from the ceiling to the ground, she said, "Qian Longhui, how dare you touch my master assistant? Do you want to die?"
"Are you a person or a ghost? If it is a ghost, how can it come out in broad daylight? " It’s the first time Qian Longhui has seen ghosts for so long, and he’s not a little scared.
"Qian Longhui, I am the owner of my house, raising female ghosts. Don’t carry his black hand behind his back, okay?"
Said the female the ghost little red is called to inform the owner skin two dog.
Pi two dog learned that Qian Feiyan, the new assistant, had been kidnapped by Qian Longhui and immediately went to the suburbs to rescue him.
Qian Longhui learned that the female ghost recognized the owner of two dog’s skin and suddenly changed his face. "When the boss of Feiyan and other skins asks about you, just say that we are playing games and I will let you go!" Said Qian Longhui a hurry-scurry for Qian Feiyan loose tie and then for Qian Feiyan to find a suit for her to wear.
"Swallow, why don’t you talk? Look, I’m hurt too! " Said Qian Longhui is pulled out a dagger bursts with his arm scratched a few knife blood dripping on the ground plop down pretending to be in a coma.
"Qian Longhui didn’t you play dead! I saw it all, don’t try to argue! " Female the ghost little red jiao hum a way
"Boss, I don’t owe you Xiaohong after I helped you for the last time. Let’s go!" The former boss summoned two female ghosts and introduced her to Qian Feiyan. When Xiao Hong appeared, she was not afraid.
"Fei Yan Jie Qian Longhui tortured you like this. You can’t let this old rogue go!" Little red spirit not dozen 1 come way
Chapter 69 God Xiao Yin upgrade
"Little red, please do me a favor. The money boss is kind to me. This time, even if I repay him for the last time! What he does from now on has nothing to do with me! "
Xiaohong sighed when she saw Qian Feiyan’s sincere words. "Well, I’ll hide it for you once!"

Kabi didn’t finish reading his mind, but suddenly he saw that Coach Coboni had put the paper in his hand, and then he took off the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose, and finally he gently coughed, as if he were adjusting his voice and tone.

Mr. Haas also straightened up and prepared to answer the phone, but coach Coboni first picked up the paper cup, took a sip of coffee and put it in the paper cup before finally saying
"Don’t talk nonsense, let’s get to the point!"
Even so, Mr. Haas’s response was unexpected. "Excuse me? Can I smoke? "
"well! No! "
Coach Coboni’s words directly made Mr. Haas, who was already pulling out the cigarette case, retract his right hand again.
Mr Haas smiled without embarrassment.
Kabi gently put his head at the two old guys and read "What’s the situation? Is it before menopause? "
Ordinary people mistakenly believe that a woman will encounter menopause after a certain age.
In fact, men also have it, but these two old guys in front of Kabi are not as simple as menopause.
When coach Coboni saw that Mr. Haas had stopped pulling out the cigarette case, he dug out a newspaper from the desk drawer and pulled out the football page sandwiched in the newspaper and put it on the desk.
Kabi looked at a dozen Spanish characters with the conditioned response and stood in his eyes.
[Granada team French star Kabi enters Berry Street with friends at night] "Huh?" Kabi suddenly seems to have realized something.
What’s even more strange is that Mr. Haas reacted that he had never read that small newspaper, and he had obviously predicted that Coach Coboni would make such a move.
"Young man! Do you understand? " Coach Coboni waited three seconds before asking.
Kabi dare not slow down. "In fact, I can still understand some simple Spanish!"
This coach Coboni is shaking his head, and so is Mr. Haas. They are obviously very dissatisfied with this idiot’s answer.
Mr. Haas hasn’t spoken since he asked for smoking. The whole person is very quiet. He seems to recognize that the situation is not yet time for him to speak.
Since the office is the home of coach Coboni, the old man is also very rude. He made a move without stopping the interview rhythm for three seconds.
"Young man! You misunderstood me. I was actually asking you, did you really go to Berry Street last night? "
Even though the newspaper showed that Kabi’s appearance was caught by tabloid reporters, coach Coboni tried to leave some unnecessary exits for Kabi at this time.
Kabi answered simply, "Yes! I went! "
Coach Coboni relaxed and said, "Oh ~? That is to say, you said in a hurry yesterday that you were leaving the training base to get ready to drink in those bars on Berry Street? "
Immediately, Kabi exclaimed to himself-he understood completely.
He is like an idiot who doesn’t know the road, and then suddenly finds his way to the destination after passing through the fork in the road.
Kabi was heartbroken because he had been misunderstood by coach Coboni, but fortunately he had a reasonable explanation. Can this explanation convince coach Coboni that he actually has no bottom in his heart?
At least Kabi doesn’t explain more to Mr. Haas, because the tacit understanding has long existed between the two men for nearly three years. If he explains more, he is questioning himself, Mr. Haas.
Now we need to strengthen our mouth to [deal with] the target is coach Coboni. The old man is already ready for Kabi to make a move.
"coach! I’m not going to drink! " Kabi’s lyrics are simple. Strictly speaking, the first move is like nonsense.
Coach Coboni said "hmm". "First, I punished you for being late yesterday. Second, I knew that I had to leave the training base for the third time with the injured. Hum! It turned out that friends went to Berry Street to drink, young man! It seems that the two-game suspension has nothing to do with you! "
I suspect that Kabi’s first move is a one-sided word. Coach Coboni doesn’t believe it.
Kabi didn’t give up and connected, "Coach! I went to Berry Street not to drink, but to help my friends with some things! Really! I won’t lie to you! "
Coach Coboni answered every word, "What can I do for my friends? Is it to help a friend drink the unfinished wine? "
In the face of this stubborn old guy, Kabi is getting bored in his heart. He is blocked by the other party’s reply, and his chest suddenly loses its direction. Slowly, the idiot stops talking.
"Cough ~!" Mr. Haas suddenly made a fuss and finally said, "Coach! We can find Kabi’s friends to prove it to you! "
Coach Coboni actually took a sip of coffee and said, "No need!"
Mr. Haas asked, "Oh ~? What is it? "
Coach Coboni put down the paper cup and replied, "Kabi’s friends are not my management players, and I don’t need to listen to those people!" "
Mr. Haas turned his head to Cabica and looked back at him. The two of them looked at each other and thought, "Do you want to swear at Coach Coboni?"
Kabi nodded slightly. He wanted to.
Mr. Haas nodded slightly, too. He thought more

He doesn’t think he’s a loser, does he?

