"All right!" Get up in wine and color, dress generously and cut your clothes. "I hope this news is worth more than my life."

Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine, a woman
"Are you sure!"
ZhongJun tent NanFu from low said lights a face has been angry some changed.
There was a silence in the dark and said, "Yes! Those ghost repair tools are all made temporarily, and their skills are superb. If I hadn’t seen them once, I really couldn’t see them. "
"oh! You can’t even see which refining technique it is! "
Nanfu is far away from one leng. If this person’s refining skill is called the second in Zhongzhou, even if no one dares to call it the number one expert, they all try to find this person to find the high spirit weapon. Unfortunately, this person entered the palace twenty years ago because of too many enemies and became a refiner. This time, if Nanfu was not away from the expedition to Lianghecheng, the one-man emperor Wang Ye would not let him follow.
"Ha ha!" The sound in the dark smiled lonely.
"I can’t believe that yuquan temple can have such a master refiner. If there is an opportunity, I really want to compete with this master."
Yuquan temple!’
Nanfu’s eyes narrowed slightly, remembering that he had seen the young monk who followed Lan Chenxi during the day and heard that he was a scattered disciple. Some time ago, the news was that he didn’t know that he had joined the Yin Frost Pavilion with Princess Zheng, and I couldn’t help but see the thin boy in front of me when I thought of these Nanfu’s departure.
It was a mistake not to kill him.
"I’m afraid it’s hard for you to kill him!"
The master of refining in the dark seems to have seen through Nanfu’s departure from his mind.
Nanfu from stroking the console table sword eyes cold light milli keep shot out.
"Don’t be distracted. Twenty years ago, you forced the royal family to kill Ye Lu, which is the bottom line of the king of Qin. Now you want to move Ye Lingfeng. I’m afraid the first opponent is the king of Qin. Can’t you see who the veiled girl is among the six people today?"
"I feel familiar but I don’t recognize it!"
As soon as Nanfu left, she remembered the girl who looked familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had seen her.
"If I guess it’s right, it should be Princess Yun."
Upon hearing this, Nanfu was surprised. "What did you say? Positions how can let non-success princess "
Responding to him is a heavy sigh in the dark!
"I’m curious about how Ye Lingfeng got these people together. Lan Chenxi is said that when Ye Lingfeng met with a big family, the wind evil and Lan Chenxi once teamed up with Yan Weifa and eventually lost the first world war, but they also drove Yan Weifa to cross the sword to kill the princess. I think you also know that I don’t want to say more. Now Jiange, the new generation leader, Shen Yao, seems to be very close to Ye Lingfeng, and the little monk doesn’t know anything, but the refining technique is enough to envy Zhongzhou in Chuqinghe and Su Mei military strategists. Although the strength of these people is not top-notch, they are enough to deal with the "broken" in your hands, and what is the concept of the representative strength behind these people? You should know that Ye Lingfeng is like gathering these people. Have you ever thought about it? Besides, Ye Lingfeng’s plan is by no means that simple. You’d better think about it clearly. Now the demon race is imminent. The only demon race who can surpass the demon race in the past 50 years has died twenty years ago. You should know the truth! "
The lights are gone, and Nanfu is away from the tent, and it is dim with the disappearance of the dark alto.
"What do you think!"
Lan Chenxi’s hands will disappear for a while, and the bronze mirror will disappear. This magic weapon is a thousand-mile mirror made of wine and color, but although this building is called a thousand miles, it can make the range only about a hundred miles.
This mirror is divided into two parts, one is a bronze mirror in Lan Chenxi’s hand, and the other is a thin crystal in the hand of wine. Everything you see through the crystal will be displayed in the bronze mirror. I have to say this is a very good baby.
But the only pity is that there is no sound and not much information is obtained.
"No opinions, too little information."
Su Mei and others frown and expect a few debauchery differences. It’s a pity that the other party is also a master. debauchery can’t be too close to the big account, and this is a military camp. Even if Lan Chenxi and others look at each other, they dare not act rashly before Nanfu leaves the card.
"Do you want to test one!"
Chuqinghe fiddled with his long hair and spoke when everyone had no opinion.
Lan Chenxi asked, "How to test!"
Chu Qinghe laughed coldly. "Demon clan!"
In doing so, everyone is clever and knows your kindness, and soon you understand the meaning of Chuqinghe. The demon master forced Nanfu to leave his hand card exposed, but it is a big problem for the demon family to want to come to Chuqinghe since he must have a million plans. I can’t help but focus on Chuqinghe.
The second day early in the morning, Su Mei quietly left the camp alone. Just after she left, there was a shadow closely following her. She watched and followed Su Mei away from the back. Lan Chenxi sneered and put away a thousand miles of mirrors. If you can’t expect the enemy to take the lead, you will lose without a fight.
Nanfu has been away from the battlefield for decades. Is it easy for the younger generation? Last night, the so-called demon clan plan in Chuqinghe was just an eye-catching one, and the debauchery can let them see that Nanfu is away from Zhongjun’s big account. Then Nanfu has no such strange man who can hide from Lan Chenxi and others and overhear them saying that Lan Chenxi can’t gamble, but if he doesn’t look at the situation, he will fall into a passive position. If there is Lan Chenxi, one person will cross the knife in World War I, but there are five companions around him, Lan Chenxi will have to win steadily.
In fact, this is the same as the master confrontation. People who can seize the opportunity first can often occupy a certain advantage. Although the so-called latecomers can receive miraculous effects, the greater the risk.
Lan Chenxi’s knife never pays attention to what the first move is static braking, and it is a trick to kill. At this moment, Lan Chenxi is also looking for opportunities to compete with Nanfu.
"Do you have a clue?"
I don’t know when Chu Qinghe appeared behind Lan Chenxi and handed Lan Chenxi a bowl of hot porridge in his hand.
"Thank you!"
Lan Chenxi took a sip of porridge.
"It’s delicious!"
Lan Chenxi and others’ food was arranged by Nanfu Li. During these two months, everyone was camping out, and there were few serious meals. Lan Chenxi never knew that Chuqinghe’s cooking would be so delicious.
Being praised for cooking delicious food, Chu Qinghe smiled a little. "Seeing that you haven’t slept all night, you are thinking about making something for you. It’s very thoughtful!"
"Well, ok! The general layout of the cabinet owner has long had a plan, and it has been calculated that Nanfu’s reaction is in exercise, and he still needs to improvise. Some can’t figure out what Nanfu is thinking. "
For Chu Qinghe Lan Chenxi, there is nothing to hide. It is already a Ye Lingfeng woman. If the military elders are still alive, Chu Qinghe almost didn’t move the whole military into Yin Shuang Pavilion.
"It’s really hard for you, but it’s better to practice more now, so you are indispensable!"
Listen to the ChuQingHe LanChenxi one leng said "huh? How do you say this time I was ordered to be called back from Wudang Mountain by the cabinet master? If there is no accident, this time she is the leader. "
Chu Qinghe shook his head. "Xiaoqi has been with me since he was a child. Although his mind is elusive, I can guess one or two points. Even if the confrontation with Qin is nothing, the leader must be you because you are his most trusted person!"
"You’re kidding!" Lan Chenxi was shocked by Chu Qinghe’s remarks. "If you want to say the letter, it should also be you!" How can I get an outsider? "
Chuqinghe smiled sadly. "He will believe you just because you are an outsider."
Lan Chenxi wondered, "This is!"
Chu Qinghe reached out and took Lan Chenxi’s porridge bowl and murmured, "Because of a woman!"
Meng Lan Chenxi blurted out as if something had been knocked over.
Chapter one hundred and thirty, dawn
When was the last time you cried?

"Come on! It was bitten by a spell and took this opportunity to kill him! " Chen Kai got excited from the ground. He knew that the caster had a certain time to move after the spell itself, because the power of the spell itself not only consumed their vitality, but also stirred their magic.

