I feel the air flowing around, and the Scorpio king is walking towards the flash bird step by step.

The flash bird hits the Scorpion King with a blow, and the Scorpion King walks forward step by step with the opponent’s attack. The flash bird attacks the root method and causes damage to the Scorpion King.
The rule of ground elf plague attack came into play at this time.
At the beginning, King Scorpius was seriously injured by the flash bird attack. The main reason was that the strength gap between the two sides was too big. The flash bird attack caused other chain reactions, and King Scorpius was seriously injured by the other side because of its huge attribute advantage. This made King Scorpius feel extremely humiliated. But now King Scorpius is not what he used to be. His physical strength has surpassed that of King Scorpius. He is most proud of not worrying about the flash bird attack.
The lightning bird sent out 100 thousand volts and hit the Scorpio king. A rock sword was also cast out at the same time
The 100,000-volt attack hit the scorpion king after smashing a few stone blades. The strong current caused the scorpion king’s feet to collapse a large area, but the scorpion king was still safely staring at the flash bird.
Flash bird came to want powerful wings to block the attack of a rock sword, but it didn’t expect the attack of Scorpion King to be so powerful. A stone blade hit the wings of Flash bird, which made its wings numb. Flash bird didn’t dare to hold it up. Immediately, the steel wing smashed the subsequent stone blade attack.
"What is it that small and medium-sized elves launch steel wings so fast?" Longye sighed at Meow Meow.
"Boss, we won’t be hit by their fighting waves here, will we?" Meow meow some worry.
"Don’t worry, Scorpion King will end the battle soon," Longye said confidently.
Longye’s voice just fell and Scorpion King had already rushed to the flash bird. The flash bird was not afraid of a magnetic gun and fired directly.
Scorpion king sidestepped the magnetic cannon attack, and the coarse magnetic cannon directly rubbed against Longye’s ear and hit the wall behind him. This abandoned old hair was destroyed to a large extent.
Longye wiped his forehead with cold sweat. Just now, if that magnetic gun hit him directly in the head, he might just say goodbye.
"Scorpion king and I beat it hard," Longye shouted in disgust.
Has rushed to the front of the flash bird, Scorpion King slammed a fist into the other side, and the flash bird was smashed to the ground.
As soon as the thick dust in the hair was blown up by the airflow, the whole hair was full of dust in the blink of an eye. Longye had to make a small shield to protect himself and Meow from being choked by the dust.
Through the dust dragon field, I vaguely saw that the flash bird force rushed to the Scorpio king, and the Scorpio king also launched an impact on the flash bird.
The collision between the two sides aroused more dust, and Ryuno heard several collisions, but he could see the battlefield clearly.
Chapter 12 Revenge of old scores
Because the dust in the closed environment has not fallen for a long time, although Longye can’t see the specific situation inside, the banging has never stopped, which makes Longye worried about the situation of Scorpion King.
This is a kind of psychological obstacle. Although Longye knows the strength of Scorpion King, he will still feel uneasy in the face of Flash Bird who has easily defeated himself. Maybe it is only when Scorpion King really defeats Flash Bird that Longye can get rid of this psychology.
Long-term method makes Longye very anxious to see the fighting situation. He can let the frozen bird out. As soon as the frozen bird appears, he feels the breath of the flash bird, just like the three birds in the Orange Islands. The flash bird, the frozen bird and Moltres are very sensitive to each other’s breath.
The frozen bird took a look at Longye. It was curious about why there would be a flash of birds here.
Longye shrugged his shoulders at it. Now is not the time to explain "making fine snow in the whole room". Longye said to the frozen bird.
A wing of the frozen bird immediately produced a large number of snowflakes. As soon as the wings flapped, the snowflakes covered the whole fine snow and the dust in the air combined, and the dust in the house was quickly caught by the snowflakes and landed on the ground.
At this time, Longye didn’t see the fighting situation clearly. At this time, Scorpion King was banging on the other side with a punch.
It turns out that Flash Bird just launched a super shock at the last moment when he saw his unique skill, and the Scorpion King launched the scissors guillotine. One of them collided with Flash Bird, saying that the elves tried their best to strike, and the power was really not small. Scorpion King had used the strongest skill, scissors guillotine, but Flash Bird actually hurt Scorpion King.
However, the flash bird was hurt by the Scorpio king, and the injury was heavier than the Scorpio king.
Being hit by the scorpion king ling, the death ray hit the flash bird, and when the flash bird magnetic gun intercepted it, it fell to the scorpion king, and a steel tail was severely left on the flash bird.
