How brave does it take for a chick accustomed to staying at home for warmth to fly out of the house for the first time?

But this decision has to be made.
After Mrs. Tang met Shen Xinyu, her physical condition has been very stable, and the girl didn’t take the initiative to tell Tang Shiyan about it. It’s not clear whether he knows that it’s normal except that they get along a little less than before.
The holiday of senior three is getting shorter and shorter, even during the Spring Festival, I took three days off from school and resumed a new round of cramming review.
Shen Xinyu sat in her room and counted the countdown less and less every day. Even if she didn’t take the college entrance examination, she felt that kind of tension.
"Meow" trouser leg was gently pulled, and a girl bowed her head and found that she had become a ball and hemp ball, and she was pressed on her trouser leg without jumping successfully.
Shen Yu smiled and picked up the little thing. It said, "Ma Tuan, you seem to have gained weight again."
"Meow" Ma Tuan stretched out a pink paw pad with fleshy paws to pull her hand and rubbed her nose.
Shen Xinyu couldn’t help but put it on the table and teased and said, "Are you fat?"
"You are lucky to meet Tang Shiyan, or who can raise you?"
Ma Tuan seemed to understand what she said, and his tail stood on end.
Shen Xinyu propped up her head and suddenly stopped smiling. There are still two months to go before the holiday. Then she will leave Jiaocheng, and the little thing will naturally stay here.
See her don’t talk hemp ball and stretched out his claws to pull her.
There was a sudden burst of footsteps outside the door
It should be that the housekeeper and several servants listened to the housekeeper’s low voice at eleven o’clock when Shen Xinyu looked at his eyes during the building. "Mr. Wang has a headache and ordered the kitchen to prepare a bowl of hangover soup."
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Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Tang Shiyan Weibo secret (a)
Tang Shiyan recently came back late for dinner and drank too much wine. It is also common to have a headache. Listening to the footsteps outside, Shen Xinyu bowed his head and grabbed the hemp ball and held back his desire to go out and move.
It’s just that she can go back when he has a rest.
However, after sitting in the room for more than ten minutes, the housekeeper suddenly came and knocked at the door. "Miss Shen, Mr. Tang asked you to go back and rest."
Playing the game, Shen Xinyu said "good" one leng.
Send the hemp ball back to its own room. Shen Xinyu walked back to the bedroom. Tang Shiyan was not in the living room or in the bed. bathroom door was closed, and he could vaguely hear splashing water.
Shen Xinyu relaxed and turned to the next room to wash.
When the man came back, he was already bathed and lying in bed. When he saw her coming in, he picked up the desk watch and looked at it. He quite disagreed and said, "Why are you reviewing so late today?"
"Recently, many industries" Shen Xinyu perfunctory explained a heart way. He hasn’t come back at this time at ordinary times.
The girl bypassed him and came to the other end of the bed. She untied the thick long hair tied to the scalp and spilled it like a waterfall. She bowed her head and her eyes closed gently like butterfly wings.
Someone swallowed saliva unconsciously.
He kept that posture just now and never moved. He looked at the girl with two swirls in her deep eyes, which was not the same as usual, probably because some emotions were expressed directly after drinking wine.
Shen Xinyu lifted the quilt and found that he had been watching her move slowly and asked, "Didn’t you say you want to rest? Why don’t you sleep?"
There are two unnatural blushes on the man’s cheek. It should be that the wine is still strong. Shen Xinyu thought about it and approached him for a snack and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"
This man looks more powerful than he is in drinking. It is not once or twice to know that he has a headache.
But I still have to drink Shen Xinyu, and sometimes I don’t understand it.
When Tang Shiyan came to his absolute being, he saw this little girl with a face of heart and looked at him. He couldn’t help but raise his hand at the corner of his mouth and drag people over and turn over to his body.
There is still alcohol in the mouth, which should be drunk. Even after washing, it can’t completely remove that smell, but it doesn’t smell bad. It is more intoxicating to blend with the warm package brought by men themselves.
Shen Xinyu didn’t refuse the kiss. Anyway, according to this rhythm, she also broke free. She didn’t just slow down her nerves. She put her hand on the man’s strong shoulder and slowly accepted the man’s invasion.
Two people were in bed until one o’clock in the morning. Tang Shiyan raised his sweaty forehead and got up to take a shower with the girl in his arms.
Section 239
It’s already one o’clock in the morning at this moment, thinking that this girl will have an early class tomorrow, Tang Shiyan just returned to reason and gave birth to a little love and spoiled and kissed the girl’s side face with a hoarse voice saying, "Take a day off."
Shen Xinyu glanced at him through the dense steam and asked, "What?"
"I’m afraid you’re tired." The man raised his hand in clothes for a long time and the girl scrubbed her body.
Shen Xinyu understood his meaning and immediately blushed and pressed the man’s hand and said, "I’ll do it myself."
Maybe it’s too many times. She’s not as uncomfortable as before. She still has strength after taking a shower.
I’ve had enough to eat and drink. When someone sees her, she suddenly feels a little itchy. Shen Xinyu can’t see his change. He gave him a nudge. "You also go to wash it, regardless of me."
Tang Shiyan suddenly smiled, pinched her face and got up to take a shower on the other side.
He just wants to think about how to toss her again when it’s so late.
They have been together for half a year, and this is the first time to take a bath in the same bathroom or to be awake. Shen Xinyu’s nest in the bathtub shows her neck and a leg. She is embarrassed to soak for a while, but she can’t help but look back at the man.
Compared with her shame, Tang Shiyan is generous, and I don’t know if there is any alcohol tonight. The man is stripped naked and stands nearly one meter tall. The most conspicuous thing across the shower mist is his straight, slender, long legs and graceful lines. The man’s skin is not rough at all.
Sexy and healthy
The girl was embarrassed to look again and wanted to move back to the line of sight, but Tang Shiyan suddenly turned around and Shen Xinyu was one leng.
The original pink face instantly turned into purple.
"I’ve seen you all," the man suddenly said faintly. The shower picked up a bath towel and wrapped it around his waist.
They have slept together for so long that they have done the most intimate things, but this is the first time that Shen Xinyu has seen his body. When he saw him surrounded, the girl came over and withdrew her sight.
"Don’t soak for too long."
"It’s good to come out by myself." Shen Xinyu lifted her eyes and grabbed the towel on the side. It was also at this time that she saw that there was a shallow scar on the left rib surface of the man.

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