Purple blue star a stay I watched it again suddenly sigh a way

"Alas, poor brother-in-law knows nothing."
Said the turn a way
"Sunset elder sister wind chimes elder sister how do I think this brother-in-law how so stupid? Ignore him after you. "
I heard wind chimes giggling.
"I’m listening to my sister’s husband, but I’m going to divorce you. Do you agree?"
Sunset light say with smile "good! Our sisters divorced him together. "
I looked at the past and saw two beautiful women flash in a hanging rock like fairies in nine days, and the wind blew gently, looking at this world like flowers with their beautiful smiles like dreams.
Chapter DiYiSi Purple blue star
Three beautiful women appeared in front of them, all with faint blue wings behind them, all wearing flashing blue light, exquisite and strange clothes, and a strange five-pointed star-shaped pattern on their forehead, all of which were slightly different, with purple-blue light in the middle and dark blue light in the other.
Sunset and wind chimes exclaimed.
"They are coming again!"
I took out the weapons in the package and looked at their actions. I reacted. These three should be Andromeda. I was busy with the small guru and Xiaoqiang.
"Xiaoqiang, you take good care of her."
Gently put in your arms saussurea involucrata heard Xiaoqiang shouted.
"Little Gollum, I will take good care of Sister Xue, so you can rest assured."
What’s wrong with me when I stay here! But I heard the little guru nu way
"Dead jack Bauer or help you that there is no master! Is he hurt the snow elder sister "
I listened with a wry smile and silently picked up the sword that fell to the ground and came to the sunset glow and wind chimes, but I heard the woman gently say
"We won’t attack you again. The colorful Dragon Ball Saint is gone. It’s nothing for us to stay on this Mars. Second sister will try to save you."
I was surprised to think of what busy way
"Are you the fairy sister of Andromeda purple blue star and purple worry star?"
A surprised all looked at me this female surprised way
"How do you know my name?"
I nodded, thinking of the story of the male wolf tribe lacking a tail and the wolf king at the ice beach. I looked at the sword in my hand and saw the bright diamond crystal, which remembered that a man had never changed his love for a woman for thousands of years, and even thought of saussurea involucrata to save me from being hurt by them.
Suddenly born in the heart of poor hatred is so strong sneer at a way
"How could I not know? If my guess is correct, the two around me are the rainy stars and the soft stars! "
Three Andromeda fairies are a surprised purple and blue star and complete way
"How do you know our names? Are you a magic demon in the 13th Hall of the Dark Lord? We will destroy him together. "
There was a sudden flash of purple light and two blue lights in front of them, and three strange staves appeared in their hands. The staves were like a ring, and there was a flashing five-pointed star-shaped strange gem at the top of the ring, which shone like a ring. The purple and blue stars had purple light in their hands, while the other two were blue light.
I burst out laughing and sneered
"Who do you save? Save your real Andromeda queen, Purple Worry Star, or save your Purple Tianxin Queen? "
The three fairies were even more surprised. When they looked at me, they heard the purple and blue stars complete the way
"None of these four humans and the two dark beasts can stay, and the dark Lord can’t know our whereabouts!"
As she spoke, she saw the five-pointed gem in their hands shining brightly and flashing back and forth in the gem.
I said angrily, "Violet blue star, you don’t even let this sleeping girl go. No wonder you even killed your sister tens of thousands of years ago."
Purple blue star zheng surprised way
"Who the hell are you? If you don’t say anything, I’m going to make the fairy disappear. "
I was talking when I heard the sunset glow nu way
"He is your sister’s husband!"
Violet blue star looked at me a few times in confusion and nodded to the two fairies around me. A trick in his hand and a shiny purple handkerchief are generally magic weapons.
"Previous life predestined relationship this life dream! Wave! "
Seeing that she threw this thing in her hand into the sky, it suddenly turned into a huge purple sky with several flashing purple stars.
I heard Xiaoqiang exclaim as soon as I stayed.
"This damn purple day again! Damn it, fairies, the boss avenges our star! Ah! Little Gollum, we are trapped again. "
When I saw the unavoidable handle, I threw a love sword in the sky and hugged it. In surprise, the wind chimes pulled the sunset glow to my side and looked at the female heart not far behind my eyes. Although there are still many regrets, I should regret it when I die at the moment, but suddenly I think of another person in my mind. I can’t help but smile bitterly.
I forgot everything when the light flashed in front of me.
When I wake up slowly in a blur, there is a light purple in front of me, and there is a beautiful star flashing in the light purple. I whispered
"This is there? How so beautiful? "
I heard a female light say with smile
"Brother-in-law, wake up."
My brother-in-law? Who should I call? I murmured, "Who is your brother-in-law?"
"You! Brother-in-law! "
I was surprised. I sat up and almost bumped into the man’s head in front of me. I was busy looking intently, but I saw a beautiful woman wearing a shining purple dress. I was surprised.
"Purple blue star!"
"Yeah, my brother-in-law is me. I’m Xiaolan."
I zheng suddenly thought of what sneer at a way
"You mistook me for someone else. You are the Andromeda fairy, and I am a human player on earth."
Purple and blue stars stare blankly at her forehead, and the star pattern with purple light reflects her beautiful face, bringing up a mysterious smile and charming way
"Don’t deny it. I’ve seen the marks of your previous lives and their previous lives."
I got up and sneer at a way
"What if I see it? Anyway, I have nothing to say to you. You can destroy me or kill me or destroy my memory. It’s up to you. We have nothing to say."
Purple blue star light say with smile
"Then your brother-in-law doesn’t want to know who the sisters of sunset glow and wind chimes were in their previous lives?"
My heart "bang" was about to ask, but I saw her with a faint purple light and a smile on her face. My face was slightly hot and busy.

"You two have to take a rest after handling things, and you have to hurry on the road." Li Daoling naturally knows that heaven and earth are cruel, and he walks upstairs by himself.

