Are you busy now? Can I talk to you for a second?

She omitted the title, because she felt uncomfortable with how to call it.
Han Chengyi will come back soon.
Aren’t you busy meeting?
Le Xuewei knocked on the keyboard in a hurry to replyno. That’s what I told you. Let’s go through the formalities sometime!
Sitting in the president’s office, Han Chengyi saw this sentence with his finger on the keyboard and didn’t know how to knock it. He has been deliberately avoiding this matter for a long time. He has not signed the word in his heart, so he and Xiaoxue are still husband and wife, and they still have hope.
But now Xiaoxue has signed it!
What? Hang Zehao has been released, and the situation in Hangjia is getting better. It’s not impossible for them. Why will Xiaoxue sign a divorce at this time? He didn’t push her, he didn’t put pressure on her, so even wait for her quietly by her side? Does xiaoxue not even give him this last hope?
Half a day didn’t wait for Han Chengyi to reply. Le Xuewei sent me another message.
Hello? When do you have it?
Han Chengyi doesn’t know how to answer. Can he say that he doesn’t want to sign that shit at all? So I simply crossed out the dialog box and didn’t answer. The more I thought about it, the more agitated I became. I raised my hand to hold the keyboard and slammed it apart.
"three little"
Hao Xiyin just came in and frowned when he saw this situation. "Who are you?"
Han Chengyi leaned back on his forehead and closed his eyes. "What is it?"
"There are three important lines coming in, and I think you should answer them."
Hao Xiyin’s profound words made Han Chengyi open his eyes. "Important line? Who? "
"Your father-in-law, Hangzhou, Ze and Gao," Hao Xiyin said slowly.
"…" How could Han Chengyi Zheng Hang Zegao call him? There should be nothing to say about the situation between Hangzhou and Korea. There must be something wrong with this call.
"Get through!"
"It’s three little"
Han Chengyi picked up the words according to the line number "Hey … Cough …" Han Chengyi gently coughed for Hang Zehao, and he didn’t know how to face it.
"Chengyi" Hang Zehao addressed him kindly, but it seems that those grudges that happened to them never seemed to say "Can I call you that?"
"Yes" Han Chengyi’s conditioned expression became respectful. "You said it"
"I want to see you, but … I don’t want anyone to know, including Xue Wei. There are some things I want to tell you about. I hope no one but you and me knows that you can do it?"
Han Chengyi was dumbfounded. Why would Hang Zehao have such a request? What’s the catch in this?
"It’s Cheng Yibai". Although there are many questions in my heart, Han Chengyi still agreed.
Chapter 415 Dismissal meal
According to Hang Zehao’s request, Han Chengyi did not hand it over to Hao Xiyin but did it himself.
On the appointed day, it happened that Hang Zehao went to Song Guoyi for a follow-up visit. Hang Zehao usually needed treatment for several hours at Song Guoyi’s, and every time Le Xuewei sent him to wait until his treatment was over, she would come back and pick him up.
Hang Zegao took advantage of this treatment file to meet Han Chengyi.
Arriving at the appointed place, Han Chengyi respectfully greeted Hang Zehao and helped him to sit.
Hang Zegao looked at Han Chengyi with a slightly surprised smile on his lips. This attitude must have been decided in his heart. "If I don’t hold my hand, I can walk slowly. Is this stomach cut in half not as good as before?"
Han Chengyi looked dark. "I really didn’t do it."
"Well" Hang Zegao nodded and pointed to the chair "Sit down and sit down and say"
Han Chengyi was embarrassed to sit in accordance with his words. Although it was not his fault, it was his fault.
"Ha ha" Hang Zegao chuckled, "Don’t be so formal. I didn’t ask you here to criticize."
"…" Han Chengyi frowned thoughtfully for a moment. "After so many years of hostilities between Hangzhou and Korea, I have nothing to avoid … yes …" Han Chengyi stopped here and didn’t continue to talk.
Hang Zehao smiled and said for him, "Did you find something wrong?"
Han Chengyi looked at Hang Zegao in amazement. Did he already know something?
Hang Zegao nodded with a chuckle. "I told you that people like you are geniuses, and hatred may confuse you for a while. You can’t be confused for a generation. I can’t blame you for taking it lightly. Even I didn’t expect to come to this matter. I’m going to admit it like this, but … Hang was entrusted by an old friend and can’t live up to his old friend’s trust, otherwise it would be really responsible. What do you say?"
There is a profound meaning in his words. Han Chengyi quietly waits for him to continue to say.
Hang Zegao sighed in silence for a moment. "The thing is …"
Section 261
After listening to Hang Zegao’s words, Han Chengyi was shocked and speechless. In addition, he was also thinking about how credible Hang Zegao’s words were. After all, this is his word.
Seeing that Han Chengyi is worried that Hang Zehao is not impatient, "Don’t believe it? Understandable, you can check it yourself slowly. In fact, you can find that I am close to the truth here. If you are not deliberately guided, you can continue to check it. "
"Tell me what?" Han Chengyi frowned and wondered why Hang Zegao had insisted on this step at this time.
Hang Zegao’s face was dark and his tone was quite nai. "I believe that the truth that an old friend entrusted me … that you are a person with heavy feelings and heavy righteousness is very white. If I don’t tell you, I am afraid that you will make both sides lose in the end. I can’t see this happen."
"So …" Han Chengyi paused. "What do you want me to do?"
Hang Zegao shook his head lightly. "You actually have the answer in your heart. Do you need me to say it?"
Han Chengyi frowned. In fact, suddenly he needed to think about it.
Hang Zegao held the desktop up. "I have to go and get back to Song Guoyi. It’s almost a while before Xuewei picks me up. If I don’t see it, I’ll lose my temper … Hehe … Xuewei’s temper is like me."
When Le Xuewei Han Chengyi’s look softened, she hooked her lips and smiled gently. "Light snow is not irritable, but it is easy to worry."
"Uh-huh. It’s her blessing that you package her like this." Hang Zehao looked at Han Chengyi with satisfaction.
Han Chengyi zheng thin lips moved "that … I …" Some words he didn’t know how to say to Hang Zegao.
Hang Zegao has already understood his meaning. "Hehe … don’t worry, take your time. Things will pass. Xuewei’s mother will be a white woman. It’s hard to be stingy and selfish. It’s always different from men’s ideas. You and Xuewei are a family. I believe that no matter what happens, they will be inseparable, but they will be wronged for the time being. I believe you can handle it."
Han Chengyi was relieved to be affirmed by Hang Zehao, and this encouragement is much needed for him now.
"I’ll see you off"
Hang Zegao waved his hand. "It’s not good to be seen by Xue Wei. Women’s minds are relatively simple and they can’t hold things. You know, it’s good to wait until things are over and your family can be reunited."
"Good, then be careful. I’ll call a taxi for you." Han Chengyi said as he took out his words to call a taxi.
Hang Zegao looked at him and talked openly. It’s all her daughter’s business that the president of the D&S Group can be so careful. As the saying goes,’ Everything is soft and soft.’ Hang Zegao was quite pleased to nod his head and sip his lips and chuckle.
After meeting with Hang Zehao, Han Chengyi was found by Le Xuewei, not something else, but of course the divorce.
Han Chengyi didn’t return to the office because of the news. This time Le Xuewei was talking. When Han Chengyi saw her name flashing on the screen, her mood was a burst of joy. Slide the answer key.
"light snow"

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