"I’ll take you home!" Seeing a flash of sadness in Bai Susu’s eyes, Ning Caichen couldn’t help but feel a pity and blurted out, but he regretted that this is not the earth, so it’s not so conservative. Generally, boys and girls don’t stay alone for a while, let alone send people home!

"ah!" Sure enough, I heard Ning Caichen spoken parts’s mr.zhou’s face turn red and grow so big. She hasn’t seen that boy as straightforward as Ning Caichen!
"Well, I mean I’ll help you push the bean curd truck back!" Ning Caichen is also somewhat embarrassed origin explained!
"No, no! I can go back not far myself. Thank you Ning Gong today! " Ning Caichen said so, Bai Susu’s face turned redder, hurriedly waved his hand and refused, then said goodbye to him and was ready to leave!
"Brother, can you protect us like today every day? !” At this moment, Bai Susu’s arms suddenly popped up with a sentence that made Bai Susu move first with a stiff face and then with a redder face. I couldn’t wait to find a place to disappear into Ning Caichen, but I was also stunned and then said!
"What want elder brother to protect you because of fear of bad guys bullying you? !”
"hmm!" Snow’s mouth beeped and nodded, and her eyes looked at Ning Caichen. "Mother said that my father had gone far away and couldn’t come back, but bad guys bullied us and bullied our mother. Xiaoxue was afraid of them, but Xiaoxue didn’t want them to bully her mother. Xiaoxue was also afraid that her mother often cried at night. Xiaoxue didn’t want her to cry because her mother cried and Xiaoxue wanted to cry .. Brother, can you still protect us after you?"
Snow White looked at Ning Caichen with a round face and big eyes full of pure expectation!
For an instant, Ning Caichen’s heart seemed to be knocked by something, and his face froze. Behind Snow White, Bai Susu almost cried. Put your hand over your mouth to prevent yourself from crying, but the tears in your eyes flowed uncontrollably!
"Don’t worry, my brother will protect you forever!" Ning Caichen rubbed his snow-white hair seriously!
"Really! Great! " The little girl’s mind is simply that she wants someone to protect herself, and no one has helped them before. Just now, Ning Caichen acted as a pawn, so that she can have a dependence on Ning Caichen in front of them!
"Well, of course it’s true!" Ning Caichen to snow seriously nods!
"Xiaoxue is gone, we should go back!" At this time, Bai Susu stopped crying and debuted!
"Oh!" Snow seems reluctant to take a look at Ning Caichen. "Goodbye, brother!"
Finally, Snow White and Bai Susu’s mother and daughter push the tofu cart away from here. Snow White seems to be very reluctant. Ning Caichen looks back from time to time until the corner is out of sight!
"What just happened!"
When Bai Susu’s mother and daughter left, Ning Caichen calmly recalled what had just happened. He found some problems. When he saw Bai Susu’s mother and daughter being bullied, his reaction would be so great. Just now, the anger was like rushing out. He was always a calm person. He should not be so impulsive, and he always had an inexplicable impulse when he first faced Bai Susu!
Wondering in my heart, I recalled a memory of Bai Susu, and finally Ning Caichen spoke a list of his mouth-
"This boring man!"
What did he know about himself? Just now, he will have some impulse. Bai Susu will have a strange feeling that his original owner had a love for Bai Susu in his heart, but he has been afraid to say that poor people have a crush on pretty widows. This is not a glorious thing. Some words in Ning Caichen seem to be in the middle of the show, and you can’t believe who said that Ning Caichen is a gentleman? Nima has a crush on widows!
"Do you want to buy a painting? !”
Ning Caichen thoughts have been aimed at his boss wang leaned in!
"Not again!"
Ning Caichen smiled and refused to pay attention to Wang’s boss’s reduction in price to keep him striding away from here. Then Ning Caichen bought two catties of rice from another rice shop and inquired about the situation of selling couplets here and the price of renting the shop! When I got back to my humble abode, it was a little dark. Ningshan had arrived home and was cooking!
"You are back!" Ningshan hello Ning Caichen way!
"Well, I’m back!" Ning Caichen should be one! Then he handed two Jin of rice to Ningshan. "I just didn’t come with two Jin of rice. Please pour it into the rice jar!"
"Ah, two catties of rice!" Ningshan was surprised to see that two catties of rice were not copper coins. He only earned five copper coins by selling and buying materials today!
"I got ten coppers!" Ning Caichen explained 1! Then he said, "By the way, let’s go to a shop one day!"
"ah! Shop! " This Ningshan can’t be calm. "Why can you make money?" !”
"You put the rice in the rice jar first, and I’ll have dinner with you later!"
"Oh, oh, good!"
Although there are ten thousand doubts in my heart, Ningshan still listens to Ning Caichen dialect!

She was hit by Shao’s tears before and after, and her four palms, strange meridians and veins all wanted to break, and she lost her fighting ability.

She knew that if she didn’t seize the opportunity to kill Shao’s tears in one fell swoop, she would be able to resist even Xiao Qiushui’s tears!
So she sent a double hook.
Shao tears in the hook is not dead.
Once Xiao Qiushui was shaken out, she stood with Shao in tears.
She tried to avoid retreating, but she felt dizzy and burst into tears.
Six hit Shao tears palm force is still strong!
Song Zhu flew out like a broken kite and flew out.
One, she didn’t rely on it, and she didn’t have the strength, just like every woman. When she fell, she fell into a male body, and that was Xiao Qiushui.
Xiao Qiushui took Song Zhu. At this time, the sun was bright, the mountains were cold and the trees were not far away. Xiao Qiushui saw this piece of white jade with a black face and beautiful eyebrows and timid lips. The bright red dress was like blood. Xiao Qiushui knew that she had to save her. She was a weak woman.
But when he looked up, the sun appeared in the dark. Before him, he was covered in blood, trembling and horrible, and Shao shed tears.
Shao tears suddenly laughed with hey hey strange laugh.
Xiao Qiushui said, "What are you laughing at?"
Shao shed tears and blood, and tears kept flowing. "I laugh at you."
Xiao Qiushui said, "What am I funny about?"
Shao looked at Xiao Qiushui with tears. "Do you know who you are holding?"
Xiao Qiushui said "Red Phoenix"
Shao looked at Xiao Qiushui with tears. "Do you know who her husband is?"
Xiao Qiushui said, "Liu Suifeng?"
Shao shed tears while laughing, bleeding and crying.
"Do you know who is willow five? ! He is the most terrible and poisonous person in the world today! If you defile his mistress, there will be a lot to see. You will suffer all your life … "
Xiao Qiushui roared, "Nonsense!"
Shao tears like laughing out of breath "not nonsense but true!" People clap to Xiao Qiushui with a palm.
Xiao Qiushui quickly put Song Zhushan away. It’s too late to take a hard hand.
Shao shed tears, although he was seriously injured, but his strength was still very strong. Xiao Qiushui even quit the seven steps and shook his body. Shao shed tears and blocked his acupuncture points.
Xiao colchicine fell unconscious Song Zhu side.
Xiao Qiushui’s dumb hole is not closed and he thunders "You-"
Shao burst into tears and laughed. Suddenly he paused and coughed up one mouthful blood.
Xiao Qiushui growled, "You don’t respect yourself when you’re dying-!"
Shao tears and tears "self-respect? I’ve been seriously injured, and I’ve died long ago without the vitality of Dan. "


