Martial Arts = Attack Skill = Blood Strength and Body Skill = Defense Lightness Skill = Speed

If you get a "D-level martial arts", you can take the "Crops Style" or continue to equip yourself with six-grid martial arts moves, which is the current limit for strengthening your attack power.
There is a saying in the game advertisement that "Tianwu Martial Arts fought in the Fan War" means that you can get all kinds of cheats by taking part in the Fan War and killing the enemy generals. At the same time, players who kill the enemy can also explode. You must reserve a few pieces of equipment. Otherwise, if the bag is not hung up, it may be equipped with martial arts.
In the villagers, help Chitantan bury his parents who didn’t even see the game clearly, and then walk in the direction of "Mourning Gongzhai" with the attack+pole in the scorching sun; Sweat drips continuously, and the game has hunger and thirst. Setting thirst will also increase hunger and thirst. As the level rises, the ability to resist hunger and thirst will also increase.
"Yi Gong Zhai" is a famous thief’s den nearby. Chi Tandan can’t even clean up the "T" week, but the owner of Yi Gong Zhai is a "C" strong player. Isn’t he going to die? Of course, it’s not a loophole. It’s a shortcut to the rooster. This shortcut allows Chitan Dan to avoid all the secret posts in the village
It’s impossible to keep the dog in Chitantan’s house and roast it and kill it. Because if you want to accept the evil rooster, you must have dog meat. This rooster usually eats insects, but its biggest hobby is dog meat. How can the bandits in Gongzhai care about how a rooster feels? The rooster has never eaten dog meat today.
A cool breeze blows from the mountain stream, and the yellow weeds have the strength to sway and twist, and the winding mountain road extends with the ups and downs of the mountain; Feng Rui Qing Shi Yan strewn at random in Chitantan, Shan Ye, after carefully examining the terrain, he bit his teeth and walked towards the left rock, where there was no road made of rocks.
The shortcut from the big hole is to climb through the rock but not casually, and there is something with convex stones on the surface in this pile of rocks; It can be said that the whole process of collecting the rooster is made up of loopholes. What Chitan Dan has to do is to climb on the cliff in a scary way according to the loopholes.
There was a great happiness in Chitantan’s heart when he found the first piece of kyanite with convex stone. The kyanite was a loophole in the surface, that is, the kyanite was still saying that the rest of the loopholes existed. With so many loopholes, if the department takes care of it, Chi Tandan believes that his dream of having a spacious bedroom will come true soon.
With motivation, there is energy, and the dangerous terrain is no longer ferocious in Chi Tandan’s eyes. He is calm and slowly climbing the game, and the reality is synchronous; Chitandan keeps replenishing water and steamed bread to eliminate hunger. If hunger reaches its peak, he will faint, and no matter how high his martial arts are, someone will kill him.
The first chapter (3)
It took nearly half an hour to finally climb the dangerous blue cliff, sit in the shade of the forest and take a few breaths to stabilize your mind and then pay attention to the surrounding terrain; Everything in a big hole is hidden in a very inconspicuous place, so we must always observe the surrounding terrain, otherwise it is easy to miss the right place.
The sun is still hanging high, and Tandan squinted and looked at the sky. He is running in the east direction. He is not flying fast now. Avoid the thorny trap and carefully flash across the hidden bamboo cage. This place belongs to the back of the Ruigong Village. Because of the cliff, the mountain thieves didn’t post here, but there are still traps.
After that trap, in front of it were buildings strewn at random, buildings were plundered by mountain thieves, and the servants were working hard and swaggering over without attracting their attention. Being a tenant farmer, Chi Tandan is no different from dressing up these labors now. He walked all the way through several low-rise buildings and came to a chicken coop.
A colorful rooster is lazily prone on the edge of the chicken nest, and it is surrounded by hens and chickens. Chickens take out a piece of dog meat from their bags and fan their sleeves desperately to smell the dog meat. In fact, he doesn’t fan the dog meat. As soon as he takes it out, the colorful rooster opens his tiny chicken/eyes straight. wait for a while looks at the dog meat.
"Oh, oh, oh ….." The rooster gave a high cry, and then a wing tilted the hen and chicken fans around and ran towards Chitan Dan. Chitan Dan was about to turn around and lure him to other places when he felt that his hand was light, but the rooster took the dog meat from his hand very quickly.
Chitan Dan rejoiced so quickly that the rooster really had the strength of the "T" and he quickly took out another piece of dog meat. This time, with the dog meat ready to run forward, the rooster will eat it three or two times and get the dog meat. It will naturally rush to recover when it sees Chitantan and the dog meat is still wanting more.