He can practice to the ninth floor of gas refining. It’s not too bad, is it?
Yunmingyuan is somewhat uncertain.
Han Xiumo directly said Yun Mingyuan’s question, "What makes you think he is a loser?"
"What? In your friar’s eyes, waste wood and five spiritual roots are mixed together, and there is a tendency to generate other spiritual roots, so it’s not waste wood. What is it? " Nine ichor bead some can’t believe "little ye I slept for more than one thousand years, however, fix true boundary requirements have been so low? No wonder a Shuang Ling root dares to say that he is a genius. "
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were shocked.
Han Xiumo remembered that he had never measured Yunmingyuan’s roots and bones. The process of Yunmingyuan’s cultivation to the ninth floor of refining gas was smooth and there was no bottleneck. Although he suspected that Yunmingyuan had a problem with this body, he also suspected that there was something wrong with poisoning or abdomen, but he never thought about whether there was anything wrong with Linggen.
"I remember before you seemed to be Shan Linggen" Han Xiumo was puzzled.
After YunYuan was born, it was measured that Jin Shan Linggen was in the limelight for a while. There was such a single Linggen YunGu among the four major families in YunCheng. It was said that adults admired YunYuan’s position in the family, so a rising tide lifts all boats. Before the accident, YunYuan was the first young monk of this generation in YunCheng.
But after he was nine years old, he began to practice stagnation and went from genius to waste.
Han Xiumo can’t even think of Baiyun Mingyuan, which is even more unclear. "Is there a way to turn a single spirit root into a multi-spirit root?"
People in the fix-true world are all spiritual roots, the less the better, but no one will ever think that more spiritual roots are a good thing.
According to common sense, there is no way to turn a single spirit root into a multi-spirit root.
"Yes!" Nine ichor beads immediately open this question, it will! "It is said that a long time ago, a kind of spirit-enhancing flower grew in the realm of repairing truth, so that the main medicine of spirit-enhancing flower could be refined and the elixir of heaven could be made out of nothing. It is a great power to cultivate future generations."
However, there is no air leakage in the sky, and it was once a heated discussion. Later, the spirit-enhancing flower in the repair world was directly bald and directly extinct, and the Dan Dan prescription was gradually lost. Even if there is no spirit-enhancing flower, this prescription is just a fantasy.
"However, the spirit root produced by Patian Dan will be much weaker than the normal spirit root, even if there is a celestial achievement method, it will be cultivated to the deification at most." Nine ichor Beads remembered that the former waste owner found a bottle of Patian Dan in the secret land. At that time, he was killed in an emergency. He abruptly ate a bottle of seventeen Patian Dan and the fruit was removed, which gave birth to a messy spirit root. Later, the waste owner thought of many ways to finally mix the messy spirit roots into blood spirit roots through secret methods.
Since then, the road to hegemony has been opened.
Blood bead thought it still felt a little picky. After all, his former master, Blood Zhao Magic Buddha, had seventeen kinds of spiritual roots.
Chapter 81 Blood bead taxiing
"Good good!" Yun Zhi Bai simply smiled angrily. "It’s really worthy of being Bai Ningxin. That bitch is an idiot!"
He angrily swept down the things in the room and told the housekeeper with a gloomy face, "Let the whole Yunping city know that I am not so stupid!"
Yes, the housekeeper can go to Bayun City when Yunmingyuan falls out of favor. Now Yuncheng is almost ruined. His mind has returned to the owner’s side. He had heard that the owner still has a height. He thought of making some money. He didn’t expect Yunxin to be a fool to do such a thing. It is even hopeless to enter Yunjia in the future.
He sighed in his heart and walked out of the room respectfully.
He has always been a reliable man in front of his master. Yun Zhi Bai naturally wouldn’t have thought that he was a capable housekeeper who could throw his weight around without blowing the wind.
When Yunxin woke up, he was sitting next to a humble yiguang in the city with a heavy face. He thought of something and looked at his mother’s hand eagerly. "Mother father …"
Bai Ningxin looked at his son’s eyes full of disappointment.
She doesn’t know how her child became like this.
At the beginning, she ran away from home against family marriage and came to Pingyuncheng to meet Yun Zhi Bai when she was young.
Who didn’t like a few scum when they were young?
At the beginning, Yun Zhi Bai was not a cloud householder. He was under the pressure of competing for the householder, but people were still optimistic and full of resilience like a tough giant tree. He covered up the ambition of a gentle masked wolf and made Bai Ning completely fall in love, even forgetting to go home.
The original two agreed to get married after Yun Zhi Bai finished her family experience. At the beginning, Bai Ning was naive enough to find someone worthy of entrusting for life and planned their future life with great interest in Yun Zhi Bai’s departure day.
But she waited for a lover with a cold face, a woman with a flowery smile and a gorgeous face like the scorching sun.
Did Lin Xia Wan bring a hundred dowries or did Lin Pingcheng, the duke’s daughter, celebrate her arrival, and even Yunzhi’s white face couldn’t hide her smile.
Bai Ningxin had already given birth to the idea of going home at that time, but she had not come to leave yet. Just after the big wedding, Yun Zhi Bai went to her to live in the other hospital and cried and complained to her. He was the heir to the throne and had to marry Lin Xia Wan.
Bai Ningxin feels sick.
But when she realized that there was a problem, she had been drugged by Yun Zhi in Yun Zhi Baite, and he prepared a farewell hospital to become the outer room he kept outside.
At that time, Bai Ning wanted to die.
But Yun Zhi Bai didn’t know what medicine she had given, and she couldn’t even kill herself. She was also forced to have a good night in Yun Zhi.
Knowing that she was pregnant, she no longer clamored to leave and tried to die, but the whole person still gradually lost her anger-because she had no desire to live.
But she was even deprived of the qualification to die. She was born with a baby for the first few years, and she didn’t want to fight for something that didn’t belong to him. Later, she heard that the lady was born with a baby whose talent was destroyed, and her baby began to grow crooked.
He was bent on becoming the real heir of Yunjia, but he never thought that if Yun Zhi Bai Zhen was bent on making him an heir, how could he be left out and never admit it?
Yunjia things Bai Ningxin wants nothing.
She looked at her son disappointedly. When did the child start to grow crooked?
It may be that when the news that Yunyuan’s talent was destroyed came out, it may be that the mysterious man came out to help them, or it may be … It was Yun Zhi’s promise to make a few words freely.

She was forced to promise me and stayed in the pawnshop since then.

I watched her in the pawnshop. I used to spoil her. She can do whatever she wants.
After all, the pawnshop is her home after she becomes my partner.
My partner can dominate not only the family but also the three worlds.
When I unify the ghost world, she will still be the king of the ghost world
After she was forcibly taken into the pawnshop, I continued to draw dark power from the ugly human nature, and the rest began to absorb the ghost power pawned by her father.
I absorbed her father’s ghost power, but I was the power of the law
I brought her to my bedroom, and I forced her to attack me. With the help of her ghost power, I was activated and absorbed into her father’s ghost power.
She didn’t let me down. She really activated me to absorb her father’s ghost power.
When I finally took all her father’s ghost power for myself, I knew I had the ability to open the tunnel.
At the same time, I also clearly feel that my practice is approaching a critical point.
I need to close my mind and break through that critical point. I am sure that if I break through that critical point, I can open the tunnel to the underworld at any time.
When I finally broke through the critical point, I went to the pawnshop in high spirits and wanted to share the good news with her at the first time.
When I entered the pawnshop, I found that she had fled the pawnshop.
This situation made me fly into a rage. I immediately killed the black man who ate inside and picked outside, and immediately went to destroy the three realms.
I told her that I was going to disturb the Three Realms, which was just a lie. I didn’t think about the Three Realms at that time.
It was she who was tired and ruined her life.
Harvesting my life against the three realms, ghosts and demons, I saw that the skill of the king of the nether world increased greatly in a short time.
The situation of the king of the nether world shows that she has committed herself to him, which makes her even more angry. I let the king of the nether world die and suffer.
After slaying me against people, ghosts and demons, I went back to the pawnshop to bathe and change clothes, and then went to the battlefield to see if she had arrived.
When I saw that she was shedding blood and tears, I couldn’t say how happy I was.
Those who abandon me should suffer.
I was slightly surprised to see those four ghosts. I knew that Lu Xiaoran was still a descendant of the ghost princess and the ghost king.
I have no dark power to deal with her. She has been deeply involved in her emotions.
Looking at her tears of blood, looking at her black hair, all white, looking at her hatred, full of sadness and disheartened, I am more and more happy.
After she promised to be my slave, I came to spare her father, mother and those four ghosts.
However, her father’s own death has always offended me, so I simply killed her father, mother and the four ghosts again.
I didn’t expect that she could finally inspire the ghost of the yin. I always thought that the ghost of the yin was the right thing to say.
Knowing that my death was approaching, I was briefly surprised and frightened.
Having lived for so long, I often feel alive and interesting, and I soon feel relieved.
I’m not afraid of death, but I don’t like it very much. She makes me die without image, and she makes me suffer.
I want to die early. I curse her and watch her attack me again. I’m always free
Wang Hao’s essay
The first chapter Wang Haowen 1
My name is Wang Haowen, and I am the second generation officer.
I can get wind, wind and rain in this place in fz city, but I have never caused any trouble to my parents. I have always been a top student.
In a word, I don’t cheat dad.
Growing up, there were women around me who took the initiative to throw themselves at me, and I disdained those women.
I know that what they are after me is that they have taken a fancy to me, but they are not interested in my family.
In this materialistic society, their reaction is very thick, but I don’t like it.
I was always calm until I met Lv Xiaoran.
Before the freshmen of Liufeng College in fz officially started to report, my family had already completed all the admission procedures.
I have to be able to wander around the campus when such a freshman starts reporting.
I first met Lv Xiaoran when I wandered to the school gate.
She walked alone in the crowd, but I noticed her at a glance
Different from other freshmen who came to the school to report, they all wished they could come to help. Lv Xiaoran had just arrived from a taxi and was walking towards the school gate alone with his suitcase.
Lu Xiaoran came towards me with a shallow smile on her face, but her shallow smile gave me the feeling of rejecting people thousands of miles away.
There is nothing left in her eyes about the excitement of freshmen when they enter school. She seems to feel the noisy environment.
I watched her sign up and then watched her go to the girls’ dormitory as shown.
When she signed up, I knew her name was Lu Xiaoran.
I went to see the placement of freshmen after she entered the girls’ dormitory. I saw that Lv Xiaoran and I were not in the same class.
I found the principal and asked him to transfer me to Lv Xiaoran’s class. I want to know more about Lv Xiaoran.
I thought it was funny that I was so worried for the first time as a woman.
I pay more attention to Lv Xiaoran in military training and class together.
The more I pay attention to Lv Xiaoran, the more I find that I can’t move my eyes.
When she is quiet, her lips always wear that shallow smile.
When she really smiles, the radian of her lips is as perfect as a crescent moon, and there are thousands of Ryukyu in her eyes.
Segmented reading 56
Glass light
The first time I had a crush on a woman, I began to try to get her to notice me, but she seemed to be indifferent to everything.
I tried many ways to make me feel deeply frustrated after she noticed me.
With a little anger in it, I began to adopt the method of frequent love and frequent girlfriend change to attract her attention.
Come to Liufeng College to learn from me, and naturally there is no shortage of girls, which makes my plan be implemented smoothly.
There are also myself and women who once loved me know that I am in love with women, and I have never had sex with those women.
After this situation lasted for two years, I finally realized that I was too naive and stupid, and I realized that what I did really made her pay attention to me, but what I did seemed to push her further
So I broke up with my last girlfriend, Wu Yueer, to re-establish a good image in front of her.