A bee flies out of one end of Yu Di, and the golden tail of the bee flashes with this black poisonous light. This must be a poisonous tail sting, even if it is stabbed in Yuan infant, it will paralyze you for several times, not to mention the Dan-knot stage. It is very likely that you will become paralyzed and even a vegetative state when you are stabbed.
Lin Luo face a change back a few steps in the hands of the cloud sword has been taken out.
Lingbao people’s mouth overflowed with a smile flute, which suddenly changed from melodious sound to harsh sound. At first, the sharp chirping of the original golden bee revolving around Lingbao people turned to Lin Luo, and the two of them had received half of the tail needle and suddenly stood out for several inches. Actually, the black light shone again, and the huge eyes of the golden bee also radiated fierce light.
Lingbao people took off their mouths and said, "What about the little doll? Still want to be with me, right? If you give me your bow, I can give you a chance to live, but you have to go to a place. When you get in that place, you will never get out. That’s because the defenders warned you not to go to the place, and I can let you live. "
"Where?" Lin Luo eyes flashing while dealing with Lingbao people while thinking about ways such as defeating Lingbao people.
Lingbao people look at Lin Luo like turtles in a jar and see through Lin Luo’s mind at a glance. Does it matter if he plays tricks with a smile? "It’s called a sinkhole, and it’s said that the most mysterious place of Tianyanzong was originally sealed by the Almighty together with the sinkhole, but it’s dangerous to go in and not come out. If you want to live, you can go in and I can rest assured that I will spare your life."
Lin Luo cold hum a he naturally know what Lingbao people have in mind. This sinkhole must be a mysterious place. Obviously, all the people who go in are dead. The array guards dare not go in and say that it is extremely dangerous. It is the stage of deification. Zhongzhou has to find a master. Even Zhongzhou has a forbidden area.
"Why? Unwilling to go in? Then you have a way! " Lingbao people see Lin Luo expression way
"But I don’t know who can go this way." Lin Luo doesn’t fall in the wind at all. Although he can’t do his own kung fu, he can’t fall in the mouth. He can always occupy the same wind
Lingbao people’s eyes are even more violent. He knows that this little tiger can actually clean up the white-winged tiger in front of him. It’s really unusual for him to hear the white-winged tiger sound. Although this little tiger is very difficult to beat the white-winged tiger by shooting a bow, Lingbao people dare not be careless.
The original Lingbao people wanted to lure Lin Luo into the sinkhole by threats, but Lin Luo, a small man, had to fight World War I improperly!
Chapter 1 Dou Bao
The whimper flute sounded again. Na Di was first deep, like a sea breeze blowing on a rock, and then it sounded like a sharp and harsh battle horn. The wings of the golden bee vibrated quickly and gave off a buzz. The thumb-sized golden bee actually expanded ten times and became a fist-sized bee.
Lin Luo surly hands cloud sword oblique guide Tianyi a fighting spirit from generate.
See Lin Luo posture Lingbao people look more dignified. This Lin Luo body can actually condense out the meaning of the sword. You know, when there was a baby, the monks realized the meaning of the sword, that is, he also had a little knowledge of the meaning of the sword. I didn’t expect Lin Luo’s sword to condense so smoothly.
The golden bee suddenly stagnated. It felt a breath of fright from Lin Luo’s body. The Lingbao people saw that a drum flute on their cheeks was more intense, and they kept drumming like rain in the horn of the battlefield. When they heard this drum, the golden bee stagnated and once again came to Lin Luo with a vibration.
Lin Luo stood still like a statue with a sword in his hand. The statue was agitated by Na Di and aggressive by the golden bee. At this time, Lin Luo had the golden bee venom sting in his eyes.
The stinger Lin Luo’s eyes are getting bigger and bigger, and the size of the original needle tip is gradually reflected. Lin Luo’s pupil occupies the pupil everywhere, as if there is the stinger in Lin Luo’s pupil.
When the stinger approached Lin Luo, Lin Luo moved, the earth fell and the mountains shook, which made the world shake.
The tip of the needle pointed at the wheat awn, and the cloud sword stabbed the gold bee venom. With the sound of the stone hitting each other, it even gave off a little gorgeous fire. The gold bee buzzed around and quickly returned to Lingbao people, and it also sang slightly as if to tell its own pain.
Lin Luo didn’t think that the golden bee was so hard, and it was even harder than the stone. He was surprised and looked at his cloud sword for fear that it would be wounded.
Lin Luo was surprised. Lingbao people were even more surprised. He didn’t expect that the gold bee venom needle didn’t pierce Lin Luo’s seemingly tattered iron sword. The gold bee venom sting foot is comparable to that of the Six Lingbao sword, and the size of the poison needle is smaller than that of the wide cloud tip, which should be more advantageous. Then it should be said that the iron sword in this small hand should be no less than the Six Lingbao sword. Thought of this, a greedy light in Lingbao people’s eyes popped out again.
"I can’t believe that your fortune is quite rich. I am more and more curious about your identity! I have heard that the star mark of the main palace of Xingyue Palace has reached the end of Dan at the age of 20. Say it’s you. Hey, hey, don’t be too busy denying it. You’re dead anyway! Let you see what I call a Lingbao person! "
The words sound just fell and Lingbao people took out a plate of silver light, which seemed to be printed with a figure similar to Tai Chi pattern, depicting one white and one black as flowing water, especially two white and dazzling black, which was very strange. Then Lingbao people threw the plate at Lin Luo, but it seemed to be a dazzling silver light when it turned quickly, but Lin Luo knew that the silver plate’s lethality was not the silver light, but the disk’s rotating driving force hurt people. The edge of the silver plate was cut by the rotating force, which was the killer of the silver plate.
Seeing that the gray gas around was swayed by the silver light, the whistling wind was far more powerful than the Linluo steam wheel operator. The fire wheel operator paid attention to the fire power, while the cutting force was paid attention to.
Lin Luo took out the round umbrella from the bag without thinking and quickly opened it in front of him.
A buzz saw that the silver plate turned around the black round umbrella, but it couldn’t find a cutting position, so it had to turn back. Lingbao people made a strange trick to put the silver plate back into their hands easily, but his eyes looked straight at Lin Luo’s round umbrella.
"What is this? I think I should call you Lingbao, and there are so many treasures! I didn’t expect this umbrella to be able to resist the cutting force of my Tai Chi disc. It’s really powerful! "
Lingbao people looked at Lin Luo strangely and spoke with a splash and swallowed a mouthful of saliva
Lin Luo gently shook his hand, which was numb because his hand was covered by a round umbrella. Lingbao people didn’t see it, which made Lin Luo look more relaxed. Lin Luo’s mouth was cold and his eyes were full of dignity. If it wasn’t for the round umbrella to protect Lin Luo, it would be a big blow. I still feel that the hand meridians are a little messy for a long time to calm down.
"I have three treasures called Lingbao people, and this Tai Chi plate is the one that has followed me for the most years. I rely on this Tai Chi plate to cross the Dandan period in Zhongzhou, but I can come from behind the enemy lines and I got a golden bee tamed by Yu Di in the ruins. This is my second treasure."
Lingbao people’s eyes are cold. I don’t know if Lin Luo suddenly came to Lin Luo because of this.
"But few people saw my third treasure die on the spot because they saw the third treasure!" Lingbao people’s eyes changed and they were full of crazy colors. Then they dug out a jade Jane in their hands. As soon as the jade Jane was exposed, there was a rush of aura. You can see that the jade Jane depicts an ancient handwriting that scares people’s souls as if it were a thunder word. Lin Luo’s conduits are not good. It turns out that this youngest son is paving the way here.
"Five talisman wahoo silver flower operator! Hum, hum, how can you spell me? I am a Lingbao person! Treasure hunt expert! " Lingbao people are screaming and their eyes are red and seemingly crazy.
Although it is troublesome to clean up Lin Luo, it is less than five talismans, especially the wahoo silver flower charm, but when attacking the talisman, Lingbao people are shocked by Lin Luo’s taking out treasures again and again. The nickname Lingbao people is called Lingbao people. How can he allow a younger person to have more treasures than him? Only when his head is hot, he takes out this wahoo silver flower charm, but it is a secret that Lingbao people find it by chance.
Lin Luo was really taken aback when he heard the silver flower symbol of the wahoo. For the talisman, he knew that there were three types of thunder in the talisman. The thunder attribute of the fire attribute was the most offensive. Perhaps only one of the thousands of talisman can practice the Friar Leifu, but the advanced Leifu is even rarer. It can be said that the silver flower symbol of the wahoo surprised the friar in the deification period, but it threatened the almighty Lin Luo in the deification period. He was the external operator who learned that there were five attributes of fire, water and soil in Jin Mu.
When the five symbols are used, the paper will inherit the spirit force. At this time, the jade slips are used as the paper to describe the spirit force, and one advantage of the spirit force is that it can be used for many times. For example, this flaming tree and silver flower charm can generally make the jade simple and dim for ten times, and the jade will be simplified and broken. However, the jade slips in the hands of Lingbao people are still very dazzling. It is just a few times that the spirit force has been used.
Lin Luolai didn’t want Lingbao people to have a high-level coffin, because the jade slips in Lingbao people’s hands had burst out with a bang, and a dazzling white thunderbolt spread out from Lingbao people’s hands like a branch, and dozens of thunderbolts extended from the main branches in Lingbao people’s hands, which looked like talking about Raytheon, while Lin Luo seemed that the thunderbolts were like an impenetrable net and did not evade him.
Fire tree, silver flower, thunder, five charms, attack power, six stars, defense power and vitality
Aside, Bai Feng was almost scared and looked at the thunderbolt with a look of despair in her eyes.
But the more Lin Luo faced such a scene, the more calm his heart became. He was thinking about countermeasures quickly in his mind, but several Zhang Ling symbols appeared in his hands. It turned out that Fu Linluo threw the rocket symbol with one hand and whizzed it into a sea of fire. Dozens of rockets flew out of the sea of clouds, burning rockets like soldiers flying rows of spears to the oncoming thunderbolt.
Bang bang bang!
The continuous collision of sound, fire and thunder stirred up a burst of earth-shattering sound. This audio-visual is the roaring sea water hitting the coastal reef, and the gas explosion force generated by the collision of the two will overturn Lin Luo and Lingbao people at the same time. Even the nearby white maple did not avoid being knocked off and stumbled to the ground.
Lingbao is messy and dusty, but he doesn’t care. Besides, Lingbao people are sloppy.
"You, where did you get so many four-character charms?" Lingbao people look incredible with horror, and take out several four-spirit charms like wiping paper. What a big deal!
Lingbao people didn’t see Lin Luo’s dreary exercise when he threw the talisman. It was worse than hemorrhoids.
The five-charm is ten times more powerful than the four-charm. Among the four-charm of Lin Luo, the most powerful attack charm is ten, and one five-charm is for Lingbao people, which makes Lin Luo change the odds.
You stung me with a golden bee, my sword resisted you, my taiji disc cut me, and my round umbrella dissolved. When you made the talisman, Lin Luo, the talisman, finally stopped waving his hand, that is, bleeding blood and several rocket symbols.
Lin Luo’s eyes flashed tightly and asked, "Where did your five charms come from?"
As far as Lin Luo knows, there has never been a five-charm in Zhongzhou. Because Zhongzhou doesn’t produce jade slips made by the jade crystal root system, then the five-charm is made by law. If there are several jade slips in Zhongzhou, it is that the big family brother brought them back from the big state outside, but how can Lingbao people have them? Lin Luobai is puzzled.
"Hum" Lingbao people are cold-mouthed, but they didn’t answer Lin Luo’s words. Because this involves secrets in his heart, and he has already seen that Lin Luo is not easy to deal with. Who knows how many charms there are in him? If there are five charms … It’s best to expose some secrets less when you can’t kill a person.
"I can’t kill you, but I will stay here forever. If your family wants to kill me, just come and I’ll wait for you!" Say that finish Lingbao people eyes peep out one silk nai will leave.
Lin Luo is not so accommodating at this time. He grunted, "Come and go as you like. When this is your home! If you don’t keep the treasure, you will choose! "
Hear Lin Luo so big Lingbao people chest choking thirty years Hedong thirty years Hexi this role has changed, but Lingbao people pay and have no ability to kill Lin Luo. What’s worse, there is also a eyeing companion next to the crowd. Lingbao people naturally can’t underestimate Bai Feng’s subtle thinking eyes. "Do you want to know the secret of the five charms? Hey, hey, come with me to the sinkhole. If you are lucky, you will get something! "
After saying this, Lingbao people quickly flew away without giving Lin Luo a chance to speak.
"Tiankeng ….." Lin Luo dew looked at Lingbao people with curiosity and muttered in the direction of flying away.
Chapter 11 Traps
"Brother Wu, you mustn’t be that bad old man. We mustn’t go to any sinkhole. I think it must be very dangerous!" Bai Feng also heard the last sentence of Lingbao people combined with Lin Luo’s eager expression and immediately stopped Lin Luo.
Lin Luo looked at Bai Feng anxiously and sighed gently. How can Bai Feng know the importance of the charm to himself? It is as important as that of a sword maker who loves swords and flowers. When a thief sees a beautiful woman, her heart really itches like a cat scratching.

