"Romans pavilion! I think we should quit first! " Chen Kai thought it was better and more peaceful to discuss this, but as soon as his words fell to Romans, he took the lead in rushing into the room, and other elves also pushed a group of players into the room as if they had seen a miracle. Chen Kai was rudely pushed without finding out what had happened, and this was the first time since he stayed with these elves that an elegant race was advertised. Most elves were very polite, but at this moment all the etiquette was discarded by the elves, because they saw it and let them ignore these things.

Because it is the remains of an ancient elf, the most important thing is that the remains are still moist, which means that the ancient elf is powerful and frightening. Even after he died, his body has not been corrupted for many years. The most important thing is that the ancient elf looks like he is alive, but everyone knows that he is dead. The ancient elf was so powerful before his death, and even after his death, his body is almost immortal.
In fact, many players have discovered one thing, that is, the Millennium years have changed more frequently in recent years, and some of them have been separated by less than a thousand years, while the previous years have been separated by thousands of years. The so-called immortals in NINEONE are naturally called those ancient days before this year, because they lived for thousands of years, and the tortoise is also immortal in the same era as the ancient mage, and those staff mages are naturally immortals. Decay is called immortality in the true sense. Of course, this immortality is not complete. After all, even God may fall. What can be called real immortality at this time?
Of course, the immortal’s body can not rot for thousands of years, but his clothes may not be so. Even the top equipment will gradually rust or rot after thousands of years of wearing, but the immortal is still in the best condition. It is only when the elves get closer that the so-called integrity is an illusion. At the moment of the immortal’s death, the energy in his body slowly leaks out of his body, and these leaked forces gradually erode and transform his equipment by his own strength.
The most important reason why this equipment looks radiant is that the escaping energy finally protects the armor body. Once it is exposed to air or the air flow fluctuates slightly, for example, now it hits the elves and directly rushes into the room, causing air impact, which will directly turn the armor into scattered particles all over the sky, just like sneezing and blowing away dandelion seeds.
There is no doubt that the ancient elves are exposed to the dull elves like naked chickens. They never thought that their own actions would lead to this result. However, this kind of almost blasphemy will not care about an immortal whose soul is completely disintegrated after death, and it is even impossible to become an undead because the immortal’s body is nourished by energy for a long time. The energy base is a positive force, and the negative death force will lead to the gradual decay of their bodies. This is the biggest feature of immortality. Immortals are almost a natural exterminator. Even their corpses can make several undead escape thousands of miles instantly. Of course, the undead here are those low-level skeleton mixed soldiers.
In Chen Kai’s view, the immortal foundation is similar to the myth of the Buddha’s golden body in reality. Of course, these materials are all Chen Kai’s. They later learned that the only information they know now has the word immortal. This is what they know from the mouth of the elves around them. For players, it is even more impossible if there is no special opportunity for a generation to meet the immortal’s remains in the game, because the so-called immortal is almost equal to God in the main material plane. In the regular root, it is impossible to allow the living god to live in the main material plane for a long time, and it is possible to stay in the main material plane until he dies or falls into eversleeping. In front of Chen Kai and them, this ancient elf base is equivalent to a fallen god, although it is slightly exaggerated, but it is close to the truth.
It is precisely because of this that these elves are so crazy and in such a state of affairs that when the immortal is found dead completely, several elves are out of control rather than crying. For the elves, an ancient elf immortal is a self-born god of their own clan, but such a god has left eversleeping without even leaving his name, which makes these elf knights feel emotional. Even a strong man like Romans has gradually entered an emotional state.
When these elves gradually recovered, their first thought was to send the immortal back to the elf empire, but the problem came. Of course, this problem is definitely not a digging machine, but the immortal’s body is absolutely difficult to move. The most important thing is that for the elves, this immortal is their god, but for others, this immortal is the best material and raw material to enhance strength. The most important thing is that even if most of the strength in the body escapes, the remaining strength still lingers in his body to let him. Roots can’t be put into bags or other equipment. The most important thing is that the immortal’s body is extremely heavy after death. Although this ancient elf is less than two meters high, its actual weight is several tons.