"Well, this is my sister buying you steamed bread and eating it quickly." Zhuo Nongyue called the little beggars at the door to eat.
Shout shout, they all came around tightly around Zhuolong Moon, for fear that a slow person would not have his own share.
Even if they scratch their lichens with dirty little hands, they don’t care. They are still greeting everyone "Don’t worry, don’t worry, everyone will have it."
Seeing this, Muqingfeng felt some regrets that this wonderful moon is really worthy of the title of chess fairy, not only with fairy face but also with fairy heart.
Soon a big basket of steamed bread was taken away, but surprisingly, no one put it in his mouth, although it was obvious that they had been hungry for a long time.
"Why don’t you eat? Eat quickly, or it will get cold. Eating cold steamed bread is bad for your health." Zhuo Nongyue was also confused.
Finally, a little girl was so hungry that she couldn’t help but take a bite and said to a little boy next to her, "Brother smells good. Try it, too! !”
I didn’t expect the little boy next to me to be frightened to disgrace and hit the little girl in the face with a slap. The little girl hasn’t reacted yet. Why does her brother, who always loves her, hit himself?
"You are not bad? ! Who told you to eat? Hurry up and hand over your steamed bread! " After that, the boy is eager to grab it.
"No … I’m not hungry!" The little girl’s cheek was swollen, but her hand still clung to her bite of steamed bread.
Zhuo Nongyue and Mu Qingfeng frowned. Isn’t this brother a bit outrageous? He doesn’t even let go of his sister’s food. Doesn’t he know that he will give it to them if he wants to mouth himself?
Just as Mu Qingfeng was about to speak, a lazy voice sounded from behind the dozen little beggars.
"Hey, I didn’t expect you little losers to have a good harvest. It seems that you guys are late for dinner today."
Mu Qingfeng looked intently at a beggar in rags but with a red face coming unsteadily.
"Yes, I’ll give you some after you finish eating. It seems that you have met a good man."
The big beggar picked up a small beggar’s steamed bread and stuffed it directly into his mouth. It seemed that he was still wanting more.
"It’s just out of the oven. Uncle hasn’t eaten hot these days." As he walked, he watched and found that the little girl’s steamed bread was bitten. The beggar stopped and his face became more and more angry.
"Mao Ge! My sister didn’t understand the fact that she was hungry and couldn’t stand it before she took a bite of my brother and sister. We’ll give you our rations and beg Mao Ge’s adult to spare her a lot. "The little boy quickly handed the rations of himself and his sister to the so-called Mao Ge.
It seems that this is what the shopkeeper calls "beggar bully"
Mao Ge looked at the steamed bread with teeth marks in his hand and flew into a rage. He kicked the little boy out of the distance. Where did the little boy get up to the blow? There was blood flowing from his mouth.
"His mama let old eat your leftovers? ! I think you don’t want to hang out here. Is it fart when I speak Mao Ge? " Mao Ge is obviously still angry and will continue to beat them both.
Zhuo Nongyue couldn’t help but see such a bully. She hasn’t made moves yet. Mu Qingfeng rushed out with a step and kicked Mao Ge in the face. A yellow tooth flew out.
Although Mu Qingfeng’s left hand is inconvenient, it is not something that ordinary people can handle, not to mention that he is still fighting on the battlefield.
"Who dares to hit your grandfather if he is impatient!" Before Mao Ge could react, two chess games came on him, and suddenly there were few teeth left in his mouth.
"Kill you such a scum also too dirty girl’s hand! Get out of here! " Zhuonongyue couldn’t help it.
Mao Ge carefully looked at the two of them. It seems that these two people are the ones who distributed steamed bread.
Because I didn’t pay attention to Mao Ge just now, I was afraid that I was not a master, so I rushed over to Zhuolong Moon and scolded him; "Little Niang Pi dares to scold Grandpa and watch Grandpa take off your clothes and educate you well."
Zhuonongyue has been looking at Mao Ge in a huff for months, and his mouth is full of foul language. His heart is even angrier. A trick of "playing chess" is a direct luck to grab Mao Ge’s hand and throw him to the ground.
Mao Ge, who was smashed, stepped on his back with a beautiful foot when he was seeing stars.
Mao Ge hasn’t come yet, lamenting that the girl’s delicate fragrance feels like a strong attack, and her dirty seems to be squeezed out. Seeing it, she will vent more and get less air.
"If you bully them like this again, be careful that the girl will trample your heart! Did you hear that! " Zhuolong Moon’s full strength made Mao Ge wish he were dead.
Mao Ge knew that he had hit a hard stubble and nodded repeatedly for fear of angering the aunt’s own life.
"And mind your mouth. If I hear your nonsense again, I’ll cut your tongue." Zhuo Nongyue withdrew his strength or Mao Ge would have to be trampled to death.
Mao Ge found himself up and running away quickly.
"Well, you should eat quickly and don’t be with such people," Zhuo said to the remaining beggars.
Seeing the fairy, my sister helped me beat the bully away, and the little beggars quickly stuffed steamed buns into their mouths.
The little girl helped her brother up and thanked Zhuo Nongyue for saying, "Thank you, big brother and big sister. I wish you good people a long life and a big fat baby."
The little girl’s mouth is full of blushes. She wants to explain something and doesn’t know how to say it.
After handling the matter, Mu Qingfeng told the master Li Daoling that Li Daoling did not praise Mu Qingfeng, but his face was heavy.
"What’s wrong with Master?" Muqingfeng asked doubtfully
"Silly boy, this is the world, not as simple as you think. I hope the teacher thinks too much about distributing food to the children, but I’m afraid it will be …" said Li Daoling.
Mu Qingfeng felt vaguely uneasy after hearing Li Daoling’s words.
Early the next morning, when they were about to go out, they found the little boy beggar lying at the door black and blue yesterday.
"Little brother, what’s wrong with you?" After discovering this situation, Zhuo Nongyue ignored the little boy’s body and quickly picked him up.
The little boy tried to open his eyes and found that Zhuolong Moon was suddenly gnashing his teeth and a cold light ran towards Zhuolong Moon’s chest.
"crescent moon, be careful!" Muqingfeng found bad shouted
Even if Zhuo’s moon fighting skill is high and he is unguarded in such a recent situation, he has not escaped this knife after all, and suddenly he is bleeding profusely.
"crescent moon!" Mu Qingfeng was shocked! !
Muqingfeng was frightened to disgrace and rushed over to push the little boy, and then he was beaten with almost no strength. Being pushed by Muqingfeng, he sat down on the ground for half a day and couldn’t get up.
Mu Qingfeng immediately leaned over to see Zhuo Nongyue’s injury. Fortunately, although Zhuo Nongyue didn’t hide from time to time, practicing martial arts for years made her realize that she avoided the key point. So, her right chest was scratched with a big mouth, and blood couldn’t stop flowing out of her fingers. But Zhuo Nongyue didn’t care if she just stared at the little boy lying on the ground. Her eyes were full of confusion.
"Crescent Moon, hurry back to the inn with me, and deal with such a big wound, or you will be in trouble if you bleed too much." Muqingfeng tried to help her up, but Zhuolong Moon didn’t want to move.
The little boy slowly got up and stared at the bleeding moon.
"What? Don’t you know how to repay kindness? Yesterday, this sister saved your life. If it weren’t for her, you would have been killed by that Mao Ge. Why did you do this! " Mu Qingfeng really can’t stand it. Why is there such a scene when he is kind?
The blood soon dyed red, and her pretty face turned pale, which showed that she had lost some blood.
I know that I can’t have another chance. After all, he saw Mao Ge being beaten badly by two people in front of him, but the little boy trembled and walked towards Zhuolong Moon without saying a word.
After discovering the little beggar’s eyes, Mu Qingfeng got up and stood in front of Zhuo Nongyue. "If you are ungrateful, I won’t show mercy."
Maybe the heart is chaotic. Mu Qingfeng is really angry.
I didn’t expect a bloody hand to stop Muqingfeng. Muqingfeng was surprised to find some weakness and gently shook his head.

This Nanshan Wei is a very awesome figure, and the whole world is very influential. Even the leaders of China have to give him three points. I didn’t expect such an awesome figure to live in front of me.