"Hello, my name is Xiao Bury. These are the emperor and the moon. Please give me some advice."

"Ah, which one is the emperor?" At this time, Ino discovered that there were two cats in Xiao Bury’s arms and immediately reached out and hugged them.
"Idiot Ino can tell by looking at the color that it must be gold and that one is the emperor, but to be honest, it’s much more beautiful than your name, Ino Cat!" KINOMOTO SAKURA directly made a mockery. This is really a natural enemy
"Damn it, KINOMOTO SAKURA gave me a room and called me a cat."
"Ha ha!" Everyone looked at the two girls playing happily. Obviously, everyone is used to such things. At this time, Sasuke said a sentence.
"Ino didn’t expect your relatives to come to see you. Do you still play with KINOMOTO SAKURA? Is it too sentimental? Are you really incapable of taking care of guests? "
Shu Mao looked at Sasuke doubtfully. Is this still the arrogant Sasuke? I can’t believe I’m joking. It seems that it’s still a little bit for him to live with everyone too early. In addition, it’s possible that his repeated education has also played a certain role
Shu Mao didn’t know whether it was privately when Naruto talked with Sasuke, but he slowly changed Sasuke.
From Naruto’s Sasuke, I know that Shu Mao and Naruto are orphans, whether they are orphans or not, and even their parents have never met them, but they are dependent on each other and take care of each other. Normally, Shu Mao takes care of Naruto, but the orphan is lonely. Without Naruto’s company, Shu Mao would not be here today. These are complementary things.
Of course, these words are not spoken by Naruto, but occasionally Naruto likes to ask Shu Mao what he can help Shu Mao, and Shu Mao said these words, and these words entered Sasuke’s ear through Naruto’s mouth, and Sasuke’s sense of superiority came again, and at the same time he didn’t want to be compared with all kinds of forcing himself to integrate into this body. Now it seems that it really works.
"Sasuke, do you like KINOMOTO SAKURA? Why do you always help KINOMOTO SAKURA speak?" Ino is quite angry. Isn’t he the same hair color as that cat?
Hearing this, Sasuke didn’t move, but he smiled, while KINOMOTO SAKURA stopped shyly. It seems that KINOMOTO SAKURA still likes this handsome and beautiful boy in Yeong-jun Kim as much as the original.
"Well, you’ve all come together, so I’d like to announce one thing. I just closed back and haven’t come to sort out this closed harvest. I saw the situation of the construction site. I think it will be completed in about 67 days, so I’ll sort out my harvest in these 67 days. When I’ve sorted out my harvest, you can come to me on your own and challenge me. Of course, I don’t exclude playing group warfare with you. You can team up to challenge me. Of course, it’s best not to have more than three people. After that, we all have three. A group of people want to know what your strongest strength is. Naruto can also team up with you. In addition, if you can finish all the work the day before, I will accept your challenge the day before. If you can finish it now, I can accept your challenge now. It all depends on you. Remember that the longer you wait, the better my state will be! " Shu Mao was very excited and announced the challenge.
"This is the first thing, then the second thing is that after my sister’s small burial, she is in charge of everything here. If it weren’t for things with strength, she could go to Xiao burial, such as your emotional problems and your academic problems. Rest assured, I still know what my sister is best at, but I can come to me if I can’t finish things, can’t I? In addition, I will also teach Xiao Bury to practice chakra. If you are buried by Xiao Bury, you will lose your face, so don’t say I gave Xiao Bury a small stove! You know, my sister has never studied chakra and can’t practice it yet, but I believe my sister’s qualification is absolutely no problem. "
"Well, as soon as I come back, I’ll give you so much, which means that we will have a simple party at my house one night, and then you will all come to your parents and it’s best not to show up. I think they will feel depressed when they eat with adults of five generations and three generations, right? What about you? You can clean up the mountain now. Besides, Naruto, come with me and we’ll prepare the ingredients. You can also ask your father to bring some ingredients to my house for others. You can prepare whatever you want by yourself. Let’s have a good meal together in the evening. Let’s all prepare! "
"Oh!" A child is a child. It’s hard to hear about eating one by one.
"Naruto, let’s go!" Shu Mao pulled up a small buried hand and touched it. You might as well pull it up and protect her from her armpit. "Brother Xiao Buried will take you to fly once!" After that, I jumped directly from Huoyingyan, the first generation of the head, arm in arm with a small buried waist!
It’s the first time that Kobayashi felt such excitement. If it weren’t for holding two meows in her hands, she would really extend her hands to feel the experience she had never experienced before. But even so, Shumao’s ears were hurt by the screaming of Kobayashi, and Naruto jumped directly from Huoyingyan to practice this strength these days.
Then the little friends jumped to Shumao one by one. I didn’t see that there was a girl in the crowd watching him hug Xiao Buried his waist and jump directly. His face didn’t look good.
The girl watched others jump one after another, and she got up the courage to jump the Huoyingyan, but all this was seen by another person, who didn’t say anything.
Shu Mao is going to hold a dinner party for three generations. They knew it was when Uncle Lu Jiu knew about it and wanted to attend. Then Lu Maru said something about Shu Mao. If you don’t feel uncomfortable eating with three generations and five generations, just go. Lu Jiu thought about it for a long time and decided to have a meal. After all, he hasn’t eaten Shu Mao’s food for a long time, and the greedy worm in his stomach also called.
Finally, Lujiu came up with a way to ask the old brothers to eat and drink together, but they didn’t expect that they should not go and end up with all kinds of arrested men.
"Lujiu, what do you think of this training?"
"Lujiu, look at those children’s training venues, but the training methods haven’t been decided yet. Do you have any good suggestions?"
"Ding Zuo, let’s see how these strength training facilities are!"
"Haiyi, do you want to build a medical office with Lushan?"
Of course, I can command these three people, except for three generations, and the aura is surprisingly powerful, Princess Gang Shou Ji!
"Oh, by the way, my brother said that when it’s finished, he will join hands with these little guys to see if they have made any progress. If you don’t want them to be badly abused, you’d better go back to training. It won’t be nice to embarrass your family in front of so many owners, will it?"
"Ha ha, Lord Huo Ying, don’t worry, don’t say that I agree with their strength. Even if they lose, it’s nothing. After all, they are all fraternity members now, and it’s not a shame to lose to their boss, is it?" Lu Jiugang over there really frowned when he heard the news, but he didn’t think of a good way. He immediately smiled when he heard Ding Zuo’s statement here.
"Don’t worry, if they can beat my brother, I can tell him to train less hard later."
"This is not the training malicious to increase strength you didn’t pick up kakashi them a few reality? It’s almost time to catch the booth. These kids are really talented, but they haven’t trained well before, and now even the silence has become very powerful!
I followed them to the forest of death once, and I was really scared by their training methods. I tried it myself. I knew I couldn’t resist such a fierce attack. Listening to the water stop, the mountains came with the waterfalls, trees and other things, but that time I saw all stones, not big stones, but small stones. Before the waterfalls were damaged by them, the words "Ding Zuo" were exaggerated, but it was different when I heard Shu Mao’s ears. Shu Mao directly they had cultivated to the final stage of quicksand!
