A huge fist hit the war puppet’s shoulder, and the other fist was directly ejected from the wound in armand. It was still very difficult to attack the war puppet’s shoulder if the oak giant’s arm could not be extended, because the height difference between the two sides was not small. If the oak giant’s arm could not be extended, there is no doubt that the war puppet’s hand could not be attacked against the oak giant. The height difference was nearly five meters, but the oak giant’s rattan and tree roots could extend its arm, which offset the height advantage of the war puppet. That is why it was able to fight with the war puppet for so long.

Only this oak giant, which has been suppressed for a long time, finally regained its advantage and tripped the war puppet completely with a direct blow, because its vines entangled each other’s legs, and then half-length fists hit the war puppet and fell back to both sides. At the same time, the force completely overturned the war puppet. When the behemoth fell to the ground, its huge body directly crushed the house behind it. When the oak giant stepped on it, the surrounding ground shook.
There is no doubt that the battle has reached this point, and the two behemoths have already decided the outcome. It needs a little more effort. There is no doubt that the oak giant can completely hit the war puppet. But it happened that at this time, Hillan’s magic ran out, and his nose slowly shed nosebleeds, forcibly encouraging the magic source to make his head explode.
In the end, Hillan couldn’t bear the pain and passed out. After he passed out, he shook his fist and beat the war puppet wildly. The oak giant slowly disappeared in a burst of green light and stayed in place. There was a chest that was smashed and sunken and covered with at least twenty or thirty damaged war puppets.
But victory is not the disappearance of the oak giant, but the war puppet lying on the ground. Although it is covered with damage, it has not been broken into pieces. When it slowly supports its body and sparks up, Nero Aria and others’ faces are extremely ugly.
There is no doubt that this is the most difficult time for several elf wizards. Their magic is maintaining personal enhancement spells such as Chen Kai. Now there is another elf caster, namely Hillan’s daughter Evelyn. But the problem is that this elf sister is a six-level natural mage, a hundred-year-old elf caster. The six-level natural mage is not bad, but compared with human wizards of the same age, Evelyn is a little weak. Although Evelyn is a six-level caster, her magic is extremely abundant. The value is dozens of times that of Xu Fei. Just from the point of view of the amount of magic, Evelyn is comparable to the caster of the order. But the problem is that she has six orders. Of course, it is unscientific to measure a caster’s level only by the amount of magic, just as it is impossible to measure a caster’s combat effectiveness level by the amount of magic. If that is true, then there is no doubt that everyone will stop fighting. Just compare who has more fighting value and who has more magic value
Although Evelyn works hard, it is not only necessary to have enough magic value but also to master enough knowledge to rise to the rank of mage. There is no doubt that Evelyn doesn’t like reading materials. If she likes reading, there will be no sixth rank mage. Of course, Evelyn regrets that she didn’t study hard now, otherwise she should be able to help now.
Of course, the elf sister didn’t finish. At least, she released the natural thunder and killed many players. But it was impossible for Evelyn to deal with such a huge war puppet. But she still did it. After her father fainted, Evelyn directly took over her father’s staff and slowly raised it over her head. The spell was slowly recited by her elvish language. The beautiful sound and cadence made her seem to sing a song instead of a spell. When the song reached its highest pitch, a fountain of life was spilled out of her father’s bottle by Evelyn’s extreme luxury, among which were a few tiny species.
Although the elf sister can’t learn well, she is undoubtedly extremely clever. With the help of the strength of the life spring and the magic power, she has completed an extremely powerful spell. When several vines thicker than thorns grow wildly from the species, everyone is scared. Because these thorns are too thick and the thinnest are as thick as the thighs of ordinary adults, the big thorns are directly entangled in Evelyn’s manipulation and want to get up. When the other side is about to stand up, the war puppet drags it to the ground again.
