The scene was silent.

After dealing with her family’s things, she stayed in her family for a few days, leaving some special resources and Cheng Sun Hao with four women to step into the farewell party again and return to Lingtian Sword School.
Find Ling Tianjian Zu and talk about his cultivation progress. After consulting Ling Tianjian Zu, Sun Hao spoke out his cultivation plan. "Master, my double sword bone cultivation has reached the last step, but because of the particularity of the three major sword potentials, it may be quite difficult for me to complete the sword bone casting. Finally, my brother found a cultivation method, that is, entering the sword tomb …"
Enter the sword tomb?
Ling Tianjian Zu’s first reaction was to deeply frown. "The agarwood sword burial is a violent resentment and sharper than the sword burial place of the monks of Ling Tianjian Sect in the past dynasties. Even if you can hold on so strongly, the negative emotions will probably have a great impact on you. If you can, it’s better not to go in."
Sun Hao’s face showed a bit of wry smile. "Master’s sea sword potential, fighter sword potential and killing sword potential are three talents, and my bones are stable and abnormal. Even if I don’t refine the peerless double sword bones, I can continue to practice. To be honest, I don’t know what else I can accomplish in the third stage except the sword burial."
Ling Tian Jianzu spent a stay in his mouth and said, "So much? The three swords are condensed and refined to create a peerless double sword bone. It really is heaven and earth. This simply doesn’t give you a chance to complete the condensation! "
Sun Hao said, "The sword burial firm but gentle has been going on for thousands of years, especially there are still fierce and angry blessings. It is possible to help me complete the condensation if my brother calculates."
Ling Tianjian’s ancestor still frowned. "But the sword burial is not easy to open. You should know that the sword burial is a symbol of the sword burial and the end of Ling Tianjian’s sword Sect …" ~ ~
Chapter 1595 Lingtian Daqing
Sun Hao smiled and said, "You don’t have to ring the bell. You tell her the truth to the monks at the Sword King level. They naturally know what to do!"
Sword gentleman leaned down and said, "Good adult Qu Yue, that’s right."
With that, take out the notes and say a sentence to the inside, "Please notify Ling Tianjian’s ancestors when your honor Chen Xiang returns to the mountain …"
Playing notes Qu Yuejian Jun’s forehead is a little sweaty in situ, and I don’t know that Lord Aquilaria is a sense of origin, which alarms Ling Tianjian’s ancestors. And if these guys are here to cheat, they will be involved themselves.
The notes flew out.
Qu Yue didn’t receive an answer. In the middle of his heart, the tall peak of Ling Tian suddenly burst into the sky, and the bell rang melodiously. At the same time, all the swordsmen of the Ling Tian Sword Sect heard Ling Tian Jianzu laugh. "The good disciple of Aquilaria is finally willing to come back, and the bell rings nine times. The sword instrument welcomes the adult of Aquilaria back to the mountain …"
Sun Hao smiled at Qu Yuewei with four women around him and said with a smile, "Don’t go back to Master Ling Tian in a hundred years. You are still in high spirits …"
Others don’t know that Sun Haosun agarwood is a powerful sword king, but they know it clearly. The star hero Lei Peng Tian Jian Ling Tian Jian Sect is the root of Sun Haosun agarwood’s great status and glory.
Almost Sun Haoyin has just fallen into the sky, and the monks at the level of blade and sword king have flown out and shouted, "Welcome back to the mountain, welcome back to the mountain, welcome back to the mountain …"
Who is Lord agarwood?
Brother Ling Tianjian sent the messy sword king to welcome him at the same time.
But then they were even more surprised that something happened.
Two ancestors and three ancestors also appeared. Ling Tianjianfeng even cheered "Welcome agarwood back to the mountain …"
Although the word "adult" is missing, it is said that the swordsmen in Ling Tian looked at each other.
Lord agarwood is a promise?
Two ancestors and three ancestors should welcome you?
Sun Haozhonglang laughed. "You are welcome, two ancestors and three ancestors. You have broken the agarwood. Although you have made some contributions, it is not good for the younger generation, is it?"
The second ancestor greeted him and laughed resounded through Tianyu. "Aquilaria is the backbone of Terran, claiming to be the dawn star hero of our family, Lei Pengtian Sword. We two old deathlessly welcome you with light on our faces. That is a must, hahaha …"
Sanzu also said with a smile, "Ling Tianjian Sect has the agarwood, and the Terran has its present status. How can the agarwood not welcome back to the mountain now?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "The two bodhi old zu are welcome."
Three people laughed and flew to Ling Tianjianfeng.
Lingtian Jianfeng gave off bursts of sword sounds, and three layers of sword lotus rose at the peak.
Ordinary sword kings are flying and taking their seats in the fifteen sword flower rosettes on the outermost layer.
Understand the meaning of the sword, the sword king, that is, the top ten sword kings, took their seats one after another. Sun Hao saw his brother Ling Huajian in the second floor of the sword lotus. It seems that he has finally advanced in these years and successfully understood the meaning of the sword.
Finally, there are two layers of sword flower rosettes in the middle, which are tall and solemn. Four sword flower rosettes stand tall in four directions, as if there is a sword light flowing and dazzling silver light blooming in the sun.
The second and third ancestors took Sun Hao to the sword lotus. Ling Tianjianzu had been waiting for a long time and said with a smile, "Aquilaria, you sit in the East!"
The ranking of the Sword Ancestors of Ling Tianjian School is very particular about the position theory. Four Sword Ancestors are contemporary, and the East Sword Ancestors are the first Ling Tianjian Ancestors. At this time, Sun Hao is seated in the East, but he thinks that Sun Haoling Tianjian School should also rank himself.
Ling Tianjian sent sword kings to hold their breath and look at Sun Hao.
Sun Hao smiled indifferently and said, "Master, this Oriental Sword Seat can still be used when you sit on agarwood and sit on your head."
Ling Tian Jianzu said, "Chen Xiang, your current Terran status, Yin Peng, is in charge of the frontier power. Even in the virtual central Terran faction, you may sit high. Don’t be embarrassed that Ling Tian is remote, but you still know this weight."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Sun Hao is always a master when he comes back from the scenery. Now you let your brother sit in your first master. Do you think my brother will go?"
Ling Tianjian Zu didn’t insist on laughing and said, "No matter how you say agarwood, you also share the fate with me. It should be acceptable for Ling Tianjian Sect to suffer a little injustice. Well, I’ll take the seat of Oriental Sword with this face."
The sword kings of Lingtian Sword School have completely understood Sun Hao’s current Terran identity.
Ling Tian Jian Zu can’t compete!

[Nearby] What’s the bet on stewing pig’s trotters?

[Nearby] Seven Crows, pk, both of us. If you lose, you can join our gang. If you win, you can leave.
[Nearby] It’s unfair to stew pig’s trotters. I don’t gamble because my hands are disabled.
[Nearby] Come on ~ I’ve been here for a long time, and I finally waited for a person to come, so you should answer me ~
Looking at the seven crows jumping around beside the pig’s trotters, Zuo Tangtang’s head is big.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters are stewed. Okay, okay, I promise you the head office.
Anyway, I have to leave the so-called Zuo Tangtang thought.
Unexpectedly, Zuo Tangtang actually won and looked at himself on the keyboard. Is this to turn grief into strength and decay into magic?
After a daze, Zuo Tangtang looked at it and was still distracted. Seven crows were ready to leave.
But by this time, the seven crows had slowed down.
[Nearby] Seven Crows/Stareyes/Heroes, you are so tired ~
[Nearby] I don’t know what happened and I won.
Zuo Tangtang honest replied
[Nearby] Seven Crows, did you suddenly wake up and show your great power?
Zuo Tangtang suddenly black line.
[Nearby] Stewed pig’s trotters. It’s just a coincidence. I’m leaving.
[Nearby] Seven Crows, don’t go, you are a talent!
[Nearby] Seven Crows join our gang!
[Nearby] Seven Crows, you have to know that you are a thousand miles away and I am your Lele. Come back with me ~
[Nearby] I’m so impressed with you!
Seeing him so noisy, Zuo Tangtang’s forehead can no longer be sobbed.
Immediately turned around-red-eagle Xiang whether strike at one go domineering can’t be domineering.
Looking at being knocked down by the eagle flying, seven crows Zuo Tangtang’s eyes narrowed and he smiled coldly. Typing back here is the real ecstasy. Can you be white?
[Nearby] Seven Crows …
[Nearby] Seven Crows’ Hooves and Hooves’ Sister Paper is true. Our guild is quite good. It’s quite * * You can try it if you don’t like it. It’s not too late to return it then, right?
He also sent an invitation to join the gang by the way.
Obviously, at this time, the Seven Crows have changed their strategies and are ready to understand their feelings.
It happened that Zuo Tangtang also ate this set, carefully considered it and agreed to the invitation with a try mentality.
Stew pig’s trotters and join the gang to play soy sauce
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Ouch, another one was fooled by Xiaoqi ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique is still a sister paper! Laojiu, come out! Come out and see the first sister paper in our gang!
[Guild] Master/Nine days later! Really! Xiaoqi, you fooled well this time
[Gang] What are the seven crows fooling? I bet pk with Hoohoo-hoo. Although I lost, right, I sincerely touched her …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew and fool? Did you just drain the water?
[Guild] Seven Crows wronged me, but I’m playing seriously.
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Uh-huh hoof shoes. Don’t worry about this. I’m sure Xiaoqigen won’t release water.
[Guild] Look at the Seven Crows ~ I’m not lying to you, am I/proud/
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique has no water to put in his roots, even if he is beaten with one hand, everyone will lose.
[Gang] Seven Crows Old North, what are you talking about?
[Guild] MuYun idle truth = =
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Pig’s trotters stew/tears run/I also cured my hand disability. It turned out that I met someone who was more disabled than me.
In this way, Zuo Tangtang stayed in this group of people and had a lively and lively day.
I remember the first time I followed them to participate in a gang activity, I watched the gang leader walk in the forefront with a bright chrysanthemum sign, and the masses led the way. Then I looked at it in dense numbers, such as "soy sauce-gang leader", "soy sauce-deputy gang leader" and "soy sauce-hall leader".
Just this day, the gang channel was busy.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is newly baked, and it needs to be hot when it wears cloud 3l ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Lai Lai Brothers! The broadsword cuts at the ghost nose! Let’s fight them!
[Gang] Soft soft sugar …
[Gang] Seven Crows …
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Guild] Master/Nine days later/Language/Old North, don’t be ashamed.
[Gang] Seven Crows? Hoohoo, there you are. Wait a minute.
[Gang] Seven Crows’ Soft Candy Wear Clouds. Why don’t you sell it cheaper? I’ll give it away.
[Guild] Soft and soft candy is not sold. The small shop is meager and refuses to bargain.
[Gang] Pig’s trotters stew …
[Gang] Mu Yunxian …
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Toe Yunxian, you are here. Come to Chicken Village to kill ~
[Guild] Deputy Wang/Beique Yu Fudong and Xiaoqi, you can continue to be second. With your IQ, we are so anxious that we really dare not take you to hunt you down. Isn’t it a shame to count money for each other in case you are captured by the enemy and sold?
Ah, hey, being captured by the enemy, shouldn’t you worry about your personal safety? Are there any comrades in this gang? Zuo Tangtang silently thought
After the team was formed, Zuo Tangtang went to Chicken Village. He didn’t look at a gang for half a day. It took him about five or six minutes to walk around the map before he met the seven crows.

At this moment, Kabi’s mind is full of Cherina’s appearance. He tries to disperse the transfer report in this way, which is also a temporary escape. Slowly, he recalls every conversation from the scene of meeting Cherina, and he clearly remembers that he didn’t wake up until the VIP lounge woke up before boarding the plane.