Van Kerry naturally knows the situation of gold Goblin at the moment, and he is also unambiguous. For the first time, he raised his tomahawk close to Goblin’s body and slammed it into the other’s body. The sharpness of the tomahawk in his hand is definitely not comparable to that of Sabas Kilo hatchet, but he rarely used to have a tomahawk that didn’t adapt to it. But if he couldn’t split it with different monsters, then the head of the red tarantula would be improper, or it would be a shame to go back to his hometown to farm.
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Chapter 35 Gold Goblin (End) (Recommended)
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The blood-red tomahawk crossed a heavy arc in the middle and split like a flash in the neck of the gold goblin. Van Clee wanted to kill this goblin once and for all, but the defense of this goblin was too strong. The sharp tomahawk didn’t completely cut off the other side’s neck, but cut the spine and got stuck there.
The severe pain made Goblin make a terrible roar, and at the same time, the staff in its hand was swung directly towards Van Cleef’s body and smashed in the past. This golden Goblin not only possessed the attainments of order magic and biological magic, but also possessed the strength of order biology. The staff made of bones was waved and whistled by the golden Goblin, and those who hit behind Van Cleef with a stunned expression were thrown out by this heavy blow.
Not far behind Van Cleef, Chen Kaike clearly heard the fracture sound of the other person’s body and bones, and saw the blood spit out from Van Cleef’s mouth and mixed with dirt. Van Cleef’s long life was also lost in this blow, and his life value was still dropping at a rate of one percent per second. How can Chen Kai sit on the ground and rest directly from the ground and run away despite the danger of being attacked by Goblin fireballs?
At the same time, he directly took out his backpack and put it in a box and stuffed it into Van Cleef’s mouth. Chen Kai knew that this kind of injury was definitely not cured by therapy. Such a terrible injury would definitely kill the aborigines once it was treated from time to time. But Chen Kai’s magic is not to mention releasing the therapy now. He can’t even release a flame. He can temporarily control Van Cleef’s injury with the fruit of the purple emperor and then slowly help him recuperate with the holy water of life.
But for the time being, Van Cleef has lost his fighting ability. Maybe in a few days, he can lie on a stretcher like the hapless thief Kashgar. Of course, the goblin himself is not much better than Van Cleef. The tomahawk is embedded behind its neck all the time, causing it to growl and shoot fireballs around at random. At this moment, the golden goblin seems to be an injured lone wolf, and it becomes its enemy when it approaches the object. Even if it holds its hand, it is a fireball.
When Llewellyn was carrying Van Cleef for his life, he saw his side rushing towards them with a bone tomahawk growling. The Goblin elite was hit by a fireball by his leader, but it fell to the ground for a long time and could not move. As a result, it was naturally cleaned up by other soldiers in Van Cleef’s team.
However, they pay more attention to saving their lives than picking up those remnants of Goblin Llewellyn, even if they are carrying shields. Sabas Kilo is holding his head and running away. Because the other party’s attack is too hard, there is almost no stop. Releasing Llewellyn feels as if he is in the rain of bullets. The fireballs that fly out one by one are shells that keep falling around behind him and smashing out pits and mud.
"Depend! Don’t you want money for this guy’s magic or is his magic exhausted! " Will carry van kerry has been running for nearly 50 meters away from the gold goblin. In this range, except for those goblins’ bodies, there are only gold goblins’ loyal hands, but these hands are also shaking on their heads at the moment for fear that they will be hit by a sudden fireball, but all goblins have not escaped or are afraid of the power of gold goblins. They dare not escape.
"Sabas Kilo, are you okay?" After running to the safety zone, Chen Kai carried the injury under control. Van Kerry went to Kilo, Sabas and asked about the fireball burning. He looked better than expected. Although his hair was burnt out and his skin was red, his life value did not fluctuate much. This shows the strength of the shield guardian. Of course, Chen Kai did not know why Sabas Kilo’s physical resistance would be so strong. He guessed that it might be that the high attribute would increase his resistance to abnormal energy.
"Well! Is the hair burned? What about the head? " Sabas Kilo wiped his head with a lot of ash. As his hand was erased, his forehead was exposed. Then he looked at it and sighed. He had a beautiful long blond hair and now it has turned to black ash.
"It has been treated simply, but the situation can be said to be barely controlled. It needs further treatment and rest, but it will definitely lose its combat effectiveness in a short time because he has three broken ribs!" Chen Kai slowly laid Van Cleef flat on the ground. Compared with Sabas Kilo, Van Cleef was as miserable as it was. There was a significant depression in his chest, which was the location of broken ribs.
"mom! This damn bastard! " Hearing Chen Kai’s words, Sabas Kilo couldn’t help hammering the ground with his fist, and at the same time, he looked at the other end with hatred. Goblin stopped breathing. Chen Kai looked at Goblin’s state through his vision. Although he couldn’t see the magic of gold Goblin, he found that his health had fallen to less than 250,000 through health observation. It can be said that because of Van Kerry’s crucial attack, Goblin lost nearly 50,000 health and suffered heavy losses.
If Van Cleef’s axe had been cut deeper or simply pulled out, the damage would have been even higher, but Van Cleef had been hit hard. It was very good that Van Cleef could have saved his life in the face of Goblin’s blow.
"You have to pull out the axe, so that you can do more damage to that Goblin! Sabas Kilo helped me attract that guy’s attention! " Chen Kai checked his own fighting spirit value. Now, although he has not recovered completely after a period of time, there are already 23 fighting spirit values, which is enough for him to perform two magic body steps. Chen Kai wants to rely on the magic body steps to directly rush behind Goblin and pull out the axe, so that Goblin is bound to be hurt again, and maybe he can completely put the other party on the whole party.
"Can you do it?" Sabas Kilo looked suspiciously at Ll, but thought that the other party almost killed the elite eldest brother Brin’s secret skill. Sabas Kilo felt that Ll must have relied on this method and responded to Ll with direct action without saying much.
Sabas Kilo once again grasped the shield that had not been completely cooled and still exuded high temperature, growling and rushing toward the gold Goblin. A layer of khaki quarrelling slowly condensed on the shield to form a quarrelling siege hammer again. This time, the shield rushing was almost Sabas Kilo’s bite of a tooth. Those scalding water broke the friction part of the armor in violent movement. This kind of intense pain made people feel like needles, but for the defenders who are as strong as a rock, they can bear the pain. Therefore, Sabas Kilo’s footsteps did not stop for a moment, and gold Goblin killed the past.
But beside him, a faster figure jumped directly, and the speed was definitely faster than Pisa Vaskillo. I don’t know how much because his sight also saw a figure flash by, and when the figure disappeared, the other party had rushed behind Goblin, waiting for him to cast a quarrelling siege hammer to create opportunities.
"kill!" Seeing the terrible speed of Llewellyn, Sabas Kilo thought that the chances of success in this operation would be very high. Without thinking about it, the shield quarreled with the khaki-colored quarrelling siege hammer, which spread in an instant and slammed like a beast. In the gasp, gold Goblin hit the other side’s body and couldn’t hold back to attack Llewellyn. At this time, Llewellyn directly grabbed the tomahawk handle, then raised his foot and kicked it hard to Goblinley. The reaction force pulled the tomahawk out of Goblin’s neck bone.
"poof!" As ll bite a tooth, this axe from the devil is pulled out of Goblin’s neck, and at the same time, it brings up a large area of green with a little silver light, and the blood rushes out as if it were free from Goblin’s body to form a green fountain.
Looking at the fountain that keeps shooting up, Chen Kai just landed, but he didn’t stop himself. He clearly saw that Goblin’s health remained. Although a large amount of blood loss caused some damage, compared with its remaining health, this damage did not hurt its vitality. Chen Kai bit his teeth and stopped his body. He grabbed the tomahawk that was about to fly backwards, and the axe handle was rotated and the axe blade was chopped on Goblin’s neck.
Chen Kai’s attack is very dangerous, because he almost chopped out the tomahawk with a Goblin fireball. As a result, when his tomahawk hit Goblin’s neck, the fireball of the other side also stung him hard. Chen Kai’s nearly 100 points of residual life fell by nearly 70% in an instant, leaving less than 300 points. However, compared with Goblin’s injury, Chen Kai is simply less rainy in Mao Mao, and gold Goblin is still alive and half dead.
Chen Kai’s tomahawk attack didn’t hit Goblin’s injured position, but he hit the place where there was no bone in front and the throat was sharp. Although the barrier of metallized skin in Goblin was weakened a lot, it was still severely cut into the other side’s neck. The two injuries in tandem were almost equal to cutting Goblin’s head. Now the whole Goblin is only left with the spine to support his head, and a lot of green and silver blood was ejected from the wound.
