"Strength can make you equal. Generally, it is a huge adventure, or a trump card cultivated from the height of resources in local departments … even so, it is limited."

"You brought this person, she is a little too strong. Besides, I think she has a lot of second-and third-order skills, which are difficult for human beings to have at the same time."
Xu Tianhua said at the end, "She is from the spiritual world, right?"
Zhao, Angelnan and Chen’s jade have different expressions when they hear this last sentence. Angelnan is full of shock and curiosity, while Zhao’s Chen’s jade is dignified and suddenly.
Hang Yu wondered and asked, "How did you see it?"
Xu Tianhua said, "We have also successfully recruited a spiritual person, a ready-made spiritual strategic consultant and two prisoners."
"I didn’t expect it to be true."
"It’s true that there are people in the spiritual world one after another, and human beings are directly involved in human beings."
Zhao Chenyu showed great interest in this.
"No wonder Xiaobai is so strong. It turns out that she is an aboriginal who has been living in the spiritual world." Angelnan was full of curiosity and she couldn’t help but ask, "If we can join hands with people in the spiritual world to explore the spiritual world in the future, wouldn’t it be easier?"
Zhao shook his head. "Don’t think of the world so beautifully!"
"Yes, 90% of people in the spiritual world are difficult to communicate with and full of malice." Xu Tianhua said with a serious face. "In some areas, people in the spiritual world have established an army. This is a tide in the human world that does not ignore huge hidden dangers and the threat is far more than strange."
"Lao Xu said yes, Xiaobai is a rare exception." Hang Yu also nodded. "The indigenous people in the spiritual world are generally cruel. If you find the clues of the indigenous people in the spiritual world, you’d better report to the local Skynet immediately."
Angelnan spat out his tongue.
She also thinks she is too naive.
Why should people in the spiritual world live in peace with the weak human beings at present?
Alas, it is better to be a great god than to be unreliable!
Chen Yu said, "Well, it seems that you have to pay attention to this news when you go back."
Zhao is obviously also very interested.
He is going to collect information when he returns.
It is not known whether people in the spiritual world will report it when they find it.
Everyone chatted with each other in the gap between battles.
The situation in Angelnan is very good
Yanjing is the most orderly city at present.
Because even if there is a threat, it can be suppressed
Zhao talked about a strange thing recently: "A huge whirlpool with a diameter of dozens of miles suddenly appeared in the ocean hundreds of miles in Pengcheng, distorting not only the seawater but also the nearby area. Do you know what is going on?"
Hang Yu said, "I think it’s a huge rift. If it’s short-lived, it’s nothing. If it stays open for a long time, we should be alert to the invasion of powerful creatures."
"We have been in a lot of trouble in Rongcheng recently," Chen Yu also said at this moment. "I don’t know when rat people often appear in the city. They often attack citizens. It is said that there is a powerful rat king behind these rat people."
"This must be an invasion planned by people in the spiritual world," Xu Tianhua said without thinking. "As far as I know, there are ten areas around the country that have suffered similar threats, and many of them may be one of the biggest threats to human life."
Angelnan and Zhang Xiaoqiang heard these exchanges.
Everyone feels heavy pressure in their hearts.
All countries have now completely lost control of local areas.
People in all cities are in a state of self-reliance. In many places, the situation has reached the point of danger. The beast tide, the supernatural monster … There are too many threats facing mankind.
Catastrophe may break out at any time!
Everybody steady rhythm.
I brushed it for two hours.
In this process, two dog’s human face queen ant both rose to level 1, and two dog has risen to level 6, and the human face queen ant has risen to level 5.
[Wang Ergou] (mutant spirit beast) Level 6 gold elite vitality 22 spirit 3 life recovery +1 agility +5 psionic knowledge +2 evolution 92/14 reiki 2/4
[Giant Ant with Face] Level 5 Gold Elite Vitality 17 Spirit 2 Evolution 29/22 Reiki 1/2
All the attributes of Grade 6 two dog have been greatly improved.
His general attack power has reached the level of Xu Tianhua.

There are many apertures in Taizhong, and there is a cannon light in these apertures, which is Harley’s best jumping dragonfly killing stunt.

To say that the fighting capacity of these three B-class star cruises by star pirates is not so good, and I don’t know where they robbed the goods. They didn’t have the heart to build the war, and they were easily sunk by the Phantom of the Opera for five minutes.
If these pirates meet the general fleet, they nest has a better chance of winning. If the pirates meet the excellent fleet, it will be their end.
The battle didn’t last long when the Phantom of the Opera suddenly calmed down on the battlefield of the last star pirate main ship.
Star pirates flaunt their strength. Star pirates often fight one-on-one with ships. With the power of class B star cruises, there is a rare defeat. Today, the situation is reversed. Phantom of the Opera, one pick three, this tough fighting capacity makes the star pirates dumbfounded.
Unexpectedly, the Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate’s main ship didn’t attack, but quietly hung in the middle, and Lin momo was talking to the Star Pirate’s champion.
"Want to know? Submit to me and give you an open hand to help me receive everything here. "Momo Lin said lightly that it doesn’t matter to him whether the other party agrees or not.
"Hum, I’m very not easy to build a family business, which have so easy to surrender? If you let me take five ships and … "Star thief leader wanted to say something but saw the screen burst into blue and purple.
"Super C-class ship’s fighting skill is limited to magnetic killing"
"High-energy ray explosion of class B ship’s fighting skill"
Star Steal’s main ship trembled slightly, and at the same time, it also used the ship’s lighter skills. Star Steal’s first action was surprisingly consistent, and both of them wanted to stabilize each other and suddenly challenged.
The two ships collided with each other, and a heavy blue shock wave spread outward, and the far and near ships were hard supported by the wave, the energy tide.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun up. 542 Take over
Ship-to-ship combat is a major feature in the field of star cruises. The Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate main ship are covered by light.
Because of the fusion of cosmic wonders, the star cruises have developed high and low points, and the ship’s fighting skills also have strong and weak points. Sometimes, they even have different attributes. To put it bluntly, battlefield competition is the development degree of the basic quality of star cruises
Even if Phantom of the Opera didn’t turn on the five-star blood forbidden blade, a blood device was installed in the blue blood meteorite, which can consolidate the energy of the blue blood meteorite by absorbing Zerg JingXie.
This blood device has been developed several times, and its power is several times stronger than that of simply ascending the hull evolution value. The nature of the two armies in front of the battle ranks is extremely cheap, and what’s more, the evil spirit’s son experiences a shape force field and the sinking blade feeds back a lot of magnetic homologous energy to the Phantom, which encourages each other, and the power of the blue blood meteorite is getting bigger and bigger.
"Bang" sounded like a wooden stake was broken. In fact, the main ship of the Star Pirate was penetrated by a blue-purple light belt. On the other hand, the hull of Phantom of the Opera started with a dense three-layer matrix inside and outside.
The high-energy ray burst released by the Star Pirate’s main ship is very overbearing and can force out the Phantom of the Opera’s three-layer matrix and worm pattern. Unfortunately, if you lose, you will lose life and death. It depends on the result.
Lin momo roared, "Listen, all the captain and crew members of Star Pirate, don’t kill them. If you dare to make any changes, you will never show mercy."
The spirit wave flows from ship to ship, and Lin momo’s imposing manner makes the star thieves tremble with fear. "Even the champion in the main ship is taken by the enemy and beaten again, I’m afraid there is no chance of winning."
On the edge of the battlefield, two star pirates immediately turned their bows and fled because they were far away from the Tianzhu fleet. They never thought that Zeus would shine in the blink of an eye.
From a distance, the stern of the two star pirates broke apart for a few seconds and completely lost their ability to act.
"Wow," the star thieves are boiling. They worship force and face the invincible enemy. It’s not like they can’t fight, and it’s not like several small leaders lead them to join them.
The Tianzhu fleet watched the Star Pirates fleet despondently fall to the high place where Zeus hangs in the parking area of the dungeon, shaking off hundreds of robots and starting to control the prisoners.
Due to the large number of star pirates, dozens of staghorn worms flew out from Langqi. These are all blue-line necrophilia mental attacks, and the fierce insects are not talking to Brother Wu in the third and fourth grades.
Brilliant beetles slowly descended from the Phantom of the Opera to the ground, and the captive star pirates stared straight. Never before had anyone domesticated such a huge zerg, and the flower firefly and antlers just appeared to be under strong pressure and instantly extended out.
Just out of the cabin, the Star Thief never dared to rebel again. A bright beetle alone is worth a D-class star cruise ship, and the star power of the terrible flower firefly female is all hope to survive.
The dragon fighting beast also joined the caretaker, and Roderick led the crew to clean up the dungeon quickly.
About two hours later, the Tianzhu fleet finished controlling the scene. According to some star pirates, there are some small strongholds on the edge of Tianma Star, and the Blood Reward and Blade immediately rushed to clean up a star thief.
This star has a serial number. It was a paramilitary base thousands of years ago. Later, it was gradually forgotten due to the evacuation of the dilapidated garrison of the famous Marcuse nearby. After thousands of years, it has become an enclave in the north of Lanxingyu.
After the star pirates occupied this place, they named the Tianma Star Base here. It took 23 years to develop before and after the Tianma Base, but now Tianma Star is Lin Sisuo’s lair.
"Said Ye Shaoyan by you? There is also a dry edge, and I will let you get out of here alive. "Lin momo’s eyes are cold, and three people are sitting in front of him. It is the three bosses of the star thief gang.
"Captain, if you are really willing to let us go, I will naturally say that Ye Shaoyan can’t fall behind this Ye family woman, but I have hidden her and her boat with many eyes before the battle. Do you think I will tell the whole story?" By this time, the star thief leader laughed, and he still didn’t forget to show his fierce color, so it wasn’t that Tibetans mostly didn’t mean it before the war.
"Pa", a scar appeared on the face of the crispy star thief, which instantly turned black and gave off an unpleasant smell.
Lin momo has a whip in his hand, or a vine star thief. The champion is rolling back and forth covering his face, tearing his heart out. The pain is spreading along the whip mark. He is no longer just car-scrapping.
"Two you don’t say you say" Lin momo smiled and raised his palm to send out a wave of black gas.
"Don’t fight, don’t fight, I said that the champion is Klee. He is the younger brother of General Victoria. General Long Jianying has always been a sworn enemy. This time, our Star Pirates discovered a giant fear turtle. You know, this is the top super-order war beast, so you moved your mind and announced that you want to buy the blood of the fear turtle at a high price. Captain Ye Shaoyan can see that others can’t see it. So the champion set a trap to attract Ye Shaoyan and her two helpers. When they are almost finished with the fear turtle, our Star Pirates will come out and take advantage of it. A Ye Shaoyan champion didn’t say it’s a pity that the two of us don’t know where Captain Ye Shaoyan is hiding. The champion doesn’t believe in people. "The second husband bowed his head and honestly explained the situation because Lin momo’s means were too cruel. In less than ten seconds, the champion’s whole head was full of cancer, and the half-worm man’s breath was violent, which scared him out of his wits and threw him to other stars early.
"oh? Don’t you two know where Ye Shaoyan is hidden? " Lin momo frown Ye Shaoyan whereabouts he doesn’t mind his heart is light scales.
When Lin momo tried to drill a wormhole, a fleet first star cruise ship was like two giant anchors connected together, which kept spinning.
The giant anchor ship was followed by fifteen star cruise ships and forty battleships, all of which were painted with leading sasha and sounded the alarm at the first time.
"This is?" Lin momo narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen. This sudden fleet is unusual. At the very least, its fighting capacity is several times stronger than that of the star pirate fleet. When it is in action, it gives a faint iron momentum that people can’t be underestimated.
"I know this is Long Jianying’s fleet. How did he know about our base?" Two take charge of trying to show themselves in front of momo Lin as pug this line let three take charge of disdain.
"Sasha asked the other party’s intention to immediately call the crew back to the ship to prepare for the war." What does it mean that Lin momo has poor eyes and Long Jianying appears at this time? Did you know that Ye Shaoyan was imprisoned so soon? I don’t believe it.
After about five or six minutes, Long Jianying’s fleet approached Tianma base, but they were very disciplined and didn’t get very close.
"Ha, ha, ha, captain Harlem, thank you for saving your little sister. I didn’t expect your fleet to find the star thief’s lair in such a short time and do what the old man wanted to do." Long Jianying’s figure appeared on the screen, which made him young and his figure was quite burly.
Lin momo was slightly stunned when he realized that the other party had the ability to change the source of form, because when he saw Long Jianying, he didn’t find that he had the ability to make the trace of medicine judge that this incredible change originated from the source.
"General Dragon, it’s really hard for your cousin to find a star thief and my mouth shut. Since your fleet can find this place, most of them have positioning means, right?" Lin momo looked at each other unblinkingly according to the current situation. Long Jianying seems to have drawn up a plan to eliminate star pirates. Captain Ye may be the bait, but the Tenchu fleet is just an accident.
"Well, Captain Lin guessed that my cousin did have a distress device. Your fleet suddenly appeared, which made me almost fail in layout. Fortunately, the Tianzhu fleet had previously appeared in Caesar’s kingdom. We should let your fleet come to Marcuse first to see what was going on. Captain Lin is really a hero, so I took this place before I got here." Long Jianying was tepid and explained that he did not forget to hold Lin momo in the end to tell the truth that he was afraid of the strength of the Tianzhu fleet.
"So that’s it. So our fleet made a vanguard. Fortunately, it didn’t become cannon fodder. Since General Long has a way to locate your sister, you might as well find her out. The captain needs light scales." Lin momo’s tone in his words is that he accused Long Jianying of not using the Tianzhu fleet as a gun, but he didn’t care if he got light scales.
"It’s better to save people before consulting." Long Jianying’s voice just fell and a spaceship landed in the mountains more than 2,000 kilometers away from Tianma base, and Zeus immediately rushed to cooperate with the action.
Say it’s a coordinated action, but it’s actually monitoring Lin momo. Don’t allow this juncture to appear. The flower firefly girl has also been sent to keep an eye on each other in the past.
Not long ago, a huge hidden warehouse was found out. This is the location of the star thief Tibetan. Fortunately, it is far enough away from the dungeon, otherwise it will be hit by the war.
More than 30 main characters were rescued, and the Phantom of the Opera immediately rushed over to the city to leave a boat to look after the Fluoron. If Long Jianying dares to attack, it will be a deadly battle.
Long Jianying inwardly sighed, "This Lin momo doesn’t simply do things in a watertight way, and his cousin Silver Scorpion Star Cruises will touch a larger foe even if he wants to seize this star pirate stronghold, and the fighting capacity of the Tenchu fleet is too strong, especially the Phantom of the Opera doesn’t know that if the strength develops to this day, the news comes from the third galaxy, and it seems that the Phantom of the Opera is a C-class Star Cruises, but it is really strange to see a lot of question marks through database analysis."
Lin momo came out to welcome Ye Shaoyan to the Phantom of the Opera, even if Long Jianying wanted to oppose it, it was too late. The ship that sent people to search for people was not an opponent.
"Dragon General, welcome to our fleet stronghold. The Star Pirates are no longer renamed Tianma Base as Tenchu Base from today. I hope you can take a seat on Phantom of the Opera." Momo Lin sent a message that from this moment on, Tenchu Fleet officially took over Tianma Base because he has this qualification.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun Chapter 543 Recovery
Phantom of the Opera’s reception room is full of guests, including the female captain of Ye’s family and the master. Lin momo, the general of Dalong, leaned slightly to sit in the main seat and then there will be a negotiation.
"Captain Lin told aunt what your moon star is?" Ye Shaoyan narrowed her eyes and chuckled as if she saw a funny thing.
"Aunt? Moon star calls you aunt? " Lin momo is a little dizzy. The female captain of Ye Jia is too young to look like a girl. She thought she was not a master near the peak. I don’t know what it means to suddenly arrive at the moon star.
"Hey hey, I’m aunt Moon Star, although I’ve met her once, but I’m also a relative. In the last six months, the name of Captain Lin and her family is like thunder. Ye Junao vowed to destroy the Phantom of the Opera, but judging from the speed at which your fleet defeated the star pirates, I’m afraid Xiao Ao will suffer again in recent years. It’s not enough for someone to come out and wake up one day, and it’s not enough for a hero to think about the family’s family." Ye Shaoyan’s tone gradually increased, but her beautiful eyes always looked at Lin momo with a smile.
"Captain Ye’s sense of honor in the past, I Ye Junao’s first world war had to be a moon star, and I was also a teacher and a friend. From the perspective, I should rescue these past events and put them aside for the time being. It is really a light scale for us to come here and ask my aunt to help." Lin momo looked at Ye Shaoyan with a sincere tone
"Light scales?" Ye Shaoyan looked puzzled at Long Jianying as if she didn’t have much impression on this matter.
"Cousin, you won’t lose that thing from your third child, will you?" Long Jianying opened his mouth and woke up. He had a headache for this little cousin.
"Oh come to think of it! Is that thing valuable? I seem to ask me to look for it. "Ye Shaoyan’s hand suddenly propped up a big screen to search in front of everyone.
Lin momo was nervous, although it was not white where Ye Shaoyan hid the equipment and was not found by the star thief, but at this moment, her heart was in her throat and she could not consider these little things.
"Hee hee found the original here" Ye Shaoyan suddenly pointed to the reception room desktop to see the green light flashing more than a jade box.
"It’s a light scale that’s right." The sinking blade secretly sends out a feeling of thinking and scans it to give an accurate answer immediately.
"Aunt Ye, this is exactly what I am looking for. It is very important for me. If you have any requirements, just say it. My fleet will do its best to help you complete it." Lin momo has a jade box on the desktop in his eyes, no matter whether he is a hundred-year-old grandmother sitting opposite or a beautiful girl in the flower season.
"Ha ha since you call me a leaf home aunt so everyone is a family thing for you! You don’t have to be an outsider, but I have a small request. Let Ye Jun ‘ao go easy on you every time you meet him. Although Ye Jia is unpopular, he is still Ye Jia. Without Ye Jia, how can I be today? As aunt pull a little proud but Ye Junao if you don’t know the depth to continue to make moves to Captain Lin, then I "Ye Shaoyan said this with tolerance, and the light scale is equal to giving it to Lin momo. Putting Ye Junao on the horse is a request to sell or not, depending on Lin momo’s mind.
Even if Long Jianying is getting stronger and stronger, Ye Shaoyan is just a poor female captain of Ye’s family. She is not qualified to ask Lin Sisuo to do things, and in the final analysis, it is the first time for the Tientsin fleet to kill the star pirates and let Ye Shaoyan be free. This is equal to saving lives.
Ye Shaoyan has worked hard for many years and knows that hard fists are the truth. Since people are willing to sit down and discuss, it is not good for her to go too far.
"Good captain guarantees that if Ye Junao attacks the Tenchu fleet, I will handle it as appropriate before I leave the battlefield, and let him know that Ye’s aunt helped him once." Lin momo’s life has always been a grudge. Since I promised Ye Shaoyan today, I will certainly do it in the future.
"Good men talk about things first. My friend and I will stay here for two to three months. Captain Lin won’t be bothered by others, will you? Anyway, we are also relatives. "Ye Shaoyan tugged at her skirts and smoothed the pleated clothes. After that, she left the reception room with a group of hands to see her. She meant to make friends with the team of the Tenchu.
"It’s good to leave. This little cousin is active by nature. She must have gone to find her star cruise ship. Captain Lin, should you and I talk about the ownership of the Star Pirate Base?" Long Jianying turned the conversation and put the purpose of this trip on the table.
"Dragon General, I’m going to run those star pirates here enough to form a fleet, so I don’t want to cede the base." Lin momo turned cold and attacked the star pirates base Long Jianying without any benefits at this time. Isn’t it a villain?

