"Because of this, he is terrible! This man’s imitation ability is too strong, and I haven’t told him the trick yet. He can imitate it by his own feelings. I think he will learn my posture before long! I depend on this, just like Hatake Kakashi in Naruto * * *! " Feng Xiao quite some nai tunnel at the same time very envy Ye Qing this ability.

Ji Xiaofeng bit his teeth. If that little guy really has such a * * * * word, it is estimated that the status of the five major gun gods will be lost at any time in the near future. He suddenly felt a kind of pressure to see if his marksmanship is still not good enough after practicing hard. You must be more strict with yourself in the future, or you will be defeated by that * * * guy sooner or later.
Ye Qing’s wonderful tactics finally succeeded. Club I regained one point, and the score became five to four. It was very difficult and very unexpected that they could reach this level. Everyone would be one-sided at half-time. Club I’s defense line should be vulnerable to the attack of the Royal Forbidden City.
Loli and her partner are also surprised. Club I seems to have a comeback trend under the leadership of Ye Qing. Will they create a greater miracle after defeating the old fish story? The story of beating the old fish unexpectedly has surprised many people. If we beat the Royal Forbidden City team with two gun gods again, then Club I will be qualified to rank among the first-class teams!
The ability of being able to compete against the city by a first-class team with only one person is so outstanding that Feng Xiao has always been arrogant and conceited. He also has to admit that his ability is very strong, and his light has been concealed. In this game, no one can overshadow him.
"Do you think it is possible for Club I to win the game?" Loli told her partner that her partner hesitated. "I don’t know. Maybe there will be a miracle. After all, they have already beaten a strong team. Who knows if they will be upset again?" But it’s hard for them to win this game. The two gun gods haven’t joined forces yet. If they join forces, it should be impossible to beat the city! "
"Yes, neither of the two gun gods has joined forces to attack, but one is very difficult to deal with. Now Club I has played a comeback rhythm, and I think the two gun gods should join forces!" Loli nodded and said that I couldn’t help worrying about the club.
Chapter 375 Two Gun Gods Join Hands
Although Club I pulled back a point in the second round of the half-time, it was not easy for Ye Qing to fall in love, because he knew very well that the two gun gods had not joined hands. Once they joined hands, he would ignore the influence of other factors. In an absolutely fair environment, Ye Qing knew that he was not an opponent of the two gun gods.
How much lethality can the two gun gods jointly exert? Ye Qing method estimates that it is very powerful. If he stops the rest of the players by one person, he can stop them even more, which will be enough to break their defense lines. The strength of Xiaodong and Qinglong cannot be ignored. If they attack a point with medium strength, Ye Qing really doesn’t know how to resist.
Like everyone’s estimate, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng joined forces with Feng Xiao’s troops to attack point A, and it was he and Ji Xiaofeng who started. Ji Xiaofeng didn’t want to go all the way with Feng Xiao, but in view of the fact that he was left alone in the last round, the situation was really embarrassing and he still obeyed the order for the benefit of the team.
The Royal Forbidden City team rushed out of Gate A, and Jiangnan Kun was eager to try. On the day of this game, he was killed by a meteor several times at half-time, and he wanted to show his anger at half-time.
Jiangnan Kun, the boss of the team, is always high above him. He also goes his own way in the team and likes to show off. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng can always clean up the mess for him, saying that the offensive point is to wipe his ass
Jiangnan Kun doesn’t feel that he is dragging his team down and constantly causing trouble. He is the kind of person who can never see his own shortcomings, and he naturally despises others at the same time, such as being the sniper God Jiang Yuhan. Everyone thinks that he is the greatest professional sniper in the F world, but Jiangnan Kun doesn’t take Jiang Yuhan seriously. He always feels that this once-silent cousin is just a very ordinary player who can be defeated if he wants to make efforts.
Jiangnan Kun can despise even the rain and cold in the river. The situation is that I club is in urgent need of an outbreak after he has been depressed for a long time. After this round of rushing out of Gate A, he forgot that Feng jokes directly surpassed Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng and rushed to the front first.
Feng Xiao was surprised to see Jiangnan Kun’s back appear in front of him and quickly shouted, "Kun, what are you doing less?" ?”
"Kill the enemy, of course! How many people have I killed and how many times have I died? It’s a shame! I’ll give them some color to see see! " Jiangnan Kun is very serious tunnel
"Kun Shao’s tactic is not like this … can you …" Feng Xiao was a little anxious, and before he finished his words, Jiangnan Kun scrambled to say, "No, your tactics can exclude me!"
Feng Xiao suddenly gave a wry smile when he heard this. Your sister, this guy is always making trouble and asking him to win the game. This is simply adding difficulty and pressure to him, but what can I do? Who is the boss?
Jiangnan Kun took the lead and rushed into Avenue A. Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng were able to follow him closely, and then followed him left and right, trying their best to cover him. The two gun gods completed Jiangnan Kun’s bodyguard escort, and it was difficult for someone to kill him.
Ye Qing continued to go sideways. Because he attacked the middle gate in the next round, the other side suffered heavy losses. Ye Qing was worried about attacking the ambush in the middle gate meeting again. This round, he decided to attack the A gate. When he made this decision, he was a little delayed. When they rushed out of the base and appeared on Avenue A, Jiangnan Kun had already rushed to the center of Avenue A.
The two sides immediately had a positive encounter with Ye Qing, and the four machine gunners fired volley bullets in a row in a sign, flying neatly in the past. It was a veritable hail of bullets. Jiangnan Kun ran in the front and was naturally the first to see the other four machine gunners rush out. He was also shocked. Some sad tunnels "Your sister, what are so many people! Lao Feng, Xiaofeng, you! "
Seeing too many people on the other side, Jiangnan Kun suddenly lost his confidence. It is more appropriate for the two gun gods to do this kind of charge. He immediately chose to retreat Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng Naineng, but the other side played too tightly. Where can Jiangnan Kun retreat? It is very rhythmic and some shots directly to his head.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng locked the target of Ye Qing’s attack almost at the same time, and both of them fired at the same time. Obviously, they all thought that Ye Qing was the biggest threat. If he killed him, he would be able to defeat the I club. When Ye Qing flashed out, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng failed to shoot him in the head in an instant, and Feng Xiao was surprised to find that Ye Qing’s posture was more and more similar, but his flexibility was a little worse.
"I rely on this to make progress too fast!" Feng Xiao exclaimed in his mind that although Ye Qingshi is his best posture, he himself has no way to solve this posture. After all, who will have nothing to think about how to crack his posture?
Ji Xiaofeng is very familiar with Feng Xiao’s posture, and he also treats Feng Xiao as an imaginary enemy in private practice. He has a certain research on Feng Xiao’s posture, and Ye Qing also knows that the two gun gods are not easy to deal with. After he exploded Jiangnan Kun, he did not choose to attack the target, but shot at Qinglong behind them.
He wants to kill the other gunner before the two gun gods kill him, so that even if he is killed, it is not a loss. His marksmanship has made a new breakthrough in this game, and he has mastered it better than before. Two or three shots have already exploded the green dragon.
Dong Laoer and others’ firepower immediately overshadowed Feng Xiao, Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. The firepower of them has been shooting at Ye Qing, and eventually Ye Qing was killed by Ji Xiaofeng. Dong Laoer also made Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng a bloody meteor, but also won directly with the help of the number advantage in the confrontation with Xiaodong, and killed it in W with one gun.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng didn’t expect that an encounter would make them lose a lot, and then the two of them were left in the blink of an eye, while the other side was dead. One enemy, three gunners, still had a strong firepower, and they gradually came up with a refund. After all, the other side had a sniper who flashed out at any time to threaten their lives.