Every piece of dog meat is stained with Chitantan’s blood, and the key point is that this rooster who eats dog meat soaked in Chitantan’s blood will be dead set on following Chitantan; However, the number of dog meat is not just one or two pieces, and it needs to reach one piece. Fortunately, this is a loophole, and the size of the meat pieces is not concerned. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to cut a dog’s body meat into 100 pieces with the same shape.
After eating the hundredth piece of dog meat, the rooster’s body glowed with a layer of white light, and immediately he had a strange feeling, just like the druid’s animal vision; Chitan Dan can go to the field of vision of the rooster to direct it to do things now, but Chitan Dan is not in a hurry to direct him. He must let the rooster move freely, otherwise the "smell the chicken and dance" will not be available!
The rooster quickly ran to the core position of Ruigong Village, and Chitan calculated that the distance of the rooster was limited to about 100 meters. After that, Chitan used the vision of the rooster to sense that the rooster was there. When you get here, you can wait quietly for about twenty minutes, and then the rooster runs quickly with a bag in his mouth, and Chitan immediately runs just visible.
Scarcely had Chitantan run out for ten minutes when the alarm sounded, and then the whole mountain thief started patrolling. Soon a group of twenty mountain thieves found the place where Chitantan had stayed before. Chitan Dan didn’t sweep away his traces, but the mountain thief had the talent of "tracking" identity, so they immediately followed Chitan Dan’s traces all the way to the edge of the cliff.
"Smelling the origin of the first-class martial arts of chicken dancing cannot be strengthened; After the attack +1 converging attack is successful, it can make the enemy dizzy for 5 seconds. The attack range is 3 meters in diameter. The skill cools second of time. The consumption power is 1. The equipment conditions are human beings and roosters. "
"Speed Running Technique Ordinary Lightness Skill Speed +5 Equipment Conditions Ordinary Fanxia"
Chi Tandan grinned and didn’t expect to get something else after he got the "Smelling Chicken Dancing". Although it was ordinary flying skill, it came at a very timely time for him at this stage. It takes 1 point to dance at the smell of chicken, but now he has 5 points. There is no need to worry about this, because there are loopholes in this martial arts.
This loophole is that it doesn’t need to consume energy when it is first used. The most important thing is that it has 1 attack point, which makes Chitan Dan have 1 attack point even if he can’t use moves. Different martial arts of different ranks are the key points, except for various attributes. After the moves are played out, various control attacks such as dizziness, hysteresis and so on are formed. This is the powerful point of high-ranking martial arts.
Although I don’t know how much defense Zhou Skinning has, 5 seconds of dizziness is enough for him to die once. Of course, the key point is to hit him, otherwise the novice of Chitantan will finish it by law. Putting two martial arts into the move bar makes Chi Tandan feel that he can fly, but it’s an illusion.
Returning to Chijia Village, the villagers comforted the parents in succession, knowing that this village is actually his fief in the future; You know, the ultimate level of peasant identity is a noble family. How can you become a noble family without many branches with the same surname? And this village’s surname Chi belongs to his noble family foundation, but this thing is too far away, and Chi Tandan doesn’t know if it can get there.
It’s dark and windy in the moon and killing at night. It’s best to kill at night. Now there are still several hours before night. What Chitan has to do is to find out the peeling position of Zhou and the defense of his house. Zhoujia Town is far away from Chijia Village, and it takes about half an hour to walk. There are only horses and chariots in the county town, but it is extremely high. Now there are no shoes to sit on the carriage.
Farmers’ natural auxiliary skills are "planting" hunting, fishing and herding, and they also belong to farmers’ identity. "Hunting" and "fishing" and other natural auxiliary skills can also be learned in Chitantan; What is planted? If there are farmers in fields and geography, they will get preferential treatment when they go to the government to buy fields, and they can tell whether the fields are good or bad. In addition, there are some martial arts associated with them.
Compared with the ruined Chijia Village, Zhoujia Town is naturally prosperous. Many Chitan Danes don’t know if Zhoupi knows himself. In case he doesn’t enter from the entrance of the town, he walks around and touches into the town from a relatively remote place. Zhouzhai doesn’t need to look for it. It’s easy to be recognized. The whole town belongs to its largest position and the whole Zhouzhai is well built.