"I’ve heard for a long time that hidden weapons of Tangmen claims to be the first old man in the world. Let’s get a vestige!" Khalifa Luna put her hands on the armrest of the wheelchair with a sneer at her mouth.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …" Tang Zhiqiu suddenly jumped from his horse and shot twelve short arrows faster than in an instant!
Khalifa Luna fired thirteen migratory locust stones from the two handrails of the wheelchair according to the motive, and twelve of them accurately hit the twelve short arrows of Tang Zhiqiu, shaking them off!
Tang Zhiqiu’s figure had just fallen to the ground when he suddenly heard a whine from the steed. It turned out that the 13th migratory locust stone in Khalifa Luna had shot through the horse’s head, and the steed was killed immediately!
Tang Zhiqiu’s wrist shook, and two silver lights bloomed and flew out to the wheelchair Khalifa Luna!
After this light shoots, it rapidly increases ten times, twenty times and thirty times … It is the ultimate hidden weapons of Tang Zhiqiu-the dart of mother leaving the soul!
In the face of such a powerful enemy, Tang Zhiqiu knew that his other hidden weapons must be useless. Just now, he directly went out of the mother’s soul dart!
Khalifa Luna’s face changed, and an iron gallbladder shot out of the wheelchair to meet the dart in front!
Bang! The iron dart bounced back when it hit, and the light it gave back suddenly disappeared!
However, the female dart is ten times more powerful than the dart, emitting more brilliant and dazzling light, knocking the dart out and continuing to attack Khalifa Luna!
Khalifa Luna once again shot out the second iron bravery according to the motive and hit the female dart!
The female dart slowed down slightly and then continued to fly, but the third iron gallbladder hit again!
The female dart paused a little-it was still flying forward. The fourth iron gallbladder ejected the female dart from the wheelchair and collided!
The flying potential of the female dart finally failed and it was about to fall to the ground!
But the fifth iron bravery has already flown back to Tang Zhiqiu’s chest with the "bang" of a mother’s soul dart!
Tang Zhiqiu has been exhausted since he issued the mother dart. He can’t hide from this mother dart!
However, at this moment, a gas-forming crack suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zhiqiu, which was the magic-time crack when the two-seat cardinal Antonio controlled it!
After Antonio sent Ling Feiyang to the battlefield, the rift continued to note the situation. Seeing that Tang Zhiqiu was about to die, Antonio immediately targeted and created another rift in front of Tang Zhiqiu!
Antonio deserves to be the greatest magician in Europe. He can use magic to rescue Tang Zhiqiu ten miles away! When the female dart was shot, the crack was immediately sent to another one, and the light suddenly disappeared!
However, in the house ten miles away, Antonio fell to the ground clutching his chest in pain!
Antonio didn’t expect the mother dart to carry a huge energy field!
The root of this energy field is not from Tang Zhiqiu, but from Khalifa Luna, who teaches the Buddha!
Khalifa Luna is the most powerful magician in Persia, although he doesn’t know martial arts. His energy field intensity has already surpassed Antonio’s!
After Ling Feiyang’s game, Khalifa Luna still felt that his 90% chance of winning was due to his full confidence in his own strength!
Khalifa Luna’s initiative also stems from this confidence!
He has the confidence to destroy all the remaining Song masters on the battlefield by himself!
This almost horrible energy field is Khalifa Luna’s winning chip!
The mother’s soul dart completely destroyed Antonio’s energy field. Antonio was not only seriously injured, but also became an ordinary person who could not magic like Gonzalez and other three archbishops. It happened ten miles away, but Ling Feiyang and others didn’t know it!
"Someone must help them in the dark! But this person who helped them must have become a cripple … "Khalifa Luna said to Tang Zhiqiu in her heart," Even if you were lucky enough to pick up a life, we won this move! "
Tang Zhiqiu’s heart was so tired that he dragged his tired body out of the court. Khalifa Luna spoke Persian in his mouth and then drove the wheelchair to move to the left.
After this step, Khalifa Luna has been adjacent to Bingxin, and one goal of Khalifa Luna is obviously to kill Bingxin, the "queen" of the Song Dynasty! to be continued
Chapter 471 Ling Feiyang VS Buddha
In the late battle of "Killing Chess Array", Khalifa Luna, the Persian king, personally attacked and displayed the extremely terrible energy field, which not only defeated the "mother’s soul dart" of hidden weapons, a revered Tang family, but also destroyed the energy field of Antonio, the first magician in Europe.
Khalifa Luna has approached Bingxin, but Ling Feiyang certainly can’t put Bingxin in danger and immediately shouted, "Last four into four!" "
Ling Feiyang’s move is to get Bing Xin out of Khalifa Luna’s attack range, but Bing Xin cried, "Do you not believe me so much, Feiyang?" Don’t you make me a deserter by playing chess like this? "
"Since I am the chess director, you must listen to me!" Ling Feiyang cried
Bing Xin knew that Ling Feiyang had a good heart, so he cast his flying figure and floated out into the distance!
Khalifa Lunafa attacked Bingxin and immediately drove the wheelchair to move forward, trying to attack Ouyang Ke!
"Wang Siping San!" Ling Feiyang immediately called Ouyang Ke to listen to Ling Feiyang and immediately moved to the side to hide the attack range of Khalifa Luna.
"Brother Yi asked me to meet this Buddha!" In this chess game, Yang Miaozhen, the "right horse" of Song Kingdom, has never had a chance to play chess. At this moment, he saw Khalifa Luna gradually approaching himself and immediately shouted to Ling Feiyang.
"Listen to my command and don’t act without authorization!" Ling Feiyang to Yang Miaozhen call way
Khalifa Luna rushed to the front line in order to crush the remaining masters of the Song State one by one. However, Ling Feiyang had guessed that he intended to let Bing Xin, Ouyang Ke and Yang Miaozhen avoid their sharp edges.
Because Khalifa Luna is a "king", she has to turn her wheelchair around and call out to Ling Feiyang, "Are you Song people all cowards?" Always hiding from this game of chess? "
"Avoidance is not also a tactic of" Chastelain "? I let them hide from you because your opponent is me! " Ling Feiyang said bluntly

