"I’ll take you home!" Seeing a flash of sadness in Bai Susu’s eyes, Ning Caichen couldn’t help but feel a pity and blurted out, but he regretted that this is not the earth, so it’s not so conservative. Generally, boys and girls don’t stay alone for a while, let alone send people home!

"ah!" Sure enough, I heard Ning Caichen spoken parts’s mr.zhou’s face turn red and grow so big. She hasn’t seen that boy as straightforward as Ning Caichen!
"Well, I mean I’ll help you push the bean curd truck back!" Ning Caichen is also somewhat embarrassed origin explained!
"No, no! I can go back not far myself. Thank you Ning Gong today! " Ning Caichen said so, Bai Susu’s face turned redder, hurriedly waved his hand and refused, then said goodbye to him and was ready to leave!
"Brother, can you protect us like today every day? !” At this moment, Bai Susu’s arms suddenly popped up with a sentence that made Bai Susu move first with a stiff face and then with a redder face. I couldn’t wait to find a place to disappear into Ning Caichen, but I was also stunned and then said!
"What want elder brother to protect you because of fear of bad guys bullying you? !”
"hmm!" Snow’s mouth beeped and nodded, and her eyes looked at Ning Caichen. "Mother said that my father had gone far away and couldn’t come back, but bad guys bullied us and bullied our mother. Xiaoxue was afraid of them, but Xiaoxue didn’t want them to bully her mother. Xiaoxue was also afraid that her mother often cried at night. Xiaoxue didn’t want her to cry because her mother cried and Xiaoxue wanted to cry .. Brother, can you still protect us after you?"
Snow White looked at Ning Caichen with a round face and big eyes full of pure expectation!
For an instant, Ning Caichen’s heart seemed to be knocked by something, and his face froze. Behind Snow White, Bai Susu almost cried. Put your hand over your mouth to prevent yourself from crying, but the tears in your eyes flowed uncontrollably!
"Don’t worry, my brother will protect you forever!" Ning Caichen rubbed his snow-white hair seriously!
"Really! Great! " The little girl’s mind is simply that she wants someone to protect herself, and no one has helped them before. Just now, Ning Caichen acted as a pawn, so that she can have a dependence on Ning Caichen in front of them!
"Well, of course it’s true!" Ning Caichen to snow seriously nods!
"Xiaoxue is gone, we should go back!" At this time, Bai Susu stopped crying and debuted!
"Oh!" Snow seems reluctant to take a look at Ning Caichen. "Goodbye, brother!"
Finally, Snow White and Bai Susu’s mother and daughter push the tofu cart away from here. Snow White seems to be very reluctant. Ning Caichen looks back from time to time until the corner is out of sight!
"What just happened!"
When Bai Susu’s mother and daughter left, Ning Caichen calmly recalled what had just happened. He found some problems. When he saw Bai Susu’s mother and daughter being bullied, his reaction would be so great. Just now, the anger was like rushing out. He was always a calm person. He should not be so impulsive, and he always had an inexplicable impulse when he first faced Bai Susu!
Wondering in my heart, I recalled a memory of Bai Susu, and finally Ning Caichen spoke a list of his mouth-
"This boring man!"
What did he know about himself? Just now, he will have some impulse. Bai Susu will have a strange feeling that his original owner had a love for Bai Susu in his heart, but he has been afraid to say that poor people have a crush on pretty widows. This is not a glorious thing. Some words in Ning Caichen seem to be in the middle of the show, and you can’t believe who said that Ning Caichen is a gentleman? Nima has a crush on widows!
"Do you want to buy a painting? !”
Ning Caichen thoughts have been aimed at his boss wang leaned in!
"Not again!"
Ning Caichen smiled and refused to pay attention to Wang’s boss’s reduction in price to keep him striding away from here. Then Ning Caichen bought two catties of rice from another rice shop and inquired about the situation of selling couplets here and the price of renting the shop! When I got back to my humble abode, it was a little dark. Ningshan had arrived home and was cooking!
"You are back!" Ningshan hello Ning Caichen way!
"Well, I’m back!" Ning Caichen should be one! Then he handed two Jin of rice to Ningshan. "I just didn’t come with two Jin of rice. Please pour it into the rice jar!"
"Ah, two catties of rice!" Ningshan was surprised to see that two catties of rice were not copper coins. He only earned five copper coins by selling and buying materials today!
"I got ten coppers!" Ning Caichen explained 1! Then he said, "By the way, let’s go to a shop one day!"
"ah! Shop! " This Ningshan can’t be calm. "Why can you make money?" !”
"You put the rice in the rice jar first, and I’ll have dinner with you later!"
"Oh, oh, good!"
Although there are ten thousand doubts in my heart, Ningshan still listens to Ning Caichen dialect!

"Hello, my name is Xiao Bury. These are the emperor and the moon. Please give me some advice."