Watching eyes seem unmoved hanging infusion bag or bottle to help the crowd, someone is nasty.

[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar We have a cute sister paper for you! How cute! Come on!
[Team] Doudou Cat Gummy Shut up!
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxinxinxin shuup!
[Team] Hello, left hand. How can you put your sister paper out?
[Team] See you in the right hand. Fortunately, I didn’t say my name.
[Nearby] Call me Truth Di Meng/Yes, isn’t it nice to be named Qing Wan Li ~ Hehehehehe ~
At this time, I hung the infusion bag or bottle and listened to Wang’s words, so I quickly set off and got ready to go.
It’s no good to play soy sauce. You want to run without answering the question? Isn’t this (meditation) that it won’t drag us down and leave alone? I can’t accept it!
"Let us go!" Hang infusion bag or bottle and the crowd roared in the nearby channel.
"no! Do not let go! " The soy sauce gang are all crying and interacting nearby, hugging their friends tightly, and they are afraid that if they let go, they will go to danger alone and never come back.
"We are really in a hurry." Hanging the bottle, everyone tried to patiently explain it to this group of idiots who had seen too many Qiong Yao dramas when they saw the positive method break free.
In the soy sauce gang, I don’t believe it. "Then why are you still performing arts?"
Almost all the hanging infusion bag or bottle shook their fists again and meditated.
Calm down. We have to calm down. They are low-level creatures. We have to be generous and patient.
"No, we are earning some gift money to attend the wedding of the late song Wang." Hanging the bottle, everyone replied with great kindness.
They all answered this question at that time, so they could let them go.
I didn’t expect what a painful lesson such a mandarin sentence brought to them!
[3] Chapter 31 Earn this tone back] Nani! The main wedding of the night song gang?
After listening to the latest news, the people who played soy sauce said that they could not accept it!
Huh? Is the late song master actually the goddess in the hearts of these idiots? Looking at all kinds of hanging bottles in the nearby channels, they couldn’t help thinking.
Ah ah ah! ! ! I can’t stand it! ! ! Such a big event in the Jianghu is known as a little cute thing in the Jianghu, and we didn’t know it? We have always been so popular, the news is so wide and the charm is so great … I can’t believe we didn’t even grasp the news at all!
Die die die …
Hang the bottle and everyone will be silent.
Sure enough, the theory that these idiots still have emotional intelligence is simply insulting our IQ!
In the interaction, they cried and cried at each other, and they hung bottles in the middle of the soy sauce, and the black line of the human body was ready to leave
Out of the encirclement, I took a deep breath. It’s so lucky that these idiots are now completely immersed in their own sadness and didn’t notice us!
Ok! Cheer up! Run to the rendezvous point!
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle, everyone was about to turn the angle of view and whip his horse when he suddenly found a figure that seemed to be them approaching the nearest soy sauce gang.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! What are you doing! You come back quickly!
[Nearby] Don’t be sad about red bean cake. It’s not your fault.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Shit!
At this time, the name was very sad and the soy sauce gang was at a loss.
[Nearby] Banana peel?
[Nearby] The leader of Red Bean Cake Night Song has informed all the leaders, but the news has not been broadcast. It is normal for you not to know.
[Nearby] Banana peel …
[Nearby] Banana peel?
Red bean cake
Beat soy sauce to help the public silence.
This little friend really has to choose the dull banana peel. Isn’t it necessary to expose the rat excrement in our soup?
Alas, alas, this kind of thing obviously still depends on us to ask!
Almost everyone hates iron not to produce, stares at the banana peel in their heads and then jumps at the red bean cake.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake Run!
However, at this time, I can’t come. Looking at the tyrant Xiong Nai who was surrounded by a group of red bean cakes, I sighed.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! How many times have I said, don’t always think about your brother’s mung bean cake punishment for this group of lazy people! Think again about your present situation!
[Team] Red bean cake burst into tears/Captain …
[Team] The tyrant Xiong Ai has a chance to rush out.
But will the soy sauce gang give this opportunity?
At the moment, I became a curious baby playing soy sauce, and everyone kept pestering red bean cakes to ask questions.
This little friend, do you mean that all the leaders know about this? Does our family help pigs?
[Nearby] Red bean cake certainly knows!
The soy sauce gang got excited in an instant, so it’s been a long time since such a large-scale activity was held, which made the Jianghu people know that our elegance and temperament are outstanding. It’s time to have wood!

Su Xueqi ran more than ten times inside and outside to load all the luggage, and then she went back to her room and cried "Brother" at the door.