Just thinking about it, the light blue mask suddenly fluctuated, and a voice full of surprises spread to come out. "Sister, you have finally come! I thought I’d never see you again … Where’s the patriarch? "

This voice, which is like a falling jade plate, is very familiar to Leng Yubing. Although it is somewhat distorted because the mask is separated, she is still sure that it must be gentle and soft behind the mask.
"Rou Er, how are you?" Leng Yubing asked, "The patriarch is behind that peach grove and is healing Miss Wei ‘er."
The light blue mask fluctuated again, revealing an arch of Zhang Xu’s height. Wen Yurou ran out quickly and asked eagerly, "Is Miss Wei seriously injured?" If there is no girl Wei Er these days, maybe I will never see my sister again … "
Wen Yurou’s face was pale and her footsteps were vain. At first glance, she knew that she had suffered internal injuries, and she has not healed yet. Her long white dress was covered with mottled black blood on the left and right. Moreover, Wen Yurou has always been strong, but now she has said the same thing twice in succession, which shows how critical the situation in the valley is these days.
"I still don’t know how the girl’s injury is, but judging from the fact that the patriarch immediately healed her in situ, it is estimated that the injury is extremely serious … but judging from the reaction of the patriarch, the girl’s life should be safe, otherwise, the patriarch will never let those monsters leave." Leng Yubing took Wen Yurou’s arm pityingly, looked at it for a moment, and then said, "The patriarch met a strange fate some time ago and made great progress. It’s beyond our sisters’ reach. With the patriarch here, those monsters will be beaten out of the water if they come again!" He comforted Wen Yurou a few words, gave a gift to an old man standing next to the arch, and said, "Hello, senior."
Looking into the mask through the arch, Leng Yubing couldn’t help but look big.
Fiona Fang, which has been shrouded in a mask for more than ten miles, is only a mess. Buildings or majestic or magnificent pavilions are crumbling, or have collapsed. Only three or four buildings are intact. The big pits and small pits that have been blasted out by witchcraft and Taoism in the valley are one by one, and there are countless exotic trees that have been broken and damaged. Blood pools, bodies and limbs of people or demons can be seen everywhere … Such a terrible situation can be imagined without asking.
Leng Yubing took a long time to come to her senses, took a deep breath and asked hastily, "Rou Er, are the parents of the patriarch all well?"
"The two bosses are all good! Not even a hair was hurt! " Wen Yurou’s chest was quite stiff, and she was quite proud. "Even if Rou Er is desperate, he must protect the two bosses!" Leng Yubing took a long breath and recited, "That’s good, that’s good, otherwise the patriarch will be mad with grief … Good job, martial sister!" Praise Rou Er, LengYuBing can no longer resist the doubts in the heart, "Rou Er, how can there be so many monsters attacking Master Hammer’s Wankeng Valley? When did it start? How can it be so miserable? "
"It happened at midnight three days ago …" Wen Yurou just said, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked behind Lengyubing with joy and said, "Patriarch!" LengYuBing answer back, zhang yu vanity, xin with holding the eu son is standing there quietly.
Xin Tong looked at Wen Yurou, who was pale, and suddenly bowed down and gave a gift. He said, "My father and mother are safe and sound, Rou Er, thank you very much." Obviously heard WenYuRou just said.
Wen Yurou hurriedly returned the gift, but was pulled by Xin. "Rou Er, this is what you deserve!" Stopping Wen Yu’s gentle reply, Xin Tong sincerely said to Leng Yubing, "Europe, thank you, too. Thank you for caring so much about my father and mother. Thank you for knowing me so well … OK, let’s not talk about it. Let’s go inside. Rou Er, you go on to say, what the hell is going on? "
"This must be Xin Zongzhu." Without isothermal Yu Rou opening his mouth, the old man who had been standing by the arch saw Xin Tong’s appearance, so he quickly came on foot, bowed to Xin Tong’s saddle and said, "Fei Lianpo, the manager of Wankeng Valley, thanked Xin Zongzhu for his help on behalf of Master Hammer, the owner of our valley! If it weren’t for Xin Zongzhu’s timely arrival, our valley would be in danger this time, even if it could … "
"Don’t mention it, Fei’s predecessors. This is what it should be." Xin Tong saluted Wei Er, who was still in a coma, and interrupted the old man’s words, saying, "Now is not the time to be polite. Manager Fei had better tell us how all this happened."
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The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The old man was embarrassed to tunnel: "People are old, and they always talk a little wordy …" With a long sigh, he said: "It’s a long story, starting hundreds of years ago …" Fei Lianpo suddenly changed his face here, and the arch on the blue mask suddenly disappeared. Then he bypassed Xintong and stepped over ten feet, rapping out: "That Taoist friend!
"I don’t have such a monster pet with incomparable power!" Laughing with Yu Ying and Jing Guan, who flew silently and quickly, he said, "These two demon pets belong to my master!" Fei Lianpo was stunned, but his face and voice did not ease at all. He still asked sharply, "Who is your master?"
Without waiting for Jing Guan’s reply, Yu Ying suddenly screamed, her wings parted, her left wing swept Jing Guan, and her right wing was taken as a pledge towards Fei Lianpo.
"Bang bang" two flips, caught off guard by the palm of your hand to connect the jade eagle with iron wings, and the static officer flew out like a gyro, holding himself steady thirty feet away; Fei Lianpo, who was also hard-connected by palm force, was deeply immersed in the ground by the wings of the jade eagle, and the soil did not reach the waist.
Xin Tong smiled bitterly. He knows why the Jade Eagle suddenly outbursts. How can Jing Guan’s "monster pet" and Fei Lianpo’s "monster" with strong hostility be tolerated by the Jade Eagle who is arrogant by nature?
Reaching out to pull out Fei Lianpo, who was blue in the face, Xin Tong said to Jing Guan, "Senior Jade Eagle is a mentor and friend of his teacher, and he has always respected him for his teacher …" His voice suddenly turned sharply and he shouted, "If you dare to talk insolently again. I will immediately take you out of the door for the teacher! "
Fei Lianpo knew that Xin Tong’s words were actually meant for himself, sighing unlucky. It seems that this wing was won in vain. "Xin Zongzhu, the old man has something to ask." Fei Lianpo didn’t bother about being photographed by the jade eagle in the ground. Su Rong sent a message to Xin Tong, "Xin Zongzhu wants to bring the jade eagle and the python together?"
"Exactly." Xin Tongling silently transformed and wrapped around her waist. He recalled, "Listen to what the manager Fei said, but what’s wrong?"
Fei Lianpo nodded. The preacher said, "The reason why our valley has become like this is directly related to a monster! Moreover, it’s not just a monster in general … "Here, Fei Lianpo suddenly stopped preaching, thoughtfully for a long time and then continued:" Xin Zongzhu is not an outsider, old man has no scruples, just tell the truth … This valley seals the blazing demon king, one of the three lich kings! This time, the group of demons attacked the valley to save the blazing demon king! "
Wankeng Valley actually seals the blazing demon king, one of the three demon kings!
Xin Tong was stunned for a moment by the news. As far as he knows. There has been no news of the three demon kings in the spiritual world for a long time. I didn’t expect that one was sealed in the valley of ten thousand pits! He has never heard of the evil relationship between Master Hammer and any demon king, but the fact is completely contrary to what he knows. The friendship between Master Hammer and the demon king is not a general evil.
Only in the legend, the way of the three lich kings is not inferior to the top 15 experts in the spiritual world, even better than half of them … Isn’t this rumor false? If it is true. Master Hammer, who can only be ranked in the middle of the four monks, the five magic kings and the six scattered immortals, why should he seal the blazing demon king who has the strength to look at one another among the three demon kings?
Xin Tong asked politely, "When and how did Master Hammer seal the blazing demon king? There has been no news about this in the spiritual circle. How can so many monsters suddenly come to rescue the blazing demon king? "
"That was more than three hundred and eighty years ago. Our valley owner returned from a cloud tour, accompanied by misty rain Jiangnan fairies. Soon after, Chitian Yaojun also came to our valley, and stayed in our valley with Yanyu Jiangnan Fairy for nearly four years. For more than three years. The three of them have been getting along very well, but one day they suddenly turned over for some reason. On the day, the demon king had a fierce quarrel with the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. On the day, the demon king swallowed their anger and left, but that night he stole into our valley and went crazy and slaughtered all the people in the valley … "
Fei Lian’s face turned pale on the slope, his eyes were filled with profound hatred, and there was more fear that could not be concealed. He stopped for a long time and continued to preach. "It’s just a moment. Nine disciples and twenty-seven servants of Lord Gu. All his hands were killed … The old man was badly wounded as soon as he met him, but for the timely arrival of the Valley Master and the misty rain Jiangnan fairy. Old age will never be spared. "
"On the day the demon king saw the Valley Master and the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. He sharply denounced the Valley Master as a villain who made mischief in her love, and then threw herself at the Valley Master. When the Valley Master saw that all his disciples and servants were dead, he hated and was angry, and immediately returned the favor. "
"Misty rain Jiangnan fairy didn’t make moves at first, just stood there watching. The blazing demon king fought against the Valley Master for a long time, but he lost his mind and cursed the misty rain Jiangnan fairy for splashing, being as blind as a bat, and being inconsiderate … Finally, he angered the misty rain Jiangnan fairy and joined forces with the Valley Master to seal the blazing demon king after being wounded … Up to now, it has been nearly 400 years … "Fei Lianpo sighed and added," This matter is absolutely secret, and I beg the old man Xin Zongzhu not to do it again. Xin Tong promised at once, and assured Fei Lianpo that he would never tell the second person about it again.
When I first heard this secret, I was shocked by Xin Tong’s heart, but I couldn’t help guessing the relationship between the two men and a demon. It seems that there is a romantic story between Master Hammer, Misty Fairy and Chitian Demon King … Mm-hmm, it should be like this. Chitian Demon King likes Misty Fairy, and Master Hammer seems to like Misty Fairy a little … Hey, love triangle … Uh-huh, no matter which place she likes, that guy Chitian Yaojun is unlucky enough to be sealed by his right person and rival in love for 400 years …
He was imagining things here, and Fei Lianpo heard his thoughts again. "Before the old man told Xin Zongzhu about it, the only people in the world knew about it were Gu Zhu, the old man, the fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River and the sealed blazing demon king. The old man himself never figured it out. How did the monsters who came to rescue the blazing demon king know about it?"
"There are several possibilities." Xin Tongli thoughtfully and said, "Well. Let’s not talk about this. How did Manager Fei determine that those monsters came to the land of blazing demons? "
"Six monsters and four monsters in our valley are famous in the demon family, and they are notoriously bitter rivals in the demon family. Maybe others don’t know the real relationship between these two big monsters, but the old man knows very well that these ten monsters. Are the diehard loyalty of the blazing demon king! In addition to the blazing demon king, the other two demon kings can never make them attack at the same time! "
Xin Tong had a whim. "Is it because the demon king told the land?" he asked.
"This is impossible!" Fei Lianpo immediately shook his head. "The Valley Master and the Fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River are both top experts in the world. Is it so easy to break the earth seal jointly imposed by the two immortals?"
"This possibility is not completely absent!" A kind of inexplicable feeling makes Xin Tong more and more determined about his whimsy. "Master Hammer and misty rain fairy teamed up to suppress the demon king in Wankeng Valley, which is not a glorious thing for the two earthly immortals who are top experts in the spiritual world. What’s more, there are some subtle things that can’t be humane to the outside world … Well, that, subtly that … I think neither Master Hammer nor Misty Fairy will talk about this matter to people, and Manager Fei has not made any sense about it … Uh-huh, the younger generation believes that it is not the news leaked by Manager Fei! Then, this matter is only known to the four of you in the whole world. If Master Hammer, Misty Rain Fairy and Manager Fei didn’t say anything, who else could it be if it wasn’t the demon king? "
Xin Tong thought for a moment, then said, "Could it be like this? Master Hammer and Misty Rain Fairy’s Taoism are somewhat similar, so there is a gap in the seal jointly imposed by them, and Chitian Yaojun finally shakes it with hundreds of years’ efforts. So I sent a message for help? "
Fei Lianpo’s face flashed a trace of unhappiness, palpitation for a long time, but in the end it was still shaking his head, even impossible!
"Since the manager thinks it is impossible, let’s not talk about it." Xin Tong felt that this was not the time to dwell too much on the possibility, so he changed the subject and asked, "Manager Fei had previously meant it, but he was worried that the elder Jade Eagle and the ghost python were also here to rescue the blazing demon king?" Fei Lianpo nodded and said, "The old man does have this concern …"
With a wave of his hand, Xin Tong said in an extremely firm tone, "Manager Fei doesn’t have to worry about this. Senior Jade Eagle and Ghost Python are loyal to me. There will never be any problems. For this, I can guarantee it with my head and reputation! " See Ai Ai in Feilianpo Period. As if he didn’t believe me, Xin Tong was greatly upset, and his face changed. He said coldly, "If Manager Fei thinks that I’m not worthy of trust, then I’ll leave immediately after picking up my parents!"
What he said was a bit heavy, and Fei Lianpo’s face changed, and then he smiled apologetically: "Where did Xin Zongzhu say this? Worthless old man never believes … "
Wei Er fought against six monsters in the demon alone, so that the oil ran out and the lamp withered, and she was seriously injured. For some reason, no one in Wankeng Valley came out to help her. Xin Tong was extremely unhappy. He just saw the horror inside the mask, and estimated that Wankeng Valley might be understaffed. Then he thought of Master Hammer and Yun Xiaobai’s friendship for himself, and he could not bear it. At this time, Fei Lianpo suspected Yu Ying and came silently, but he became more and more angry. Now he is no longer polite and said:
Fei Lianpo is a sophisticated man, so it is natural to see that Xin Tongdong is really angry. At this moment, Xin Tongdong is absolutely not to offend this force! Bowing down to Xin Tong, Fei Lianpo sincerely said, "Don’t be angry with Xin Zongzhu, it’s old-fashioned. The valley owner is not in the valley, and such a thing happened in our valley. The little valley owner was seriously injured because of this, and the old man was really out of his mind. Alas, this is once bitten, twice shy … "
"Hammer master is not in the valley? Yun Xiaobai was seriously injured? " Xin Tong was shocked once again. No wonder Wankeng Valley was so miserable under the siege of the demons. It is no wonder that Wei Er was too tired to run out of oil but no one helped her.
"The Valley Master went back to the Valley not long ago, but only stayed in the Valley for two days and then set off for Mobei. It is said that an ancient abode of fairies and immortals, which rose to Jin Xian in ancient times, showed its trace in Mobei, which seemed to be open. At midnight on the ninth day after the Valley Master left, the Four Demons of Ailao and the Six Monsters of the Demons each led hundreds of monsters to invade the Valley. "
Fei Lianpo motioned for Xin Tong to walk and talk, and continued, "These monsters are divided into three groups. Six monsters lead one group to rescue the 367 monsters in our valley that suppressed the seal, while the four demons mourn for the other group to seal the place where the blazing demon king is, in an attempt to break …..! Now that I think about it, it is really possible that our valley sealed the blazing demon king, and it was revealed by the blazing demon king with supreme magic! Because the Ailao Four Demons led all the monsters without the slightest delay, they went straight to the seal place after entering the valley … Uh-huh, it seems that it is not quite right. If we judge by this alone, it is a little too sensitive … "
Xin Tong coughed and said, "Manager Fei, what happened to the four demons and other demon families when they arrived at the place where the blazing demon king was sealed?"
"Far away, far away." Fei Lianpo smiled shyly and said, "The demons are powerful. At this moment, the old man can only abandon his car and protect his handsome! Fortunately, this Wan Li Yun He Bisha Cage, which was personally refined by the Valley Master, is really strong enough. After the old man started, he cried and separated the six monsters in the demon and the four monsters in the mourning prison … Alas, people have to refuse to accept the old age. When this person is old, his brain will be confused, and he will answer irrelevant questions. Xin Zongzhu is not strange. "
Xin Tong smiled wryly again and said, "Six monsters in the demon are still attacking the mask with their troops. So, it seems that the blazing demon king has not been rescued, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "

Now that Lu Bu has gone to Hanzhong, I don’t know when he will return to Chang ‘an. Cao Cao also wants to deal with Lingyun when he can.

I don’t want to destroy Lingyun in World War I, but it’s also good to win Jizhou and Qingzhou this time and gradually weaken Lingyun’s strength.
Especially a few days ago, he was funded by the Outer Warrior Consortium.
That is, the support of Ou Haili made Cao Cao’s funds strong
If you have enough money, you will naturally have the confidence to launch a war.
Lingyun also personally entered Jizhou with a million-strong army.
GongSunYing and Ma San both followed in the army, but Ma San is now a commander-in-chief of Lingyun account, an unknown little general with 10 thousand soldiers.
Lingyun did not expose Ma San, nor did he say a word to Ma San all the way from western Liaoning to Jizhou.
Lingyun believes that there will be many people hiding in the dark all the way to observe.
If Ma San is around him, he will definitely be found.
Even if you pretend to be a horse, your figure is very noticeable. Maybe you can judge the identity of the horse from the clues.
Former GongSunYing was Lingyun’s trump card, and now Dian Wei is also a six-star master. GongSunYing has reduced a lot, and now hiding Ma San is Lingyun’s other trump card.
After arriving in Jizhou, Lingyun still chose defense and did not take the initiative to attack.
His troops are less than Cao Cao’s, and if he consumes less troops than Cao Cao, he will not be able to bear it.
Why rush out and guard the wall when there is a wall to support it? Casualties will be smaller than leaving the city. Why leave the city?
Unless Lingyun thinks he can beat Cao Cao.
But now, although Ma San has joined, Lingyun’s overall strength is still not as good as Cao Cao’s.
Still lack the counselor this point.
But this visit to Jizhou is not without surprises.
I didn’t expect Xu Fu to stay in Jizhou for more than a year and break through to a five-star counselor.
For becoming a monk halfway, Fulai Xu said it was already very Uber.
If Chui Fu had taken the road of counsellor in earlier years, he would be a top counsellor now and a five-star high order at least.
But although Chui Fu has broken through to five-star counselors, the number of counselors here in Lingyun is still far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are only three five-star counselors in Lingyun Bai Sheng Chui Fu, and there are also two four-star counselors, one star, two stars and three stars, which can be ignored.
No matter what level, the number of counselors Lingyun here is far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are at least five four-star counselors in Cao Cao’s side, and there are a lot of them.
Chapter 547 Be compelled
Wei Jun!
Cao Cao’s army is already outside the city, and it is very difficult for Cao Cao to fight Wei Jun only by relying on his present strength.
Wei county has 1.5 million troops guarding the city, and behind it, there are also 1 million soldiers in Xindu.
If Cao Cao ordered the storming of soldiers’ lives in exchange for Wei County, there was still great hope to break through the gates of Wei County after the storming for half a month.
But in this way, both sides suffered heavy losses. Even if Cao Cao hit Wei Jun, it may not be a win.
Cao Cao arrived in Wei County and was not in a hurry to attack the city.
What Lingyun wants to see most is that Cao Cao is surrounded by nothing, and he has enough food and grass to worry about.
Wei Jun’s hay alone is enough for Lingyun Army to persist for half a year.
If we transfer grain and grass from other places for a year or two, there will be no problem.
Last year, a large part of the grain and grass on the market went into Lingyuncai warehouse. Lingyun believed that Cao Cao would never have more grain and grass than he did.
Cao Cao’s soldiers have more hay than him, but less than him. Obviously, they are not as good as Lingyun when they insist. The longer they delay, the better for Lingyun.
Cao Cao’s army fought Lingyun in Wei Jun City three days before, and also sent people to fight.
But three days later, Cao Cao asked the army to surround all the walls of Wei County.
Two million troops surrounded Wei County.
Lingyun in the city doesn’t care. He also wishes that Cao Cao would wave here.
Cao Cao also besieged the city and did not let the attack, but let that Dian Wei fight in the city
Gong Sunying went to war in front of the city gate, and after the white round, Cao Cao sounded the golden bell.
When Dian Wei didn’t break through to six stars, GongSunYing could defeat Dian Wei with twenty or thirty strokes.
But now Dian Wei is already a six-star strength. Although GongSunYing still dominates in the process of fighting, it is impossible to defeat Dian Wei without a hundred rounds.
After a hundred rounds, Gong Sunying’s advantage expanded. Wow, anger gave Dian Wei a backhand opportunity, but Cao Cao sounded the golden bell and called Dian Wei back.
If there are more than a dozen tricks, GongSunYing can almost hurt Dian Wei.
It is almost possible to kill Dian Wei in such a battle.
Except for * * Wei Fang’s fatal mistakes, it took several wars to break through to Six Stars, and the possibility of making mistakes in the course of fighting was negligible.
It is possible to kill each other when five stars are against five stars, but it is impossible to kill each other alone when the strength is similar after reaching six stars
Even if it were Lu Bu, he could easily defeat Dian Wei, but it would be more difficult to kill Dian Wei than at the time of five stars.
Lingyun quit the game at night, and dozens of text messages were sent by Bing Xinyu.
It turned out that after Cao Cao besieged the city today, he suddenly asked Xu Chu to attack Zhao with a team.
In the raid on Zhao, Xu Chu soon breached it.
Lingyun didn’t know the news when Wei Jun was besieged.
Lingyun didn’t even know that Cao Cao had sent someone else to attack Zhao if it wasn’t for the text message sent by Bing Xinyu.

More minutes that night

Qin Yu worked overtime for the first time today, staying in the office and watching a group of recent case reports.
Songjiang chuka
Two men dressed in rags are stuck waiting for inspection.
After waiting in line for a while, the soldier on duty shouted "Come here, you two" to them.
Two people smell before.
"Do you have a defense ID card?" Asked the soldier
"What are you doing in the temporary area?" The soldier asked again
"We’re going to town to talk about the purchase of some ingredients in an out-of-town food and lodging shop," the left man replied with a sniffle.
"Bring me the joint defense certificate!"
"good!" The man took out two purple leather certificates from his pocket.
The soldier frowned after reading it and said, "Your certificate has expired! I have to go outside to make up the defense …! "
"Big brother, we are all here. It’s too strong to toss back. Please help!" The man smiled and bowed his head and took out two hundred-dollar bills from his pocket. He stretched out his hand and stuffed them in the past.
Ten minutes later, two rascals stepped out of the card duty building and marched towards Songjiang downtown.
About an hour later.
Two men dressed like vagabonds ate some snacks on the street before taking a leg-pulling motor train to nanyang road and found a place to stay next to the company.
Both of them are lazy people. After entering the room, they didn’t wash their clothes. After a brief chat, they dialed a number on their mobile phones.
After tens of seconds, the call is connected.
"… we arrived at the brigade?"
"OK, I’ll be there in a minute." The speaker hung up the phone with a concise response.
Office of Chief Superintendent No.1 Team
Qin Yu bent down and just poured a glass of water when his desk rang.
"hello? !”
Qin Yu quickly walked over and reached through.
"What if people arrive?" Malaoer sound qi
Qin Yu pondered for two seconds and then asked, "Did you leak the news?"
"No" Ma Laoer shook his head.
"Is everything laid out?"
"… ok, don’t move. I’ll do it." Qin Yuduan took a sip of the glass.
"Ok, I’ll give you the address." Ma Laoer nodded and hung up the phone.
Qin Yu looked down at the phone screen, put a cup and marched out of the office and shouted "Zhu Wei! Zhu Wei? "
The office area is coming over after watching Zhu Weiwen with Ding Guozhen. "What’s wrong?"
"One on duty to gun depot batch of equipment" Qin Yu light responded.
"What?" Zhu Wei one leng.
"Lu said that you should go to gather people first, and leave in 20 minutes at the latest." Qin Yu urged urgently.

Watergate laughed. "There is no Naruto. Your mother said so, too. I want to tell you that I am going to seal my chakra into the Naruto body." Watergate said that Kyubi no Youko and both of them chakra were sealed in the Naruto body.

