Although he didn’t understand why he was silent for thousands of years, the goddess of nature would suddenly wake up and respond to the prayers of the demon elves. After all, the demon elves belonged to the elf group abandoned by the goddess of nature, but when she recovered, she responded to the prayers of a group of abandoned children. This kind of thing seems a bit incredible to Nigram, but in the incredible, the rich natural power undoubtedly belongs to the power of the goddess of nature, and this time it will never be an ordinary spell. Only the goddess of nature can perform miracles to say all this.

But even a miracle is a proof that the goddess of nature wakes up, and this time it is definitely a step for the goddess of nature. As soon as the smelly chess wakes up, she directly offended the ancient mage, a group of guys who even dared to deal with God in ancient times. This feeling is absolutely difficult for the goddess of nature, but there is no way. If there is no sacrifice of thousands of demon spirits to stimulate the goddess of nature, it may take hundreds of years for her to wake up from her sleep. At that time, there may be no place for her in the main material plane.
But in the face of the ancient mage, the goddess who just woke up can’t shrink. Once she shrinks, there is no doubt that she can’t go to the main material plane again. Even if she knows that offending the ancient mage is a pit, she can now fight hard. If not, how can the vine overpass spread for more than ten kilometers be arranged? Even the miracle of the goddess nature has its limits, which has given birth to such a huge vine. She directly handed over a large number of life springs into the divine power, but it is absolutely terrible for her to accumulate life springs for so many years.
However, it is not a good thing for ancient mages, who just woke up and needed to show miracles to gain faith in God, but they were very confident because they died in their hands. However, you should know that the water source was gone in those years, and these ancient mages even broke through the ancient goddess of nature, but the problem is that they fought in those years and now, and it is not the evil in the kingdom, but the power handed over by the goddess of nature. The most important thing is that even if this force is defeated, there is no factor. The demon elves have rushed to these ancient mages.
Rushed to the front, Nigrim waved his hand and broke a hole. Nigrim was preparing to wave a butcher knife at the ancient wizards. Unfortunately, in a moment, he bumped into a vine thicker than the magic wall. Even if it contained the power of the goddess of nature, he rushed to the front of the wall with all kinds of secret runes shining. Nigrim even bumped into the face and was directly hit by stars. Not to mention, he almost fell from a kilometer.
At the moment, Nigrim is holding a cane that keeps shaking, and those demon elves who almost fell like him cling to those vines. Even so, thousands of demon spirits have turned into pot dumplings. Looking at this scene, Chen Kai and their extremely loyal video recorded it. After all, this is the first battle of the ancient mage after entering the main material plane, and Chen Kai is the least. The first battle they know is because they didn’t see it at all when the former efreet attacked. It seems that it can’t be counted.
Looking at the top of the head, it’s a scene comparable to Hollywood blockbusters, and it’s even more popular than blockbusters. Chen Kai’s breathing is a little heavy, because they find themselves in a demon. In this case, there is no way to spread vines all over the sky. The final result must be that once they lose their forward momentum, the huge vines will crush themselves, not to mention tens of thousands of demon elves hanging on their faces.
Even with the strength of the goddess of nature, it is necessary to find a foothold, but the ancient wizards joined hands to release the protective wall, which is so easy to break because they know what these demon elves want. After all, the magic of these ancient wizards must defend the whole black tower and it is impossible to attack these demon elves because there are too many demon elves. If we let them kill them one by one, it is estimated that forcing these demon elves to the ground is what these ancient wizards want to do most, but the goddess of nature doesn’t think so.
There is no doubt that she jumped into the pit of the ancient mage. The most important thing for her now is to give these ancient deities a hard time. Only in this way can they realize that the main material plane is the age of the gods, not the twilight of the ancient gods. The vines directly tangled into a huge palm and rushed to the barrier.
"boom! ! !” The explosion generated by the first slap spread in all directions, and the result also made the demon elves hanging on the vines have a painful journey. The only thing Nigrim can do now is to cling to the vines and fix his waist vines. Otherwise, he will be thrown out like other demon elves and don’t care about the death of the demon elves. She didn’t wake up who she was until the will came. Although she was a little grateful, she also felt a little disgusted. After all, although she didn’t do very well in those years. That was the only thing she could do when she asked for power exhaustion at the top of the elves, but the demon elves later blasphemed and made her already weak. It can be said that she fell asleep after snow and frost, and some of the demon elves were responsible for it
Therefore, for these demon elves, the goddess of nature is both hateful and painful, and her mood is very complicated, but God’s majesty is not profane. She will never be kind to the lives of those demon elves, waving vines without scruple, and those demon elves directly made a barrier to the ancient mage and took pictures.