"Thank you!" Kabi barely smiled and said to the opposite.
Then Kabi put the cooled coffee into his throat and stuffed the unmoved syrup Banji into his mouth at random. When his stomach gave off some warmth, he stood up and grabbed the big black backpack around him. A few steps away from the VIP lounge happened to be at the door of the VIP lounge, and his mobile phone rang the bell.
Kabi wasn’t surprised. He took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and didn’t even aim at the screen of the mobile phone. He knew that it was Mr. Haas calling. After sliding and unlocking, he directly said, "What? Mr. Haas! Is it handled like this? "
"Ha ~ ha ~! When did you become so direct, but I appreciate this way of dialogue, so are you ready to listen clearly? " When Mr. Haas spoke, Kabi also heard Mr. Haas lighting a cigarette in a lighter from the receiver as usual.
Kabi said "hmm" that he should ask the question directly, not to mention having a general conversation with Mr. Haas in a roundabout way, so he actually stopped to go to the boarding gate and approached a corner secluded place and said, "Has Paris made the first offer?"
It was heard from the receiver that Mr. Haas was hanging out with the smoke ring for a few seconds before he said slowly, "of course!" Haofu Club is always in such a hurry. They have already made the first offer to Granada by mail, and this offer certainly includes the price of that guy Bam. I’m afraid that old guy Coboni is already in an emergency meeting with the board of directors. Do you believe it? "
Instead of giving a positive speech, Kabi changed his tune and asked, "What about Atletico Madrid? Has Shadugir also been quoted for the first time? "
As soon as Mr. Haas heard it, he was very surprised. He repeatedly said, "As far as I know, Atletico Madrid is also discussing the possibility of selling Shadugill. After all, the price is surprisingly high, and it is said that Paris Saint-Germain is crazy. They want to buy the three favorites of the European Golden Boy Award in the next summer transfer window. It is not easy to implement this plan and it is definitely not possible to get things done with money."
As Mr. Haas said, everything is true. Kabi has never escaped. Since the team has received the first offer from Paris, he thought that he must show his attitude to Mr. Haas at the first time and then said, "Mr. Haas! I won’t consider buying me in Paris for the time being! Understand? "
I don’t think Mr. Haas was calm and said simply, "Don’t worry! Young man! Please leave all the answers in summer! Because I believe that the summer transfer window will be more exciting! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Storm
At the boarding gate, there are quite a few passengers preparing to board the plane. There are still a few passengers looking at Kabi from time to time. It is easy to guess that those people are fans, but whether they are Granada fans or not, Kabi does not want to delve into it.
Before boarding the plane, the only thing Kabi wants to do is to find a quiet place to contact coach Coboni again, so that coach Coboni can know his attitude for the first time. Perhaps this can also be used as a bargaining chip for coach Coboni to negotiate with the board of directors.
After playing with coach Coboni for about half a season, Kabi knew more or less that coach Coboni didn’t want to leave the team in the next few years, even in Turin and Madrid, but at that time, coach Coboni gave up coaching in the same way to resist the pressure from the board of directors
In the case that all transfer reports have not been reduced, Granada is now facing the temptation of 120 million euros. Assuming that coach Coboni has resisted this temptation after losing sleep for several nights in a row, it is hard to think that he can resist the old men on the board of directors, and then Granada will lose two generals in a row in the summer.
With the absence, Granada will naturally choose to fill the second and third line offensive players. It is not difficult to find a real substitute for Kabi and Bam in the transfer market. There will be no more than three people. Instead, they will lure the first-line stars to vote with huge acquisition funds. How many are willing to join the middle-class team like Granada?
On the one hand, it is to temporarily keep the team’s hope for the future, and on the other hand, it is to cover up the temptation with huge sums of money. It depends on how coach Coboni can talk about the board of directors. If you think about it, you will not get ready to board the plane. It is really unlucky to say that it is rare to go back to Marseille to deal with urgent matters.
Moreover, although he listened to Mr. Haas’s suggestion that the answer should be left in the summer, he was like a man who was waiting in front of the TV to watch the finale of the play and met with a stop. At this time, an obsessive-compulsive disorder was still in his body. Fortunately, he saw that the passengers who were going to Marseille had boarded the plane for seven or seven to bring him back to his senses, otherwise he would have to die.
After the recovery, he finally remembered that there were still things to do, but it was difficult to find a place near the boarding gate. He managed to find a small one and took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to coach Coboni before boarding the plane. When the season is over, I hope we can sit down and discuss whether to stay or not.
Just when I took back my mobile phone, I heard the ringtone ringing from it. Coach Coboni replied to himself at the first time and took out his mobile phone. When I saw it, I found that it was a hemp rat, an idiot who didn’t know what to do, and then he was impatient and "scoffed" at the words.
"Don’t tell me how luxurious the private jet is. I’m boarding now. Would you please stop wasting my precious time, you idiot?" Kabi said and dumped his head.
The hemp rat naturally arranged private flights without taxiing to take off, otherwise it wouldn’t be the idiot’s turn to come over. But after hearing the impatient tone of Kabi, the hemp rat still smiled and said, "What? The closer you get to Marseilles, the more nervous you get? Ha ~! I didn’t expect you to be such a valued friend! At this time, the attitude towards friends is so bad! "
"Damn me!" Kabi scolded himself in his heart because he couldn’t figure out that he always had the leisure to listen to the idiot talking nonsense. Although he hated it, he often hung up and blamed himself for being a disappointing guy.
Kabi swallowed his breath and felt that the whole mood was much better. Then he frowned and said, "Friend! Please! Don’t let me miss my flight, okay? I didn’t hang up. I’ve been very polite to you. "
Maybe Marmot talked to Kabi while sipping champagne in the private cabin. Anyway, that guy’s attitude sounded more relaxed, like soaking in a hot spring in the depths of a snowy mountain. Then he still smiled and said, "In fact, I am very careful! Because just now I asked my private pilot to help you see the weather changes near Marseille, such as whether you can arrive at your destination on time by flight? Listen to me, there will be a storm in Marseille in a few hours. After all, it is a port city with great influence! "
Kabi snorted and said, "You are an idiot! You can’t be an airport worker. Is that an idiot? Won’t they inform us passengers when the weather changes in Marseilles? Besides, I also checked the weather there before I left. It’s not as bad as you said. I think your head is full of feces, okay? "
Hemp rat also smiled and said, "Are you French not only romantic but also always so naive?"? Do you trust a pilot’s first news or do you choose to trust the so-called airport personnel? Of course, my destination is in the opposite direction, and it won’t affect me. You still don’t believe me when I wake up so carefully? Alas! I wish you an idiot a transfer in the middle! "
Faced with fewer and fewer passengers at the boarding gate, Kabi is a little anxious. Even though he knows that the flight will notify a passenger who has not boarded the plane, he seems to be shocked by the hemp rat for a few seconds. It doesn’t make sense for him to choose a letter or not. He will never change his way back to Marseilles in an urgent situation, will he?
"Shut your crow smelly mouth! Be careful when you go back to practice, I’ll kick your football in the mouth! " Kabili said
The more I compare with Ka, the more excited I get. But Ma said, "Do you need me to arrange your stopover procedures before? Just let me know your stopover city when you need it. I promise to arrange it for you. Well, maybe you can return to Marseilles around tonight."
It sounds that the idiot of the hemp rat really cares about Kabi, but it can’t be delayed any longer. Before ending the call, he also teased the hemp rat, "No! thank you In addition, I hope that the torrential rain in Tessella Island for three consecutive days will make you an idiot hide in the hotel room. Goodbye! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-five Suddenly turned
Cabby collapsed in the soft seat in the cabin, and the tiredness made him sleepy. It was not until he saw that the flight on the small screen in the first class had officially left Spain that he gradually shook up and then stood up again.
After crossing the border, it will be France.
Getting closer to Kabi from the fact that Cherina is about to meet is like playing in a professional arena for the first time in my life, but the pressure from the outside world and the audience is different. This time it is more like a "Dan Zhan" between him and Cherina and a "Dan Zhan" without hostility.
The comfortable soft leather seat can be lowered at will, or it can make Kabi put himself more easily. But at this time, he is lying still and has a fever. The more he rubs the palm of his head, the more sweat comes out. Uninformed outsiders will mistake him for having a phobia of flying.
The careful staff saw Kabi coming to ask if Kabi needed a soft quilt or a drink, but Kabi didn’t want to explain it when he didn’t want to, so he just made a few words to cope with the past. After the temperature dropped slightly, he exhaled the atmosphere and prepared to imagine meeting Cherina for a while.
Even though Kabi is a talented football genius, his imagination in life is pitiful. He can’t imagine how simple it is to go there after taking a taxi to Cherina to study at the university gate. He didn’t think about it directly, which is just to blame himself for ignoring this key point all the way.
It’s hard to say simply that you don’t have enough confidence, just like a shy person’s face will turn red after asking for directions on the street. Moreover, Kabi said that he could kill Real Madrid in front of thousands of fans, but he couldn’t say a confession in front of a girl in the end, which is somewhat ridiculous.
So whether to relax or really feel ridiculous, Kabi chuckled in the corner alone, which made a passenger in a suit look at him. The eyes always felt that Kabi was a neurological cause, and no one would laugh at the back of the chair in front.
Kabi didn’t pay attention to the eyes of the passengers in the suit, as if there was a passenger like him in the whole airplane cabin. He relaxed himself and continued to try to imagine the scene of meeting for a while. Except for leaving the taxi compartment for a while, he entered the campus for the first time to inquire about Cherina’s location.
Kabi didn’t choose to give it to Cherina after arriving at the school gate. He wanted to suddenly appear in front of Cherina without moving. Even though Cherina was in the classroom, he was determined to "ambush" himself outside the classroom. He said that this final effect would definitely scare Cherina to death.
Based on the feeling that Kabi and Cherina have already developed, it’s just that they owe each other a word. So Kabi is not worried that things will backfire, which is also the only part of the whole thing that he is full of confidence. Previously, he deliberately did not contact Cherina for a long time, which was the last effect. He laughed again at this.
As soon as Kabi stopped laughing, he heard the cabin broadcast. When he listened to the whole broadcast, he cursed the idiot Marmot three times at the first time, because the crew gave a message that a typhoon was gradually forming in the coastal area of Marseille, and the flight would be diverted to Montpellier.
"mom! That idiot mouth of hemp rat really hit the nail on the head! Damn the weather! " I will arrive in Marseille on time, and Kabi will be a little impatient at this moment, but it is not up to him to decide which way the flight will go, and he can’t threaten the captain to ask the crew to accompany him to feel the excitement of the plane passing through the storm circle, can he?
The news shows that there will be some drum noise in the cabin. Maybe many passengers want to arrive in Marseille on time, so it is difficult to express some dissatisfaction. So the staff quickly came out to deal with this kind of situation, not only explaining it carefully, but also asking the passengers if they need a drink, trying to appease some passengers’ emotions.
Although Montpellier also belongs to France, it is 17 kilometers away from Marseille, Kabi’s destination. Even if you go to Marseille by train for the first time, it takes nearly an hour, and you don’t want to delay it at all. Kabi is naturally impatient, and he has nothing to do except curse the hemp rats.
"The weather is really strange! Change and become friends! Are you right? " The passenger in the suit sitting next to him suddenly struck up a conversation with Kabi, which made Kabi’s reaction "hmm" casually. But then Kabi said that the tone of the passenger in the suit should not be a standard fan.
Then Kabi decided that the passengers in the suit didn’t know where they came from, so they simply took up the conversation with confidence. "I have a friend who woke up beforehand and said that the weather near Marseille is getting worse, but I just looked out of the window and found that it was very calm outside and it didn’t look like a typhoon. This is really strange!"
The passenger in the suit is not as impatient as other passengers. When Kabi is puzzled, he is even more anxious and slow. He explained, "Generally speaking, the weather news from the flight captain is the most real, and he can’t joke with so many passengers, can he?" In addition, the typhoon wind circle is moving at a very fast speed, generally moving at a height of 30,000 feet. The clouds you see now are very calm and actually normal, and the plane will definitely pass through those affected clouds when landing. Since the captain didn’t choose to ask to change to Montpellier, he said that the weather near Marseille was already very bad, otherwise the course would not be changed. "
Kabi is a layman who knows this common sense about the weather, but at least he understands the reason why the flight must change direction. After greeting the passengers in suits, he arranged his own itinerary and arrived in Montpellier. After finally deciding to take the train and continue to Marseille, he scolded "Damn weather!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Vague
When the train stopped, Kabi finally came to the place where he wanted to go back most. He looked out from the platform and saw the wind and rain outside. It was just after noon, but it was even more gloomy outside. Looking at it, there was a depressing feeling, and more than a dozen train bodies were washed white by rain.
When I walked out of the car, Kabi sighed in his mouth. He intuitively didn’t say anything when he was delayed in Montpellier, and this day’s trip was also very difficult. He said that it was a rare holiday for several days. Is it a harbinger of a tragic ending for this trip?
It’s inconvenient to think too much about Kabi. He thinks it’s the first priority to get to Cherina’s university as soon as possible. Then, because he is back in his hometown, he takes out the black cap from his big backpack and hastily covers half his face. Soon, he follows the crowd to the arrival hall.
Knowing about the train lobby is that Kabi has lived in Marseille for more than ten years, but his intuition is strange. On this typhoon day, the arrival lobby is crowded with people, and I don’t know if they are going to travel or meet local people. Maybe there are people who come to the lobby to shelter from the rain. Anyway, it is much more lively than usual.
Kabi didn’t stop at the lobby. He came to the taxi as skillfully as he shuttled through his own house. Just as he approached, he heard his Marseille accent lightly scold "Mom", because there were fewer passengers waiting for the taxi, and there were 100, but fortunately, the taxi kept coming in, which barely made Kabi relax.
Even Kabi can’t predict when he will get into the taxi compartment, but it sounds like he has a familiar Marseille accent behind him. When he speaks a word, he can shake his whole body. Suddenly, he imagines all the consequences of his trip because the man behind him said, "All schools and some shops have stopped playing this damn typhoon!"
For Kabi, it was a damn typhoon, which not only changed his itinerary for a long time, but also stopped all schools, which meant that he couldn’t get into Cherina’s university, so he scolded the man behind him, "Damn typhoon!"
Then, while waiting in line to board a taxi, Kabi tried to figure out how to get into Cherina’s school. Suddenly, he found that there was a lot less taxi. After a while, it took him a few minutes to get into two or three taxis, which made him feel uncomfortable.
It was only in the past ten minutes or so that it was Kabi’s turn to board a taxi. When he was glad that he could finally leave the damn train, his mind suddenly realized that the taxi had met before. If the taxi driver hadn’t greeted him actively, I dare say that he would definitely not remember it.
"hey! Old friends! How lucky you are to meet you at the airport again, and meet you at the train again this time? It seems that this is fate! Haha ~ ~! " The taxi driver laughed, and the whole taxi seemed to vibrate with it.
Then Kabi looked up and said "Oh". As the taste of scallion chicken legs in the carriage became stronger, he made a snap of his fingers to make it clear that this taxi driver was coming back to Marseille to meet himself at the airport. The "bear man" didn’t change his thick meat, and even the taste of scallion chicken legs didn’t change. It’s hard to think how many scallion chicken legs that guy ate today.
What’s even funnier is that the co-pilot seat is where the passengers sit, but the "bear man" guy is full of food bags. Some things that look like biscuits and chips are mixed together and fall on the carpet in the co-pilot seat, making the whole carriage not like a place where people come and go, but a small warehouse where the guy hides food.

