Purple blue star a stay I watched it again suddenly sigh a way

"Alas, poor brother-in-law knows nothing."
Said the turn a way
"Sunset elder sister wind chimes elder sister how do I think this brother-in-law how so stupid? Ignore him after you. "
I heard wind chimes giggling.
"I’m listening to my sister’s husband, but I’m going to divorce you. Do you agree?"
Sunset light say with smile "good! Our sisters divorced him together. "
I looked at the past and saw two beautiful women flash in a hanging rock like fairies in nine days, and the wind blew gently, looking at this world like flowers with their beautiful smiles like dreams.
Chapter DiYiSi Purple blue star
Three beautiful women appeared in front of them, all with faint blue wings behind them, all wearing flashing blue light, exquisite and strange clothes, and a strange five-pointed star-shaped pattern on their forehead, all of which were slightly different, with purple-blue light in the middle and dark blue light in the other.
Sunset and wind chimes exclaimed.
"They are coming again!"
I took out the weapons in the package and looked at their actions. I reacted. These three should be Andromeda. I was busy with the small guru and Xiaoqiang.
"Xiaoqiang, you take good care of her."
Gently put in your arms saussurea involucrata heard Xiaoqiang shouted.
"Little Gollum, I will take good care of Sister Xue, so you can rest assured."
What’s wrong with me when I stay here! But I heard the little guru nu way
"Dead jack Bauer or help you that there is no master! Is he hurt the snow elder sister "
I listened with a wry smile and silently picked up the sword that fell to the ground and came to the sunset glow and wind chimes, but I heard the woman gently say
"We won’t attack you again. The colorful Dragon Ball Saint is gone. It’s nothing for us to stay on this Mars. Second sister will try to save you."
I was surprised to think of what busy way
"Are you the fairy sister of Andromeda purple blue star and purple worry star?"
A surprised all looked at me this female surprised way
"How do you know my name?"
I nodded, thinking of the story of the male wolf tribe lacking a tail and the wolf king at the ice beach. I looked at the sword in my hand and saw the bright diamond crystal, which remembered that a man had never changed his love for a woman for thousands of years, and even thought of saussurea involucrata to save me from being hurt by them.
Suddenly born in the heart of poor hatred is so strong sneer at a way
"How could I not know? If my guess is correct, the two around me are the rainy stars and the soft stars! "
Three Andromeda fairies are a surprised purple and blue star and complete way
"How do you know our names? Are you a magic demon in the 13th Hall of the Dark Lord? We will destroy him together. "
There was a sudden flash of purple light and two blue lights in front of them, and three strange staves appeared in their hands. The staves were like a ring, and there was a flashing five-pointed star-shaped strange gem at the top of the ring, which shone like a ring. The purple and blue stars had purple light in their hands, while the other two were blue light.
I burst out laughing and sneered
"Who do you save? Save your real Andromeda queen, Purple Worry Star, or save your Purple Tianxin Queen? "
The three fairies were even more surprised. When they looked at me, they heard the purple and blue stars complete the way
"None of these four humans and the two dark beasts can stay, and the dark Lord can’t know our whereabouts!"
As she spoke, she saw the five-pointed gem in their hands shining brightly and flashing back and forth in the gem.
I said angrily, "Violet blue star, you don’t even let this sleeping girl go. No wonder you even killed your sister tens of thousands of years ago."
Purple blue star zheng surprised way
"Who the hell are you? If you don’t say anything, I’m going to make the fairy disappear. "
I was talking when I heard the sunset glow nu way
"He is your sister’s husband!"
Violet blue star looked at me a few times in confusion and nodded to the two fairies around me. A trick in his hand and a shiny purple handkerchief are generally magic weapons.
"Previous life predestined relationship this life dream! Wave! "
Seeing that she threw this thing in her hand into the sky, it suddenly turned into a huge purple sky with several flashing purple stars.
I heard Xiaoqiang exclaim as soon as I stayed.
"This damn purple day again! Damn it, fairies, the boss avenges our star! Ah! Little Gollum, we are trapped again. "
When I saw the unavoidable handle, I threw a love sword in the sky and hugged it. In surprise, the wind chimes pulled the sunset glow to my side and looked at the female heart not far behind my eyes. Although there are still many regrets, I should regret it when I die at the moment, but suddenly I think of another person in my mind. I can’t help but smile bitterly.
I forgot everything when the light flashed in front of me.
When I wake up slowly in a blur, there is a light purple in front of me, and there is a beautiful star flashing in the light purple. I whispered
"This is there? How so beautiful? "
I heard a female light say with smile
"Brother-in-law, wake up."
My brother-in-law? Who should I call? I murmured, "Who is your brother-in-law?"
"You! Brother-in-law! "
I was surprised. I sat up and almost bumped into the man’s head in front of me. I was busy looking intently, but I saw a beautiful woman wearing a shining purple dress. I was surprised.
"Purple blue star!"
"Yeah, my brother-in-law is me. I’m Xiaolan."
I zheng suddenly thought of what sneer at a way
"You mistook me for someone else. You are the Andromeda fairy, and I am a human player on earth."
Purple and blue stars stare blankly at her forehead, and the star pattern with purple light reflects her beautiful face, bringing up a mysterious smile and charming way
"Don’t deny it. I’ve seen the marks of your previous lives and their previous lives."
I got up and sneer at a way
"What if I see it? Anyway, I have nothing to say to you. You can destroy me or kill me or destroy my memory. It’s up to you. We have nothing to say."
Purple blue star light say with smile
"Then your brother-in-law doesn’t want to know who the sisters of sunset glow and wind chimes were in their previous lives?"
My heart "bang" was about to ask, but I saw her with a faint purple light and a smile on her face. My face was slightly hot and busy.

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