Chitan Dan’s dark bottom is a sigh of relief. If Zhou Zhai is built like a castle, it will be difficult for him to climb in. Now it’s agricultural time, except for a few shops, the rest of the town are all kinds of craftsmen or farmers, so there are not many pedestrians in the street, which makes Chitantan touch the vicinity of Zhouzhai without being discovered.
The first chapter (4)
Climb a tree near Zhouzhai, move your vision to the body of the rooster, and then command it to flutter its wings and fly into Zhouzhai. The three-meter-high fence can fly as soon as it flutters, which makes Chitantan stunned.
"Oh, what a fool!" Chi Tandan shouted for a while, then called back the rooster and crawled along the trunk. It took him half an hour to run back to Chijia Village to find the village chief and asked, "Does Uncle have any poison?"
Uncle got a fright, and Chitan Dan wanted to commit suicide. It took Chitan Dan a long time to convince the uncle of the village chief that he was taking poison to catch wild animals. Uncle trembled and took out a bottle from the thatched cottage, which contained a kind of snake venom, which came from the village chief when he was young. "This kind of snake venom will not damage the skin of the beast, but the meat is inedible."
"Uncle Chiwa’s leg hurts a little recently, and it’s not enough to plant grass!"
NPC things are naturally not so easy to get. As soon as Chitan Dan heard this, he knew that he had to get cold grass before he could switch to the bottle of snake venom.
"The novice second uncle’s cold grass soap explains in detail that the village chief of Chijia Village suffers from cold leg disease and needs cold grass to relieve the pain. You need to collect 5 cold grass to complete this reward bottle of snake venom."
There is a small hillside near Chijia Village in the plain area of Lufan, and the largest distance is the Yegong Mountain Range. Cold-planted grass doesn’t need to go that far to collect it, but it grows in the plain. There is no danger in collecting it, but it needs to be "planted". Because cold-planted grass and weeds are very similar, it is difficult to distinguish without farmers’ talent
Facing the loess and facing the sky is the portrayal of Chitan Dan picking cold grass. He happened to be a little river near Chijia Village, but the water was one meter shallow. Smooth stones are densely covered with moss on these stones. If you look closely, you can see that there is a unique grass in the cyan moss. Its color is also turquoise, and it is a little taller than the moss. It is a cold plant grass.
To the east of the river is Chijia Village, and to the west is another village. The name of this village is not Taoist Village, but a player named Daobei Magic Hall was born in this village. Daobei Phantom Hall is also an agricultural identity, but he just entered the game as if he were a hunter, and his parents died, not because he was killed, but because he died.
The novice of Daobei Magic Temple is to buy coffins. There are many kinds of coffins, and it is the cheapest. He needs 1 tael of silver to be a novice. He can’t even wear shoes and a copper coin. So he went to hunt plain sheep, received a sheepskin, got a barter and got a coffin.
In addition to Chijia Village, Taoist Village and other villages, there are many similar villages nearby. Every farmer was born in these villages without exception. Born in the city, players are lucky enough to become children, but unfortunately, they become craftsmen. What is the most unfortunate thing? Because it includes the identity of music, music is a brothel. Of course, players must be entertained and not sold. Men may become turtles/maids.
The encounter in Chitantan of Daobei Magic Hall was due to the fact that a rooster in the plains was jumping around in the grass when he was harvesting cold grass in Chitantan and saw a plain sheep. The rooster cries "whoa, whoa" at Chitantan, and catching a sheep not only has mutton to eat but also can sell it for money. Chitantan is naturally excited to rush away.
He now has 13 attacks, even though it is still a crop carrying a pole to kill the sheep directly; When the sheep died on the spot, an arrow flew past and missed the sheep, almost hitting Chitan Dan; Although Chitantan’s attack is highly defensive, it’s fortunate that he has learned lightness skill, and his speed is 5, so he can avoid it when the arrow comes, otherwise he will get injured if he is hit, and he may even die if he attacks even higher, but he has 1 point of blood.
The initial death of Daobei Phantom Hall came so fast that he found himself unable to see anything without any reaction. Novice resurrected in a blink of an eye. I finally got five sheepskins in my thatched cottage, but it was blown off. The Taoist temple was so angry that it hurt my eggs. This damn horse died too badly without even seeing the enemy’s face clearly.
Chitantan was so happy that he killed a player and broke out five sheepskins. It sold for five taels of silver, which was a windfall for farmers who couldn’t even afford shoes! Tie five sheepskins to the cock. This cock can run very fast and fly. If Chitan dies unfortunately, make sure that these sheepskins will not explode.

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