"honk! ! ~ ~ People die ~ ~ "It is difficult to spit out these words from the mouth of Golden Goblin. It held high its staff and tried to smash it toward ll, but it couldn’t be smashed. Because behind it, Sabas Kilo’s shield slammed into its body and knocked it out with a heavy blow. Then other soldiers rushed to the ground, waving weapons and chopping it hard. In less than a minute, this golden Goblin was completely chopped into paste. The only thing that can prove that it had ever been in something with that white bone.
"Finally D is dead!" Chen Kai looked at the pile of rotten meat on his stomach and gasped heavily. It was not until this moment that he felt the terrible pain in his body. A large number of fire elements were eroding his body as if he were going to kill him completely. Chen Kai had to drink a bottle of precious life holy water to save his life. Chen Kai felt that it was not enough to move that kind of thing. Although the price of the two was similar, the former could be bought in the market and the latter was almost impossible to buy except for picking it himself.
A few hours later, the broken Goblin territory was turned upside down by Chen Kai and his men. In this camp like a garbage dump, Chen Kai and his men searched for a lot of things, besides a lot of minerals, there were a lot of herbs, but they really got very few things, especially metal things, almost without Chen Kai. They searched the whole camp and found two broken pots, but it is estimated that no one would cook anything in these two pots because when Chen Kai and his men found it, a Goblin corpse was being cooked inside.
"This Goblin territory is really poor!" Chen Kai was lying with his eyes open because he kept stuffing various minerals into his backpack in front of him. So did Sabas Kilo and Hasakes. In fact, all the red tarantulas in Kashgar and Van Clee were doing the same thing, pulling the battle profits into their arms.
"If you are poor, please save some for us ~ Knight Kaichen, your equipment is much more valuable than these minerals. Why do you still grab things with us miserable adventurers!" Sabas Kilo said half jokingly that his tone of voice was very serious as if he were seriously criticizing Ll, but it was very funny to cooperate with his bare forehead and cheeks.
"Words can’t say that. Do you know the value of these minerals in Zerah fortress now? Enough to change three equipment like me. "Ll is not afraid to tell the truth about the price of ore in the fortress now. He also knows that he must not be greedy for ore, which will cause others to resent it. Although there are still many protections for players in the game, in case Ll does too much to make Van Kerry’s goodwill decrease too much, even if Ll is important to them, he will be killed and stripped of his body.
"Is there so much ore in the fortress now?" Sabas Kilo is a little incredulous. Although he heard Chen Kai say that the fortress has just been rescued from the siege, it is reasonable that this material should not be so scarce for ore. After all, as far as they know, there are several mines around Zela fortress with rich ore.
"Because those mines were temporarily destroyed, it takes less than half a month to resume production. Now, in the face of demon danger, the army in the fortress can’t wait to divide an iron ingot into two parts, and the demand for ore, especially precious ore, naturally becomes greater!" Chen Kai naturally knew that there were special mines in the fortress and there were thousands of miners in the past, but these miners were either recruited as soldiers when the devil attacked or killed when the devil captured the mine. Now, in addition to being destroyed by the devil, the mine is difficult to repair temporarily, and more dead creatures are entrenched, which hinders the production recovery.
It is a difficult task to recover the mining area for the fortress that can be cleaned up in the wild by players’ strength now, because there are too many dead creatures in the mining area, so it is faster to recover them because there are too many people to deliver vegetables, and the most important thing is that the mining equipment in the mining area has been completely destroyed, even if it is not half a month after the capture, the fortress can slowly invade the mining area, and at the same time, the lower the level of dead creatures in the mining area, the lower the recovery rate. What’s the lack of shortage? Those mines occupied by seven dead creatures produce high-grade ores, which are very important for the fortress to buy at high prices.
The high-level and middle-level people in the fortress hope that the high-priced acquisition can make some players risk their lives to go to those mining areas for private mining and then sell the collected ore to the fortress. Although the amount of ore is small, it is better than nothing. At the same time, the players also get some benefits because of this. Players don’t rush to train, but risk their lives to rush into those high-level mining areas every day. Once they dig a lot of high-level ore, they can make up for the losses caused by hanging it once.
"It’s a pity that these swamp monsters don’t have good weapons or my hatchet can be replaced!" When Sabas Kilo heard Chen Kai’s words, he tightened his pockets. They lost all the equipment. Don’t look at the bags of hides. Don’t find the ore piled up. There is a hill that really got a share. Everyone got a small bag of hides.
"Be content! It is estimated that it is good that these swamp monsters can receive these things in this swamp! " Leo shook the hide bag in his hand. The most important thing for him is not the minerals but the herbs. After all, minerals can’t save lives, but herbs can.
"Let’s go! Let’s go back to our camp early. It is estimated that a new swamp monster will come here soon! " Chen Kai took a look at the surrounding environment. Although Goblin camp is very messy, it is a good hiding place after all. Unfortunately, this place is too conspicuous and eye-catching for Chen Kai and others. Chen Kai estimates that if they stay here for one more day, they will be surrounded by many swamp monsters, that is, Goblin.
Listen to Chen Kai’s words, everyone nodded and strode away from this broken camp with their own harvest. Although Chen Kai once wanted to set fire to this place, he later thought that if the fire was too obvious, it might attract more monsters, so he gave up this idea and left a complete camp for those creatures in the swamp. A few hours after Chen Kai left, a group of goblin communities found this place and occupied it directly.
After returning to Van Cleef’s shabby camp, everyone was tired and fell on the ground, and then gulped down the freshly cooked broth. The original pot of potato soup had been completely overturned, so a soldier stayed in the camp and cooked another pot. When Chen Kai and his men ran to search for the Goblin camp, Van Cleef gradually woke up from the coma, but he was bandaged to make him move on a stretcher like Kashgar.
"KaiChen knight? Where do you think we should go after? " Leaning on the stretcher, Van Clee was extremely weak. His mouth kept coughing and a little red blood was coughed up, but these were pulmonary congestion. His body cooperated with Chen Kai’s treatment and it was estimated that when he would get better.
"Should be to the south! I don’t know, this swamp is probably a demon territory, at least in some parts of the north! In fact, some of my companions are trying to search the location of the demon gate to find out the number of demon legions, but this is very difficult! " Chen Kai bent his head and chopped firewood, and then his eyes looked out at a northern region where a small piece of black clouds was looming in the sunset in the northern sky.
"Are you? Demon Gate is really a terrible news! " As soon as Van Clee listened to Chen Kai’s words, he fell silent. He knew that there must be a source for the overall invasion of the demon, but his best guess was that it was a crack, and he would never believe that there was a demon door, because the former was torn by accident and it would be repaired naturally when it needed a little bit, but the latter was different. The demon door could keep pouring out and the demon army needed it to be open, so the northern part of the Hanseatic Empire would probably no longer belong to human beings.
Chapter 359 From crocodile sneak attack (recommended)
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When Chen Kai and Fan Keli were resting in a dilapidated camp, a group of people located on the surface of the dead tree that had been completely burned to ashes in the northern swamp were trying to dig up the soil, because when Yun logged in again, they found a serious problem, and they were buried and almost buried by themselves.
The hole they dug in the original cloud is about two meters deep. After deducting that the tent occupies more than one meter, there is still one meter high, which is located at the root of the tree. Two wooden boards are blocked to prevent the soil from pressing on the tent. However, because the surrounding soil is too soft, although the scroll of soil elements is reinforced before the cloud line, the wooden board square mud wall where the tent is located is still soft. As a result, a lot of soil has completely buried the square tree hole when the cloud line is over.
This is mainly due to the fact that there was a heavy rain in their line. Although the wooden boards blocked some of the rain, in the end, the charred black dead wood did not completely block the rain, and the roots and mud were washed directly and pressed against the wooden boards.
As a result, when they saw water curtain cave and Mud Pond on several lines, a large amount of mud almost flooded the tent along the rain, but the heavy rain outside was still there. If it wasn’t for Dark Bi and Yun, who couldn’t sleep at night and came to check the situation, it is estimated that it should have been randomly sent to other places when everyone was on the line.
"bah! This mud smells really bad! " Clouds keep spitting mud in their mouths. As a result of the continuous rain outside, a large amount of mud flows into the soil hole, and they are desperately digging out clouds and dark knives. Naturally, it is unlucky to drink rain mixed with mud.