The terrible weight makes it possible for three elves in a group to bear this immortal, and once they bear it, it will become extremely difficult for them to walk, let alone run. It is almost impossible to send this immortal to the fairy empire. When the elves watch themselves fall into a daze and cry, Chen Kai secretly searches around.
In their opinion, where an immortal elf lives, there should be a dozen or twenty sacred objects hidden. At the same time, there should be countless magical equipment and wealth to match each other’s position. But when they look at the open room, Chen Kai’s imagination is broken in an instant. The whole room is almost penniless, without sacred objects and magical equipment, let alone gold coins and even copper. After a long time, several players finally set their sights on the only thing in the ancient elf’s body that didn’t drift with the wind, the ring worn on his finger.
But looking at the emotional elves around them who want to move, the ring may be chopped by the other party. Although they really want to know what is in the ring, in the end, Chen Kai held back and shifted the direction of the search to the outside. Chen Kai knew very well that there was no perishable thing for such a long time, so it could be made of pure metal or metal. Of course, Chen Kai, what they wanted most was to dig out the remnants of those magic traps, so they searched in the yard with picks.
However, just after taking out the mining pick, everyone quickly put it back, because this is the home of the immortal elf. For these elves, this room now has special significance. If Chen Kai and others dig up this courtyard in a mess, the result will be very bad.
"Mom!" Finally, Llewellyn was more depressed than running out of the room and then slowly continuing the pre-exploration tour. Of course, they didn’t dare to go far. Without the support of the elves and the strong, once they met the scarlet beast, almost all of them would become food delivery places. In the case that there was no way to go far, it would be better to go to the neighbor’s house of the ancient elves and the strong to see if they could be neighbors like this, even if their strength was not high.
"Who is this this time!" Ll hands holding a black dwarf just finished pure gold crotch protector and chest protector said to a few people that this equipment is undoubtedly for the unlucky person in charge of the door. If the master encounters Ll, he can still rely on this equipment to save a trace of unbroken eggs.
"Boss! How about you? How to say that you have experience is better than those of us who have no experience! " Cloud is the last person who wants to participate in the candidate-but there is no excuse for Chen Kai. Are you a man? I had to raise my hand and surrender to express my willingness to draw lots. The same looks were not good. Xu Fei and Wang Xuewen, both of them, were avoidable, but they couldn’t help laughing when Ll was attacked by broken eggs. This was not hated by Ll and was caught with Yun.
"no! I’ve already sent it once, and I’m definitely not going this time! All right, don’t try to sneak away and draw lots for me! Old four, you’re the happiest. You smoke first! !” Ll took out a bamboo stick from his pocket and handed it to Yun. This is Ll. They have prepared the bamboo stick for a long time. Because they always have to draw lots to decide unfortunate things, this bamboo stick has become one of the many sundries in the pockets of a group of people.
"No! How can I be the first one to draw lots for me? " Looking at the red bamboo stick cloud in your hand, you can even chop the palm of your hand. After all, chopping hands is much better than breaking eggs. But looking at your own bamboo stick cloud, there is no other way but to pat your face. Others almost miss the crown and congratulate the unlucky old four.
"Old four! Come on, great gold coin! Go! By the way, take this belt out of the oven! Armand said that you can resist the impact force of 300 kilograms, and your balls will never break if you don’t exceed this figure. "Chen Kaishen exudes evil breath. He directly handed the pure gold crotch protector to Poor Cloud, while the latter wore this metal with a depressed face.
"I went to! Brothers can give me a hand when they are in danger and then give me incense if I hang up! " Cloud a pair of wind rustling Xi Xiao cold brave man gone forever, stepping on the road of crashing into the door and breaking home, watching the cloud raise its hand and bump into the wood, all people followed.
"one! Two! … one! " The cloud slowly shouted the numbers, but it made Chen Kai feel anxious. The cloud just didn’t shout three. Finally, everyone was tired of waiting. He almost yelled at the cloud. He finally shouted three with his eyes closed and then slammed his hand into the door.