The third chapter supercilious look quenching body
Naruto came to the hut where he lived for five years, dragging a scar all over his body. He came to the shabby little bed where he slept for five years, lying with cold eyes and looking at the shabby furniture around him.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and remembered his parents five years ago. After saving him, he sealed Kyubi no Youko in his body and died in front of him. For two consecutive lives, he was able to watch his parents die in front of him, but he was able to do it himself.
Naruto’s resentment has reached its limit, but resentment and hatred are the best catalysts to open his eyes on his forehead. At that time, Naruto felt a force going straight to his brain, and he suddenly found that he could see everything around him clearly.
Although I don’t know what happened, he was in a mess, but his heart and mood were incredibly calm
Naruto knew that this was a supercilious look, and he could clearly realize that the red mark on his head turned out to be a wooden soul with a big barrel.
At the same time, it also makes Naruto clearly realize that this is a naruto world, a ninja world, where there are powerful forces and incredible ninja skills. In previous lives, because his girlfriend likes to watch anime, he also likes to drag him to watch Naruto together. Naruto clearly knows that in this ninja world, there is a ninja skill that can bring people back to life, that is, "reincarnation is born."
At this time, Naruto was completely calm. He remembered that after Naruto said Nagato, it was Nagato’s "reincarnation" that saved the Konoha ninja who died.
Naruto looked at the dead Watergate and Jiu Sinai and thought that to revive his parents, he had to have a complete body and soul and a round eye.
I don’t want the eye and soul for the time being. I want Uchibo’s family sharingan and Qianshouzhu cells, namely Asura and Indra, namely myself and Sasuke Uchiha.
For the soul, mother’s soul is simple, and it can be summoned by "filth metempsychosis", but for the father’s soul, it is necessary to lift the "ghost seal" first, which can not be done for the time being.
But the body can’t wait, because in his eyes, Yuan Fei, the third generation of Huoying, is coming here soon. He has to find a way to protect Watergate and Jiuxin Nai.
Naruto frantically searched for a big wooden memento mori in his mind, but there were too many memento mori in his mind. After searching for a long time, he found a way that was not the way, that is, chakra emitted by other Kyubi no Youko.
Kyubi no Youko is a combination of chakra, even if it has just been sealed into Naruto’s body, it will make Naruto’s body immediately own Kyubi no Youko chakra. Because Naruto is Jiu Xin Naier, he was always attacked by Kyubi no Youko chakra when Naruto was pregnant, and his body has long been used to Kyubi no Youko chakra.
But the supercilious eyes control chakra to the point of madness, and what Naruto has to do now is to liberate himself from the boundaries of the vortex clan.
Just when Naruto rolled his eyes, he knew his physical condition. His blood showed a chain shape, which is the boundary of the vortex clan.
Naruto frantically mobilized his body to give off Kyubi no Youko and chakra to fuse his blood and let the chain out of his body.
This process made Naruto, a newborn, in poor health. Fortunately, Kyubi no Youko found out that he had tried his best to cooperate with Naruto to control him. chakra would have died early.
Kyubi no Youko in cooperation with naruto manipulation of chakra at the same time also don’t forget to scold a way "you four generations of hokage Namikaze Minato I told you never put my seal in this kid also calculate.
This kid is still a freak. He dares to mobilize me less than a day after he was born, chakra, and he even looks at the gens with a dirty eye. These are not enough. He has a purpose to mobilize me, chakra. See, this posture is to activate the blood boundary of the other body vortex gens. What IQ is this?
His mother is a monster. Poor me. I have to cooperate with him. Otherwise, if he dies, I will be buried with 555. I can’t live. No one is left. "
After cooperating with Naruto in Kyubi no Youko, he finally released his own blood. After seeing several blue chains with light green from Naruto’s body, he quickly wrapped them around Jiusinai and Watergate’s body.
At the same time, Naruto’s supercilious eyes shone with dazzling white light on Jiusinai and Watergate, and then Jiusinai and Watergate disappeared into the white light.
At this time, Kyubi no Youko, who is singing the human body, has been bored and forced to listen to him muttering, "This supercilious look should be embraced."
Have your own independence. "
In fact, Naruto was shocked to learn that there was an independent hour in the big wooden memento mori, but then he turned to surprise
Because this is in the white eye, Naruto’s chain must be connected to his own body. If this is owned, it will not be discovered, and the body of Jiusinai and Watergate will be found, and the vitality and sealing force of the chain will not be corrupted.
After receiving the bodies of Jiushinai and Watergate, Naruto found that Jiushinai’s boundary was broken, chakra was exhausted, and the three generations of Huoying also came to Naruto’s side and picked Naruto up.
Three generations looked around and found no nine sinai and Watergate bodies murmured, "Is it just that white light that took nine sinai and Watergate bodies away? What is that white light? How have you never seen it? "
The next three generations gave an order to all ninjas around them not to let everyone play Naruto and that he was a pillar of Kyubi no Youko.
Three generations looked at Naruto in their arms and smiled kindly. "Naruto is good. Grandpa will raise you and let you inherit your father’s will."
Naruto smiled at the three generations, and the three generations smiled slightly after one leng.
At this moment, a man who hates the stereo got up. "Three generations, I hope you can give this child to me to raise." Three generations looked at it and went to Tibet and said, "No way, I know what you want, but Naruto is a four-generation child. I won’t let you turn him into a machine. If you die, please go to Tibet." Then three generations left with Naruto in their arms.
Tuan Zang didn’t give himself a face when he saw three generations. He was very unhappy and said, "I will make you regret that people’s strength doesn’t need feelings. I will prove you wrong."
A few days after Naruto was brought home by three generations, there was a vortex in the village. Although Naruto was a fox in Kyubi no Youko in the third generation, he had already opened things, even if he didn’t say anything, he would vent all his resentment on Naruto.
Because those who have lost their loved ones need an outlet, they won’t pursue the intrigue behind this matter. They just want to find someone to vent, even if this person is not Naruto but someone else’s fruit. This is the human inferiority.
Naruto knows this kind of inferiority of human beings too well. After the ups and downs of life in the first two generations, he has looked down on this kind of human sentiment, and he will not be a little excited any more.
Naruto’s greatest desire now is strength. At the age of three, he left three generations and wanted to live alone for three generations. At first, he was reluctant, but after Naruto’s resignation, he agreed to Naruto’s request to give him a monthly life and a small house.
On the first day when Naruto moved to the hut, he found that a big hole was smashed in his roof, and when he went out, people stared at the monsters and threw stones at the children. When he went to buy food and clothes, he was also pitted, which was not only twice as expensive as usual, but also outdated clothes.
Naruto thought about killing these people, but he knew he couldn’t make a move and was still staring at him.
After Naruto got the method of refining chakra from three generations, he just hid at home and refined chakra and then chakra every day to stimulate every cell in his body. The life experience of Naruto in the first two generations told him that if he wants to have strong power, he must have a strong body. When he has a strong body, even Kyubi no Youko chakra will not hurt him.
In addition to chakra’s stimulation of cells, he insisted on staying still for 15 minutes every day to feel the natural chakra and the daily weight-bearing long-distance running.
However, if you insist on intensive consumption every day, you can go to the Woods behind Huoying Cliff to find food. Every day, poisonous snakes and beasts fight in the Woods, but you can’t make the blood boundary peep because of three generations.
All he can do is fight with the simplest body technique and the simplest endurance technique (three generations). Every day, he comes back to this cold hut with a wound and licks the wound silently.
However, he also knows that the fighting between these poisonous snakes and beasts can make his fighting skills and adaptability stronger and stronger, which is his first experience. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to find that every time he was injured, he was cured by Kyubi no Youko and chakra, which made his body stronger and stronger, and Kyubi no Youko and chakra became more and more adapted.
Therefore, every day, he ran to the back of the mountain and went on like this for five years.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and felt that his parents were thinking about everything that had happened in the past five years, and his heart was getting calmer and calmer, thinking about the eye-turning.
The world now wants Vortex Nagato to have a round eye, but it is too difficult to persuade him to exert the "natural skill of reincarnation". I am not the original Vortex Naruto with the strongest "mouth shield" and pig’s foot aura.
After denying this idea, I thought of robbing him. It’s still not reliable to think about it. Regardless of the matching degree, if the masked man knows it, he will definitely fall in love with all the members of the organization. Although he is not afraid, it will be a headache.
I thought about robbing Sasuke again. Forget it. I still have a good impression on him. He dares to take it, and my mother knows that I will be killed if I rob Sasuke (Jiu Xinnai and Meiqin are the best girlfriends and best friends).
Naruto didn’t think of any good way in the end, but he thought of the most dangerous way, because he might die miserably if he failed, but if he succeeded, he would get the most suitable round of visits
Looking out of the window, Moon Naruto remembered what Jiu Sinai said to him at his deathbed, smiled confidently and murmured "There are still two years".
Chapter IV Fate Encounter
Naruto got up early the next morning and looked at the wounds of yesterday’s struggle. Suddenly, he smiled and saw that those wounds were the most serious, and the scars were light. Even without any scars, the skin was very white and delicate, like a newborn baby
Because Naruto was a person who didn’t like to have too much communication with people from his previous life, and the villagers hated him, this aggravated his desire to isolate people from contact.
Therefore, Naruto looks very cold, although he doesn’t become cold, he doesn’t take the initiative to talk to people. He usually wears a big cloak and a hat to make him want to be isolated from the world.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror before he went to the mirror and saw a handsome guy with a cold face. He saw a golden shawl, long hair and delicate white face. There were three black marks like beards on each side of his face, and there was a red mark on his forehead and eyebrows. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and black trousers.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror and said, "My hair is a little long and needs to be trimmed-but the barber shop owner seems to have said two years ago that he didn’t want to cut my hair again. Anyway, it’s nothing."
Naruto picked up the cloak next to him and put it on. He muttered, "Didn’t you accidentally burn his hair? I don’t want to. What a stingy guy." He said that he remembered that two years ago, Naruto had just learned his first breakthrough in wind escape and endurance from three generations. He was in a good mood and just went to a temple fair.
When I walked to the bonfire, I saw a thief in the barbershop owner Qian, who was still kind to Naruto at ordinary times. He didn’t want to throw a breakthrough just because of his style of study, but he blew the barbershop owner to the bonfire more than ten meters away and burned his hair.
Who knew that a small wind could blow people to the bonfire so far away, and I also saved his property.
Putting on his cloak, Naruto once again affirmed, "Well, he is just too stingy."
Naruto saw the tender skin again and said, "Sometimes it’s too white to bask in the sun. It’s a bit like a gigolo. It’s too unmanly."
I remember when I watched Naruto, it was wheat color. Why did I become Naruto, but it was white like a woman? Well, it must be a mistake to make Naruto’s skin white, but he changed it to wheat color. "
Naruto went out of the house and walked in the street. Suddenly he felt that the sun was a little Meng, so he put on his cloak and hat and thought, "Well, it’s not so fierce."
When I came to practice Ninjutsu and shuriken at ordinary times, I just saw a few little girls bullying a little girl with a pair of white eyes. When I saw that little girl, Naruto was suddenly stunned.
This is the first person he met with a supercilious look after he came to Huoying world, and this girl with supercilious eyes was bullied by several ordinary people. This is so fucking funny. Although I don’t know what happened, Naruto walked past.

So she has a chance to be born again and take it to the desert. That should be a chance.