Gao Rang wondered if he was dreaming, so he secretly pinched it and found that he felt something. It was all true.
Dahua Group is not the world’s largest consortium. It is said that this consortium controls 7% of the world’s wealth, and this group is all but now it has become the second largest shareholder of this group.
"Well, there are still many things in the group that I have to go first. Contact me if you have anything!" Say Nanshan did not directly signal the secret to give a mobile phone to Gao Rang.
High let some at a loss took the secret handed the phone.
When I gave Gao Rang a mobile phone, I also told him that "this mobile phone uses energy as a limited renewable energy source on the 23rd colonial planet. Besides, this mobile phone has a universal positioning system. If you are in danger, the mobile phone will automatically give an alarm and someone will come to protect you in 3 minutes."
Say that finish the secret also directly from here.
Soon everyone left the apartment, leaving room for Grandet and Tang Yue.
At this time, the three people haven’t been able to understand what is going on from this sudden situation, so Gao rang Nanshan and didn’t give it to himself.
After reading the charterer’s will in the folder, let them know the end of the matter.
It turns out that this chartered woman is Li Eqin, the former chairman of Dahua Group. It’s true that an old woman can be the richest man in the world.
In her will, the charterer gave the property to Gao Rang and gave him 15% of the shares of Dahua Group.
However, this 15% share concession cannot be resold, and the group shareholders can’t get a penny of dividends. This money will be used to help the poor. Of course, if it is used to help the poor, it can still be mobilized.
In addition, the chief supervision officer of Gao Rang’s regiment is also very wonderful, and there is no decision-making at all. However, he can supervise the regiment every year to all the squeezing workers in the poverty alleviation fund department and other regiments, and he can also supervise them.
Although Gao Rong can’t get a penny in cash, he is in charge of food, clothing, housing and transportation by Dahua Tuan, and Grandet and Tang Yue in the apartment also have the same treatment.
It is also written in the will that the chartered woman hopes that her ashes can stay in this apartment, which is a kind of mourning for her father.
At the end of the will, the charterer also told him that he must make a breakthrough in the game "New World" and strive for the top of the game.
In addition, the will also explains why no one lives on the first and fourth floors of the apartment, because there is a device in each of these two floors.
These two equipments were left by the father of the charterer. It is said that the two equipments are very important. It was not detailed in the will, but the will said that Nanshan would not tell Grandet the secret before June 6, 2666 AD.
Through this will, I understand what kind of person the chartered woman is.
Before, it seemed to Gao Rang that the chartered woman was a powerful old woman with a bad temper, but now he knows that the chartered woman is not.
A rich man rents a house, but his heart is poor, which is why everyone and the poor are grateful to Dahua Group, which helps many poor people every year.
More than one million people have been helped by the poverty alleviation program of chartered women.
Every year before, poor people who can’t afford to see a doctor were kicked out of the hospital, but since the chartered woman set up the poverty alleviation fund, Dahua Hospital has been set up in every corner of the world to treat those poor people who can’t afford to treat them without charging them a penny.
Every year before, children who couldn’t attend school because of lack of money were kicked out of school. However, since the chartered woman established the poverty alleviation plan, Dahua School has been set up in every corner of the world to collect those poor children who have no money to attend school, and they also don’t charge them a penny.
It is precisely because of the help of the chartered woman that those who have been rescued by her have been revived. These former poor people have worked hard to help the poor with gratitude to Dahua Tuan. Some people have become doctors who are willing to help the poor, teachers who have no money to learn children for special education, lawyers who seek justice for the poor and politicians who are committed to improving their lives.
More and more people have become more kind and beautiful with these people.
It is precisely because of Dahua Tuan and chartered women that the whole world has become a better place. This contribution not only affects one or some people, but also affects the whole mankind.
It is precisely because of this that Dahua Group has been selected as the most influential group for more than four years in a row.
Of course, due to human nature, most people in the whole world still don’t understand Dahua Tuan and the chartered women continue to live a selfish life.
The wish of the chartered woman is now her last wish, that is, to make the world a better place.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Transition
Gao Rang and Grandet have been acting in a daze these days because of the death of the chartered woman, but their faces are still clouded.
On the fifth day after the death of the charterer, Nanshan personally brought the charterer’s ashes and scattered them in the courtyard with Gao Rang, Grandet and Tang Yue.
After scattering the ashes of the chartered woman, Nanshan left directly.
However, after that, every few days, special people will come to Gao to let them eat and drink and clean regularly.
On the first day after the death of the charterer, Gao let them finally come out of the shadow of the charterer’s death.
With this week’s muddled game, the level of Gaorang has reached 32.4%, and the level of Grandet has reached 31.9%. Because these days, Gaorang and Grandet are very unstable when they play games, when they are not playing, Tutu will go with Aries to rub the experience (in fact, Tutu is the main force). Now the level of Tutu has surpassed Gaorang and Grandet to reach 33.7%.
In addition, the atmosphere of Aries changed as soon as Dahlia joined the team.
The original three stooges in Aries didn’t listen to anyone. Now that Dahlia has joined the team, she has become the big sister in the team. Except in the battle, everything is Dahlia, and the queen is in charge.
After this transition, both Aries, Scorpio and Capricorn have reached level 36, and the Queen Dahlia has reached level 35.
In this issue, Aries invited Gao Gao to brush the level 3 skeleton nest pair several times, but they were all turned down in a bad mood.
On this day, many wild teams in the Aries group brushed the level 3 skeleton nest, but it was either because their teammates didn’t listen to the command or because their teammates were too weak. In the end, they played so many times that they never even saw the level 2 boss skeleton master.
And the main teams of those big organizations have also knocked down the second-floor boss skeleton Buddhist, but even so, they are still stuck on the third floor.
On the 3rd floor of Skull Nest, the main teams of most large organizations are stuck on this floor. The second elite monster, the supernatural North Wolf and Sijun, succeeded in coming over to that elite, but they were abused by Azkana, the ultimate boss Skull King, without any temper.
See vice are stuck, those big organizations are not dead, but search and kill the wild boss within their sphere of influence. Only with better equipment and more skills can they become stronger and have a chance to get through this level 3 skeleton nest vice.
In addition, the highest level in the game has reached level 41 now, and it will soon be achieved after three turns from level 5.
The main team of Super God outside Aoki City in Dongzhou has a rest here.
Today, they have killed two boss. Although many super-gods are looking for the boss all over the sky, the refresh location of boss is not fixed, and there are two cities in the whole Dongzhou, and each city has a very vast territory. In this case, finding boss is almost as rare as looking for a needle in a haystack.
Niu Mowang sat in repose.
On one side, the female assassin Chang ‘e asked her, "Boss, how did you collect the things you need to change your job?"

How brave does it take for a chick accustomed to staying at home for warmth to fly out of the house for the first time?

