The big boss moved his lips to refuse to answer. Mu Ming saw that he looked directly. "Now please cooperate with the investigation. Since you know the law so well, you won’t know the consequences of not cooperating with the police."

Suddenly, he raised his head, and there was a smile on his mouth. "Mu forensic doctor must have seen what the injury was like. Ten years ago, I was scalded by water and accidentally caught in the flesh by the glass fragment."
His tone is dull, just like telling others about the past Muming. I didn’t expect Stone Mountain to cover up the birthmark, which really surprised them.
Recovering from the initial surprise, I think on the other hand, if he is not cruel to himself, how can he make up his mind to kill his father? People like this are naturally driven by interests and have long forgotten the original intention.
A few people’s eyes are ups and downs. Shi Qishan did not go to the hospital for skin surgery, but self-destructed. It should be because he didn’t want to leave a handle in the hospital. It was really wily to calculate and set up a trap step by step ten years ago.
"Where did the pistol Grenade come from?" Gu Jingke raised his eyes when he wrote something. "You can’t escape punishment for these things alone. When you arrest you, you can directly shoot you for assaulting a police officer."
Shi Qishan raised an eyebrow and remained unmoved. "You didn’t kill me then, and you won’t kill me now. You want to convict me instead of letting me die directly. I don’t know if I’m right?"
He knew this. Several people didn’t send snipers in the mountains, and now it’s even more impossible to let him die. It’s easy for him to die.
"When you get back to the city bureau, you have to die if you don’t want to die." Cheng Man hummed this person is so annoying.
Shi Qishan looked around and suddenly thought of something. He raised his eyes and stared at several people. "Where is Xiao Qiang? I want to see him. "
"Want to see him and kill him?" Muming sip sip lip Angle face calm "or want to tell him that you tied his family to let him take the rap for you? You really think we are stupid and naive! "
The rocky mountain is as heavy as water. I didn’t expect his tricks to be seen through. Staring at three people, the line of sight became cold and black.
He must have missed something, otherwise the three men wouldn’t be so cautious and gently gasped, pulling their twisted thoughts out of the way. The door of the inquiry room was closed, limiting his sight to this small room. Reagan was fine.
Just then he drum mouth pull voice roar loud "xiao qiang, you come here! Otherwise I … "
Before he finished shouting, he was quickly stuffed into a glove. Mu Ming knew that this man was dishonest and handcuffed and handcuffed his hand behind his back, and the glove was forcibly stuffed into his mouth by her.
Stuffed things in the mouth can make a "whoop". The stone mountain looks like a man-eating beast. I didn’t expect this person to come to such a move. He frowned and looked at Muming and couldn’t wait to eat her alive.
The sound insulation in this room is poor to death. This voice is not far from the next door. Xiao Qiang can certainly hear Shi Qishan. It is only when he knows this that he makes a surprise shout. However, they are faster than him.
Before he could speak, his mouth was blocked. He was not in high spirits at this time, but now he is a little more down and out.
"If you are willing to answer honestly, just nod your head and refuse to cooperate. If you want to play tricks honestly, there is no way!" Mu Ming’s eyes are dignified, and almost all his words are with a dense chill. At first, Shi Qishan was stunned for a long time.
Shi Qishan, a long-term resident, just stared for a moment and turned his eyes sharply to her, indicating that he would take the gloves in his mouth, but Muming was calm and clapped his hands. It was simply abandoning contact with him.
Shi Qishan can see this move in his eyes, and his eyes want to spray fire. Before he was less experienced in this industry for ten years than those business tycoons, almost everyone was polite to him for holding a treasure map, but now he is almost beaten.
Although he is witty and ruthless, he is not soft, but the ups and downs of this decade are far from sharpening his mind. What’s worse, in this decade, he has almost always gone smoothly, and the real wind and waves are far away from him.
Now these three people treat their fingers like this and pinch them over and over again, almost pinching their nails into the meat.
"When were those people found dead in the tomb and did you?" Muming tore off his gloves beside him.
As soon as Shi Qishan absorbed the fresh air, he opened his mouth and said, "I don’t know who died, and I don’t know."
As if rehearsed in advance, he answered without hesitation, but everyone knew that he was lying, a well-known lie. Mu Ming put gloves in his mouth and turned and walked back to the chair.
This time, let the gloves stay to block the mouth. Anyway, I can’t spit out any good words, and I don’t expect to get any news from his mouth. Muming glanced at him kindly and woke up and said, "Don’t wait for 24 hours to let you go."
"Guns and grenades can be seized from your body." Mu Ming’s words just fell and he saw that the eyes of Shiqishan Zheng became bright, and he quickly lifted the bar to signal people to tear off the gloves.
Mu Ming pinched his finger joints and shook his head in a calm tone. "That thing is in your mouth. If you want to refute us, you might as well not listen or your ears will cocoon."
Shi Qishan immediately stopped lifting the bar. She said yes, he really wanted to refute it. Now that his own line has been seen through, he doesn’t want to do it again. He just stared at the three people and formed a confrontation.
If he doesn’t tell the truth, they can’t pry it out of his mouth, so he won’t believe it. Apart from those guns and grenades, when he stays in the police station for a while, he is afraid of everything. At most, he has had enough fun in it and waited for bail.
What’s more, he has never personally participated in killing people … It’s all Lao Zhao’s doing and he can’t pull it.
In Shi Qishan’s heart, the abacus dials quickly, and Gu Jingke’s eyes are cold and cool. His fingers are clasped together, which has almost become a classic endorsement for him to handle the case seriously.
He wants to profile the clues in his heart and connect the whole incident in series. His eyes are locked in the stone mountain. The tone of his eyes is cold and light. He will look at the stone mountain in a panic and can’t pretend to be calm. Looking back with his eyes is like saying something!