"wow! It seems that the ice cream team will win this round again! " Loli is a little excited and doesn’t know what. She always tends to support the I club. She has an inexplicable affection for this team, perhaps because of her appreciation of Ye Qing.
"Not necessarily the Royal Forbidden City team and two gun gods are not dead. Anything is possible!" Loli’s partner is still very cautious and never dies. After all, the strength of the two gun gods is there. If they don’t die, then I club can’t say that it is a sure victory.
Number advantage doesn’t mean strength and advantages. Three worms can’t compete with one chicken house. Number advantage doesn’t mean anything.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is clever, although they all have a refund in their hearts, but they all know that retreating will seriously reduce the hit rate, which will lead to faster death. Besides, they have the dignity of a spear god, and they can never retreat in front of the enemy, which is really beneath them!
Although the posture of cold-blooded and emotional people seems to move very flexibly, it is ridiculous and full of loopholes in the eyes of Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. They keep shooting rhythm and harmony, which has a wonderful aesthetic feeling like a beautiful concerto.
Cold-blooded and affectionate are running out of bullets, but they can’t kill Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng. Instead, they kill Dong Laoer one by one. His marksmanship is slightly stronger than cold-blooded and affectionate. His marksmanship is also much higher. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng fired cold-blooded and affectionate shots, he was also shooting at Feng Xiao. When Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng freed up their hands to deal with him, he had already exhausted Feng Xiao, and at this time the meteor flashed out again. This is the fourth time that he has flashed out, except for killing Xiaodong. The previous shots were all in vain.
For the fourth time, the meteor flashed out and was quickly shot in the mirror. Unfortunately, it still failed to hit the posture as flexible as Flash Man. At this time, Ji Xiaofeng Ji Xiaofeng once again showed his strength after hard training. Feng Xiao saw that his posture seemed to be more * * * * than before. He frowned and said to himself, "Xiaofeng is really hidden!"
Ji Xiaofeng didn’t entangle with Dong Laoer again, but the gun swung and fired several shots in a row. He actually flashed out quickly, made a shot and quickly retreated. The meteor burst its head. It was the fastest speed to retreat, and he was not far from the bunker. He could go back in a blink of an eye. It can be said that he has done his best, but Ji Xiaofeng still grasped the tiny opportunity.
Dong Laoer was surprised and immediately turned some shots into strafe. This is because many people will unconsciously make changes under pressure. Many people can calmly shoot some shots at once, but once the situation changes, it is very likely to turn some shots into strafe. Once this change occurs, it means that the gunner has panicked.
Panic shooting usually suppresses the trajectory, and so does Dong Laoer. He feels that his gun is shaking all the time, as if it is scared. It seems that the trajectory is a little messy. Almost no bullets fly out of one track, some fly high, some fly low, some fly to the left, some fly to the right, and very few bullets can accurately hit Ji Xiaofeng, not to mention head shots.
Ji Xiaofeng’s posture is so flexible and unpredictable that even Feng Xiao can’t grasp the law. Dong Laoer has no way to lock Ji Xiaofeng’s figure. After Ji Xiaofeng killed the meteor with ease, he and Dong Laoer fought with each other.
At this time, there is only one person left on both sides, and all eyes are on the two of them. Who can win is the team hero? Club I hopes to equalize the score in Dong Laoer alone, and the Royal Forbidden City team hopes to expand the score in Ji Xiaofeng alone, but they are convinced that Ji Xiao Summit will win because he is a gun god!
Chapter 376 Terrible hand speed
The battle on Avenue A has reached the end. Dong Laoer is much weaker than Ji Xiaofeng in posture and marksmanship after all. How long did he fail to persist? He was shot in the head by Ji Xiaofeng. After Ji Xiaofeng showed his strength, it was really terrible. Even Feng Xiao was under pressure. He felt that Ji Xiaofeng could compete with him even if he didn’t have an94. It’s hard to say who could win the match between them.
The score of the two teams became six to four, and the club failed to equalize the score after all. They have been behind since the half-time, and they have never surpassed it. Dong Laoer is very annoyed and a little guilty. After all, he lived the longest in the last round, but he failed to score a point for the team.
If Ye Qing lived to the end, he would definitely give Ji Xiaofeng the residual blood to die without being killed. Dong Laoer felt that his strength was too weak. Although he never thought about what brilliant achievements he would make on the road of F professionalization, he wanted to help Ye Qing complete his dream. How could he help Ye Qing if he didn’t have enough strength? He is not strong enough, but he will drag his feet. He regrets that he didn’t pick up girls so much during training, and he has a feeling that he will hate less when the time comes.
Ye Qing actually understands his teammates very well. They have worked hard enough, but Nai’s talent is not high, and the speed of progress will not be fast. I don’t know when they will be able to grow up, but the rocket will stand out from the crowd. His teammates are no longer at the same level as him. In this case, he has two choices: one is to leave the team and develop a better team to form a new powerful array to compete for the championship, and the other is to stay in the team and replace his teammates with those well-known players to be his teammates.
This problem has been said many times that it is a law to avoid a problem. Cold-blooded and emotional meteors may not realize this, but Ye Qing has long realized that his difficulty lies in being embarrassed to exclude his teammates from the team, but the reality makes him have to re-examine this problem. Maybe after this game, Da Mi should start preparing to form a new team. We can’t wait for a moment.
In the fourth round of the half-court, Ye Qing decided to attack the soldiers in two ways. Although they are defenders, they don’t want to sit still and fight with each other. It is the fastest way to solve the battle and the most unexpected way for their opponents.
Club I, three people attack Avenue A, and two attack doors are going to double-team. Of course, this should be based on the fact that the other party has gone to attack Point A. If the other party has someone in the middle, there is no way to double-team.
The troops in the Royal Forbidden City team attacked point A once. In this round, they commanded Feng Xiao to make tactical adjustments. In preparation, the troops attacked point B. This arrangement was directly wrong. The enemy in the middle of the attack also let the people rushing from Avenue A pounce.
When I club two people meet, only to find that the other person didn’t attack at point A, Ye Qing suddenly patted his forehead and said, "Mom, your judgment is wrong! Go to point B! "
After he finished, he took the lead in rushing towards point B. It was the road in the back garden, and the rest of them followed without hesitation. Anyway, they were used to following Ye Qing’s arrangement, and they hadn’t used their brains to think about how to fight for a long time.
After entering the B hole, the sound of 4 installation success has already sounded. Ye Qing knows that it is very difficult to win this round, even if the other side doesn’t have a bag, it can’t win because the other side’s people get together and occupy a point to defend. They will pay a considerable price to storm and can’t attack!
"Mom, the egg did it with them!" Ye Qing whizzed smoke bombs and flash bombs at point B. Then Ye Qing rushed into the point B with three machine gunners. The meteor was covered at the mouth of the cave. The people in the Royal Forbidden City were distributed on the platform and blasting point at point B. The firepower was quite reasonable. Feng Xiao was obviously an expert in layout and defense.
Ji Xiaofeng and Feng Xiao are both on the platform at point B, and both of them come out from behind the bunker and shoot at Ye Qing at the same time. The lethality of these two people together is quite amazing. Ye Qing’s firepower is almost instantly attracted by them. Qinglong and Jiangnan Kun are ignored, which gives them the opportunity to shoot some freely.
In an instant, three people from Club I died, and Ye Qing, the machine gunner, was left. One person was still moving flexibly, but Ye Qing failed to kill one of the two gun gods. The meteor was shot twice at the mouth of cave B. He suddenly realized that it was very difficult for him to kill the two gun gods. The third time he flashed to his mouth, he changed the target of being killed to Jiangnan Kun.
Jiangnan Kun has been killed by a meteor gun many times in the half-court. Meteors think this guy is the best to bully him. As soon as the muzzle mirror is turned, it just locks up and flashes out. Jiangnan Kun will kill Jiangnan Kun with one shot and finally kill the other person.

