Immediately, someone should go to the capital for a stroke and crane crime is everywhere to catch assassins.

And Hercules, lying on the ground, was dying with his last breath.
Su Lele and his double face changed dramatically, and being stared at by a vicious wolf felt like a cold ice.
Feng Chunqiu ordered Hercules to be carried to treatment, then scratched Su Lele and his eyes and left with the officers and men.
Looking at the ground, the chaos is limited and the guests have to do the appeasement work.
After a busy time, Chou-heung House finally recovered its tranquility.
At a time when it was already midnight.
Su Lele suddenly said that the big Uber is still living in her room. Will she be poisoned again by someone if she doesn’t return in the middle of the night?
Sad eyes looked at Shuangsu Lele and said faintly, "Double me is dead!"
"Is he really that fierce?"
"A thousand times more powerful than you think!"
"Then you are miserable!" Small eyes of sympathy turned round and round in her face and suddenly asked solemnly, "Will he eat you?" I mean … the way men eat women. "
Go, go! Bad friends!
Su Lele lamented her two fists and the fork wear a waist. "Throwing caution to the wind! If he dares to ignore me, I will divorce him and live together! "
"No, I’m uneasy here. You’d better hide in Ning Wangfu!"
Just now, both of them are in a heavy mood. If the man is good in general business competition, it will be difficult if he has other purposes.
Shuang sighed, "Lele, I’ll take you home. Don’t leave the house until it’s over."
Su Lele and Ziziphus jujuba touched the room in the dark and accidentally touched the stool. Immediately, they came to the lazy voice "It’s time to disturb people’s dreams!"
I’ll go! Still awake?
Su Lele motioned for Ziziphus jujuba to light all the candles and then laughed loudly. "Ziziphus jujuba is not bad today, is it? That bearded youngest son is too funny. Ha ha ha … "
Ziziphus jujuba chuckled and inserted, "Miss Shi is resting. Don’t disturb him!"
"Oh, oh, I’m dizzy with joy. You go first. I’ll have a aftertaste and sleep."
Suddenly, a pillow flew in, and the sound of Ningyi dust and yin evil was like in my ear. "Su Lele, get in here!"
I like bean sprouts.
Ziziphus jujuba gave a sympathetic look at his young lady and slipped away very ungrateful.
Su Lele caressed his forehead and sighed and moved in step by step.
As soon as I entered the door, I sucked it up and let her involuntarily fall into a tender embrace.
Ning Yichen rolled over and pressed her on the couch. "Where did Su Lele honestly tell me?"
"Not to say that? I went to the theatre! "
"The theatre? Which theater is still open so late? "
"Oh … well, I think it looks good and I pay them to sing again …"
"Really?" Ning Yichen blinks and smiles, and the radian of the corners of her mouth is widened.
This expression reminds Su Lele of cat and mouse.
She suddenly felt that the vest was chilly and cold, and the big Uber didn’t seem to believe her. What should I do?
Su Lele nodded and revealed a naive and pure smile. "Of course it’s true! I spent a hundred taels of silver today. You don’t think I’m a loser, do you? "
"Of course very prodigal! So you will be punished! "
Ningyichen smiled a few times and slapped her ass.
Meowed … No!
It’s embarrassing to hit her every time, you know?
Su Lele mourned and called, "Master Shi, I was wrong! I dare not come back so late again! Give me a break! "
"Really wrong?"
"What a mistake!"
Ning Yichen hooked a fox-like smile. "Well, look at your attitude. I can’t remember this fight for the time being. Let you remember this lesson. It is forbidden to leave the house for ten days!"
"Oh … I see."
Su Lele accepted the small mouth slightly, "Can I sleep now?"
"A good night is worth a thousand dollars!" Ning Yichen stretched out her long arm and hugged her in her arms, and overbearingly declared, "In order to prevent you from slipping away in the middle of the night, I decided to hold you to sleep!"
Damn it! Su Lele wants to bump into a dizzy head
Sleeping on the same bed has made her lack of sleep, and she has to be close to her skin. What if he can’t help eating himself?
Su Lele squeezed a few tears and came out with a faint tunnel, "I am still a bean sprout!"
"I like to eat small bean sprouts!"
"Small bean sprouts are not nutritious!"
"No, I won’t dislike it!"
"…" Su Lele was defeated, and she once again found that the big Uber was not only a black and overbearing hobby, but also something special.
She can be resigned to lying in his arms and counting stars or sheep.
Wake up the next day Su Lele slouched on the table with dark circles under his eyes, drawing paper.
Ziziphus jujuba came in with a cup of bird’s nest and inexplicably asked, "Miss Shiye said that the small bean sprouts in your room are too thin to be watered by bird’s nest, but where can there be small bean sprouts?" I didn’t see it! "
"Poof … poof …" It’s blood spray again.
Su Lele’s pen fell to the ground with a click. She stared at the bird’s nest and suffered a lot. "Ziziphus jujuba sprouts are dead. I’ll burn incense and eat the bird’s nest!"
"Ah?" Ziziphus jujuba is still missing, and Su Lele has gone out like the wind and looked forward to heaven.
A flock of birds flew away in the sky. Unfortunately, a lump of bird droppings fell and landed on Su Lele’s forehead.
….. Sad ….. A ….. Urged …
Even the birds bullied her!

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