Team captain Pedro canizares touched the trophy, and when it appeared, Sibelina Square gave a huge cheer.

"champion! Champion! We are champions! We are champions! !”
These Hertha fans shouted to push the atmosphere to a climax.
They chanted slogans and sang Hertha team songs, and then shouted the names of Hertha players one by one.
In the end, they shouted the winning name.
This sound is much louder than when they called a player’s name before!
Changsheng was also pushed to the stage by the players to accept this unique cheer, which he deserved.
"often! Chang! Chang! !”
Seeing him appear cheered even more.
Chang Sheng looks at these people, but he doesn’t know their names. There are too many people, and he can find his acquaintances from them, but they all have a common name-Hertha fans.
Just when I came here two years ago, these people were still questioning themselves and criticizing themselves for offending Golka, the genius of team C.
At that time, Chang Sheng never dared to think that he would one day be cheered by Wanheta fans in the square.
He looked up and looked beyond the dark crowd in the square in front of him.
On this road of pursuing dreams, he has successfully taken the first step, and his success in Hertha has made him full of confidence in his future.
It seems that I am right to choose this road.
Maybe I came here through rebirth inexplicably because this is what I should walk …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine A letter from a fan
The 221-season Spanish Football League B finally came to an unexpected end.
Hertha, Seville and real betis finished in the top three of the league, and they also qualified for promotion.
The failure of Atletico Madrid surprised many people and broke their glasses, which everyone had never thought of before the season.
At the end of the season, Wang Jike announced that he was several days away from Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid fans denounced his poor performance this season as the chief culprit of the team’s failure to upgrade.
The warmth of the past is overwhelming.
And Atletico Madrid coach Marcos Alonso was also dismissed. The exact successor is unknown. Atletico Madrid club is looking for their new coach all over the world.
This time, they have a request for the new coach, that is, they must lead Atletico Madrid to a successful upgrade after one season.
Disappointed, Atletico Madrid licked the wound alone, while the Hertha had to meet a new journey.
Because although the league is over, they still have the King’s Cup to play.
Two rounds of king’s cup semi-final
They are the only second-division team in the semi-finals of the King’s Cup.
The other three teams are all Grade A.
Hertha’s opponent in the semi-final of the King’s Cup is a first-class team in Zaragoza.
After Hertha’s successful upgrade, there is not much interest in the fans of the King’s Cup. After the climax, the league champion is naturally weak.
Hertha fans feel a little like this now.
Or they are in a particularly good mood now, even if Hertha is eliminated.
Anyway, they upgraded to the league title and won the final result of this season. Are they satisfied with the King’s Cup? They don’t even think about it
Judging from the team’s holiday arrangement, it seems that the team has the same idea and has not paid attention to the King’s Cup.
He gave his team a full two-day holiday because of his winning streak after the league!
There is no training in these two days, so let them have a good time and relax.
You know, the semi-final with Zaragoza actually has three days to train after deducting two days’ vacation in five days.
In this way, I feel that Hertha is giving up the rhythm of the King’s Cup.
So Changsheng really wants to give up the King’s Cup?
Of course not.
For him, there are two more semi-finals of the King’s Cup.
Lin Mo has risen from the second level to the third level. The third level needs 10 million experience to reach the fourth level. At least he will be rewarded with 600 thousand experience in the two semi-finals of the King’s Cup.
After finishing the league, he finished what Atletico Madrid regretted.
There is nothing better than revenge for pushing Atletico Madrid into the abyss of despair.
This gave him 500 thousand experience, in addition to a game skill [primary defense]. In the game, the defense success rate increased by 5% and consumed 30 energy.
Beating badajoz 31 away from home to win the championship in the previous round allowed him to complete the "championship contract", gain 1 million experience and expect to go straight to worship, as well as a competition skill [offside trap].
Now he has 3.507 million points of experience, which is far from upgrading to 12 million points of experience.
However, with four second-level competition skills, it is still quite good.

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