She and Chi Mie have not only been to the desert, but also to the wild.
This is probably all chance.
"You overestimate me." Yunzui was really tired, which made Kite not want to provoke more.
In fact, Yun Zui thinks that the surface of the kite is softer than that of Chi Fen, but in fact it is a perverted and moody demon.
The kite seemed angry and fell silent, and then suddenly took out one and said, "This is an assassination. When the buyer’s information and transaction are recorded very clearly, I will give you this account if you promise me."
Yun Zui’s eyes fell on that account, and a mocking look appeared. "I didn’t expect you to say this and believe that if this matter goes out to you, will there be business after you go out?"
The kite’s answer surprised Yun Zui. "I don’t care if you take me to the desert. I can give you everything!" "
Yunzui didn’t expect kite to make such a big sacrifice. Who went to the desert to find that one?
"I’m sorry, even if you give me all you have, I don’t necessarily care who the buyer is. I already know it, so I won’t bother to tell me." Then I turned and walked in the other direction.
He doesn’t go, she goes.
And the kite is still waiting for him, so she doesn’t want anything?
Is this a big talk?
He is in such a high position. What if he gives Yunzui his throne?
Is she willing to exchange? !
If kite tells this idea, I’m afraid there will be many people in mainland China who will let go of everything and look for the desert every day, right?
153 Chapter 153 New means
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Of course, kite didn’t ask this sentence and didn’t know what Yunzui’s answer was.
Back to the prime minister’s office, everything was calm, as if the Dali Temple was investigating the culprit, not Yunshang.
They’re not in a hurry. They’re getting drunk. Of course, they’re becoming more vigilant
Who knows if there will be another batch of killers? Or what new means?
It’s better to be on the lookout for drunkenness.
No one in this prime minister’s office wants her to be drunk and alive.
"Can the toffee have a meal?" It’s a maid who asks Yunzui.
Yunzui immediately replied, "No, I have eaten."
Then he pushed his door.
This room is full of clothes, except clothes, which belong to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Moreover, Yinyun drunk is also carried around and not put in the Prime Minister’s house.
Lying on the couch, Yunzui stretched himself lazily.
Every time I look at the accounts, I feel very tired. If I have a choice, she will choose to assassinate others without looking at the accounts.
Yes, she needs to teach Xiao Tian modern multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, so that she won’t be so tired when she looks at the accounts!
Alas, why didn’t she think of it earlier?
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
Yunzui can’t help rolling on the couch. It’s a fool to think of it now.
After Yunzui washed up the next day, someone made breakfast and put it in front of her.
Yunzui used to pick it up and eat it.
The maid who brought breakfast went to the hall as soon as she got back.
There are Yunyao, Yunshang and Dou Saiqi and Yunxi Yunmo.
They planned it yesterday, and today they were poisoned and framed.
The servant girl walked quickly to the front of them, her eyes flashed for a while and then reported, "Toffee has already had breakfast."
Smell speech YunYao immediately eyes flashed a bit get away with it.
Dou Saiqi, who waved away the servant girl, immediately asked, "What poison is Yao’s son?"
Yunyao took a look at Dou Saiqi and immediately raised her head with a hairpin and said, "Killing people is a good medicine."
"If Yun is drunk this time, your brother-in-law and I will treat you as a bodhisattva." Yunshang said.
Yunyan Yao covered her mouth and smiled. "Elder sister is really good at talking. What are you going to do when I am in the palace?"
Smell speech Dou Saiqi immediately said, "What are sisters doing with these words? Yao Er, you have to go back to the palace early to be sycophantic. You don’t know if you will give the emperor a heady trip without you."
YunYao face smile can’t help but fade slightly to say, "No emperor, he is in poor health, afraid that he won’t find his other concubine in these two days."
Wen Yan Yun’s daughter couldn’t help being startled.
This is the first time I heard Huang Chi-xuan breaking the news.
But it is true that Chixuan’s face is sickly all the year round.
Yunzui walked towards the courtyard after eating. At this time, the sun was already very warm. Yunzui wanted to sit on the swing, but a servant girl came in a hurry.
Yunzui looked intently at the girl approaching her.
"Your Royal Highness, Taifei, please come to his house to discuss something," said the servant girl, hanging her head.
It’s not like Chi Mi’s style that Yun Zui hears the words and raises eyebrows.
He never invites people. If you invite someone to say something, you must take the initiative to find that person. It is also very strong to invite. How can you let a servant girl inform you?
"What kind of palace are you?" Cloud drunk suspicious asked
When the servant girl heard this, she immediately replied, "The handmaiden is the Prime Minister’s mansion. Your report asked a person to come and talk to her."

"Damn you two bastards, don’t throw me away." Leila looked at the two disappearing demons with hatred. At the same time, at the moment when they disappeared, a few terrible gods came instantly. At that moment, it was surrounded by four or five gods around its body. Every one of them was so powerful that it was almost the first level of the Lord God.