"Ah, which one is the emperor?" At this time, Ino discovered that there were two cats in Xiao Bury’s arms and immediately reached out and hugged them.
"Idiot Ino can tell by looking at the color that it must be gold and that one is the emperor, but to be honest, it’s much more beautiful than your name, Ino Cat!" KINOMOTO SAKURA directly made a mockery. This is really a natural enemy
"Damn it, KINOMOTO SAKURA gave me a room and called me a cat."
"Ha ha!" Everyone looked at the two girls playing happily. Obviously, everyone is used to such things. At this time, Sasuke said a sentence.
"Ino didn’t expect your relatives to come to see you. Do you still play with KINOMOTO SAKURA? Is it too sentimental? Are you really incapable of taking care of guests? "
Shu Mao looked at Sasuke doubtfully. Is this still the arrogant Sasuke? I can’t believe I’m joking. It seems that it’s still a little bit for him to live with everyone too early. In addition, it’s possible that his repeated education has also played a certain role
Shu Mao didn’t know whether it was privately when Naruto talked with Sasuke, but he slowly changed Sasuke.
From Naruto’s Sasuke, I know that Shu Mao and Naruto are orphans, whether they are orphans or not, and even their parents have never met them, but they are dependent on each other and take care of each other. Normally, Shu Mao takes care of Naruto, but the orphan is lonely. Without Naruto’s company, Shu Mao would not be here today. These are complementary things.
Of course, these words are not spoken by Naruto, but occasionally Naruto likes to ask Shu Mao what he can help Shu Mao, and Shu Mao said these words, and these words entered Sasuke’s ear through Naruto’s mouth, and Sasuke’s sense of superiority came again, and at the same time he didn’t want to be compared with all kinds of forcing himself to integrate into this body. Now it seems that it really works.
"Sasuke, do you like KINOMOTO SAKURA? Why do you always help KINOMOTO SAKURA speak?" Ino is quite angry. Isn’t he the same hair color as that cat?
Hearing this, Sasuke didn’t move, but he smiled, while KINOMOTO SAKURA stopped shyly. It seems that KINOMOTO SAKURA still likes this handsome and beautiful boy in Yeong-jun Kim as much as the original.
"Well, you’ve all come together, so I’d like to announce one thing. I just closed back and haven’t come to sort out this closed harvest. I saw the situation of the construction site. I think it will be completed in about 67 days, so I’ll sort out my harvest in these 67 days. When I’ve sorted out my harvest, you can come to me on your own and challenge me. Of course, I don’t exclude playing group warfare with you. You can team up to challenge me. Of course, it’s best not to have more than three people. After that, we all have three. A group of people want to know what your strongest strength is. Naruto can also team up with you. In addition, if you can finish all the work the day before, I will accept your challenge the day before. If you can finish it now, I can accept your challenge now. It all depends on you. Remember that the longer you wait, the better my state will be! " Shu Mao was very excited and announced the challenge.
"This is the first thing, then the second thing is that after my sister’s small burial, she is in charge of everything here. If it weren’t for things with strength, she could go to Xiao burial, such as your emotional problems and your academic problems. Rest assured, I still know what my sister is best at, but I can come to me if I can’t finish things, can’t I? In addition, I will also teach Xiao Bury to practice chakra. If you are buried by Xiao Bury, you will lose your face, so don’t say I gave Xiao Bury a small stove! You know, my sister has never studied chakra and can’t practice it yet, but I believe my sister’s qualification is absolutely no problem. "
"Well, as soon as I come back, I’ll give you so much, which means that we will have a simple party at my house one night, and then you will all come to your parents and it’s best not to show up. I think they will feel depressed when they eat with adults of five generations and three generations, right? What about you? You can clean up the mountain now. Besides, Naruto, come with me and we’ll prepare the ingredients. You can also ask your father to bring some ingredients to my house for others. You can prepare whatever you want by yourself. Let’s have a good meal together in the evening. Let’s all prepare! "
"Oh!" A child is a child. It’s hard to hear about eating one by one.
"Naruto, let’s go!" Shu Mao pulled up a small buried hand and touched it. You might as well pull it up and protect her from her armpit. "Brother Xiao Buried will take you to fly once!" After that, I jumped directly from Huoyingyan, the first generation of the head, arm in arm with a small buried waist!
It’s the first time that Kobayashi felt such excitement. If it weren’t for holding two meows in her hands, she would really extend her hands to feel the experience she had never experienced before. But even so, Shumao’s ears were hurt by the screaming of Kobayashi, and Naruto jumped directly from Huoyingyan to practice this strength these days.
Then the little friends jumped to Shumao one by one. I didn’t see that there was a girl in the crowd watching him hug Xiao Buried his waist and jump directly. His face didn’t look good.
The girl watched others jump one after another, and she got up the courage to jump the Huoyingyan, but all this was seen by another person, who didn’t say anything.
Shu Mao is going to hold a dinner party for three generations. They knew it was when Uncle Lu Jiu knew about it and wanted to attend. Then Lu Maru said something about Shu Mao. If you don’t feel uncomfortable eating with three generations and five generations, just go. Lu Jiu thought about it for a long time and decided to have a meal. After all, he hasn’t eaten Shu Mao’s food for a long time, and the greedy worm in his stomach also called.
Finally, Lujiu came up with a way to ask the old brothers to eat and drink together, but they didn’t expect that they should not go and end up with all kinds of arrested men.
"Lujiu, what do you think of this training?"
"Lujiu, look at those children’s training venues, but the training methods haven’t been decided yet. Do you have any good suggestions?"
"Ding Zuo, let’s see how these strength training facilities are!"
"Haiyi, do you want to build a medical office with Lushan?"
Of course, I can command these three people, except for three generations, and the aura is surprisingly powerful, Princess Gang Shou Ji!
"Oh, by the way, my brother said that when it’s finished, he will join hands with these little guys to see if they have made any progress. If you don’t want them to be badly abused, you’d better go back to training. It won’t be nice to embarrass your family in front of so many owners, will it?"
"Ha ha, Lord Huo Ying, don’t worry, don’t say that I agree with their strength. Even if they lose, it’s nothing. After all, they are all fraternity members now, and it’s not a shame to lose to their boss, is it?" Lu Jiugang over there really frowned when he heard the news, but he didn’t think of a good way. He immediately smiled when he heard Ding Zuo’s statement here.
"Don’t worry, if they can beat my brother, I can tell him to train less hard later."
"This is not the training malicious to increase strength you didn’t pick up kakashi them a few reality? It’s almost time to catch the booth. These kids are really talented, but they haven’t trained well before, and now even the silence has become very powerful!
I followed them to the forest of death once, and I was really scared by their training methods. I tried it myself. I knew I couldn’t resist such a fierce attack. Listening to the water stop, the mountains came with the waterfalls, trees and other things, but that time I saw all stones, not big stones, but small stones. Before the waterfalls were damaged by them, the words "Ding Zuo" were exaggerated, but it was different when I heard Shu Mao’s ears. Shu Mao directly they had cultivated to the final stage of quicksand!
Yes, there is a final stage of waterfall cultivation. If a person can withstand the baptism of quicksand, how far will his body reach? Shu Mao thought it would be so-called even to force the door to be opened. It is estimated that Akai will not be able to open the first six doors now. This is the advantage of strong body
Chapter 20 Eating equals reporting?
"oh? Now they have cultivated to the final stage? "
"The final stage?" Gang Shou felt very fresh when he heard this word. Even Lu Jiu and Ding Zuo looked at Shu Mao as if they were all waiting for Shu Mao Wen.
"Oh, waterfall training is divided into three stages: the first stage of water baptism, the second stage of sundries baptism, and the third stage of quicksand baptism. These three stages are all one after another. You can’t skip it. If you can’t even catch the water baptism, you can directly come to quicksand baptism? It is estimated that it will be directly killed by sand? "
"ah? There is also quicksand? " Ding Zuo saw that it was obviously not quicksand.
"Brother, what this training is really good for strength increase? Won’t it cause any bad harm to their bodies? "
"Oh, it won’t happen if they follow my steps to train, unless they don’t follow my steps, as I just said, if you skip the second step directly to train the third quicksand baptism, then injury is a must.
The biggest benefit of this training is that Ding Zuo must know, right? "
"Well, this training is to practice the physical body. Everyone knows that when we fight the enemy, most of us punch straight to the flesh. But if one day the enemy hits you and you don’t feel anything, but you hit the enemy and the enemy is in pain, then who do you think will win more?"
They nodded when they heard Ding Zuo’s words.
"Well, Shi Dingzuo is said to be a benefit. There is also a fate in this ability. You all know that Akai’s body is very good, but I don’t know that it is his physical condition. You have all seen Akai’s power at that time. But even Kay’s physique, I don’t think he can necessarily practice to the first door, right?
And after this death waterfall training, you can easily open the first six doors even if you don’t go to the door, and you will understand that this training has made most people feel scared for some pale blue beasts who need to rely on physical strength to support endurance. What if the pale blue beasts can be mass-produced? Have you thought about it?
In addition, there is another advantage of being physically strong, that is, the state of Fuze’s descendants can be perfectly inherited by one generation when they are born, so that if that person’s physique is at its peak, he will be able to be healthy and strong, which is probably the last thing you expected! "
Gang Shou nodded his head and then thought carefully. He felt that Shu Mao’s last words were very reasonable. This state can be explained by cell activity.
"Of course, if there is any recessive family disease, then I can’t help it. I say it’s general and special, but I can’t support this theory."
"Brother, where is this knowledge? What I haven’t heard of? "
"Oh, this is my Millennium research sister. If I heard about it, is it still a study? When I was young, I couldn’t practice at home for fear of hurting my foundation, but it supported me to read more family classics, saying that it was good for post-practice. Now my biggest headache is that I didn’t watch much at first, but now I always remember what I have seen little by little. If I had known that I had to recite it, I wouldn’t worry about practicing by myself. "Shu Mao said that he was very naive, but everyone felt quite embarrassed when he heard this. Is he still called practicing headache now? Isn’t this red fruit hitting the face? Is there such a person? Really!
"Well, I’ve almost prepared everything, so please sit down first and get ready to eat. By the way, who will call three generations of adults?"
"I’ll go."
"Ah yamato when will you come back? How are things going? "
"I’ll tell you this after dinner, but you have to compensate me well for this meal!"
"Haha, no problem"
I’m afraid there is Gang Shou who knows what Yamato has been doing. I haven’t seen him these days. Even Uchihiro has been destroyed and Yamato hasn’t appeared. This shows how long Yamato has been out.
After a while, Yamato came with the three generations to the reception hall, where everyone was ready to eat.
A group of friends are quite happy to eat. During Shu Mao’s practice, they didn’t eat anything delicious. They also ate while sitting on Shu Mao, and their eyes narrowed. This shows how delicious this is.
"Don’t worry about eating. Let’s talk about your spiritual progress. Don’t make any progress after this project is completed, right?"
"Ha ha, brother, I must surprise you this time. Just wait, but I won’t tell you my killer. I’ll catch you off guard. I’ve long wanted to see my brother. You’re in a mess!" Naruto is very proud. It seems that he has learned something full of confidence.
"Well, it’s okay if you don’t say that you practice, so talk about what good things you have done in your village these days."
"This is for me. Naruto is always all thumbs and often does wrong things. I discussed with several of him and let Naruto pick up the garbage. After all, the health situation also needs everyone to maintain together.
Most of the girls go to orphanages to help take care of the orphans and send them some food to play with the children.
We boys all go to some construction sites in Konoha to give a hand. In his case, we will take turns to go to the cemetery to sweep the grave, which is something that the seniors do. Besides, Ino has collected a lot of stray cats, and KINOMOTO SAKURA and Ueda have prepared some cat food, and some stray dogs have been brought back by his teeth, which makes his family want to build a new kennel recently. But according to the teeth, these stray dogs have many qualifications and can be forbearing dogs, right? "Lumaru threw the woman to eat her teeth while Lumaru picked up a piece of spring rolls and ate them slowly.
"Yes, our family has confirmed that nearly half of these more than three stray dogs can be trained as forbearing dogs, but he can’t be trained because of injury or old age. Unfortunately, Konoha didn’t train cats, or those stray cats in Ino can be trained as everyone’s communication forbearing animals." Tooth said without regret.
"If you really want to train cats, I know how to train them," Sasuke said as he stopped chopsticks while eating.
"oh? Sasuke, what can you do? "
"It is said that your dog burial family is a master of training dogs. We Uchihiro also have training and training are assassination-type. The cat is the mother-in-law except for our Uchihiro gens. Even if we buy information, others will not meet directly.
After all, it is normal to carry out assassination intelligence and collect some undisclosed information! "Sasuke said this terrible cat is meow mother-in-law.
"Well, I’ll give those cats to Sasuke when I’ve eaten!" Hai can’t wait to send these cats out of the house. These days, the flowers in the flower shop have been spoiled by those naughty cats, and they may even lose money.
"Okay, I’ll talk to Nekobaa later."
Real Sasuke doesn’t talk. Shu Mao is also going to take a trip to Nekobaa, and he is afraid that Nekobaa doesn’t want to see himself, but now Sasuke will come forward and everything will be much better.
"Well, it will take a while for Xiao Bury to practice, and the emperor and the moon will go with those cats to help you say that local practice will protect Xiao Bury."
"No problem, leave it to me!"

Nine pillars of God huddled together and turned into a huge mountain, so that the five great spirits suddenly retreated.