Yes, there is a final stage of waterfall cultivation. If a person can withstand the baptism of quicksand, how far will his body reach? Shu Mao thought it would be so-called even to force the door to be opened. It is estimated that Akai will not be able to open the first six doors now. This is the advantage of strong body
Chapter 20 Eating equals reporting?
"oh? Now they have cultivated to the final stage? "
"The final stage?" Gang Shou felt very fresh when he heard this word. Even Lu Jiu and Ding Zuo looked at Shu Mao as if they were all waiting for Shu Mao Wen.
"Oh, waterfall training is divided into three stages: the first stage of water baptism, the second stage of sundries baptism, and the third stage of quicksand baptism. These three stages are all one after another. You can’t skip it. If you can’t even catch the water baptism, you can directly come to quicksand baptism? It is estimated that it will be directly killed by sand? "
"ah? There is also quicksand? " Ding Zuo saw that it was obviously not quicksand.
"Brother, what this training is really good for strength increase? Won’t it cause any bad harm to their bodies? "
"Oh, it won’t happen if they follow my steps to train, unless they don’t follow my steps, as I just said, if you skip the second step directly to train the third quicksand baptism, then injury is a must.
The biggest benefit of this training is that Ding Zuo must know, right? "
"Well, this training is to practice the physical body. Everyone knows that when we fight the enemy, most of us punch straight to the flesh. But if one day the enemy hits you and you don’t feel anything, but you hit the enemy and the enemy is in pain, then who do you think will win more?"
They nodded when they heard Ding Zuo’s words.
"Well, Shi Dingzuo is said to be a benefit. There is also a fate in this ability. You all know that Akai’s body is very good, but I don’t know that it is his physical condition. You have all seen Akai’s power at that time. But even Kay’s physique, I don’t think he can necessarily practice to the first door, right?
And after this death waterfall training, you can easily open the first six doors even if you don’t go to the door, and you will understand that this training has made most people feel scared for some pale blue beasts who need to rely on physical strength to support endurance. What if the pale blue beasts can be mass-produced? Have you thought about it?
In addition, there is another advantage of being physically strong, that is, the state of Fuze’s descendants can be perfectly inherited by one generation when they are born, so that if that person’s physique is at its peak, he will be able to be healthy and strong, which is probably the last thing you expected! "
Gang Shou nodded his head and then thought carefully. He felt that Shu Mao’s last words were very reasonable. This state can be explained by cell activity.
"Of course, if there is any recessive family disease, then I can’t help it. I say it’s general and special, but I can’t support this theory."
"Brother, where is this knowledge? What I haven’t heard of? "
"Oh, this is my Millennium research sister. If I heard about it, is it still a study? When I was young, I couldn’t practice at home for fear of hurting my foundation, but it supported me to read more family classics, saying that it was good for post-practice. Now my biggest headache is that I didn’t watch much at first, but now I always remember what I have seen little by little. If I had known that I had to recite it, I wouldn’t worry about practicing by myself. "Shu Mao said that he was very naive, but everyone felt quite embarrassed when he heard this. Is he still called practicing headache now? Isn’t this red fruit hitting the face? Is there such a person? Really!
"Well, I’ve almost prepared everything, so please sit down first and get ready to eat. By the way, who will call three generations of adults?"
"I’ll go."
"Ah yamato when will you come back? How are things going? "
"I’ll tell you this after dinner, but you have to compensate me well for this meal!"
"Haha, no problem"
I’m afraid there is Gang Shou who knows what Yamato has been doing. I haven’t seen him these days. Even Uchihiro has been destroyed and Yamato hasn’t appeared. This shows how long Yamato has been out.
After a while, Yamato came with the three generations to the reception hall, where everyone was ready to eat.
A group of friends are quite happy to eat. During Shu Mao’s practice, they didn’t eat anything delicious. They also ate while sitting on Shu Mao, and their eyes narrowed. This shows how delicious this is.
"Don’t worry about eating. Let’s talk about your spiritual progress. Don’t make any progress after this project is completed, right?"
"Ha ha, brother, I must surprise you this time. Just wait, but I won’t tell you my killer. I’ll catch you off guard. I’ve long wanted to see my brother. You’re in a mess!" Naruto is very proud. It seems that he has learned something full of confidence.
"Well, it’s okay if you don’t say that you practice, so talk about what good things you have done in your village these days."
"This is for me. Naruto is always all thumbs and often does wrong things. I discussed with several of him and let Naruto pick up the garbage. After all, the health situation also needs everyone to maintain together.
Most of the girls go to orphanages to help take care of the orphans and send them some food to play with the children.
We boys all go to some construction sites in Konoha to give a hand. In his case, we will take turns to go to the cemetery to sweep the grave, which is something that the seniors do. Besides, Ino has collected a lot of stray cats, and KINOMOTO SAKURA and Ueda have prepared some cat food, and some stray dogs have been brought back by his teeth, which makes his family want to build a new kennel recently. But according to the teeth, these stray dogs have many qualifications and can be forbearing dogs, right? "Lumaru threw the woman to eat her teeth while Lumaru picked up a piece of spring rolls and ate them slowly.
"Yes, our family has confirmed that nearly half of these more than three stray dogs can be trained as forbearing dogs, but he can’t be trained because of injury or old age. Unfortunately, Konoha didn’t train cats, or those stray cats in Ino can be trained as everyone’s communication forbearing animals." Tooth said without regret.
"If you really want to train cats, I know how to train them," Sasuke said as he stopped chopsticks while eating.
"oh? Sasuke, what can you do? "
"It is said that your dog burial family is a master of training dogs. We Uchihiro also have training and training are assassination-type. The cat is the mother-in-law except for our Uchihiro gens. Even if we buy information, others will not meet directly.
After all, it is normal to carry out assassination intelligence and collect some undisclosed information! "Sasuke said this terrible cat is meow mother-in-law.
"Well, I’ll give those cats to Sasuke when I’ve eaten!" Hai can’t wait to send these cats out of the house. These days, the flowers in the flower shop have been spoiled by those naughty cats, and they may even lose money.
"Okay, I’ll talk to Nekobaa later."
Real Sasuke doesn’t talk. Shu Mao is also going to take a trip to Nekobaa, and he is afraid that Nekobaa doesn’t want to see himself, but now Sasuke will come forward and everything will be much better.
"Well, it will take a while for Xiao Bury to practice, and the emperor and the moon will go with those cats to help you say that local practice will protect Xiao Bury."
"No problem, leave it to me!"

"Strength can make you equal. Generally, it is a huge adventure, or a trump card cultivated from the height of resources in local departments … even so, it is limited."