It’s only 300 miles from Anping to Zhuoxian, but it has to pass through nine waterways, large and small.

I once again feel that Hebei is rich in water resources.
Although these waterways are comparable to the mighty river in the south, they are still a big obstacle.
But this time I don’t need to hurry and Tuoba Ye slowly enjoy the scenery along the way.
In addition to the hip mount, we also brought four extra war horses for easy transfer.
"When we went to Liaodong in those days, it seemed that we were in a hurry." I remembered what we had been doing for several years.
"Master’s March has always been urgent." Tuoba Ye liberated his feet from the stirrup and hung on both sides of the saddle naturally-if he didn’t care about me, I’m afraid he would lie flat on his horse’s back directly.
I thought about it and smiled. "That’s true. Speaking of it, I’ve never ridden a horse so leisurely except this time I’m touring the counties."
"Master is not easy," he sighed from the heart.
I shook my head. "What do you know?"
He looked at me with a wry smile.
If the 300-mile road gallops at full speed, it will take half a day even considering the river along the way, but this meeting is not urgent, so I walked on the road for two days.
On the third day, on the morning of September 11th, I came to Zhuoxian City in Tuoba Ye.
"Yunlong" I looked at this magnificent city in Hebei and turned and smiled. "Do you think … will I die here and become a laughing stock of Liu Xiehe and heaven?"
"Never!" Tuoba Ye resolutely denied my bad idea, and then he reined in and shouted, "Why don’t the mighty Chinese king come here to meet me?" !”
Respond that he is the arch enemy crossbowman.
I saw three or four crossbows and raised my head halfway.
Then I heard someone yelling "Li!"
So I couldn’t help but squint at ChengTou Zheng.
"The other party but two people you like this? !” The sound is vaguely deja vu, but I am not familiar with "closing the crossbow and hitting the city gate!"
"General Tian should know …" Another voice replied, "You need Luzhou Pastoral Order to enter the city gate."
"It’s Lord Lu’s password. Don’t you believe it?"
"I dare not!" The other voice suddenly softened. "Door!"
Zhuoxian main entrance "noting" slowly hit in front of me.
"At the end of the main road!" Tuoba Ye’s feet stepped into the stirrup, and I didn’t wait for me to nod, so I urged the horse to run ahead.
Not wanting to lag behind, I immediately shook my head and chased it.
There was a rhythmic sound in the gate, and more than 100 light horses were listed in the east and west, and a miniature crane wing formation was placed on both sides.
I watched the young general quickly recall his name "Long time no see, Guo Jean?"
Tian Yu Tian Guo let Lu Zhi pretend to be his younger brother, but he is also Lu Zhi’s most valued confidant. He has successively taken on the positions of army department horse, chief thin, and Yuyang satrap. Now he is engaged in two positions, namely, military and political affairs in Youzhou. Of course, if he really wants to compare his strength, he may not be the opponent of three local generals, Gongsun Zan, Yan Rou and Zongyuan.
"Tian Yu has seen the mighty king." Tian Yu didn’t have a horse on horseback to give me a fist and bow his hand. "Luzhou shepherd is too sick to meet him personally. Please don’t take it amiss."
Although he and I are in two hostile countries, he can be said to be polite, courteous and supercilious, but I still feel a little uncomfortable in my heart
"Lu Gongke is in the city?" I asked a hand in return.
He nodded, "Lu Zhoumu came here from Jixian County, and in the satrap mansion, Sun Taishou greeted the pavilion together, please." He drove his mount to the side and invited me.
Tuoba Ye gave me a look, but he still rode ahead.
I kept the lowest vigilance and walked into the gate of Zhuoxian with two spare mounts.
Obviously, the government has sent a notice in advance that the main road in Zhuoxian County is deserted, and every ten feet, there are soldiers holding spurge standing on both sides of the street. The whole scene is particularly solemn, which makes me accustomed to traveling without pomp, and I am a little uncomfortable at the moment.
I looked up and looked at it in the middle, and I clearly felt that there were some sneaky guys hiding in some corners of the building.
"I wonder what the mighty king is looking at?" Tian Yu sounds come from my right rear.

Hands are stained with tens of thousands of blood, and that pool of shallow water has already turned into a blood pool, which can no longer be washed and earned.

Life is like a mire. If you jump in, you can’t struggle out until you die
Occasionally, there will be an evil drama-like thought in my heart. What if I die in this battle?
A cold shudder flashed in my heart and immediately pressed this idea.
If I die, I’ll risk my life with my brothers, and I’m afraid I won’t live.
Life is not too lonely if there are few people or things you want to protect.
At the thought of this, the cloud neon figure reappeared in his mind.
I went home after the battle in Yun Ni.
Never go out again from then on.
The wind blows the horse and screams
Grunt is calm as water.
He fought in the military all his life, and he never lost, not because he was brave, but because he always calmed down at the most critical moment.
Every time there is a crisis, his brain will wake up like a computer, and he can quickly rearrange all the possibilities.
In the past three years, the battle of shallow water and clear water has always been to establish a pan-continental iron wall defense line, preferring to give up opportunities rather than seek success. Although he can’t do anything about shallow water and clear water, he has forced himself to have a strong fighting spirit.
There are all kinds of heroes in this world. Some heroes spend their whole lives in England, but they finally lose, such as uncle Zhong. Some people are born to show their great power at the last minute. They have been here for a long time, and they have known enough about him, but that is because Gront never had a chance to exert his true ability. Gront is good at planning before he moves, but he is good at playing along with the current.
The army is rushing to the rescue road, and generals from all walks of life are yelling and urging the soldiers to whip up their horses. Grunt has a pair of big eyes looking at himself at the end of the road. There are 100,000 soldiers in total. Now it is the most mobile troops he can hastily mobilize. He is rushing to rescue Baisha City Road on a starry night.
There was a sudden realization in his heart, and he couldn’t help thinking that if shallow water guessed early in the morning, he would rescue Baisha City as a preparation?
If you don’t consider the strength of the shallow water clear hands, even if you don’t mobilize the defenders of Baisha City, you may not be able to get it. Since he wants to mobilize the defenders of Baisha City to attack again, does that mean that he didn’t put all his strength out?
So where did he leave the troops?
What do they want to do?
Baisha City is so important that shallow water is not clear enough to cover it up, so what is more important than Baisha City?
"Retona!" Grunt suddenly shouted
"Grand Marshal" Reto Nagong replied that he escaped alone from the four generals of the Western Empire in a bloody battle in Mitterrand. Because of this defeat, the strength of the Western Army was damaged, which led to the ability of the Western Army to clear the defensive measures in shallow water.
After this war, the film general Ratona was deprived of the title of film general and demoted.
However, it is still important for Grunt to stay with him.
"Leto, if you were shallow and clear in Baisha City and me, which one would you choose to get rid of?" This moment Gront suddenly asked
Leto bowed his head and thought for a moment before he sank, "If ordinary generals naturally choose Baisha City to occupy an area, it will always be easier to get brilliant fame than to kill generals, and it will be easier to prove their achievements. But if I were shallow water, I would definitely choose to give priority to the marshal. Now my Western Empire is in an unfavorable situation, but if one day there is a marshal, you will not defeat him. Even if you take Baisha City, you can’t say that you will definitely win us."
Grunt’s murder in his heart passed by. "I suspect that there is an ambush in the shallow water. This guy has laid a series of red mountain bait for us to deal with Baisha City and then Baisha City bait for us."
Leto that heart shock "this is impossible? At present, most of the western part of St. Weill is still in the shallow water under our control. It is difficult to bring others into our control area, with hundreds or tens of thousands of people afraid. "
"There is always a country road to walk through shallow water, and he is good at hiding. If he is ready to take people, he is not too afraid of it."
"Boy, do you want to sneak up on us on our site?" Leto muttered, but I didn’t think of it in my heart. Even the marshal is suspicious yourself.
The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. "If Leto asked you to lead the troops, how many people do you expect to sneak past our noses without being discovered by our opponents?"
"Up to 30,000 people," Retona affirmed. "More people will ensure secrecy."
"That is to say, we are likely to run into shallow water. An ambush force of 30,000 people is waiting for us in the road ahead, right?"
"Marshal, after all, this is based on speculation."
Leto was waking up. Although Grunt said that there could be anything on the battlefield, if you judge that the other side has an ambush just by guessing, then this battle can’t be fought at all.
"You’re right. Now that you are so handsome, I order you to lead a 30,000-man riding team immediately and put on the banner of the main array to play handsome. What do you think?"
Leto’s heart was shocked. He was set to be bait.

I’m very happy and grateful to Shuiji for this matter. When Dugujian studied, Shuiji did his best, didn’t slack off, and worked hard to practice, which made him quickly understand that the first three forms of the Seven Decisions of the Heavenly Sword became the highest martial arts among the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect except the elders.