Watching a movie on the ground, everyone soon found that Hollywood blockbusters were not so good at enjoying the horror explosion. Everyone had to cover their ears. The light of the magic circle kept flashing as if they were under some kind of attack. Just three flashes of secret laws and regulations led to cracks in the retaining wall, and the ancient wizards who supported the retaining wall were also very ugly because they were positive and fierce.
Although the goddess of nature has just woken up, her divine power has not been restored, and the power she handed me is not strong, there is still no way for these purple wizards to resist the broken breast wall after the fifth blow, just like broken glass, and the huge arm directly shook toward the black tower and took it.
It was a slap in the face, and the huge arm directly turned into a vine, so it instantly fell in the past, and then it was densely wrapped around the black tower, feeling the terrible pulling force. The tower almost collapsed in an instant, and the wizards felt a horrible tearing force at the same time. Fortunately, the black tower was not fixed by ordinary foundation, otherwise the pulling force could directly drag the tower down, so that the faces of the ancient wizards would be lost. None of the mage towers were pulled down by people’s direct brute force, and history was tied down by people. From Sola to the collapse of the Mage Tower, very few foundations were destroyed in the war. Although the whole Mage Tower fell on a foundation, in fact, the whole foundation has been linked with tens of thousands of square meters of ground. To pull up the Mage Tower, you must pull up the tens of thousands of square meters of ground directly.
The huge tower is swaying slightly in the pulling force-it is still as stable as Mount Tai in the end than standing on the ground. The problem is that it is hung around the vines of the tower, but tens of thousands of demon elves see that these demon elves Baldin’s face is very ugly. If it is not his duty, Baldin has fled directly through the cracks to the astral world, but what he can do now is to do his duty.
"damn it! Look what you’ve done. Don’t let them near the prison. This is the landmark to the Astral World. If something goes wrong, none of us can afford it! !” Baldin growled in the water curtain, but was quickly pushed back by several purple wizards. Actually, they couldn’t taste this. If the demons destroyed the crack, their custody would be broken into pieces by the staff wizards at the other end. Without the support of those staff wizards, it is absolutely difficult to support them on the main material plane by themselves. After all, the name of the ancient mage is not very good.
"Shut up! Baldin, just watch the cracks for us. No, you teach us what to do! !” The purple wizard roared and then released an attack directly towards the huge vines. The purple dissociation boom broke hundreds of vines in an instant, but all the vines added up to hundreds of thousands of doubts. Thanks to the divine power of the goddess nature, the tenacity and anti-magic ability of the vines were very high, which made several purple wizards look even more ugly. To be continued.
The first volume Chapter 2 introduced our queen ()
In the sky, when the demon elves approached the black tower, they entered the white-hot side in an instant, saving the demon queen and the other two demon elves to dominate the other side in order to defend their territory and their reputation as ancient wizards.
It is absolutely the first time for ancient wizards to be beaten to their lair by a group of demons. Even in ancient times, there was no such thing. The Seven-color Tower has never been beaten to the door by demons. It can be said that these purple wizards are going crazy. If possible, they can’t wait to directly contact those staff wizards to find the goddess of nature and directly bomb it in.
But before that, these purple wizards must carry this over, otherwise, don’t say that it’s troublesome to find the goddess of nature. It’s good that the staff wizards above their heads don’t bother them. After all, this crack can reach the higher ancient wizards in the astral world and the main material plane. If the crack is destroyed, those ancient wizards are able to come back, but they can’t afford to go back and forth once.
As a result, none of these purple-robed wizards will let Nigrim and his hands get anywhere near the tower. Although the goddess Li Teng, the demon elves have connected the bridge, she can still do this. She has just woken up from the silence, but she has a lot of things to do. If these demon elf methods are severely damaged by the ancient wizards, then she will have to find a way to move.
But what she has to do now is to cut off the connection with these magical powers and let things develop. If the demon elves win, it will be good for her. If the demon elves fail, she will not be found by the ancient wizards.
When the goddess of nature quietly left, the protagonists in the whole battlefield became ancient wizards and demon elves again. Although the purple wizards were at an absolute disadvantage in numbers, they all exploded hundreds of demons, not to mention being demon demon elves. However, these demon elves also had an advantage that they were different from the demons in the abyss, and they could gain the abyss mark by evolution to improve their fighting capacity and fighting skills. These elves were committed and were born in the abyss to be better. All the demon elves gained their own fighting skills.