The huge impact seemed to smash the ground out of a big hole. Of course, Evelyn took a chance this time. Without that life spring, her roots would not have grown so thick. Just this life spring is worth a lot. You know, when her father was drinking, it was a drop of water in his mouth. Even though this bottle has certain attributes, there are not many life springs in it, and it is not enough to add up. Evelyn is not a local tyrant, but she has done many things that local tyrants dare not do.
Under such circumstances, rattan was born. If the puppet of war could not be pulled down, Hillan might not hesitate to jump up and slap his daughter to fly out. Of course, if he could still jump up before, Evelyn’s failure was enough for many local tyrants to wish to shoot her to death, but it was still extremely effective in preventing the puppet of war from rising from the ground.
The more entangled the vines, the more tightly they tied the war puppet to the ground. Although the war puppet struggled constantly, the struggle was futile. However, without armand’s shot and Evelyn’s father calling the oak giant, there was no doubt that the war puppet could easily break away from these vines.
This is definitely a good thing for ll and them. Although the consumption is a little high, it can be seen by several dwarves to kill this war puppet. It is possible that when armand took out a dozen dwarf mines from his carry-on bag, other dwarves quickly understood his thoughts, so they all took things out of their bags. The most malicious thing was that Murdos quietly took out a dwarf mine with a diameter of at least half a meter.
A huge mine is at least 100 kilograms heavy, and it will sway with every step. This is also the puppet method of war. If it can move even one dwarf, how dare the dwarves bully this horrible war machine? All the mines are stuffed into the gap between the big hole shot by armand and the puppet body of war. When armand lit the fuse, there is no doubt that several dwarves were in insidious smile.
When the huge explosion sounded, Barbat didn’t know what had happened, and the dwarves themselves were shocked by this terrorist explosion force. You know, there wasn’t much magic crystal powder in their hands. After all, they didn’t have much money to buy it when they were in Yasuo. Most of them were Chen Kai who brought some ordinary black powder to these dwarves conveniently, and then they added magic crystals to them to make magic crystal powder. But the problem is that this time they stuffed too many dwarf mines, adding up to a hundred, and Murdoch made the giant dwarf mine silently, which was the most powerful.
The huge explosion directly tore the body of the war puppet. Even if Ness made the war puppet stronger, it would still make the bones in the spell. Although the bones were strong, they could be pounded continuously, which made them full of cracks. Finally, the explosion produced an impact and directly shattered all the connection points of the bones from the outside, turning the huge war puppet into a waste.
The huge explosion force threw the head of the war puppet a few hundred meters away and hit it in a residential building. This building collapsed instantly. There is no doubt that this fighting terror man-made monster was killed in an extremely humbled way. Even Ness never thought that he could make it, but he could single out several powerful war puppets in Sanctuary in such a disgraceful way.
The most regrettable thing for Llewellyn to kill this war puppet is that there is no way to get a reward. There is no doubt that after the Lord’s house in Kandohart was destroyed, the terrorist bounty in the adventurer’s guild and the mercenary’s guild jumped. Because no one paid the bounty, even the two guilds would not carry the debt. Of course, if the Lord was not dead, he might be able to get the bounty back. But Lord Llewellyn’s dead body was almost dismembered. Although Llewellyn did not participate in the dismemberment, there is no doubt that he still participated in the robbery of the Lord’s relics.
Of course, at this moment, Chen Kai is not in the mood to pay attention to these, because he is about to be killed by the players. Two dragons have already been unable to bear the fire and have been taken back. Although their fighting capacity is terrible, many ants can bite them to death. Like facing the siege of thousands of players, one person can stab them and turn over two dragons. Of course, before the pets are taken back, the two dragons jointly released their dragon breath again, even though they were much weaker than at the beginning, but the hot dragon breath still turned dozens of players into human flesh torches.
With the help of two dragons, Chen Kai, they were finally able to take a little step back. Of course, they really helped them to take a step back or the dwarves magnified the impact of the huge explosion of the firecrackers. It not only blew the war puppet’s head and smashed the house, but also made an arm holding the lance fly out and directly involved in the players. At that moment, it almost turned the cloud that was shuttling among these players directly into minced meat, and the only feeling was that he was afraid that if he moved forward one step, he would be the first person to die.