With a loud noise, the broken door flew directly towards the back. At the same time, dozens of spears were flying out from the inside when the door was broken. Yunwang looked at the sudden appearance of spears, which almost scared the urine, because he found that these spears were very similar to those on the ground, which were thrown by Chen Kai casually and almost shot him in the head. If he was hit, he would definitely die. At this time, the spear was too close to him, so close to the cloud root that he could run back in the most awkward position. This was the best way he could think of in an instant, and he didn’t fall slowly but lay down on his own initiative
At the moment when the back of the head touched the ground, the cloud almost felt that his head was about to explode, but at the moment when he saw stars, he saw a huge tomahawk coming out of the door and cutting it directly towards his body. If it was cut, let alone the balls without him, the whole person would definitely be cut into two parts. Fortunately, at this time, ll finally reacted and pulled a sharp tomahawk tied to the cloud waist rope. When it was cut off, the cloud was finally pulled back from the brink of death.
Looking at the ground, more than a dozen spears fell on the cloud’s legs, and the tomahawk, everyone couldn’t help but gasp in air. But soon they got a big profit because they didn’t enter the room. Although these weapons seem to be in poor maintenance, they are better than those things that are easily broken on the ground, and the cloud is about to cry. Naturally, no one paid attention to it because the cloud seems to have no shortage of samples, except that armand just made the pure gold crotch guard and was directly cut in half by the tomahawk. Of course, the psychological loss is no longer counted, although the cloud is about to be scared to pee his pants.
However, when Chen Kai and others put these weapons away, they were still a little disappointed. Although the weapons were extremely sharp, as time went by, these weapons were made of sharp materials. It can be said that these materials can be thrown into shops as high-grade whiteboard weapons except for being recycled. Selling this discovery will make everyone feel worthless, because if they are sold as whiteboard weapons, they may not be as valuable as Oman’s refined gold crotch protector, but if they are recycled, it is quite troublesome to decompose the materials alone.
"Go in and have a look! Old four got up. Don’t lie on the ground and play dead! Your bird hasn’t been cut off. Get up! " Chen Kai looked at the dark courtyard and first threw two excited photo crystals into it. Fortunately, Chen Kai bought a dozen photo crystals for this kind of photo base, and there were hundreds of them in the backpack, which was enough for them to squander for a long time. So there was no problem in throwing two. If there were not enough photo crystals, he would never do it.
"ah? Didn’t cut it off? Really! " Yun has absolutely lost his face until now, lying on the ground in a daze waiting for the pain to come. Of course, he also found something unusual when he was lying down, but he thought it might be that his head hit the ground and he was too painful to feel the face pain. But after hearing Chen Kai’s words, he completely recovered and finally found that the lump was still alive, so his face expression became better and much to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 34 Ancient Heritage City (5)
When the cloud climbed up, Chen Kai and others were ready to enter the second building in this city, a guy who could be a neighbor with the immortal of the ancient elves. In Chen Kai’s view, this guy who could be a neighbor with the immortal of the ancient elves would never be bad, but the surprise at the door had made them understand this truth.
There is no doubt that the trap at the door is definitely a warning, just like the traps set by the ancient elves. Of course, if the intruder is weak, the warning will become a deadly weapon to destroy the intruder. However, there is no doubt that the trap at the door of the ancient elves is much gentler, but it will hurt and not kill people. Even if the strength is poor, it will explode eggs at most.
But the end of this trap is to kill people, whether it’s a sharp spear or that horrible tomahawk. The goal is to completely kill the invaders when they step into the courtyard. Chen Kai and they are all very white. The danger of the trap in this courtyard is as bad as that of the ancient elf courtyard. Before entering the courtyard, they first stuck the gate wood.
