"You actually know?" Shen Xinyu flipped through it incredibly. In fact, she didn’t see the knowledge points in the extracurricular extension.

"It’s so rare. This should be the most devoted emperor in history." Someone has something to say.
Tang Shiyan raised his hand with a low smile and rubbed his forehead. "Is there less history of heroes being sad and beautiful and infatuated with men since ancient times?"
"That’s different, even if it’s infatuation, but those men still have other women."
Shen Xinyu holds the head and is right.
Tang Shiyan gave her a surprised look and put his hand in it. "It seems that the review has been thorough recently?"
Section 13
"Then do you know that Qin Huang didn’t have a queen in his life?" Men don’t know when to her ear.
"Didn’t she have a queen?" Shen Xinyu’s reaction was slow, and he didn’t find the result. He took out his mobile phone Baidu again. "It seems that it is really not."
Tang Shiyan said that he didn’t know how to wave his hand. "Who can explain this reason more than two thousand years ago?"
For many things in history, scholars also scrutinize them according to the data of unofficial history. Who can say that they are true or false?
Shen Xinyu "…"
"It’s a pity, but he’s so great and conceited that he thinks no woman can stand side by side with him. Historians remember that many dissenters look down on women."
"It’s possible," Tang Shiyan nodded with the girl’s words and then raised her hand to hook her hair. "But I have another explanation here."
"What explanation?" Shen Xinyu ignored his small movements.
"If you don’t meet the right person, you would rather not marry for life."
Shen Xinyu "…"
Looking into those deep, deep eyes, Shen Xinyu took a deep breath at the bottom of her heart.
When the temperature of Jinxiu star is getting higher and higher, the bar on the other side of the night belongs to someone, and the temperature and pressure are getting lower and lower.
Liao Jingjing sat opposite a man with glasses, and a lot of bottles were piled up between them.
The man with glasses lifted the wine in his glass and hooked his mouth. I don’t know what Liao Jingjing said.
Liao Jingjing smile also raised the table a glass of wine "dry"
Said the first looked up and drank it. The man across the street was one step slow, and his eyes were naked through the lens, and he earned a woman’s coquetry.
Liao Jingjing wore a tight black dress today, and her hair was loosely tied up in half, and she painted eye shadow and red lip makeup, which just highlighted her delicate facial features and made her mature without losing her charm.
Seeing the two men drink after drink, the man with eyes is important to catch Liao Jingjing’s hand. Xiao Han finally can’t sit still and will walk over with the bottle in his hand.
When the manager of the bar saw it, he immediately stopped people. "No, Xiao Shao, the man is from Beijing North. Miss Liao just ordered that people should not disturb their conversation."
"Shit! What’s wrong with Beijing North? I don’t know him again. "I took a cold night. Xiao Han felt that if he didn’t exercise his muscles and legs, he would become rigid."
"Miss Xiao Shao Liao is doing business" added the bar manager, who is not afraid of death. Besides, the man’s identity is not easy to handle. If it makes trouble, they won’t watch this bar.
"Xiao Shao, you adults don’t remember the villain’s kindness." Seeing that this little manager is almost kneeling for himself, Xiao Han’s eyes turned evil and smiled. "I can come here if I don’t go there!"
The little manager trembled in the past.
Xiao Han lips move to say a few words.
"This is not good …" The little assistant hesitated.
Xiao Han raised his eyebrows. "Huh?"
"… then I’ll go."
"Get out" Xiao Han dropped the bottle and sat back in place.
I’ve been hanging out in bars for many years, and although he can’t drink long, the average person can’t compete with him
Two minutes later, the bartender went to the table and added a few more bottles of wine. The two still met happily and talked over coffee.
Xiao Han mo mo ba
Two minutes later, the man with eyes suddenly looked strange, stretched out his hand and pressed the belly, and suddenly pulled the corners of his mouth to Liao Jingjing and hurried away.
Xiao Han lifted her feet and walked over.

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