"It’s a joke. If the twelve spirits of Cangwuhai are one and mixed, the primate will return to heaven and earth, and he can crush you with one hand." The five spirits are imposing and fighting spirit. generate condensed the divine power of heaven and earth and shocked the Lord of Heaven and the statue of Magic City.
Guo Yi’s magic city top once again flew long and laughed. "Twelve Tai Ling has already become a tiger statue in the past and has been erased by the reincarnation of the female statue. The other six Tai Ling Zuns in Cangwuhai can’t come to help you five today."
"What do you mean?" Half a statue of a mixed primate growled, shaking everyone back again and again.
Guo Yi laughed. "The four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have already rushed to Cangwuhai to deal with the six Tai Ling, and your six old frame are now even beheaded."
Guo Yi has just passed the calculation of heaven, and has calculated a clue. At this time, Cangwuhai is really experiencing an earth-shattering war. Four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have already met six other Tai Ling Zun.
According to Guo Yi’s calculation and speculation, the four bodhi old zu and Empress Yin of the Guo family may have already laid out a plan for Bai Xier to step on the statue fuse again, and then lead the digital Tailing statue of Cangwuhai to the seventh heaven to divide the eleven Tailing statues and then divide them by one.
Eleven Tai Ling Zun together are as powerful as the ancient mixed primates. Even if the four bodhi old zu of the Guo family join hands with the empress Yin, it is probably not the opponent who can kill them by dividing them into two groups.
"It’s impossible for six Tai Ling Zun to fit in, even if the four bodhi old zu of the Guo family are not necessarily their opponents." Five Tai Ling Zun are quite confident.
After the combination of the five Tai Ling Zuns, the power will be so powerful. If the remaining six Tai Ling Zuns are combined, no one can defeat them unless the reincarnation female statue moves.
Guo Yi smiled more confidently. "Your news is too blocked. The four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have collected six creation axes, and they have refined the real ancient creation axe. Today is the day when your statue of Cangwuhai falls."
Guo Yixiao has never been so arrogant. He laughed so hard that five Tailing’s face turned big and full of surprises, and then he fled to Cangwuhai in desperation.
Creation axe is the primate weapon of the ancestors of the Guo family. Nine heavenly swords belong to the same level. If six creation axes are combined, they can slay the statue.
Guo Yi didn’t lie to these five Tai Ling. It’s the truth. Today is the day of famine cleanup. All forces have joined forces to clean up the mixed primate team. Twelve Tai Ling is the first to bear the brunt.
"Where to go? Count me in for killing mixed primates today."
Tongtian castellan’s high body armor exudes harsh brilliance, and his mouth spit out a corner shield to block the road ahead before the five Tai Ling.
"It’s a joke that seventh heaven wants to go back now that he’s here."
Guo Yi stepped on the high black wall of the magic city with a heroic air to control the magic city and waved three thousands of feet combat knives when he split out.
Whether it’s Guo Yi, Magic City Zun or Tongtian Lord, it’s Bai Xier and Falling Heart Buddha Zun who are all auxiliary forces and really launch the lore.
These two women, one is a fairy and the other is a bodhisattva. They should be carefree, noble and quiet, but at this time, they all become murderous and arrogant, and they are suppressed by them. They have shown a series of amazing killing techniques to kill five Tai Ling Zun.
Guo Yi, Magic City Zun, Yun Xianer, and Lord Tongtian guarded the war circle in four directions to stop the five Tai Ling retreats from constantly making earth-shattering attacks to help Bai Xier and the fallen Buddha suppress the five Tai Ling.
Five too spirit at this time has been covered in blood bones dense road flesh cracks as if to tear their bodies.
"You can’t destroy our five Tai Ling, just because you young players want to destroy the mixed primate is simply insane." The five Tai Ling issued five notes at the same time and re-posted them together to form a violent ripple, which directly smashed through the chest of Tongtian Duke.
Tongtian castellan’s broken body and broken bones were blown out of tens of millions of miles, and he couldn’t condense his body again for a long time.
The long body of the Five Great Immortals Exhibition hit the magic city statue’s head and immediately shattered the whole magic city. If Guo Yiren hadn’t calculated the bad situation before, I was afraid that I would be seriously injured at this time.
On the sixth day, a large blue light came to the entrance of the first seventh heaven, and it seemed that a big shot had arrived.
The blue Guanghua was rushed out of a strong cow neck with a fist-sized bell, and the bell would ring every step.
Who’s that fellow who isn’t Qingniu?
The dead cow rushed to the seventh day and opened her mouth with flashing eyes, then she picked up nine pillars and stuffed them into her mouth.
These nine pillars of god are the towering statue of the artifact to the Lord, but they are just stuffed into the belly by it. This guy is still looking for and suddenly sees the magic city statue of the three thousands of feet long combat knives without saying anything, and then he rushes to grab it in the cow’s mouth.
Tongtian Duke and Magic City statue were both hit hard by the Five Great Spirits just now, but they were picked up a bargain by Green Bull this fellow.
Emotional this guy is here to clean up the battlefield!
Guo Yishi can’t see it anymore, for fear that it will take away Bai Xier’s Lingxiao Temple and fly directly, step on its back and "bang" it into the pit.
"Dead cows have a windfall and can’t spit it out for their own competitors." Guo Yi stretched out his hand and held the cow’s mouth, held down the cow’s lip with one hand and held out his hand and went to its mouth to pay.
Green cow shouted and sat down one by one. "How can you spit out what you eat in a cow’s mouth?"
"If I can’t spit it out, I’ll rip it out."
A white Guanghua flew down to YunXianEr with a swinging sword and a murderous look.
After seeing YunXianEr green Newton, he was scared and shivered. "How is it that you’re such a poisonous bitch? It’s easy for me. Guo rogue mind your wife’s always giving a sword … of course, by the way, have a windfall and pick up the baby."

[Nearby] What’s the bet on stewing pig’s trotters?

[Nearby] Seven Crows, pk, both of us. If you lose, you can join our gang. If you win, you can leave.
[Nearby] It’s unfair to stew pig’s trotters. I don’t gamble because my hands are disabled.
[Nearby] Come on ~ I’ve been here for a long time, and I finally waited for a person to come, so you should answer me ~
Looking at the seven crows jumping around beside the pig’s trotters, Zuo Tangtang’s head is big.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Okay, okay, I promise you the head office.
Anyway, I have to leave the so-called Zuo Tangtang thought.
Unexpectedly, Zuo Tangtang actually won and looked at himself on the keyboard. Is this to turn grief into strength and decay into magic?
After a daze, Zuo Tangtang looked at it and was still distracted. Seven crows were ready to leave.
But by this time, the seven crows had slowed down.
[Nearby] Seven Crows/Stareyes/Heroes, you are so tired ~
[Nearby] I don’t know what happened and I won.
Zuo Tangtang honest replied
[Nearby] Seven Crows, did you suddenly wake up and show your great power?
Zuo Tangtang suddenly black line.
[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters. It’s just a coincidence. I’m leaving.
[Nearby] Seven Crows, don’t go, you are a talent!
[Nearby] Seven Crows join our gang!
[Nearby] Seven Crows, you have to know that you are a thousand miles away and I am your Lele. Come back with me ~
[Nearby] I’m so impressed with you!
Seeing him so noisy, Zuo Tangtang’s forehead can no longer be sobbed.
Immediately turned around-red-eagle Xiang whether strike at one go domineering can’t be domineering.
Looking at being knocked down by the eagle flying, seven crows Zuo Tangtang’s eyes narrowed and he smiled coldly. Typing back here is the real ecstasy. Can you be white?
[Nearby] Seven Crows …
[Nearby] Seven Crows’ Hooves and Hooves’ Sister Paper is true. Our guild is quite good. It’s quite * * You can try it if you don’t like it. It’s not too late to return it then, right?
He also sent an invitation to join the gang by the way.
Obviously, at this time, the Seven Crows have changed their strategies and are ready to understand their feelings.
It happened that Zuo Tangtang also ate this set, carefully considered it and agreed to the invitation with a try mentality.
Stew pig’s trotters and join the gang to play soy sauce
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Ouch, another one was fooled by Xiaoqi ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique is still a sister paper! Laojiu, come out! Come out and see the first sister paper in our gang!
[Guild] Master/Nine days later! Really! Xiaoqi, you fooled well this time
[Gang] What are the seven crows fooling? I bet pk with Hoohoo-hoo. Although I lost, right, I sincerely touched her …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew and fool? Did you just drain the water?
[Guild] Seven Crows wronged me, but I’m playing seriously.
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Uh-huh hoof shoes. Don’t worry about this. I’m sure Xiaoqigen won’t release water.
[Guild] Look at the Seven Crows ~ I’m not lying to you, am I/proud/
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique has no water to put in his roots, even if he is beaten with one hand, everyone will lose.
[Gang] Seven Crows Old North, what are you talking about?
[Guild] MuYun idle truth = =
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Pig’s trotters stew/tears run/I also cured my hand disability. It turned out that I met someone who was more disabled than me.
In this way, Zuo Tangtang stayed in this group of people and had a lively and lively day.
I remember the first time I followed them to participate in a gang activity, I watched the gang leader walk in the forefront with a bright chrysanthemum sign, and the masses led the way. Then I looked at it in dense numbers, such as "soy sauce-gang leader", "soy sauce-deputy gang leader" and "soy sauce-hall leader".
Just this day, the gang channel was busy.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is newly baked, and it needs to be hot when it wears cloud 3l ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Lai Lai Brothers! The broadsword cuts at the ghost nose! Let’s fight them!
[Gang] Soft soft sugar …
[Gang] Seven Crows …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Master/Nine days later/Language/Old North, don’t be ashamed.
[Gang] Seven Crows? Hoohoo, there you are. Wait a minute.
[Gang] Seven Crows’ Soft Candy Wear Clouds. Why don’t you sell it cheaper? I’ll give it away.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is not sold. The small shop is meager and refuses to bargain.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Gang] Mu Yunxian …
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Toe Yunxian, you are here. Come to Chicken Village to kill ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Yu Fudong and Xiaoqi, you can continue to be second. With your IQ, we are so anxious that we really dare not take you to hunt you down. Isn’t it a shame to count money for each other in case you are captured by the enemy and sold?
Ah, hey, being captured by the enemy, shouldn’t you worry about your personal safety? Are there any comrades in this gang? Zuo Tangtang silently thought
After the team was formed, Zuo Tangtang went to Chicken Village. He didn’t look at a gang for half a day. It took him about five or six minutes to walk around the map before he met the seven crows.

Suddenly a broadcast-like word came to my ear, welcoming you to the lost world, which belongs to.