In February, by chance, Shuiji suddenly received an epic level, and the demand was to stop the destroyer from calling the ancient destroyer corps to this world, which meant that he would become the savior in the game.
When Shuiji listened to the request, his heart was filled with joy-how many teenagers dream of becoming a savior! Even if you can become a savior in the game! Shuimark thinks that once he really succeeds in saving the world, his savior will be recognized by everyone, and the goddess in his mind will inevitably turn her attention to him.
At that time, he can pursue feather as his savior. He believes that feather will never be indifferent to himself if he wants to become a savior-women love the strong!
On March 3rd, in the Tianjian Sect’s general altar, the secret temple has just completed all the trials. The water mark of the Seven Heavenly Sword Departments is quietly staring at the old man with his back to himself in front of him. The water mark will never disrespect the old man in front of him, even if he is young and crazy, because his achievements can definitely be folded by China people.
"Mark ….." Lonely Sword slowly said, "You have done my best and I have nothing to teach you. I hope you can have good luck. It is enough for these martial arts to carry forward our Chinese martial arts."
"Brother Bai!" Water marks should be respectful.
Lonely sword turned around and nodded with satisfaction and smiled kindly. "I have given you the nine-instrument Buddha sword in the town. You can stop it-I know that you have a mission to save the world, and I won’t leave you much. Go! You have the strength to finish what you want to do! "
"It’s Master Brother who leaves!" Water mark bowed with his hand, turned and strode away from the resplendent hall of secrets.
Dugujian watched his brother’s water mark leave and started slowly back to his room. As soon as he got back to his room, he lifted his mask.
"Shout ~ ~ ~ finally sent this kid away all day long, pretending to be serious and really tired." Du Gujian was relieved before he was dignified and steady, but now he looks like an old rascal or an old urchin.
"Ha ha, if your disciples hear this, they will definitely fall to the ground." Suddenly there was a male voice in the room, followed by a middle-aged man in a suit who appeared in the room-this man was none other than a game designer, Wu Han.
Lonely sword looked at Wu Han pie pie way "cut ~ ~ is it possible? My room is specially modified, and the sound insulation function is absolutely perfect. Even if firecrackers are set off, no one will hear it. "
"Oh is it? Then you are really tired! " Wu Han sat in one of the chairs.
Lonely sword depressed complain "didn’t you say nonsense? Are you and I willing to pretend to be serious? If those rabbits knew that I was like this now, would they still learn martial arts from me-if Chinese martial arts didn’t continue to shed ghosts, they would want to create this broken head of the Sword Sect! "
"Yes, yes, yes, I know you have worked hard, okay?" Wu Hanku smiled and shook his head. He couldn’t stand the personality of Dugujian. At the same time, he also admired Dugujian. Because Dugujian had achieved his ideal, Chinese martial arts had sacrificed too much.
DuGuJian also don’t want to argue on this topic, so he changed the subject. "Right now, the’ savior’ has been successfully cultivated. What about the’ world devastator’ in the night wind? I don’t think you don’t know? Writing this’ epic drama’ directed by Wu Han "
Wu Han shook his finger and said meaningfully, "No, no, no, you’re wrong. If the night wind was still his words five months ago, then the director and editor would be me. But now I’m just an editor, and the night wind is the real director. Because the drama performance process is in his hands, all I can do is to push him to perform-I’ve been watching the night wind. Now he probably guessed that we officials are secretly promoting the game ‘evolution’! That is to say, he is playing his own game through our promotion. "
"oh? Do you think so highly of him? " Dugujian came to the fun.
"Haven’t you seen him? Still ask me? " Wu Han asked
Dugujian thought for a moment and smiled lightly. "Ha is also very interesting to that little guy, and his observation is very keen and cunning. He is one of the best among the younger generation."
"So you look good! Look at our night wind director is like directing many’ actors’ to perform their own’ shadows’ … "
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The sixth gods dusk Chapter one hundred and nineteen You choose?
The night wind led by the guards soon entered the castle, and there was nothing wrong with the night wind along the way. Some curious people would cast puzzled eyes from time to time.
Finally, the night wind was brought to the castle hall-this hall is half the size of a football field, and the structure is resplendent and finely carved; There are five stone pillars connecting the top floor on the left and right sides, and there are large skylights on the left and right sides of the top of the palace to let the sun shine into the palace; At the front end of the hall, the plush chair feather is sitting quietly with his hands closed and his sword in his hand.
"Miss Yu, Mr. Night Wind is here." The guards bowed respectfully.
Yu slowly opened his eyes and said in a cold tone, "You all go out! You are not allowed to come in without my order!"
"Yes!" All the guards in the hall listened to orders and withdrew from the hall in an orderly way, and the gate was also closed.
"…" The night wind silently stared at the feather and didn’t move a face of indifference and calm.
Feather got up and walked up the steps and slowly approached the night wind-suddenly Feather pulled out the lost angel of Excalibur in her hand with great speed and cut it silently toward the night wind.
The night wind looked at him with a slight surprise and immediately returned to calm, kicking and retreating from the sword of feather.
But the feather attack didn’t stop her. She acted quickly and waved the second, third and fourth swords toward the night wind.
The night wind didn’t ask and didn’t speak. Silence evaded the feather attack. The cold sword light kept appearing in its whole body.
In attacking feather, she didn’t make her skill the purest fencing to attack the night wind, but now she has made great progress in fencing compared with five months ago, no matter how fast, how strong and how sharp she is, she can never get out of three moves if the average person is against the enemy.
However, the night wind is not the same as before, and its speed is much faster than that of five months ago. What is more commendable is that his fighting ability is much more perfect than before, so the night wind simply dodges every sword of Feather.
The attack and avoidance of the two men are intertwined, and the sword blade is broken with rhythm. The light of the sword is like performing a dance that belongs to them. Generally, if there are other people around, they will be performing instead of fighting.
"Swish ~ ~" A sword breaks Rapier’s pledge toward the night wind. This time, the feather sword moves so fast and suddenly that the night wind has no chance to dodge.
The night wind was a little frightened and calmly stretched out his right hand to eat the middle finger and held the thumb tightly, and the high-speed sword move that split toward himself stopped at once in the hands of the night wind.
The two men kept this posture and stared at each other quietly. Both sides had no expression on their faces and their eyes were surprisingly dull.
"Night wind what?" Feather finally spoke. She really knew the true identity of the night wind, but the question she asked was unexpected. Night wind feather would ask him why he had disappeared for five months, but the actual question was "What did you want to kill the ancient dragon?"
After listening to the night wind, he froze and smiled lightly. "Ha, no wonder I think that black knight makes me feel so familiar. It turns out that she is you-Yu!"
"…" Feather didn’t speak silently answered the night wind.

After the salamander broke a hole, Longye got a clear view of the situation inside. There were four people lying on the ground. After careful inspection, it was found that all of them were in a coma.