"You brought this person, she is a little too strong. Besides, I think she has a lot of second-and third-order skills, which are difficult for human beings to have at the same time."
Xu Tianhua said at the end, "She is from the spiritual world, right?"
Zhao, Angelnan and Chen’s jade have different expressions when they hear this last sentence. Angelnan is full of shock and curiosity, while Zhao’s Chen’s jade is dignified and suddenly.
Hang Yu wondered and asked, "How did you see it?"
Xu Tianhua said, "We have also successfully recruited a spiritual person, a ready-made spiritual strategic consultant and two prisoners."
"I didn’t expect it to be true."
"It’s true that there are people in the spiritual world one after another, and human beings are directly involved in human beings."
Zhao Chenyu showed great interest in this.
"No wonder Xiaobai is so strong. It turns out that she is an aboriginal who has been living in the spiritual world." Angelnan was full of curiosity and she couldn’t help but ask, "If we can join hands with people in the spiritual world to explore the spiritual world in the future, wouldn’t it be easier?"
Zhao shook his head. "Don’t think of the world so beautifully!"
"Yes, 90% of people in the spiritual world are difficult to communicate with and full of malice." Xu Tianhua said with a serious face. "In some areas, people in the spiritual world have established an army. This is a tide in the human world that does not ignore huge hidden dangers and the threat is far more than strange."
"Lao Xu said yes, Xiaobai is a rare exception." Hang Yu also nodded. "The indigenous people in the spiritual world are generally cruel. If you find the clues of the indigenous people in the spiritual world, you’d better report to the local Skynet immediately."
Angelnan spat out his tongue.
She also thinks she is too naive.
Why should people in the spiritual world live in peace with the weak human beings at present?
Alas, it is better to be a great god than to be unreliable!
Chen Yu said, "Well, it seems that you have to pay attention to this news when you go back."
Zhao is obviously also very interested.
He is going to collect information when he returns.
It is not known whether people in the spiritual world will report it when they find it.
Everyone chatted with each other in the gap between battles.
The situation in Angelnan is very good
Yanjing is the most orderly city at present.
Because even if there is a threat, it can be suppressed
Zhao talked about a strange thing recently: "A huge whirlpool with a diameter of dozens of miles suddenly appeared in the ocean hundreds of miles in Pengcheng, distorting not only the seawater but also the nearby area. Do you know what is going on?"
Hang Yu said, "I think it’s a huge rift. If it’s short-lived, it’s nothing. If it stays open for a long time, we should be alert to the invasion of powerful creatures."
"We have been in a lot of trouble in Rongcheng recently," Chen Yu also said at this moment. "I don’t know when rat people often appear in the city. They often attack citizens. It is said that there is a powerful rat king behind these rat people."
"This must be an invasion planned by people in the spiritual world," Xu Tianhua said without thinking. "As far as I know, there are ten areas around the country that have suffered similar threats, and many of them may be one of the biggest threats to human life."
Angelnan and Zhang Xiaoqiang heard these exchanges.
Everyone feels heavy pressure in their hearts.
All countries have now completely lost control of local areas.
People in all cities are in a state of self-reliance. In many places, the situation has reached the point of danger. The beast tide, the supernatural monster … There are too many threats facing mankind.
Catastrophe may break out at any time!
Everybody steady rhythm.
I brushed it for two hours.
In this process, two dog’s human face queen ant both rose to level 1, and two dog has risen to level 6, and the human face queen ant has risen to level 5.
[Wang Ergou] (mutant spirit beast) Level 6 gold elite vitality 22 spirit 3 life recovery +1 agility +5 psionic knowledge +2 evolution 92/14 reiki 2/4
[Giant Ant with Face] Level 5 Gold Elite Vitality 17 Spirit 2 Evolution 29/22 Reiki 1/2
All the attributes of Grade 6 two dog have been greatly improved.
His general attack power has reached the level of Xu Tianhua.

The brute mother embraced the strong Sun Hao with a happy face. The old brute mother finally went to herself and will be the closest person to the holy king in the future. She said softly, "Husband, I am a seedling, remember."

Sun Hao "When will Xiaohe wake up!"
I don’t know how long it took.
Sun Hao asked, "Who are you?"
The pretty mother’s face is full of happiness. "The holy king has a miscarriage."
Sun Hao "Oh, why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?"
I don’t know how long it took.
Sun Hao asked, "Who are you?"
The pretty mother’s face is full of happiness. "The holy king’s concubine is drizzling."
Sun Hao "Oh, why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?"
I don’t know how long it took.
When Sun Hao asked again, "Why hasn’t Xiaohe woken up yet?" When the mother was full of curiosity, she asked, "Who is the holy king Xiaohe?"
Sun Hao stayed.
After half a ring, Corleone muttered, "Yes, who is Xiaohe? Who is Xiaohe? "
Stand up and come out of the stone house. Sun Hao of the holy mountain roared, "Come out for me while grazing."
Border grazing don’t know from where a channeling and jump to Sun Hao shoulder barked "boss? Are we going to kill out again for fun? "
Sun Haoyi * * * eyes filar silk vacant mouth big asked "who is Xiaohe? I can’t remember, but I know it’s important. Tell me who Xiaohe is? "
The shepherd’s eyes turned round and round and barked, "Xiaohe is a little girl picking mushrooms. Come on, boss, let me sing a song with you. The lyrics are to the effect that he is picking mushrooms like this. The little girl is carrying a big bamboo basket …"
Sun Hao "Oh, Xiaohe turned out to be a little girl picking mushrooms …"
Slowly turned and walked to the stone house, grazing face revealed filar silk could not bear to sigh and ran a few steps. When his body froze, he found himself in the hands of Sun Hao.
Fishing for the edge of grazing and putting yourself in front of Sun Haoda said, "Who is the wrong edge of grazing Xiaohe?" You absolutely lied to me. If you don’t tell the truth, I don’t mind playing you directly, Tintin … "
Bian Mu’s face froze and his mouth was bitter. He said, "Boss, even if I told you, you can’t remember the past. Will you forget you when she is a mushroom girl?"
Corleone body straight "what I can’t remember? I seem to remember that this can’t be forgotten. "
The shepherd barked, "You are a holy king, a peerless holy king, and your life is brilliant. The mothers are all passers-by in your life. They can’t follow your footsteps and have a long life like yours. Why do you think so much? As good as I am, I don’t know how many concubines I have changed? "
Sun Hao’s hand is tight
Bian Mu was pinched and stuck out his tongue. "Boss has something to say. Don’t be rude if you have something to say."
Sun Hao buzzed and said, "I wonder who Xiaohe is? I also need to know how I can remember Xiaohe. "
Bian Mu said naively, "What do you really want to know? I said that it is estimated that you will be very sad. "
Sun boldly opened the border shepherd’s hand shield and hammer and said calmly, "Come on, I also feel that there is something wrong with myself."
Sun Hao, a border herdsman, barked at his shoulders and fingers. "Not only is it wrong, boss, don’t you see that you are very different from them?"
Sun Hao looked after half a ring. "They have one more head than me, but shouldn’t my body be like this?" Shouldn’t I be the first holy king? "
Bian Mu looked around at the bass novel and said, "Real boss, you came here with a head, but you were cut off by someone. It’s very simple that you can’t remember things because you have no brains, you know?" You have no brain … "
Sun Hao was stupefied and muttered to himself in the mouth of the holy mountain, "My mindless head has been cut off … but where is my head?"
Bian Mu muttered, "Then one day I really know that I have been kicked out or being kicked as a ball, or I have been treated as a dung gourd ladle …"
The border shepherd hasn’t finished yet. Sun Hao can clearly perceive that the border shepherd is wrong and his eyes stare "absolutely not"
Border grazing wagged his head and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, maybe there’s some bird-less place hidden, but I can’t smell any smell from my dog. It’s estimated that if it’s not hidden too well, it’s too far away …"
That’s true, but the border shepherd feels that he can’t smell the slightest breath, and nine times out of ten he has been kicked out.
Sun Hao felt very different when he heard the words of border herding. At this moment, he suddenly had a very clear feeling that his head was really far away. If he wanted to return to normal, he had to get his head back.
Sun Hao on the top of the holy mountain couldn’t help but raise his shield, open his belly button and growl.
Boss, I want a boss.
I don’t want to forget Xiaohe. I want a head!
Strong desire rises from Sun Hao’s heart, growls and vibrates.
The soldiers of the Hehe tribe knelt down devoutly and prayed that the Lord King missed the first generation of barbarians again. Every once in a while, the Lord King would growl like a wounded beast.
It’s just that this time the roar is longer and louder.
Sun Haohao, a distant Ranglin island, seems to have had a long dream. In the gentle dream, he heard Xiaoqing’s gentle song, Bai Gong fell asleep, Dafaxu began to operate, and he began to practice in his head.
The nectar of fairy pear tree, the original liquid in the source barrel, always moistens Sun Hao’s head, keeping it vivid and the skin more and more crystal clear.
I don’t know how long it’s been. On this day, my head seems to hear a distant call.
Fairy pear flower suddenly opened her eyes and two divine lights shot out from her eyes.
Gently open your head and say, "Xiaoqing, thank you for your care, but I should go. Xiaoqing, don’t worry. One day, your brother Xiaoshan will take you with him after opening the Sumeru Tower …"
Chapter DiYiLiuLiu three Escape from great trouble
Holy mountain
At this moment when the head is open, Sun Hao’s body is distracted, and he clearly perceives the body consciousness, and he clearly perceives the indomitable will of the body consciousness to resist the undead.
Strong willpower makes the sense of distraction more combative.
The body is wild and strong, and it runs wildly. The mysterious atmosphere evolved from the unique tomb will evolve this strength into a wild Xingtian strength and run wildly.
Sun Hao of Ranglin Island opened his eyes, surrounded by pear blossoms all over the sky, rising higher and higher. When Teng took off, his mind was distracted and his body changed unusually.
Stronger than fighting spirit, fighting day by day generally seems to pierce the sky.
Head and body roar upwards.
The square shield hammer seems to have attracted a flash
Suddenly, the belly button, the mouth, the eyes and the ears of the flesh disappear into the flesh and rush away into the abdomen of the flesh.
Sun Hao has been sitting cross-legged in the head, and Yuan Ying seems to have been pulled by a method in his hand, and suddenly a dozen outward.
The head and body are separated by hundreds of millions of miles and have made a mysterious connection.
Yuan Ying’s handprint, the real body, this moment transcends and makes a mysterious connection.
The handprint flew to the semi-flesh, and its true vitality was also triggered by a dynamic boom. One by one, a huge virtual shadow appeared, and the virtual Kyushu was clearly visible.
This virtual shadow has two heads and six arms, and it is more majestic than going to see it seriously. It is the most one of the three heads that has disappeared somehow.
The imaginary people are frightened. I don’t know what is the powerful imaginary monster. The imaginary city is looming in the sky. I am surprised to ask, "I don’t know if Fang Daoyou is coming to the imaginary and there are other important things?"
Virtual shadow ignored the mouth a binge drinking "head to …"
One hand in the six arms reached out as if something was fished out somewhere, and the virtual shadow suddenly soared a few minutes in the middle of a dignified bloody head, and two arms bowed slightly to the foaming at the mouth of the city and said, "Go by this."
Say that finish virtual shadow like a funnel to disappear quickly.
Crossing the road? The monk stationed in Tianxu City feels inexplicable that there is such a muddle. Brother Almighty passed by. If every Brother Almighty came here, it would be hard to have peace.
I haven’t finished thinking about it yet
There is a huge crack in the sky.
A huge head stuck out again and Jordan roared, "I feel the breath of Terran’s birth. Tell me where he is?"
The guardian of Tianxu City has already changed his mind for a while, but he didn’t think of the past too far away. Now the guardian is very dissatisfied with the endless passing and says, "Jordan, don’t be late. I’m afraid you are endless. Is it fun? Terran left early to chase you and go elsewhere to chase me. "