You know, although Chen Kai charged among the players, the charge was only a few people with high fighting capacity and low moving speed, which protected Nero Aria and others from behind. Only relying on Chen Kai, some of them could not kill many players, even if they were beheaded by hundreds of people, only 90 players were hacked to death at the moment. Actually, Chen Kai should be the one who was beheaded by hundreds of people, but he didn’t know how many players he had killed, and he would kill one by one with feathers, and then he kept comparing with Su Xinghe.
After several people retreated, Li Wen and Bai Shasha quickly released a large-scale flame shock wave to block the line of sight, so that several people could retreat more safely. Although the flame shock wave spread very quickly and the root method blocked the long-range spells and arrows from attacking ll and them, it was also a kind of block.
There is no doubt that when Chen Kai came back covered in blood, his only feeling was that he was tired and his muscles were weak. He really wanted to lie down and have a good sleep, but the problem was that he couldn’t do it. Others were so physically tired, but muscle fatigue didn’t recover so quickly. On the contrary, the longer the battle, the slower the recovery. Now another unfortunate thing that Chen Kai faced them was that more and more players were blocked. Although more players meant that they would gain more experience, it was only before they could kill so many people in a short time.
Actually, before Chen Kai, they didn’t find out, but now they find out that these players belong to the hostile camp. The experience value simply belongs to the super-experience monster, but even the super-experience monster has little difference in level that night. For Chen Kai, there is not much experience to gain the experience value of level 65. Although there are many players, the higher the level, the stronger the combat effectiveness. After 70, the experience value can be directly increased by 1% for every Chen Kai killed. The problem is that unless Chen Kai zooms in, the level 70 players will be very high. It’s hard to kill in this melee. If Chen Kai pauses a few more times, there will be several more wounds on his body. At this moment, Nero Aria’s auxiliary spell root can’t help Chen Kai completely recover. What Chen Kai is most afraid of is meeting this kind of high-level player. Of course, players usually cherish their lives. They will let others charge ahead and shrink behind themselves.
Of course, no one will be so stupid. Sometimes these players still have to wave their weapons to join the battle. At this time, their appearance will often add a lot of trouble to Chen Kai and others. At the same time, those low-level players may not be finished with cannon fodder. It is very terrible to underestimate a player’s combat effectiveness. Chen Kai’s thigh wounds are not caused by those seventh-level players, but by players with a level below 60. Even if the other side’s strength is lower, Chen Kaibai will die if he loses his head.
After retreating, Chen Kai’s only feeling is that he has just been upgraded to a higher level. After that, his state has recovered a lot. Otherwise, it is really difficult for him to retreat from the siege of many players. After all, these players belong to the dark camp. Not only have their bodies not changed, but they have even learned combat skills or their original skills. Chen Kai’s fighting skill is twice as effective as fighting against dark creatures. It will be so difficult if half of these players become dark. There is no doubt that Chen Kai can kill three or four hundred by himself, but these players belong to the dark camp, but they have not become dark creatures, and it is impossible for Chen Kai to kill the quartet.
Actually, when Llewellyn retreated, the players who were scared by him were also slightly relieved. You know, Llewellyn and some of them killed hundreds of players, and their fighting capacity was not bad. If there were not many people and there were still a steady stream of people pouring in, Llewellyn and others might have killed the player camp and rushed out with Nero Aria and others to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 12 Kandohart Day of Destruction (27)
I wish you all a happy May Day! Of course, don’t be stuck in the highway!
Section line of moral integrity
There is no doubt that when Chen Kai and his men retreated, the battle was not over, and the players who suffered heavy losses were still blocked at one end of the street, blocking everyone’s escape path. In the middle of the game, there were spells flying in from time to time, but in the middle of the game, they were guided by a series of powerful but extremely effective spells, which were detonated.