These people are lucky. Long Yeli’s super power carried these four people out smoothly.
"It’s time to go back and make peace with Nazi," thought Long Ye.
But at this time, a crisp sound came to Longye’s ear.
"What happened here? What about the others? "
Looking down the sound, Longye turned out to be a Miss Joey shouting on the mountain road.
Miss Joey was also shocked to see the meeting. She stayed in the nearby elf center, but a violent explosion suddenly came to Miss Joey and ran out.
Longye asked the salamander to pick up Miss Joey. As soon as Joey landed, he exclaimed, "Did a spaceship crash?"
Longye calmed Joey down first, and then told him about the situation here. "Come on, my companions and I were looking for a psychedelic cave around here, and I met the notorious elf hunter J. I fought with the hunter J. This time, I naturally wanted to arrest her, but I didn’t expect her to escape by spaceship. I attacked the spaceship and the spaceship fell."
Lainoye was going to make up a random reason and then take himself and Nazi out of this matter, but he remembered that there were five hunters J in front of the psychedelic cave who witnessed the whole process and could not tell the truth.
"Don’t move!" Miss Joey suddenly released herself from Longye’s side, Ji Lidan. She stared at Longye with a wary face.
Joey doesn’t know who hunter J is, but it must be very dangerous to hear Longye admit that he shot down the other ship.
"Wait, you listen to me."
"Don’t move!" Joey was shocked when he saw Longye waving his arms, and then he trembled a little and said, "Don’t touch me. Ji Lidan is very good."
When Ji Lidan heard Joey’s words, he also made a show of strength, but Ji Lidan’s round body did not kill him.
Joey stared carefully at the young man in front of him. Although he was not fierce, it was scary to do things. Joey, however, how dangerous it was to see those ships destroying a spaceship. Joey had imagined the young man opposite him as a demon in human skin, afraid that Joey would unconsciously substitute himself into the duties of a good sister Junsha, hoping that this would make him look calm.
"What are you doing?" Joey became nervous again when he saw Longye suddenly turn around.
"There are still several wounded people over there. If I don’t go there, I’ll die."
After some explanation by Ryuno, Miss Joey believed Ryono’s words for the time being, but she was afraid that Miss Joey would like Ryono to leave soon.
Miss Joey didn’t go with Longye to find Nazi. Now it’s the most correct choice to ask for support immediately. Joey asked the salamander to send herself back. She should inform her good sister Junsha to come quickly.
"Don’t try to escape, I have already remembered you." Before leaving, Joey bravely warned the "suspect".
Miss Joey’s strong composure made Longye want to laugh. He shook his head and returned to Nazi with several wounded people and those petrified elves.
Longye didn’t petrify the elves at the first time. After all, the situation is chaotic now, and no one knows that if these elves are released now, it will probably bring trouble.
"Police station? This is No.42 elf center. There has been a serious accident near here. I repeat, there is a spaceship crashing here." Back to the elf center, Joey informed the police as soon as possible, and then she returned to the place where she met Longye with a medicine box.
Operation Junsha in Shenao area was still very fast. Ten minutes later, a helicopter flew to Longye, and Officer Jenny and her family arrived at the scene.
The wreckage of the spaceship surprised these people, too, but they were professionals after all and soon commanded rescue workers in Junsha.
These policemen are much more meticulous than Longye. First, the bodies of the people inside the spaceship are removed, and then the scattered elf balls are put away. At the same time, another group of people are directing the water elves to put out the fire.
"Hello, my name is Zhenxu, and I am an elf search officer. According to Miss Joey’s information, you are sinking this ship." A girl with purple-gray waist and long hair and neat bangs came to Longye and asked.
Longye carefully looked at the elf search officer in front of him. He always felt that he had seen each other somewhere.
"True Mood True Mood" Are you the girl who claims to be able to understand the insect elves? Longye suddenly asked
"How do you know?" True mood frowned.
"We’ve met before. You forgot to be at the elf tower and once when you caught the elf hunter."
"I remember that you are Longye, and this is Nazi with super powers." Zhenwu was deeply impressed by Nazi’s super powers.
"Even if we know you, don’t want me to practice favoritism and malpractice." Zhenwu then said seriously, "I’m an honest alliance search officer."
How can anyone boast that Longye shook his head slightly and told the truth about Hunter J.
"Are you sure it’s Hunter J and her gang?" True mood solemnly asked
"Of course I confirmed that she was lying there."
An alliance search officer really knows about hunter J. She and her gang are worried about the crazy case in the Shenao area. Although the search officers have been trying to arrest her, the other party is too decisive. Some people say that they will give up and give up. The search officers in the Shenao area have been busy for a long time without results
Go to the front of the body that has just been moved out, and the hunter J’s unusual dress immediately makes Zhenxu recognize it.
"It turned out to be a hunter J!" True mood shocked to see the dragon wild this person can catch the hunter j?
Confirmed the identity of hunter J, then the nature of Longye’s action has become a struggle against evil forces, so naturally no one will be held accountable for his shooting down the hunter J gang ship. After all, it is understandable to be heavier when the evil forces fight.
Chapter 2 Harvesting the Round Shark
Since there is nothing wrong with them in Longye, it’s natural that I won’t face them with a straight face again.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here in Shenao. What a coincidence," said Zhenxu strangely.
"It’s a coincidence, but sister Zhenxu, weren’t you there before? Why did you come to Shenao again?" Nazi asked doubtfully.
True mood Zhan Yan smiled. "My hometown is here in Shenao. After I finished some things in DuDu, I applied to the headquarters to transfer back to Shenao."
Zhenxu explained it, and then she looked at Longye. "Former Miss Joey said that you brought this ship into the dragon field. You are so strong now. I wonder which one of you is better than Aaron?"
"You say Aaron is?"
"It’s Aaron, the four kings of God and one king of insects."
When Zhenwu arrived in Aaron, her face was as proud as if she were showing her baby to others. Nazi couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t this Aaron when you come back to Shenao?"
True mood face some blush, but she didn’t refute Nazi’s words. Obviously, she is the other party when she returns to Shenao.
"I didn’t expect you to know the four kings of God and Austria. I also hope to have a battle with Aaron. What are you going to do with the elves captured by hunter J?" Longye asked, pointing to the elves who had been relieved of petrochemical status.
"We will take them to the nearby elf center to take care of them, and then we will release news to find their trainers."
Longye nodded, and now he can do the same.
"By the way, I helped you get rid of a big bad guy this time. Do you have any rewards?" Longye suddenly asked
"This ….." True mood hesitated. "If you can capture Hunter J alive, there must be a reward, but now you know that there are many people in Hunter J gang who are guilty of immortality. The League should make up for it."

The most sacred place of Cai State, like Chen State, is covered with golden clouds, which shows that a country is lucky and a country is prosperous.

The ancestral temple has the elders of Cai, but Cai Cai Huangong is too powerful.
Cai Huangong’s fortune from every sacrifice is not given to a group of ministers, but enjoyed by himself or his relatives. Although Wang Cai and Chen Wang are generally a monarch, Wang Cai is already two or three hundred years old.
The elders of the ancestral temple of Cai Guo are almost all descendants of Cai Wang.
So Wang Yi of Cai made it possible even if the elders of the ancestral temple were unwilling to do so again.
The elders looked at the ancestral temple square, and thousands of masons had gathered. This huge number also made the elders talk for a while
What does Bian Que want?
It’s okay to toss about the elixir courtyard next to the ancestral temple. Why did you come to harm my ancestral temple?
Bian Que and Jiang Tai are in a group.
Jiang Tai is holding a big wooden board with some complicated patterns in his hand.
"Listen, we’re going to build the biggest stadium in the sky, and we’re going to set up a high platform around the biggest sermon venue. There’s not much technical content, but it’s just piled up one by one to make all the people who come to listen feel at home!" Jiang Taikou call way
A group of masons looked at each other, mostly illiterate. How can they know what makes them feel at home?
Jiang Tai sees casting pearls before swine, even if he turns his head and gives the plank plan to Manzhong.
"Uncle Man, you are responsible for letting them know!" Jiang tai wry smile way
"Well, don’t worry, but this amount of work is not small, at least in half a year!" Manzhong shook his head and laughed
"Nothing, don’t worry, get it slowly!" Jiang Tai affirmed
"That’s good!" Manzhong nodded
Aside Bian Que looked at the big wooden sermon venue and his heart surged at the moment.
Compared with the huge square in front of me, Bian Que was grateful. "If Jiang Tai can gather 100,000 people this time and let me give a lecture at such a huge venue, I will be satisfied even if the effect is not great!"
Jiang Tai see Bian Que at that time I don’t know Tathagata.
This is only a football match audience at most. Some superstars in previous lives can also make the stadium bursting. In previous lives, the superstars were just ordinary people touring. I don’t know how many such conventions have been visited in a year. They are full of fame and screams.
Are you satisfied that you haven’t come yet just once?
Whether Bian Que shocked or a group of elders and masons of the ancestral temple were at a loss to command the huge project officially.
At one time, the Zongmiao Square was crowded with people, and a large number of stones were transported, and the sediment was flying all over the sky. At one time, the Zongmiao Temple in Cai was hazy and dusty.
The elders of the ancestral temple face black to death.
"Get up the ancestral temple hall and don’t be polluted by these dust!" An elder said with a black face
"Elder, I just inquired about a temple, and it may be foggy for more than half a year!"
Three days later, Jiang Tai looked at Manzhong again.
"Uncle Man, these things are too tired. Anyway, we make money. Don’t be too provincial. I heard that Cai has a Mohist brother, right? Mohism seems to be very good at building cities. Why don’t you recruit some Mohist brothers to help? " Jiang tai call way
"I am not afraid that you will design this leak?" Manzhong is worried
"What are you afraid of leaking? I don’t worry that if every country has such a big venue in the future, it may be helpful to me!" Jiang Tai said
"All right!" Manzhong nodded
Within two days, Manzhong found a dozen Mohist brothers.
When a Mohist brother saw Jiang Tai’s drawings, he opened his eyes one by one and said, "What a magnificent Dojo!"
"Yes, if this is built, many great events in a country can be put into practice!"
"Mr. Man, it’s a fantastic idea for you to announce this to us, and it also inspires me a lot to build a city by Mohism!"
A group of Mohist brothers sighed.

The next day, Sun Jian came to Si Shui again with fifty thousand troops.