There are many apertures in Taizhong, and there is a cannon light in these apertures, which is Harley’s best jumping dragonfly killing stunt.

To say that the fighting capacity of these three B-class star cruises by star pirates is not so good, and I don’t know where they robbed the goods. They didn’t have the heart to build the war, and they were easily sunk by the Phantom of the Opera for five minutes.
If these pirates meet the general fleet, they nest has a better chance of winning. If the pirates meet the excellent fleet, it will be their end.
The battle didn’t last long when the Phantom of the Opera suddenly calmed down on the battlefield of the last star pirate main ship.
Star pirates flaunt their strength. Star pirates often fight one-on-one with ships. With the power of class B star cruises, there is a rare defeat. Today, the situation is reversed. Phantom of the Opera, one pick three, this tough fighting capacity makes the star pirates dumbfounded.
Unexpectedly, the Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate’s main ship didn’t attack, but quietly hung in the middle, and Lin momo was talking to the Star Pirate’s champion.
"Want to know? Submit to me and give you an open hand to help me receive everything here. "Momo Lin said lightly that it doesn’t matter to him whether the other party agrees or not.
"Hum, I’m very not easy to build a family business, which have so easy to surrender? If you let me take five ships and … "Star thief leader wanted to say something but saw the screen burst into blue and purple.
"Super C-class ship’s fighting skill is limited to magnetic killing"
"High-energy ray explosion of class B ship’s fighting skill"
Star Steal’s main ship trembled slightly, and at the same time, it also used the ship’s lighter skills. Star Steal’s first action was surprisingly consistent, and both of them wanted to stabilize each other and suddenly challenged.
The two ships collided with each other, and a heavy blue shock wave spread outward, and the far and near ships were hard supported by the wave, the energy tide.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun up. 542 Take over
Ship-to-ship combat is a major feature in the field of star cruises. The Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate main ship are covered by light.
Because of the fusion of cosmic wonders, the star cruises have developed high and low points, and the ship’s fighting skills also have strong and weak points. Sometimes, they even have different attributes. To put it bluntly, battlefield competition is the development degree of the basic quality of star cruises
Even if Phantom of the Opera didn’t turn on the five-star blood forbidden blade, a blood device was installed in the blue blood meteorite, which can consolidate the energy of the blue blood meteorite by absorbing Zerg JingXie.
This blood device has been developed several times, and its power is several times stronger than that of simply ascending the hull evolution value. The nature of the two armies in front of the battle ranks is extremely cheap, and what’s more, the evil spirit’s son experiences a shape force field and the sinking blade feeds back a lot of magnetic homologous energy to the Phantom, which encourages each other, and the power of the blue blood meteorite is getting bigger and bigger.
"Bang" sounded like a wooden stake was broken. In fact, the main ship of the Star Pirate was penetrated by a blue-purple light belt. On the other hand, the hull of Phantom of the Opera started with a dense three-layer matrix inside and outside.
The high-energy ray burst released by the Star Pirate’s main ship is very overbearing and can force out the Phantom of the Opera’s three-layer matrix and worm pattern. Unfortunately, if you lose, you will lose life and death. It depends on the result.
Lin momo roared, "Listen, all the captain and crew members of Star Pirate, don’t kill them. If you dare to make any changes, you will never show mercy."
The spirit wave flows from ship to ship, and Lin momo’s imposing manner makes the star thieves tremble with fear. "Even the champion in the main ship is taken by the enemy and beaten again, I’m afraid there is no chance of winning."
On the edge of the battlefield, two star pirates immediately turned their bows and fled because they were far away from the Tianzhu fleet. They never thought that Zeus would shine in the blink of an eye.
From a distance, the stern of the two star pirates broke apart for a few seconds and completely lost their ability to act.
"Wow," the star thieves are boiling. They worship force and face the invincible enemy. It’s not like they can’t fight, and it’s not like several small leaders lead them to join them.
The Tianzhu fleet watched the Star Pirates fleet despondently fall to the high place where Zeus hangs in the parking area of the dungeon, shaking off hundreds of robots and starting to control the prisoners.
Due to the large number of star pirates, dozens of staghorn worms flew out from Langqi. These are all blue-line necrophilia mental attacks, and the fierce insects are not talking to Brother Wu in the third and fourth grades.
Brilliant beetles slowly descended from the Phantom of the Opera to the ground, and the captive star pirates stared straight. Never before had anyone domesticated such a huge zerg, and the flower firefly and antlers just appeared to be under strong pressure and instantly extended out.
Just out of the cabin, the Star Thief never dared to rebel again. A bright beetle alone is worth a D-class star cruise ship, and the star power of the terrible flower firefly female is all hope to survive.
The dragon fighting beast also joined the caretaker, and Roderick led the crew to clean up the dungeon quickly.
About two hours later, the Tianzhu fleet finished controlling the scene. According to some star pirates, there are some small strongholds on the edge of Tianma Star, and the Blood Reward and Blade immediately rushed to clean up a star thief.
This star has a serial number. It was a paramilitary base thousands of years ago. Later, it was gradually forgotten due to the evacuation of the dilapidated garrison of the famous Marcuse nearby. After thousands of years, it has become an enclave in the north of Lanxingyu.
After the star pirates occupied this place, they named the Tianma Star Base here. It took 23 years to develop before and after the Tianma Base, but now Tianma Star is Lin Sisuo’s lair.
"Said Ye Shaoyan by you? There is also a dry edge, and I will let you get out of here alive. "Lin momo’s eyes are cold, and three people are sitting in front of him. It is the three bosses of the star thief gang.
"Captain, if you are really willing to let us go, I will naturally say that Ye Shaoyan can’t fall behind this Ye family woman, but I have hidden her and her boat with many eyes before the battle. Do you think I will tell the whole story?" By this time, the star thief leader laughed, and he still didn’t forget to show his fierce color, so it wasn’t that Tibetans mostly didn’t mean it before the war.
"Pa", a scar appeared on the face of the crispy star thief, which instantly turned black and gave off an unpleasant smell.
Lin momo has a whip in his hand, or a vine star thief. The champion is rolling back and forth covering his face, tearing his heart out. The pain is spreading along the whip mark. He is no longer just car-scrapping.
"Two you don’t say you say" Lin momo smiled and raised his palm to send out a wave of black gas.
"Don’t fight, don’t fight, I said that the champion is Klee. He is the younger brother of General Victoria. General Long Jianying has always been a sworn enemy. This time, our Star Pirates discovered a giant fear turtle. You know, this is the top super-order war beast, so you moved your mind and announced that you want to buy the blood of the fear turtle at a high price. Captain Ye Shaoyan can see that others can’t see it. So the champion set a trap to attract Ye Shaoyan and her two helpers. When they are almost finished with the fear turtle, our Star Pirates will come out and take advantage of it. A Ye Shaoyan champion didn’t say it’s a pity that the two of us don’t know where Captain Ye Shaoyan is hiding. The champion doesn’t believe in people. "The second husband bowed his head and honestly explained the situation because Lin momo’s means were too cruel. In less than ten seconds, the champion’s whole head was full of cancer, and the half-worm man’s breath was violent, which scared him out of his wits and threw him to other stars early.
"oh? Don’t you two know where Ye Shaoyan is hidden? " Lin momo frown Ye Shaoyan whereabouts he doesn’t mind his heart is light scales.
When Lin momo tried to drill a wormhole, a fleet first star cruise ship was like two giant anchors connected together, which kept spinning.
The giant anchor ship was followed by fifteen star cruise ships and forty battleships, all of which were painted with leading sasha and sounded the alarm at the first time.
"This is?" Lin momo narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen. This sudden fleet is unusual. At the very least, its fighting capacity is several times stronger than that of the star pirate fleet. When it is in action, it gives a faint iron momentum that people can’t be underestimated.
"I know this is Long Jianying’s fleet. How did he know about our base?" Two take charge of trying to show themselves in front of momo Lin as pug this line let three take charge of disdain.
"Sasha asked the other party’s intention to immediately call the crew back to the ship to prepare for the war." What does it mean that Lin momo has poor eyes and Long Jianying appears at this time? Did you know that Ye Shaoyan was imprisoned so soon? I don’t believe it.
After about five or six minutes, Long Jianying’s fleet approached Tianma base, but they were very disciplined and didn’t get very close.
"Ha, ha, ha, captain Harlem, thank you for saving your little sister. I didn’t expect your fleet to find the star thief’s lair in such a short time and do what the old man wanted to do." Long Jianying’s figure appeared on the screen, which made him young and his figure was quite burly.
Lin momo was slightly stunned when he realized that the other party had the ability to change the source of form, because when he saw Long Jianying, he didn’t find that he had the ability to make the trace of medicine judge that this incredible change originated from the source.
"General Dragon, it’s really hard for your cousin to find a star thief and my mouth shut. Since your fleet can find this place, most of them have positioning means, right?" Lin momo looked at each other unblinkingly according to the current situation. Long Jianying seems to have drawn up a plan to eliminate star pirates. Captain Ye may be the bait, but the Tenchu fleet is just an accident.
"Well, Captain Lin guessed that my cousin did have a distress device. Your fleet suddenly appeared, which made me almost fail in layout. Fortunately, the Tianzhu fleet had previously appeared in Caesar’s kingdom. We should let your fleet come to Marcuse first to see what was going on. Captain Lin is really a hero, so I took this place before I got here." Long Jianying was tepid and explained that he did not forget to hold Lin momo in the end to tell the truth that he was afraid of the strength of the Tianzhu fleet.
"So that’s it. So our fleet made a vanguard. Fortunately, it didn’t become cannon fodder. Since General Long has a way to locate your sister, you might as well find her out. The captain needs light scales." Lin momo’s tone in his words is that he accused Long Jianying of not using the Tianzhu fleet as a gun, but he didn’t care if he got light scales.
"It’s better to save people before consulting." Long Jianying’s voice just fell and a spaceship landed in the mountains more than 2,000 kilometers away from Tianma base, and Zeus immediately rushed to cooperate with the action.
Say it’s a coordinated action, but it’s actually monitoring Lin momo. Don’t allow this juncture to appear. The flower firefly girl has also been sent to keep an eye on each other in the past.
Not long ago, a huge hidden warehouse was found out. This is the location of the star thief Tibetan. Fortunately, it is far enough away from the dungeon, otherwise it will be hit by the war.
More than 30 main characters were rescued, and the Phantom of the Opera immediately rushed over to the city to leave a boat to look after the Fluoron. If Long Jianying dares to attack, it will be a deadly battle.
Long Jianying inwardly sighed, "This Lin momo doesn’t simply do things in a watertight way, and his cousin Silver Scorpion Star Cruises will touch a larger foe even if he wants to seize this star pirate stronghold, and the fighting capacity of the Tenchu fleet is too strong, especially the Phantom of the Opera doesn’t know that if the strength develops to this day, the news comes from the third galaxy, and it seems that the Phantom of the Opera is a C-class Star Cruises, but it is really strange to see a lot of question marks through database analysis."
Lin momo came out to welcome Ye Shaoyan to the Phantom of the Opera, even if Long Jianying wanted to oppose it, it was too late. The ship that sent people to search for people was not an opponent.
"Dragon General, welcome to our fleet stronghold. The Star Pirates are no longer renamed Tianma Base as Tenchu Base from today. I hope you can take a seat on Phantom of the Opera." Momo Lin sent a message that from this moment on, Tenchu Fleet officially took over Tianma Base because he has this qualification.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun Chapter 543 Recovery
Phantom of the Opera’s reception room is full of guests, including the female captain of Ye’s family and the master. Lin momo, the general of Dalong, leaned slightly to sit in the main seat and then there will be a negotiation.
"Captain Lin told aunt what your moon star is?" Ye Shaoyan narrowed her eyes and chuckled as if she saw a funny thing.
"Aunt? Moon star calls you aunt? " Lin momo is a little dizzy. The female captain of Ye Jia is too young to look like a girl. She thought she was not a master near the peak. I don’t know what it means to suddenly arrive at the moon star.
"Hey hey, I’m aunt Moon Star, although I’ve met her once, but I’m also a relative. In the last six months, the name of Captain Lin and her family is like thunder. Ye Junao vowed to destroy the Phantom of the Opera, but judging from the speed at which your fleet defeated the star pirates, I’m afraid Xiao Ao will suffer again in recent years. It’s not enough for someone to come out and wake up one day, and it’s not enough for a hero to think about the family’s family." Ye Shaoyan’s tone gradually increased, but her beautiful eyes always looked at Lin momo with a smile.
"Captain Ye’s sense of honor in the past, I Ye Junao’s first world war had to be a moon star, and I was also a teacher and a friend. From the perspective, I should rescue these past events and put them aside for the time being. It is really a light scale for us to come here and ask my aunt to help." Lin momo looked at Ye Shaoyan with a sincere tone
"Light scales?" Ye Shaoyan looked puzzled at Long Jianying as if she didn’t have much impression on this matter.
"Cousin, you won’t lose that thing from your third child, will you?" Long Jianying opened his mouth and woke up. He had a headache for this little cousin.
"Oh come to think of it! Is that thing valuable? I seem to ask me to look for it. "Ye Shaoyan’s hand suddenly propped up a big screen to search in front of everyone.
Lin momo was nervous, although it was not white where Ye Shaoyan hid the equipment and was not found by the star thief, but at this moment, her heart was in her throat and she could not consider these little things.
"Hee hee found the original here" Ye Shaoyan suddenly pointed to the reception room desktop to see the green light flashing more than a jade box.
"It’s a light scale that’s right." The sinking blade secretly sends out a feeling of thinking and scans it to give an accurate answer immediately.
"Aunt Ye, this is exactly what I am looking for. It is very important for me. If you have any requirements, just say it. My fleet will do its best to help you complete it." Lin momo has a jade box on the desktop in his eyes, no matter whether he is a hundred-year-old grandmother sitting opposite or a beautiful girl in the flower season.
"Ha ha since you call me a leaf home aunt so everyone is a family thing for you! You don’t have to be an outsider, but I have a small request. Let Ye Jun ‘ao go easy on you every time you meet him. Although Ye Jia is unpopular, he is still Ye Jia. Without Ye Jia, how can I be today? As aunt pull a little proud but Ye Junao if you don’t know the depth to continue to make moves to Captain Lin, then I "Ye Shaoyan said this with tolerance, and the light scale is equal to giving it to Lin momo. Putting Ye Junao on the horse is a request to sell or not, depending on Lin momo’s mind.
Even if Long Jianying is getting stronger and stronger, Ye Shaoyan is just a poor female captain of Ye’s family. She is not qualified to ask Lin Sisuo to do things, and in the final analysis, it is the first time for the Tientsin fleet to kill the star pirates and let Ye Shaoyan be free. This is equal to saving lives.
Ye Shaoyan has worked hard for many years and knows that hard fists are the truth. Since people are willing to sit down and discuss, it is not good for her to go too far.
"Good captain guarantees that if Ye Junao attacks the Tenchu fleet, I will handle it as appropriate before I leave the battlefield, and let him know that Ye’s aunt helped him once." Lin momo’s life has always been a grudge. Since I promised Ye Shaoyan today, I will certainly do it in the future.
"Good men talk about things first. My friend and I will stay here for two to three months. Captain Lin won’t be bothered by others, will you? Anyway, we are also relatives. "Ye Shaoyan tugged at her skirts and smoothed the pleated clothes. After that, she left the reception room with a group of hands to see her. She meant to make friends with the team of the Tenchu.
"It’s good to leave. This little cousin is active by nature. She must have gone to find her star cruise ship. Captain Lin, should you and I talk about the ownership of the Star Pirate Base?" Long Jianying turned the conversation and put the purpose of this trip on the table.
"Dragon General, I’m going to run those star pirates here enough to form a fleet, so I don’t want to cede the base." Lin momo turned cold and attacked the star pirates base Long Jianying without any benefits at this time. Isn’t it a villain?