"The boss, Qian Longhui, is my old boss. What is it if I tell others about your curtain?"

"Well, you did the right thing!"
Two dog dialed the words of Qian Longhui in one sentence. "Boss Qian asks you something. Do you know Huang Fangfei?"
"Yellow wheatgrass? No, I don’t! Boss Pi who is she? " Qian Longhui secretly cursed Qian Feiyan for being so kind to her when she was a niece. She betrayed me!
"If it’s a woman, I’ll ask that first!"
When Tian Huilixiang came in, she reported, "The boss Gong Yexian asked you to go there. It seems that she found her second brother!"
As soon as I heard that I found Gongyetiemu, two dog was excited and said, "Very well, Feiyan, you can rest at home and enjoy pear fragrance. Let’s go!"
With that, Pi Ergou left the hotel with Tian Huilixiang and drove to see Gong Yexian.
Besides, Qian Longhui, a big boss in Shenzhen, arranged spies to stare at Pi two dog before he left. He learned that Pi two dog had left Qian Feiyan at the hotel, and Qian Longhui immediately sent someone to raid the Xionglong Hotel, put Qian Feiyan in a masked Baotou and tied her to a secret room in the suburbs.
"untie her!" Qian Longhui ordered two thugs to lift the shackles of Qian Feiyan before.
Qian Feiyan was surprised when she found out that Qian Longhui, the former boss, tied her up. "Boss, do you tie me up with a pole?"
"Qian Feiyan, how did I treat you before?" Qian Longhui resist anger way
"Good! I’m not your niece. You treat me like a niece!" Qian Feiyan looked at this secret room inexplicably and found that she had been to this secret room many times. She knew that this secret room was a place where the big boss punished sinners, and suddenly her face changed.
"I am so good to you that you betray me?" Qian Longhui said more and more angrily and slapped Qian Feiyan with a slap in the face.
"Boss, I swear that if I tell you anything, I’m not human!"
"Bitch still dare to swear! You didn’t say a word. How did Pi two dog know that Huang Fangfei and I had it? " Qian Longhui great anger way
"Boss, he has his own intelligence network. I really didn’t betray you. Believe it or not, I feel guilty!" Qian Feiyan argued
"Smelly three I associate with wheatgrass but top secret no third person except you know! You have betrayed me shamefully and you have to argue! You two hang this bitch and give me a good beating! "
One order, two thugs are like hungry wolves hanging Qian Feiyan from the ceiling with a net rope when they see a surge of meat and bones.
"Boss, I am embarrassed!"
"Call me and beat me!"
Two thugs took turns beating Qian Feiyan as a sandbag and waving a long whip to beat Qian Feiyan until he was raw.
"Smelly three, I finally ask you if you betrayed me? I’ll spare you if you admit your mistake! "
"Boss, I’m sorry I betrayed you. I’m sorry. Stop fighting!" Qian Feiyan really can’t stand the torture, so she opens her mouth to admit her mistake.
"Go to you?" You also said that you had wronged the person who betrayed me the most maliciously. You waited-"Just saying malicious words, Qian Longhui suddenly saw a face sticking out from behind Qian Feiyan, and the face giggled at him. Qian Longhui rubbed his eyes and looked again and suddenly saw a little girl with two holes in the ceiling floating over quickly!
"A-A-Er, did you see anything?" Qian Longhui is in close contact with werewolves and sees ghosts. He is much calmer than the average person.
"There is a man in the ceiling of the old boss!"
"Boss, why does she have a head?"
Then two thugs screamed like pigs and ran away.
Luo Luo—
Seeing the female ghost Xiaohong slowly floating from the ceiling to the ground, she said, "Qian Longhui, how dare you touch my master assistant? Do you want to die?"
"Are you a person or a ghost? If it is a ghost, how can it come out in broad daylight? " It’s the first time Qian Longhui has seen ghosts for so long, and he’s not a little scared.
"Qian Longhui, I am the owner of my house, raising female ghosts. Don’t carry his black hand behind his back, okay?"
Said the female the ghost little red is called to inform the owner skin two dog.
Pi two dog learned that Qian Feiyan, the new assistant, had been kidnapped by Qian Longhui and immediately went to the suburbs to rescue him.
Qian Longhui learned that the female ghost recognized the owner of two dog’s skin and suddenly changed his face. "When the boss of Feiyan and other skins asks about you, just say that we are playing games and I will let you go!" Said Qian Longhui a hurry-scurry for Qian Feiyan loose tie and then for Qian Feiyan to find a suit for her to wear.
"Swallow, why don’t you talk? Look, I’m hurt too! " Said Qian Longhui is pulled out a dagger bursts with his arm scratched a few knife blood dripping on the ground plop down pretending to be in a coma.
"Qian Longhui didn’t you play dead! I saw it all, don’t try to argue! " Female the ghost little red jiao hum a way
"Boss, I don’t owe you Xiaohong after I helped you for the last time. Let’s go!" The former boss summoned two female ghosts and introduced her to Qian Feiyan. When Xiao Hong appeared, she was not afraid.
"Fei Yan Jie Qian Longhui tortured you like this. You can’t let this old rogue go!" Little red spirit not dozen 1 come way
Chapter 69 God Xiao Yin upgrade
"Little red, please do me a favor. The money boss is kind to me. This time, even if I repay him for the last time! What he does from now on has nothing to do with me! "
Xiaohong sighed when she saw Qian Feiyan’s sincere words. "Well, I’ll hide it for you once!"