Of the 50,000 troops, 20,000 were brought from Changsha by Sun Jian, and the other 30,000 were Gongsun Zan soldiers.
Compared with Changsha soldiers in Sun Jian and Liaodong troops in Gongsun Zan, the strength is stronger. This 30,000 is the most powerful soldier in Gongsun Zan’s hands-Baima Yicong.
In order not to be noticed by Hua Xiong, Gongsun Zan didn’t let anyone raise his flag this time. There is a flag of Sun Jian in the army.
Gongsun Zan with thirty thousand troops in Sun Jian twenty thousand troops.
Liu Bei’s three brothers are among them.
Today, Hua Xiong didn’t count all the soldiers and horses early in the morning. The day before yesterday, Sun Jian was defeated. Hua Xiong Sun Jian didn’t dare to come today. It’s probably Gongsun Zan.
Hua Xiong was still resting in the mansion when Sun Jian arrived.
Wait until the soldiers came to report that Hua Xiong came to the wall with Su Li and others.
On the wall, Hua Xiong first looked at the flag flying high. A big Sun character was indeed Sun Jian Shuai Banner.
Then Hua Xiong’s eyes searched in the army, but Gongsun Zan and others deliberately hid Hua Xiong in the wall of Gongsun Zan. They wore ordinary soldiers’ armor and needed to bow their heads a little in this army. Hua Xiong wouldn’t recognize them even if his eyes swept past them.
It’s not like 50 thousand people are there in the armor of the Lord. It’s easier to find someone than to find a needle in a haystack, but it’s definitely not a short time.
Unless you’re wearing fresh armor
I saw a circle around the city wall, but I didn’t see feather Hua Xiong, so I had to point out the military forces and fight Sun Jian.
However, Su Li stopped Hua Xiong and said, "The general can’t be defeated by Sun Jian last time. How dare you come again today? The general should be careful."
Being stopped by Su Li Hua Xiong is also hesitant to look over again.
After carefully scanning a circle, I still didn’t find that Hua Xiong couldn’t resist lighting the military forces and killed them regardless of Su Li’s dissuasion.
In Hua Xiong’s view, the last time he killed Sun Jian, he was defeated today, but Sun Jian is just around the corner. What else can there be?
to be continued
Chapter 37 Hua Xiong died.
Gongsun Zan, who was mixed in Sun Jian’s army, saw Hua Xiong leading the army out of his heart and said, "This time, you will not die in my hand."
"It is said that this Hua Xiong has the courage to know how to find a soft persimmon."
At this time, Gongsun Zan had no resentment against Hua Xiong. Liu Bei said that he was afraid of Hua Xiong, otherwise he would send troops as soon as Sun Jian came and Hua Xiong would not fight as soon as he came.
If Hua Xiong is not afraid of him, Gongsun Zan doesn’t believe that Hua Xiong can be afraid now. Obviously, in Hua Xiong’s eyes, he is better than Sun Jian.
Gongsun Zan didn’t know that Hua Xiong was afraid of feather instead of him.
Hua Xiong flatters Sun Jian and beheads Sun Jian’s Zu Mao. This time, Hua Xiong doesn’t want Sun Jian to run away.
Gongsun Zan didn’t kill Huaxiong, and he was also worried that Hua Xiong would flee after seeing him.
He will wait for Hua Xiong to go deep into the army, and then he will be killed when he breaks away from France.
For a pretence, Sun Jian and Hua Xiong retreated with the army after a few moves.
Hua Xiong didn’t know that Sun Jian was defeated. He wanted to escape and chase after him with fifty thousand fighters.
Sun Jian and his army retreated five miles back. When retreating, it should be Gongsun Zan’s 30 thousand white horse righteousness from the front
But now unconsciously, Gongsun Zan’s 30,000 white horses have fallen behind and transferred to a position with Sun Jian’s 20,000 soldiers.
Hua Xiong, who was bent on catching up with Sun Jian, did not notice the change of Sun Jian army.
Gongsun Zan saw that he was no longer hidden before being chased. Baimayi turned from the instantaneous incarnation of the tiger and pounced on Hua Xiong’s fifty thousand fighters.
Gongsun Zan Baimayi is his most elite soldier, which is better than the 50,000 fighters that Hua Xiong has brought out now.
Hua Xiong’s fifty thousand fighters are not the best fighters in Dong Zhuo’s hands.
At the same time, Sun Jian also killed a comeback with his twenty thousand soldiers.
Gongsun Zan went straight to Hua Xiong and went to Gongsun Zan. The strength is also extremely strong, not weaker than that of Huaxiong. The strength of the two is equal.
Gongsun Zan soon killed Hua Xiong.
Hua Xiong also knows Gongsun Zan. Although Gongsun Zan is wearing ordinary soldier armor now, Hua Xiong can see Gongsun Zan clearly at such a close distance.
Heart in a surprised Hua Xiong "this fellow how here? Not good! " Hua Xiong look around Gongsun Zan and soon saw that feather not far behind Gongsun Zan.
Feather appearance is much more than that of Gongsun Zan.
See feather to kill here to Hua Xiong heart frightened quickly BoZhuan horsehead to run.
Gongsun Zan didn’t know that Hua Xiong saw the feather behind him before he ran back to Hua Xiong, or was scared away by his fame and chased Hua Xiong.
Feather also went belly-up in the place where the dragon crescent moon blade was chased here.
When the escaped Chinese hero came back to see it, he was even more frightened when he saw it.
Feather speed is faster than that of Gongsun Zan. When it is ten feet away from Gongsun Zan, it leaps high from the steed, and then draws a circle in the middle like a big bird with both hands and right hands. It holds its left hand high and closes it.
Ten feet away, the feather appeared behind Hua Xiong in a blink, and two feet of beard fluttered in the air.
Hua Xiong felt a dark cloud floating over his head, and when the horse turned around, he saw that the feather had fallen.
My heart is cold and I want to raise my combat knives, but I have already raised my half feather dragon crescent moon blade and split it on his head.
Feather this knife flew from ten feet away, and it was very powerful. One knife went to Hua Xiong, and both men and horses were split in half.
Just before he died, Hua Xiong thought, "I didn’t expect me to pass. It was really a warm wine to cut Hua Xiong."
In fact, if Hua Xiong didn’t run away blindly, he wouldn’t have been killed by a knife.
But before he saw Yu, he was already afraid to face Yu. Just now, he saw that Yu Wei couldn’t afford to fight with Yu.
In fact, now the strength of feather is higher than that of Hua Xiong, and the first line is the five-star peak.
Now Yu is only 27 years old, and there is a great chance of breaking through to six stars before he is 3 years old.
And Hua Xiong is also a five-star high-order and one step away from the peak. Although it is not a badminton opponent, it is not a big problem to fight for dozens of rounds.
Hua Xiong didn’t know his death was very wrong until he died. If those players hadn’t told him that he would die in the hands of feather, he would have lost his courage if he couldn’t make a move in the hands of feather.
Hua Xiong was killed, Gongsun Zan and Sun Jian joined forces to kill the remaining enemy forces, and Hua Xiong brought out 50,000 fighters, and thousands of people fled back to other prisoners.
After returning to the camp, Sun Jian sent Yuan Shao a good news. This time, he was beheaded, but Dong Zhuo’s first general was definitely not small.
Not a third-rate warrior like Hu Zhen.
However, Sun Jian said in the good news that Hua Xiong was killed and did not mean that Hua Xiong was killed by Yu.

At this time, there are many roadblocks around the quiet school in Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to prevent vehicles from passing at will. The door is full of anxious parents. In a few minutes, the last entrance of the two-year college entrance examination will be over, and a group of teenagers will end their high school career. They are young and frivolous and walk out of this ivory tower to higher and farther places.