This method consumes less magic by detonating the opponent’s spells, but requires extremely high spell control. Only those elf wizards can bully players with great spell experience and change to Xu Fei. The only thing they can do is to make the arrows destroyed in the middle of the spell.
But even so, there are still a lot of arrows and crossbows falling towards them, and the shield protection of several people keeps ringing. Of course, after retreating, players across the line have not benefited, because players are constantly shot by arrows and crossbows. The former two may still get away with it, but the latter is definitely a hit or die unless they are lucky enough to be shot in the limbs. Because the caliber of bullets made by these dwarves is too large to hit the body, it is a hole the size of a bowl.
At the same time, the kinetic energy generated after the musket hits the target in such a short distance will not be completely reduced by one body. Therefore, many times players will be killed by one shot, but three times, especially in the face of the giant gun of armand Dwarf King. Some unlucky players directly let armand achieve the feat of killing five times with one shot, whizzing and bouncing, which directly broke the bodies of five unlucky players. The last player’s worst body was directly cracked by explosive bombs.
In fact, if this killing speed is enough for the dwarves, they can shoot all the players slowly, but the problem is that the players are not beaten there and fixed targets. If there is no front person blocking the dwarves, they will die quickly, even though they are all wearing armor, Chen Kai wears armor and has higher defense ability than the dwarves’ armor, but at the moment, it shines with scars.
Without ll, they blocked the dwarf roots in front and never loaded the muskets. Now ll, they have retreated to a house, relying on strong houses to resist thousands of players’ attacks. There is no doubt that the entrances and exits of the whole house have been completely blocked by ll, and the front of the house has not been blocked.
On the second floor of the house, the dwarves are relying on the window to attack the players on the ground. Of course, they will shrink directly to the window without a shot. At this moment, the originally decorated wooden window has been completely surrounded by thorns, leaving a limited number of openings for the dwarves to attack outside.
Of course, without these thorns, there is no doubt that the caster on the ground will directly blast the thick wall and then blow out the dwarves inside. However, these thorns and vines once again make Nero Aria’s life spring less. For Evelyn’s ruin, Nero Aria has no choice but to smile bitterly. At this moment, the whole house is covered with black thorns, which are amazing in defense and terrible in spell resistance. The most important thing is that the thorns are covered with spikes that are tens of centimeters long, making it impossible for players to pull these thorns by hand.
Faced with such a hard nut to crack, these players regret that they didn’t leave Chen Kai and others on the road some time ago, but if they had made such a choice not long ago, there is no doubt that they would have chosen to ignore Chen Kai and evacuated the house safely because they were all scared by the previous battle. No player did not cherish his life and experience, and no one was willing to choose this head to act as a death squad even if the bystanders shouted fiercely, Depth Charge, but when Chen Kai and them evacuated the house safely, especially when thorns wrapped the house, all players knew how wrong they were.
There is no doubt that at this moment, Chen Kai and them have gained a very safe fortress, which can at least allow them to attack the outside world without being hurt by the outside world for a short time. Although this wantonness is definitely quoted, if they are not careful, they will be attacked by players around the house. After all, players’ attack means are not only weapons, slashes, spells, bows and arrows, but also their attack means, and these means can be blocked by thorns and attacked into the house.
When arrows are nailed to the wall through thorns, they can clearly hear the sound of rocks being nailed to the wall. In the constant attack, the rock wall gradually becomes damaged. However, the wall of Kandohart building is extremely thick, so these arrows can’t break the wall for how long unless the other side’s strength is very terrible or the bow and arrow is extremely scary.
Only Barbat can shoot an arrow through such a thick wall, but now he is at least one kilometer away from ll and them. Although he has transferred Sabinin and two dogs, this Kendo Hart knight commander is still extremely strong and has resisted Barbat’s footsteps. Actually, if there is no doubt that reinforcements have joined the battle behind him, Barbat has killed this Kendo Hart force and scattered it.