Just thinking about it, the light blue mask suddenly fluctuated, and a voice full of surprises spread to come out. "Sister, you have finally come! I thought I’d never see you again … Where’s the patriarch? "

This voice, which is like a falling jade plate, is very familiar to Leng Yubing. Although it is somewhat distorted because the mask is separated, she is still sure that it must be gentle and soft behind the mask.
"Rou Er, how are you?" Leng Yubing asked, "The patriarch is behind that peach grove and is healing Miss Wei ‘er."
The light blue mask fluctuated again, revealing an arch of Zhang Xu’s height. Wen Yurou ran out quickly and asked eagerly, "Is Miss Wei seriously injured?" If there is no girl Wei Er these days, maybe I will never see my sister again … "
Wen Yurou’s face was pale and her footsteps were vain. At first glance, she knew that she had suffered internal injuries, and she has not healed yet. Her long white dress was covered with mottled black blood on the left and right. Moreover, Wen Yurou has always been strong, but now she has said the same thing twice in succession, which shows how critical the situation in the valley is these days.
"I still don’t know how the girl’s injury is, but judging from the fact that the patriarch immediately healed her in situ, it is estimated that the injury is extremely serious … but judging from the reaction of the patriarch, the girl’s life should be safe, otherwise, the patriarch will never let those monsters leave." Leng Yubing took Wen Yurou’s arm pityingly, looked at it for a moment, and then said, "The patriarch met a strange fate some time ago and made great progress. It’s beyond our sisters’ reach. With the patriarch here, those monsters will be beaten out of the water if they come again!" He comforted Wen Yurou a few words, gave a gift to an old man standing next to the arch, and said, "Hello, senior."
Looking into the mask through the arch, Leng Yubing couldn’t help but look big.
Fiona Fang, which has been shrouded in a mask for more than ten miles, is only a mess. Buildings or majestic or magnificent pavilions are crumbling, or have collapsed. Only three or four buildings are intact. The big pits and small pits that have been blasted out by witchcraft and Taoism in the valley are one by one, and there are countless exotic trees that have been broken and damaged. Blood pools, bodies and limbs of people or demons can be seen everywhere … Such a terrible situation can be imagined without asking.
Leng Yubing took a long time to come to her senses, took a deep breath and asked hastily, "Rou Er, are the parents of the patriarch all well?"
"The two bosses are all good! Not even a hair was hurt! " Wen Yurou’s chest was quite stiff, and she was quite proud. "Even if Rou Er is desperate, he must protect the two bosses!" Leng Yubing took a long breath and recited, "That’s good, that’s good, otherwise the patriarch will be mad with grief … Good job, martial sister!" Praise Rou Er, LengYuBing can no longer resist the doubts in the heart, "Rou Er, how can there be so many monsters attacking Master Hammer’s Wankeng Valley? When did it start? How can it be so miserable? "
"It happened at midnight three days ago …" Wen Yurou just said, her eyes suddenly lit up, and she looked behind Lengyubing with joy and said, "Patriarch!" LengYuBing answer back, zhang yu vanity, xin with holding the eu son is standing there quietly.
Xin Tong looked at Wen Yurou, who was pale, and suddenly bowed down and gave a gift. He said, "My father and mother are safe and sound, Rou Er, thank you very much." Obviously heard WenYuRou just said.
Wen Yurou hurriedly returned the gift, but was pulled by Xin. "Rou Er, this is what you deserve!" Stopping Wen Yu’s gentle reply, Xin Tong sincerely said to Leng Yubing, "Europe, thank you, too. Thank you for caring so much about my father and mother. Thank you for knowing me so well … OK, let’s not talk about it. Let’s go inside. Rou Er, you go on to say, what the hell is going on? "
"This must be Xin Zongzhu." Without isothermal Yu Rou opening his mouth, the old man who had been standing by the arch saw Xin Tong’s appearance, so he quickly came on foot, bowed to Xin Tong’s saddle and said, "Fei Lianpo, the manager of Wankeng Valley, thanked Xin Zongzhu for his help on behalf of Master Hammer, the owner of our valley! If it weren’t for Xin Zongzhu’s timely arrival, our valley would be in danger this time, even if it could … "
"Don’t mention it, Fei’s predecessors. This is what it should be." Xin Tong saluted Wei Er, who was still in a coma, and interrupted the old man’s words, saying, "Now is not the time to be polite. Manager Fei had better tell us how all this happened."
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The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The ninth volume Wankeng Valley Chapter IV Secret Symptom (below)
The old man was embarrassed to tunnel: "People are old, and they always talk a little wordy …" With a long sigh, he said: "It’s a long story, starting hundreds of years ago …" Fei Lianpo suddenly changed his face here, and the arch on the blue mask suddenly disappeared. Then he bypassed Xintong and stepped over ten feet, rapping out: "That Taoist friend!
"I don’t have such a monster pet with incomparable power!" Laughing with Yu Ying and Jing Guan, who flew silently and quickly, he said, "These two demon pets belong to my master!" Fei Lianpo was stunned, but his face and voice did not ease at all. He still asked sharply, "Who is your master?"
Without waiting for Jing Guan’s reply, Yu Ying suddenly screamed, her wings parted, her left wing swept Jing Guan, and her right wing was taken as a pledge towards Fei Lianpo.
"Bang bang" two flips, caught off guard by the palm of your hand to connect the jade eagle with iron wings, and the static officer flew out like a gyro, holding himself steady thirty feet away; Fei Lianpo, who was also hard-connected by palm force, was deeply immersed in the ground by the wings of the jade eagle, and the soil did not reach the waist.
Xin Tong smiled bitterly. He knows why the Jade Eagle suddenly outbursts. How can Jing Guan’s "monster pet" and Fei Lianpo’s "monster" with strong hostility be tolerated by the Jade Eagle who is arrogant by nature?
Reaching out to pull out Fei Lianpo, who was blue in the face, Xin Tong said to Jing Guan, "Senior Jade Eagle is a mentor and friend of his teacher, and he has always respected him for his teacher …" His voice suddenly turned sharply and he shouted, "If you dare to talk insolently again. I will immediately take you out of the door for the teacher! "
Fei Lianpo knew that Xin Tong’s words were actually meant for himself, sighing unlucky. It seems that this wing was won in vain. "Xin Zongzhu, the old man has something to ask." Fei Lianpo didn’t bother about being photographed by the jade eagle in the ground. Su Rong sent a message to Xin Tong, "Xin Zongzhu wants to bring the jade eagle and the python together?"
"Exactly." Xin Tongling silently transformed and wrapped around her waist. He recalled, "Listen to what the manager Fei said, but what’s wrong?"
Fei Lianpo nodded. The preacher said, "The reason why our valley has become like this is directly related to a monster! Moreover, it’s not just a monster in general … "Here, Fei Lianpo suddenly stopped preaching, thoughtfully for a long time and then continued:" Xin Zongzhu is not an outsider, old man has no scruples, just tell the truth … This valley seals the blazing demon king, one of the three lich kings! This time, the group of demons attacked the valley to save the blazing demon king! "
Wankeng Valley actually seals the blazing demon king, one of the three demon kings!
Xin Tong was stunned for a moment by the news. As far as he knows. There has been no news of the three demon kings in the spiritual world for a long time. I didn’t expect that one was sealed in the valley of ten thousand pits! He has never heard of the evil relationship between Master Hammer and any demon king, but the fact is completely contrary to what he knows. The friendship between Master Hammer and the demon king is not a general evil.
Only in the legend, the way of the three lich kings is not inferior to the top 15 experts in the spiritual world, even better than half of them … Isn’t this rumor false? If it is true. Master Hammer, who can only be ranked in the middle of the four monks, the five magic kings and the six scattered immortals, why should he seal the blazing demon king who has the strength to look at one another among the three demon kings?
Xin Tong asked politely, "When and how did Master Hammer seal the blazing demon king? There has been no news about this in the spiritual circle. How can so many monsters suddenly come to rescue the blazing demon king? "
"That was more than three hundred and eighty years ago. Our valley owner returned from a cloud tour, accompanied by misty rain Jiangnan fairies. Soon after, Chitian Yaojun also came to our valley, and stayed in our valley with Yanyu Jiangnan Fairy for nearly four years. For more than three years. The three of them have been getting along very well, but one day they suddenly turned over for some reason. On the day, the demon king had a fierce quarrel with the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. On the day, the demon king swallowed their anger and left, but that night he stole into our valley and went crazy and slaughtered all the people in the valley … "