Summer saw her slowly take off her headphones and asked, "What’s the matter?"
"Won’t you take me to the airport?"
Su Xueqi rolled her eyes and pointed to the wall. "Mom said she asked you to take me if she didn’t have time. If you don’t have time, I can go by myself."
Section 11
Anyway, since she was disfigured by Shen Xinyu, she has accepted the family’s indifference to her, especially her former brother who was very kind to her.
"When I go to change clothes," Summer let go and pushed the chair up.
Su Xueqi came in with her eyebrows raised and her feet lifted. "Are you distracted these two days, waiting for words or playing games?"
Sommera’s wardrobe picked out a coat and ignored her.
"Elder brother still has the college entrance examination for half a year. Do you want to report to that school? Or go abroad like me … hey, do you really play games? Isn’t it fun? "
"Fang" was going to wear a coat. When Su Mo saw Su Xueqi fiddling with his words, he immediately went over and took it away. "You don’t have a long memory, do you?"
Su Xueqi fumbled, "I accidentally pressed the lock screen."
"Just play a casual game and I won’t tell mom."
Su Mobai put her words in her pocket at a glance and "wait for me outside"
Su Xueqi turned to go, but her heart was a little uncomfortable. Look at how good her brother was to her before. Now that she has lost her love, she hates her. Think again that she suffered from the treatment for more than two months. She said, "Why are you so fierce? You’re so secretive. You’re not still in touch with Shen Xinyu, are you?"
See young qing jun eyebrow twist a Su Xueqi which still have not white "really elder brother you still thinking about her? Have you forgotten how I hurt my face? Have you forgotten what I want to go abroad today? "
"Your face is not good?" Summer quickly put on his coat. "You want to go abroad yourself."
"That’s not! My face is cured, but do you know how painful this process is? I want to go abroad, but now I haven’t graduated from high school and I haven’t passed the grade. I was sent out by my mother so early. I’m not afraid that I will get in the way. She’s afraid of offending Tang Shiyan. Do you really think I don’t know anything? "
"What’s the noise?" Summer frowned and glanced at the door to eavesdrop on the servant.
"Stay away from Shen Xinyu after you! You can’t "Su Xueqi like didn’t hear muttering a teenager heard suddenly turn head to stare at her with a rare anger in the eyebrow eye.
Su Xueqi’s momentum suddenly weakened and she turned away. "Hello to me, too. Now everyone in the circle is in Tang Shiyan. She is very strict with the illegitimate daughter of Shenyang, and even if Shen Xinyu is abandoned, her mother will not agree that you like a second-hand product."
Su Xueqi probably knew that she got into the car and stayed behind when she died. Su Mo took out her pocket and was talking loudly. I don’t know if it was because she saw the string of numbers or because of her sister’s remarks. There was a gloomy color in the boy’s eyebrows.
Nanjiang night is beautiful, without pollution and smog. The vast Milky Way, composed of shining stars, is like a silver turntable. It turns slowly and slowly, as if it is stained with vitality. Shen Xinyu sits on the hill and looks up. She feels like she is back when she was a child, lying behind her yard, telling her fairy tales while shaking her fan.
It was the happiest day of her life.
A cold wind of "Aqiao" made Shen Xinyu immediately return to reality. She bowed her head and wrapped her coat tightly.
"Miss Shen, it’s getting cold now. Why don’t we go first?" Has been behind her housekeeper mouth way
"Are we going to stay here today?" Shen Xinyu patted his pants and got gray.
This is a scenic spot of ethnic minorities. She has heard of it before, but she has never been there. It is said that it was released to the public after Nanjiang was sent.
The housekeeper looked at Shen Xinyu and said, "It’s so arranged according to the itinerary, but Mr. Wang has been led by the leaders here to talk about things. I haven’t come to ask him yet. If you don’t like to have dinner later, I can ask Mr."
Shen Xinyu waved his hand and said with a smile, "I’m just asking casually that the scenery here is beautiful and I like it."
Butler know a smile followed Shen Xinyu behind also no longer say anything.
Probably since she came back yesterday, Shen Xinyu found that Tang Shiyan, the housekeeper, turned her eyes around from time to time as if she were staring at her all the time.
Nai Gou Gou lip angle two people successively came to a bamboo building in the mountain, which is the local place where they arranged to rest.
Shen Xinyu didn’t go in, but stared at the string of extra flowers at the door and stopped. If I remember correctly, she didn’t have these things when she just left.
Before seeing Nai smile, the housekeeper explained, "Miss Shen, we may have caught a local festival today …"
"What festival?" Shen Xinyu took some interest.
"I don’t know if Miss Shen has heard of this activity of string girls?"
Shen Xinyu shook his head in confusion, but the housekeeper’s face rarely showed a trace of embarrassment, as if holding back a smile, saying, "String girls is a way for some free ethnic groups to make love, but different ethnic customs are different. Lahu people are a few ethnic groups that keep their mother’s legacy, and their customs are also different. That is to say, on this day of the festival, girls here will boldly show their love by singing love songs or giving flowers to their loved ones as tokens."
"So these flowers were given to Tang Shiyan by the girls here?" After the origin of Bai, Shen Xinyu picked up a grass knot and the expression on her eyes was a little strange.
Is Tang Shiyan still a young man at this age?
But whether it counts or not, he is not a native.
Probably see the girl’s mind, the housekeeper gently coughed and explained that "if guests come to the village on the festival day, they can also become the targets of girls’ confession", and there were many girls outside the village when Mr. Tang came in the afternoon
This time, Shen Xinyu’s little face finally changed significantly. "Is the guest also counted?"
When eating, Tang Shiyan found this girl strange and kept secretly watching him. When he looked over, she hid again. Even she clamored for lamb chops at noon and didn’t take a few bites.
Is it physical discomfort?
Tang Shiyan, who has something in his heart, is not in the mood to socialize and push the housekeeper out. He got up and went back to his residence.

"Lion Target Enemy No.1, No.1 Ship, No.2 Ship, No.2 Elizabeth Target Enemy No.3 Ship!" Looking forward to this moment finally coming, maybe the main forces of Schell Ocean Fleet are not far apart, but Betty is confident to give his old rival a heavy blow in half an hour! "Raise the battle flag and fight for the Royal Navy!"