"In the five personal interests and management scope handsome also already want to clear …"

"Magistrate, there is no doubt that the first of the five Standing Committees is responsible for managing and coordinating all military and political affairs and government officials’ lives. Of course, all government officials’ lives must be discussed by the Standing Committee and approved by the majority …"
"In the deputy magistrate, there are two things: one is to take charge of all prisons in the government, and the other is to be responsible for supervising and finding out all unruly civil and military officials in the government … to ensure that all civil and military officials in the government are clean."
"Tongzhi management environment in addition to all political prison strategist …"
"Deputy Tongzhi assists Tongzhi in managing the government and specializes in environmental finance and taxation at the same time …"
"Company commanders milli accident in charge of a government all garrison and however, in addition to military and political events company commanders can’t reason to intervene in the local government …
"The last one handsome just said that the five standing committees were discussed by the five standing committees at the provincial level and no one was ordered to be dismissed …"
"The last one is to avoid gangs and protect officials. The company commanders and deputy magistrates in the five Standing Committees are not only managed by the first-level Standing Committee, but also directly managed and ordered by the government departments."
"In this way, we can ensure the independence of the prison and the army as much as possible, and avoid the situation of cliques and bureaucrats protecting each other …"
Chapter four hundred and forty-one The seven giants
After Wei Zheng explained something, both faces showed a heartfelt shock expression.
In particular, Sun Chengzong couldn’t wait to pry Wei Zheng’s head open directly to see what Wei Zheng’s head was growing up.
Of course, this idea is just to think about it. Even if you give Sun Chengzong more courage, Sun Chengzong will not dare to pry open Wei Zheng’s head and study what it is made of.
When this shock continues to emerge, Wei Zheng once again said, "Shuai wants to establish a standing Committee system in all government offices, as well as a standing Committee management system in provincial and county-level government offices."
"From now on, where we manage, we will set up provincial capitals, counties and towns … There is not much to say about the three-level handsome in front of the four-level management organization. The department will manage in the last town according to the five standing Committee systems that Shuai just said, that is, now … because there are not so many officials and things, we will set up three standing committees to manage."
"And from now on, no matter which level of criminal prisons are all directly interrogated and judged by deputy magistrates at all levels. Magistrates and magistrates have inspectors and cannot ask questions …"
Wei Zheng analyzed a new military and political constitution one by one, just like a picture appeared in front of Sun Chengzong and Kelly Y Zhou …
Wei Zheng said it was a full cup of tea before Sun Chengzong reacted from the shock, and then his face was still shocked with thinking. He directly asked a question that he wanted to know most in his heart.
"Marshal, since all the provincial capitals, counties and towns implement the management system of the Standing Committee, what about the Shaanxi Governor’s Office?"
If it were someone else, he would never ask such a question in front of Wei Zheng.
Because if the governor’s office also implements this system, the governor’s defense benefits will be greatly weakened.
At this time, this situation has such a problem. If you let it be known that an ulterior motive wants to snatch the hat from Wei Zheng, you will definitely be detained in front of Sun Chengzong’s head Wei Zheng to suppress Sun Chengzong.
I was so anxious and excited that I said such a sentence. Sun Chengzong regretted it as soon as he said it …
But there is no regret medicine in this world. After Sun Chengzong finished, he could look at Wei Zheng with a hint of heartfelt concern. He hoped that Wei Zheng wouldn’t get angry because of what he had just said.
To Sun Chengzong’s surprise, all his worries are unnecessary …
After listening to his own questions, Wei Zheng’s face not only didn’t show dissatisfaction, but was covered by a heartfelt smile. Sun Chengzong stared at a face and answered readily …
"Sun’s chief of staff, even the emperor of the dynasty, will make mistakes again and again, and it will be even more handsome for this bandit-born man to make mistakes in the future. Since mistakes will be made, someone needs to supervise the handsome and make him not make mistakes."
"Therefore, the Shaanxi Governor’s Office will also implement the standing committee system for management … If the decision-making military and political affairs in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces are discussed by the standing committee and approved by most of the standing committee, they can be implemented and executed …"
"But unlike other places, the number of the Standing Committee of the Governor’s Office is not five, but seven … Not only that, the handsome Standing Committee has the final decision and veto …"
"The seven standing committees jointly manage all military and political affairs in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces …" After hearing the amazing answer from Wei Zheng, both Sun Chengzong and Kelly Y Zhou could not help but exclaim.
After exclaiming, I stared at Weizheng with a pair of hot eyes and waited for Weizheng to answer.
Weizheng didn’t let two people wait too long, just a short meditation and then continued to speak.
"Yes, it is the seven standing committees … the six standing committees assist and urge Shuai to manage Shanshan and Shaanxi provinces together."
"In this case, the first leader of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National Congress will do his best."
"Yu Junshi, from now on, you will be in charge of all politics in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces. The Standing Committee of the Standing Committee is handsome and called the Prime Minister’s remarks. The Prime Minister is handsome and all politics in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"Sun’s chief of staff, you are the chief of staff of Shanshan and Shaanxi provinces."
"In addition to the three of us, there are four members of the Standing Committee, including two assistants, that is, the deputy of the Prime Minister, one in charge of the economy of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and one in charge of reclamation and taxation in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
"In addition, there is a Standing Committee that specializes in prison inspectors and inspects all civil and military officials in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces."
"In the remaining two standing committee members, one is the commander-in-chief of all local garrison garrison troops in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and the other is the deputy commander-in-chief of the butch army who assists Shuai in commanding …"
"This is just seven people and seven standing committees … then the three of us will discuss a specific candidate for the remaining five standing committees as soon as possible, and the military and political reform in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces can be carried out as soon as possible."
After all, the status of Weizheng, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces has reached the point where people can get involved after this mess, and soon the names of the remaining five standing committees will appear in front of three people.
"Wang Fengsheng, the former commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army Musketeer Army, and the deputy commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army took one of the five standing committees."
"Zhao Yunsheng, the former commander-in-chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army cavalry, and the commanders of all local garrisons in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces took a standing Committee member."
"Wang Pengsheng, the former magistrate of Datong, was the governor’s office, and the provincial judge was in charge of the prison and the inspector took a standing Committee member."
"Zhou Lao, the foreign trade department, was directly promoted to the position of deputy prime minister and director of the foreign trade department of the Governor’s Office by virtue of his strong economic ability. He assisted Prime Minister Kelly Y Zhou in managing the economy and taxation of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces to get a standing Committee position."
"In the last place of the Standing Committee, Wang Yang, the former Taiyuan magistrate, was accidentally left to assist Kelly Y Zhou in managing all wasteland and taxes in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces …"
Faced with this result, even Sun Chengzong, who has been an official for decades, can’t help but defend his superb political means and amaze himself.
On the surface, the establishment of the seven standing committees of Wei Zheng is to separate the military and political affairs of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
Otherwise, the real power of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces is still in the hands of Wei Zheng.
Because both Zhao Yun, the commander in chief of the local garrison, and Wang Feng, the commander in chief of the Tiger and Leopard Army, are the real confidants of the Wei Zheng. If these two men command the garrison and the Tiger and Leopard Army, there will be no accident that the local garrison and the Tiger and Leopard Army will be in the hands of the Wei Zheng.
And the importance of the army in this troubled times is self-evident
No one can shake the absolute position of Wei Zheng’s two provinces, and of course no one can shake the position of Wei Zheng’s two provinces
In addition to mastering the theory of military affairs, whether it is to master Kelly Y Zhou, the prime minister of the National Chengda University, or to be directly pulled up from the low position by Wei Zheng, Wang Yang and Zhou Lao are better than supervising civil and military officials Wang Peng, with the exception of Wei Zheng.
In the face of Wei Zheng, be kind to them and add these people …
Sun Chengzong can definitely say that if they live for one day, they will not betray Weizheng …
In this case, the seven standing committees of the two provinces of Shaanxi and Shaanxi are still narain.
However, even if Sun Chengzong thought of these Sun Chengzong, it would not be significant.
After all, the reality of Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces is that it is impossible to hand over the benefits to others and put them in people.
Two days later, the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office set up seven standing committees and began to carry out military and political reforms in the two provinces. The order was officially distributed to all prefectures and counties in the two provinces, and even the fifteen counties in the Shandong Peninsula, which had just been taken over by the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office, received a letter from the Shaanxi Provincial Governor’s Office.
Of course, such a big thing can’t be hidden from the court.
In the face of the official tampering with the political system in the Shaanxi Governor’s Office, Emperor Chongzhen of Beijing was furious.
As directly told by the Shaanxi Governor’s Office, all the people in the big dynasty and the civil and military officials in the Shaanxi Governor’s Office have completely separated from the control of the court and set up their own independent kingdom.
But anger belongs to anger. What Emperor Chongzhen can do before he has absolute military strength is to endure this tone.
At the same time, Emperor Chongzhen, who is conceited, also cursed Weizheng for being stupid in his own heart.
Chongzhen, which was influenced by the emperor since childhood and educated by the emperor, is a self-defeating place.
In Chongzhen’s eyes, it is impossible for both the governor of Zhengqi County and the governor of Zhenger County to watch the profits in his hand being distributed. Since he is unwilling to distribute the profits in his hand, these local governors will resist …
Once this kind of resistance forms a scale, the foundation of the two provinces, Wei Zheng and Hu Bao Army, Shan Shan, will be hit hard …
In Chongzhen’s eyes, defending this military and political reform is to kill yourself and destroy your own foundation.
In this case, Emperor Chongzhen will certainly not miss this opportunity to weaken his opponent, so a large number of security agents began to go deep into Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces to prepare for this opportunity to weaken and shake the foundation of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
However, Emperor Chongzhen didn’t think that it was a month-long military confrontation between Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the imperial court. Officials in Zhongshan and Shaanxi provinces who still missed the imperial court were either dismissed or driven away.
More importantly, Emperor Chongzhen underestimated the influence and control of Weizheng and Tiger and Leopard Army in Shanxi Province.
Chapter four hundred and forty-two miscalculation Chongzhen
It’s really not desirable for the county magistrate’s patrol officers in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces to see this military and political reform carried out so as to divide their own profits.
But their officials and ministries are looking forward to the implementation of military and political reform immediately.
Because after the military and political reform, their profits will increase. From then on, they don’t need to look at the county magistrate more than the magistrate’s eyes.

Watching eyes seem unmoved hanging infusion bag or bottle to help the crowd, someone is nasty.

[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar We have a cute sister paper for you! How cute! Come on!
[Team] Doudou Cat Gummy Shut up!
[Team] Dynamic Xiaoxinxinxin shuup!
[Team] Hello, left hand. How can you put your sister paper out?
[Team] See you in the right hand. Fortunately, I didn’t say my name.
[Nearby] Call me Truth Di Meng/Yes, isn’t it nice to be named Qing Wan Li ~ Hehehehehe ~
At this time, I hung the infusion bag or bottle and listened to Wang’s words, so I quickly set off and got ready to go.
It’s no good to play soy sauce. You want to run without answering the question? Isn’t this (meditation) that it won’t drag us down and leave alone? I can’t accept it!
"Let us go!" Hang infusion bag or bottle and the crowd roared in the nearby channel.
"no! Do not let go! " The soy sauce gang are all crying and interacting nearby, hugging their friends tightly, and they are afraid that if they let go, they will go to danger alone and never come back.
"We are really in a hurry." Hanging the bottle, everyone tried to patiently explain it to this group of idiots who had seen too many Qiong Yao dramas when they saw the positive method break free.
In the soy sauce gang, I don’t believe it. "Then why are you still performing arts?"
Almost all the hanging infusion bag or bottle shook their fists again and meditated.
Calm down. We have to calm down. They are low-level creatures. We have to be generous and patient.
"No, we are earning some gift money to attend the wedding of the late song Wang." Hanging the bottle, everyone replied with great kindness.
They all answered this question at that time, so they could let them go.
I didn’t expect what a painful lesson such a mandarin sentence brought to them!
[3] Chapter 31 Earn this tone back] Nani! The main wedding of the night song gang?
After listening to the latest news, the people who played soy sauce said that they could not accept it!
Huh? Is the late song master actually the goddess in the hearts of these idiots? Looking at all kinds of hanging bottles in the nearby channels, they couldn’t help thinking.
Ah ah ah! ! ! I can’t stand it! ! ! Such a big event in the Jianghu is known as a little cute thing in the Jianghu, and we didn’t know it? We have always been so popular, the news is so wide and the charm is so great … I can’t believe we didn’t even grasp the news at all!
Die die die …
Hang the bottle and everyone will be silent.
Sure enough, the theory that these idiots still have emotional intelligence is simply insulting our IQ!
In the interaction, they cried and cried at each other, and they hung bottles in the middle of the soy sauce, and the black line of the human body was ready to leave
Out of the encirclement, I took a deep breath. It’s so lucky that these idiots are now completely immersed in their own sadness and didn’t notice us!
Ok! Cheer up! Run to the rendezvous point!
Hanging the infusion bag or bottle, everyone was about to turn the angle of view and whip his horse when he suddenly found a figure that seemed to be them approaching the nearest soy sauce gang.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! What are you doing! You come back quickly!
[Nearby] Don’t be sad about red bean cake. It’s not your fault.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Shit!
At this time, the name was very sad and the soy sauce gang was at a loss.
[Nearby] Banana peel?
[Nearby] The leader of Red Bean Cake Night Song has informed all the leaders, but the news has not been broadcast. It is normal for you not to know.
[Nearby] Banana peel …
[Nearby] Banana peel?
Red bean cake
Beat soy sauce to help the public silence.
This little friend really has to choose the dull banana peel. Isn’t it necessary to expose the rat excrement in our soup?
Alas, alas, this kind of thing obviously still depends on us to ask!
Almost everyone hates iron not to produce, stares at the banana peel in their heads and then jumps at the red bean cake.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake Run!
However, at this time, I can’t come. Looking at the tyrant Xiong Nai who was surrounded by a group of red bean cakes, I sighed.
[Team] Tyrant Bear Red Bean Cake! How many times have I said, don’t always think about your brother’s mung bean cake punishment for this group of lazy people! Think again about your present situation!
[Team] Red bean cake burst into tears/Captain …
[Team] The tyrant Xiong Ai has a chance to rush out.
But will the soy sauce gang give this opportunity?
At the moment, I became a curious baby playing soy sauce, and everyone kept pestering red bean cakes to ask questions.
This little friend, do you mean that all the leaders know about this? Does our family help pigs?
[Nearby] Red bean cake certainly knows!
The soy sauce gang got excited in an instant, so it’s been a long time since such a large-scale activity was held, which made the Jianghu people know that our elegance and temperament are outstanding. It’s time to have wood!

