The other several remote immediately adjusted the direction and turned to the side opposite to the little mermaid.

"Good caution" Lu Zhan frowns, but it is not surprising that the other party is a real master.
He wanted to change direction, so he went back to the back of the highland tower and went around to the other side. He didn’t rush to the wall, but waited for the opportunity.
At 1 second and 2 seconds, little by little, the blood volume of the highland tower was also worn away a little.
The former South Korean team paid less attention to poke and looked for opportunities to demolish some defensive towers, but now they focus on the defensive towers and demolish them much faster.
"Pay attention to the other side to storm!" Lu Zhan suddenly said
"why?" Xiao Shengqiang just asked the other party to be true.
Be careful before the tower. The South Korean players suddenly disappeared and retreated.
"or?" Sky blue turned to the other side and the sudden change of rhythm made him very uneasy.
"yes!" Lu Zhan said that he knew it was the last chance.
He has been estimating the attack power of the other side for a long time, and his focus is on rats.
When it takes 4 to 5 seconds for rats to attack the fifth defensive tower by themselves.
Everyone retreated because the mouse made a big move.
Firepower is so abnormal that it can point tower skills outside the attack range of defensive towers!
These four seconds of mouse fire will determine the final outcome of the game.
"Who first?" Sky blue emperor looked at each other.
At this moment, all four South Korean players hid out of the sight of the China team, and one mouse remained.
The mouse really shot forward with the crossbow in its firepower.
The rapid drop of blood volume in the defense tower can’t stop him much.
To guard against the defensive tower, you have to be strong, and at the moment, the mouse is like a tempting pie here to lure the players in China and China. Everyone knows that this pie is poisonous.
"I’ll go first!" Lu Zhan said the little mermaid attacked.
He was walking forward before, and now he sees the mouse directly press the Q skill and poke the other soldier.
Rats can go beyond the defensive tower, but small soldiers can’t. Small soldiers can fight in a step-by-step fan row.
Lu Zhan brought him closer to the mouse and made them closer.
Just as he landed on the little soldier, a white exclamation mark was raised on the little fisherman’s head.
There’s a lion dog. Big move. Lion dog is nearby!
The real eye falls to the ground quickly. That’s Lu Zhan with one eye at any time.
But from the real eye landing to the display target, sometimes he still can’t see the position of the lion and dog.
In fact, the lion dog is very close to him.
"jump" a lion dog with two sharp swords jumped to the small fish and flew in the middle, and the e skill rope was thrown out
In this game, Dandy lion and dog are almost losing E in white hair, so that they can lose E in five squares as surprisingly as possible, because this rope is very difficult to hide with physical cover.
Showing up at the lion’s head and staring at the time bomb, he didn’t want to live.
At the same time, cards, universal cards and Jess magnetic cannons are all playing at the little fisherman.
The South Korean team’s fire lion dog attack was as unexpected as the seemingly dull situation, and a wave of outbreaks instantly hit out.
A small fish is crispy, not the kind that can bleed and install ap. He doesn’t have much blood. If he is hit by a lion and dog, he can’t run away.
So can Lu Zhan escape?
The answer is obvious. He dodged.
The little fish jumped up like he knew the other person could do these exercises, and by the time Shenxing landed again, he had reached the mouse.
All the audience were amazed at Lu Zhan’s jump.
They saw the ambush of the South Korean team from the emperor’s perspective. They wished they could tell the players directly about the ambush of the South Korean team, but they couldn’t do everything they could to watch the China players in danger.
But now, is the little fisherman really in danger?
The rope, the universal card and the magnetic gun passed by the little fisherman!
I missed one of the three skills!
The field is boiling.
The mobile golden body, a mobile golden body exhibition, has brought the essence of the fishman to the extreme.
The South Korean team set such a good trap that so many skills were taken by the fisherman!
They can watch the fisherman fall to the mouse!
It’s so strong that all the audience have this idea in their hearts. Lu Zhan’s little fish people have shown different styles, but they can also form a group and attract different heroes with firepower. In Lu Zhan’s eyes, the styles are completely different!
From the second to the real eye, it was his own consciousness that released the Grinch at the moment he saw the other party’s skills coming.
When the enemy was short-lived, he destroyed too many skills of the other side by himself. He did too many things, and that’s what a best hero can do!
But everyone is still worried about the fisherman. Can he kill the mouse in seconds?
Besides, Dade cut a yellow card and finally met a fisherman without e skills. Can he settle the land show after losing a whole game?
Chapter 77 Big move to change the situation
Dade cut out the yellow card after he shot the omnipotent card. They were lying in wait for a long time. Seeing that the first one came was a little fisherman, they felt more excited than they did. I didn’t expect him to hide the whole set of output.
Dade is not reconciled. He is not reconciled to not hitting the fisherman once in a game. He must have lived in the China team. Everyone has a fisherman who hasn’t succeeded yet!
This resentment can finally be vented with the passing of the fishman.
"Ka" is a yellow card. See how you hide this time!
The yellow card flying in the middle and small fisherman also returned to normal state and was not selected in the law
The fisherman poked a mouse with a yellow card and flew to him.
"I want to win!" Dade shouted with joy.
However, what makes him depressed is that he still missed this time!
Zhongya hourglass!
This time, Lu Zhan didn’t have e skills, but she has already bought Zhongya not to move the golden body to hide, but to hide with the real golden body!
Dade language choked
Counting, he has lost seven yellow cards to the fisherman, but they have all been hidden!
This achievement made him burst into tears, which was enough.

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