After suffering for the middle of the night, the Royal Navy finally found a place to vent their remaining energy and resentment to their opponents. Huang Chengcheng’s large and medium caliber artillery shells were pushed into the main guns and 4-inch sub-guns, and the capital ships fired according to their flagship orders!
In an instant, only the steam engine roared at the ocean, and in an instant, a strange variation was played, and the fire was raging and ferocious. On the other side of the dark night, the German fleet fell like raindrops and soon splashed with strange water columns.
The advantage of the British herringbone cross head is not obvious, but their numerical advantage is that the Germans can’t compete with the German capital ship. They didn’t choose to fire a deadly blow, but chose to make a worrying turn and turn around and accelerate into the sea fog area due north.
The terrible gun density of the British made this attempt temporarily futile. At 2: 57, the German ship No.3 was surrounded by four war patrols, and finally it could not support the British ammunition depot in the sixth round of shelling. It exploded and sank on the spot, but it was also the last swan song of this encounter. The main ships of Britain and Germany entered the sea fog area one after another, and the Luzov never appeared.
"The Germans will find them nearby and bite them!" When the ears were silent again, Betty sneered and reached a bloody strangulation order.
How dangerous is Scarborough Gerakl Strait?
Approaching the Strait from the middle of the North Sea, the main fleet has 20 battleships, and the night battle distance is less than 3 yards. Perhaps the first reconnaissance fleet has not responded yet. One 12-inch main gun, six-inch main guns and four 15-inch main guns are enough to tear the imperial patrol fleet to pieces!
Moreover, the trend of the convergence of the two British war patrol fleets can save Wang Haidi from recognizing that the emperor has a little care for him because he is a traveler. Even though the British Royal Princess War-weary has been hit hard, they still have a fast capital ship after all.
At 3: 03, the North Sea, as David Betty expected, the first reconnaissance fleet was moving at a high speed into the Scarborough Gerakl Strait.
The word "dogfight" is really intriguing … "After two naval battles, the building of Luzov’s No.1 floor looks somewhat scarred and feels that those armor blackened by smoke, those shocking knives and gouges, and those broken chains and cables present the most intuitive face to Wang Haidi to tell him what war is!
The sailors on duty were busy mending the damaged pipe while the gunners got together in twos and threes and whispered. Haidi sat on the spiral staircase of the bridge and extinguished the cigarette butts at the corners of her mouth with salty and wet sea fog.
Stretching out his frozen hand and stroking his patrol hull carefully, Haidi felt a little tired for no reason.
"Commander, you are not optimistic about the end of the naval battle?" Chief staff officer Singh Lyle wandered over and leaned against Wang Haidi to grab the military cap and asked
"I never doubt that the ocean fleet will fail without the staff officer." Wang Haidi glanced at the corner of his fleet and unconsciously hung up. "But this does not include the first reconnaissance fleet!"
Singler understood the commander’s subtext. He turned his head and looked at the fleet in the blackout. I don’t know how many people in the battle-hardened first reconnaissance fleet can escape the fate of soldiers and come to Lebanon as soon as they see it.
"Commander Ocean Fleet is in a hurry." The clerk of Luzov’s newspaper office came over in a hurry and looked dignified. "The fourth detachment of the second battleship was scouted by the British fast fleet Schleswig-Herstein, and the Silesia was hit hard!"
【 Although bad writing is not so bad, why do you persuade me to be a eunuch? Recently, it’s really hard to write a few words for a part-time afternoon shift at one o’clock and a late shift at nine o’clock. After finishing writing Jutland, I won’t write about watching the Olympic Games, sister paper and doing a part-time job …] The second gun Chapter 16 Card ()
At 2: 05, a terrible fleet in the sea area of 100 nautical miles from Jutland coastline, 5 nautical miles southwest of the central line of Ska Gerakl Strait in the North Sea, was just washed out from the dim light of the ocean in Golan Bay, Ziher on March 4, 1915, and immediately encountered a clump of white sea fog.
Embroidered with the iron cross, the black hawk, the German navy flag and the flagship flag of the ocean fleet, the top of the main mast of the battleship frederick the great clanked, and the cold wind carried by the high-speed driving came to my face. I went deep into the watchmen’s thick winter coat neckline and my hands and feet were cold. The watchmen’s observation platform rubbed my hands and feet hard to find a moment of warmth
Tired as maggots attached to bones, Schell lost his agility after moving his hands and feet, and climbed breathlessly to the bridge at the back end of the forecastle. He hid his slightly bloated body in the lee, and it took a long time to light his mouth. The cigarette smoke passed through his lungs, and romance and comfort had not yet spread far away in the east, but he fired a low gun. The audio and video was so hurt that the beast growled dully.
"East?" A little accident climbed Schell, carved with years and sea breeze, and his old face was just lit by a cigarette and then trampled on the deck by high boots. He would hold the gangway and rush towards the commander tower of the frederick the great, and at the same time, the overhead lookout would hastily raise his telescope to sweep the calm sea.
A few seconds before rushing into the sea fog, the lookout was surprised to find that there was a little fire a few kilometers away from the port side. Obviously, the graceful fire dance could not bring the lookout the slightest novelty, because it was always a steel background killing!
"Commander Tower, it is found on the port side that there are no more than five ships with a distance of more than 6 meters, and the ocean fleet is roughly parallel!"
Bombarding Takashi is like a sharp hammer hitting the lookout’s chest. It is a desperate feeling. Because the frederick the great has already drilled into the sea fog area, it can be seen everywhere that the thick water vapor will hold the commander tower and partially cover the thick hatch. Although it is difficult to breathe, the short instructions are still reached.
"Ask the fourth team about the situation! Inform the first reconnaissance fleet that the ocean fleet found that the British fast fleet ordered the first reconnaissance fleet to turn around and cooperate with the ocean fleet to attack on both sides! "
"Will that be the British fast fleet, where the god of war Heidi Selim struggled for nearly a night?" Neuer, deputy general staff officer of Ocean Fleet, has a face full of consternation. David Betty, who enjoys the same fame as Selim, is by no means a simple-minded and reckless man. How dare he challenge Ocean Fleet with 17 capital ships with only 10 thin-skinned capital ships!
Neuer, the deputy chief of staff of the fleet, was puzzled that Schell would rule it out or arbitrarily or decisively ordered it to continue. "Finally, the main fleet of the ocean fleet gradually launched the battle line formation!"
Considering that the British may appear in the direction of the northeast, Schell will reinforce his main fleet of the ocean fleet, seventeen formidable ships from left to right, the first battleship team, the second detachment, four Nassau-class, the first battleship team, the first detachment, four Helgolan-class third battleship team, and the fifth detachment, four Caesar-class ocean fleet flagship frederick the great. Fourth Battleship Team, Seventh Division, Four Kings-class, this sequence is arranged in turn. Each column is 1 meter apart. According to the convention, the flagship is always at the front of the battle line. However, in order to facilitate the cooperation of the same type of ships, Schell incorporated his flagship into the fifth division, while the second Battleship Team, the fourth division, three Prussian-class former warships, the fourth destroyer team, and a destroyer were given the right wing to cover the left wing. The old first patrol fleet, the third destroyer team, the whole fleet cruise formation, and the speed of one section entered the Ska Gerakl Strait
At 2: 05, even though the flagship Caesar of the third battleship was deep in the sea fog area, the terrible explosion on the east side went straight into the eardrum through the impenetrable sea fog, which was shocking.
"Is it the end of the fourth detachment or the end of the Royal Navy?" Major general kraft, deputy commander of the third battleship team, murmured
"Major General, Germany is not qualified to wait for the truth to come out before the rich British!" Hippel took a deep look at the narrow observation hole of the commander tower of the battleship Caesar, and firmly said, "Dogel sandbar error will not repeat the order that the seventh unit of the third battleship team advance at 22 knots, and the fifth unit advance at 2 knots, and gradually change the left rudder to 30 degrees to correct the course of 4 degrees north-east!"
The steering command was reported to the room, and the repetitive force drove the steering gear to start work. The huge hull of the tens of thousands of tons battleship drew a light dance circle on the North Sea and rushed in the direction of the final exchange of fire
At 3 o’clock, the commander tower of the battleship frederick the great was lit up, and the atmosphere was slightly dignified.
"The speed of the first team is 1 section and the speed of the second team is 16 sections. It takes at least 15 minutes to reorganize the team …" The chief staff officer opened the thick notes and sent out the dense data on the last page.
Neuer school also wanted to say something more, but the ugly confidential clerk in the newspaper office struggled to squeeze in without any fireworks, and the right-wing horror was fed back after the close combat.
"The fourth detachment of the Second Battleship Team encountered the Prussian-class battleship Schleswig-Herstein, a fast capital ship of the British fast fleet, which was exploded and sank by several British war patrol fire ammunition depots at around 2: 05! Three boilers of the same type ship Silesia were destroyed, but barely kept the steam out of the battle by sea fog. "