Atlantis, Maya
I can’t help wondering, aren’t these two nations feuding? How did they get together? I’m thinking hard, but it’s wonderful, full of temptation, and I’m looking forward to the beautiful sound, but the rhyme and artistic conception of Shao has been lost for a long time, and my heart can’t help but become uneasy and look forward to it …
Chapter DiErSiSan Trial Tower
Walking slowly along the beat of the music, feeling the cry of ancient but unfamiliar life, wandering in the beautiful song, pursuing the long memory, PaoShu starts …
This is a strange city, hidden in the green world, where many earth genocides have found their home. Samsung Chiyou, deep forest, dwarf crypt, stone forest, giant mountain snowman …
One by one, the human race has disappeared in history, but it appears here. In the hymn of life, it once violently murdered them, and they became quiet. In the strange world, they gained eternal life.
In the distance, a city built with different ideas is slowly walking, feeling different customs. It turns out that this place is actually a museum of genocide of the earth, just like the never-ending "Strange Sound" thousands of years ago, and it seems that all life has the common feature of spiral chromosomes. All life on the earth plays a symphony of destiny together. Humans took over the baton from nature millions of years ago, but found that their command skills were so poor …
Life passes quietly like running water, but the soul is anxiously waiting for the final judgment. This is the original judgment city in the sea …
Breathing silently and feeling …
Every life form is so magical and exquisite; So fragile in the face of norms, but so tenacious.
People have the wisdom to change everything according to their own wishes, but they have not found that they have been lost in the process of change.
Look at these once tried to change all life by one’s own efforts, race, energy and soul forms appear in this trial city, and suddenly understand that human life is a part of nature, and choosing the road of destruction will inevitably destroy itself. Only by tempering the soul from past memories …
I smiled and watched the eternal souls of all races passing by along the ancient stone road engraved with mysterious carvings come to a huge stone tower, which is the highest place in the judgment city-the judgment tower looks up at the top of the tower, and there may be something I need.
In this way, I stepped step by step and came to a tower step with the mysterious melody beat. A huge hammer was unceremoniously waved at my head, and I took a big leap in a hurry to hammer down on a stone slab with a thickness of three meters and issued "Mao!" A loud noise turned out to be a splash of gravel, and the slate was full of flames, and there was a slight crack. PaoShu started.
Keep your eyes open and see which sneak attacker this is. When you see a ten-meter-high head with double horns.
The orcs are staring at me with red eyes.
Not from zheng secretly darling this is not Popeye Niu Mowang? No, he’s supposed to be the oldest tauren in the maze of Misha Island.
Without waiting for me to think about it, it was hit by a hammer again. Looking at such a strong hammer wind with a "whoosh", I didn’t even want to be busy. I jumped sideways for a long time and both fell, which aroused the fighting will of the tauren. It roared a big lift and could be used as a truck tire. Big feet slammed into the ground and suddenly the ground shook and dizzy. leg cramps
I smiled bitterly at this foot, but the standard cosmic wave tauren rushed to me with a tearing roar and a strange cry, and it was just unbearable to my head. A sledgehammer hit me, and I couldn’t help but be stunned because it was "Mao!" A loud noise, but I didn’t hear it, would make a "poof"-he looked at me doubtfully and disappeared, looking around for my body
A moment later, I smiled at him at the platform above his head and waved to him.
"Big guy, I’m here. I’ll see you later."
The tauren looked up and saw me, and seemed to understand me. I laughed and roared, and half crouched down. I was so frightened that I forgot its legs and feet, but it was very energetic. Maybe I jumped off this 20-meter-high platform in one step without saying anything and ran away. As I expected, he landed behind me. "Boom!" A loud noise followed by a hurried chase …
Hiding in a hidden corner, I couldn’t help but wipe my sweat and listen to the footsteps of the tauren when I was far away. I secretly wondered if it was time to try my second set of forms-mecha transformation, otherwise this big guy could really get rid of it. I was thinking of suddenly seeing a huge shadow coming out of my head and the tauren again. I wry smile way
"Big guy, you have worked hard."
He didn’t have the heart to talk to me, so he hit me with a hammer. I’m waiting for something. Keep running. I can’t believe hide-and-seek can’t hide from you
The tauren is chasing after me. I’m using the illusion. I just stopped to catch my breath, but in less than half a minute, he can find himself wondering when this tauren’s nose will become more clever than a dog. He definitely intends not to let me climb this tower. We must find a way. What on earth did he find my hiding place?
I was thinking that the tauren had found me again, and naturally it was an unkind sledgehammer. This time, I ran away and left my mind to find that he didn’t come to me at the moment when I cast the illusion, but looked up at a corner high in the tower. My heart was white. From that position, I could see at a glance that my heart was proud and smiled a few times! I’ll catch you, a guy hiding in the shadows, and take out a "confused" secret passage from the parcel-I can’t tell if it’s not a cover if I run fast.
Suddenly I laughed, and suddenly I felt that my personality had suddenly returned to that distant past. At that time, I didn’t care too much and didn’t expect too much. I was preoccupied with going to the interstellar adventure road. Maybe I have been delayed in this place for a long time, maybe I will delay it, but I know that this is by no means my final dream.
I can’t help but think that the fierce tauren found me again in that "expert advice". Obviously, the patience and good temper of a stranger like me have been greatly challenged. Seeing that he is full of majestic power, he knows that if he doesn’t run, a field will become a meat pie.
But this time, before I ran, I gave him a good gift from Japan, a gift package with unified skills and exquisite standards. I don’t know, "bang", a smoke fan surrounded the surrounding scenery and fell into a confusion …
I smiled at the high place, and the slender figure should be a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old with three black braids behind her, just like the three most beautiful rivers. The girl’s growing mind embraced the past and the present yesterday and looked forward to her wearing a green dress with a light seven-color pattern, as if flowers were blooming in the green world, expressing poetic feelings and jumping and laughing …
In a flash, I slowly almost got drunk, as if I saw her, as if she were a beautiful girl when she was a girl. She was still looking for my figure, and I slowly walked forward and trembled.
"And you are?"
She Zheng turned her head with a strange youth, a strange amorous feelings and a strange beauty, and those hearts smiled
Looking at such a strange and beautiful smile, my heart was secretly disappointed, and my face became dim, which instantly made me inexplicably worried and worried, and I was strangely puzzled.
She spoke to me with strange language and her unique mellow sweet voice, and I wry smile way
"I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying?"
She couldn’t help thinking for a moment and then suddenly asked Tai Lung fluently.
"Who are you? What are you doing in our lost city? And what are you doing in my house? I didn’t invite you "
I’m not a foolish doubt way
"This is your home? Your home is this strange tower? "
She laughed
"Yes, this is my home. Can I ask you something? Why don’t you answer me? "
I wry smile way
"Excuse me, I’m sorry. I’m leaving now. I’m in the wrong place."
He says, he turned and prepared to leave suddenly she angry way
"You can come and go if you want, but it’s not so easy. You can stay for me today."
I was puzzled and turned to see this strange girl who was not yet childlike eating people and looked at me as if I had just broken her favorite baby Barbie doll.
I couldn’t help laughing light way
"I have business to do, so I won’t care about it with you. And is that tauren your partner?"

Xinger elder sister has lost her claim, listened to Tang Qing, took Shimen as the target, and tried to mobilize the spiritual force with a wave of her hand. Although it was obviously a little difficult, a fireball flew out and landed on the door and disappeared.

"Not bad." Seeing that she didn’t lose the ability to rely on, Sister Xinger reassured, but Tang Qing narrowed her eyes. Godsworn’s fireball technique is not an ordinary fire, it is a fairy fire in the eyes of mortals, which can melt steel, and hitting ordinary rocks should not have this effect, leaving no trace at all.
"Fairy method seems unreliable!" Tang Qing thought, also don’t take Xinger wench as hope. Put your hand on the door and tried to push it twice, but nothing happened.
"You step back and open the shield to give me a cover." Losing the patience to linger, Tang Qing decided to solve the problem with the violence he was used to.
Sister Xinger knew what he was going to do as soon as she heard it, and quickly backed away, feeling nervous, worried and contemptuous: "This guy can only use outrageous methods."
Look around again and make sure there is nothing special. If there is anything, you can’t see it yourself, and it’s no use trying. After Tang Qing withdrew two steps, he moved his legs and feet twice. Instead of hesitating fiercely, he flew up and kicked directly on the stone gate.
There was a loud noise, and the stone gate was wide open. Tang Qing was dumbfounded: "Qin Feng! Lao Li! Ding! Piggy! ! ! ! !” ……
Sister Xinger felt that she had a dream, a dream that was so real, so charming, so fragrant and so scary. I returned to my carefree childhood, laughing and playing with my companions every day, loving my parents and spoiling my relatives. Slowly I grew up and became a slim girl. She also began to practice magic with her master. With excellent qualifications, she practiced quickly. The master was very kind to her and proud of her family. Everything was so beautiful. At this time, a young man appeared, like Tang Qing, with that kind of careless expression, but he would like to stay with him inexplicably, and he felt quite at ease when he said some strange and unheard-of words. The strangest thing is that the people around you don’t interfere, letting them stay together all day. In a blink of an eye, it has become a big yard. The flowers are everywhere in the yard, and the breeze is blowing gently. In the middle of the yard, there is a big bed of several meters! Tang Qing is holding her towards the bed, still with that kind of expression that makes people hate. I feel hot, ashamed and annoyed, but I have some expectations. I want to leave but I can’t move. In this way, Tang Qing put her on the bed, gradually undressed herself, and then began to undress while laughing, so a strong male body stood in front of her.
Then, Tang Qing just lay down and smiled. "pa!" Gave Xinger elder sister a slap in the face!