At the same time, although the minerals in the abyss are poor, they have accumulated enough weapons for these demon elves for so many years. The most important thing is that these demon elves know that they have a chance to make a move at most in front of these ancient wizards. They all use their most powerful martial arts and magic and burn their lives to attack. These ancient wizards feel that they are not facing a group of demons, but a group of completely crazy guys who are more terrible than demons.
Although these spells and attacks are almost like tickling in the protection spell of the purple wizard, it will also scratch and bleed if you scratch more. These demon elves attack several purple wizards like crazy on the vine. Fortunately, there are ancient wizards to fly in this area. Otherwise, the situation of these ancient wizards is definitely not good. One by one, the magic missiles keep erupting in the middle, and after each magic flashes, there will be a mass of blood on the ground. Chen Kai, they are already hiding, but it is dark. Because of the enlightenment, the gate of the color tower made them enter the tower to escape. Of course, they don’t want to go in. Once they hide in it, they won’t see such a lively picture, but the problem is that it is very dangerous not to hide outside.
Fortunately, they are followed by a bronze mage. Although the bronze mage is not strong, he knows where the whole Telamis is relatively safe. When hiding in a completely closed tower, he can run into the pyramid. Although it is not very safe inside, after all, this pyramid is not very resistant to spell impact. Once it encounters a level 9 spell attack, it may be damaged, and then it will become a living coffin.
However, even a living coffin is better than being directly blown into powder by spells. Although those spells fell to the ground without causing much damage, the fluctuation of spreading spells still shocked everyone. The most important thing is that those demon elves are really crazy, and they do a good job of blowing themselves up like drinking water. After several demon elves are blasted, they directly explode with great destructive power, clearing up a large area of white on the ground. Fortunately, the foundations of ancient wizards have been strengthened, otherwise they really can’t stand being bombed several times.
The most important thing is that most demon elves directly turned into a mass of blood even if they blew themselves up in the middle, leaving a black and red blood rain on the ground. Chen Kai and them are now hiding in the middle of a pyramid with an inverted triangle facing the black tower, so that they can gather together and say that the pyramid energy is magic energy, and this position is also the most powerful place for the defense of the whole pyramid.
At the same time, in this position, you can also see the scenes in the sky. The only problem is to prevent being accidentally injured. After all, those ancient mages release spells, that is, rounds of barrage, and spells and light bullets are shuttling through them, including Nigrim. The demon elves either cast spells to fight hard or dodge, but they are still directly hit by spells. These dense barrage is definitely a dream of all mages to fly a little. They look at the battles in the sky one after another. Unfortunately, they don’t say that they have cast barrage once, and they can’t put it out ten times.
However, the purple-robed wizards don’t look very good, because they find that their defensive side can’t stop the demon elves’ footsteps. Although most of the demon elves are still blocked hundreds of meters away from the black tower, at the same time, with the constant attacks of ancient wizards, few thousand vines have been destroyed, but there are still thousands of vines connecting the tower, and one is thicker than the other. It is very difficult to destroy these vines. The most important thing is that the magic of these ancient wizards is rapidly consuming. Once they lose their magic, they are not much better than an ordinary person, let alone stop the demon elves’ footsteps. Whether they can
All over the sky barrage can also make these wizards turn their spells into sluggish or range-destructive spells in the most confrontation, but the semi-central environment also greatly limits their spells. The best spell is to directly break the sword of Nigrim moonlight, but the problem is that these purple wizards can’t release attacks with regular power at will. If they can release them at will, they are not purple wizards but staff wizards.
Actually, if you can come a few times, you can definitely cut off all the vines in a short time. Then, don’t say that tens of thousands of demons and elves will come again. It’s a pity that this spell has a limit. Even if these purple wizards hit together, they can release it again. It’s not enough to completely cut off all the vines, but after releasing the spell, they won’t have enough magic to fight.
Nigrim, a demon knight who has become a moon demon, now has several wounds hanging on his body. It is a miracle that he left a strong body after being hit by an ancient mage’s spell, so that he can not die in such a spell attack. Holding Telmisli, he feels that the journey is less than 100 meters, but it is like a moat. He has seen thousands of demon elves die in this area. Even if these demon elves burn their lives, release spells and attacks, they have not hurt these ancient mages a little.
However, at this time, Nigrim felt more and more that his queen might be in the room of the high tower. This feeling was very clear, because he seemed to smell the queen’s body, which was only familiar with after thousands of years of companionship. The demon knight was very clear, although it was very light, but it was definitely the devil queen’s body that smelled.
