I thought to myself, I know the meaning of this statement by Yan Yan, and I know more than me. I can understand what I know if I don’t fight. I don’t know anything, so I came here to say that Guan Tianqing knows more than me. What does that mean?

I didn’t make a fool of myself, but it sounds as if I was being played by Guan Danqing as a monkey. He knows everything, but I still pretend to be a clown in front of him. My master is a living representative.
No sooner had the terrifying left than someone knocked at my door.
A dozen doors "tree" with Liu Yigang two people in my door Chapter 20 Lan nine arrival.
Mishu and Liu Yigang, one of them is a strange person, and the other is to ask me what to do next.
Okay, I met him right at my door
I let two people in and told Liu Yigang that Miki already knew about us.
Liu Yigang gave me a frowning look, probably thinking that I shouldn’t tell Mi Shu, after all, Mi Shu is still young.
Liu Yigang is a very straightforward official. The main consideration in what he does is that the people say that he is a public servant. He hopes that people can help us, but he always fears that these guys will be the pillars of the country if they are skilled in magic.
I patted Liu Yigang on the shoulder and told Liu Yigang that Mi Shu is a trustworthy person and that Mi Shu kung fu is not weak.
Liu Yigang didn’t give up the idea of persuading Mi Shu to leave him alone and didn’t avoid Mi Shu again.
Liu yigang came straight to the point and said, now that you know all about it, I won’t shy away. I asked you directly, and you didn’t find anything strange after you entered here.
I didn’t feel a breath when I was talking nonsense, but that officer azure deserves attention-this person is strange and seems to know everything, I said to Liu Yigang
I didn’t find anything fishy either, but that man seems to be very inscrutable.
Liu Yigang does not deny that we doubt Guan Tianqing that he is a very tough man. We should doubt everyone in the room.
When it comes to investigating cases, we actually have no clue.
Liu Yigang said that as long as they always try to look for clues in a room first, they might find something.
Mi Shu and I both agree. After all, there is no other way now.
Liu Yigang’s suspicion that the murderer is in this room is just speculation. Whether it is really in this room is not clear to any of us.
As soon as we discussed it in the room, we directly discussed it at noon. Mi Shu looked at it from time to time and held his chest against the bed.
Long Feifan has been silent for a long time. He seems to be a rather withdrawn person. The more he is like this, the more curious I am.
Is it really my brother who doesn’t even resemble me in character?
We were just about to leave when Guan Laner knocked at the door.
A dozen Wang Xiaolei Song Yuguan Laner are at the door.
When did you get to know them so well? Wang Xiaolei said after he squeezed into the door from the outside.
Where do you think we are ripe? Mi Shu walked lightly towards the outside.
Guan Laner said, Let’s go. Oh Ma has already cooked the meal, but it’s time to eat.
The dining room is a big single table, which is relatively European-style, long and slightly bloated. Wu Ma brought food and put a table full.
After we sit down, Guan Laner let us eat well. Liu Yigang asked Guan Laner if your grandfather would not come to eat.
Well, my grandfather usually eats alone. He pays more attention to health and eats all his own dishes, said Laner, an official.
The lunch was very rich, and a group of us were really hungry, regardless of the image in other people’s homes.
Looking at us, wolfing down the clouds and eating well, Sven official Laner has been smiling at us, and I guess we are all full of food.
After lunch, we had tea and chatted for a while in the living room on the ground floor.
Liu Yigang deserves to be a policeman, and he is very undercover. In chatting, he keeps asking questions about the people in the villa, so he will find out enough about the villa.
Liu Yigang asked Guan Laner, does your grandfather do all his antique business at home? Does it seem inconvenient for your family to go outside?
Guan Laner said that 3a is not true either. My grandfather will go there once a month, but once for half a month, he is not doing exercises at home. In fact, I don’t know exactly how my grandfather works. I will tell you a secret. My grandfather is a very mysterious person.
Song Yu dragged Ba and glanced at Guan Laner and said that your grandfather is very young.
Wang Xiaolei’s clap of his thigh startled everyone, so I said, what did I just want to ask? This is the Laner. Is that really your grandfather? It’s not too young to raise you as your grandfather. Being your father makes people feel young.

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