When Kabibi walked out of the door with a nice word, he saw the doorman yesterday. He smiled at the doorman and came to the car that picked him up. The middle-aged man looked at Kabi and asked shyly, "Is it Kabi?"

"Yes, I am." Kabi knows exactly who he is.
"oh! The car I’ll take you back to the training base, "said the middle-aged man every word.
The train has been in a hurry in the past, and Kabi looked at the town through the window. It was simple and low-key, but his dream was buried. He wondered what the club would do later. What instructions will Coach Coboni give him? What’s the attitude of his new teammates towards him? Full of questions
The speed of the train slowly and impartially stopped at the main entrance of the training base. Kabi said to the middle-aged man … No, it should be a colleague who thanked the colleague who took him to the base and got into the base. I saw a receptionist Kabi say "good morning" before leaving yesterday.
The receptionist was polite and said with a few smiles, "I know. Please come with me."
Kabi followed the receptionist to an office and looked at it. It wasn’t coach Coboni’s office, because Kabi saw a beautiful woman sitting inside through the office window. She didn’t look over thirty.
The receptionist left after Kirby walked into the office.
The woman in front of her got up and said, "Hello, good morning. My name is Edith, and I’m in charge of the management of young players."
It turns out that she is beautiful Miss Edith.
Kabi held out his hand and said, "Hello, I’m Kabi. I remember we talked last night."
Edith held out her hand and smiled and said, "Yes, that’s my working procedure. Okay, let’s sit down first and then tell you the specific arrangements later."
Kabi sat up straight and prepared to listen carefully.
Tis holds her glasses and goes on to say, "At 10: 30, Sports Daily sent two reporters to give you a brief interview, and then you will meet coach Coboni, who will continue to give you instructions on life. If you can’t financially support it, you can apply for club funding. Other big clubs may directly give a car to the players, but this is Granada, you know."
"I know! Miss Edith, "Kabi really understands.
Looking at Kabitis with a crooked head, he continued, "You can rent or buy a house in the city. It’s up to you or let your agent handle it for you. Of course, you can also apply for club funding. Do you understand?"
"Know" has been in the youth team of Eindhoven. Kabi certainly knows.
"Then we will give you a club work permit and a brief introduction to the club and training base. Because some players in the training base need to enter smart passwords outside the door, we will send these passwords to your mobile phone. Can you delete them after you remember them?" Edith speaks every word clearly.
"I know everything you say. Thank you," said Kabi.
Finally, Edith said, "The club is open 24 hours a day. If you have any questions or other problems, you can come over and a receptionist will help you. That’s it. Now I’ll take you to the players’ lounge for a brief interview with reporters. Let’s go."
Kirby nodded and followed Tis to the lounge.
One old reporter and one young reporter are really waiting for Kabi to ask them about each other. After introducing each other, the two sides quickly got into the topic of young people asking questions and old records. Of course, Miss Edith, the head of youth player management, is also there.
"The official report of Granada Club said that they bought out your professional contract in Eindhoven for 1.5 million euros and brought you here. What do you think is the reason for the club to do this?" The young reporter asked
"Obviously, this is because the club has full confidence in me and they agree that I am excellent." Kabi said firmly.
Tis is smiling beside her.
The young reporter asked again, "Then why did you leave PSV?"
Kabi said, "It’s very simple. I didn’t get enough trust to play in the first team in Eindhoven. I believe that my ability is not willing. When the youth team was just in trouble, Granada made an offer to me and promised to keep the first team position for me. Of course, I also thank the Eindhoven team for cultivating me."
"But now you are back from injury when you are injured? What is the state after the comeback? " Young reporters’ strong words go straight into Kabi’s weakness.
Kabi hesitated for three seconds and said, "players’ injuries are inevitable, but I am confident that I will play 100% after the injury."
"Granada barely escaped relegation in the season and just played two rounds, one and one. What effect will you bring to the team?" The young reporter asked with a twisted eyebrow lock.
Kabi hesitated for three seconds and said, "Well, the team is a group. Now I can’t have any effect by myself. It requires the team members to strive for good results."
The young reporter nodded and said, "The last question is white. Everyone knows that Granada is a medium-sized team. You paid 1.5 million euros to cancel the contract. Do you think it is worth it?"
Kabi didn’t hesitate after listening, and his tone was firm.
"You wait for me at cames Stadium and I’ll tell you if it’s worth it!"
Chapter six, I’m Kabi.
After the interview, Tis is leading Kabi to meet with Coach Coboni.
"It was a good performance just now. You gave a confident answer to the reporter’s question. Is this the unique style of young players?" Tis asked
Kabi said with a smile, "Maybe, but our generation of players are always eager to show themselves on the court and often ignore the importance of teamwork. My agent, Mr. Haas, once warned me to improve this aspect."
Edith asked, "Have you changed?"
Kabi said, "It is indeed against your own playing style to change the method of being loyal to the team at first, but later I realized that my former style was a mistake by understanding the meaning behind the team."
Edith looked puzzled. "Oh?"
Kabi went on to say that "self-sustaining technology has to go forward blindly and be doomed to stand still."
O, Tis nods her head, and gives an appreciation to Kirby.
The two men walked to the right corridor on the second floor of the training base, and at the end of the right corridor was coach Coboni’s office. Edith stopped in front of the door and tapped "Come in" twice.
That’s coach Coboni’s voice
"hello! Coach, your new player is here to see you. "Tis is respectful.
"Let him in."
Kabi came into the office, and Edith had finished her work. She said goodbye to Kabi.
"Sit down" first, obviously not Kabi.
Kabi sat in a leather soft chair and looked at the coach for 100 degrees.
The room is simple, one cabinet, one desk, one brain, one desk lamp, one pen container, no wall, prize box and desk full of documents.
Coach Coboni was looking at the file and suddenly said softly, "Just wait for my horse."
"No problem, coach" Kabi is very disciplined.
After a while, coach Boni took off his reading glasses and exhaled deeply at Kabi, saying
"How to get used to it?"
"I’m used to it, coach," replied Kabi.
"Just get used to it. Do you remember what you are doing here?"
"The football team works hard to get good results," Kabi said rhythmically.
Coach Coboni seemed to smile and said, "It’s a good thing you remember that I was worried that you were here on vacation, but there’s one thing you remember. I don’t appreciate flatterers. I appreciate players who have performed well on the court. Tell me what kind of player you are?"
"There are good players on the court!" Kabi replied every word.
Coach Coboni said, "Not bad. I really want to see your live performance."
Is Coach Coboni demented? Or is there meaning in the language? Kabi is still recovering.
See coach Coboni pull out a report from the drawer, turn it over a few pages at random, and then say, "This is your physical examination report. It shows that the left knee has healed, and there is nothing wrong with it. The key is the muscle injury of the right leg. Well, the team doctor initially estimates that you will have to rest for three weeks, in other words, you will miss three games."

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