The standard displacement of the Brunswick-class reinforced Prussian-class battleship is 1,319 tons. It is equipped with two main guns with a diameter of 23 mm and 14 auxiliary guns with a single assembly of 17 mm. Due to the adoption of the most advanced water tube boiler at that time, the power of the Prussian-class battleship’s main engine is as high as 2 horsepower, and it can easily run for 19 knots. The strong ventilation conditions of Schleswig-Holstein can reach this speed. In terms of defense, the Prussian-class waterline belt’s main armor thickness can reach 24 mm, which has always been neglected. The defense armor of the main
The boiler of the last Prussian-class battleship Schleswig-Herstein, which started construction, has been further strengthened, and the strong ventilation conditions can even run out of the speed. Therefore, the Shih-Heung is not only the swan song of the Prussian-class battleship, but also the stern of Germany’s former fear of the ship. However, it is such a big guy who dominated the ship in the era of fear of the ship. In just a few minutes, he lost his soul because of the tragic explosion of the ammunition depot and was buried in the cold and barren muddy seabed in the North Sea.
Sleeping all night, Schell will glance at his deputy chief of staff with bloodshot eyes as if the crooked chair had been sitting for a long time, and repeat the annoying question repeatedly, "How far is the school ocean fleet from the first reconnaissance fleet?"
"About 34 nautical miles!" Wonderful stopped repeatedly interrupted deputy general staff officer has no qualms about commander-in-chief tightening eyebrows secretly heart slander a disgruntled replied.
The distance between the two fleets doesn’t seem to be getting closer. Scheer recovered those impetuous until he took out his pocket watch and realized the truth. The pointer just wandered around for a few laps. It took only three or five minutes to ask, but he was eager to show that his chief staff officer had a tendency to collapse.
"Young man, I have a hunch that I will live or die, glory or shame will be foggy after one night, and the answer will be revealed after the first light comes!"
Wang Haidi’s primary school brother is less than 34 years old. Neuer, deputy chief of staff of the Ocean Fleet, unconsciously scratches his head. This is the perfect time to encircle the British fast fleet. Neuer School will not sigh and sigh until the morning of the 4 th, when a ray of pure white light pierces the fog and opens the card …
The second gun Chapter 16 Card (9)
[To prepare for writing at the moment of dawn, it turns out that it needs more than 1,000 words to split into two chapters, but how to drop age of steam’s greatest battle line decisive battle is about to start a big era of blood boiling! 】
In the fog, the main force of the ocean fleet is carefully sorting out the formation, expecting the thunder to kill the right-wing arch-enemy. The British fast fleet knows nothing about the coming danger, but also carefully searches for nothingness in the fog. The so-called "First Reconnaissance Fleet" is approaching the seventh detachment with the cover of sea fog.
"Major General Moore sent a report that the German No.2 ship had drilled into the sea fog area and the World War II patrol fleet lost its shelling target!"
After sinking the No.3 ship, four fast capital ships of the World War II patrol fleet began to fire at the German No.2 ship, but the rangefinder had not yet bitten its opponent and the Germans had already drilled into the sea fog area
Just rising up, the high-pitched mood instantly languishes, and the blood and the rainbow momentum are gone. David Betty can’t help but clench his fist and smash the armor of the ten-inch thick commander tower of the Lion overnight.
"this damn sea fog!" After a few deep breaths, Betty forced herself to calm down and turned to his assistant Lampard and asked, "What’s the result of the deputy commander?"
"Tiger, unyielding, indomitable, three war patrol to the German No.2 ship fire hit the enemy No.2 ship; Four patrol ships of the World War II patrol fleet burst into flames and sank to the ammunition depot of the German No.3 fire target ship. "Lampard, the deputy commander, waved his arm and made a powerful gesture." Dogel’s Shazhou naval battle claimed to be unsinkable. After several months of patrol, the British Empire was shot and sank! "
"Wait, Major General, there seems to be something wrong with the other party!" The wine of victory is sweet, but Betty perceives Hamlet-style poison from Lampard’s smugness. After a moment’s hesitation, she wants to make a showdown with her enemy Heidi Selim for life. The idea of Dogel Shazhou’s fright is gradually fading, and Betty will encounter the so-called first reconnaissance fleet. Repeatedly playing it in her mind will soon find out the obscure clue "Did the Germans fight back?"
"German No.1 ship fought back, but the power of their main gun shells seems to be smaller than usual, but the power of their auxiliary guns is greatly enhanced." Major General Lampard is still immersed in the excitement of sinking another ship on a German patrol, and he is somewhat half-hearted. "Commander, the idea of German main gun shells has always been that light bombs have high initial velocity, so that shells with strong penetration and insufficient damage should also be intentional; After the naval battle in Shazhou, Dogel, almost all the capital ships in Germany returned to the shipyard for reconstruction, and it is unknown that the German patrol changed its main guns with stronger performance and larger caliber. Due to the problem of firing rate, turret half-gun shooting technology has become common, which may be the reason for the high firing rate. "
"No!" Betty replied firmly that her brow was almost frozen. "The No.1 ship is obviously the main gun of the Devlinger-class war patrol with a diameter of 35 mm. Even if the latest light bombs and large-caliber shells are adopted, the power will never stop there! In the firing rate, even if the turret is half-fired, the German firing rate should not reach nearly 24 main gun firing frequencies. Moreover, after each round of shelling of the Lion, the ranging tower has little correction on the engagement distance, but the angle correction is considerable, which means that the target ship’s speed can’t keep up with the fast fleet of 24 knots. "
Major-General Lampard graduated from Portsmouth Naval Academy as a poet, but he is also known as a veteran in naval warfare. Lampard quickly took out a pen and paper and re-converted the neglected correction angle.
"The speed of the German fleet has always been around!" Cold sweat instantly wet Major General Lampard’s chest and back. Shocked news blurted out, "So that’s not the first reconnaissance fleet!"
Lampard exclaimed to attract the attention of the busy fleet staff and department commanders of the Lion Patrol Command Tower. Everyone was in shock. David Betty, the arrogant Royal Navy, had a concise and effective instruction.
"Command fast fleet quickly out of combat right rudder 30 heading 4 degrees north-east correction each ship strictly enforce line silence and blackout speed forward! Notify Jellicoe that the fast fleet will encounter the northwest breakthrough of the main force of the ocean fleet, and it is possible to request the Ska Gerakl Strait to meet! "
Everyone knows that orders are kept and carried out, and they know that they are arrogant and provoke their opponents to shake their opponents.
"The ocean fleet is faster than expected. What about such a big fleet?" This is Betty’s doubt.
"The big fleet is still 20 nautical miles away from the Scarborough Gerakl Strait." The chief of staff of the big fleet told the truth that the fast fleet was facing a desperate situation and finally came to a cold conclusion. The chief of staff has tried to be cool and calm in front of the family, but the word "and" has inadvertently leaked that worry.
In March, 1915, the British Empire suffered a fiasco in Mudros Bay, and the despicable Turk’s cheap torpedo destroyed an export-oriented capital ship. Rao was the secretary of the navy Winston Churchill, the first secretary of the navy Wilson, and the resignation of the chief of staff of the two navies also calmed the anger of Londoners. Facing the army, he also suppressed the demonstrations and riots. However, just a few months later, the Conservative leader, the current Prime Minister Andrew Bona Law, tried to save the throne. On the night of March 3, he brazenly announced that the big fleet would take strong actions to save the passive situation on the 4th.
Prime Minister Andrew Bona-Law didn’t know that it was his resolute revenge that had fallen into a difficult situation of riding a tiger. He was highly expected that the fast fleet would only hit or sink a German patrol. Another result might be Nassau class and Helgolan class, which represented glory and fear of ships, or Brunswick class and Prussia class.
The Royal Princess was sunk and the War-weary was forced to withdraw from the battle background. This weak victory can neither save the British imperialists from questioning and cursing the big fleet, nor perfunctory the Prime Minister’s ardent expectation. When it passed, it was more than 2: 05, and a war patrol fast fleet accidentally "collided" with the main force of the ocean fleet, which almost coincided with Jellicoe’s last retreat.
It has become a luxury to keep a slight victory. Now the problem to think about is to lead the boys home!
The commander tower focuses on the gloomy face of the commander-in-chief of the big fleet and throws bitter glory or heavy responsibility to the admiral who has been criticized by them
"After the pursuit of the ocean fleet, before the interception of the West Lyme patrol fleet, and the fast fleet was on the German right wing, Betty was afraid that it would be difficult to break through the tight encirclement and get to the reception point of the Scar Gerakl Strait." The crowded commander tower of the battleship Duke of Jellicoe, who was sensible and steady for half a generation, gradually became cold and sharp, and everyone’s face swept through spicy words and kept popping out of his dry mouth.
Jellicoe will frankly make everyone feel ashamed. He is used to talking about the interests of the M-flag. They can choose the crossroads, but they are not polite to abandon their lofty aspirations. They should take responsibility and shirk their responsibilities neatly.
There is nothing critical about it. He chose to undertake it independently. More than 100 years ago, Horatio Nelson Trafalgar, the naval god of war, spent two hours deciding the final disposal, while Jutland, Jellicoe, reached the "Miqi Battle" in just 20 seconds, which was enough to change the historical decision. This may be the boldest and most incredible decision in his life, but the reward was the silence of the big fleet and the unpredictability of naval battles!
"Inform the fast fleet to move 5 nautical miles in the direction of 2 degrees south-west. We must get rid of the opponent’s big fleet as soon as possible!"