Chapter 10: Really lost your virginity
Tang Qing once received a special training for the purpose of anti-interrogation. First of all, arresting the trainees without knowing them at all is like leaking secrets and infernal affairs. And then a real trial, severely tortured for a few days, of course, will not let it really hurt to the point of irrecoverable. If the trainee confesses, the training is over, but of course this person’s rating will not be good. If you can still insist, throw him into an environment like a brig and starve for a few days. When the trainee is extremely weak and in a trance, he is hypnotized by a psychologist to form hallucinations. Finally, his anti-interrogation ability is evaluated according to his performance.
Generally, there are several levels, one is to ask what to answer and confess directly in a daze; Second, in hallucinations, you can also keep your inner secrets unyielding; The third is to be able to take the initiative to get out of the illusion; The fourth grade is the highest evaluation. In hallucination, you keep your sanity, cheat and provide false confession information. Tang Qing got the highest evaluation: level 4!
A simple detail made Tang Qing wake up quickly, and the players he always missed were dressed in jungle uniforms! The construction of this dreamland is actually clever enough, and it is also true and abnormal. Even when Tang Qing blew up the players who came up to hug with tears, he could make a scream, but the dreamland also disappeared with the wind as the figure dissipated.
"Spicy next door!" Bowing his head and wiping his eyes, Tang Qing murmured: "Tang Ye is very angry, and the consequences are … very serious!" " ……
"Why did you hit me!" Sister Xinger stared at Tang Qing tearfully, like an angry heifer.
"Otherwise you won’t wake up!" Tang Qing also regretted it a little, and gently touched my girl’s face. It’s a little heavy It’s just that Tang Ye’s mental state was extremely unstable at that time, and he couldn’t wake up when he grabbed my little girl and shook her left and right. When he was in a hurry, he was still the most primitive way to solve the problem.
"Look where this is!" Trying to divert Xinger’s attention, Tang Qing stuck his fingers and said in an ostentatious manner, "What a smooth face! It’ s worthy of being a person who cultivates immortality! "
Grievance matchless Xinger elder sister this just to check the situation around. The surrounding environment has changed greatly, and the so-called stone house has disappeared, replaced by an upward step. At the end, there are two blue doors, on which there is a glorious flow, but some are dim. In front of the door, a simple three-legged incense burner with a height of one meter stood there quietly, and there were three incense sticks in it.
"Where is this? Why is there another door? What is this incense burner for? " Many sudden changes have made Xinger elder sister puzzled. Although I already know that I am out of the dreamland, I can’t help but think about the situation in the dreamland. In a fog, I completely lost my thinking ability and only grabbed Tang Qing for questioning.
"If there is no mistake, it should be the ghost made by this broken stove!" Tang Qing sighed and explained that his eyes were empty, and the only problem was this incense burner. Originally, I was prepared to make a determined effort and lost my goal. I can’t dispute with a dead object. "You are a monk, check and see what magic weapon this is. This thing should be quite powerful, I think."
"I don’t want to see it. God’s knowledge can hardly be separated from the body. I won’t go there. I want to see you hold it for me!" Sister Xinger became a frightened bird.
Can’t explain anything to Xinger, intuition told him that the danger here should have been lifted. Dreamland is the key to this kind of thing, but it can’t be done again, not to mention the first time, Tang Ye didn’t really get caught. Tang Qing strode forward to pick up the stove and threw it directly in front of Xinger’s elder sister without being a baby.
For him, being stabbed in the softest part of his heart is really angry, but the culprit may be a stove that has no place to vent its anger. Tang Qing didn’t dare to touch that door. Tang Qing, who looks like a rash fellow, actually made a decision before moving, but he was too arrogant to move.
Don’t care about Tang Qing’s bad attitude towards what may be a treasure. Sister Xinger bowed her head and began to study. There are only a few conventional means. Well-informed people can certainly make judgments at a glance according to shapes, patterns, materials and so on. Xinger obviously can’t, so he can only try to probe into the interior and look at the structure with divine knowledge. Fortunately, the distance is close, and the gods can still be used. After a round of hard thinking, I didn’t come to any conclusion.
Of course, Tang Qing was even more useless. Seeing that there was no result, he asked: "Is there anything in it?" Like a panacea or something? Eat one that increases your skill for 60 years! "
"This is not a medicine stove, and the basic structure is different!" Xinger rolled his eyes and looked at the moneybags: "Have you ever seen a medicine stove with legs? Besides, there are a few incense sticks in it. You can’t see it! "
Tang Qingcai is too lazy to take care of these common sense. He only cares about practical things: "Then see if you can use it. There should be some fairy magic to inspire such a big man!" If nothing else, as long as you can release the magic spell that can make people hallucinate! "
He knows the horror of illusion too well, and the result of slowing down in battle is often fatal.
"No, I can’t manipulate, maybe my level is too low. This thing should be a long time, but the spiritual power it exudes is still amazing, at least it should be a treasure above the magic weapon! I am sure! " Thinking that she might have got a magic weapon, Sister Xinger forgot the other person’s unhappiness and turned red with excitement. I thought to myself, "Tang Qing doesn’t need it anyway, and he won’t rob me. This baby is mine! I will study it slowly in the future. "
"I can’t manipulate it!" Tang Qing cried her disappointment, and used this stove to conceal her ruthless plan. She stayed close to the stove and looked left and right, sulking: "What a waste! Why don’t you try it? Isn’t that magic weapon that can be manipulated by injecting spiritual power? "
"Don’t you think a magic weapon can be the same as a spiritual weapon?" Sister Xinger was really speechless with this ignorant guy: "Only those who are above Jiedan can use the magic weapon. You should take a magic weapon with you according to the practice period of those noble disciples, and let others live. Come on, I’ll try to show you if you don’t give up! "
It’s no use knowing how to explain it. Sister Xinger decided to speak with facts, put her hand on one leg of the incense burner and began to input spiritual power. Don’t say, with the spiritual power injection, the incense burner seems to have changed a little, and the leg pressed by Xinger has a light and shadow moving upward. Even Xinger is excited, maybe it can be manipulated! Input spirit force also more hard.
As the light and shadow moved to the top, the incense stick near this leg also reacted, flashed twice and ignited. With a puff of smoke, a fragrance …
Sister Xinger dreamed again, and she continued to do it after the last dream. But this time Tang Qingke didn’t wake her up with a slap. He turned into the fiercest monster in the world, buried himself in that tenderness, without any pity or pity, regardless of the hardships of the Shu Road, only knowing that the violent brought endless impact. Sister Xinger herself turned into the most tenacious vine, wrapped around it like octopus, and let him rise and fall with his own ebb and flow, and rise again … and ebb and flow again.

Chapter 11: the strongest comfort

Every monk who has the honor to witness this record is not shocked in his heart.

Of all the monks who really know the origin of the flying martial arts in the sea, they know that this martial arts is rare, and it is the first time to see this martial arts come out full of holy foxes.
At this time, the old man kept muttering to himself with a face of surprise and excitement. "It turned out to be true. It turned out to be true."
Then looking at the old man Sun Haoman, the main battle in high school, said, "To put it bluntly, this little boy must have come from spirit of war Palace. It must be spirit of war Palace …"
Only with spirit of war Palace can there be a failure of the Hall of Soul.
Of course, it is one thing to have a bearing, and whether it can make the ancient bearing reproduce its glory and glory is another matter.
Even if he is full of holy foxes, this thing can be used to bundle the clouds.
When I saw Gao Sunhao full of holy foxes, I suddenly thought of a very important problem, that is, Sun Hao’s disciples and disciples rushed out of the Ares Palace, and one of them almost rushed out of the reality and finally left the Palace Pisces. These three guys have a very similar feature, that is, the income from the Ares Palace has not been reported to the Hall of All Souls. Today, they must have gained a lot.
Not full of the old man tore open his voice and shouted at Sun Hao, "Aquilaria, there are some things that you three have to give back to all souls. You can’t just take it and run away …"
Sun Hao presided over the Shenzhou flying, but he didn’t hear it!
But in my heart, I also thought that it might be a good choice to take these things to Wan Soul Island to change some of his cultivation resources.
Flying in the sea, Shenzhou enemy
After ten miles of blood, the huge Shenzhou crashed into the sea.
Huge waves rushed out of the distance as Shenzhou fell into the sea.
Crashing in the sea, Shenzhou landed firmly on the sea surface.
And the shenzhou around instantly quiet.
I don’t know the danger, I don’t care about life or death, but I don’t have the spirit to demonize the sea animals and seabirds. I was rushed out of a huge hole by flying in the sea.
It was only after a full wick of incense that the sea beast was demonized after knowing that the sea god Shenzhou fell to the surface of the sea mightily, and the sea water stirred back and forth several times.
Sun Hao smiled at Yi Lu’s lamp and said with a smile, "Brother Jianjun, I also taught you this trick. How about you try it?"
Driving Ba Hai Fei Tian needs Yuan Ying Xiu less.
And the quality of truth element is very high.
On-the-spot monks, Zhizhi Zhenjun and Yu don’t want to meet the requirements, but if they can try, there should be Yi Lu lights.
After all, Yi Lu Deng is also a real outstanding person in the contemporary era. He followed Sun Hao through the burial day market and ranked among the top 20 real masters. The foundation and massiness are not comparable to those of the original Shen Changfu.
Of course, I don’t want the situation here to be special. It’s not good to say whether I can fight the main battle after the outbreak, but Sun Hao estimates that I can’t, because the Fengyun has not seen the magical skills since she left.
Now it’s up to us to see if the Yi Lu lights can drive Ba Hai to fly.
Yi Lu Deng pointed to his nose and said in surprise, "Let me try?"
Corleone nodded slightly.
Easy road lights immediately rubbing their hands. "Just try it. Haha, Jianjun also wants to see if he can ride the sea like agarwood …"
Two people talk at the moment from the magic state of flying in the sea, and the monks finally return to absolute being and can’t help cheering "Aquilaria sinensis …"
Sun Hao, a high school student, gave way to his position with his arms outstretched, smiled at Yi Lu lights and said, "Brother Jianjun, please."
Chapter DiYiErWuYi Variation
Yi Lu’s lamp body appears in a flash, and Sun Hao’s mast is the real core position of Fengyun Ship Array.
Sun Hao has just decided that "there are two key points and difficulties in the manipulation of the army’s battle array. One is that god’s knowledge needs to cover the whole ship array and master every detail of the ship array, especially every array point, so that it can be as handy as an arm command …"
From the time of uniting to the Yuan infant, the scope of the knowledge of the mighty true king is not weak, and all of them have generated the sea of knowledge.
After Sun Hao spoke, it was easy for the road to be covered with lights and horses, and the whole ship array entered the sea of knowledge and began to reflect
A shrinking ship array appeared with lights that knew the sea and easy roads, and then Sun Hao said, "Okay, agarwood, I have covered the whole ship array."
Sun Hao sensed the change of Shenzhou, and said, "Brother Jianjun, please pay attention to several important nodes, especially the gods of the five top sea ships, and prepare for the key traction …"
Yi Lu Deng adjusts his knowledge and does it gradually according to Sun Hao’s requirements.
After half a ring, Sun Hao said again, "Brother Jianjun, now you’d better control your gods evenly to every monk’s body so that they can really melt into the ship …"
Yi Lu lights were silent for a while, as if trying hard to come back after half a ring. "Don’t tell me that you know every monk in the sea. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy for me to divide it into small ships here. I don’t have your strong resolution."
Sun Hao slightly one leng, this just white a truth as if his god knowledge is slightly different from his brother’s, and he can do it himself, but he really can’t do it.
So if you can control Ba Haifei and send a farewell to Godsworn, you really can’t control it.
Since Yi Lu Deng can do this step, Sun Hao can’t insist on starting to talk about the second difficulty. "This is the second difficulty that the true elements have manipulated the gods and pulled the monks. The true elements will be injected along the large array. At this time, Brother Jianjun needs to distribute these true elements evenly to each array to make the whole ship array coordinated and unified before he can rise."
Yi Lu lights up a little and then the sound comes back. "Aquilaria seems very simple, but how do I feel that it is too difficult? This thing should be played by yourself."
Sun Hao encouraged him to "try it, or you will be able to break out the top-class marine fighting skills instead of the real magic skills."
Easy road lights sound said, "that’s the magic skill. It should be a little difficult. Otherwise, how could the magic skill be so rare? I’ll try it, but Aquilaria knows that it’s terrible to do your own thing. Don’t expect too much …"
After that, Yi Lu lights his eyes closed, completely sinking his mind and knowing the sea, and began to manipulate the ship array.
According to Professor Sun Hao’s method, we found each array point, ignoring the subtle manipulation of each monk, and a sudden roar in the mouth of Yi Lu lights, "Give me up …"
When the gods move, the traction is burning away.
Then, the light flashed for a while, and the whole ship array was still firmly lying in the sea.
All seagoing ships, big and small, also have the rotating force when the main mast of Fengyun raises its sails.
But the strength is not strong enough to carry the whole ship array
It was a little surprising that all the monks gathered together and only drove the Fengyun sail to rotate, and then the wind blade broke out, which actually increased its power and cut down a large number of demonized seabirds around the ship array, and a large number of seabirds were smashed.