"armand! Stay behind and wait for us to enter the hospital before you get close! " Ll didn’t know that this sentence saved the lives of these black dwarves, and Ll didn’t have any members to go in. It was still a few unlucky people who took the lead in stepping into the hospital. This time Ll didn’t have so much moral integrity and didn’t take part in the lottery, but unfortunately, his luck was still so bad that he just wanted to laugh and found that his luck was even worse than Ll’s again.
"Boss! Can you not go in! " Wearing a rare lock, Jiayun looks rather ugly. Of course, the result of his words is that he was kicked in by ll.
"Don’t chirp I am not with you? The second child is old and bloody! " A foot to kick the cloud into the courtyard ll and feather blood Haifeng followed into the courtyard and several black dwarves looked at the door with muskets.
"Hey!" But when the four men walked carefully to the center of the courtyard, they were all relieved because there was no trap to excite the sound, but at that moment when they were relieved, Yuntu stepped on the slate and suddenly looked at his feet. Yunyun’s face was a little unnatural, while Llewellyn and them looked at him with a look of how you can pit yourself.
"run!" After seeing the situation of cloud feet, Chen Kai did not hesitate to choose the safest way to escape from the hospital, but for a moment, the reality directly made Chen Kai feel that the experience was unreliable. The door of the former ancient mage courtyard was gradually closed, but it was stuck by wood, but now it is another situation.
Looking at the huge iron plate that suddenly fell, Chen Kai was almost ready to cry. There was also a cloud because he didn’t dare to lift his foot. A thief knew that once his foot was lifted, the trap would be triggered instantly. But how did he know that the ancient man who laid the trap was so insidious that he just blocked the door with an iron plate.
"Old four! Hang in there, brothers. Life is in your leg! " Blood Haifeng is naturally white. Now he is not directly away from the cloud. He is going to build the cloud when ll and them run out. But I didn’t expect the reality to be so cruel. Once the door is directly closed, there is no chance for them. Now blood Haifeng can pray that the cloud will be stronger. Don’t lift your feet.
"The question is whether I insist on not insisting that the machine is lifting the slate. I can’t hold it!" Cloud looked at the blood Haifeng Nai said that his voice was extremely stiff, and it could be said that he was gnashing his teeth because his body strength was stepping on that foot.
"What? Shit! Why didn’t you say so earlier! " After hearing this, Blood Haifeng quickly ran away from the cloud. Watching Blood Haifeng run away, the shadow cloud was extremely depressed, but in the end, he was directly lifted up by the machine. At the last moment when the slate was lifted, the cloud sighed and then considered his own fate. Of course, he moved but didn’t stop his body. He almost did not hesitate to roll back and then did three consecutive backflips. After landing, he did a continuous roll. This column can be called a classic gorgeous escape from the moving cloud. It is safer than shrinking into the corner.
But after three minutes, everything still looks so calm and calm, which makes everyone feel that they are wrong in the courtyard wall. Also, because they didn’t hear Ll’s screams outside, they were strange because there was no doubt. In the outside, everyone thought that the moment when the gate was blocked by iron plates, it should definitely be that thousands of arrows burst at the same time. In this case, Ll’s screams should be as miserable as they can be.
Of course, outside Xu Fei, they are trying to hit the iron plate. The problem is that their roots are close to the gate. When they see that the gate is iron gate, they almost consciously want to rush to the front of the gate. But in a moment, the gate beam instantly shoots several steel nails. Fortunately, several spellcasters have always had the habit of releasing spell barriers in their own bodies, otherwise they will definitely see a scene of corpses when they come out.
Although the protective spell was applied, in the end, everyone was extremely embarrassed and fled from the door. Chen Kai and others were able to come out of the courtyard on their own, because people outside were one step closer to the door.
"What now?" There is no doubt that the situation outside is naturally passed to the hospital through the team channel. Ll and they looked at each other and sighed a little. They had expected outsiders to help them fight the iron plate, but now it seems impossible.
"Don’t go to the gate. I estimate that if we are close, we will definitely not be attacked. But if we try to hit the iron plate, even if we lift it, it will touch the machine. At that time, we absolutely don’t know how we died!" Shrinking in the corner, the cloud is facing the door. Chen Kai said softly that he didn’t dare to talk too much. God knows which owner has set up traps to control them. Of course, he estimated that there should be no such fine traps. After all, it is estimated that all traps should be mechanical and the structure is extremely simple, so that they can be eroded by years.
