"Oh" Chen Xiao got up from the bed and went to the bathroom in his shoes.

"I’m waiting for you in the living room upstairs. Come quickly." Flying at Chen Xiao entered the bathroom and said to her with a light smile. Then I sat in the dining room upstairs and had breakfast.
Such as flying breakfast to eat about, Chen Xiao this just washed up and changed my clothes, sitting next to flying floor with breakfast to eat it.
"Hurry up and finish eating. I’ll wait for you outside." Feiyang will go out after breakfast.
"Wait for a flying brother to bring me a pack. I forgot to bring it." Chen Xiao stopped and said softly.
"Good" Feiyang nodded and went to Chen Xiaofang’s room to take her bag. Chen Xiaoxiao just finished eating breakfast, then picked up the table napkin and wiped her mouth and went to Feiyang’s side, holding his arm and going out with him.
Flying car will send Chen Xiao to her school gate and stop. She smiled and said to Chen Xiao, who was sitting in the car, "Here comes the smile."
"Oh, goodbye, brother Feiyang." Chen Xiao opened his eyes, looked up at his safety belt, then leaned over and kissed the door in Feiyang’s face, waved his hand and said goodbye to Feiyang.
"Goodbye, listen to the teacher at school and study hard." Feiyang gently warned and then turned the car around and left.
Wait until the flying car disappears in the traffic coming and going. Chen Xiao turned around and walked into the school.
Flying in the sky, thinking about where to go next, thinking about it or deciding to go back to the villa area to meet Hu Mei and ask her to take action next.
Feiyang will go home to the garage and then walk to Hu Mei’s house and ring the doorbell.
It was Hu Mei who came to the door, and it was Feiyang who barely smiled and asked, "Feiyang, why are you here?"
"Sister Mei doesn’t seem to be too upset. What’s the trouble?" Feiyang asked with a smile at the door.
"It’s nothing but a little thing. Come on in." Hu Mei shook her head and didn’t say anything to Feiyang to knock on the door and let Feiyang enter the room.
Flying in the Xuan changed my shoes and walked into the room and asked softly, "Mei Jie, are you alone at home?"
"Yes," Hu Mei replied with a nod, then went to the kitchen refrigerator and turned to Feiyang and asked, "Sit down and have a drink."
"Green tea," said Feiyang lightly.
Hu Mei took out a bottle of bottled green tea from the refrigerator and a can of beer for herself. She went to the living room and threw the green tea to Feiyang. She came over and sat beside Feiyang and took a sip of beer in her hand. Then she said softly, "Feiyang, I may go back to Yanjing."
"Face-to-face let you go back" float in the sky slightly one leng and then asked softly.
"Yes, I didn’t ask for instructions. Let me take the tiger group back to Yanjinggong." Hu Mei nodded gently and looked a little lost.
"I really don’t have any choice?" Flying is also a little tightness in my heart and I took a sip of green tea and asked lightly.
"No, I’ve settled down. Let me deal with things here a little. I’ll go back to Yanjing at the latest." Hu Mei shook her head and sipped her mouth to reveal a bitter smile.
"That Han Jie and I also want to go together?" Feiyang also tried to change the situation now, and then looked up at Hu Mei and asked softly with his head down.
"It’s not that I have to go back to Yanjing with Xiaofeng and Yujie." Hu Mei shook his head with a smile.
"That is to say, Sister Mary and we can all stay," confirmed Feiyang.
"Well, I asked Xuan to stay here and help me look at the house. I don’t think there will be many when you are here. I’m going to let you pick up the tiger team. You will deal with some things all over the country. It is estimated that you will stay in China when there is nothing to do." Hu Mei said gently
"Well, when will you leave?" Feiyang nodded and asked softly.
"How to force me to leave?" Hu Mei asked with a wink and a smile.
"How can I see you off when you leave?" Feiyang said softly.
"I’m going to deal with things here in the afternoon and fly back to Yanjing in the afternoon." Hu Mei smiled and took a look at Feiyang and said lightly.
"What can I do for you?" Feiyang asked softly.
"No, it’s all some things that need to be explained, and there are three of them here, Hua Xuan and Feng Luohe. There is no problem." Hu Mei shook his head with a smile.
"When will you leave? I’ll drive you there." Feiyang asked softly.
"You don’t have to go to prepare, and you come over." Hu Mei smiled and shook his head.
"Are you going to sneak away if I don’t come?" asked Feiyang lightly.
Hu mei nodded silently without speaking.
"You go, I’ll wait for you here." Feiyang stretched out his right hand and stroked Hu Mei’s hair and said with a smile.
"Well, I’m leaving." Hu Mei didn’t resist flying. He caressed his hair and said softly.
"Go" float in the sky said with a smile.
Hu mei got up and took a deep look at Feiyang and went out.
Chapter 356 Dating Hu Mei
When it was almost noon, Hu Mei took care of everything and got home with the car. She heard the garage trotting to her door, took out the key from the key bag and hit the door.

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