"Yeah, no problem." The spokesman of death didn’t know whether he was suddenly stunned by heroism or full of confidence. He actually agreed to the fearless condition and planned to challenge the 34-level angel career with the skill of a 15-level newcomer

"Death spokesperson, you can’t support my fighting capacity now. I don’t want to fight this competition with three or four fists." The emperor’s favorite can’t help but frown at the arrogance of the death spokesperson. He is naturally not afraid to beat him, but the 34-level strength will bully the 15-level newcomer. What do you think is that it is also a big bully even if it wins.
The spokesman of death, Gaga, smiled and said slowly, "Don’t worry, I’m confident to fight you, but I won’t do it now. Well, after I change my job, you and I will go back to Xuanyuan Imperial City Arena and be the referee. I’ll let you know the real strength of death."
"Dear Emperor, you and God are not afraid to stay in the forbidden area of the sword burial. Don’t run around. Death and I will go and have a look." After explaining the dear Emperor, I offered the leading sword and flew directly to the cliff cave with the spokesman of death.
"Hey!" "creak", "creak", "creak"
At the moment when my imperial sword took off, the flying eagles were hidden around the cliff, and immediately screamed on Friday. They spread their wings and flew straight after me, and they almost arrived in front of me in the blink of an eye. They had the ability to fly, and it was natural and easy to catch up with me.
"frost wyrm broken! 」
Now there are more than 4 meters away from the cliff cave. When you don’t worry about the grass blade in your hand, you immediately gather up the cold light. frost wyrm broke it and sold it instantly. He grinned and danced his claws and quickly ran after the flying eagle attack.
The effect of this surprise attack is naturally excellent. Even if the first flying eagle was shocked by frost wyrm, the speed naturally slowed down a little. The other four flying eagles who followed it were also affected by it. I had to chase the flying eagle group because frost wyrm broke, and I pulled the distance again.
"The ground fissure spikes! 」
Frost wyrm’s deterrent effect is not long. When the flying distance of my royal sword is still 3 hours away from the small cave, those flying sculptures are chased again. This time, I directly urged the leading sword to come to the cliff and quickly patted it with my hands, which immediately triggered a ground crack and stabbed the flying sculptures.
Those flying eagles didn’t expect that the steep cliff would suddenly grow a long thorn, so they couldn’t prevent the stun effect of cracking and stabbing again. The flying eagles started to feel dizzy in the same place (hungry! What is in place without falling off? I didn’t know this was how the system was set.
"Earthquake anger! 」
Those flying eagles are really chattering and dizzy. When I woke up, I chased them again. Therefore, when I was still 1 meter away from the small cave, I was finally chased by those flying eagles who were already flying parallel to me. The beak of the eagle was madly pecking, obviously trying to knock me on the cliff.
But I’m actually so good-looking, okay The fist immediately hit the rock cliff next to it, and the energy immediately spread around. The great earthquake anger started through the rock cliff, and those flying sculptures were once again stunned.
Start immediately while teleporting now, and directly increase the distance by 5 meters. As soon as the speed of the guide sword rises, the spokesman of death and I have already driven the flying sword and appeared at the door of the cliff cave.
Just when I was about to enter the small cave, a strong force suddenly came out of the cave and directly overwhelmed me. When I didn’t dare to hold the big guide sword and immediately recover it, my arm suddenly grew a Long Lin shield. In 4567, damage per second, at the same time, I directly controlled the guide sword and stood firm. Finally, I blocked this surprise attack.
I froze when I took back my arm and looked at the small cave with the Long Lin shield.
Chapter three hundred and fifty says god carving
What appears in front of us is a giant eagle, which is huge and taller than people. It is also a flying eagle in the forbidden area of the sword tomb. Compared with the giant eagle in front of us, it looks like a giant burly warrior with a height of 2 meters
However, the appearance of the big eagle is ugly, and its feathers are scattered. It seems that more than half of it has been pulled out, and it looks very dirty, yellow and black, as if it has not been cleaned for months.
What’s even worse is that there is a big red sarcoma on the top of the head of the big eagle fishing mouth, which makes it not very beautiful, and its appearance is greatly reduced, and it is almost close to negative score.
The big eagle has many shortcomings, but there are also some advantages. For example, its legs are as thick as those of a burly horse, and its roots are not like the thighs of ordinary birds. Although its wings are extremely short, they don’t know if they can fly, but just from the blow just now, the wings are the smallest, but they are very poor
The giant deity has lived in the forbidden area of the sword tomb for a long time. Although it doesn’t have a flying collar, its strong thighs and powerful wings make its combat effectiveness greatly improved. Ordinary masters will be in danger of dying at any time when they encounter it. The life value of the 65-level fairy beast is 20,000, and the unique skill of carving out to sea and flapping their wings is crazy.
"jump!" Looking at the information given in sharingan, I almost fainted. Isn’t the statue of God in front of me the one in "Heroes of the Condor" where Yang Guo met the big brother in the lonely sword grave? Hmm? It seems that the game designer has changed the lonely sword tomb into Xuanyuan sword tomb, but I don’t know if there are any sword cheats in this small cave.
Think about it. In the original work "The Condor Heroes", the solitary sword tomb seeks defeat, but there is a unique magic weapon, the dark iron epee. This Xuanyuan sword tomb can be used even without a super artifact, the dark iron epee.
Just when I fantasized that I could get the darksteel epee in this small cave guarded by the carved gods, the spokesman of death suddenly poured’ cold water’. "Don’t think about Xuanyuan Sword Tomb, but there is no sword in this cave. If you want a sword, there are plenty of swords in Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"No weapons? Then why did you call me here? At present, the condor is a 65-level fairy beast that can drop my half-row health in seconds with a blow. There is a limit if you want to die. "
Damn it, there are no weapons in the forbidden area. Then why did you drag me here? Do you want me to help you kill the condor? Forget it. I know my own strength. If I meet a level 5 fairy beast, I may still have a chance to fight a level 65 fairy beast. You think my life is too long, don’t you?
"Well, actually, I asked you to help me pin down the statue of God, and I went in to get my changed job." The death spokesman now felt very embarrassed, but the changed job was so hard-headed and said with a wry smile, "I didn’t change my job until level 13, because I wanted to change my job to hide my job and the changed job was guarded by this statue of God."
"Depend? No? " I was taken aback by this, which is what I know. He’s at level 13, but he still hasn’t changed his job. But … "Level 65 immortal beast condor? I don’t mean to discourage you, but nine times out of ten, I’m afraid you can’t finish it. "
"Who knows that the giant eagle has also been upgraded? It’s just a level 5 fairy beast. It’s a mistake to think that it has now become a level 65 fairy beast." The death spokesman’s face is as painful as eating bitter gourd at the moment, even when he speaks, he has already carried bitter silk. What a poor child.
"Help people recite Buddha in the end and send it to the West Death. Where do you want to get something? I’ll break in and help you get it." Everyone has their own bottom line to deal with the blame, and now my bottom line is that the beast of Warcraft peak fairy beast monster beast has not reached the peak. Although it can’t be killed, it is still possible to escape from its hand.
Now, if I don’t rush in to get something, my courage will naturally rise and I really want to have a discussion with the condor.
The spokesman of death hurriedly pointed to the small box in the cave and said nervously, "How about my props in it, boss? Can you help me get that box?"
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
Now, whether I can change my job or not, the spokesman of death has to shout even the boss. Although it sounds a little wrong, I am very upset. Hey, hey, this is the first time that this guy of death calls the boss, he will definitely have a poor aftertaste.
"You call me the boss, I don’t promise you? Ok, let’s get rid of these flying sculptures that hinder people first, or I’ll fly at them later. These guys will wave my skills again. "Now there are several stun tricks in my skills that have entered a cooling state, so I want to solve these flying sculptures that used to consume my skills first, and then focus on dealing with the sacred sculptures.
Where are these flying sculptures in my grass sword? While the skill is still in a cooling state, I will restore my health and mana to the best state of full blood and blue, and then I will directly throw the death spokesman to the ground and ascend to heaven alone, and once again I will arrive at the cliff cave entrance, where the statue of God will confront each other.
In ancient times, there was a confrontation between the Happy King of Zhang Junbao for three days and three nights. Now, although the dragon soul carving is not so exaggerated, it has been fully confronted for three minutes.
(Three days and three nights of confrontation with the Happy King in Zhang Junbao is taken from Young Zhang Sanfeng. The confrontation with the Dragon Soul Sculpture is, of course, waiting for the skills to cool down. Otherwise, who wants to confront a sloppy sculpture? )
The first thing to move is the young Stegosaurus with grass in his hand. Seeing his feet stepping on the flying sword, the flying speed of the royal sword is up to the maximum, and it is like a gust of wind’ blowing’ into the cave. The speed has almost reached the top drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s ghostly state, and the effect is hard to prevent.
However, the 65-level god carving is not a decoration. 」
See the statue of god, the thick thighs moved quickly, and the legs soared directly. At the same time, the short wings beat straight up and swept the past directly towards the avenger dragon soul.
"The condor wings! 」
"touch!" An eagle’s wings immediately hit the dragon’s soul body 96, and the damage was immediately output from the top of the head, which was quite harmful and worthy of the eagle’s wings.
"Crazy carving out to sea! 」
The condor seems to have been excited at the moment, and its wings are suddenly and fiercely recovered. The general momentum is immediately squeezed from all sides. The dragon soul is single-handedly defeated by the avalanche, and the general momentum is forced to quickly start the absolute defense skills. Long Lin array wall makes itself in the absolute protection of Long Lin
"Don’t dive! 」
On the other hand, the god carving saw that his crazy carving at sea had no effect, so he stopped attacking and directly concentrated on renewing his energy. The so-called diving carving is actually to let the god carving concentrate on gathering energy. Don’t make meaning.
"Group carving first! 」
At the same time, as the Long Lin array wall dispersed, the energy of the condor seems to have passed through the submerged carving. When the wings beat like a whirlwind, they attack the other side’s head position, which is the group carving skill.
Passing 18-wheeler, when the wings of the condor are about to hit the avenger’s dragon soul head, I see the dragon soul figure swaying in front of me and it has disappeared into the original place.
The teleportation skill is sometimes the best trick to save your life and escape. This trick of carving a dragon’s head loses its target and naturally falls to smash the rock in front directly.
"Quack!" The original crazy attack on the condor suddenly stopped and talked about people’s words. "Good, good, you can resist six palms when you are carving. Hey, hey, but how many palms can you resist at the bottom of the ten palms?" Carving is looking forward to it. "
Chapter three hundred and sixty said the god carving ()
"Wow, great anecdote! The condor actually spoke! And ….. "Looking at the front is self-respect, I hold back laughing and said very seriously," Don’t you say it’s a dragon with ten hands? What has now changed into ten hands? "
The condor proudly said, "The condor is a fairy beast, and it is naturally able to speak with both hands. It is naturally adapted from the method of lowering the dragon’s ten hands. Alas, who makes the condor so clever? The martial arts of the condor can be imitated and adapted. Hey, you dare to carve when I speak. It will never spare you."
"Ha ha, you say you and I move me, and we don’t interfere." Just now, I have created twelve busy people by relying on the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu’s fairy charm. Now, in this not-so-big cave, an extra twelve people are particularly crowded.
"Take six sculptures! 」
With a wave of his wings, the powerful energy of the condor immediately spread and transformed into six sculpted shapes, and all of them rushed to the 13 Avengers’ Dragon Souls (twelve avatars plus one).
Taking advantage of six sculptures and six sculptures at the same time, it is the most important move in the ten palms of the carving, and it is also one of the methods for a few groups to attack the palm
Take six sculptures at a time, but it’s the most powerful move in the palm of the ten hands, but it’s not weak. If you dare not be careless, you can directly order twelve busy people to enthusiastically hope that twelve busy people can help me fight against the six sculptures.