Gu Jingke squints, corners of his mouth are bent up and he can’t see the radian clearly. "Please listen carefully if you say something wrong or right. Please make a statement. You can kick your mouth and hands when they are tied."
For example, if you can’t see the Stone Mountain, your face is dark, and Gu Jingke’s lips are cold, and the tone rings, "Ten years ago, the tomb was discovered by people, and Xiang Town was under-estimated. Please invite a tourism agent to identify the value of Xiang Town."
"The dealer went to the mountain where the grave was hidden and found that the grave man was afraid that the grave would be made public from now on, or the dealer was extremely lucky to see the trace of the grave, and he was unfortunately found hanging from the tree by the grave man."
"It must take some effort to hang the dealer from the corpse that day." Gu Jingke looked at Shiqishan and turned white and continued, "I didn’t expect the dead to attract police officers to investigate."
"After the man was more afraid, he thought of the ancient curse. He first killed the villagers in Xiang Town and caused public outrage. He wanted to get rid of the policeman, but the policeman did not give in and repeatedly touched the truth that was about to surface."
He propped his fingers on the desktop and shook them together. I don’t know when the fingers were twisted and twisted. No matter what Shi Qishan’s reaction is now, he said, "That man is so bold that he will simply kill the policeman for a long time!"
As soon as the word "kill" came to light, his body shook hard and his eyes flashed, but he didn’t say anything.
Gu Jingke stared at his eyes, which meant that "at that time, that man wanted to move the tomb and he held important clues in the tomb to dig so many caves in the tomb in just ten years …"
"It was almost destroyed!" The dangerous light in his eyes was so intense that he almost blinded the stone mountain.
You can also put it another way-dare not open your eyes! He was afraid that his ugly face would be hidden by everyone, because Gu Jingke said that there was no typo, and he swallowed his saliva and almost lost his gloves.
Shocking the Stone Mountain Gu Jingke raised his hand and adjusted a collar, which made him feel that the atmosphere in the interrogation room was out of place, but like a night elf, it was easy to blend into the night, noble, elegant and mellow.
For a long time, he continued, "But now after ten years, there is the last door left in the tomb, and the man can’t give up the treasure and continue to dig with a gesture of fighting. I didn’t expect Xiang Town to get worse every day in this decade."
"Although the man helped the residents of Xiangxiang town with hypocrisy, after the panic, he attracted a dealer who killed people according to the previous method, but this time he didn’t do it himself because he knew how to pick himself clean."
Shi Qishan closed his eyes and didn’t move. I didn’t know that I could hear that finger clenched into a fist in a few minutes. Obviously, my heart was extremely uneven, my emotions were complicated and my momentum was impetuous.
"The first two policemen were mostly fooled back by Xiao Qiang because they were afraid of things, and the most unexpected thing for that person was that Muming and I would fall here. He ordered people to hypnotize Shi Guang to poison Uncle Shi’s pool, and the purpose was still the same as ten years ago."
"Cause the people in Xiang Town to be angry and drive us out!" Gu Jingke’s eyes moved as if remembering the scene of being stopped at the intersection on the first night, and Cheng Man’s thought was also very active, and immediately associated it with the police car that was broken on the side of the road.
It turns out that it’s all the Stone Mountain that drives people apart! Let these ignorant villagers make mistakes. If it were another policeman, he would definitely pat his ass and leave at the first time. Predictably, the fault lies in coming, not ordinary policemen.
Mu Ming stared at Shi Qishan’s face, and she couldn’t understand that this man was like a kind old man and the old man was his biological father. If he said that Uncle Shi had treated him badly, he was angry and wanted revenge.
But just look at Uncle Shi’s attitude towards Li Yuan, and you will know that Uncle Shi is a bright and generous person. What’s worse, he has never heard of Uncle Shi’s bad name in Xiang Town for so long. Tightening his fingers can say that Stone Mountain has a black heart.
Greed leads to his evil. No!
Gu Jingke put his finger on the desktop, and the gentle sound in the ear of Shiqishan was like a drumbeat of death, which directly hit him with destructive power. "But that man didn’t expect that we made a wedding dress after making mistakes."
"Let the village chief trust us more, so that he won’t catch us out of Xiangzhen." Shi Qishan was slightly black and the veins stood out on his forehead. As Gu Jingke said, he was bitten to death by Xiao Qiang’s stupidity that day.
"Later, as the man was caught in the face of Shi Guang’s nervousness, he took action to climb the window and the wall. Presumably, these were all called Xiao Qiang." Gu Jingke said so much like it took a lot of effort.
"And the person who found the grave is you-Shiqishan." His eyes are shining with dark light. "You can eliminate your blood genetic structure if you don’t get the birthmark on your wrist?"
As soon as this sentence was said, at the foot of the rocky mountain, the table was suddenly kicked "thumped" and the mouth was stuffed with things, and the hands were handcuffed. Even the whole body was bound by the special tiger chair and the remaining feet could move.
He praised the Yamba, and this time he was serious and firm. Cheng Man walked over and grabbed it, followed by Shiqishan. "Don’t forget to splash dirty water when you have nothing to do!"
Crazy eyes are more afraid than wandering around, but spitting out words in the mouth is not forgiving. "I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it!" I don’t know Shiqishan either. My name is Lin Zhongyuan and Lin Zhongyuan! "
Watching him go into a state of madness, Gu Jingke swept away his eyes and didn’t eat this one. "I didn’t listen to you refute that idea for so long. Everyone knows whether you want people or people. I can find out if you hide."
Shi Qishan was discouraged and slung over his body. Cheng Man grabbed his hair and stuffed gloves into it. Shi Qishan didn’t respond at all, just like being pumped out of his soul and watching everything quietly.

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