But this decision has to be made.
After Mrs. Tang met Shen Xinyu, her physical condition has been very stable, and the girl didn’t take the initiative to tell Tang Shiyan about it. It’s not clear whether he knows that it’s normal except that they get along a little less than before.
The holiday of senior three is getting shorter and shorter, even during the Spring Festival, I took three days off from school and resumed a new round of cramming review.
Shen Xinyu sat in her room and counted the countdown less and less every day. Even if she didn’t take the college entrance examination, she felt that kind of tension.
"Meow" trouser leg was gently pulled, and a girl bowed her head and found that she had become a ball and hemp ball, and she was pressed on her trouser leg without jumping successfully.
Shen Yu smiled and picked up the little thing. It said, "Ma Tuan, you seem to have gained weight again."
"Meow" Ma Tuan stretched out a pink paw pad with fleshy paws to pull her hand and rubbed her nose.
Shen Xinyu couldn’t help but put it on the table and teased and said, "Are you fat?"
"You are lucky to meet Tang Shiyan, or who can raise you?"
Ma Tuan seemed to understand what she said, and his tail stood on end.
Shen Xinyu propped up her head and suddenly stopped smiling. There are still two months to go before the holiday. Then she will leave Jiaocheng, and the little thing will naturally stay here.
See her don’t talk hemp ball and stretched out his claws to pull her.
There was a sudden burst of footsteps outside the door
It should be that the housekeeper and several servants listened to the housekeeper’s low voice at eleven o’clock when Shen Xinyu looked at his eyes during the building. "Mr. Wang has a headache and ordered the kitchen to prepare a bowl of hangover soup."
This part of high school will end in the day.
Start a new chapter or change a volume.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Tang Shiyan Weibo secret (a)
Tang Shiyan recently came back late for dinner and drank too much wine. It is also common to have a headache. Listening to the footsteps outside, Shen Xinyu bowed his head and grabbed the hemp ball and held back his desire to go out and move.
It’s just that she can go back when he has a rest.
However, after sitting in the room for more than ten minutes, the housekeeper suddenly came and knocked at the door. "Miss Shen, Mr. Tang asked you to go back and rest."
Playing the game, Shen Xinyu said "good" one leng.
Send the hemp ball back to its own room. Shen Xinyu walked back to the bedroom. Tang Shiyan was not in the living room or in the bed. bathroom door was closed, and he could vaguely hear splashing water.
Shen Xinyu relaxed and turned to the next room to wash.
When the man came back, he was already bathed and lying in bed. When he saw her coming in, he picked up the desk watch and looked at it. He quite disagreed and said, "Why are you reviewing so late today?"
"Recently, many industries" Shen Xinyu perfunctory explained a heart way. He hasn’t come back at this time at ordinary times.
The girl bypassed him and came to the other end of the bed. She untied the thick long hair tied to the scalp and spilled it like a waterfall. She bowed her head and her eyes closed gently like butterfly wings.
Someone swallowed saliva unconsciously.
He kept that posture just now and never moved. He looked at the girl with two swirls in her deep eyes, which was not the same as usual, probably because some emotions were expressed directly after drinking wine.
Shen Xinyu lifted the quilt and found that he had been watching her move slowly and asked, "Didn’t you say you want to rest? Why don’t you sleep?"
There are two unnatural blushes on the man’s cheek. It should be that the wine is still strong. Shen Xinyu thought about it and approached him for a snack and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"
This man looks more powerful than he is in drinking. It is not once or twice to know that he has a headache.
But I still have to drink Shen Xinyu, and sometimes I don’t understand it.
When Tang Shiyan came to his absolute being, he saw this little girl with a face of heart and looked at him. He couldn’t help but raise his hand at the corner of his mouth and drag people over and turn over to his body.
There is still alcohol in the mouth, which should be drunk. Even after washing, it can’t completely remove that smell, but it doesn’t smell bad. It is more intoxicating to blend with the warm package brought by men themselves.
Shen Xinyu didn’t refuse the kiss. Anyway, according to this rhythm, she also broke free. She didn’t just slow down her nerves. She put her hand on the man’s strong shoulder and slowly accepted the man’s invasion.
Two people were in bed until one o’clock in the morning. Tang Shiyan raised his sweaty forehead and got up to take a shower with the girl in his arms.
Section 239
It’s already one o’clock in the morning at this moment, thinking that this girl will have an early class tomorrow, Tang Shiyan just returned to reason and gave birth to a little love and spoiled and kissed the girl’s side face with a hoarse voice saying, "Take a day off."
Shen Xinyu glanced at him through the dense steam and asked, "What?"
"I’m afraid you’re tired." The man raised his hand in clothes for a long time and the girl scrubbed her body.
Shen Xinyu understood his meaning and immediately blushed and pressed the man’s hand and said, "I’ll do it myself."
Maybe it’s too many times. She’s not as uncomfortable as before. She still has strength after taking a shower.
I’ve had enough to eat and drink. When someone sees her, she suddenly feels a little itchy. Shen Xinyu can’t see his change. He gave him a nudge. "You also go to wash it, regardless of me."
Tang Shiyan suddenly smiled, pinched her face and got up to take a shower on the other side.
He just wants to think about how to toss her again when it’s so late.
They have been together for half a year, and this is the first time to take a bath in the same bathroom or to be awake. Shen Xinyu’s nest in the bathtub shows her neck and a leg. She is embarrassed to soak for a while, but she can’t help but look back at the man.
Compared with her shame, Tang Shiyan is generous, and I don’t know if there is any alcohol tonight. The man is stripped naked and stands nearly one meter tall. The most conspicuous thing across the shower mist is his straight, slender, long legs and graceful lines. The man’s skin is not rough at all.
Sexy and healthy
The girl was embarrassed to look again and wanted to move back to the line of sight, but Tang Shiyan suddenly turned around and Shen Xinyu was one leng.
The original pink face instantly turned into purple.
"I’ve seen you all," the man suddenly said faintly. The shower picked up a bath towel and wrapped it around his waist.
They have slept together for so long that they have done the most intimate things, but this is the first time that Shen Xinyu has seen his body. When he saw him surrounded, the girl came over and withdrew her sight.
"Don’t soak for too long."
"It’s good to come out by myself." Shen Xinyu lifted her eyes and grabbed the towel on the side. It was also at this time that she saw that there was a shallow scar on the left rib surface of the man.

Look up at the big screen one by one and don’t let me comment on my coach’s performance.

"The boss’s acting skills are great!" Carlos Campo gave a thumbs-up sign.
"The coach’s imagination is a must! Ha, I didn’t even think of disgusting each other in this way! Otherwise, I wouldn’t look for Drico after I scored just now … "The goal scorer Charles Andreas regretted that such an opportunity to show off was robbed by the head coach’s winning streak.
"I now think Certa the gang should be mad? Ha ha ha! "
At last, everyone laughed heartily and walked back to their own half court and returned to their respective positions.
As if they had won the game.
To everyone’s surprise, Certa players are not mad at the constant victory.
Maybe it’s good to be stimulated to go crazy. At least they still have fighting spirit.
But now the Certa players are obviously hit by Hertha’s goal
Their frontier mentality is very relaxed, so to speak, relaxed.
They haven’t paid attention to Hertha since they set foot on this stadium.
It’s just a second-division team. What’s the big deal?
Even if they are the first in the second division, that can’t be said.
Which newly promoted horse is not in the top three in the second division every year? How many newly promoted horses will be able to stay in the first division last season? Aren’t most of the newly promoted horses popular for demotion?
Second division champion. So what? Come to the first division, that is, let’s brush the score in Certa!
In fact, their ideas are right, because this is the reality. In the second division, it is not necessary to go to the first division to become a mainstay.
Because the second division and the first division are really two completely different worlds.
The idea of Certa players is that all players in a first-division team will have it.
But I didn’t expect this second-division team to be different from what they imagined.
They are not intimidated by their status as the first place in the first division, and they are quite tenacious at home.
And really equalized the score!
That goal just now was a wonderful counter-attack goal even if it was put into the first division.
Certa players felt a sense of confusion when they found that this opponent was different from what they imagined.
To put it bluntly, they were stunned by Hertha.
I can’t react at the moment
It’s hard to react. I found that this opponent is stronger than they thought, and I plan to throw away all my contempt and try to end Hertha.
But it’s easy to loosen that strength, but it’s not necessarily easy to tighten it again.
Especially in today’s psychological situation
After Hertha scored, some people were shocked, some were angry, some were disappointed, and some simply didn’t understand the situation.
Everyone’s ideas have not yet been unified.
They are in such a hurry to get rid of Hertha that they still don’t really regard Hertha as their opponent from the bottom of their hearts …
Of course, if you give them some, they may still come out of this panic and resume their first-class team … substitute color.
But will people like Chang Sheng give them a chance to recover slowly?
Kill you while you’re sick!
If you can’t do this at all, you don’t deserve to be the protagonist at all!
After recovering in the game, Chang Sheng returned to the sidelines and made a gesture to the players.
This gesture can’t be understood by anyone except Hertha players.
It’s a winning signal.
There are not many important instructions that need this gesture.
This is a constant victory, avoiding shouting at yourself will let the opponents next to you hear your arrangement.
At halftime, he had already told the players what to do if he scored a goal. He should continue to make a fierce offensive and try to score another goal before the other side figured out what happened.
His gesture emphasized once again that he was afraid that the players would be too excited to forget or that there would be disagreement. Some people wanted to continue scoring goals, while others wanted to talk about it later.
This time, however, must not be delayed!
Seeing the head coach’s gesture, the Hertha players also made sure to pick it up.
Hertha’s offensive has intensified.
Certa is in chaos.
Apart from their own minds not yet unified, this confusion is also related to their head coach.
Victor Hernandez hasn’t figured out how to deal with the sharp counterattack of winning the game.
In fact, he is not in a hurry, and sometimes it is impossible for the other side to score another goal in two or three minutes, which is almost as likely as the chance that he will be hit in the head by something thrown by a quarrelling couple upstairs.
So he is not in a hurry, but he can think about it slowly and try to think more carefully … He is cautious.
But he tried to frown and act like a "thinker" in this incident.
His players are in chaos.
There is no latest instruction from the head coach, and they don’t know what to do.
When they faced the Hertha offensive, they found themselves struggling to cope!
Victor Hernandez admitted that his team could not concede two goals in a few minutes.
And that’s what Hertha is trying to do!

Children can’t blame their parents, let alone give preferential treatment to one another. It can be held in the presidential palace.