"So what should we do now?" Ll suddenly felt that his back was against the wall, and he felt that there seemed to be a number of arrows behind the wall, which were being slowly pushed out, ready to shoot out from the gap in the wall at any time, but Ll felt a little more confident because Ll felt that even the dense arrow was difficult to break through his armor defense unless those arrows were extremely abnormal armor-piercing arrows.
"Rush into the room!" Yun pointed to the gate of the central room of the courtyard and said that in his opinion, the most dangerous place in the whole courtyard is definitely this one entering the house, but it is also their only chance to live.
"… old four! Are you sure? " Chen Kaiwang looked at the cloud in the corner because he knew very well how dangerous it was to live in the mouth of the cloud.
"Not sure! But chief, do you think we have a choice? The difficulty of the boss depends on you! " The cloud said to ll, listening to each other’s words, ll almost fell to the ground, but in the end he slowly stabilized his steps.
"… all right! I will believe you once! " Slowly adjust his posture, because he knows exactly what he needs to do to reach the door. When Chen Kai takes the first step, his body is ready to charge, and he knows very well that if he wants to break through at one time, he must directly crash into the door. When he takes the second step, Chen Kai will fight with explosive force, and his speed will become fast in a flash.
However, before Llewellyn stepped out a few steps, the whole courtyard machine was triggered. This time, the explosion machine directly made the cloud shrink in the corner and had to flee. Because a thick layer of lime peeled off from the wall of the whole courtyard, the frisbee buzzed and turned, looking at the sharp edge with cold light, and the cloud knew how terrible this frisbee would be once it turned. The most important thing was that the whole courtyard would be full of this terrible thing, and the only safe place was Llewellyn was charging at the gate crazily.
"This is the rhythm that forces us to die!" Blood Haifeng looked at those frisbees behind him, and there was no way to calm down. He severely waved the epee and tried to destroy some frisbees, but the heavy weapon epee was almost thrown out of the blood Haifeng by the anti-seismic force. The most important thing is that these sharp frisbees were not broken even if they were cut. Even if the feather ruled that the blade went to those walls with a knife, it would just slow down.
"go! Run! These frisbees are absolutely top-grade materials, and the roots can’t be destroyed! I will go! " Before the cloud words fell, they found that there were several holes in the ground of the courtyard. The instantaneous fracture of Chen Kai’s stepping stone almost didn’t bring him directly to doubt. In this environment, it became more difficult for them to avoid the Frisbee attack, and it became extremely difficult for Chen Kai to go straight to the door.
"This is absolutely to forcing us alive! Yu! " Seeing this scene, Xue Haifeng almost vomited blood. Feather also has a feeling of depression that hundreds of grass-mud horses rush from their hearts. Because such an environment is a nightmare for their profession, even the top thieves in the players are left blind when they encounter this environment, especially when those frisbees are thrown out after crazy rotation. Chen Kai is even more afraid. Although the fastest speed of these frisbees is not fast, the original sharpness becomes more terrible than the edge cutting ability after rotation.
Cloud wearing mail armor is the top blue equipment, but it is nearly ten centimeters long when it is rubbed. Fortunately, he got the leather armor from Bartlett this time, which has extremely strong defense ability. It is quite amazing that the leather armor inside is cut when the mail armor is cut.
But in this way, more than one frisbee can be thrown out in the first wave, and there are at least 30 peaks with blood due to slow speed. They can completely block it, but then they don’t block it, because it meows that this frisbee will be sucked back into the wall and then accelerated to fly out.
Looking at the speed of the Frisbee, Haifeng and Feather suddenly feel that the difficulty of blocking has increased by twice, so they can put away their weapons and avoid those Frisbees in a mess and then run towards the entrance of the room. Fortunately, the whole hospital is not very big. ll has rushed to a place a few steps away from the entrance of the room after charging wildly for more than a dozen steps.