Surprise rose in my heart and I was full of questions at the same time.

I don’t understand why I still have a chance to live after the placenta broke away from the prison ghost town. I wonder where the placenta went at the moment. I don’t know which one saved me.
The spirit is linked to the cuckoo in the Yin Zhu, but it is cuckoo without any response. This situation makes me startled.
It’s been 14 years since I met Goo Tsai at the age of 18. Every day, I drop a drop of blood to nourish Yin Zhu. I can be sure that Goo Tsai is in Yin Zhu at this moment, but he doesn’t respond to my spirit as if he were asleep.
This is the first time in history.
I’m worried about whether the spirit is connected or not. I turned my head to observe my environment at the moment, and such a simple move made my head dizzy
"Xiao Ran, you woke up and scared the hell out of you. You’ve been in a coma for a day and two nights. Are you hungry, thirsty and thirsty? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Just as I was wondering, I looked at my environment with my eyes. Tang Sike pushed the door and came in to see me awake and went straight to my bedside to ask questions.
"Dizziness" answers Tang Sike’s question. My voice is very good.
Segmented reading 27
"Xiao Ran, wait a minute. I’m going to find a doctor to help you look at it." Tang Sike heard my words and ran out of the ward.
I can’t help but roll my eyes when I see Tomsk running out of the ward to find a doctor after listening to my words. There is a bell ringing at the bedside of this ward, okay?
But my heart is full of warmth. I am lucky to encounter Tang Sike’s loss of friends like this.
Tang Sike soon came with the doctor, followed by them, sweating and panting. Han Tianqin was full of joy when he saw me wake up.
The doctor examined me and said that I had a slight concussion due to a head impact. I was hospitalized for observation and can be discharged after 24 hours.
The prognosis of concussion is good. Most patients return to normal in two weeks, but a few patients may also have secondary cranial lesions or other complications. Therefore, the mental state, consciousness, clinical symptoms and vital signs of patients must be closely observed during symptomatic treatment, and necessary examinations should be carried out according to the situation.
"No, doctor, Xiao Ran has been in a coma for a day and two nights. Please help me to check if Xiao Ran still has his condition." After seeing the doctor, I will leave Tang Sike and hold the arm of the doctor who just gave me a physical examination.
"Classmate, your friend’s situation is so assured that our hospital is extremely responsible for patients and there will be no misdiagnosis." The doctor was held by Tang Sike’s arm and it was very professional to explain to Tang Sike.
"But you can be in a coma for a day and two nights after being hit, doctor. Look again." Tang Sike is very stubborn
There is no way for the doctor to check me again and still get the same result.
So Thomas can be regarded as letting the doctor go.
"Xiao Ran, you are so scary. Look at my dark circles." The doctor left Han Tianqin and pointed his finger at his eyes, letting me see, and then poured me a glass of water to serve me.
"As handsome as Qin" looked around me. Tang Sike and Han Tianqin evoked a great radian in my lip angle.
"Little Ran’s eyes are good. Everyone knows this." If you get my words, Han Tianqin raises his face.
"Come on, come on, get out of here. Go to your place. It affects Xiao Ran’s mood. Xiao Ran came to see me. I’m Chang Jun." Tang Sike pulled Han Tianqin aside and let me see her face with her hands on my bedside.
I can’t help laughing at the performance of two wonderful friends who are "well, Coco is very handsome"
"Must drop" Townships ridiculous eyes narrowed.
After a while, I asked Tang Sike and Han Tianqin how I got into the hospital and which one sent me to this hospital.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin talked to me in a hurry, and I always understood which hospital I was lying in at the moment and who sent me.
It turned out that Xie Yiming was a classmate.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin told me that they were all asleep that night. Xie Yiming woke them up and told them that I was the first people’s hospital of fz at the moment.
When Tang Sike and Han Tianqin came to the First People’s Hospital of fz City, Han Tianqin had already helped me to pay before leaving the hospital. After Tang Sike and Han Tianqin were busy taking care of me, they took a leave and didn’t go to class, so they never saw Han Tianqin again.
"Xiao Ran, what happened after all? Where did you go that night and how did you get into the hospital?" Tang Sike and Han Tianqin looked at me with a face of truth after answering my questions.
"Er, it’s okay. I went out for a walk later, and I fainted without knowing what happened." I rubbed my forehead and prevaricated to answer the common questions of Tang Sike and Han Tianqin.
"Dr. Xiao Ran said that you were in a coma because your brain was hit. Did someone want to rob you of money and color? It happened that Xie Yiming’s hero saved the United States and saved you." After listening to my answer, Tang Sike automatically made up his mind.
"Er, it’s possible" doesn’t refute Tom’s words. At this moment, Tom’s brain tonic just belongs to self-questioning and self-answering, and he gives the answer to his own question.
After waking up, I stayed in the hospital for observation for 24 hours, and several times I joined Goo Tsai, but Goo Tsai didn’t respond once.
After 24 hours of hospital observation, I followed Tang Sike and Han Tianqin back to school.
I refused Tang Sike and Han Tianqin to help me continue to ask for leave and let me continue to recuperate. When I didn’t delay any longer, I went to class that day.
I have questions and want to ask Xie Yiming. I also want to thank him in person.
Hao-wen wang didn’t come to class, even his minion Lai Yuejing was absent from class. Xie Yiming was still indifferent. When he saw me coming to class, he glanced at me and withdrew his sight.
Xie Yiming’s reaction made my heart astringent and convergent, and I concentrated on the class.
After school, I stopped Xie Yiming from leaving.
"Xie Yiming, thank you for taking me to the hospital. I will pay you back later." I was a little embarrassed before Xie Yiming.
This is not the first time I have spoken to Xie Yiming in my class for more than two years, but it is the time I have spoken to Xie Yiming the most.
"You’re welcome, just lift a finger. This is my card number, and then you can transfer the money to my account." After listening to my words, Xie Yiming pulled out a UnionPay card from his pocket and copied the card number to me.
A simple dialogue Xie Yiming left with his backpack before I asked any more questions. I looked at Xie Yiming’s hand and copied my card number and set it in place.
Chapter 40 Finally wait for you
"Let’s go, Xiao Ran is starving. I can eat a cow this noon." Tang Sike came up to me with the class.
"Good" I folded the paper with Xie Yiming’s card number written on it and put it in my pocket, and left the classroom with Tang Sike.
"Hey, Xiao Ran, you said that Xie Yiming was also cool enough to have no friends." Tang Sike complained while building.
"Everyone has a different personality, right?" I responded to Tang Sike’s words by rubbing my forehead. Although the doctor said that I had a slight concussion, this simple building made me a little dizzy.
Near the handrail, I held the handrail and walked upstairs. It was not fun if I accidentally bumped into it.
"That’s what he said just now." Tang Sike saw me holding the stair handrail in my hand and taking the class in my other hand to help me walk side by side with me.
"Thank you for raising your hand, and then just send the money to his card." It’s funny enough to think that I talked to Xie Yiming just now, and my lips reminded me that I was cramped with a wool just now.
"Well, that little Ran, if you have enough money, I have a good object that my emperor Amar found missing some time ago. I am happy to give me a card and spend a lot of money so that I can share happiness with him." Tang Sike asked me in a low voice when he heard me.
"I can’t pay back the cocoa and Qin’s money later." When it comes to paying back the money, I feel that the sun is not charming.
Although it is enough for me to spend money on my card every month, I really spend a lot of money lying in the hospital these days, and I really can’t get enough medical care for myself these days
I called grandma for the second time and learned that grandma is now in Xiangxi. I am worried that I won’t bother her at this time and ask her to remit money to me. I don’t want her to know about my affairs and worry about me in turn.
So I can pay back Xie Yiming’s money first, and Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance the medical department for me. After I pay it back, I can stop eating directly.
"What are you talking about? I’m playing with Qin if I don’t pay back the money. That’s the deal." As soon as I spoke, Tang Sike immediately expressed his attitude.
I didn’t pick up another conversation with Tom Sike, and my idea of taking a part-time job came up again.
Tang Sike and Han Tianqin advance medicine for me. Do I have to or just slow down? A penny stumps the hero. Everything needs money all the time. Without money, social life can’t be decisive.
Soon, another week passed. This week, my body has almost recovered. When I fainted that night in Shuguang Park, fz, the strange placenta never appeared.
Everything was calm except that I couldn’t summon the cuckoo in the pearl.
I don’t know if this calm means that a more violent storm will sweep over soon or that my life will return to the past again, but this week’s calm is what I like most.
Because this week’s calm has given me a chance to recuperate and breathe.
If the placenta reappears before my body recovers, I will definitely be able to cope with it.
This week, Wang Haowen also came to school again, but his face has always been pale and he has become more silent than usual. Many people are hesitant to see me, but his eyes are less and he continues to cling to me.
With the appearance of Wang Haowen in school, Lai Yuejing, his little sidekick, also came to the school class to listen to Lai Yuejing tell another story. It is not known what he did with Wang Haowen during his disappearance.
The day is dull, and Bai Linger comes to our class every day. Xie Yiming is indifferent and persistent, and chats with him.
Xie Yiming paid for my hospitalization. I have called him and sent him a message. He also replied with a good word.
It’s been a month since grandma sent money to my card, but grandma didn’t, but she didn’t send money, and she didn’t say a word to worry about grandma’s safety. When I called grandma, she always showed me the way to get through.
I can’t connect with grandma, but I can’t do anything. Every day my heart is tied together.
Another weekend, when I finished reading the library, I chatted with my mobile phone and put the convenience store link into my eyelids.
I packed my things and came out of the library. I called the convenience store directly.
I came to this convenience store job notice a long time ago, and I didn’t have much hope. Who knows how to get through there and tell me that I can start work tonight when I need it, and the salary is quite good