Yin Yun and other senior high school students are taking the exam at school at the moment.
"Ding Rinrin …"
Zhao Taozhe yawned and his mobile phone suddenly rang.
He picked it up, cast a glance, and then picked it up. "Yin Da, we are hot in the tree at the school gate now."
In a few minutes, I saw that my hair had grown a lot and Yin Yun came out.
"It’s finally over," he sighed. "What’s the plan for today?"
"How can I arrange to play in Hanchuan?" Zhang Xuan pointed to the basketball net in his hand.
The league has been over for more than a month. After returning from Beijing, the training of the basketball team has been released. Everyone is preparing for the coming final exam. Basketball has spent a lot of time, and now is the time to pick up everything.
The senior three players were busier after playing the national competition. Fortunately, the team got a good result when the last month left before the college entrance examination, and all the senior three students got extra points for the college entrance examination, which saved them a lot of effort.
"Yu?" Ji Hantian wondered.
"They are not as lucky as me. He and Xu Yi have been assigned to other schools to take exams." Yin Yunxiao said, "It’s okay to come later." This year, the Nanchuan college entrance examination disrupted all the senior three students in their respective districts and randomly arranged them in a school exam. This is to avoid being acquaintances in the same examination room.
Walk into Hanchuan Stadium
Ji Han took a deep breath.
He suddenly remembered that last year, when he first stepped into the stadium, the weather was even hotter than it is now. At that time, Yin Yun had not entered the third year of high school, and there were still a lot of idle time every day. Zhao Taozhe and Xue Yin copper are still fighting each other, and Sun Yu and Xu Yi still have some inexplicable hostility to themselves. What’s more, at that time, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School barely entered Nanchuan City to strengthen an unknown small team.
"Xiaotian" and several other people went to the stadium to warm up. Yin Yun suddenly withdrew and walked to Ji Hantian. "I heard them say that you gave up the opportunity to go to the United States?"
That was after the end of the league. Fang Yuan sent a large number of videos from Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to his mentor in the American Basketball Academy. The main purpose was to recommend Ji Hantian and Chu Chenxi to his mentor. Of course, these videos were the finals of the Southern District and the finals. These two events, Chu Chenxi and Ji Hantian, never fluctuated again, and they were very stable, but the strength gap was the reason for the final failure. This time, there was no luck.
In fact, in retrospect, Nanchuan No.7 Middle School was lucky enough, otherwise they would have fallen on the road of competing for Nanchuan championship, and how could they have waited until Wu Ji joined?
Fortunately, however, Fang Yuan finally got the answer that the tutor had recommended two people to a high school. In July, Fang Yuan went to the United States to participate in summer training. Knowing this news, Chu Chenxi naturally would not miss such an opportunity. In this month, he has been following Fang Yuan to promote himself. I believe that his personal ability has reached a peak now, and he can’t be mentioned in the same breath as last year.
Ji Hantian thought for a long time but declined Fang Yuan’s proposal.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to go, but that there are too many things for him to miss here, and he has a far-reaching way out.
Everyone knows what the level of basketball in China is in the world. If you choose this road resolutely, no one knows what will happen in the end
The most important thing is that Xia Jing is here.
"Well" Ji Hantian nodded "I’m not ready yet"
Yin Yun stared at Ji Hantian with incredible eyes. "You are now the first point guard in China high school basketball. There is nothing to hesitate about where the United States is to let you continue to shine. If I have such an opportunity, I will definitely go."
"I don’t know, maybe it’s because we are the second runner-up in the country." Ji Hantian inexplicably remembered that on his birthday last year, he made a wish that the MVP of the National University Competition was lost to the Tsinghua High School Affiliated to Nanchuan No.7 Middle School in the final finals, which shattered this wish. Ji Hantian still has regrets about this land.
"Well," Yin Yunnai shook his head and knew that Faquan Ji was cold. "So what are you going to do next?"
Ji Hantian stretched himself and "took the national championship of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School to win the MVP in the national finals"
Yin Yun didn’t look too surprised to hear that. If it is said that Ji Hantian in the southern district is not qualified to say such a thing now, then no one can say that Yin Yunxin laughed. "When I first met you, I was still wondering whether a teenager with such a weak temperament could play basketball well. At that time, you beat Sun Yu and surprised me. Now I think it’s really sitting on the sidelines."
Ji Hantian’s smile has become more and more shy. "My goal at that time was just to beat Yunshan High School and Xue Yangyi."
Yin Yun took over the conversation. "But now every time I close my eyes, I will think of the game in Nanjing. You made Ouyang Zhi show that I never had an idol, and after that day, I think you are my idol."
Ji Hantian also closed his eyes and recalled those days a month ago. "I don’t know what it is. I just think I can throw the ball into the basket. I think I can throw it into the basket when I get the ball."
"It was really crazy at that time," Yin Yunxiao shook his head. "I remember that at this time last year, Yu and I were still here, and we were able to beat Nanchuan No.3 Middle School and practiced day and night. Now the goal of Nanchuan No.7 Middle School has reached the top of the country. It’s unbelievable."
"this is the credit of everyone."
Yin Yun waved his hand. "The most important contribution is you." He patted Ji Hantian on the shoulder. "If you hadn’t played with Nanchuan No.3 Middle School, you would have lost. There would never be Nanchuan No.7 Middle School today."
"That was Chu Chenxi’s last save."
"When will he leave anyway?"

You know, the place you’re going to is a very dangerous place. Now that you have three refining crystals in your hand, you should refine your armor and other equipment quickly, so that your defense ability can be stronger and your chances of living in dangerous areas can be greatly enhanced.

"The player’s dragon soul needs to consume one refining crystal and one gold coin to build refining. Do you want to build refining?" I just spoke to the blacksmith and immediately sent the instructions. Of course, because I was talking to NPC, this instruction was told by the blacksmith (I was the only one who could hear that! )
After I got it, I made sure that I received a refined crystal 1 gold coin from my baggage, and I immediately picked up my fox dress after hitting the blacksmith. After a ringing, it was a tea kung fu +1 fox dress and it was already released.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Dragon Soul VS Condor ()
I just took the +1 Fox Dress from the blacksmith. I didn’t even plan to look at the attributes. I immediately handed it over and quickly chose the equipment to build refining.
"The player’s dragon soul needs to consume a refining crystal 2 gold coins to build refining. Do you want to build refining?" I just handed over the case of equipment building and refining to the blacksmith, and immediately sent an inquiry about whether to build and refine.
After obtaining my confirmation that I received a refined crystal 2 gold coins from my baggage, I was immediately picked up by the blacksmith +1 Fox Dress +2 Fox Dress+2 Fox Dress was already released after a ringing.
Hehe, I chose to pursue the +1 demon and fox dress and continue to build refining and knock it into a +2 state, which is naturally inseparable from my strategy.
After all, the success rate of +2 refining is 75~9%. The fox is a demon. According to the limit of’ the higher the equipment level, the lower the success rate of refining’, the success rate should be around%, but if I count my high lucky value again, the success rate should be greatly increased and decreased, and there should be a 9% chance.
Personally, I think my luck is not low, and today is not my unlucky day, so I have the courage to dare to rebuild the +1 demon fox dress and refine it into +2 equipment.
Ding! +2 Demon Fox Dress was successfully built! 》
Since there will be failure from +2, there will be a sign from this time on. It seems that I was right just now, and today is not my unlucky day, so the +2 fox dress has been successfully built.
Ok, gossip is not much to say. I quickly took the +2 demon fox dress and checked it out.
Demon fox dress +2 demon device Kyubi no Youko fox fox flame condensed into clothes like a dress. In fact, it is not as hard as a dress. It needs level 3 physical defense 2162 magic defense 2662 agility +3 physique +3 active defense skill power up 5%, lasting 5/5 weight 35 incidental skill fox dress.
Kyubi no Youko Fox’s defensive stunt consumes 5 mana. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame forms clothes to rebound from physical attacks. The rebound effect is 35%. Kyubi no Youko Fox’s red flame is wrapped outside the demon fox’s dress, so the player does not need to be burned by the flame. When the skill lasts for 1 minute, it will cool down for 1 hour.
Compared with the original, the +2 fox dress is really a far cry from the original. You know, the original physical defense of the fox dress is only 152, and now the +2 defense has reached a height of 2162, which is 66 times higher than before and after.
"It may not be the luck to refine the +2 fox dress into +3 again." I picked up the last refining crystal in my hand and Nuo Nuo said to myself, "This last refining crystal will make refining for artifact depravity tears. After all, it will help to go to Xuanyuan Mausoleum but it is very dangerous to have artifact depravity tears to strengthen the life limit."
Thinking of this, I immediately fell into tears and chose to build refining!
After the delivery of the last refining crystal 1 gold coin, the tears of +1 artifact depravity finally came out after the blacksmith’s beating.
Fallen Tears +1 Artifact Fallen Artifact Set A necklace part has unparalleled power, among which the secret of the set is gathered together. The set of fallen Artifact Sets can know the wearing requirements. Players with evil and fallen power have physical attack power 66 magic attack power 66 total health value increase by 3%, total mana value increase by 24%, and the weight lasts for 25/25. The attached skills change the sky and night field.
Change the sky and night domain skill consumption by 1 mana, and expand in the range of 1 meter around you. In your own night domain, your own attack defense will exert 2% power, while your opponent’s attack defense can exert 5% power, maintaining 1 minute skill cooldown for 24 hours.
+1 artifact falling tears physical attack power and magic attack power have been enhanced by 1 point, which seems dispensable to me. After all, it’s only 1 point, not 1 point. The attack power base can be ignored before I reach the top.
However, the increase in the total life value of +1 falling tears has increased from 25% to 3% now, which is not a small digital progress.
Moreover, the total increase of mana has also increased from 2% to 24% now, which is enough for me to have a longer sharingan time.
After the three refining crystal departments were built, I screened some potions that were more suitable for me in Xuanyuan Imperial City and set out for the outside of the Imperial City.
At the moment, I’m holding a grass sword in my hand to kill the flying eagle here. Fortunately, the BOSS-level strange deity in the cave where the sword tomb is forbidden didn’t come, otherwise it would be an earth-shattering battle.
"hmm? The forbidden area of Sword Tomb is so big. I can’t find Xuanyuan Mausoleum anywhere. " Wandering back and forth in the forbidden area of sword burial for half a day, but I can’t find the entrance of Xuanyuan mausoleum. I don’t doubt it. "It’s not a death spokesman who cheated me, is it? Or was the entrance to Xuanyuan Mausoleum modified after the public beta? "
Brush the grass. The young sword flies so fast that it cuts the surrounding siege to fly the sculpture. My brain quickly thinks about it. "Wait … If the forbidden area of the sword burial belongs to a special scene, it’s just the small cave on the cliff. Is the entrance of Xuanyuan Mausoleum in the cave?"
My sword forced the annoying flying eagle around me to look at the small cave with steep mountain wall, that is, the mysterious cave guarded by the carved gods. Nuo Nuo said to himself, "Well, there is a 5-level fairy beast carved gods guard in that cave. If there is no accident, it may be the entrance of Xuanyuan Mausoleum."
"Through the snow! 」
"Royal sword flying! 」
Since it is speculated that the cave guarded by the 5-level fairy beast god carving may be the entrance of Xuanyuan Imperial Tomb, when I directly stepped on the snow mark and flew from the ground, I broke away from the siege of flying sculptures, and then quickly sacrificed the Shushan leading sword and royal sword flying skills to release instantly!
"Crazy carving out to sea! 」
As soon as I stepped into the cave, I saw that the wings of the carved gods were recycled and gathered, and then suddenly, the general momentum was suddenly squeezed from all sides. It was the unique skill of the carved gods that carved the sea in the palm of their hands.

