Chapter 30 After I care about you

Lazy afternoon, the sun shines on the balcony, which is particularly warm. Ruan Bin found a lazy sofa from the sundries and moved to the balcony, where he sat with his legs crossed and basked in the sun.
"You are willing to put such a good thing in the sundries."
Xia is struggling with the refrigerator. Mom brought her a lot of food. She has to sort it and put it away, so it’s a pity to throw it in the trash can.
"What?" Xia poked her head out to have a look. "Oh, this is because the landlord left my room with one, and the other one took up too much space."
Then Ruan Bin got up and went to her bedroom and moved the other one to the balcony. "Come out to bask in the sun when you are ready."
"Yeah, almost."
In a short time, the summer was all packed up. When I went to the balcony, I saw that this person really enjoyed it. Lazy people were lying on one side of the sofa, one by one, with their legs on their legs.
He took off his coat, and the ceiling just covered his face, and everyone else enjoyed the sunshine bath except his face.
His legs are long, and the balcony is not big. He is lying like this, and his legs are all over the balcony.
"You really fit in here. I can’t bear to bother you."
Ruanbin took her hand with his eyes open and pulled her directly into his arms. He also moved and said, "It’s comfortable to lie together, warmer than my bay window." He sighed, "Alas, it’s not as warm as it is outside."
He went home for a few days, and he didn’t adapt to the heating room again.
Xia was lying in his arms with his face pressed against his chest. He was wearing a sweater, and it looked thick. The wool was stuck but not tied at all.
Section 256
She can hear his strong and powerful heartbeat and feel his calm and even breathing, which is really amazing.
After all these years, she finally has a man beside her besides relatives to lean on and attach to.
Ruan Bin asked softly, "Why don’t you talk and think?"
Xia stretched out his hand and hugged his waist and cocked his head to look at him and said, "That’s what it tastes like to fall in love. Well, it’s not bad. Before I saw my roommate fall in love, I would go out to see my boyfriend. Sometimes I don’t even hesitate to go out on a date in cut class. I don’t understand it."
"What about now?"
"Now I understand that it’s good to be alone in the sun in sunny days. It’s a good feeling to be alone in the sun when I’m away."
Ruanbin held her and pulled her head and kissed her forehead. "Thank you? ?”
"Why do you say thank you inexplicably?"
Ruan Bin thought about it and said seriously, "I made a lot of money when you were with me. I’m not afraid to tell you that many women I’ve experienced before have a good impression, a bad impression and a serious play, but in the end it didn’t work out. The older I get, the less I feel, the more I play. Now I regret being such a jerk."
Xia covered his mouth. "Then don’t say that the past is the past. No one can change what has happened. Just don’t be a jerk after you. I don’t care about your past. I care about your future performance."
"I’ll show you when I’m done." Talking, he suddenly remembered, "By the way, is there any case of your brother? Or can you simply write down the specific situation of your brother?"
"There is a buddy in my capital who grew up playing that kind of special iron. He knows experts in this field in the military hospital. Maybe he can show him your brother’s situation."
Xia said simply, "Can there be hope after all these years?"
"How do you know if you don’t try? Besides, medicine has developed for so many years, and I hope to recover as much as possible without seeking recovery, don’t you think?"
"Well, I’ll ask my dad to look for it. I keep all the previous cases. My brother goes to the physical examination every year. It’s no problem."
Xia Zhengdong had already arrived home and heard Xia say that he soon found Xiaotian cases and sent them one by one. They have never given up over the years.
Knowing that Ruan Bin has returned to Hangzhou, Yang Shen called and invited him to have dinner at home later, and Ruan Bin also said that he would take another person.
Summer is a little embarrassed. After all, it’s the big boss’s house, but Ruan Bin said that they can’t hide things for long. It’s better for others to tell Yang Shen than for them to take the initiative to say so.
So they went to the supermarket to visit the big boss’s house during the Spring Festival. It’s still the first time to go, so they can’t start.
At three o’clock in the afternoon, there are not many people in the supermarket, but there are also many.
Xia sharp-eyed suddenly saw a figure in front, which was very familiar but not sure. She just looked at it twice.
"Is it small?" Someone called her behind her. When she looked back, she turned out to be "Aunt" of her younger sister’s colleague, Fen. She nodded and smiled politely.
A Fen saw Xia Ziran and Ruan Bin beside Xia. She looked at Ruan Bin with a sour tone and said, "No wonder you can’t see that my little family has already been taken. Then why did you let your aunt take us to your house for a blind date? That’s rude of you. You are stepping on two boats and treating our little family as a spare tire."
“? ?” Xia couldn’t speak at the moment. She didn’t know that Aunt Zhang would be independent, and she heard that they urged Aunt to go to her house and Aunt wouldn’t lie to her.
Or Ruan Bin is quick to react. Xia has been to this house with him, and he remembered it as soon as he said, "Hello, aunt, Xia and I are colleagues. Do you have any questions?"
A Fen is dubious. "It’s colleagues who came to the supermarket together and walked so close."
Ruan Bin said with a smile, "The law doesn’t stipulate that colleagues can’t come to the supermarket together. How close is it? Hehe, how far am I from her? It’s one meter away from Fiona Fang."
Afen was speechless when asked. She didn’t believe Ruan Bin had to listen to Xia personally when she first met him. She took Xia’s hand and said, "He is really your colleague."
Xia looked at Ruan Bin Ruan Bin, which was quite natural, without any displeasure. She said awkwardly, "Yes, yes." They were colleagues and didn’t lie.
"Oh, that’s because my aunt misunderstood your aunt and said that your parents won’t let you marry far away. I knew from his accent that it wasn’t people. I misunderstood what I just said and apologized to you."
Xia Yu guang glanced at RuanBin. He had turned around and simply provoked the ceremony.
Afen added, "Aunt Xiao really likes you. I know Xiaocheng likes you, too, but he won’t coax girls. His heart is too dull."
“? ?” What do you mean by saying this?
"Our little family is so focused on the business town that he doesn’t have a good location. He plans to bring the store to Hang Cheng. Did he tell you?"
Xia shook her head. Dong Cheng added her WeChat, but she didn’t pass it.
"This kid is so dull, but it’s only a few days before you meet him. He may want to tell you after he has made a decision. Xiaocheng’s idea is still relatively safe. He is not very good at talking, but he is absolutely reliable in doing things. That’s what finding a husband is all about."
Summer also don’t know what to say except quick.
Afen gushed, "The store can’t be in a hurry. If you want a store, you have to choose the best location. Xiaocheng rented a house near here. We just moved here today and we came to buy some. In the future, he will live in Hang Cheng and you will also be in Hang Cheng. How nice it is for you two to go home together when you are near."
"Aunt" Xia finally couldn’t help but interrupted, "It is impossible for me to talk to Dong Cheng."
"What’s wrong with Xiao Cheng bullying you?"

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