Fei Lian’s face turned pale on the slope, his eyes were filled with profound hatred, and there was more fear that could not be concealed. He stopped for a long time and continued to preach. "It’s just a moment. Nine disciples and twenty-seven servants of Lord Gu. All his hands were killed … The old man was badly wounded as soon as he met him, but for the timely arrival of the Valley Master and the misty rain Jiangnan fairy. Old age will never be spared. "
"On the day the demon king saw the Valley Master and the misty rain fairy in the south of the Yangtze River. He sharply denounced the Valley Master as a villain who made mischief in her love, and then threw herself at the Valley Master. When the Valley Master saw that all his disciples and servants were dead, he hated and was angry, and immediately returned the favor. "
"Misty rain Jiangnan fairy didn’t make moves at first, just stood there watching. The blazing demon king fought against the Valley Master for a long time, but he lost his mind and cursed the misty rain Jiangnan fairy for splashing, being as blind as a bat, and being inconsiderate … Finally, he angered the misty rain Jiangnan fairy and joined forces with the Valley Master to seal the blazing demon king after being wounded … Up to now, it has been nearly 400 years … "Fei Lianpo sighed and added," This matter is absolutely secret, and I beg the old man Xin Zongzhu not to do it again. Xin Tong promised at once, and assured Fei Lianpo that he would never tell the second person about it again.
When I first heard this secret, I was shocked by Xin Tong’s heart, but I couldn’t help guessing the relationship between the two men and a demon. It seems that there is a romantic story between Master Hammer, Misty Fairy and Chitian Demon King … Mm-hmm, it should be like this. Chitian Demon King likes Misty Fairy, and Master Hammer seems to like Misty Fairy a little … Hey, love triangle … Uh-huh, no matter which place she likes, that guy Chitian Yaojun is unlucky enough to be sealed by his right person and rival in love for 400 years …
He was imagining things here, and Fei Lianpo heard his thoughts again. "Before the old man told Xin Zongzhu about it, the only people in the world knew about it were Gu Zhu, the old man, the fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River and the sealed blazing demon king. The old man himself never figured it out. How did the monsters who came to rescue the blazing demon king know about it?"
"There are several possibilities." Xin Tongli thoughtfully and said, "Well. Let’s not talk about this. How did Manager Fei determine that those monsters came to the land of blazing demons? "
"Six monsters and four monsters in our valley are famous in the demon family, and they are notoriously bitter rivals in the demon family. Maybe others don’t know the real relationship between these two big monsters, but the old man knows very well that these ten monsters. Are the diehard loyalty of the blazing demon king! In addition to the blazing demon king, the other two demon kings can never make them attack at the same time! "
Xin Tong had a whim. "Is it because the demon king told the land?" he asked.
"This is impossible!" Fei Lianpo immediately shook his head. "The Valley Master and the Fairy in the misty rain south of the Yangtze River are both top experts in the world. Is it so easy to break the earth seal jointly imposed by the two immortals?"
"This possibility is not completely absent!" A kind of inexplicable feeling makes Xin Tong more and more determined about his whimsy. "Master Hammer and misty rain fairy teamed up to suppress the demon king in Wankeng Valley, which is not a glorious thing for the two earthly immortals who are top experts in the spiritual world. What’s more, there are some subtle things that can’t be humane to the outside world … Well, that, subtly that … I think neither Master Hammer nor Misty Fairy will talk about this matter to people, and Manager Fei has not made any sense about it … Uh-huh, the younger generation believes that it is not the news leaked by Manager Fei! Then, this matter is only known to the four of you in the whole world. If Master Hammer, Misty Rain Fairy and Manager Fei didn’t say anything, who else could it be if it wasn’t the demon king? "
Xin Tong thought for a moment, then said, "Could it be like this? Master Hammer and Misty Rain Fairy’s Taoism are somewhat similar, so there is a gap in the seal jointly imposed by them, and Chitian Yaojun finally shakes it with hundreds of years’ efforts. So I sent a message for help? "
Fei Lianpo’s face flashed a trace of unhappiness, palpitation for a long time, but in the end it was still shaking his head, even impossible!
"Since the manager thinks it is impossible, let’s not talk about it." Xin Tong felt that this was not the time to dwell too much on the possibility, so he changed the subject and asked, "Manager Fei had previously meant it, but he was worried that the elder Jade Eagle and the ghost python were also here to rescue the blazing demon king?" Fei Lianpo nodded and said, "The old man does have this concern …"
With a wave of his hand, Xin Tong said in an extremely firm tone, "Manager Fei doesn’t have to worry about this. Senior Jade Eagle and Ghost Python are loyal to me. There will never be any problems. For this, I can guarantee it with my head and reputation! " See Ai Ai in Feilianpo Period. As if he didn’t believe me, Xin Tong was greatly upset, and his face changed. He said coldly, "If Manager Fei thinks that I’m not worthy of trust, then I’ll leave immediately after picking up my parents!"
What he said was a bit heavy, and Fei Lianpo’s face changed, and then he smiled apologetically: "Where did Xin Zongzhu say this? Worthless old man never believes … "
Wei Er fought against six monsters in the demon alone, so that the oil ran out and the lamp withered, and she was seriously injured. For some reason, no one in Wankeng Valley came out to help her. Xin Tong was extremely unhappy. He just saw the horror inside the mask, and estimated that Wankeng Valley might be understaffed. Then he thought of Master Hammer and Yun Xiaobai’s friendship for himself, and he could not bear it. At this time, Fei Lianpo suspected Yu Ying and came silently, but he became more and more angry. Now he is no longer polite and said:
Fei Lianpo is a sophisticated man, so it is natural to see that Xin Tongdong is really angry. At this moment, Xin Tongdong is absolutely not to offend this force! Bowing down to Xin Tong, Fei Lianpo sincerely said, "Don’t be angry with Xin Zongzhu, it’s old-fashioned. The valley owner is not in the valley, and such a thing happened in our valley. The little valley owner was seriously injured because of this, and the old man was really out of his mind. Alas, this is once bitten, twice shy … "
"Hammer master is not in the valley? Yun Xiaobai was seriously injured? " Xin Tong was shocked once again. No wonder Wankeng Valley was so miserable under the siege of the demons. It is no wonder that Wei Er was too tired to run out of oil but no one helped her.
"The Valley Master went back to the Valley not long ago, but only stayed in the Valley for two days and then set off for Mobei. It is said that an ancient abode of fairies and immortals, which rose to Jin Xian in ancient times, showed its trace in Mobei, which seemed to be open. At midnight on the ninth day after the Valley Master left, the Four Demons of Ailao and the Six Monsters of the Demons each led hundreds of monsters to invade the Valley. "
Fei Lianpo motioned for Xin Tong to walk and talk, and continued, "These monsters are divided into three groups. Six monsters lead one group to rescue the 367 monsters in our valley that suppressed the seal, while the four demons mourn for the other group to seal the place where the blazing demon king is, in an attempt to break …..! Now that I think about it, it is really possible that our valley sealed the blazing demon king, and it was revealed by the blazing demon king with supreme magic! Because the Ailao Four Demons led all the monsters without the slightest delay, they went straight to the seal place after entering the valley … Uh-huh, it seems that it is not quite right. If we judge by this alone, it is a little too sensitive … "
Xin Tong coughed and said, "Manager Fei, what happened to the four demons and other demon families when they arrived at the place where the blazing demon king was sealed?"
"Far away, far away." Fei Lianpo smiled shyly and said, "The demons are powerful. At this moment, the old man can only abandon his car and protect his handsome! Fortunately, this Wan Li Yun He Bisha Cage, which was personally refined by the Valley Master, is really strong enough. After the old man started, he cried and separated the six monsters in the demon and the four monsters in the mourning prison … Alas, people have to refuse to accept the old age. When this person is old, his brain will be confused, and he will answer irrelevant questions. Xin Zongzhu is not strange. "
Xin Tong smiled wryly again and said, "Six monsters in the demon are still attacking the mask with their troops. So, it seems that the blazing demon king has not been rescued, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "

"I’ve heard for a long time that hidden weapons of Tangmen claims to be the first old man in the world. Let’s get a vestige!" Khalifa Luna put her hands on the armrest of the wheelchair with a sneer at her mouth.

