There is no good way to deal with the attack of dense venom on steel cannon shrimp. It can spray water guns from double tongs to disperse the venom around it

There is still some venom splashed on the shrimp body of the steel cannon arm. Although the number is small, it seems that the steel cannon arm shrimp has been seriously attacked
"It turned out to be a venom attack. The special venom will cause double damage to the target that has been poisoned." Longye finally figured out Scolipede’s tactics. I have to say that this set of tricks is very subtle.
It is very rare for wild elves to have such fighting consciousness. This Scolipede is probably the overlord role in this nearby area.
Although a series of attacks by King Centipede brought a lot of trouble to the steel cannon shrimp, Longye was very happy to see this situation because he finally had a chance to test a tactic, "The steel cannon shrimp cured himself."
Colorful energy is emitted from the right arm of the steel cannon shrimp, and then it wraps its body. The gentle energy fluctuation keeps recovering the physical strength of the steel cannon shrimp. After the fluctuation is cured, the steel cannon shrimp becomes alive again.
Super launcher features steel cannon arm shrimp to cure its own fluctuations, which is simply a bug.
"Countering continuous water fluctuation"
As soon as Longye made Scolipede immediately become a target like a boulder just now, the water waves kept flying towards it.
Scolipede knew that the opponent’s powerful move was where the steel cannon shrimp attacked, and at the same time, Scolipede used a defensive roll to shrink himself into a ball.
Just when the first wave of water hit Scolipede, the light shield formed appeared on Scolipede.
Holding back the first round of attack, with the help of water fluctuation and explosion, Scolipede seemed to be kicked hard and the tire rolled towards it.
In the blink of an eye, Scolipede has disappeared into their sight in Longye.
"Let it escape directly. It seems that the introduction of picture books is not necessarily right." Longye was happy.
There is a water vein cave near Sanyao City, from which Scolipede probably ran out. "Ah, I thought about receiving it." It’s a pity that the Scolipede toxin really made Longye like it.
Next to Nazi, it’s quite like a centipede king. It’s really hard for her to accept
"Come back, steel cannon shrimp" has seen the change of steel cannon shrimp, and Longye has taken it back into the elf ball.
Set out again, Longye, and they moved on in the direction of Qibao City.
After walking for half a day, a small town appeared in front of them. At this time, it was almost late, and Longye and they stopped traveling and went directly to the town elf center.
"What is this? It’s so cute." Nazi was suddenly attracted by a red fur ball at the entrance of the elf center. She squatted down and gently clicked this red thing with her finger.
After being touched by Nazi, the red fur ball swayed from side to side. Nazi slightly increased her strength and its swing range also increased, but no matter how she shook it, it didn’t mean anything.
"This is Darumaka, a very interesting elf," said Longyekou.
Nazi reached out and picked up Darumaka. "Is this an elf?"
"When Darumaka sleeps, he will put his hands and feet up and look like a tumbler, which is why they are named."
Perhaps it was awakened by Nazi, and Darumaka stretched out his limbs.
"Do not fail ~ Do not fail ~"
Darumaka struggled to jump from Nazi’s arms to the ground and then quickly ran into the elf center.
"Let’s go in, too," said Longye.
Entering the elf center, Longye found that there was actually a Darumaka and a Darmanitan just running in, and Darumaka was hiding behind Darmanitan.
Darmanitan is a very interesting elf. They can also change their body shape like Deoxys. When they are full of physical strength, Darmanitan is in general shape. At this time, their physical attack is very strong, but their defense will be relatively stable with special defense.
When Darmanitan’s physical strength is reduced to half, they will enter the tumbler mode. Darmanitan’s special attack ability will be greatly strengthened, and special defense will also rise and its speed will be reduced.
One pays attention to physical attack and the other pays attention to special attack on Darmanitan, so that it can make more ways to fight.
However, this morphological transformation is beyond Darmanitan’s control, which is the only regret of Longye. If Darmanitan’s morphological transformation is controllable, Longye will definitely accept a Darmanitan.
"I remember that there are two characteristics of Darmanitan in the game, namely’ power’ and’ tumbler mode’. It is the characteristics of’ tumbler mode’ that Darmanitan can enter the tumbler form. I wonder if the reality is the same?"
It suddenly occurred to Longye that it was really difficult to answer this question for a while.
The tumbler mode in the game is a hidden feature. There are fewer Darmanitan with this feature, but in this world, the tumbler mode seems to have become the mainstream. So far, no unique feature has been found in Darmanitan.
Chapter 424 The new silver congress curtain
"Ladies and gentlemen, can I help you?" Miss Joey asked before taking the initiative and said

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