Luxury cars are not reactionary because Miss Qu said, "Wait!"

A Xing asked in surprise, "What else does Miss Qu command?"
She didn’t say anything, because she kept watching Li Dalong leave the intersection until the short and ragged figure disappeared completely. She turned her head and said lightly, "Let’s go!"
The luxury car restarted and drove towards the other side of the street, slowly disappearing into the shade to be continued
Chapter four hundred and fifteen Dangdang cannon
The car is driving fast and the scenery flies by the window.
A Xing turned his head and said, "Do you know Miss Qu?"
Before Miss Qu could answer, Mr. Wang immediately scolded, "A Xing, how can you talk? How can Miss Qu know criminals?"
A Xing hurriedly smiled, "This is also true!"
"I think the man is a little familiar! Talk about not knowing! " Miss Qu still has no expression because she wears sunglasses and others can’t see her real expression.
After a short silence, Miss Qu asked again, "What’s the name of the criminal A Xing?"
A Xing thought for a moment. "I didn’t look closely and know that it was a D-class criminal. It seems that his name is … Li … Dragon. Oh, no, Miss Li Dalong Qu should be mistaken for someone else, right?"
Miss Qu nodded. "Hmm!"
Although she is "well", her heart has set off a storm.
Dalong has been away for many years, but I didn’t expect to meet you in Tianxing. How did you become a criminal? I don’t believe that a man like you can commit a crime!
She was thinking about Li Dalong here, but she returned to the public welfare center, returned the tools and certified the labor results, and then returned to the suburban slums
After drumming in the room for a while, the helmet was connected to the internet. Finally, "It’s a loud bang again, buddy line"!
This is forced to eat two cold steamed buns every day. For Mad Dog Dragon, it is absolutely unbearable. Anyway, I have to make extra efforts to guide some money out to buy some food and improve my life.
Many people arrive at Tianxing, which means they are in paradise. This is a misunderstanding. The planets are divided into rich and poor.
The first thing after the line is to go to the Eastern Dynasty Science and Technology Base, and Jianghuazao is waiting for him in the hall.
"Come?" On the smile.
Mad dog dragon nodded. "It’s so hard to come back here!"
On what also didn’t say much handed him a box of cakes mad dog dragon took it and swallowed it.
Of course, the virtual world can’t fill the hunger in reality, but this move fully shows that the waters know him.
"I’m not short of money. I’ve never been so short of money. I have to get some information out!" Mad dog is in a hurry.
"This ….." On a little hesitant "temporarily a little difficult!"
"What?" The earth dog dragon opened its eyes wide.
"Because you two brothers are in debt now!" A crisp girl came at the door.
Mad dog Longhuitou Scenic Spot couldn’t help but be overjoyed. "It turned out to be the boss. What’s the good photo?"
Yan Yuhua City came in with a smile. "Because of Wu’s rescue, in reality, you suspended all the stores and raised a lot of money. As a result, he didn’t spend any money, but you were rescued first. The money has been paid off, but how many debts are there yet? Let me see … "
She hooked her fingers there, but mad dog dragon was dumbfounded. Why do you … I feel extraordinary?
On the face of mad dog dragon suspicious eyes dry cough two "this I have to explain Yan eldest brother is now the base number two boss …"
"What is number two?" Yan Yuhua Qingcheng is somewhat dissatisfied. "Is it the boss’s wife?"
Mad dog dragon listened, but soon the eye turned and the horse wryly said, "Ha-ha, congratulations, congratulations to Angkor. It’s a blessing …"
As he spoke, he stretched out his hand at Yan Yuhua City. "I missed the wedding banquet, but you have to mean a brother. I’m so poor recently that I’m really eating steamed bread." What’s the quantity? Why don’t you just give it at your discretion? I don’t ask for more than a hundred dragon coins. Hey, hey! "
"I am dizzy!" Yan made yuhua district city hear their straight.
The news of Mad Dog Dragon Line soon came. Soon, a large group of ghosts and gods rushed to the base. Sunny days, gladiolus, steamed dumplings in big cages, brother Honghua, and the forest … Even the three goods, Tintin Fish, 1v3 and the toilet fast chicken master, slipped in.
In the face of everyone’s caring and attentive, Mad Dog Dragon is also a little touched. I didn’t expect that I can’t get anything in the real world, but the virtual world can actually give it.
Although people who know the real situation of Mad Dog Dragon have sunny days and beautiful flowers except on the river, others have heard that he is in trouble in reality, but now everyone is coming to see him behind the line.
"Brother trouble to solve? Tell you what planet you are on. I have nothing else to do. Fighting and chopping people is definitely a good hand! If you have enemies, you will give me a sigh. If I frown, you will cut me! " The toilet fast chicken master vowed to guarantee
"two dog, are you stupid?" 1v3 hear their eyes.
"Why am I stupid?" The quick chicken chef who lives in the toilet is quite angry
1v3 sneer at a way "also fight chop down a person? You always saw it when you were cooking last night. You can’t even hold a kitchen knife. Are you still a good cook? You are pure sb! "
They immediately is a burst of laughter.
Then came a large group of people shouting and laughing, and Mad Dog Dragon also learned in detail what happened after his departure.
He felt very sorry that he couldn’t attend the wedding of Lengfeng gladiolus in person, but what moved him was that he paid five dragon coins to Jiang Huamu under great pressure on a sunny day to save himself.
Of course, this money must be returned to sunny days, and the so-called brothers have to settle accounts.
After a while, everyone dispersed on the river. "We are now in a state of extreme loss and must try to find money."
"That’s natural!" Mad dog dragon nodded.
Jiang Hua said, "Your rags should be changed!"
Mad dog dragon’s eyes lit up. "Angkor has a new hair?"
Waters smiled and waved "Come with me!"
Mad Dog Dragon and Yan Yuhua City quickly got into his production laboratory, and the waters assembled parts on the workbench for a long time "clicked" and a crunchy silvery white gun appeared.
This gun looks like two cups are upside down, and there is a metal tube connected with it. The muzzle is no longer a six-hole disc, but a barrel with a caliber almost the size of a fist.
Mad dog dragon is curious about "energy weapon?"
On throwing the gun to him "see for yourself! The new generation of production has made up for the lack of a generation! "
This gun is quite heavy and must be held before it can be lifted. The mad dog dragon looked at it and immediately became fart paste.
Terminator pulse machine gun type iii (enhanced power)
Attack power +5 science and technology damage
Energy filling degree 15/15;
Attack special effect 1: creating an energy field with a diameter of 1 meter and creating a stray current in the energy field will produce paralysis, confusion and dizziness effects on enemy units;

It’s only 300 miles from Anping to Zhuoxian, but it has to pass through nine waterways, large and small.