Now that Lu Bu has gone to Hanzhong, I don’t know when he will return to Chang ‘an. Cao Cao also wants to deal with Lingyun when he can.

I don’t want to destroy Lingyun in World War I, but it’s also good to win Jizhou and Qingzhou this time and gradually weaken Lingyun’s strength.
Especially a few days ago, he was funded by the Outer Warrior Consortium.
That is, the support of Ou Haili made Cao Cao’s funds strong
If you have enough money, you will naturally have the confidence to launch a war.
Lingyun also personally entered Jizhou with a million-strong army.
GongSunYing and Ma San both followed in the army, but Ma San is now a commander-in-chief of Lingyun account, an unknown little general with 10 thousand soldiers.
Lingyun did not expose Ma San, nor did he say a word to Ma San all the way from western Liaoning to Jizhou.
Lingyun believes that there will be many people hiding in the dark all the way to observe.
If Ma San is around him, he will definitely be found.
Even if you pretend to be a horse, your figure is very noticeable. Maybe you can judge the identity of the horse from the clues.
Former GongSunYing was Lingyun’s trump card, and now Dian Wei is also a six-star master. GongSunYing has reduced a lot, and now hiding Ma San is Lingyun’s other trump card.
After arriving in Jizhou, Lingyun still chose defense and did not take the initiative to attack.
His troops are less than Cao Cao’s, and if he consumes less troops than Cao Cao, he will not be able to bear it.
Why rush out and guard the wall when there is a wall to support it? Casualties will be smaller than leaving the city. Why leave the city?
Unless Lingyun thinks he can beat Cao Cao.
But now, although Ma San has joined, Lingyun’s overall strength is still not as good as Cao Cao’s.
Still lack the counselor this point.
But this visit to Jizhou is not without surprises.
I didn’t expect Xu Fu to stay in Jizhou for more than a year and break through to a five-star counselor.
For becoming a monk halfway, Fulai Xu said it was already very Uber.
If Chui Fu had taken the road of counsellor in earlier years, he would be a top counsellor now and a five-star high order at least.
But although Chui Fu has broken through to five-star counselors, the number of counselors here in Lingyun is still far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are only three five-star counselors in Lingyun Bai Sheng Chui Fu, and there are also two four-star counselors, one star, two stars and three stars, which can be ignored.
No matter what level, the number of counselors Lingyun here is far less than that of Cao Cao.
There are at least five four-star counselors in Cao Cao’s side, and there are a lot of them.
Chapter 547 Be compelled
Wei Jun!
Cao Cao’s army is already outside the city, and it is very difficult for Cao Cao to fight Wei Jun only by relying on his present strength.
Wei county has 1.5 million troops guarding the city, and behind it, there are also 1 million soldiers in Xindu.
If Cao Cao ordered the storming of soldiers’ lives in exchange for Wei County, there was still great hope to break through the gates of Wei County after the storming for half a month.
But in this way, both sides suffered heavy losses. Even if Cao Cao hit Wei Jun, it may not be a win.
Cao Cao arrived in Wei County and was not in a hurry to attack the city.
What Lingyun wants to see most is that Cao Cao is surrounded by nothing, and he has enough food and grass to worry about.
Wei Jun’s hay alone is enough for Lingyun Army to persist for half a year.
If we transfer grain and grass from other places for a year or two, there will be no problem.
Last year, a large part of the grain and grass on the market went into Lingyuncai warehouse. Lingyun believed that Cao Cao would never have more grain and grass than he did.
Cao Cao’s soldiers have more hay than him, but less than him. Obviously, they are not as good as Lingyun when they insist. The longer they delay, the better for Lingyun.
Cao Cao’s army fought Lingyun in Wei Jun City three days before, and also sent people to fight.
But three days later, Cao Cao asked the army to surround all the walls of Wei County.
Two million troops surrounded Wei County.
Lingyun in the city doesn’t care. He also wishes that Cao Cao would wave here.
Cao Cao also besieged the city and did not let the attack, but let that Dian Wei fight in the city
Gong Sunying went to war in front of the city gate, and after the white round, Cao Cao sounded the golden bell.
When Dian Wei didn’t break through to six stars, GongSunYing could defeat Dian Wei with twenty or thirty strokes.
But now Dian Wei is already a six-star strength. Although GongSunYing still dominates in the process of fighting, it is impossible to defeat Dian Wei without a hundred rounds.
After a hundred rounds, Gong Sunying’s advantage expanded. Wow, anger gave Dian Wei a backhand opportunity, but Cao Cao sounded the golden bell and called Dian Wei back.
If there are more than a dozen tricks, GongSunYing can almost hurt Dian Wei.
It is almost possible to kill Dian Wei in such a battle.
Except for * * Wei Fang’s fatal mistakes, it took several wars to break through to Six Stars, and the possibility of making mistakes in the course of fighting was negligible.
It is possible to kill each other when five stars are against five stars, but it is impossible to kill each other alone when the strength is similar after reaching six stars
Even if it were Lu Bu, he could easily defeat Dian Wei, but it would be more difficult to kill Dian Wei than at the time of five stars.
Lingyun quit the game at night, and dozens of text messages were sent by Bing Xinyu.
It turned out that after Cao Cao besieged the city today, he suddenly asked Xu Chu to attack Zhao with a team.
In the raid on Zhao, Xu Chu soon breached it.
Lingyun didn’t know the news when Wei Jun was besieged.
Lingyun didn’t even know that Cao Cao had sent someone else to attack Zhao if it wasn’t for the text message sent by Bing Xinyu.

More minutes that night

Qin Yu worked overtime for the first time today, staying in the office and watching a group of recent case reports.
Songjiang chuka
Two men dressed in rags are stuck waiting for inspection.
After waiting in line for a while, the soldier on duty shouted "Come here, you two" to them.
Two people smell before.
"Do you have a defense ID card?" Asked the soldier
"What are you doing in the temporary area?" The soldier asked again
"We’re going to town to talk about the purchase of some ingredients in an out-of-town food and lodging shop," the left man replied with a sniffle.
"Bring me the joint defense certificate!"
"good!" The man took out two purple leather certificates from his pocket.
The soldier frowned after reading it and said, "Your certificate has expired! I have to go outside to make up the defense …! "
"Big brother, we are all here. It’s too strong to toss back. Please help!" The man smiled and bowed his head and took out two hundred-dollar bills from his pocket. He stretched out his hand and stuffed them in the past.
Ten minutes later, two rascals stepped out of the card duty building and marched towards Songjiang downtown.
About an hour later.
Two men dressed like vagabonds ate some snacks on the street before taking a leg-pulling motor train to nanyang road and found a place to stay next to the company.
Both of them are lazy people. After entering the room, they didn’t wash their clothes. After a brief chat, they dialed a number on their mobile phones.
After tens of seconds, the call is connected.
"… we arrived at the brigade?"
"OK, I’ll be there in a minute." The speaker hung up the phone with a concise response.
Office of Chief Superintendent No.1 Team
Qin Yu bent down and just poured a glass of water when his desk rang.
"hello? !”
Qin Yu quickly walked over and reached through.
"What if people arrive?" Malaoer sound qi
Qin Yu pondered for two seconds and then asked, "Did you leak the news?"
"No" Ma Laoer shook his head.
"Is everything laid out?"
"… ok, don’t move. I’ll do it." Qin Yuduan took a sip of the glass.
"Ok, I’ll give you the address." Ma Laoer nodded and hung up the phone.
Qin Yu looked down at the phone screen, put a cup and marched out of the office and shouted "Zhu Wei! Zhu Wei? "
The office area is coming over after watching Zhu Weiwen with Ding Guozhen. "What’s wrong?"
"One on duty to gun depot batch of equipment" Qin Yu light responded.
"What?" Zhu Wei one leng.
"Lu said that you should go to gather people first, and leave in 20 minutes at the latest." Qin Yu urged urgently.

Watergate laughed. "There is no Naruto. Your mother said so, too. I want to tell you that I am going to seal my chakra into the Naruto body." Watergate said that Kyubi no Youko and both of them chakra were sealed in the Naruto body.