Gembal Bart was depressed that he joined the reinforcements. Unfortunately, when they came out, Barbat almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood. Because the caster of the five powerful holy areas attacked the attacking soldier Sabinin and two white-boned dogs in an extremely shameful way, the powerful spell fell instantly and directly blew Barbat out according to the important force Sabinin. Facing the powerful saint area Barbat who appeared in front of him, he simply went on the rampage, adding new hatred and old hatred. Instead of running away, Gembal Bart directly raised his hand and aimed at the first caster slowly.
When a tiny black arrow with a feather shoots out, the front of the arrow suddenly darkens. When this arrow reappears, it is already in front of this exorcist. If there is no defense, there is no doubt that this arrow will shoot through the heart of exorcist in an instant and then make him a corpse that falls from the middle. In fact, Barbat will never admit that he will miss because this arrow is a scarlet bow with its own special arrow. Barbat’s arrow has killed many people, even the odd strong one has been killed by his special arrow at close range.
But this time, even the odd strong can sneak attack and kill the arrow, but it was blocked by a thin protective wall. Looking at that thin layer of spell protection, Barbat’s eyes almost popped out of her eyes. There is no doubt that this situation is definitely the result of the other party’s early preparedness. This kind of preparedness is definitely not against ordinary archers, but against Barbat, a special sneak attack archer. When Barbat appears in Kandohart, powerful people will notice his special and huge length. Bow and Barbat almost didn’t restrain himself, because the previous victory made him a little carried away. Although this time it was a sneak attack, Barbat Gen didn’t hide his trace, and he couldn’t hide it when he actually rode on a horse.
However, even if he was found, Barbat believed that the special arrows shot by the scarlet bow could not be blocked, but it happened that the arrows were blocked, so we can say a problem, that is, something about this giant bow in his hand has been studied. There is no doubt that exorcist mastered the spell, which is the special arrow protection spell that can block the scarlet bow, and he had already foreseen that he would be attacked by Barbat, so he did not hesitate to choose to bless this spell himself.
Seeing this situation, Barbat’s brow wrinkled involuntarily, but he soon gradually smoothed his breathing. Actually, Barbat knew that one day, after holding this bow, he knew that one day the arrows he relied on to shoot with this bow would be blocked, but he didn’t expect that this day would come at such a juncture, leaving him unprepared.
However, Barbat deserves to be ranked among the top ten murderers in the game world. Even if his unique skill was blocked, he calmed down for a short time. At the same time, he slowly put up a thick arrow in his giant bow, and at the same time, his finger force was pulled, and his huge scarlet bow was fully pulled. When the bowstring trembled, this thick arrow rushed straight at the speed of breaking the sound barrier.
There is no doubt that Barbat’s arrow was absolutely urgent and fast, and it almost reached the exorcist in the blink of an eye. It was sharper than the arrow and instantly pierced the protection spell of the arrow. However, after piercing these protection spells, the speed of the arrow was seriously reduced, and it was finally caught by the exorcist and thrown to the side more easily than the mage.
Later, it was difficult for Barbat to have a chance to shoot an arrow, because a soldier with a golden sword in his hand quickly rushed in front of him. The huge golden sword shone in front of the local tyrant, and the dazzling golden light was extremely bold and unrestrained. It was dazzling to Barbat, but Barbat needed a horse to hide. If he didn’t hide, he would be directly cut into two parts. When his feet stepped on the stirrup and rose, his hands were still holding a giant bow and flew directly towards the ground. The holy warrior shot an arrow that broke through the speed of sound.
The sharp sword directly cut Barbat’s war horse, but he didn’t mean to dodge the arrow falling from the sky, because he believed that his body armor could resist the attack of this arrow. The golden armor exuded a luxurious atmosphere from beginning to end, but this luxurious atmosphere could not hide the light purple light of this armor. Those magical gems exuded a strong spell energy.

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