This steel tail hit the flash bird like Strafe. The flash bird’s body could not bear such a blow, and it was beaten by Scorpio King.
Looking at the ground, Scorpion King’s eyes turned red, and he remembered the scene that he was almost killed by the flying bird. It was because of this that Longye saw the picture that Scorpion King rode on the flying bird and vented everything he had encountered before.
Seeing the victory of Scorpion King, Longye was also relaxed. Seeing the fallen flash bird, Longye also went forward with red eyes and beat several times on the flash bird’s body, "Let you scare me, let you scare me."
At this time, Longye and Scorpion King completely forgot that it was the two of them who insisted on breaking into the Flash Bird territory. Of course, even if they remembered it, they would never stop because Longye and Scorpion King were indeed threatened with death.
Japanese like a hammer for a few long ye suddenly felt a pain in his right hand and looked down to find that his right hand was red and swollen.
At this time, Longye remembered that the flash bird was covered with dense spikes like feathers. These feathers not only helped the flash bird to release its power better, but also improved its defense ability. Although it was easy and enjoyable for Scorpio King to beat it, it was Longye’s turn to compare his fist root method with the hardness of the flash bird feather.
Hoo ~ hoo ~
Longye held his right hand and kept blowing. I didn’t expect that he would still suffer in the face of the inverted flash bird, but today he officially defeated the flash bird and finally got revenge.
Longye beckoned Scorpio King to stop. If you keep fighting like this, the flash bird will also be seriously injured.
Seeing the picture of King Scorpion punching the flash bird, the frozen bird around Longye shivered all over and found Longye looking at himself. It always felt that Longye would be like this flash bird if he didn’t obey after warning himself.
I have to say that the picture just now is really very impactful. Not only the frozen birds, but also other elves will be shocked by the aura of Scorpio at that time.
Here, the frozen bird himself is thinking, and on the other side, the Scorpion King finally stopped after hearing the words of Longye. It turned around and faced Longye, screaming at the sky for a long time, and let out the depressed gas department.
Longye hugged Scorpio King, and after more than two years of hard training, they finally got the field back.
"The boss hasn’t woken up in a flash bird at this time. Should you put it in the elf ball first?" Meow meow woke up and said that when Meow meow said these words, he secretly glanced at the frozen bird. It didn’t want to make the frozen bird bear grudges because of his words.
In fact, there is no need for meow meow to finish thinking like this. Although frozen birds, flash birds and Moltres have always been regarded as one, these three elves are not as harmonious as people think.
The three elves, Flash Bird, Frozen Bird and Moltres, represent a kind of balance, and the keys to achieve this balance are mutual constraints, that is to say, in fact, these three elves are a kind of competition, otherwise the three birds of orange islands in the theater will not compete for territory with each other.
The frozen bird has been collected by Longye now. If the flash bird is also collected, how can it be angry if its heart still doesn’t come?
Meow meow and frozen birds are looking forward to staring at Longye, hoping that he will quickly take out the elf ball and collect the flash bird.
However, he did not hesitate to wave his hand at Meow Meow’s discussion about Longye. He and Scorpio King searched for this flash bird only to complete the strange and revenge. He never intended to accept it.
It’s not that Longye is melodramatic here, but that the situation of flash birds is completely different from that of Shui Jun at the beginning.
Longye didn’t accept Shui Jun because he was worried about Feng Wang, but he wouldn’t have such concerns when this flash bird was finished, otherwise he wouldn’t have accepted the frozen bird at the beginning. Longye didn’t accept this flash bird because he didn’t like this elf.
First of all, the shape of the flash bird is a little wonderful and the frozen bird Moltres is not a painting style. It seems that the flash bird is full of love. Secondly, the strength of the flash bird is not to say that it is too strong to be ridiculous. Longye thinks that it is very possible to attack the beast and evolve into Warcraft.
Of course, the most important point is that Longye and Scorpion King almost died in its hands. If Longye accepts this flash bird, then the partner must treat it well. Longye can’t be so open-minded to finish this matter. He believes that the same is true of Scorpion King. If this flash bird makes it an unstable factor in the team, it is better to give it up.
Longye asked Tong in his heart whether he had completed the third wonder. After being confirmed by Tong, he smiled with satisfaction that he had completed the third wonder, so he could get the third exchange voucher for the elf with a letter. Haha, Darkrai will appear soon.
The sudden laughter of Longye puzzled Meow and the frozen bird. The Scorpio king was still staring at the flash bird. He didn’t pay attention to the expression of Longye. Longye suddenly realized that he was rude. He quickly concealed it and walked to the flash bird.

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