The third chapter supercilious look quenching body
Naruto came to the hut where he lived for five years, dragging a scar all over his body. He came to the shabby little bed where he slept for five years, lying with cold eyes and looking at the shabby furniture around him.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and remembered his parents five years ago. After saving him, he sealed Kyubi no Youko in his body and died in front of him. For two consecutive lives, he was able to watch his parents die in front of him, but he was able to do it himself.
Naruto’s resentment has reached its limit, but resentment and hatred are the best catalysts to open his eyes on his forehead. At that time, Naruto felt a force going straight to his brain, and he suddenly found that he could see everything around him clearly.
Although I don’t know what happened, he was in a mess, but his heart and mood were incredibly calm
Naruto knew that this was a supercilious look, and he could clearly realize that the red mark on his head turned out to be a wooden soul with a big barrel.
At the same time, it also makes Naruto clearly realize that this is a naruto world, a ninja world, where there are powerful forces and incredible ninja skills. In previous lives, because his girlfriend likes to watch anime, he also likes to drag him to watch Naruto together. Naruto clearly knows that in this ninja world, there is a ninja skill that can bring people back to life, that is, "reincarnation is born."
At this time, Naruto was completely calm. He remembered that after Naruto said Nagato, it was Nagato’s "reincarnation" that saved the Konoha ninja who died.
Naruto looked at the dead Watergate and Jiu Sinai and thought that to revive his parents, he had to have a complete body and soul and a round eye.
I don’t want the eye and soul for the time being. I want Uchibo’s family sharingan and Qianshouzhu cells, namely Asura and Indra, namely myself and Sasuke Uchiha.
For the soul, mother’s soul is simple, and it can be summoned by "filth metempsychosis", but for the father’s soul, it is necessary to lift the "ghost seal" first, which can not be done for the time being.
But the body can’t wait, because in his eyes, Yuan Fei, the third generation of Huoying, is coming here soon. He has to find a way to protect Watergate and Jiuxin Nai.
Naruto frantically searched for a big wooden memento mori in his mind, but there were too many memento mori in his mind. After searching for a long time, he found a way that was not the way, that is, chakra emitted by other Kyubi no Youko.
Kyubi no Youko is a combination of chakra, even if it has just been sealed into Naruto’s body, it will make Naruto’s body immediately own Kyubi no Youko chakra. Because Naruto is Jiu Xin Naier, he was always attacked by Kyubi no Youko chakra when Naruto was pregnant, and his body has long been used to Kyubi no Youko chakra.
But the supercilious eyes control chakra to the point of madness, and what Naruto has to do now is to liberate himself from the boundaries of the vortex clan.
Just when Naruto rolled his eyes, he knew his physical condition. His blood showed a chain shape, which is the boundary of the vortex clan.
Naruto frantically mobilized his body to give off Kyubi no Youko and chakra to fuse his blood and let the chain out of his body.
This process made Naruto, a newborn, in poor health. Fortunately, Kyubi no Youko found out that he had tried his best to cooperate with Naruto to control him. chakra would have died early.
Kyubi no Youko in cooperation with naruto manipulation of chakra at the same time also don’t forget to scold a way "you four generations of hokage Namikaze Minato I told you never put my seal in this kid also calculate.
This kid is still a freak. He dares to mobilize me less than a day after he was born, chakra, and he even looks at the gens with a dirty eye. These are not enough. He has a purpose to mobilize me, chakra. See, this posture is to activate the blood boundary of the other body vortex gens. What IQ is this?
His mother is a monster. Poor me. I have to cooperate with him. Otherwise, if he dies, I will be buried with 555. I can’t live. No one is left. "
After cooperating with Naruto in Kyubi no Youko, he finally released his own blood. After seeing several blue chains with light green from Naruto’s body, he quickly wrapped them around Jiusinai and Watergate’s body.
At the same time, Naruto’s supercilious eyes shone with dazzling white light on Jiusinai and Watergate, and then Jiusinai and Watergate disappeared into the white light.
At this time, Kyubi no Youko, who is singing the human body, has been bored and forced to listen to him muttering, "This supercilious look should be embraced."
Have your own independence. "
In fact, Naruto was shocked to learn that there was an independent hour in the big wooden memento mori, but then he turned to surprise
Because this is in the white eye, Naruto’s chain must be connected to his own body. If this is owned, it will not be discovered, and the body of Jiusinai and Watergate will be found, and the vitality and sealing force of the chain will not be corrupted.
After receiving the bodies of Jiushinai and Watergate, Naruto found that Jiushinai’s boundary was broken, chakra was exhausted, and the three generations of Huoying also came to Naruto’s side and picked Naruto up.
Three generations looked around and found no nine sinai and Watergate bodies murmured, "Is it just that white light that took nine sinai and Watergate bodies away? What is that white light? How have you never seen it? "
The next three generations gave an order to all ninjas around them not to let everyone play Naruto and that he was a pillar of Kyubi no Youko.
Three generations looked at Naruto in their arms and smiled kindly. "Naruto is good. Grandpa will raise you and let you inherit your father’s will."
Naruto smiled at the three generations, and the three generations smiled slightly after one leng.
At this moment, a man who hates the stereo got up. "Three generations, I hope you can give this child to me to raise." Three generations looked at it and went to Tibet and said, "No way, I know what you want, but Naruto is a four-generation child. I won’t let you turn him into a machine. If you die, please go to Tibet." Then three generations left with Naruto in their arms.
Tuan Zang didn’t give himself a face when he saw three generations. He was very unhappy and said, "I will make you regret that people’s strength doesn’t need feelings. I will prove you wrong."
A few days after Naruto was brought home by three generations, there was a vortex in the village. Although Naruto was a fox in Kyubi no Youko in the third generation, he had already opened things, even if he didn’t say anything, he would vent all his resentment on Naruto.
Because those who have lost their loved ones need an outlet, they won’t pursue the intrigue behind this matter. They just want to find someone to vent, even if this person is not Naruto but someone else’s fruit. This is the human inferiority.
Naruto knows this kind of inferiority of human beings too well. After the ups and downs of life in the first two generations, he has looked down on this kind of human sentiment, and he will not be a little excited any more.
Naruto’s greatest desire now is strength. At the age of three, he left three generations and wanted to live alone for three generations. At first, he was reluctant, but after Naruto’s resignation, he agreed to Naruto’s request to give him a monthly life and a small house.
On the first day when Naruto moved to the hut, he found that a big hole was smashed in his roof, and when he went out, people stared at the monsters and threw stones at the children. When he went to buy food and clothes, he was also pitted, which was not only twice as expensive as usual, but also outdated clothes.
Naruto thought about killing these people, but he knew he couldn’t make a move and was still staring at him.
After Naruto got the method of refining chakra from three generations, he just hid at home and refined chakra and then chakra every day to stimulate every cell in his body. The life experience of Naruto in the first two generations told him that if he wants to have strong power, he must have a strong body. When he has a strong body, even Kyubi no Youko chakra will not hurt him.
In addition to chakra’s stimulation of cells, he insisted on staying still for 15 minutes every day to feel the natural chakra and the daily weight-bearing long-distance running.
However, if you insist on intensive consumption every day, you can go to the Woods behind Huoying Cliff to find food. Every day, poisonous snakes and beasts fight in the Woods, but you can’t make the blood boundary peep because of three generations.
All he can do is fight with the simplest body technique and the simplest endurance technique (three generations). Every day, he comes back to this cold hut with a wound and licks the wound silently.
However, he also knows that the fighting between these poisonous snakes and beasts can make his fighting skills and adaptability stronger and stronger, which is his first experience. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to find that every time he was injured, he was cured by Kyubi no Youko and chakra, which made his body stronger and stronger, and Kyubi no Youko and chakra became more and more adapted.
Therefore, every day, he ran to the back of the mountain and went on like this for five years.
Naruto touched the red mark on his forehead and felt that his parents were thinking about everything that had happened in the past five years, and his heart was getting calmer and calmer, thinking about the eye-turning.
The world now wants Vortex Nagato to have a round eye, but it is too difficult to persuade him to exert the "natural skill of reincarnation". I am not the original Vortex Naruto with the strongest "mouth shield" and pig’s foot aura.
After denying this idea, I thought of robbing him. It’s still not reliable to think about it. Regardless of the matching degree, if the masked man knows it, he will definitely fall in love with all the members of the organization. Although he is not afraid, it will be a headache.
I thought about robbing Sasuke again. Forget it. I still have a good impression on him. He dares to take it, and my mother knows that I will be killed if I rob Sasuke (Jiu Xinnai and Meiqin are the best girlfriends and best friends).
Naruto didn’t think of any good way in the end, but he thought of the most dangerous way, because he might die miserably if he failed, but if he succeeded, he would get the most suitable round of visits
Looking out of the window, Moon Naruto remembered what Jiu Sinai said to him at his deathbed, smiled confidently and murmured "There are still two years".
Chapter IV Fate Encounter
Naruto got up early the next morning and looked at the wounds of yesterday’s struggle. Suddenly, he smiled and saw that those wounds were the most serious, and the scars were light. Even without any scars, the skin was very white and delicate, like a newborn baby
Because Naruto was a person who didn’t like to have too much communication with people from his previous life, and the villagers hated him, this aggravated his desire to isolate people from contact.
Therefore, Naruto looks very cold, although he doesn’t become cold, he doesn’t take the initiative to talk to people. He usually wears a big cloak and a hat to make him want to be isolated from the world.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror before he went to the mirror and saw a handsome guy with a cold face. He saw a golden shawl, long hair and delicate white face. There were three black marks like beards on each side of his face, and there was a red mark on his forehead and eyebrows. He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and black trousers.
Naruto looked at himself in the mirror and said, "My hair is a little long and needs to be trimmed-but the barber shop owner seems to have said two years ago that he didn’t want to cut my hair again. Anyway, it’s nothing."
Naruto picked up the cloak next to him and put it on. He muttered, "Didn’t you accidentally burn his hair? I don’t want to. What a stingy guy." He said that he remembered that two years ago, Naruto had just learned his first breakthrough in wind escape and endurance from three generations. He was in a good mood and just went to a temple fair.
When I walked to the bonfire, I saw a thief in the barbershop owner Qian, who was still kind to Naruto at ordinary times. He didn’t want to throw a breakthrough just because of his style of study, but he blew the barbershop owner to the bonfire more than ten meters away and burned his hair.
Who knew that a small wind could blow people to the bonfire so far away, and I also saved his property.
Putting on his cloak, Naruto once again affirmed, "Well, he is just too stingy."
Naruto saw the tender skin again and said, "Sometimes it’s too white to bask in the sun. It’s a bit like a gigolo. It’s too unmanly."
I remember when I watched Naruto, it was wheat color. Why did I become Naruto, but it was white like a woman? Well, it must be a mistake to make Naruto’s skin white, but he changed it to wheat color. "
Naruto went out of the house and walked in the street. Suddenly he felt that the sun was a little Meng, so he put on his cloak and hat and thought, "Well, it’s not so fierce."
When I came to practice Ninjutsu and shuriken at ordinary times, I just saw a few little girls bullying a little girl with a pair of white eyes. When I saw that little girl, Naruto was suddenly stunned.
This is the first person he met with a supercilious look after he came to Huoying world, and this girl with supercilious eyes was bullied by several ordinary people. This is so fucking funny. Although I don’t know what happened, Naruto walked past.