But what makes him angry is that there is a broken slate in front of him, which makes him afraid to step on his foot. There is no doubt that this is another subsequent hand of the owner. The broken slate is displayed in front of Chen Kai and them like a red light warning, so that they can know that this slate can’t be stepped on at the moment, but if they don’t step on the slate, they will rush to the door of the house, but if they step on the slate, they may fall or face more dangerous situations.
"I’ll go! The arrangement of this trap is definitely a master, and it is extremely strong in grasping people’s hearts. "Cloud once again hid a frisbee and then glanced at the stone slabs in front of Chen Kai. Those stone slabs are completely natural, but the cloud knows that these stone slabs are definitely artificially formed, but the clouds are also white. This is absolutely difficult for Chen Kai. If it is a cloud in front of these stone slabs, it is absolutely impossible for humans like them to cross the nearly four-meter-wide stone slabs to reach the other side, and even if they are thieves, they will take off on the ground in this frisbee flurry situation. The thief cloud can jump out more than three meters if it dies. This is still the attribute enhancement in the game, and in this frisbee-surrounded situation, his roots can’t escape, and the result must be cut into pieces by a frisbee.
But Chen Kai is different, because he is over three meters tall, and he can jump out of five meters easily after jumping. Plus, the firmness of his armor can be completely seen by those frisbees. Chen Kai’s body quickly jumped by half, and then fell towards the entrance. The Mibi Frisbee kept hitting his armor, spinning and cutting his armor, and then being bounced out.
When Chen Kai hit the door directly after landing, his huge body instantly smashed the wooden door into several flying sawdust. Of course, Chen Kai showed his metal wings behind him to protect himself before hitting the door, and this move is undoubtedly quite wise because after he hit the door, several arrows shot at him. If there is no metal wings to protect him, even if his armor is strong enough, he will be shot into a hedgehog.
But the real sinister is not here, but after rushing into the door, ll suddenly found that his feet seemed a little suspended. Only then did he find that he was in front of a hole nearly two meters wide, curled up and almost fell directly into the big hole, and then was pierced by a metal gun. Finally, ll stretched himself directly and got stuck in the big hole to avoid being strung into a hole.
When other people rushed into the room, almost all of them fell into the hole. Fortunately, there was Chen Kaiding on the surface, otherwise they kept a lot of them and turned them into corpses. But Chen Kaiding was lucky because the weight of three people was really not easy
"Can you get up? I can’t hold it anymore! " He is shaking all over, and Chen Kai is yelling at the team channel that he can’t talk. When he speaks, he loses his breath and will definitely fall off.
"all right! All right! Boss, hold on! Thanks to you this time! " The cloud quickly jumped from Chen Kai’s body to the hole edge, and then the rope directly tied Chen Kai’s waist. When blood Haifeng and feather pulled the mess up from Chen Kai’s hole, Chen Kai’s body was about to slide down. After all, the hole edge was extremely smooth. If Chen Kai’s body was not extremely large and directly stuck, it is estimated that he would have already slipped away.
"I’ll go! I almost died. This old goods is really not a good person so insidious! " Chen Kai looked at an antique wooden chair not far away, and the owner was angry. Over the years, the owner had already turned into a mummy. There is no doubt that he was not immortal like a neighbor. His body became a mummy after vicissitudes of life, and soon after Chen Kai and others came in, the body slowly collapsed and turned into a pile of ashes.
"well! ….. "Looking at the face of the ancient strong man who turned into ashes with a hint of consternation, but then he breathed out with relief, because he found that the ancient strong man turned himself into the last trap, and dozens of green poisonous needles were scattered in the ashes. There is no doubt that if the old strong man touched the search object directly, he would definitely be pricked by poisonous needles, and the result must be wonderful. In the end, the ancient strong man’s body failed to live up to expectations, and the final arrangement method was destroyed in his own body collapse, which made the old strong man avoid extreme sorrow. The scene to be continued.

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