"Sister Aurora, you see how to divide the two now?" A charming little girl sounded into poor Leila’s ear. At that moment, the demon master from flash purgatory turned his neck stiffly and saw the talking figure clearly.
"EU euler this also points? Whoever kills nature is fine. Ms. Dawning, give me my necklace back. Now I think you don’t need to make it. "Lord Loren looked at the magic material and looked at the poor flash master. Obviously, in the eyes of the middle-aged image god, this poor devil master has become a test-bed decomposition material.
"No, no, no ~ Loren, you should know its value. We can’t break it down as a material. What do you think of soul control? Or we should dissect it and dig out its source of divine power. "Anthos, the magic god, belongs to the research god like Lorraine. Of course, he is now more keen on creating a new elemental life. For example, Leila’s source of divine power creates a kind of lightning energy that will attack the race. At the thought of this Anthos, his eyes light up.
"I’m playing soy sauce, please let me go." Leila doesn’t have a body at the moment. A new demon dominates it. It has never been watched by four or five gods for a generation, and the most important thing is that it has no way to escape in front of the main Lorraine. Even the most proficient magic demon will lose this ability instantly, and if it is not completely blocked, Lorengen will not appear in front of it.
"Let you let you go, how can I live up to my losses? I almost gave away my holy land in order to draw you out, didn’t you think? Guedos? " Aurora was extremely cold, but when her voice fell, Leila, the master of the flash, suddenly became dull because it saw a guy who should have died in an explosive explosion. He knew very well that Ness waved the power of the earth staff, which definitely broke the Guedos Shenhuo, but now Guedos is alive in front of it.
"Impossible. Shouldn’t you be dead? I saw Ness break your sacred fire with my own eyes. What, you’re not hurt? What, your breath is so strong? It’s not a demigod. Is that your doppelganger? " Leila, the master of lightning, slowly thought of such a possibility, that is, Guedos had already become a god, but he created a doppelganger in people with some kind of power to continue to pay attention to everything and sit in the temple, but he could never figure out how a mortal who had not been a god for a long time could create a semi-god doppelganger with divine fire.
"death? I think I will never die a hundred years ago. If my deity is not shattered, then I will never be in danger of falling. This is a bit difficult. Maybe the great Anthos will give you the answer. Of course, that is after you have completed the experiment. "Guedos looked at it with a teasing look, and it was the funniest thing in God’s career to be suppressed like this.
"Well, I admit that I was planted this time, but Ms. Shuguang, don’t think that you will take advantage. I really hope that you will see your face when your holy land is destroyed. It’s a pity …" With the last words, this unlucky demon dominated other gods and couldn’t believe the speed. At that moment, a terrorist force was generated in the virtual, and all the thunder seemed to gather to form an explosion.
"Hum, you still want to die and dream in front of us." Whether it’s Lorraine, the master, or Anthos, the magic god, they won’t watch their hands fly away and try to stop the flash energy from converging in the virtual space, and then the instantaneous destructive force destroys the demon master who is still burning. At that moment, a corpse lost its life, and at the same time, it feels something is wrong. Leona Aurora tried to project divine power to people at that moment, but found himself stopped by an extremely evil force.
"It seems that we underestimated the power of those guys." Lord Loren slowly waved his hand and hit a mirror. In this mirror, a large dark cloud of Aurora Oath Mountain was slowly gathering towards the holy mountain. In this dark cloud, several gods saw a familiar and unfamiliar shadow.
"They let that guy out?" It seems that the moon goddess Viola, who is very young, looked at the dark clouds and said such a thing. At that moment, even the most calm spell god Anthos could not help but squeeze her staff.
"How can the death titan Togo, the demons of hell, let it out? Do they want to provoke a war of God again?" Lord Loren was almost gnashing his teeth, but he suddenly remembered that the place where demons live is not hell, and how can they care about such a curse?
While Loren was speaking, the image of the Holy Mountain was projected, and suddenly there appeared a gray giant image with a height of less than 50 meters. Its face was gray and almost lifeless, but no one would doubt its power because it was the first dead creature in the event. Togo, a terrible monster, was born from Archaean times, but it was resurrected from the long river of fate to gain vitality. Once the underworld Lord was defeated by Antoro, the current Pluto, and the seal Lord was completely eroded by the power of death. The rational and crazy God’s cold face slowly revealed a terrible and ferocious smile, and then his hand slowly pressed against the Aurora Oath Mountain. At that moment, the terrorist force completely crushed the ridge that had been blessed by God. At that moment, there were several mornings, and the temple believers believed that the holy mountain collapsed.
Chapter 462 War of God
Chapter 462 War of God
Chen Kai woke up in a roar of shaking the earth and shaking the mountains. Previously, he heard cheers from the city wall and thought it was a battle to win a little victory. But in the end, he was awakened by a panic sound. When he looked up in a daze, he saw a huge figure flying in the sky. This figure was so huge that Chen Kai was shocked when he saw the ancient giant. He almost consciously called out the name of the other party, which he had never heard or seen.
"Duo … Ge" When this word is called out from Ll’s mouth in an extremely strange tone, his whole person instantly froze. At the same time, at that moment, the blood in his body seemed to be burning, and a little red light kept shining in his field of vision, which made Ll feel unprepared. When Ll still came or not, a state of madness pushed his consciousness directly away from his body. Now he is like watching his body from the perspective of Emperor in a unified game, but Ll is looking forward to it because he saw a line of fine print in the battle log.
"Titan’s veins activate the character to temporarily enter the adjustment state"
In Chen Kai’s field of vision, his role is almost straight to the ground, and his eyes look straight at the huge and terrible body in the sky. In his body, a little lavender blood gas is constantly rushing as if to leave the body but being bound in the body. At the same time, two huge illusory figures are slowly appearing behind Chen Kai with the surge of blood. One of them is very dim, but they are very unified and growling towards the sky as if the huge monster in the sky is their life and death enemy.
However, there is no way for them to roar out. Only Chen Kaicai, who stands in the middle like them, can hear their sounds. However, the two giants’ roaring language is too old for Chen Kaigen to understand. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they can’t understand their words, but they don’t stop to Togo in their roaring words. Obviously, to Chen Kai, these three words are the names of the giants in that day, but he doesn’t understand how the gray Titan can make it so resentful, although Chen Kai doesn’t know that. Why do the two giants’ virtual shadows hate the Titan in the sky so much? But one thing he knows very well is that if his body doesn’t move, he will die, because the holy mountain, which is said to be always illuminated by the morning light, is slowly breaking and then falling down. Although the direction of falling down is not Chen Kai’s, the terrible impact of gravel keeps falling around Chen Kai. Several pieces of gravel are as big as a house, and when they hit the ground, they crushed several tents and crushed to the ground, unable to move the wounded.
So Chen Kai wanted to rush into his body very much, but he couldn’t get into his body no matter how close he was to his body, because layers of purple blood gas prevented him from entering, and at the same time, the character’s face became extremely ferocious and painful, as if something terrible was happening. What surprised Chen Kai most was that his game character’s head was actually rubbing up, not only vertically, but also horizontally.
"No, it’s not human if you are longer than the elders." Ll gawked at his character’s height, and his body almost reached three meters. According to some standards, Ll’s height is not human now, and he almost became a giant. When finally Ll’s body was fixed, a unified display appeared in the field of vision, and at the same time, his whole person, together with the virtual shadows of the two giants, came together for a change. Two giant shadows shouted at Ll at him at the moment, but Ll didn’t understand what that meant, but later he understood that it was a blessing speech given by
"Player KaiChen? Saint? Lapidun activated Titan’s veins successfully, and the semi-giant’s veins inspired the human race state to reset to get the semi-giant template. "After this information caught Chen Kai’s eye, Chen Kai’s soul was completely integrated into his body. At that moment, he found that his life value was reduced by 1 point and his strength was increased by 2 points. This increase was a one-off as if Chen Kai’s strength should have been this value. Now Chen Kai’s life value is almost 35 points, and his strength is close to 1 point. This is still naked. Now Chen Kai’s attribute state has become like this.
Kaichen? Saint? Lapston? Berkner (Holy Hurricane)
Grade 5
Professional low-ranking star knight captain
State dawn believer
The camp tends to be orderly and kind (belief bias)
Hunger is good.
In good health
Strength 126 (Strength increased by two points in training, Titan blood strength increased by 15 points, permanently activated blood strength increased by 2 points)
Agile 44
Intelligence 6 (increased a little intelligence through a lot of reading)
Spirit 45
Endurance 9
Physical value 6
Race human
Pissing match attribute light pissing match value 173; Master level of quarrelling, advanced quarrelling, preliminary mastery.
In the case of not counting armor, Chen Kai has surpassed the average player only in terms of health value. Coupled with the increase of armor strength and state, even if he is out of the human category, of course, his race is now non-human, because the icon on the far right side of his status bar stands for human has become a semi-giant, but Chen Kai has not yet discovered how abnormal this semi-giant race is, but when the semi-giant appears on the official website with racial information, the whole online forum is almost crazy. Because of the game official website, there is a race page so far, and now there is suddenly a semi-giant page, and there is also a player information on it. Where can’t everyone be crazy? At the moment when Chen Kai’s semi-giant lineage appears, the number of hits on the entire official website is almost close to the live video broadcast of the holy mountain being destroyed in a blink of an eye.
Of course, Chen Kai, the half-giant’s bloodline owner, has no mind to pay attention to the situation of Battle. Net, because he is now tragically looking at the huge crushing mountain that is getting closer and closer in the sky, but although he has seen it, he can’t dodge it, because his game character is in a state of physical pain and can’t move a step, and the blood activation and transformation is not so easy to recover. Generally speaking, Chen Kai’s best situation now is to lie in trauma for three days and wait for his bones to harden completely, otherwise he can continue like a pile, but the reality is his roots. There was no day, and the fragments of the big rock with half a football were tumbling down towards him. In that stone fragment, he saw many reliefs of temple buildings, and now this stone belongs to a part of temple buildings in a certain area of the holy mountain.
"Unlucky" This is the only idea before ll was crushed to a pulp by a huge rock, and it is also the last scene of most temple warriors at the foot of the holy mountain. Many temple knights did not die in the battle against ghouls, but were crushed to death because of the collapse of the holy mountain. At the same time, hundreds of powerful temples in the holy area attacked the terrible Titan savagely, but their attack roots could not hurt each other’s skin. Even if the strong ones released energy, the attack only aroused a burst on each other’s body surface. It’s just a ripple of ideas. After all, this Titan was once the Lord of the underworld, that is, he was equal to Antoro, the keeper of the underworld. You should know that Antoro fought for the position of the Lord of the underworld and almost launched a god war to get rid of each other. In the end, he sealed Togo in the deepest part of purgatory and couldn’t completely destroy each other’s gods. Even the gods of the Lord God level can destroy the gods’ bodies. How can they be hurt by the strong in the temple of the highest morning? Just waving their arms, the strong in the temple flying around him is like sweeping. Flies flew in the sky, and the strong in the sanctuary fell like a plane crash, and they were severely smashed to the ground. Some of them could get up again, but many of them could not move.
Fortunately, the places where these strong people fall are all within the scope of the temple, and they are worried that their strength will be lost. When the holy mountain collapses, the ghouls will retreat and move. The strong people will not be attacked by ghouls, and they will continue to rush out around them and die to meet the knights of the temple. They will try their best to save the middle and high-level fighting power of these temples, but they will try their best to save the gradually collapsing holy mountain because it is no longer unstoppable by manpower.
"Roar" When this terrible roar came from the giant mouth of the Titan Togo, the dark clouds in the whole day were scattered. The earth seemed to be swept by a whole gale. Generally, all the snow and snow were instantly blown away, including those ghouls with low strength, which were directly blown to the ground for several times before being hit hard. The clergy belonging to the temple at its feet were even more miserable. At that moment, their eardrum eyeballs were directly shattered by the terrible sound, and the undead clergy near the ridge were also directly shattered by the terrible wave. The brains of the skull are like explosives, which can be said to be just a wave attack. The strength of the Dawn Temple in the holy mountain evaporated by a third almost in an instant, and the other part also lost a lot of fighting capacity. If there is no miracle, they will be deaf or blind in this life.
"Togo, you should be chop suey in hell forever." When the Titan roared at the top of the holy mountain like ruins, there was a sudden burst of anger in the sky. The female god roared, and the sound was mixed with the actual magical power, which came to disperse the dark clouds that enveloped more than 20 kilometers around the holy mountain in an instant. Even if the dark clouds passed through the Titan’s throat, there were not many in the sky. However, in this sacred power, the injured temple knights recovered quickly, and at the same time, they gradually found that their magical release ability was recovering, that is to say, they believed in the great god, the morning
"Who are you? Don’t disturb my revenge. If you disturb me, I’ll let you taste the taste of falling. "Maybe it’s thousands of years without speaking. As a result, most of Titan’s words are very old languages, and most temple priests can’t understand what he is saying. Plus, more people are trying to cover their ears and their eardrums are broken.
"revenge. is your revenge that purpose of the collapse of my temple?" With this angry roar, the yellow sky was completely torn at that moment, and a dark but bright star slowly appeared at the zenith of the holy mountain.
"So what? All the gods with Antoinette will be my revenge target. I will destroy all your temples, then smash your kingdom and seal you for ten thousand years. "The Titan growled angrily. It made a fist with one hand and slammed it into the sky. The fist made a terrible sound like thunder, as if to pierce the whole zenith. At the same time, a huge spear slowly emerged from the void. Five giant light giants distributed their hands and held the tail end of the spear and stabbed it hard. If someone looked up from the Titan’s point of view now, it would tear the star. You can see that five gods attacked the five gods at the other end of the crack. In addition to Lilian, the goddess of life, there is another goddess who has just arrived. That is the morning Lord Aurora’s sister, and the evening goddess Celia’s Lord Loren needs to control the crack, but he is not under a lot of pressure. After all, he needs to control the whole crack so that it can withstand the five gods’ attack and release energy pressure. It is said that the fact that the Titan Togo is fighting against the six gods with one person, and there is no nervous or flustered expression on its face. Its only possession is madness and hatred that has been eternal.
"Ding" When the giant Titan’s fist collided with the spear pierced from the sky, everyone heard a very slight impact in their ears, which seemed to be a small nail hitting the glass lightly. This extreme change made them feel very uncomfortable to see both sides attack, as if there was a breath in their chest.
However, the slight impact was accompanied by a terrible virtual crack. If it wasn’t for the main Lorraine’s continuous reinforcement of the Astral passage, the virtual tear would have disappeared directly at the moment of impact. At the same time, whether to attack the Titan or the virtual five gods, they all felt bad. Titan’s whole arm was very directly penetrated by the spear. The terrible spear contained power and rushed into its body through the spear tip, making the whole arm extremely miserable. A lot of black and purple contained the smell of death, and the blood was constantly spilled on the ground, eroding the ground. At the same time, the virtual five gods were even more miserable. They were
"It’s time for death, you scum, to wait for me to come back." The Titan is clutching his injured arm. Although it’s crazy, it doesn’t mean it’s stupid, because it’s been stupid once to fight against other gods by itself, and as a result, it’s directly sealed for thousands of years. Of course, those who made moves are also unhappy. Now the goddess of the earth and the goddess of nature are still asleep, and Aurora’s husband has directly fallen. At the moment he saw the spear, Togo, the Titan, remembered the one who was born after he defeated the goddess of the earth and At that moment, the knight god, especially the spear, almost saw the crazy god who burned his godhead and charged himself. His consciousness chose to retreat because he was afraid that holding the spear now was also a crazy place. He directly chose to retreat. He almost directly ignored the control and blockade of the Lord Lorenz. At that moment, he also hurt the Lord with brute force.
"Damn barbarian, damn death Titan" Loren spat out the blood of God while cursing and ran away. The Titan not only broke the blockade by brute force, but also left him a lot of rotten stalls. He had to use his own residual power to close the Titan and crack it, because the crack led to purgatory, and an invasion with a hint of purgatory could destroy a large area.
"All right, Loren, let’s get to work quickly. We still have a lot of things to do. Damn it, that guy not only ran away by himself, but also took those ghouls away." Anthos, the magic god, roared angrily, but as soon as he got angry, his blood gushed out directly from his mouth. In fact, all five gods were injured more or less because of the death of Titan. It was so terrible that the whole Terran God almost entered the war to seal it, and it also led to the fall of the knight god. Two goddesses fell asleep for thousands of years. The worst thing was that he was being Antolo, now he is almost not the Pluto who took part in the God War. His whole personality has been completely polluted by the death Titan’s careful attention, and he has become cold, inhuman and cold. God is not even willing to help his former god partner, and he still needs Aurora, the Lord of the morning, to exchange enough faith power in order to get back to his own heart.
"I see ~ pity me for my old bones’s injury. Not only did I have no rest, but I also had to wipe your ass." Lord Loren sighed depressed. Of course, his hands didn’t relax because he needed to repair the cracks as soon as possible to prevent those purgatory smells from invading the main plane
Four hours later, Chen Kai walked out of the temple resurrection hall weakly. In fact, two hours ago, he was resurrected. The arrival of five divine powers, especially the goddess of life, lured the souls of many knights who died in the temple back to the goddess kingdom. At the same time, the injured who didn’t die were cured instantly. Of course, the most important thing was that after the divine power, the holy mountain slowly recovered and pieces of rocks flew back from the ground, but this process lasted for a long time until Chen Kai walked out of the temple. However, the reconstruction of the holy mountain was a lot shorter than in the past, because more rocks were transformed into cliffs and
The back of the chair is the peak of the sacred mountain, where there are large and small temples. The armrest of the chair is a straight cliff with two walls as high as 1,000 meters, which prevents the enemy from climbing. It is possible that the chair seat is the main building of the temple. A large number of temples and temples are distributed in this position. Two giant statues of the goddess stand in front of the armrest and guard the temple area where the chair is located. These two icons of the goddess as high as 1,000 meters have forced Chen Kai to sigh that they are unified in the chair road, which makes the sacred mountain more like a mountain. Because it is a sloping slope, it is a circle at the bottom of the slope
When Chen Kai looked at the holy mountain at the foot of the mountain, a short sign appeared in his field of vision, and then he hurried to find a local line, because after running for almost nine months, the game was updated for the first time, and it was a line update instead of the direct line update in the past. Even if Chen Kai didn’t want to, he could find a local line because the update time limit was only half an hour.
Chapter 463 Waiting for the update date
Chapter 463 Waiting for the update date
"shout! Fortunately, in reality, the body will not become so huge. It is really difficult to control the body more than three meters high. I always feel that the character’s body has become dull. Is it because the bones have not yet hardened? " Chen Kai slowly climbed out of the life-support warehouse and stayed in the life-support warehouse. When he logged in to official website, he found that the whole update process took less than four or five days, which has never happened in the past six months, but he also happened to have a good rest during this period. After all, there is always fatigue when playing games all day long. Although all feelings in the game world are very real, it always makes people feel illusory and dreamy.

"Because of this, he is terrible! This man’s imitation ability is too strong, and I haven’t told him the trick yet. He can imitate it by his own feelings. I think he will learn my posture before long! I depend on this, just like Hatake Kakashi in Naruto * * *! " Feng Xiao quite some nai tunnel at the same time very envy Ye Qing this ability.