Nine pillars of God huddled together and turned into a huge mountain, so that the five great spirits suddenly retreated.

"It’s a joke. If the twelve spirits of Cangwuhai are one and mixed, the primate will return to heaven and earth, and he can crush you with one hand." The five spirits are imposing and fighting spirit. generate condensed the divine power of heaven and earth and shocked the Lord of Heaven and the statue of Magic City.
Guo Yi’s magic city top once again flew long and laughed. "Twelve Tai Ling has already become a tiger statue in the past and has been erased by the reincarnation of the female statue. The other six Tai Ling Zuns in Cangwuhai can’t come to help you five today."
"What do you mean?" Half a statue of a mixed primate growled, shaking everyone back again and again.
Guo Yi laughed. "The four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have already rushed to Cangwuhai to deal with the six Tai Ling, and your six old frame are now even beheaded."
Guo Yi has just passed the calculation of heaven, and has calculated a clue. At this time, Cangwuhai is really experiencing an earth-shattering war. Four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have already met six other Tai Ling Zun.
According to Guo Yi’s calculation and speculation, the four bodhi old zu and Empress Yin of the Guo family may have already laid out a plan for Bai Xier to step on the statue fuse again, and then lead the digital Tailing statue of Cangwuhai to the seventh heaven to divide the eleven Tailing statues and then divide them by one.
Eleven Tai Ling Zun together are as powerful as the ancient mixed primates. Even if the four bodhi old zu of the Guo family join hands with the empress Yin, it is probably not the opponent who can kill them by dividing them into two groups.
"It’s impossible for six Tai Ling Zun to fit in, even if the four bodhi old zu of the Guo family are not necessarily their opponents." Five Tai Ling Zun are quite confident.
After the combination of the five Tai Ling Zuns, the power will be so powerful. If the remaining six Tai Ling Zuns are combined, no one can defeat them unless the reincarnation female statue moves.
Guo Yi smiled more confidently. "Your news is too blocked. The four bodhi old zu of the Guo family have collected six creation axes, and they have refined the real ancient creation axe. Today is the day when your statue of Cangwuhai falls."
Guo Yixiao has never been so arrogant. He laughed so hard that five Tailing’s face turned big and full of surprises, and then he fled to Cangwuhai in desperation.
Creation axe is the primate weapon of the ancestors of the Guo family. Nine heavenly swords belong to the same level. If six creation axes are combined, they can slay the statue.
Guo Yi didn’t lie to these five Tai Ling. It’s the truth. Today is the day of famine cleanup. All forces have joined forces to clean up the mixed primate team. Twelve Tai Ling is the first to bear the brunt.
"Where to go? Count me in for killing mixed primates today."
Tongtian castellan’s high body armor exudes harsh brilliance, and his mouth spit out a corner shield to block the road ahead before the five Tai Ling.
"It’s a joke that seventh heaven wants to go back now that he’s here."
Guo Yi stepped on the high black wall of the magic city with a heroic air to control the magic city and waved three thousands of feet combat knives when he split out.
Whether it’s Guo Yi, Magic City Zun or Tongtian Lord, it’s Bai Xier and Falling Heart Buddha Zun who are all auxiliary forces and really launch the lore.
These two women, one is a fairy and the other is a bodhisattva. They should be carefree, noble and quiet, but at this time, they all become murderous and arrogant, and they are suppressed by them. They have shown a series of amazing killing techniques to kill five Tai Ling Zun.
Guo Yi, Magic City Zun, Yun Xianer, and Lord Tongtian guarded the war circle in four directions to stop the five Tai Ling retreats from constantly making earth-shattering attacks to help Bai Xier and the fallen Buddha suppress the five Tai Ling.
Five too spirit at this time has been covered in blood bones dense road flesh cracks as if to tear their bodies.
"You can’t destroy our five Tai Ling, just because you young players want to destroy the mixed primate is simply insane." The five Tai Ling issued five notes at the same time and re-posted them together to form a violent ripple, which directly smashed through the chest of Tongtian Duke.
Tongtian castellan’s broken body and broken bones were blown out of tens of millions of miles, and he couldn’t condense his body again for a long time.
The long body of the Five Great Immortals Exhibition hit the magic city statue’s head and immediately shattered the whole magic city. If Guo Yiren hadn’t calculated the bad situation before, I was afraid that I would be seriously injured at this time.
On the sixth day, a large blue light came to the entrance of the first seventh heaven, and it seemed that a big shot had arrived.
The blue Guanghua was rushed out of a strong cow neck with a fist-sized bell, and the bell would ring every step.
Who’s that fellow who isn’t Qingniu?
The dead cow rushed to the seventh day and opened her mouth with flashing eyes, then she picked up nine pillars and stuffed them into her mouth.
These nine pillars of god are the towering statue of the artifact to the Lord, but they are just stuffed into the belly by it. This guy is still looking for and suddenly sees the magic city statue of the three thousands of feet long combat knives without saying anything, and then he rushes to grab it in the cow’s mouth.
Tongtian Duke and Magic City statue were both hit hard by the Five Great Spirits just now, but they were picked up a bargain by Green Bull this fellow.
Emotional this guy is here to clean up the battlefield!
Guo Yishi can’t see it anymore, for fear that it will take away Bai Xier’s Lingxiao Temple and fly directly, step on its back and "bang" it into the pit.
"Dead cows have a windfall and can’t spit it out for their own competitors." Guo Yi stretched out his hand and held the cow’s mouth, held down the cow’s lip with one hand and held out his hand and went to its mouth to pay.
Green cow shouted and sat down one by one. "How can you spit out what you eat in a cow’s mouth?"
"If I can’t spit it out, I’ll rip it out."
A white Guanghua flew down to YunXianEr with a swinging sword and a murderous look.
After seeing YunXianEr green Newton, he was scared and shivered. "How is it that you’re such a poisonous bitch? It’s easy for me. Guo rogue mind your wife’s always giving a sword … of course, by the way, have a windfall and pick up the baby."

He doesn’t think he’s a loser, does he?