Naturally, the Hangzehao couple and the Hangan couple are going to attend the banquet, which is considered lively.
"Liang Jiang" walked behind Liang Juanbang with his hand.
"Huh?" Liang Juanbang was puzzled. "What is it?"
Today, when my mother came back, he specifically told me not to come and disturb me if there was nothing important.
"With the Korean gentleman."
Shiro? Liang Juanbang frowned and found a reason to get up and leave.
XiCui Liping looked at early from time to time.
"The body is very thin!"
"Ah?" She chuckled early. "Well … it’s thinner."
"Are you still going to have children?" Cui Liping asked this question and the atmosphere froze.
Or did Ruan Danning come forward to help her out? "Early and Junbang are still young, and Huanhuan Lele is still young. The second child still has to wait. It is good for adults and children … The two of them are finally together. It is not urgent!"
"Well, my aunt said yes." I always felt that this answer didn’t satisfy my mother-in-law when I smiled early.
Cui Liping bowed his head and took a sip of soup. "It is better to have more children, which is very good for your mother."
"…" It’s hard to say anything early. I can nod my head. "Well, yes."
Outside Liang Juanbang didn’t expect the problem to be a bit big.
"Where are people?"
At hand, I explained to the roadside in front that "people are now temporarily appeased, but I must give her a statement!" I immediately reported it to you because of the Korean gentleman … "
"Well," Liang Juanbang nodded. "What’s the story?"
"hey!" Hand nai shook his head and smiled "isn’t it because this girl has a position? Rong Jiaren … Rong Master’s daughter outside … Although it’s wild, it’s also Rong, isn’t it? It’s no problem for Master Han to deal with ordinary girls. It’s not pretty to deal with this beautiful woman! "
Liang Juanbang frowned and smacked his lips. "Let’s go!"
In the reception room of the administrative building office area
"poof!" Rongjiaren sat in a chair and spit out a mouthful of tea. "Are you wasting my time here? I’m telling you, this set doesn’t matter to me! "
When Liang Juanbang stepped in and saw Rongjiaren, he felt a headache at first sight.
"What do you want?" Liang Juanbang pulled a chair opposite her and sat straightforward.
Rong Jiaren smiled at Liang Juanbang’s extraordinary speech. "You are the boss!"
"Get to the point" Liang Juanbang frowned and was too lazy to talk nonsense.
"good!" Rong Jiaren nodded. "Since the boss is here, I will make it clear in vain! I didn’t violate the law and discipline, and people didn’t benefit me from driving me out of the imperial city! You want to be strong if you can’t pay? Am I really scared? "
Things seem a little troublesome.
Liang Juanbang also understood that Han Xilang wanted to get this girl out of the imperial city … as far away as possible, but he didn’t know what it was.
Section 756
Liang Juanbang nodded. "I can assure you that no one will force you to do it now … Can you withdraw your complaint?"
If the complaint is still hanging, you have to bother Hilong Hilong. At this time, you can’t afford to bother again … Daughter-in-law can really lose more wonderful novels. Please go to * Cong * net: shuong.
"Why should I believe you?" Rongjiaren stared at Liang Juanbang.
"Hum" Liang Juanbang sneer at "do you know who you are talking to? Don’t be a bit of a character. You can’t treat people with contempt just because you are a proud master and an illegitimate daughter! I’m telling you so much now because of your father’s exploits … "
Rong jiaren shrank her neck when she heard this. This person is different from those people just now. It seems that she has two brushes.
I can’t help feeling guilty. "Then … then you’d better do what you say or I will definitely come back to complain!" "
"…" Liang Juanbang pulled his eyelids and waved lazily at her. "Go, go!"
The problem here seems to have just been solved, but it has become a big problem.
Hang Zegao suddenly received a report that "Mr. President, Master Rong is waiting outside"
Master Rong has issued a number of patents in his life, and various fields of study are all over the country. Hang Zehao, who is definitely a national treasure, was not surprised when he heard that he came and was busy ordering "come in quickly, please."
I didn’t quite understand why Master Rong would come here.
There was a noise at the door. Master Rong acted quickly and held Hang Zegao’s hand before he came in.
"Mr. President, I … I’m really sorry to bother you here so late."
Hang Zegao shook his head and smiled. "Don’t say that to see if you are in such a hurry."
"Ah …" Master Rong seemed to struggle for a long time. "My daughter offended … but it’s my rong family blood anyway. I can give up this face and beg you to forgive her this time … let me take it back and have a good education!"

Maybe if she wants a point subconsciously, she will be flustered, and this palpitation will not stop.

I comforted Chai Wanying, and her face improved a lot. She said to Xiaobai that her voice was slow and soft again.
Xiaobai, then go to tourmaline’s side and take care of him for a while. You ask him to be patient for a while. It’s best not to meet me for a few days at most. Then we’ll go home.
If he insists on coming to see me, you should find a way to get a small wheelchair, which will also cover it, but it is still easy to make mistakes.
It’s not good to wrap him in a blanket and then you bring him here. It’s summer, and everyone outside is wearing a sleeveless skirt. It’s not good to wrap him in a blanket.
Then what should we do, or is it enough for you two to cast a blind eye to deceive one person?
No, even if the spell can temporarily make people who see tourmaline regard their tails as legs, they can’t escape from the extremely monitoring head video. That thing is a family thing, and who knows if it can be hidden by the smoke screen?
If you can’t hide it, you’re in trouble again.
Chapter 35 The outbreak of power
Chai Wanying thought about one way after another, which would not only reassure tourmaline to see her but also make others find him different.
But she has rejected them one by one.
In the end, I have to shake my head, so just put up with it. It’s only a few days’ work. In the past few days, your uncle Xiaobai has been to accompany his father every day, and then tell him all about his mother, so that he can rest assured and wait patiently for his mother. Will you go home together?
Small xuan pupil clever answer immediately.
But the dazzling black eyes turned to what mood Chai Wanying didn’t seem.
But Xiao Bai was greatly relieved when he heard the hostess’s words.
He was really afraid that the hostess would ask him to find a way to bring his master here to see her.
In that case, the lie will be caught.
Mowa also breathed a sigh of relief. She suspected that something might have happened to her master.
Now that she has seen Xiao Bai, she must have done something bad in her heart.
Seeing that the hostess didn’t know at the moment was both fortunate and ashamed.
Thinking of a way to ask Xiao Bai alone, Xiao Xuan said softly, Mom, since Dad is here, I’ll go and see Uncle Xiao Bai now.
Chai Wanying nodded immediately when she heard this. Of course, Xiaobai, you can take Wan Wan. If Wan Wan says tourmaline, you will definitely believe it.
Yeah, why?
Chai Wanying see small white hesitation sample can’t help but strangely asked 1.
It’s nothing, Xiao Bai. I’ll take the little master to see him.
Xiao Bai crustily skin of head pretended to smile calmly and then came in and came to the bed to hold Xiao Xuan’s pupil in his hand.
Master, let’s go.
Don’t hurry back and let Xiaobai tourmaline stay a little longer. Tourmaline is afraid of loneliness.
Is the hostess.
Walking slowly in the hospital corridor with tourmaline in his arms, Xiaobai kept thinking about what to do.
Xuan pupil also quietly don’t talk until see small white consciousness more walk more slowly.
I knew that he was hiding something from his mother. Suddenly, his little face sank to Uncle Xiaobai. Don’t you tell the truth?
Xiaobai was startled by that language with horror.
Immediately panic turned to look at the xuan pupil.
You just told your mother at the door of the ward. I lied. My mother was cheated by you. I don’t have a father.
Don’t tell me that dad was really picked up by you. If you did, how could dad not come to see mom for the first time?
That’s not a high lie. Mom just didn’t think about it for a while now. When she thinks about it, she has to see her father. How are you going to tell her?
Xiaobai mumbled something for a long time and didn’t speak.
I have to admit that Xuan pupil is right. If the former hostess insists on seeing her master, she can’t scatter the root of her lie.

"You …" Hal kagyu angry way just want to send is to see those cold will eat people eyes immediately swallow the words behind and then left to dark with a snort.