Ji Xiaofeng bit his teeth. If that little guy really has such a * * * * word, it is estimated that the status of the five major gun gods will be lost at any time in the near future. He suddenly felt a kind of pressure to see if his marksmanship is still not good enough after practicing hard. You must be more strict with yourself in the future, or you will be defeated by that * * * guy sooner or later.
Ye Qing’s wonderful tactics finally succeeded. Club I regained one point, and the score became five to four. It was very difficult and very unexpected that they could reach this level. Everyone would be one-sided at half-time. Club I’s defense line should be vulnerable to the attack of the Royal Forbidden City.
Loli and her partner are also surprised. Club I seems to have a comeback trend under the leadership of Ye Qing. Will they create a greater miracle after defeating the old fish story? The story of beating the old fish unexpectedly has surprised many people. If we beat the Royal Forbidden City team with two gun gods again, then Club I will be qualified to rank among the first-class teams!
The ability of being able to compete against the city by a first-class team with only one person is so outstanding that Feng Xiao has always been arrogant and conceited. He also has to admit that his ability is very strong, and his light has been concealed. In this game, no one can overshadow him.
"Do you think it is possible for Club I to win the game?" Loli told her partner that her partner hesitated. "I don’t know. Maybe there will be a miracle. After all, they have already beaten a strong team. Who knows if they will be upset again?" But it’s hard for them to win this game. The two gun gods haven’t joined forces yet. If they join forces, it should be impossible to beat the city! "
"Yes, neither of the two gun gods has joined forces to attack, but one is very difficult to deal with. Now Club I has played a comeback rhythm, and I think the two gun gods should join forces!" Loli nodded and said that I couldn’t help worrying about the club.
Chapter 375 Two Gun Gods Join Hands
Although Club I pulled back a point in the second round of the half-time, it was not easy for Ye Qing to fall in love, because he knew very well that the two gun gods had not joined hands. Once they joined hands, he would ignore the influence of other factors. In an absolutely fair environment, Ye Qing knew that he was not an opponent of the two gun gods.
How much lethality can the two gun gods jointly exert? Ye Qing method estimates that it is very powerful. If he stops the rest of the players by one person, he can stop them even more, which will be enough to break their defense lines. The strength of Xiaodong and Qinglong cannot be ignored. If they attack a point with medium strength, Ye Qing really doesn’t know how to resist.
Like everyone’s estimate, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng joined forces with Feng Xiao’s troops to attack point A, and it was he and Ji Xiaofeng who started. Ji Xiaofeng didn’t want to go all the way with Feng Xiao, but in view of the fact that he was left alone in the last round, the situation was really embarrassing and he still obeyed the order for the benefit of the team.
The Royal Forbidden City team rushed out of Gate A, and Jiangnan Kun was eager to try. On the day of this game, he was killed by a meteor several times at half-time, and he wanted to show his anger at half-time.
Jiangnan Kun, the boss of the team, is always high above him. He also goes his own way in the team and likes to show off. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng can always clean up the mess for him, saying that the offensive point is to wipe his ass
Jiangnan Kun doesn’t feel that he is dragging his team down and constantly causing trouble. He is the kind of person who can never see his own shortcomings, and he naturally despises others at the same time, such as being the sniper God Jiang Yuhan. Everyone thinks that he is the greatest professional sniper in the F world, but Jiangnan Kun doesn’t take Jiang Yuhan seriously. He always feels that this once-silent cousin is just a very ordinary player who can be defeated if he wants to make efforts.
Jiangnan Kun can despise even the rain and cold in the river. The situation is that I club is in urgent need of an outbreak after he has been depressed for a long time. After this round of rushing out of Gate A, he forgot that Feng jokes directly surpassed Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng and rushed to the front first.
Feng Xiao was surprised to see Jiangnan Kun’s back appear in front of him and quickly shouted, "Kun, what are you doing less?" ?”
"Kill the enemy, of course! How many people have I killed and how many times have I died? It’s a shame! I’ll give them some color to see see! " Jiangnan Kun is very serious tunnel
"Kun Shao’s tactic is not like this … can you …" Feng Xiao was a little anxious, and before he finished his words, Jiangnan Kun scrambled to say, "No, your tactics can exclude me!"
Feng Xiao suddenly gave a wry smile when he heard this. Your sister, this guy is always making trouble and asking him to win the game. This is simply adding difficulty and pressure to him, but what can I do? Who is the boss?
Jiangnan Kun took the lead and rushed into Avenue A. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were able to follow him closely, and then followed him left and right, trying their best to cover him. The two gun gods completed Jiangnan Kun’s bodyguard escort, and it was difficult for someone to kill him.
Ye Qing continued to go sideways. Because he attacked the middle gate in the next round, the other side suffered heavy losses. Ye Qing was worried about attacking the ambush in the middle gate meeting again. This round, he decided to attack the A gate. When he made this decision, he was a little delayed. When they rushed out of the base and appeared on Avenue A, Jiangnan Kun had already rushed to the center of Avenue A.
The two sides immediately had a positive encounter with Ye Qing, and the four machine gunners fired volley bullets in a row in a sign, flying neatly in the past. It was a veritable hail of bullets. Jiangnan Kun ran in the front and was naturally the first to see the other four machine gunners rush out. He was also shocked. Some sad tunnels "Your sister, what are so many people! Lao Feng, Xiaofeng, you! "
Seeing too many people on the other side, Jiangnan Kun suddenly lost his confidence. It is more appropriate for the two gun gods to do this kind of charge. He immediately chose to retreat Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng Naineng, but the other side played too tightly. Where can Jiangnan Kun retreat? It is very rhythmic and some shots directly to his head.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng locked the target of Ye Qing’s attack almost at the same time, and both of them fired at the same time. Obviously, they all thought that Ye Qing was the biggest threat. If he killed him, he would be able to defeat the I club. When Ye Qing flashed out, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng failed to shoot him in the head in an instant, and Feng Xiao was surprised to find that Ye Qing’s posture was more and more similar, but his flexibility was a little worse.
"I rely on this to make progress too fast!" Feng Xiao exclaimed in his mind that although Ye Qingshi is his best posture, he himself has no way to solve this posture. After all, who will have nothing to think about how to crack his posture?
Ji Xiaofeng is very familiar with Feng Xiao’s posture, and he also treats Feng Xiao as an imaginary enemy in private practice. He has a certain research on Feng Xiao’s posture, and Ye Qing also knows that the two gun gods are not easy to deal with. After he exploded Jiangnan Kun, he did not choose to attack the target, but shot at Qinglong behind them.
He wants to kill the other gunner before the two gun gods kill him, so that even if he is killed, it is not a loss. His marksmanship has made a new breakthrough in this game, and he has mastered it better than before. Two or three shots have already exploded the green dragon.
Dong Laoer and others’ firepower immediately overshadowed Feng Xiao, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. The firepower of them has been shooting at Ye Qing, and eventually Ye Qing was killed by Ji Xiaofeng. Dong Laoer also made Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng a bloody meteor, but also won directly with the help of the number advantage in the confrontation with Xiaodong, and killed it in W with one gun.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng didn’t expect that an encounter would make them lose a lot, and then the two of them were left in the blink of an eye, while the other side was dead. One enemy, three gunners, still had a strong firepower, and they gradually came up with a refund. After all, the other side had a sniper who flashed out at any time to threaten their lives.
"wow! It seems that the ice cream team will win this round again! " Loli is a little excited and doesn’t know what. She always tends to support the I club. She has an inexplicable affection for this team, perhaps because of her appreciation of Ye Qing.
"Not necessarily the Royal Forbidden City team and two gun gods are not dead. Anything is possible!" Loli’s partner is still very cautious and never dies. After all, the strength of the two gun gods is there. If they don’t die, then I club can’t say that it is a sure victory.
Number advantage doesn’t mean strength and advantages. Three worms can’t compete with one chicken house. Number advantage doesn’t mean anything.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is clever, although they all have a refund in their hearts, but they all know that retreating will seriously reduce the hit rate, which will lead to faster death. Besides, they have the dignity of a spear god, and they can never retreat in front of the enemy, which is really beneath them!
Although the posture of cold-blooded and emotional people seems to move very flexibly, it is ridiculous and full of loopholes in the eyes of Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. They keep shooting rhythm and harmony, which has a wonderful aesthetic feeling like a beautiful concerto.
Cold-blooded and affectionate are running out of bullets, but they can’t kill Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. Instead, they kill Dong Laoer one by one. His marksmanship is slightly stronger than cold-blooded and affectionate. His marksmanship is also much higher. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng fired cold-blooded and affectionate shots, he was also shooting at Feng Xiao. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng freed up their hands to deal with him, he had already exhausted Feng Xiao, and at this time the meteor flashed out again. This is the fourth time that he has flashed out, except for killing Xiaodong. The previous shots were all in vain.
For the fourth time, the meteor flashed out and was quickly shot in the mirror. Unfortunately, it still failed to hit the posture as flexible as Flash Man. At this time, Ji Xiaofeng Ji Xiaofeng once again showed his strength after hard training. Feng Xiao saw that his posture seemed to be more * * * * than before. He frowned and said to himself, "Xiaofeng is really hidden!"
Ji Xiaofeng didn’t entangle with Dong Laoer again, but the gun swung and fired several shots in a row. He actually flashed out quickly, made a shot and quickly retreated. The meteor burst its head. It was the fastest speed to retreat, and he was not far from the bunker. He could go back in a blink of an eye. It can be said that he has done his best, but Ji Xiaofeng still grasped the tiny opportunity.
Dong Laoer was surprised and immediately turned some shots into strafe. This is because many people will unconsciously make changes under pressure. Many people can calmly shoot some shots at once, but once the situation changes, it is very likely to turn some shots into strafe. Once this change occurs, it means that the gunner has panicked.
Panic shooting usually suppresses the trajectory, and so does Dong Laoer. He feels that his gun is shaking all the time, as if it is scared. It seems that the trajectory is a little messy. Almost no bullets fly out of one track, some fly high, some fly low, some fly to the left, some fly to the right, and very few bullets can accurately hit Ji Xiaofeng, not to mention head shots.
Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is so flexible and unpredictable that even Feng Xiao can’t grasp the law. Dong Laoer has no way to lock Ji Xiaofeng’s figure. After Ji Xiaofeng killed the meteor with ease, he and Dong Laoer fought with each other.
At this time, there is only one person left on both sides, and all eyes are on the two of them. Who can win is the team hero? Club I hopes to equalize the score in Dong Laoer alone, and the Royal Forbidden City team hopes to expand the score in Ji Xiaofeng alone, but they are convinced that Ji Xiao Summit will win because he is a gun god!
Chapter 376 Terrible hand speed
The battle on Avenue A has reached the end. Dong Laoer is much weaker than Ji Xiaofeng in posture and marksmanship after all. How long did he fail to persist? He was shot in the head by Ji Xiaofeng. After Ji Xiaofeng showed his strength, it was really terrible. Even Feng Xiao was under pressure. He felt that Ji Xiaofeng could compete with him even if he didn’t have an94. It’s hard to say who could win the match between them.
The score of the two teams became six to four, and the club failed to equalize the score after all. They have been behind since the half-time, and they have never surpassed it. Dong Laoer is very annoyed and a little guilty. After all, he lived the longest in the last round, but he failed to score a point for the team.
If Ye Qing lived to the end, he would definitely give Ji Xiaofeng the residual blood to die without being killed. Dong Laoer felt that his strength was too weak. Although he never thought about what brilliant achievements he would make on the road of F professionalization, he wanted to help Ye Qing complete his dream. How could he help Ye Qing if he didn’t have enough strength? He is not strong enough, but he will drag his feet. He regrets that he didn’t pick up girls so much during training, and he has a feeling that he will hate less when the time comes.
Ye Qing actually understands his teammates very well. They have worked hard enough, but Nai’s talent is not high, and the speed of progress will not be fast. I don’t know when they will be able to grow up, but the rocket will stand out from the crowd. His teammates are no longer at the same level as him. In this case, he has two choices: one is to leave the team and develop a better team to form a new powerful array to compete for the championship, and the other is to stay in the team and replace his teammates with those well-known players to be his teammates.
This problem has been said many times that it is a law to avoid a problem. Cold-blooded and emotional meteors may not realize this, but Ye Qing has long realized that his difficulty lies in being embarrassed to exclude his teammates from the team, but the reality makes him have to re-examine this problem. Maybe after this game, Da Mi should start preparing to form a new team. We can’t wait for a moment.
In the fourth round of the half-court, Ye Qing decided to attack the soldiers in two ways. Although they are defenders, they don’t want to sit still and fight with each other. It is the fastest way to solve the battle and the most unexpected way for their opponents.
Club I, three people attack Avenue A, and two attack doors are going to double-team. Of course, this should be based on the fact that the other party has gone to attack Point A. If the other party has someone in the middle, there is no way to double-team.
The troops in the Royal Forbidden City team attacked point A once. In this round, they commanded Feng Xiao to make tactical adjustments. In preparation, the troops attacked point B. This arrangement was directly wrong. The enemy in the middle of the attack also let the people rushing from Avenue A pounce.
When I club two people meet, only to find that the other person didn’t attack at point A, Ye Qing suddenly patted his forehead and said, "Mom, your judgment is wrong! Go to point B! "
After he finished, he took the lead in rushing towards point B. It was the road in the back garden, and the rest of them followed without hesitation. Anyway, they were used to following Ye Qing’s arrangement, and they hadn’t used their brains to think about how to fight for a long time.
After entering the B hole, the sound of 4 installation success has already sounded. Ye Qing knows that it is very difficult to win this round, even if the other side doesn’t have a bag, it can’t win because the other side’s people get together and occupy a point to defend. They will pay a considerable price to storm and can’t attack!
"Mom, the egg did it with them!" Ye Qing whizzed smoke bombs and flash bombs at point B. Then Ye Qing rushed into the point B with three machine gunners. The meteor was covered at the mouth of the cave. The people in the Royal Forbidden City were distributed on the platform and blasting point at point B. The firepower was quite reasonable. Feng Xiao was obviously an expert in layout and defense.
Ji Xiaofeng and Feng Xiao are both on the platform at point B, and both of them come out from behind the bunker and shoot at Ye Qing at the same time. The lethality of these two people together is quite amazing. Ye Qing’s firepower is almost instantly attracted by them. Qinglong and Jiangnan Kun are ignored, which gives them the opportunity to shoot some freely.
In an instant, three people from Club I died, and Ye Qing, the machine gunner, was left. One person was still moving flexibly, but Ye Qing failed to kill one of the two gun gods. The meteor was shot twice at the mouth of cave B. He suddenly realized that it was very difficult for him to kill the two gun gods. The third time he flashed to his mouth, he changed the target of being killed to Jiangnan Kun.
Jiangnan Kun has been killed by a meteor gun many times in the half-court. Meteors think this guy is the best to bully him. As soon as the muzzle mirror is turned, it just locks up and flashes out. Jiangnan Kun will kill Jiangnan Kun with one shot and finally kill the other person.