He can practice to the ninth floor of gas refining. It’s not too bad, is it?
Yunmingyuan is somewhat uncertain.
Han Xiumo directly said Yun Mingyuan’s question, "What makes you think he is a loser?"
"What? In your friar’s eyes, waste wood and five spiritual roots are mixed together, and there is a tendency to generate other spiritual roots, so it’s not waste wood. What is it? " Nine ichor bead some can’t believe "little ye I slept for more than one thousand years, however, fix true boundary requirements have been so low? No wonder a Shuang Ling root dares to say that he is a genius. "
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were shocked.
Han Xiumo remembered that he had never measured Yunmingyuan’s roots and bones. The process of Yunmingyuan’s cultivation to the ninth floor of refining gas was smooth and there was no bottleneck. Although he suspected that Yunmingyuan had a problem with this body, he also suspected that there was something wrong with poisoning or abdomen, but he never thought about whether there was anything wrong with Linggen.
"I remember before you seemed to be Shan Linggen" Han Xiumo was puzzled.
After YunYuan was born, it was measured that Jin Shan Linggen was in the limelight for a while. There was such a single Linggen YunGu among the four major families in YunCheng. It was said that adults admired YunYuan’s position in the family, so a rising tide lifts all boats. Before the accident, YunYuan was the first young monk of this generation in YunCheng.
But after he was nine years old, he began to practice stagnation and went from genius to waste.
Han Xiumo can’t even think of Baiyun Mingyuan, which is even more unclear. "Is there a way to turn a single spirit root into a multi-spirit root?"
People in the fix-true world are all spiritual roots, the less the better, but no one will ever think that more spiritual roots are a good thing.
According to common sense, there is no way to turn a single spirit root into a multi-spirit root.
"Yes!" Nine ichor beads immediately open this question, it will! "It is said that a long time ago, a kind of spirit-enhancing flower grew in the realm of repairing truth, so that the main medicine of spirit-enhancing flower could be refined and the elixir of heaven could be made out of nothing. It is a great power to cultivate future generations."
However, there is no air leakage in the sky, and it was once a heated discussion. Later, the spirit-enhancing flower in the repair world was directly bald and directly extinct, and the Dan Dan prescription was gradually lost. Even if there is no spirit-enhancing flower, this prescription is just a fantasy.
"However, the spirit root produced by Patian Dan will be much weaker than the normal spirit root, even if there is a celestial achievement method, it will be cultivated to the deification at most." Nine ichor Beads remembered that the former waste owner found a bottle of Patian Dan in the secret land. At that time, he was killed in an emergency. He abruptly ate a bottle of seventeen Patian Dan and the fruit was removed, which gave birth to a messy spirit root. Later, the waste owner thought of many ways to finally mix the messy spirit roots into blood spirit roots through secret methods.
Since then, the road to hegemony has been opened.
Blood bead thought it still felt a little picky. After all, his former master, Blood Zhao Magic Buddha, had seventeen kinds of spiritual roots.
Chapter 81 Blood bead taxiing
"Good good!" Yun Zhi Bai simply smiled angrily. "It’s really worthy of being Bai Ningxin. That bitch is an idiot!"
He angrily swept down the things in the room and told the housekeeper with a gloomy face, "Let the whole Yunping city know that I am not so stupid!"
Yes, the housekeeper can go to Bayun City when Yunmingyuan falls out of favor. Now Yuncheng is almost ruined. His mind has returned to the owner’s side. He had heard that the owner still has a height. He thought of making some money. He didn’t expect Yunxin to be a fool to do such a thing. It is even hopeless to enter Yunjia in the future.
He sighed in his heart and walked out of the room respectfully.
He has always been a reliable man in front of his master. Yun Zhi Bai naturally wouldn’t have thought that he was a capable housekeeper who could throw his weight around without blowing the wind.
When Yunxin woke up, he was sitting next to a humble yiguang in the city with a heavy face. He thought of something and looked at his mother’s hand eagerly. "Mother father …"
Bai Ningxin looked at his son’s eyes full of disappointment.
She doesn’t know how her child became like this.
At the beginning, she ran away from home against family marriage and came to Pingyuncheng to meet Yun Zhi Bai when she was young.
Who didn’t like a few scum when they were young?
At the beginning, Yun Zhi Bai was not a cloud householder. He was under the pressure of competing for the householder, but people were still optimistic and full of resilience like a tough giant tree. He covered up the ambition of a gentle masked wolf and made Bai Ning completely fall in love, even forgetting to go home.
The original two agreed to get married after Yun Zhi Bai finished her family experience. At the beginning, Bai Ning was naive enough to find someone worthy of entrusting for life and planned their future life with great interest in Yun Zhi Bai’s departure day.
But she waited for a lover with a cold face, a woman with a flowery smile and a gorgeous face like the scorching sun.
Did Lin Xia Wan bring a hundred dowries or did Lin Pingcheng, the duke’s daughter, celebrate her arrival, and even Yunzhi’s white face couldn’t hide her smile.
Bai Ningxin had already given birth to the idea of going home at that time, but she had not come to leave yet. Just after the big wedding, Yun Zhi Bai went to her to live in the other hospital and cried and complained to her. He was the heir to the throne and had to marry Lin Xia Wan.
Bai Ningxin feels sick.
But when she realized that there was a problem, she had been drugged by Yun Zhi in Yun Zhi Baite, and he prepared a farewell hospital to become the outer room he kept outside.
At that time, Bai Ning wanted to die.
But Yun Zhi Bai didn’t know what medicine she had given, and she couldn’t even kill herself. She was also forced to have a good night in Yun Zhi.
Knowing that she was pregnant, she no longer clamored to leave and tried to die, but the whole person still gradually lost her anger-because she had no desire to live.
But she was even deprived of the qualification to die. She was born with a baby for the first few years, and she didn’t want to fight for something that didn’t belong to him. Later, she heard that the lady was born with a baby whose talent was destroyed, and her baby began to grow crooked.
He was bent on becoming the real heir of Yunjia, but he never thought that if Yun Zhi Bai Zhen was bent on making him an heir, how could he be left out and never admit it?
Yunjia things Bai Ningxin wants nothing.
She looked at her son disappointedly. When did the child start to grow crooked?
It may be that when the news that Yunyuan’s talent was destroyed came out, it may be that the mysterious man came out to help them, or it may be … It was Yun Zhi’s promise to make a few words freely.

Kabi didn’t finish reading his mind, but suddenly he saw that Coach Coboni had put the paper in his hand, and then he took off the reading glasses on the bridge of his nose, and finally he gently coughed, as if he were adjusting his voice and tone.

Mr. Haas also straightened up and prepared to answer the phone, but coach Coboni first picked up the paper cup, took a sip of coffee and put it in the paper cup before finally saying
"Don’t talk nonsense, let’s get to the point!"
Even so, Mr. Haas’s response was unexpected. "Excuse me? Can I smoke? "
"well! No! "
Coach Coboni’s words directly made Mr. Haas, who was already pulling out the cigarette case, retract his right hand again.
Mr Haas smiled without embarrassment.
Kabi gently put his head at the two old guys and read "What’s the situation? Is it before menopause? "
Ordinary people mistakenly believe that a woman will encounter menopause after a certain age.
In fact, men also have it, but these two old guys in front of Kabi are not as simple as menopause.
When coach Coboni saw that Mr. Haas had stopped pulling out the cigarette case, he dug out a newspaper from the desk drawer and pulled out the football page sandwiched in the newspaper and put it on the desk.
Kabi looked at a dozen Spanish characters with the conditioned response and stood in his eyes.
[Granada team French star Kabi enters Berry Street with friends at night] "Huh?" Kabi suddenly seems to have realized something.
What’s even more strange is that Mr. Haas reacted that he had never read that small newspaper, and he had obviously predicted that Coach Coboni would make such a move.
"Young man! Do you understand? " Coach Coboni waited three seconds before asking.
Kabi dare not slow down. "In fact, I can still understand some simple Spanish!"
This coach Coboni is shaking his head, and so is Mr. Haas. They are obviously very dissatisfied with this idiot’s answer.
Mr. Haas hasn’t spoken since he asked for smoking. The whole person is very quiet. He seems to recognize that the situation is not yet time for him to speak.
Since the office is the home of coach Coboni, the old man is also very rude. He made a move without stopping the interview rhythm for three seconds.
"Young man! You misunderstood me. I was actually asking you, did you really go to Berry Street last night? "
Even though the newspaper showed that Kabi’s appearance was caught by tabloid reporters, coach Coboni tried to leave some unnecessary exits for Kabi at this time.
Kabi answered simply, "Yes! I went! "
Coach Coboni relaxed and said, "Oh ~? That is to say, you said in a hurry yesterday that you were leaving the training base to get ready to drink in those bars on Berry Street? "
Immediately, Kabi exclaimed to himself-he understood completely.
He is like an idiot who doesn’t know the road, and then suddenly finds his way to the destination after passing through the fork in the road.
Kabi was heartbroken because he had been misunderstood by coach Coboni, but fortunately he had a reasonable explanation. Can this explanation convince coach Coboni that he actually has no bottom in his heart?
At least Kabi doesn’t explain more to Mr. Haas, because the tacit understanding has long existed between the two men for nearly three years. If he explains more, he is questioning himself, Mr. Haas.
Now we need to strengthen our mouth to [deal with] the target is coach Coboni. The old man is already ready for Kabi to make a move.
"coach! I’m not going to drink! " Kabi’s lyrics are simple. Strictly speaking, the first move is like nonsense.
Coach Coboni said "hmm". "First, I punished you for being late yesterday. Second, I knew that I had to leave the training base for the third time with the injured. Hum! It turned out that friends went to Berry Street to drink, young man! It seems that the two-game suspension has nothing to do with you! "
I suspect that Kabi’s first move is a one-sided word. Coach Coboni doesn’t believe it.
Kabi didn’t give up and connected, "Coach! I went to Berry Street not to drink, but to help my friends with some things! Really! I won’t lie to you! "
Coach Coboni answered every word, "What can I do for my friends? Is it to help a friend drink the unfinished wine? "
In the face of this stubborn old guy, Kabi is getting bored in his heart. He is blocked by the other party’s reply, and his chest suddenly loses its direction. Slowly, the idiot stops talking.
"Cough ~!" Mr. Haas suddenly made a fuss and finally said, "Coach! We can find Kabi’s friends to prove it to you! "
Coach Coboni actually took a sip of coffee and said, "No need!"
Mr. Haas asked, "Oh ~? What is it? "
Coach Coboni put down the paper cup and replied, "Kabi’s friends are not my management players, and I don’t need to listen to those people!" "
Mr. Haas turned his head to Cabica and looked back at him. The two of them looked at each other and thought, "Do you want to swear at Coach Coboni?"
Kabi nodded slightly. He wanted to.
Mr. Haas nodded slightly, too. He thought more