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh …" Tang Zhiqiu suddenly jumped from his horse and shot twelve short arrows faster than in an instant!
Khalifa Luna fired thirteen migratory locust stones from the two handrails of the wheelchair according to the motive, and twelve of them accurately hit the twelve short arrows of Tang Zhiqiu, shaking them off!
Tang Zhiqiu’s figure had just fallen to the ground when he suddenly heard a whine from the steed. It turned out that the 13th migratory locust stone in Khalifa Luna had shot through the horse’s head, and the steed was killed immediately!
Tang Zhiqiu’s wrist shook, and two silver lights bloomed and flew out to the wheelchair Khalifa Luna!
After this light shoots, it rapidly increases ten times, twenty times and thirty times … It is the ultimate hidden weapons of Tang Zhiqiu-the dart of mother leaving the soul!
In the face of such a powerful enemy, Tang Zhiqiu knew that his other hidden weapons must be useless. Just now, he directly went out of the mother’s soul dart!
Khalifa Luna’s face changed, and an iron gallbladder shot out of the wheelchair to meet the dart in front!
Bang! The iron dart bounced back when it hit, and the light it gave back suddenly disappeared!
However, the female dart is ten times more powerful than the dart, emitting more brilliant and dazzling light, knocking the dart out and continuing to attack Khalifa Luna!
Khalifa Luna once again shot out the second iron bravery according to the motive and hit the female dart!
The female dart slowed down slightly and then continued to fly, but the third iron gallbladder hit again!
The female dart paused a little-it was still flying forward. The fourth iron gallbladder ejected the female dart from the wheelchair and collided!
The flying potential of the female dart finally failed and it was about to fall to the ground!
But the fifth iron bravery has already flown back to Tang Zhiqiu’s chest with the "bang" of a mother’s soul dart!
Tang Zhiqiu has been exhausted since he issued the mother dart. He can’t hide from this mother dart!
However, at this moment, a gas-forming crack suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zhiqiu, which was the magic-time crack when the two-seat cardinal Antonio controlled it!
After Antonio sent Ling Feiyang to the battlefield, the rift continued to note the situation. Seeing that Tang Zhiqiu was about to die, Antonio immediately targeted and created another rift in front of Tang Zhiqiu!
Antonio deserves to be the greatest magician in Europe. He can use magic to rescue Tang Zhiqiu ten miles away! When the female dart was shot, the crack was immediately sent to another one, and the light suddenly disappeared!
However, in the house ten miles away, Antonio fell to the ground clutching his chest in pain!
Antonio didn’t expect the mother dart to carry a huge energy field!
The root of this energy field is not from Tang Zhiqiu, but from Khalifa Luna, who teaches the Buddha!
Khalifa Luna is the most powerful magician in Persia, although he doesn’t know martial arts. His energy field intensity has already surpassed Antonio’s!
After Ling Feiyang’s game, Khalifa Luna still felt that his 90% chance of winning was due to his full confidence in his own strength!
Khalifa Luna’s initiative also stems from this confidence!
He has the confidence to destroy all the remaining Song masters on the battlefield by himself!
This almost horrible energy field is Khalifa Luna’s winning chip!
The mother’s soul dart completely destroyed Antonio’s energy field. Antonio was not only seriously injured, but also became an ordinary person who could not magic like Gonzalez and other three archbishops. It happened ten miles away, but Ling Feiyang and others didn’t know it!
"Someone must help them in the dark! But this person who helped them must have become a cripple … "Khalifa Luna said to Tang Zhiqiu in her heart," Even if you were lucky enough to pick up a life, we won this move! "
Tang Zhiqiu’s heart was so tired that he dragged his tired body out of the court. Khalifa Luna spoke Persian in his mouth and then drove the wheelchair to move to the left.
After this step, Khalifa Luna has been adjacent to Bingxin, and one goal of Khalifa Luna is obviously to kill Bingxin, the "queen" of the Song Dynasty! to be continued
Chapter 471 Ling Feiyang VS Buddha
In the late battle of "Killing Chess Array", Khalifa Luna, the Persian king, personally attacked and displayed the extremely terrible energy field, which not only defeated the "mother’s soul dart" of hidden weapons, a revered Tang family, but also destroyed the energy field of Antonio, the first magician in Europe.
Khalifa Luna has approached Bingxin, but Ling Feiyang certainly can’t put Bingxin in danger and immediately shouted, "Last four into four!" "
Ling Feiyang’s move is to get Bing Xin out of Khalifa Luna’s attack range, but Bing Xin cried, "Do you not believe me so much, Feiyang?" Don’t you make me a deserter by playing chess like this? "
"Since I am the chess director, you must listen to me!" Ling Feiyang cried
Bing Xin knew that Ling Feiyang had a good heart, so he cast his flying figure and floated out into the distance!
Khalifa Lunafa attacked Bingxin and immediately drove the wheelchair to move forward, trying to attack Ouyang Ke!
"Wang Siping San!" Ling Feiyang immediately called Ouyang Ke to listen to Ling Feiyang and immediately moved to the side to hide the attack range of Khalifa Luna.
"Brother Yi asked me to meet this Buddha!" In this chess game, Yang Miaozhen, the "right horse" of Song Kingdom, has never had a chance to play chess. At this moment, he saw Khalifa Luna gradually approaching himself and immediately shouted to Ling Feiyang.
"Listen to my command and don’t act without authorization!" Ling Feiyang to Yang Miaozhen call way
Khalifa Luna rushed to the front line in order to crush the remaining masters of the Song State one by one. However, Ling Feiyang had guessed that he intended to let Bing Xin, Ouyang Ke and Yang Miaozhen avoid their sharp edges.
Because Khalifa Luna is a "king", she has to turn her wheelchair around and call out to Ling Feiyang, "Are you Song people all cowards?" Always hiding from this game of chess? "
"Avoidance is not also a tactic of" Chastelain "? I let them hide from you because your opponent is me! " Ling Feiyang said bluntly

Said the hammer said to Samuel, "help me deal with the first few big guys, make a pair of sunglasses for each of them and feed themselves!" In how to communicate with them, you come to find a way to Miao Comrade. "

"Who’s in charge while I’m away?" asked Song Hammer and Bao Xiao.
Hammer looked up and took a strange look at the hammer. "You come with me …"
After Bao cried enough, he became interested in the ham sausage next to him, which was both curious and hostile.
"Look at your sister." Sausage reached out and pushed a pack of head "silly girl"
Bao’s eyes suddenly widened "Cat!"
Ham sausage put your finger on your lips "shh!"
"ah!" When Bao heard it, she screamed and swooped together with the sausage, muttering that she couldn’t hear clearly and muttering that she began to cry again with all her grievances. "I hate you … you throw me … throw me …"
"There was a little accident." The ham sausage was surprisingly gentle when wrapping the bag. "Aren’t we back?"
"Well …" Bao cling to hold the sausage hand "don’t go … don’t go …"
At the same time, hammer has been brought to the mayor’s office. The building is still the same, and there is no change at all. There is a light on the second floor, which used to be the hammer office.
"That building?"
Hammer, Hammer, arranged a suit "I’ll prepare something for you".
Ding hammer pinched a hammer’s ass egg as before, and then smiled and said, "Don’t be so bitter."
This can make Hammer cry and turn to eat. Hammer looks at her back and sighs, then pushes the door and goes in.
As soon as I pushed the door, there was a faint scent of grass in the vase with an orchid table, a white tablecloth and a dog …
As soon as I was familiar with the call, the chest of the hammer warmed up. Although I knew who it was at the moment I entered the door, hearing the sound again made him feel mixed.
And just as he was about to agree to go upstairs, the lazy dog lying on the sofa suddenly got up, took a look at the hammer, and then dallied away.
"Mama ah … will be the wrong meaning …" Dinghammer suddenly felt embarrassed. It turned out that the building owner called the dog, but even so, he still walked down the stairs.
The office door was slightly open with light green light, which seemed very soft. The hammer went to the door and gently pushed the door and looked at the familiar figure. He smiled gently, but before he turned his back on others, he had already said, "Two years. Oh, you owe me the best time for two years."
"Give it back to you" Dinghammer sighed. "I didn’t expect it to be you."
"Yeah, who else can I be?" Holding the dog leaf, I turned around and looked at the hammer and smiled. "I can always feel the fluctuation of your life, but I can wait for you if it is the legal location."
Ye’s expression became a little angry. "You kept me waiting for two years!"
Then she put the dog on the ground and reached for a designated hammer "Hammer! Bite him! "
The dog took a cute look at the hammer and then shrank behind the leaf with its tail between its legs. Dare to sneak a look?
"You scared my hammer," Ye said with a smile. "You are a bad person."
Fixed hammer shrugged. "I really walked for two years? But how do I feel that it has only been two days? "
"I don’t know, maybe it’s turbulence when I met you." Ye pursed her mouth. "It’s also a coincidence that you came. Bai Fei got engaged in five days."
Ding hammer zheng brain suddenly messed up again because he remembered that Bai Fei only met him last week, when Bai Fei was still single … And his words clearly revealed his affection and disappointment for Ding hammer, but I didn’t expect that she would be engaged in the blink of an eye …
"going to participate?" Before Ye left, the hammer patted the dust on his body, and his expression was bleak. "I have always been a public servant in your name, but you have always been engaged to the marshal of the second district."
"Isn’t it a shame if I don’t go?"
Ye didn’t speak, but walked to the window with the hammer, pushed the window and pointed it out. The hammer looked in the direction she pointed out and found that the city lights were shining, the tall buildings were lined with roads, and the cars were welcoming and being sent to the airport under construction. This scene was that he didn’t even think about it when he first came. Looking at those dim lights, the hammer felt like a dream.
"You’re a disgrace? Then tell me who else is not ashamed. "Ye smiled." The whole southwest economy, culture, education, industry and entertainment in the seventh district are here. Tell me where it is shameful? You tell me who is qualified to laugh at you. "
Hammer some embarrassed to touch his head "that’s your credit …"
"It’s you," Ye frowned. "I’m helping you carry out your thoughts, that’s all."
Fixed hammer didn’t speak is looking at leaf "Ye Jie …"
Ye reached out his finger and pressed the hammer lips. "Go to sleep and say nothing."
"Yes!" The hammer stood at attention and saluted "See you in heaven!"
"See you in heaven" Ye Chaoding blinked. "Bring me breakfast early!"
"No problem!"
After going out, I watched my city for an hour, and I had mixed feelings. Although it was a little sudden, there were some things … Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, I’ll walk. Nothing.
"By the way, what about Mo Hui and Ge?" The hammer squatted on the railing and asked the hammer around him, "Why didn’t you see it?"
"They? Yesterday, we were invited to participate in an international weapons exhibition. We were invited by three major arsenals. Now we are the fourth largest arsenal in the world, but we haven’t launched new products for a long time, and our share has dropped. "
"Not soon." Ding Hammer stretched himself and turned to look at Hammer. "You are beautiful, alas, much more beautiful than when we first met."
Hammer smiled a little shy. "Life is good …"
"It’s more beautiful to wear a military uniform." Before Dinghammer left, he patted Hammer on the shoulder. "God, we will formally form an army!"
"This is not! The army there … "
Fixed hammer hey hey smile looking at the distance eyes deep.
Chapter 11 Great Changes in Imperial City
Ding hammer dared to make such a strange decision. He didn’t think blindly with his eyes closed. Although he has been away for two years, the urban development is still moving forward at a high speed, which represents one thing, that is, the struggle for convenience in the imperial city has become white-hot
Through some broken information, I know that Bai Fei’s engagement is really a political marriage arbitration, so they draw people from the second district to make forward-looking preparations
Why would Yu Baifei agree to become a political sacrifice? It’s not very strange to know her. Bai Fei is a woman who wants to do great things, which is quite different from the big-chested but ambitious person like Daiye.
According to the data and intelligence, the seventh district has fallen into a downturn cycle due to the double chaos of the outside and the Ministry. The only one that is not affected by this cycle is this forgotten town.
But the more chaotic it is outside, the more prosperous it is here. In the past two years, millions of immigrants have moved into the city, which is just a fixed population, not including the floating population who work here to generate income. By the time the imperial city reacted, the city has become the fifth largest city in the seventh district for more than four months, and it has a miniature and complete industrial body. It is very direct for the city to show its national form and create profits from foreign trade, which is one-third of the total turmoil in the seventh district.
Of course, during this period, it was not that no one came over and wanted to directly submit to the big construction site. However, this clever but ambitious woman was fierce. She actually held on to her one acre and three points. She should pay taxes and contribute talents. No matter how people lobbied, it was of no help.
And all sides agree that the development of this city is due to the fact that if one side touches the interests of the big construction site when wrestling, it may directly push the big construction site to the opponent’s arms. This is not a joke, but the tripartite confrontation can’t say that the four sides are stable or barely strong. After all, there is a super soldier in the north … that is, Roger City, where people call him a great man from heaven, and it is always awesome.
"I don’t know what that guy is doing now." Ding Hammer looked at the night light and said, "This world is changing too fast."