Want to busy here to the ice demon elder sister said

"Beautiful sister also gave me this peeping eye skill, okay?"
The ice devil looked at me coldly and said
"I’m sorry you don’t understand the charm! I still want to dance with me as your wife, and I refuse! "
I’ll stay. No way! You are that-you went outside and turned into a red ribbon with something written on it. Don’t you know that you should love your job and be dedicated? It’s not good to stay in the lobby. When you are a monster, what are you wandering around?
Forget it! I think I’ve completely offended you. Anyway, I just despise you, the ice devil, the fucking celestial messenger. What are you going to do?
Thought of here I sneer at her! She didn’t take a reason I again to our way
"Handsome boy, when you come, can you take me out for a walk? I’m tired of staying in this cave. I want you to agree to take me out for a look. I promise to save you on the fifth floor later. I remember what’s the name of the man who passed me? What Wolf King!"
I was a stare blankly shouted
"Is it an infatuated husband!"
"yes! That’s him! I told him that he couldn’t take the sword away, but he didn’t believe me. I wanted him to take me out, but he said that he had a loving wife and refused all winged goblins. When I was angry, I wouldn’t save him. I was also a handsome guy who didn’t understand charm. Do you understand? "
Our nodded sink a way
"I know! But I can’t take you! Because of the highest power of human beings on earth, I don’t want you to be controlled by alien life, and you don’t want to possess me and make me your puppet! "
"giggle! You know a lot about human players! "
The messenger suddenly became ferocious, and the fairy became a witch.
Xiong and I are busy drawing swords against each other! She suddenly recovered gently way
"all right! Now that you have passed the test of this drama, you can go. "
Say that finish her hand a finger suddenly appeared a flashing green crystal road winding and mountain, I and our no longer talk directly stepped to haven’t walked a few steps when I heard the ice magic faint way.
"That earth ranger has practiced writing well. You are the ugliest player I have ever seen. Be careful to scare your wife!"
I’m stunned. This ice devil sister is quite humorous! Copy that. Let me talk about it sometimes. Your unknown monster sister is still waiting for me. Besides, you’re not my wife, so don’t worry about it …
DiYiSanSi chapter ever-changing angel
Tiancheng is a noisy and tense place at the moment. Miss Monroe, the emissary of Xianggen Yingwei League, and the female symbol of Tianbang, Xinyue Palace Master, were both accidentally hijacked, which has deeply shocked the whole Tianbang League. Through the first report of hundreds of game media present at that time, the star players all knew this emergency in a short time, and this sensational event was continuously broadcasted in various game channels of Dalong. Everyone speculated and doubted that the kidnapper was Fang Shengke. People were hijacked from the inside out like iron barrels, and then hundreds of thousands of search troops were sent out the day after tomorrow to search around the incident suddenly, but no progress was made. Major game media invited top military experts to the performance hall to make 24-hour continuous reports, strive for more ratings and get more advertising rewards.
If we try to find and rescue the hostages, everyone will start to wonder whether the deep meaning behind this incident will seriously affect the alliance’s establishment of allies. Is it possible that the most beautiful woman in the romantic country of Dalong country, Miss Zilian Monroe, was maliciously hijacked, causing the majority of players in the romantic country to be dissatisfied with Dalong? Will the accidental hijacking of Mrs. Xinyue, the first lady of SkyTeam, seriously affect the morale of SkyTeam? Will this incident affect the correct judgment of SkyTeam executives, especially the core members of SkyTeam executives?
In the midst of everyone’s doubts and worries, good news finally came. The deputy leader of Sky Alliance led his elite of Daqimen to find two beautiful women who were kidnapped at Crossslope, Miss Zilian Monroe, and personally led 3,000 flag warriors to escort Miss Zilian Monroe all the way back to Tiancheng.
Tens of thousands of news fans and hundreds of news reporters have gathered in the sky and outside the city. Everyone should pay attention to what explosive hijacking scenes this beautiful messenger who has just arrived from the west will reveal.
Soon, a fresh warrior with a standard appeared in the south of the city, glowering with murderous look and fighting spirit. The 3,000 iron army is the Great Dragon Banner Army!
Seeing that these 3,000 flag troops are all wearing red armor and crossing the sweat and blood, the armored horse is the first to take the purple-glowing weapon in one hand, and the purple-shining Excalibur crosses the red-blooded BMW. It is the flag-rising sun, the main door of the flag gate. Not far from him, there is a woman wearing the magic-level equipment, flying feathers and holding the staff of the moon god. It is the flag-gate, the deputy door, and the main flag Leng Yue. They are followed by a beautifully decorated and noble carriage, which was hijacked in Li Po in October.
Those players who are waiting for the interview and report are all flocking to the front of the carriage. The soldiers of the flag army are just harassed by a flash of video. I didn’t expect this flag army to be so refreshing and powerful! Everyone is excited. It turns out that in Dalong country, there is not a day to help a Huanglong proud sky, but also a flag gate and a flag of the East China Sea warrior, the rising sun!
The flag rising sun looked at these excited players with a calm face, but their faces were dignified at ordinary times, but they also eliminated a lot. At this time, a burst of golden drums and drums sounded in the tower of Tiancheng, and I heard the direction of Tiancheng coming loudly.
"Sky alliance leader proud to meet the angel! The messenger has worked hard all the way. "
Everyone looked back and saw a golden armored golden fighters riding out of the city in a neat row. This is the Heaven Help Wang proud of the sky and the Rapier Guard.
Soon, two well-dressed troops are facing the ups and downs of Tiangu Mountain in the distance of Ping Ye Mountain outside Tianchi City Trench! Witness the first official meeting between these two powerful armies.
Huang longqi Wu shengqi and together, the two core figures of Dalongtian alliance rode face to face on horseback and looked at each other. Suddenly, they all smiled at each other, and the sky first said,
"Brother Rising Sun, thank you for pulling the alliance. Brother Rising Sun has contributed greatly if we can get through this difficulty! I wonder how Miss Monroe is now? "
"Ha ha! Brother Sky is joking. It’s also a coincidence that my second sister, Leng Yue, led the flag army and just came back from Samsung Island. I happened to meet a gang of villains escorting a luxury carriage. My second sister led the children to meet together. Leng Yue saw something wrong and led the army to intercept Miss Monroe, but the carriage was missing. My younger brother was ashamed. Don’t you know the latest news about Brother Sky’s sister-in-law? "
"Speaking of shame, I don’t have any clue now. I want to send my sister Sunset to ask Miss Monroe personally to see if she knows anything."
Proud of the sky, suddenly, with a hint of anxiety in his face, his heart is even more self-blaming. Because the third brother dominates the guilty woman in his heart, he can’t say anything in front of Xinyue for a while. Is he a little repulsive to her from his heart? But she complained that she had been silently supporting me. How could I be so confused? She is my life’s destined wife. Why can’t I observe her subtle feelings? Moon talks about it. I will find you at any cost. When Li Po looked at you in horror on the tenth day, but her deep attachment and belief looked at me, I suddenly realized this life. I can’t lose you. Because you are my beloved wife, Moon, let bygones be bygones. Let me take good care of you and love you. Moon, where are you? Just tell me.
Just as a myriad of melancholy and remorse emerged in the proud sky, I heard a sweet sound coming through the bead curtain in that carriage.
"Dear proud leader, before I passed out, I heard that girl with a car was called by your wife to be a messenger of change."
The scene suddenly became an uproar! Proud of the sky a surprised step jumped from the horse’s back and ready to jump in front of the carriage to ask a question. The rising sun frowned and looked at the direction of the carriage. The light flashed across the flag. Leng Yue Cheng was also a lag. He looked at the carriage and turned to his brother’s flag. The rising sun wondered gently
"Eldest brother-"
"Don’t talk until you get into Tiancheng."
The flag, the rising sun, looked at that again coldly. What does the carriage want to do? Proud of the sky suddenly realized what stopped the road.
"Welcome the messenger to the city!"
Then I heard the day Rapier guards angry shouting together.
"Welcome the messenger to the city!"
Instantly, several colorful flags were raised in the towering towers of Kim Jong Dae Tiancheng, and several warriors with horns and bright clothes appeared on the surface.
Ring constantly resounded through Tianyu in the whole city, and suddenly there was a high slogan of the heavenly warrior.
Looking at such a majestic city, such a heavenly master, more than 100,000 live players and hundreds of reporters of live reporting game news units once again personally felt that the heavenly army is by no means a wave of hollow reputation. If the powerful enemy wants to defeat Dalong Tiandu, the first thing to ask is whether the two major forces of the alliance, Tianjun and Daqi Army, will agree or not.
Looking at many players’ eyes and the focus of the game news media, they all looked at their three thousand flags, the Red Guards’ flags, the rising sun’s face, and hung up a smile. Cold way in my heart
It’s time for the big flag army to appear.
Chapter DiYiSanWu TianQing hole on the fourth floor
From the third floor, the ice monster who likes to hang around in disorder climbs along this crystal road that emits green light, and suddenly I am interested in a certain problem, and I have always been silent about taking the road of dominating.
"Our eldest brother! Did you just hear what that ice devil said? "
Our head also don’t back to continue walking but asked