I once again feel that Hebei is rich in water resources.
Although these waterways are comparable to the mighty river in the south, they are still a big obstacle.
But this time I don’t need to hurry and Tuoba Ye slowly enjoy the scenery along the way.
In addition to the hip mount, we also brought four extra war horses for easy transfer.
"When we went to Liaodong in those days, it seemed that we were in a hurry." I remembered what we had been doing for several years.
"Master’s March has always been urgent." Tuoba Ye liberated his feet from the stirrup and hung on both sides of the saddle naturally-if he didn’t care about me, I’m afraid he would lie flat on his horse’s back directly.
I thought about it and smiled. "That’s true. Speaking of it, I’ve never ridden a horse so leisurely except this time I’m touring the counties."
"Master is not easy," he sighed from the heart.
I shook my head. "What do you know?"
He looked at me with a wry smile.
If the 300-mile road gallops at full speed, it will take half a day even considering the river along the way, but this meeting is not urgent, so I walked on the road for two days.
On the third day, on the morning of September 11th, I came to Zhuoxian City in Tuoba Ye.
"Yunlong" I looked at this magnificent city in Hebei and turned and smiled. "Do you think … will I die here and become a laughing stock of Liu Xiehe and heaven?"
"Never!" Tuoba Ye resolutely denied my bad idea, and then he reined in and shouted, "Why don’t the mighty Chinese king come here to meet me?" !”
Respond that he is the arch enemy crossbowman.
I saw three or four crossbows and raised my head halfway.
Then I heard someone yelling "Li!"
So I couldn’t help but squint at ChengTou Zheng.
"The other party but two people you like this? !” The sound is vaguely deja vu, but I am not familiar with "closing the crossbow and hitting the city gate!"
"General Tian should know …" Another voice replied, "You need Luzhou Pastoral Order to enter the city gate."
"It’s Lord Lu’s password. Don’t you believe it?"
"I dare not!" The other voice suddenly softened. "Door!"
Zhuoxian main entrance "noting" slowly hit in front of me.
"At the end of the main road!" Tuoba Ye’s feet stepped into the stirrup, and I didn’t wait for me to nod, so I urged the horse to run ahead.
Not wanting to lag behind, I immediately shook my head and chased it.
There was a rhythmic sound in the gate, and more than 100 light horses were listed in the east and west, and a miniature crane wing formation was placed on both sides.
I watched the young general quickly recall his name "Long time no see, Guo Jean?"
Tian Yu Tian Guo let Lu Zhi pretend to be his younger brother, but he is also Lu Zhi’s most valued confidant. He has successively taken on the positions of army department horse, chief thin, and Yuyang satrap. Now he is engaged in two positions, namely, military and political affairs in Youzhou. Of course, if he really wants to compare his strength, he may not be the opponent of three local generals, Gongsun Zan, Yan Rou and Zongyuan.
"Tian Yu has seen the mighty king." Tian Yu didn’t have a horse on horseback to give me a fist and bow his hand. "Luzhou shepherd is too sick to meet him personally. Please don’t take it amiss."
Although he and I are in two hostile countries, he can be said to be polite, courteous and supercilious, but I still feel a little uncomfortable in my heart
"Lu Gongke is in the city?" I asked a hand in return.
He nodded, "Lu Zhoumu came here from Jixian County, and in the satrap mansion, Sun Taishou greeted the pavilion together, please." He drove his mount to the side and invited me.
Tuoba Ye gave me a look, but he still rode ahead.
I kept the lowest vigilance and walked into the gate of Zhuoxian with two spare mounts.
Obviously, the government has sent a notice in advance that the main road in Zhuoxian County is deserted, and every ten feet, there are soldiers holding spurge standing on both sides of the street. The whole scene is particularly solemn, which makes me accustomed to traveling without pomp, and I am a little uncomfortable at the moment.
I looked up and looked at it in the middle, and I clearly felt that there were some sneaky guys hiding in some corners of the building.
"I wonder what the mighty king is looking at?" Tian Yu sounds come from my right rear.

Hands are stained with tens of thousands of blood, and that pool of shallow water has already turned into a blood pool, which can no longer be washed and earned.

Life is like a mire. If you jump in, you can’t struggle out until you die
Occasionally, there will be an evil drama-like thought in my heart. What if I die in this battle?
A cold shudder flashed in my heart and immediately pressed this idea.
If I die, I’ll risk my life with my brothers, and I’m afraid I won’t live.
Life is not too lonely if there are few people or things you want to protect.
At the thought of this, the cloud neon figure reappeared in his mind.
I went home after the battle in Yun Ni.
Never go out again from then on.
The wind blows the horse and screams
Grunt is calm as water.
He fought in the military all his life, and he never lost, not because he was brave, but because he always calmed down at the most critical moment.
Every time there is a crisis, his brain will wake up like a computer, and he can quickly rearrange all the possibilities.
In the past three years, the battle of shallow water and clear water has always been to establish a pan-continental iron wall defense line, preferring to give up opportunities rather than seek success. Although he can’t do anything about shallow water and clear water, he has forced himself to have a strong fighting spirit.
There are all kinds of heroes in this world. Some heroes spend their whole lives in England, but they finally lose, such as uncle Zhong. Some people are born to show their great power at the last minute. They have been here for a long time, and they have known enough about him, but that is because Gront never had a chance to exert his true ability. Gront is good at planning before he moves, but he is good at playing along with the current.
The army is rushing to the rescue road, and generals from all walks of life are yelling and urging the soldiers to whip up their horses. Grunt has a pair of big eyes looking at himself at the end of the road. There are 100,000 soldiers in total. Now it is the most mobile troops he can hastily mobilize. He is rushing to rescue Baisha City Road on a starry night.
There was a sudden realization in his heart, and he couldn’t help thinking that if shallow water guessed early in the morning, he would rescue Baisha City as a preparation?
If you don’t consider the strength of the shallow water clear hands, even if you don’t mobilize the defenders of Baisha City, you may not be able to get it. Since he wants to mobilize the defenders of Baisha City to attack again, does that mean that he didn’t put all his strength out?
So where did he leave the troops?
What do they want to do?
Baisha City is so important that shallow water is not clear enough to cover it up, so what is more important than Baisha City?
"Retona!" Grunt suddenly shouted
"Grand Marshal" Reto Nagong replied that he escaped alone from the four generals of the Western Empire in a bloody battle in Mitterrand. Because of this defeat, the strength of the Western Army was damaged, which led to the ability of the Western Army to clear the defensive measures in shallow water.
After this war, the film general Ratona was deprived of the title of film general and demoted.
However, it is still important for Grunt to stay with him.
"Leto, if you were shallow and clear in Baisha City and me, which one would you choose to get rid of?" This moment Gront suddenly asked
Leto bowed his head and thought for a moment before he sank, "If ordinary generals naturally choose Baisha City to occupy an area, it will always be easier to get brilliant fame than to kill generals, and it will be easier to prove their achievements. But if I were shallow water, I would definitely choose to give priority to the marshal. Now my Western Empire is in an unfavorable situation, but if one day there is a marshal, you will not defeat him. Even if you take Baisha City, you can’t say that you will definitely win us."
Grunt’s murder in his heart passed by. "I suspect that there is an ambush in the shallow water. This guy has laid a series of red mountain bait for us to deal with Baisha City and then Baisha City bait for us."
Leto that heart shock "this is impossible? At present, most of the western part of St. Weill is still in the shallow water under our control. It is difficult to bring others into our control area, with hundreds or tens of thousands of people afraid. "
"There is always a country road to walk through shallow water, and he is good at hiding. If he is ready to take people, he is not too afraid of it."
"Boy, do you want to sneak up on us on our site?" Leto muttered, but I didn’t think of it in my heart. Even the marshal is suspicious yourself.
The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. "If Leto asked you to lead the troops, how many people do you expect to sneak past our noses without being discovered by our opponents?"
"Up to 30,000 people," Retona affirmed. "More people will ensure secrecy."
"That is to say, we are likely to run into shallow water. An ambush force of 30,000 people is waiting for us in the road ahead, right?"
"Marshal, after all, this is based on speculation."
Leto was waking up. Although Grunt said that there could be anything on the battlefield, if you judge that the other side has an ambush just by guessing, then this battle can’t be fought at all.
"You’re right. Now that you are so handsome, I order you to lead a 30,000-man riding team immediately and put on the banner of the main array to play handsome. What do you think?"
Leto’s heart was shocked. He was set to be bait.