See Hal Ga soft’ Han Shao’ disdain a smile and still can’t recognize the laughter. "Qinglongyuan is not the place where you should come. Now you should think about how to get some results in the day competition instead of hanging out here. My name is Han Chong. If you don’t like what I say, you can get it back in person in the day competition, but now get out of here."
"Good Korea less we’ll go you calm down …" The entourage see Han Chong face some unhappiness hurriedly said is also a kind of back toward all waved behind them.
Mu Yun looked at nai shrugged his shoulders, but Mu Yun had long wanted to go. It was Jade Burn who kept coming to see it.
Xuanwu kingdom and white tiger kingdom are all in the mind aren’t angry, but they dare not directly make trouble in this Qinglong courtyard and swallow it. Who makes you less powerful than others?
Listen to jade burn cold hum a little muttered "strength is not so good temper is not small"
They didn’t even hear this from Mr. Mo behind them, but Han Chong heard it clearly.
See Han Chong face slightly change slowly mouth way "live"
The entourage quickly stopped and turned to say with smile, "Hey, hey, Korea, do you have any orders?"
But Han Chong didn’t even look at the attendant. His cold eyes stared straight at Yu Huang. "You said what you just said."
They looked at is also a surprised, except for Mu Yun and Ziyan, who heard the jade burn whisper. They all don’t know what happened. They stared at Mr. Jade burn and Mr. Mo with a face of doubt. They saw that Suzaku people had sinned against the’ Korean less’ and looked at Suzaku countries with a face of schadenfreude.
"Ehan, please calm down. Is there any misunderstanding?" The attendant was a little tense when he saw the present situation. Although he was ordered to demonstrate with these people, if there were any special circumstances, he couldn’t bear the responsibility and quickly came out to dozen circle field.
"Roll" Han Chong roared, scaring the attendant forward and then staring at Yu Huang with a sullen face. "I told you to say it again."
Jade burn a sneer at "good this time you give me listen to clear I said you don’t …"
Jade burn hasn’t finished yet. That Han Chong is an instant shot. In a short moment, Han Chong’s slender fingers are less than a foot away from Jade burn. Jade burn is also surprised to see Han Chong’s sudden shot. But now Jade burn’s strength is not the same as before. He jumped up and dodged …
Seeing that these two people don’t agree in a word is to play the crowd to watch the fun, but there are also concerns. Only Mu Yun has a relaxed face and a faint smile on his mouth. "Old thief, don’t you like to find someone to act? Then I will give you a good show."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six A tooth for a tooth
Seeing that Han Chong’s instantaneous explosive power was so strong, Mr. Mo was also surprised and rushed to this hand. None of his disciples could catch it, and with his body qi bursting out, the peak strength in the later stage of the foundation was also on display. Looking at the instant battle, Mr. Mo asked in a low voice, "This adult is Han Chong …"
The attendant didn’t expect Han Chong to start work directly without saying anything, and it seemed as if they had any great hatred. Although the attendant didn’t know what the Suzaku country girl said, he angered Han Chong, but now his first priority is to try his best to curb the deterioration of the situation.
In his mind, it is impossible for Jade Phoenix to get hurt by Han Chong. If Jade Phoenix gets hurt, he must be to blame. Although the Qinglong Kingdom is very tough, this kind of thing of "hurting the opponent before the game" will definitely fall into the trap and greatly violate the rules of "martial arts". The king just came to power and naturally wants to use this "martial arts" to increase his resentment among the civilians.
At this time, when the entourage answered Mr. Mo’s words, the DPRK and the ROK shouted, "Don’t hit Han Shaoxiao, who can’t afford it. Don’t hit it." The sound turned out to be a little kuqiang, and then Mu Yun couldn’t help glancing aside. He quickly came to Mu Yun and said, "You are the team leader, please let your players stop it."
"Ha" Mu Yun smiled and said, "We haven’t started work. You see that my team members have been hiding from the roots and haven’t fought back. You should advise you to stop that’ Han Shao’."
Attendants looked up and it was really like this. At this time, Han Chong was like a mad dog chasing Jade Phoenix, but Jade Phoenix kept avoiding it. However, because of the’ strength gap’, Jade Phoenix was particularly struggling to see that it would not hold up.
After looking at it, he was also embarrassed and stammered, "You, the player, must have just said something that angered Han Shao. Why don’t you ask your players to apologize to Han Shao …"
"What" MuYun fierce high tone face became ugly "I didn’t hear wrong, right? Is this mad dog first? Did we say anything? Why didn’t I hear what the nearest Jade Phoenix just said?"
"Buddhist’s adult purple tree just didn’t hear anything" Xiahou purple tree light way.
"Well, you see, I told you, if you don’t believe in your eyes, then ask another, er, er, er, ha, ha, ga, man. Besides, if you say something about your strength, you will definitely hear it, right?" Mu Yun said with a’ Lai’ expression.
Hal kagyu saw that Mu Yun didn’t even remember his own name, and suddenly he was a little annoyed, but he couldn’t help but hear a few compliments behind him. "That’s Wu Zhu’s strength. I can hear it naturally, but I really didn’t hear anything just now …"
"Well, more and faster chapters, please. When you see it, I will say nothing." Mu Yun put his little finger on his ear and blew a smile.
See Mu Yun a pair of "play to depend on" and the big Hal kagyu "one track-minded" sample followers at this time completely have nothing to say, but it’s no wonder that others actually didn’t even hear it himself, didn’t hear it clearly, and he couldn’t help wondering if this Han Chong was hearing voices at the moment.
"Hey this Han Chong exactly what position scared you into this picture" Mu Yun is not worried about jade burn a face of relaxed color mouth way.
"Alas," the attendant shook his head and sighed heavily. "He is the first in the East Yard of Qinglong Yard and once the first master in Qinglong Yard. He has been the first in the Dragon List of Qinglong Yard for two consecutive years, but in the past two years, he has been stabilized by Tang Feier of the West Yard. Oh, Tang Feier is the little girl followed by Mu Waner."
"What" everyone is surprised. More and faster chapters, please come to the front. This strength of Han Chong is enough to make people feel a little scary. It has also been stabilized and stabilized, and it is the little girl who looks like she is thirteen or fourteen years old.
Mu Yun nodded slightly in the mind is andao "no wonder at the first glance that the little girl is a little unusual. It turned out to be a horror like Mu Wan ‘er, but it’s quite like them."
Just then, after listening to a loud bang and a shocking firelight, both of them went backwards. Then Han Chong fell to the ground after a back flip, but Yu Huang slipped backwards for nearly 100 meters before he could stabilize his face, flush and get some shortness of breath.
On the other hand, the opposite Han Chong’s face is not red and his heart is not jumping at the moment, as if the man who just launched the storm offensive was not him …
Obviously, Han Chong has firmly occupied the advantage in several rounds, and the students sitting in the stone pillar uniting the East Campus are also cheering for the first time to update Han Chong.
"This strength also dare to shout here" Han Chong soft cold voice slowly way.
Jade burn vomited two polluted gases lightly, and inadvertently looked back at Mu Yun. At the sight of Mu Yun, he nodded his head with a smile on his face. Jade burn’s heart suddenly became sharp and looked at Han Chong with a smile. "The drama is just beginning."
Say see jade burn in anger a whole body a shock hot breath suddenly swept out thick strong wind is blowing pure fire qi instantaneous diffuse.
"In the middle of the preconditions", Mr. Mo’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain. This strength is even the strongest among the seven people in Suzaku.
Hal karma see jade burn strength first zheng and then turned out to be laughing at Mu Yun a face of disdain.
And the two men looked at each other again, obviously recognizing that this "martial arts" is already the Suzaku country.
Suzaku country often goes to war with White Tiger country, but the commander of the war is Xiahou Ziti Jade Burn. Except for the second time of death, she is in charge of the palace security office. Everyone knows her far less than Xiahou Ziti.
Although the strength of Yuhuang was very high before, it was the root that no one paid attention to, and the battlefield was even worse. Unless it was strong enough to change the war situation, personal strength would not play too much.
Xuanwu kingdom has always been a relatively mysterious country, and it is only after we have an absolute grasp that we agree to Baihu kingdom.
The most important thing is that fix true people know that women can’t go far on this road, which is why they will be shocked and almost fainted when they hear about Mu Wan’s strength.
And the whole country is a female Suzaku country. How many masters can there be? Who will talk about going to Suzaku country to investigate someone’s strength? Besides, in the past, everyone in the martial arts knew the strength of Suzaku country like the back of his hand, and no one cared.
"Ha ha ha ha ha in the middle of Tsukiji" Han Chong sneered with a face, and the sound seemed a little got.
"Pack you up enough" Jade Burn binge drinks one by one, and then his body is rapidly swept away by the DPRK and the ROK. Gradually, Jade Burn’s whole body is surrounded by hot flames like a burning shell.
No matter how good-looking the offensive is, after all, the strength is there, and the entourage is also calm when they see Mu Yun and Mu Yun.
"The players in Suzaku are stupid, isn’t the team leader stupid?" The attendant looked puzzled and said, "Dare to provoke Han Chong in the middle of the preconditions? Isn’t this throwing straws against the wind?"
At the moment, the attendant saw that he was unable to root canal, and Yu Huang was dying himself. Fortunately, he said nothing. I hope this battle will be over soon. Don’t attract Jifeng, otherwise the first update will be bad.
"Fuck me and I’ll be you." Han Chong’s face was cruel and his body flashed and he rushed at Jade Phoenix.
At the moment, Mu Yun is also a little worried from his face. After all, this method is too risky. "Jade Burn, hold on, this is also an experience for you." Mu Yun heart andao.
To say that Jade Burn’s body is burning with shells, Han Chong’s body is just like a fireball from heaven, and the fluctuation of two true qi is too far away. Rosefinch countries are already afraid to look at them, while the rest of them are gloating.
In the eyes of all people, there was a loud bang, and two uncoordinated fireballs suddenly collided, as if the stone pillars were all slightly shaken and could not be rooted out. After the collision, Jade Phoenix’s charming body suddenly flew backwards and sideways …
But at this moment, seeing that the breath is a little sluggish, Jade Burn brims with body pain and bites his teeth. His right arm is slightly raised to update "sou" for the first time. An arrow with a strong qi comes out, which is the kind of small crossbow that can be tied to his arm …
But at the moment, seeing jade burn so vulnerable, he was blown away by himself. Han Chong was so proud that he couldn’t think about’ what jade burn could do with him for a while before, but now it is so easy to be blown away’. But when Han Chong stabilized himself, the true qi of the fire gradually dissipated, he saw that an object the size of a finger was rapidly coming towards his eyes, because the arrow breath was concealed by the true qi that collided around him, and he was more prepared.
Now it is found that Han Chong has tried his best to hide from the arrow, which is "shua". If it is slower, it will hit his left eye, but even so, the arrow left a shocking blood mark on his face …
Arrows across the instantaneous jade burn is also severely fell to the ground and vomitted an one mouthful blood, looking rather pale …
The fleeting burning sensation is also painful. Han Chong frowned and took a breath of air conditioning. He slowly raised his left hand and gently touched a cheek that still hurts like hemp. He let go and looked at a large amount of blood, but he could still feel the blood flowing slowly. Suddenly, his face was burning with anger and his face was gloomy and ferocious. "Dare to cut my face, I will spare you to die." He thundered and raised his hand and patted the jade burn lying on the ground. This blow contained Han Chong’s anger and vowed to kill the jade burn in his hand.