Zhao Jie, on the other hand, walked quietly to Zhonghua Trail after Vivern joined the fray. His pace was slow and long, and the beautiful flower walls on both sides set off his beauty more perfectly. At this moment, both sides were in full swing, and the fighting seemed to have stopped all over the sky. War and ashes stopped in zhaojie, as if he were on a road to heaven. The brilliant light shone on his way forward, so quiet and bright.

In his hand, a flower vine gently winds around the soft slender fingers and rubs his skin like a pet.
This road is less than 100 meters. zhaojie walked for two minutes before reaching the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals. A ghost vine swam like a snake from the next flower wall, and it grew a thick leaf the size of a manhole cover and floated quietly in the middle.
Zhaojie will slowly step on the leaves and the ghost vine will slowly rise until Zhao Jietuo floats to the roof of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
He took a step forward and his body has moved to the top of nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Here, Zhao Jie can clearly see the little girl’s flame, the ghost punch, Jeremy’s cunning knife, Leona’s heavy chop, and Hughes’ axe light, a kind of crazy killing of passers-by
Will look back zhaojie eyes swept to the front of the alien queen.
This monster is 20 meters high, and its body surface is covered with a metal deck the size of a wardrobe. These sharp spikes of armor are shining with cold light, and the toes of each claw of the alien queen are covered with a heavy weapon that looks very sharp, epee, axe, Long Dao, but does it spit out its tongue, and it has a spear head as dense as a mace? This monster’s eyes are more than one person’s height, and each eye surface shines with ferocious light. There are black steel feathers behind it, full of wings, and its wings spread out for 50 meters. The back of the neck is like a chimney, and the exhaust hole is crashing to * * with heavy gas. It can be expected that when fighting, this body is full of killing weapons, and it will never be ordinary white smoke when it is sprayed out.
In zhaojie, I looked at the alien queen, and at the same time, the alien queen looked at zhaojie with fierce little eyes. Although this monster didn’t understand the beauty and ugliness of human beings, its eyes were still fixed on the flower vine wrapped around zhaojie’s finger.
In that humble little vine, in that humble little vine, the alien queen felt the pow that frightened her.
Zhaojie gently caressed the lovely little flower, and his eyes showed a light of spoil as if it were not an ordinary flower but his daughter’s. The little flower was also quite spiritual and rubbed zhaojie’s gentle fingers like a coquetry.
At this time, the fighting between the two sides has ended, and the passers-by have rushed to the side of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals and jumped to the top of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals more than ten meters high.
They first took one look at zhaojie, and almost everyone was attracted by the latter’s rare pure smile. They almost didn’t want to move their eyes. However, after several female crossers screamed, all eyes were focused on the alien queen’s body. Crossers were immediately alarmed by this terrorist fighting machine.
See opposite the alien queen and there is nothing unusual zhaojie instead first said "SIRS just now, although everyone killed those powerful aliens, but those are, after all, only creatures that can fight, and this monster in front of us has no less than the queen of human wisdom. As you can see, this monster is born of killing. I want to say nothing more. If you can’t kill the alien queen, what is our field? So let’s unite and have hatred, revenge after the battle, and resolve the grievances after the battle, but I hope that we can share the difficulties at this moment. "
His words made a group of travelers breathe quickly. These guys gasped for heavy breath and held their weapons and staves in their hands. Even if they just joined the fray, Vivern had to be tight and ready to save at any time.
Zhaojie, with a wave of his hand, howled and rushed out all the melee walkers, including war ghosts and others, and stayed on the roof. The long-distance occupation was to raise the staves and end up with pike to attack first.
Theseus Lan also tried to rush forward, but a ghost vine took his hand with foresight.
Hughes Lan looked puzzled at zhaojie’s mind, but zhaojie said, "It doesn’t matter whether you have such an extra meat shield at this time, but so many melee walkers have almost no treatment career. Now you are talking about a passer who may die. Remember that the longer they delay, the greater our winning rate."
"The longer the delay, the greater the winning rate?"
Theseus haze strange crooked a little thought for a long time but didn’t come up with a why, but zhaojie said yes, how many fifty melee fighters have surrounded the alien queen, and even if he rushed at this time, there was nothing more he could do, so the man obeyed and saw who was attacked by zhaojie and immediately lost a treatment.
This time, it should be said that all the passers-by can experience the most horrible battle. The alien queen waved her limbs, tails and wings, and each of these sharp tools was thrown out before the passer-by came and left many wounds on her body. Those who were light and sprayed blood directly broke their bones, and they were able to attack with limited madness. Even if they hit the place where the alien had no armor, they just cut an inconspicuous wound and the weapon could only leave a few white marks on those armor. These passers-by only consumed less than 200 points of physical strength per attack.
Compared with zhaojie’s squad members, the damage they can do is considerable. Whether it’s the super-MA gun boxing, Jeremy’s throat-cutting+assassin’s track+weeding or Leona Berserker’s skills, they can leave large wounds and blood stains on the alien queen’s body, and the number of blood injuries is nearly a thousand.
While the long-range walkers in nightmare abode of fairies and immortals are not as strong as zhaojie’s squad, but the parts they can attack are different. These guys almost hit all the attacks in the alien queen, and a pair of big eyes make the alien queen have to be careful to avoid the attacks and neglect a lot of melee walkers.
All the passers-by in the whole battlefield are trying their best to make the alien lose some physical strength. Even some priests bombard the alien queen with their immature ranged attacks, but only zhaojie is still in the same place, dribbling and sweeping the alien queen.
"It’s no good. We’ve been fighting for nearly ten minutes, but this monster’s blood stick is almost not reduced. Think of a way." A soldier with an axe in his hand in the besieged crowd roared as he quickly hid from the alien queen and swept his tail
Part of the traveler’s eyes swept to zhaojie only to find that this woman didn’t move at all. If it weren’t for her partner’s hard work, these people almost wanted to give up on themselves in zhaojie.
"Try to climb to its head with the least armor," Leona shouted, noticing that the ranged attacker’s attack on the alien queen seemed to work.
When I heard Leona’s words, Jeremy’s cold face flashed a trace of perseverance and quickly pulled out to hide from the alien queen. He slammed his paws and jumped quickly in the latter’s arm, which was at a 90-degree angle on the ground, and his thick arm quickly ran.
At the same time, war ghosts, Leona, Raphael, Vivern, Keane and others are also sprinting along the huge body of the alien queen, and these figures are quick and agile. When the alien queen has almost no reaction, they have rushed to its shoulders and aimed at the latter’s neck exhibition attack.
"machine gun boxing"
"Cut the grass and get rid of the roots"
"angry ghost chop"
"Dancing wildly"
"five-segment chop"
"cannon curtain"
The fire fist of the war ghost bombarded the black holes in the throat of the alien queen and exploded, immediately blowing out a large blood hole in the throat of the alien queen; Jeremy’s flying knife instantly flew into the neck of the alien queen and flew back again with a large piece of lotus flower and minced meat; Leona’s flame sword rushed straight into the thick skin in front of her, which not only successfully cut out a wound flame more than two meters long, but also spread deep along both ends of the wound. Vivern’s feet firmly clamped the thick skin, and his paws crossed the sky with cold light, and then he cut the skin in pieces; Raphael’s body is like a shining lightsaber in a ghost’s hand, constantly waving his figure and turning it into a residual light, chopping around the thick neck quickly; Keane solemnly raised his right hand and fired several shots into the sky, followed by a wide range of shells, which led to the fall of the alien queen’s head and shoulders and smashed black blood holes everywhere.
The attack of six people caused the alien queen to cry, and her body spun suddenly. At the same time, her paws also looked at her shoulders, trying to smash the six passers-by like flies. Which of these six people is good? Have to hide their claws to attack and seize the surrounding wounds to ensure that they are not thrown out. Instead, they pat themselves on the shoulder and become even more bloody. Suddenly, they screamed even more miserable.
The square passer-by cheered up immediately when the attack worked.
"Don’t hesitate to continue to attack and stall the alien surface for a few people."
Zhaojie roared in the midst of the crowd.
Chapter 17 of the chapter directory should be for pseudo-fields!
Chapter 17 should be to the pseudo-field!
Crosswalkers’ attacks on the alien queen seem to be numerous, but the actual damage they can do is very limited. Even the attacks on the alien queen by Lien Chan and others have not achieved the ideal effect. The six high-end crosswalkers’ attacks add up to only one-twentieth of the alien queen’s physical strength.
Compared with its red and purple blood strips, the root of this physical loss is the feeling of cutting vegetables to your fingers/biting your tongue when eating/choking your throat when drinking water, but the passerby hurts it, which makes it fidgety.
Zhao Jie shouted this because he has been observing the queen. He has seen that the former has been restless, which means that he has been attacking the alien queen to release his skills.
Hearing zhaojie’s words, the travelers who were forced to sign a temporary contract were excited and turned to continue to attack the alien queen’s body
The alien queen wheezed and gasped, and her arms waved quickly to fight ghosts and others, but how can these passers-by be so agile that they can compete with the aliens who flexibly avoid the alien women to exchange attacks, and at the same time, they will once again scream from damage per second to the alien queen.
As the alien queen called zhaojie pupil miniature low drink a way "quick withdrawal".
Is around the alien attack war ghost three people after receiving instructions from zhaojie immediately jumped from the alien queen body at the same time war ghost also shouted "body back".
Raphael and Keane, who also attacked in the face, saw the war ghosts and others leave without thinking and jumped quickly. Only Vivern was still attacking crazily and cursing "What’s the panic?" We … "
As soon as he spoke, he saw the two giant wings behind the alien queen suddenly unfold, and then his body quickly spun up. The wings were more than 50 meters long, like helicopter propellers, bringing up a violent whirlwind wind pressure and abruptly throwing Vivern out. At the same time, the black steel feathers several feet long in the whirlwind were thrown out from the queen’s wings, like a strong crossbow of Daqin all over the sky, and it was overwhelming to all passers-by
"?"See this situation even zhaojie couldn’t help but burst a swearing finger and shot a ghost vine to entangle Vivern’s waist and pull it back. At the same time, several ghost vines were shot from three nightmare fairies, just like the tentacles of poisonous jellyfish, pulling all the passers-by into the nightmare fairies. Even zhaojie and his side Theseus Lan suddenly appeared a hole and slipped them down.
Immediately afterwards, the passers-by heard the crackling and rumbling overhead, and the villa where they were located was also violently shaking, as if an earthquake of magnitude 7/tsunami of magnitude 7/tornado of magnitude 6 were under public pressure.
After three minutes, the room finally stopped shaking. zhaojie flicked his finger at the back door of the villa and hit zhaojie lightly to "continue to attack"
All the travelers looked at each other, but the horse howled again and rushed out of the nightmare abode of fairies and immortals.
Vivern, who was rescued by zhaojie, took a complicated look at zhaojie. When the iron feather came just now, he was able to foresee that he was torn apart by the iron feather. In that case, no matter how strong his resilience is, it is absolutely impossible to have a chance to live. Just when he was going to start the random scroll to try his luck, a ghost vine saved him. He naturally knew who this ghost vine came from.
Zhaojie glanced at Vivern light way "continue to attack".
For the first time, Vivern suddenly had a feeling that he didn’t dare to disobey someone’s orders. He gritted his teeth to expel this feeling and howled and rushed out.
But when he went out, he froze. Not all his travelers froze on the spot.
Because they saw that the overwhelming snakehead had dyed the square dark, the ground was bombed by the explosive force of Kuroha, and even the whole flower diameter behind it was destroyed and the flowers were scattered everywhere.
I can imagine what would happen if this secret attack fell on me.
"Look," a traveler suddenly said, pointing to the alien queen’s body.

Suddenly a broadcast-like word came to my ear, welcoming you to the lost world, which belongs to.