By waiting for the arrival of the new car, Jiang Xiaoliu invited a group of four people to have a hearty meal in a restaurant at school. Qi Yufeng waited for him to talk. Only then did he know that Miao Di said that there were mistakes. It was from his freshman family that Jiang Xiaoliu entered the restaurant and pro-chef cooked here. The business was so hot that he accumulated a lot of money and contacts. It was not arrogant to "rush to the top and get angry" before investing in business.

In Huo Jingzhu, the anthomaniac kept asking questions, and the two men didn’t go deep into it. Immediately, several people had breakfast in this H group, and a commercial car and a line of people went straight to H headquarters.
In fact, the H Group is now a world-famous multinational enterprise with diversified production. According to statistics, H production has already penetrated into people’s lives in the world for more than ten years, from family to medical care, from transportation, construction to commerce, education and communication, which has greatly changed people’s life and work style.
Qi Yufeng once said in an interview that at least 5% people in the world will come into direct or grounded contact with H company every day.
At the same time, H naturally has branches, research centers and production bases in many countries. The headquarters here is already somewhat like Luoyi, where Sunday was located in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. However, the status of Luoyi is not as important as before. However, because most of the veteran team members of Yinjiang Xiaoshi and Tuan eo Office Company have stayed here all the year round, it still brings a little mystery to this place.
However, within an hour, everyone came to the H headquarters of the High-tech Zone and looked from the car. Even in the winter, there were lawns, flowers and trees, and there was a big lawn where everyone was swinging and playing golf, and there were scattered trees and squirrels and birds constantly walking and playing.
The vehicle slowly climbed a gentle slope from the path, and a line of people saw the towering H building in front of the car, guiding the people in front of the river hunting, and then Qu Feiyan saw the glass mirror building flashing mottled mysterious light and couldn’t help but feel a little excited and nervous.
And the same first time I visited Huojing Bamboo, I felt uneasy and said nothing with a straight face.
Jiang Xiaoliu went to the building, stopped and looked up for a while, and then turned back to Qi Yufeng and said, "This is the proudest place in my life. I borrowed your light from a few little girls, otherwise even the Central Committee members would have to make an appointment to visit."
Qi Yufeng nodded his head dignified and looked at the people who created the entire wealth empire. He felt more and more unfathomable, but he didn’t take the initiative to talk about his experience, but it was not easy to ask questions.
A group of people continue to go forward to reach the gate, and there are still more than ten meters away. Suddenly, it seems that the glass wall of the road automatically scratched a door. A woman full of texture came out of the door, "Welcome back, Chairman Jiang Xiaoliu."
At the same time, a well-dressed and capable beautiful female secret flashed out.
A few people were shocked, but a closer look revealed that the female secret was a virtual video and not a real person.
Jiang Xiaoliu frowned and said, "What’s the matter? Didn’t you see a distinguished guest visiting at the side door?"
The female secret immediately bowed slightly and waited for a few seconds, and then replied, "The scanned image of the guests is based on the data comparison and comprehensive inference that the guests’ families have not given corresponding restrictions and welcome speeches."
Jiang Xiaoliu Xiongdan raised his eyebrows and pointed to Qi Yufeng’s way, "I changed this one to give A-level limit."
"A few others …" Jiang Xiaoshi glanced around and looked at all three women with a look of discontent, and couldn’t help coughing "and gave it to me."
The female secret bowed slightly again and waited for a moment. "The scanning record has been completed. Welcome the distinguished guests from afar to the H building." Then the light flashed and disappeared in the middle.
This together can’t help but be dumbfounded. "Is this 3d stereoscopic projection without the help of media?"
He once heard Cheng Xuyuan introduce this technology, even if it creates an objective 3d scene through the influence of light. This scene does not need special glasses and can be watched in 360 degrees. It was pioneered by H company, while other so-called 3d Americans studied the projection of images on steam, while people projected their hair on Germans and Britons with soap bubbles. Only what H company produced can project perfect images in reality, which is the most perfect and authentic 3d projection of human science and technology at present.
H company also earns a lot of money in high-end industries because of this technical concept, but such a large scale should be valuable after all, and Qi Yufeng has never seen it.
Jiang Xiaoshi nodded proudly and laughed. "Good. How does it look like that?"
Qi Yufeng looked at the pure marble floor tiles and sighed, "I don’t know how excited it is if Cheng Xuyuan saw it."
Jiang Xiaoshi smiled "Will you point the fist that little thin? He came here a month earlier, and he hasn’t worked for me since he got the money here! “
Huo Jingzhu couldn’t help complaining when he heard this. "He didn’t tell us anything about such a big thing in H Company."
Jiang Xiaoshi turned and walked over and explained, "The company has confidentiality regulations and generally can’t talk about it to outsiders casually. I don’t blame him. Well, it was only a month before he was taken by me …"
Miao Di didn’t go to the school yesterday and didn’t know that Cheng Xuyuan joined H company. At this time, my classmates couldn’t help but ask, "Cousin, how much salary can Cheng Xuyuan give to join your company like this?" “
Jiang Xiaoshi waved a hand at the door and asked a few people to take the door. "That’s not bad. I’m going to let him join my 100-person hair team after graduation. It was sent that day … er … Let me see …"
He touched the door glass and immediately activated a transparent panel like water waves. He knocked on the glass and soon a row of numbers appeared.
"Well, 20,000 cars, employees, residential quarters, a set of travel allowance, 50,000 entertainment allowance, 30,000 … The first one is 500,000, except for a one-time one, which is about 300,000." He casually read aloud while looking at the glass.
"So much? "Huo Jingzhu can’t help but be surprised." Why does he make so much money? He hasn’t graduated yet “
Miao Di, however, recognized the mystery and quickly explained, "Cheng Xuyuan is going to join the 100-member team led by my cousin personally. In the future, H Company will focus on training engineers, and it will be less."
"Just him?" Huo Jingzhu crinkled and disdained, "I can beat him three times if I am as thin as he is."
But having said that, she still felt that Cheng Xuyuan’s position in her heart seemed to be a little higher.
When everyone stepped into the main entrance, there was a vast hall of several hundred square meters. The hall was filled with red, yellow, green and blue, and there were all kinds of food cabinets and beverage cabinets next to the sofa.
At this time, it was about 10 o’clock in the afternoon, which was the prime time of work, but the hall was full of people, like the sales hall of a luxury residence. Everyone chatted and watched or drank drinks, and some people took pens and scribbled on the wall. Some people tuned the guitar strings and were happy to eat and wait for the mirror image.
There are even cats, dogs and pets strolling back and forth on the ground. Some people take their children to watch toys fight, and several sweeping robots run back and forth and turn around.
Jiang Xiaoshi took people through the hall, but occasionally someone looked up and saw it far away to say hello, and no one came up to talk.
"This … this is your employee?" Huo Jingzhu once again found it difficult to understand.
"Yes," said Jiang Xiaoshi with mirth, but his face was also awkward.