The birth of each Taoist ancestor can suppress the virtual universe, and there will be three thousand sources of Taoism, three thousand one hundred, two, and even twenty avenues.

From then on, the universe will no longer be juxtaposed with three thousand avenues, but will add those avenues created by Taozu-at that time, they can also be crowned as Source Avenue!
From this, the potential of the universe will be stronger, and the future will be beyond the shackles to achieve immortal hope.
If possible, these top fiends hope that all three thousand fiends will also be able to achieve the same achievements as the top fiends!
Don’t be able to give birth to even a hundred ancestors, then the success rate of detachment day will increase by 50% directly in the future!
In addition, the abundant accumulation of the original wilderness and the success rate of the avenue in the end are sufficient!
This almost locked the door to immortality …
It’s a pity that every statue of the top fiend is unique in the universe, and each of them, if put aside in different times, is the kind of person who can suppress all the dragons, snakes and strongmen in the world and crush everything that challenges him.
Each of them looks down on all beings like the brightest high star in the sky!
In the era of reincarnation, there is a birth in every era, that is, a mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian, that is, a mixed-yuan saint, but not every era can give birth to a Taoist ancestor!
Therefore, it is too difficult to give birth to a whole hundred Taoist ancestors!
"Congratulations on the arrival of Aurora Daoyou!"
With one exception, every great statue sent a congratulatory message to the northeast.
Aurora visual virtual is also a light smile nodded his head.
"From now on, every force must be branded on this side when it enters the northern part of the wilderness. Can it be white?"
The coercion is like the majesty of the nine-day high god king. The converse sentence is an inquiry tone but does not refute it!
Without waiting for others to answer, Aurora will enter the will of heaven and earth. In the future, everyone who enters the northern part of the universe will be interested in competing for territory, and will be informed and branded in the will of heaven and earth.
"All right, Nine Songs of Winter Flowing Lan, you will go back to the temples after handling this place!"
In the winter, the three men nodded their heads and left the virtual barrier. Before leaving, they looked at Candle dragon and said a word. Then they left directly without looking back …
Nowadays, the name of the Lord of the Aurora in the wild is completely resounding, which is almost equal to the Lord of Gao Guanghui!
This middle-ranking first-class fiend is destined to be a fuse that inspires many first-class fiends to bravely stimulate their potential.
A generation of myths is nothing more than this! to be continued
Ps Hehe belongs to the Aurora drama, and it’s not too tangled for the official department to exhaust.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Three hundred yuan will be
It has lasted for 300 yuan since the robbery.
The temples also directly recalled all the members to close for a long time for three hundred yuan, even if it was Liu Lan and so on, they all went back to the temples one by one and ignored the ups and downs of the outside world.
From the moment when the amount of robbery is calculated, it can be understood that the whole amount of robbery will last for 999 yuan, and when the last yuan comes, it will be a new era.
Nowadays, the apocalypse of the flood has just entered a real large scale from the stage, and the chaos of the flood is not even counted.
Especially in the northern part of the wild, this place is more attractive than a huge cake, which directly forms a huge meat ground. Death and killing are the theme songs.
A series of killings, fierceness, causal karma and so on are hovering in it, which casts a shadow over the humanitarian mind of all creatures in this range.
Anger, pain, greed, resentment, jealousy and other negative emotions occupy their hearts, pollute their minds and erode their reason.
Among them, only some talented people, foundations, wisdom and people with merits can barely stay awake and struggle in the great disaster.
These are the theme songs of Honghuang today!
The universe needs to develop, the world needs to evolve, and those who are truly gifted, outstanding, intelligent, savvy and will are lucky, and there is hope for everyone to impact the immortal generation. Super geniuses need practice resources even more!
Most of the resources that the world really needs are occupied by those with shallow roots, but real geniuses can work hard to exhaust their talents and reduce their hope of reaching the peak.
World development needs resources, and world perfection needs to be filled.
This needs something to come?
Big robbery!
World resources need to be redistributed, such as realizing rational allocation of resources?
Big robbery!
Only those creatures who can really withstand the baptism of catastrophe can qualify for more and better resources and have the resources to climb towards Gao Shanfeng.
These are the real elite geniuses in the wild world!
However, in the catastrophe, the monks fell, and their body energy returned to heaven and earth. They realized that the manifestation of Tao and fruit created by Avenue could be integrated into heaven and earth, perfect the wilderness and promote the evolution of the world.
Nowadays, even the celestial fiends, who have always been strong and United in the northern part of the wild, almost happen to coincide to send their own ethnic groups into the quantitative robbery for baptism.
Even if you are looking down on all the people, you top fiends will not hesitate to take care of your daily life and carefully cultivate elite races and send them to the wild.
You can’t be called a genius until you have been baptized!

His words are earnest and affectionate, and people can’t help but listen to them.