Xinger elder sister has lost her claim, listened to Tang Qing, took Shimen as the target, and tried to mobilize the spiritual force with a wave of her hand. Although it was obviously a little difficult, a fireball flew out and landed on the door and disappeared.

"Not bad." Seeing that she didn’t lose the ability to rely on, Sister Xinger reassured, but Tang Qing narrowed her eyes. Godsworn’s fireball technique is not an ordinary fire, it is a fairy fire in the eyes of mortals, which can melt steel, and hitting ordinary rocks should not have this effect, leaving no trace at all.
"Fairy method seems unreliable!" Tang Qing thought, also don’t take Xinger wench as hope. Put your hand on the door and tried to push it twice, but nothing happened.
"You step back and open the shield to give me a cover." Losing the patience to linger, Tang Qing decided to solve the problem with the violence he was used to.
Sister Xinger knew what he was going to do as soon as she heard it, and quickly backed away, feeling nervous, worried and contemptuous: "This guy can only use outrageous methods."
Look around again and make sure there is nothing special. If there is anything, you can’t see it yourself, and it’s no use trying. After Tang Qing withdrew two steps, he moved his legs and feet twice. Instead of hesitating fiercely, he flew up and kicked directly on the stone gate.
There was a loud noise, and the stone gate was wide open. Tang Qing was dumbfounded: "Qin Feng! Lao Li! Ding! Piggy! ! ! ! !” ……
Sister Xinger felt that she had a dream, a dream that was so real, so charming, so fragrant and so scary. I returned to my carefree childhood, laughing and playing with my companions every day, loving my parents and spoiling my relatives. Slowly I grew up and became a slim girl. She also began to practice magic with her master. With excellent qualifications, she practiced quickly. The master was very kind to her and proud of her family. Everything was so beautiful. At this time, a young man appeared, like Tang Qing, with that kind of careless expression, but he would like to stay with him inexplicably, and he felt quite at ease when he said some strange and unheard-of words. The strangest thing is that the people around you don’t interfere, letting them stay together all day. In a blink of an eye, it has become a big yard. The flowers are everywhere in the yard, and the breeze is blowing gently. In the middle of the yard, there is a big bed of several meters! Tang Qing is holding her towards the bed, still with that kind of expression that makes people hate. I feel hot, ashamed and annoyed, but I have some expectations. I want to leave but I can’t move. In this way, Tang Qing put her on the bed, gradually undressed herself, and then began to undress while laughing, so a strong male body stood in front of her.
Then, Tang Qing just lay down and smiled. "pa!" Gave Xinger elder sister a slap in the face!

Chapter 10: Really lost your virginity
Tang Qing once received a special training for the purpose of anti-interrogation. First of all, arresting the trainees without knowing them at all is like leaking secrets and infernal affairs. And then a real trial, severely tortured for a few days, of course, will not let it really hurt to the point of irrecoverable. If the trainee confesses, the training is over, but of course this person’s rating will not be good. If you can still insist, throw him into an environment like a brig and starve for a few days. When the trainee is extremely weak and in a trance, he is hypnotized by a psychologist to form hallucinations. Finally, his anti-interrogation ability is evaluated according to his performance.
Generally, there are several levels, one is to ask what to answer and confess directly in a daze; Second, in hallucinations, you can also keep your inner secrets unyielding; The third is to be able to take the initiative to get out of the illusion; The fourth grade is the highest evaluation. In hallucination, you keep your sanity, cheat and provide false confession information. Tang Qing got the highest evaluation: level 4!
A simple detail made Tang Qing wake up quickly, and the players he always missed were dressed in jungle uniforms! The construction of this dreamland is actually clever enough, and it is also true and abnormal. Even when Tang Qing blew up the players who came up to hug with tears, he could make a scream, but the dreamland also disappeared with the wind as the figure dissipated.
"Spicy next door!" Bowing his head and wiping his eyes, Tang Qing murmured: "Tang Ye is very angry, and the consequences are … very serious!" " ……
"Why did you hit me!" Sister Xinger stared at Tang Qing tearfully, like an angry heifer.
"Otherwise you won’t wake up!" Tang Qing also regretted it a little, and gently touched my girl’s face. It’s a little heavy It’s just that Tang Ye’s mental state was extremely unstable at that time, and he couldn’t wake up when he grabbed my little girl and shook her left and right. When he was in a hurry, he was still the most primitive way to solve the problem.
"Look where this is!" Trying to divert Xinger’s attention, Tang Qing stuck his fingers and said in an ostentatious manner, "What a smooth face! It’ s worthy of being a person who cultivates immortality! "
Grievance matchless Xinger elder sister this just to check the situation around. The surrounding environment has changed greatly, and the so-called stone house has disappeared, replaced by an upward step. At the end, there are two blue doors, on which there is a glorious flow, but some are dim. In front of the door, a simple three-legged incense burner with a height of one meter stood there quietly, and there were three incense sticks in it.
"Where is this? Why is there another door? What is this incense burner for? " Many sudden changes have made Xinger elder sister puzzled. Although I already know that I am out of the dreamland, I can’t help but think about the situation in the dreamland. In a fog, I completely lost my thinking ability and only grabbed Tang Qing for questioning.
"If there is no mistake, it should be the ghost made by this broken stove!" Tang Qing sighed and explained that his eyes were empty, and the only problem was this incense burner. Originally, I was prepared to make a determined effort and lost my goal. I can’t dispute with a dead object. "You are a monk, check and see what magic weapon this is. This thing should be quite powerful, I think."
"I don’t want to see it. God’s knowledge can hardly be separated from the body. I won’t go there. I want to see you hold it for me!" Sister Xinger became a frightened bird.
Can’t explain anything to Xinger, intuition told him that the danger here should have been lifted. Dreamland is the key to this kind of thing, but it can’t be done again, not to mention the first time, Tang Ye didn’t really get caught. Tang Qing strode forward to pick up the stove and threw it directly in front of Xinger’s elder sister without being a baby.
For him, being stabbed in the softest part of his heart is really angry, but the culprit may be a stove that has no place to vent its anger. Tang Qing didn’t dare to touch that door. Tang Qing, who looks like a rash fellow, actually made a decision before moving, but he was too arrogant to move.
Don’t care about Tang Qing’s bad attitude towards what may be a treasure. Sister Xinger bowed her head and began to study. There are only a few conventional means. Well-informed people can certainly make judgments at a glance according to shapes, patterns, materials and so on. Xinger obviously can’t, so he can only try to probe into the interior and look at the structure with divine knowledge. Fortunately, the distance is close, and the gods can still be used. After a round of hard thinking, I didn’t come to any conclusion.
Of course, Tang Qing was even more useless. Seeing that there was no result, he asked: "Is there anything in it?" Like a panacea or something? Eat one that increases your skill for 60 years! "
"This is not a medicine stove, and the basic structure is different!" Xinger rolled his eyes and looked at the moneybags: "Have you ever seen a medicine stove with legs? Besides, there are a few incense sticks in it. You can’t see it! "
Tang Qingcai is too lazy to take care of these common sense. He only cares about practical things: "Then see if you can use it. There should be some fairy magic to inspire such a big man!" If nothing else, as long as you can release the magic spell that can make people hallucinate! "
He knows the horror of illusion too well, and the result of slowing down in battle is often fatal.
"No, I can’t manipulate, maybe my level is too low. This thing should be a long time, but the spiritual power it exudes is still amazing, at least it should be a treasure above the magic weapon! I am sure! " Thinking that she might have got a magic weapon, Sister Xinger forgot the other person’s unhappiness and turned red with excitement. I thought to myself, "Tang Qing doesn’t need it anyway, and he won’t rob me. This baby is mine! I will study it slowly in the future. "
"I can’t manipulate it!" Tang Qing cried her disappointment, and used this stove to conceal her ruthless plan. She stayed close to the stove and looked left and right, sulking: "What a waste! Why don’t you try it? Isn’t that magic weapon that can be manipulated by injecting spiritual power? "
"Don’t you think a magic weapon can be the same as a spiritual weapon?" Sister Xinger was really speechless with this ignorant guy: "Only those who are above Jiedan can use the magic weapon. You should take a magic weapon with you according to the practice period of those noble disciples, and let others live. Come on, I’ll try to show you if you don’t give up! "
It’s no use knowing how to explain it. Sister Xinger decided to speak with facts, put her hand on one leg of the incense burner and began to input spiritual power. Don’t say, with the spiritual power injection, the incense burner seems to have changed a little, and the leg pressed by Xinger has a light and shadow moving upward. Even Xinger is excited, maybe it can be manipulated! Input spirit force also more hard.
As the light and shadow moved to the top, the incense stick near this leg also reacted, flashed twice and ignited. With a puff of smoke, a fragrance …
Sister Xinger dreamed again, and she continued to do it after the last dream. But this time Tang Qingke didn’t wake her up with a slap. He turned into the fiercest monster in the world, buried himself in that tenderness, without any pity or pity, regardless of the hardships of the Shu Road, only knowing that the violent brought endless impact. Sister Xinger herself turned into the most tenacious vine, wrapped around it like octopus, and let him rise and fall with his own ebb and flow, and rise again … and ebb and flow again.

Chapter 11: the strongest comfort

Every monk who has the honor to witness this record is not shocked in his heart.