Atlantis, Maya
I can’t help wondering, aren’t these two nations feuding? How did they get together? I’m thinking hard, but it’s wonderful, full of temptation, and I’m looking forward to the beautiful sound, but the rhyme and artistic conception of Shao has been lost for a long time, and my heart can’t help but become uneasy and look forward to it …
Chapter DiErSiSan Trial Tower
Walking slowly along the beat of the music, feeling the cry of ancient but unfamiliar life, wandering in the beautiful song, pursuing the long memory, PaoShu starts …
This is a strange city, hidden in the green world, where many earth genocides have found their home. Samsung Chiyou, deep forest, dwarf crypt, stone forest, giant mountain snowman …
One by one, the human race has disappeared in history, but it appears here. In the hymn of life, it once violently murdered them, and they became quiet. In the strange world, they gained eternal life.
In the distance, a city built with different ideas is slowly walking, feeling different customs. It turns out that this place is actually a museum of genocide of the earth, just like the never-ending "Strange Sound" thousands of years ago, and it seems that all life has the common feature of spiral chromosomes. All life on the earth plays a symphony of destiny together. Humans took over the baton from nature millions of years ago, but found that their command skills were so poor …
Life passes quietly like running water, but the soul is anxiously waiting for the final judgment. This is the original judgment city in the sea …
Breathing silently and feeling …
Every life form is so magical and exquisite; So fragile in the face of norms, but so tenacious.
People have the wisdom to change everything according to their own wishes, but they have not found that they have been lost in the process of change.
Look at these once tried to change all life by one’s own efforts, race, energy and soul forms appear in this trial city, and suddenly understand that human life is a part of nature, and choosing the road of destruction will inevitably destroy itself. Only by tempering the soul from past memories …
I smiled and watched the eternal souls of all races passing by along the ancient stone road engraved with mysterious carvings come to a huge stone tower, which is the highest place in the judgment city-the judgment tower looks up at the top of the tower, and there may be something I need.
In this way, I stepped step by step and came to a tower step with the mysterious melody beat. A huge hammer was unceremoniously waved at my head, and I took a big leap in a hurry to hammer down on a stone slab with a thickness of three meters and issued "Mao!" A loud noise turned out to be a splash of gravel, and the slate was full of flames, and there was a slight crack. PaoShu started.
Keep your eyes open and see which sneak attacker this is. When you see a ten-meter-high head with double horns.
The orcs are staring at me with red eyes.
Not from zheng secretly darling this is not Popeye Niu Mowang? No, he’s supposed to be the oldest tauren in the maze of Misha Island.
Without waiting for me to think about it, it was hit by a hammer again. Looking at such a strong hammer wind with a "whoosh", I didn’t even want to be busy. I jumped sideways for a long time and both fell, which aroused the fighting will of the tauren. It roared a big lift and could be used as a truck tire. Big feet slammed into the ground and suddenly the ground shook and dizzy. leg cramps
I smiled bitterly at this foot, but the standard cosmic wave tauren rushed to me with a tearing roar and a strange cry, and it was just unbearable to my head. A sledgehammer hit me, and I couldn’t help but be stunned because it was "Mao!" A loud noise, but I didn’t hear it, would make a "poof"-he looked at me doubtfully and disappeared, looking around for my body
A moment later, I smiled at him at the platform above his head and waved to him.
"Big guy, I’m here. I’ll see you later."
The tauren looked up and saw me, and seemed to understand me. I laughed and roared, and half crouched down. I was so frightened that I forgot its legs and feet, but it was very energetic. Maybe I jumped off this 20-meter-high platform in one step without saying anything and ran away. As I expected, he landed behind me. "Boom!" A loud noise followed by a hurried chase …
Hiding in a hidden corner, I couldn’t help but wipe my sweat and listen to the footsteps of the tauren when I was far away. I secretly wondered if it was time to try my second set of forms-mecha transformation, otherwise this big guy could really get rid of it. I was thinking of suddenly seeing a huge shadow coming out of my head and the tauren again. I wry smile way
"Big guy, you have worked hard."
He didn’t have the heart to talk to me, so he hit me with a hammer. I’m waiting for something. Keep running. I can’t believe hide-and-seek can’t hide from you
The tauren is chasing after me. I’m using the illusion. I just stopped to catch my breath, but in less than half a minute, he can find himself wondering when this tauren’s nose will become more clever than a dog. He definitely intends not to let me climb this tower. We must find a way. What on earth did he find my hiding place?
I was thinking that the tauren had found me again, and naturally it was an unkind sledgehammer. This time, I ran away and left my mind to find that he didn’t come to me at the moment when I cast the illusion, but looked up at a corner high in the tower. My heart was white. From that position, I could see at a glance that my heart was proud and smiled a few times! I’ll catch you, a guy hiding in the shadows, and take out a "confused" secret passage from the parcel-I can’t tell if it’s not a cover if I run fast.
Suddenly I laughed, and suddenly I felt that my personality had suddenly returned to that distant past. At that time, I didn’t care too much and didn’t expect too much. I was preoccupied with going to the interstellar adventure road. Maybe I have been delayed in this place for a long time, maybe I will delay it, but I know that this is by no means my final dream.
I can’t help but think that the fierce tauren found me again in that "expert advice". Obviously, the patience and good temper of a stranger like me have been greatly challenged. Seeing that he is full of majestic power, he knows that if he doesn’t run, a field will become a meat pie.
But this time, before I ran, I gave him a good gift from Japan, a gift package with unified skills and exquisite standards. I don’t know, "bang", a smoke fan surrounded the surrounding scenery and fell into a confusion …
I smiled at the high place, and the slender figure should be a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old with three black braids behind her, just like the three most beautiful rivers. The girl’s growing mind embraced the past and the present yesterday and looked forward to her wearing a green dress with a light seven-color pattern, as if flowers were blooming in the green world, expressing poetic feelings and jumping and laughing …
In a flash, I slowly almost got drunk, as if I saw her, as if she were a beautiful girl when she was a girl. She was still looking for my figure, and I slowly walked forward and trembled.
"And you are?"
She Zheng turned her head with a strange youth, a strange amorous feelings and a strange beauty, and those hearts smiled
Looking at such a strange and beautiful smile, my heart was secretly disappointed, and my face became dim, which instantly made me inexplicably worried and worried, and I was strangely puzzled.
She spoke to me with strange language and her unique mellow sweet voice, and I wry smile way
"I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying?"
She couldn’t help thinking for a moment and then suddenly asked Tai Lung fluently.
"Who are you? What are you doing in our lost city? And what are you doing in my house? I didn’t invite you "
I’m not a foolish doubt way
"This is your home? Your home is this strange tower? "
She laughed
"Yes, this is my home. Can I ask you something? Why don’t you answer me? "
I wry smile way
"Excuse me, I’m sorry. I’m leaving now. I’m in the wrong place."
He says, he turned and prepared to leave suddenly she angry way
"You can come and go if you want, but it’s not so easy. You can stay for me today."
I was puzzled and turned to see this strange girl who was not yet childlike eating people and looked at me as if I had just broken her favorite baby Barbie doll.
I couldn’t help laughing light way
"I have business to do, so I won’t care about it with you. And is that tauren your partner?"

She was forced to promise me and stayed in the pawnshop since then.

I watched her in the pawnshop. I used to spoil her. She can do whatever she wants.
After all, the pawnshop is her home after she becomes my partner.
My partner can dominate not only the family but also the three worlds.
When I unify the ghost world, she will still be the king of the ghost world
After she was forcibly taken into the pawnshop, I continued to draw dark power from the ugly human nature, and the rest began to absorb the ghost power pawned by her father.
I absorbed her father’s ghost power, but I was the power of the law
I brought her to my bedroom, and I forced her to attack me. With the help of her ghost power, I was activated and absorbed into her father’s ghost power.
She didn’t let me down. She really activated me to absorb her father’s ghost power.
When I finally took all her father’s ghost power for myself, I knew I had the ability to open the tunnel.
At the same time, I also clearly feel that my practice is approaching a critical point.
I need to close my mind and break through that critical point. I am sure that if I break through that critical point, I can open the tunnel to the underworld at any time.
When I finally broke through the critical point, I went to the pawnshop in high spirits and wanted to share the good news with her at the first time.
When I entered the pawnshop, I found that she had fled the pawnshop.
This situation made me fly into a rage. I immediately killed the black man who ate inside and picked outside, and immediately went to destroy the three realms.
I told her that I was going to disturb the Three Realms, which was just a lie. I didn’t think about the Three Realms at that time.
It was she who was tired and ruined her life.
Harvesting my life against the three realms, ghosts and demons, I saw that the skill of the king of the nether world increased greatly in a short time.
The situation of the king of the nether world shows that she has committed herself to him, which makes her even more angry. I let the king of the nether world die and suffer.
After slaying me against people, ghosts and demons, I went back to the pawnshop to bathe and change clothes, and then went to the battlefield to see if she had arrived.
When I saw that she was shedding blood and tears, I couldn’t say how happy I was.
Those who abandon me should suffer.
I was slightly surprised to see those four ghosts. I knew that Lu Xiaoran was still a descendant of the ghost princess and the ghost king.
I have no dark power to deal with her. She has been deeply involved in her emotions.
Looking at her tears of blood, looking at her black hair, all white, looking at her hatred, full of sadness and disheartened, I am more and more happy.
After she promised to be my slave, I came to spare her father, mother and those four ghosts.
However, her father’s own death has always offended me, so I simply killed her father, mother and the four ghosts again.
I didn’t expect that she could finally inspire the ghost of the yin. I always thought that the ghost of the yin was the right thing to say.
Knowing that my death was approaching, I was briefly surprised and frightened.
Having lived for so long, I often feel alive and interesting, and I soon feel relieved.
I’m not afraid of death, but I don’t like it very much. She makes me die without image, and she makes me suffer.
I want to die early. I curse her and watch her attack me again. I’m always free
Wang Hao’s essay
The first chapter Wang Haowen 1
My name is Wang Haowen, and I am the second generation officer.
I can get wind, wind and rain in this place in fz city, but I have never caused any trouble to my parents. I have always been a top student.
In a word, I don’t cheat dad.
Growing up, there were women around me who took the initiative to throw themselves at me, and I disdained those women.
I know that what they are after me is that they have taken a fancy to me, but they are not interested in my family.
In this materialistic society, their reaction is very thick, but I don’t like it.
I was always calm until I met Lv Xiaoran.
Before the freshmen of Liufeng College in fz officially started to report, my family had already completed all the admission procedures.
I have to be able to wander around the campus when such a freshman starts reporting.
I first met Lv Xiaoran when I wandered to the school gate.
She walked alone in the crowd, but I noticed her at a glance
Different from other freshmen who came to the school to report, they all wished they could come to help. Lv Xiaoran had just arrived from a taxi and was walking towards the school gate alone with his suitcase.
Lu Xiaoran came towards me with a shallow smile on her face, but her shallow smile gave me the feeling of rejecting people thousands of miles away.
There is nothing left in her eyes about the excitement of freshmen when they enter school. She seems to feel the noisy environment.
I watched her sign up and then watched her go to the girls’ dormitory as shown.
When she signed up, I knew her name was Lu Xiaoran.
I went to see the placement of freshmen after she entered the girls’ dormitory. I saw that Lv Xiaoran and I were not in the same class.
I found the principal and asked him to transfer me to Lv Xiaoran’s class. I want to know more about Lv Xiaoran.
I thought it was funny that I was so worried for the first time as a woman.
I pay more attention to Lv Xiaoran in military training and class together.
The more I pay attention to Lv Xiaoran, the more I find that I can’t move my eyes.
When she is quiet, her lips always wear that shallow smile.
When she really smiles, the radian of her lips is as perfect as a crescent moon, and there are thousands of Ryukyu in her eyes.
Segmented reading 56
Glass light
The first time I had a crush on a woman, I began to try to get her to notice me, but she seemed to be indifferent to everything.
I tried many ways to make me feel deeply frustrated after she noticed me.
With a little anger in it, I began to adopt the method of frequent love and frequent girlfriend change to attract her attention.
Come to Liufeng College to learn from me, and naturally there is no shortage of girls, which makes my plan be implemented smoothly.
There are also myself and women who once loved me know that I am in love with women, and I have never had sex with those women.
After this situation lasted for two years, I finally realized that I was too naive and stupid, and I realized that what I did really made her pay attention to me, but what I did seemed to push her further
So I broke up with my last girlfriend, Wu Yueer, to re-establish a good image in front of her.