Weishuyu bowed his head slightly and said lightly that it was Uncle Yu, but it won’t happen again after I was wrong.
Middle-aged people smiled, but Lian Xiao was like a sigh and cried for a long time. The Lord was a martial arts wizard. Over the years, the martial arts expert was able to rival the Lord’s dignity, and his tolerance became more and more prosperous. However, the Lord was happy when he was a subordinate, but it was also because of this that he could not say these words to the Lord wholeheartedly even if he was dissatisfied. I shouldn’t say that no one could say them except me. In fact, the Lord was polite to me, and I was still the master and subordinate alias. It was too much to say something earlier.
I will never forget that you are my elder, my benefactor and my teacher. Don’t say anything after my teacher.
The middle-aged man took a deep look at him and smiled again. Everything Yu Boping did was just to do his part. I hope that he will not be loyal. This master-slave part is something you must never forget. It is also worthwhile to treat the winner like this in this life. Don’t say it again after those who owe it to the victim.
Weishuyu didn’t pick up this message. Uncle Yu always seldom takes the initiative to come to me, but what is it?
Yu Boping smiled faintly. What should I do?
Weishuyu was silent for a while before saying that no matter what Uncle Yu came, it was fortunate that you came to help me out.
Yu Boping smiled and knew what the Lord was thinking. Some people came to me and said something, but I didn’t listen carefully or think much. Just like today, I don’t want to know what made Mo Lao unhappy. I am the Lord. I can speak to the Lord from a subordinate position. Forgive me for being unappreciative. Many times, the Lord is too polite to me and respects the prestige of the Lord. It may not be a good thing for the Lord to make a decision. I may not understand or disagree, but I can’t make suggestions to the Lord. Once the Lord finally decides that I have different ideas, I should immediately forget my own thoughts and firmly implement the
Uncle Wei Shuyu’s heart is full of heat. You are always me.
Yu Boping sighed lightly. What does it mean? It’s because that Xiao Xingde thing is so heartfelt that I don’t think, but you are the highest decision. You are our master. You can respect our opinions and also don’t accept our ideas. The only thing we should do is to try our best to help you instead of holding you. I really don’t think, but now too many people are against me. I need you.
He stared at Wei Shuyu with firm eyes. I must make people understand that you are the only and absolute master, and your will and your thoughts are the highest and the most inviolable. If we can’t solve this point, then all our efforts over the years are meaningful. Your great cause needs us, but all of us, including me, help you qualify and are not conducive to guiding you or controlling your Lord. You are our master, and we will make decisions in your hands.
He was silent for a while, and then he said, I don’t understand your idea. I don’t agree with what you did, but I will still do my best because you are my master.
Answer him is Wei Shuyu’s long silence.
He can’t find words to express his mood at this moment, and he can’t find a suitable way to respond to this. His heart is not relieved, not grateful, but heavy pressure
Yes, so many people care about their lives, fortunes, personal lives, regardless of his hands, so they devote themselves to helping each other, so that they can realize and defend their points and answer them layer by layer without worrying or thinking.
Yu Boping didn’t ask him for something and didn’t do anything, which made him miserable. Only in this way can he be reasonable and considerate, and he can’t help but consider him, which can make many people suffer a Xiao Xingde to compensate.
For so many years, everyone has fought for the inheritance wealth information with blood and tears. Too much information has been lost in Xiao Xingde, and the bottom hole has not seen any signs of filling up. I hope that Xiao Xingde’s martial arts will recover. Why don’t these people worry about it?
As a leader, he is also in charge, but he can’t express these pains to people. It’s a heavy heart and a heavy burden. It’s hard to bear for a while, full of depression and resentment, and he can’t face the sky and scream, and he can play the sword and dance vertically, but there are still too many people in the world, but there are still too many things to cut off.
He has always been a simple swordsman, and it would be great if I came and went in heaven and earth with a sword in my hand, but even this is something that can’t be told in my heart.
In the depths of his heart where no one can peek, he smiles coldly at himself, and even he feels freezing.
Yu Boping saw that he looked heavy and knew that he was thinking deeply, which means adding more pressure to him. He smiled and said, Lord, can you guess what I came to the Lord for?
Weishu gave a wry smile. I really can’t come.
Yu Boping looked at him deeply.
During this period, Wei Shu-yu’s spirit was put on Xiao Xingde’s recovery of martial arts. No matter what happened outside, even if he didn’t ask, even if he was afraid of something, he didn’t know and guessed it.
But he didn’t blame or smile, saying, as I said just now, I’ve come to the Lord for a walk to listen.
Wei Shuyu zheng he Yu Boping said that it was a relief, but I didn’t expect it to be a walk.
Everyone is not idle to listen, and they never have the leisure to listen. I remember when I was a child, I practiced martial arts day after day, and when I relaxed, a bunch of adults would reprimand Yu Boping with a straight face, and he was one of the fiercest. Why did he come and pull him to listen now?
Yu Boping smiled. It was easy to laugh. I didn’t know what to say, but it was not heavy and bitter.
He raised his hand and pointed to the front to see the guest building here. Recently, a gentleman came to the guest building. He said that every word is touching and soul-stirring. He said that the anecdote was even more amazing, and he went upstairs with me to know the clue.
The small garden stands neutral in a falling flower and looks rather flat and ordinary.
After he stood quietly for a long time, he turned back to his room and said lightly.
A chuckle rings, but I can’t hide it from you
A person’s image of smoke generally wafted in from the window, and he stood leisurely in front of the sex morality. The eyes were clear and clear, and it was Dong Yan ran.
Sex Germany is not surprised. He came back with violet fragrance today. I knew it must be from Ruo, but if you can sneak in here alone.
Dong Yan ran smiled. Speaking of it, if it’s really a strange man, he is an emperor who has never been in the Jianghu, but it seems that others can’t compare with the Jianghu experience. When he left the palace, it’s not miraculous to take all kinds of gadgets with him. He was accidentally taken away and left a lot of good things in the car. I went to help my wife Xiao Yi get rid of the army. Speaking of these little things, I took some of them. The violet fragrance is the secret of the imperial doctors in the palace of Chu. Ordinary people can’t smell it, but if we drink a little violet wine in advance, we can easily sense it It’s so easy for Nalanyu to be a tracker after this fragrance. I drew him to me. When I stabbed him with his hand, I sprinkled incense on him. Because his martial arts were too high, I didn’t dare to chase him immediately after he left. Instead, Nalanyu said a few words and calmed Nalanyu down, and then secretly followed the fragrance to find here. I didn’t dare to dive in and hide until I saw him leave me.
Sex Germany calmly asked what had happened since I was forcibly taken away that day, and if I would be taken to Qin king Palace.
Dong smiled and put Qin Baiyi and others on the scene until if she was put into Qin king Palace, she knew everything would be said one by one.
Sex virtue listens quietly, eyes are clean and clear.
It was a long time before he gently said, I can’t figure out what Wang Wei wants to see. It’s possible that if Empress Wei is in the hands of the Empress Dowager, after all, Wei’s national politics is in the hands of the Empress Dowager, but even if Wei’s Qin Chu is far apart, it’s good for Wei to borrow Qin Chu to fight against the two powerful countries, but it’s possible to provoke Qin Chu’s revenge and forcibly take it away. It’s also too difficult for Xiao Yi to fool him. If something comes out for no reason, it’s good for Wei to have two great enemies in Qin Chu.
Dong Yan ran sighed, I also think impassability, but now the most important thing is to save if come.
Don’t worry, you can get close to Nalanyu. Nalanyu can go to the palace to look for it. If you can tell me through Nalanyu that if I have met you, I am in good condition. I don’t have to worry about telling him to feel at ease. Don’t offend the king of Qin. If you want to save him, we can benefit from various contradictions, including Wei Shuyu.
Wei Shuyu
That’s the guy who forced me here.
Dong Yan ran carefree smile to his name is Wei.
Is his surname WeiXingDe also quietly answered.
They have a pair of eyes, and they both get the message.