Of all the monks who really know the origin of the flying martial arts in the sea, they know that this martial arts is rare, and it is the first time to see this martial arts come out full of holy foxes.
At this time, the old man kept muttering to himself with a face of surprise and excitement. "It turned out to be true. It turned out to be true."
Then looking at the old man Sun Haoman, the main battle in high school, said, "To put it bluntly, this little boy must have come from spirit of war Palace. It must be spirit of war Palace …"
Only with spirit of war Palace can there be a failure of the Hall of Soul.
Of course, it is one thing to have a bearing, and whether it can make the ancient bearing reproduce its glory and glory is another matter.
Even if he is full of holy foxes, this thing can be used to bundle the clouds.
When I saw Gao Sunhao full of holy foxes, I suddenly thought of a very important problem, that is, Sun Hao’s disciples and disciples rushed out of the Ares Palace, and one of them almost rushed out of the reality and finally left the Palace Pisces. These three guys have a very similar feature, that is, the income from the Ares Palace has not been reported to the Hall of All Souls. Today, they must have gained a lot.
Not full of the old man tore open his voice and shouted at Sun Hao, "Aquilaria, there are some things that you three have to give back to all souls. You can’t just take it and run away …"
Sun Hao presided over the Shenzhou flying, but he didn’t hear it!
But in my heart, I also thought that it might be a good choice to take these things to Wan Soul Island to change some of his cultivation resources.
Flying in the sea, Shenzhou enemy
After ten miles of blood, the huge Shenzhou crashed into the sea.
Huge waves rushed out of the distance as Shenzhou fell into the sea.
Crashing in the sea, Shenzhou landed firmly on the sea surface.
And the shenzhou around instantly quiet.
I don’t know the danger, I don’t care about life or death, but I don’t have the spirit to demonize the sea animals and seabirds. I was rushed out of a huge hole by flying in the sea.
It was only after a full wick of incense that the sea beast was demonized after knowing that the sea god Shenzhou fell to the surface of the sea mightily, and the sea water stirred back and forth several times.
Sun Hao smiled at Yi Lu’s lamp and said with a smile, "Brother Jianjun, I also taught you this trick. How about you try it?"
Driving Ba Hai Fei Tian needs Yuan Ying Xiu less.
And the quality of truth element is very high.
On-the-spot monks, Zhizhi Zhenjun and Yu don’t want to meet the requirements, but if they can try, there should be Yi Lu lights.
After all, Yi Lu Deng is also a real outstanding person in the contemporary era. He followed Sun Hao through the burial day market and ranked among the top 20 real masters. The foundation and massiness are not comparable to those of the original Shen Changfu.
Of course, I don’t want the situation here to be special. It’s not good to say whether I can fight the main battle after the outbreak, but Sun Hao estimates that I can’t, because the Fengyun has not seen the magical skills since she left.
Now it’s up to us to see if the Yi Lu lights can drive Ba Hai to fly.
Yi Lu Deng pointed to his nose and said in surprise, "Let me try?"
Corleone nodded slightly.
Easy road lights immediately rubbing their hands. "Just try it. Haha, Jianjun also wants to see if he can ride the sea like agarwood …"
Two people talk at the moment from the magic state of flying in the sea, and the monks finally return to absolute being and can’t help cheering "Aquilaria sinensis …"
Sun Hao, a high school student, gave way to his position with his arms outstretched, smiled at Yi Lu lights and said, "Brother Jianjun, please."
Chapter DiYiErWuYi Variation
Yi Lu’s lamp body appears in a flash, and Sun Hao’s mast is the real core position of Fengyun Ship Array.
Sun Hao has just decided that "there are two key points and difficulties in the manipulation of the army’s battle array. One is that god’s knowledge needs to cover the whole ship array and master every detail of the ship array, especially every array point, so that it can be as handy as an arm command …"
From the time of uniting to the Yuan infant, the scope of the knowledge of the mighty true king is not weak, and all of them have generated the sea of knowledge.
After Sun Hao spoke, it was easy for the road to be covered with lights and horses, and the whole ship array entered the sea of knowledge and began to reflect
A shrinking ship array appeared with lights that knew the sea and easy roads, and then Sun Hao said, "Okay, agarwood, I have covered the whole ship array."
Sun Hao sensed the change of Shenzhou, and said, "Brother Jianjun, please pay attention to several important nodes, especially the gods of the five top sea ships, and prepare for the key traction …"
Yi Lu Deng adjusts his knowledge and does it gradually according to Sun Hao’s requirements.
After half a ring, Sun Hao said again, "Brother Jianjun, now you’d better control your gods evenly to every monk’s body so that they can really melt into the ship …"
Yi Lu lights were silent for a while, as if trying hard to come back after half a ring. "Don’t tell me that you know every monk in the sea. To tell you the truth, it’s not easy for me to divide it into small ships here. I don’t have your strong resolution."
Sun Hao slightly one leng, this just white a truth as if his god knowledge is slightly different from his brother’s, and he can do it himself, but he really can’t do it.
So if you can control Ba Haifei and send a farewell to Godsworn, you really can’t control it.
Since Yi Lu Deng can do this step, Sun Hao can’t insist on starting to talk about the second difficulty. "This is the second difficulty that the true elements have manipulated the gods and pulled the monks. The true elements will be injected along the large array. At this time, Brother Jianjun needs to distribute these true elements evenly to each array to make the whole ship array coordinated and unified before he can rise."
Yi Lu lights up a little and then the sound comes back. "Aquilaria seems very simple, but how do I feel that it is too difficult? This thing should be played by yourself."
Sun Hao encouraged him to "try it, or you will be able to break out the top-class marine fighting skills instead of the real magic skills."
Easy road lights sound said, "that’s the magic skill. It should be a little difficult. Otherwise, how could the magic skill be so rare? I’ll try it, but Aquilaria knows that it’s terrible to do your own thing. Don’t expect too much …"
After that, Yi Lu lights his eyes closed, completely sinking his mind and knowing the sea, and began to manipulate the ship array.
According to Professor Sun Hao’s method, we found each array point, ignoring the subtle manipulation of each monk, and a sudden roar in the mouth of Yi Lu lights, "Give me up …"
When the gods move, the traction is burning away.
Then, the light flashed for a while, and the whole ship array was still firmly lying in the sea.
All seagoing ships, big and small, also have the rotating force when the main mast of Fengyun raises its sails.
But the strength is not strong enough to carry the whole ship array
It was a little surprising that all the monks gathered together and only drove the Fengyun sail to rotate, and then the wind blade broke out, which actually increased its power and cut down a large number of demonized seabirds around the ship array, and a large number of seabirds were smashed.

While ChuYu looked in a certain direction in the complicated cheers.

Then some doubt shook his head.
Is it strange that he is delusional?
I always feel like someone is staring at that position.
But take a closer look. There’s nothing there.
The establishment and reorganization of a country does not happen overnight. After the founding of the Republic, Chu Yu also has many things to deal with.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo left the follow-up banquet.
The federal prime minister, with his careless face and gold-rimmed glasses, always smiles, also took a look at where they left off.
He smiled with interest.
Sure enough, the stars and the sea are the romance of men.
What’s that fun of run a country in a mess?
Bad things or to ChuYu.
I heard that there is a mermaid in the universe. I wonder if he will have a chance to meet a mermaid beauty …
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo did not appear in front of Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister.
Because it is no longer necessary.
The two men left the party because they suddenly felt Yunmingyuan in their hearts, feeling that a certain kind of indescribable chemistry was weighing on them, as if they had suddenly disappeared.
At the same time, Han Xiumo also sensed some causal forces.
However, it is difficult to trace the cause and effect, no matter what the fetters and causes and effects of their article are, they are now thorough.
Chapter 719 Back to fix true boundary
Ma data will be copied once a day until the day they leave.
Have been doing all kinds of experiments in the laboratory, Ma suddenly noticed something and immediately came to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s hotel.
Then I found that their movies had disappeared.
Ma stayed in the smart device in the room for a long time before leaving silently.
Come on.
When cracks appear, the level of imperial and federal science and technology may not be found, but there are already several more developed technologies in the universe, which can detect non-energy fluctuations
The final lock-in location is the new galactic language.
There are occasional cosmic relics with special energy fluctuations in the universe, and many good things can often be found in such large relics.
Therefore, the whole universe is full of large-scale cultural relics.
It’s natural for a new language like Yinhe to be unaware of the large-scale cultural relics.
But now they have joined the Universe Alliance. After detecting the target, the Galaxy Alliance first docked. After receiving the news, the Federal Prime Minister was very excited and almost immediately began to make arrangements. It is necessary to take this opportunity to officially let the Universe Alliance see their value!
But before the arrival of the Universe Federation, it seems that there is nothing they can do.
Their science and technology can’t detect the remains of the universe’s literary alliance, and there is no other way but to wait for the alliance people to come.
It was also at this time that the Galactic people realized their weakness.
Chuyu and the Federal Prime Minister looked at each other.
It’s hard to imagine that if the Galactic Republic hadn’t been established at the beginning, there would still be an internal struggle when they are faced with such a situation now.
"We are still too weak" ChuYu sighed.
The former Federal Prime Minister and now the chief diplomat of the Republic also sighed, "We knew the universe very well before, and now we realize that we are still frogs at the bottom of the well."
If the Universe Federation hadn’t told them about the ruins of the universe, they might have been kept in the dark, even if they had huge treasures around them.
This feeling is really … terrible.
Fortunately, they are not correct people. They were able to set up the Galactic Republic under pressure at the beginning, and now they can adjust quickly in the face of such pressure.
"It’s just starting from scratch. Our predecessors also struggled from scratch to the interstellar age. What are we worried about?" Finally ChuYu patted the table to pull the federal prime minister back from meditation.
"It’s also that our predecessors have given us good conditions. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves. We should also create better conditions for future generations."
They don’t have the technology to detect the ruins of the universe now, but they can learn and study, and their descendants will certainly have such opportunities and technologies.
"That’s right!" Chuyu looked at the Federal Prime Minister and smiled when he was in a dead end for a while.