"attack! The queen is just ahead! ! We must get the queen out! !” Nigrim’s voice echoed in the air, and the demon elves quickly broke out with even more horrible fighting power when they heard it. At the same time, Nigrim didn’t expect that the helper also broke out with horrible fighting power on the ground. Sagronzo, a monster with the level of demon Lord, broke out with a huge fighting power that surpassed that of his brother Sagrima, and his huge body doubled in an instant. His huge body was as straight as a heavy tank and rushed straight towards the black tower. All the way, the silver mage and the golden robe mage among the ancient wizards kept attacking him with high spells, but the huge monster didn’t even stop and rushed into the core area of the ancient
"Moon magic! Damn it, moon demon! Where are you! The great Sagronzo is going to kill you! Kill you! " The roaring colossus demon constantly destroys it, and the shock wave is directly blasted when it steps on its hooves. The huge impact overturns those war puppets and low-level bronze mages. These bronze mages rely on their own weak bodies to resist the wild attack. Just this few dozens of bronze mages died directly and were injured several times.
"Sagronzo! Let’s go Take this opportunity to take your brother away! " Yameifis was lying on Sagronzo. She had lost her former charm. A horrible scar appeared on her seductive face, but Sagronzo still listened to her words and didn’t listen. After all, Sagronzo knew that if his brother died, he couldn’t live. Now this giant elephant demon can have such terrible fighting power because he and his brother’s lives are connected. Once Sagrima died, Sagronzo couldn’t live either.
"good! Moon demon! You wait for uncle Sagronzo, and I’ll be back! !” Listen to Yameipheus. Although this giant elephant demon is often stupid, this time he is extremely obedient and rushes over to defend his brother against his body and rushes directly towards the periphery of Telamis. After killing and injuring so many bronze mages, if these two demons are allowed to escape, these ancient mages will definitely lose all their faces, even though many low-level demons are scurrying around to attack and destroy, but a large number of high-level golden robe mages are getting up to contain the three demons running away.
For them, other low-level demons have escaped, but these three high-level demons are absolutely not allowed to escape. It is a disaster for one high-level demon, even if this disaster is not for ancient wizards, but now these ancient wizards have taken Denzel Forest as their own territory and will never allow demons to take root here.
Dozens of high-ranking gold-robed wizards besieged and blocked Sagronzo, making him angry. Zhan Ji, from his brother, kept waving a series of flames and attacking the abyss in all directions, but the gold-robed wizards carrying energy shield just pushed him against his attack and drove him around in the direction of Telamis. The low-ranking silver-robed wizards kept trying to disintegrate his body and protect Sagronzo. The surface of his body turned black and blue, and a large number of demon blood spewed out and dyed his body semi-red.
"I wipe! This fight is too bad! " Cloud line of sight gawking at the sad monster is bigger than the colossus demon. In their eyes, the demon definitely belongs to the monster level. In this way, even if the player as a whole enters the stage, it will be enough to annihilate a team of thousands of players in a blink of an eye. Because no ordinary player can stop this monster from hitting, even a whole team of shield guards can’t carry one.
"It’s really scary! This kind of attack will kill me in an instant, even if I wear this armor, and it’s still the kind of complete crushing spike! " Looking at the ground being split by Saglongzuo, Chen Kai knew that even if he wore a double lion armor and made his metal wings protect him, he couldn’t carry it, because he had tested the ground hardness of Telamis, and he could cut a mouth less than three centimeters deep with one blow, but this guy blew out a gap less than three or four meters long and more than one meter deep with one blow. What kind of terrorist force can this achieve this effect?
"If it were me, I would definitely be dead if I were to be beaten!" Cloud heard Chen Kai’s words and said slowly, according to Chen Kai’s statement, it’s not just the cloud. Others, even those soldiers wearing plate armor, will be swept by Sagronzo, and even if the weapons arrive at the periphery, they will be fractured and seriously injured. The base is to wait for siming. It can be said that Sagronzo is all melee nightmares, and so are wizards.
"fortunately, his enemy is not us!" Everyone thinks so, even those elves, because they really don’t have the courage to say nothing about the sanctuary in front of such demons. Strange soldiers may hate to fight the halberd in Sagalonzo.
"fortunately, it is the ancient wizards who suffer now!" This is Chen Kai’s only idea now, but they don’t know that they will still face such a terrible elephant demon in the future, but it is not in Telamis, but in another place. Although the elephant demon has become an undead at that time, it has become even more horrible because at this time, there is a man with shining eyes looking at the giant elephant demon, the necromancer Keno, and looking at Sagronzo’s expression is like looking at a lover.

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