Fenzhong 6 can’s mind is screaming

6 can be stupefied, damn it, when the moon stone is forgotten to take out the ring, I hope it won’t hurt it.
"Master, I have grown up!" The sound in my mind becomes clearer than it is no longer like a baby.
When you hesitate, you can let go of the ring.
A horse-shaped creature, two meters tall and covered with glittering white long hair and wrapped in tricolor flame, appeared in front of 6 Can.
It’s like a giant horse, and it smells like ancient tyranny, but it’s hard to restrain closeness.
"Master!" Shake, shake, body, elegant, hairy, Tianma-like creatures, and human neutral sounds come out of their mouths.
"You are a hooligan!" Can was amazed at how much has changed in these seven years.
"To tell the truth, the name of the master is not so good …" Seeing 6 Can’s gaffes looks like a light teasing in his big eyes as deep as a spring water.
Can a burst of embarrassment to name such a dragon slayer hooligan is really a spoof.
Chapter 25 Xie Gu four heaven revenge
There is another chapter in the evening.
"Baa baa ….." Here, with a wide mouth and tongue, she licked a few affectionate faces.
"You this guy …" 6 can in distress situation stretched out his hand to wipe face saliva.
Big head arched 6 can signal to his back.
Want me to go? "6 can smiled and jumped wide back stroking thick white fluff 6 can a peace of mind, and now I finally have the strength to protect myself in this different world.
The flame of the corpse seemed to surround 6 Can, but it didn’t hurt him at all, and it gave 6 Can a warm enjoyment.
6 Can Cheng jumped up and jumped out of the cave. Although she didn’t have wings, she took off her hooves and flew in the middle with four three-color flames.
It seems that there is some mysterious connection between the food and the process. This time, the food has changed greatly when it entered the emperor’s realm, and the flame in the whole body has changed three colors with the change of the 6 candan field.
For the first time, I enjoyed this kind of flying fun. I was so excited that the mountains and hills gradually became smaller and smaller, and people became as big as ants.
I soar in the blue sky and white clouds
6 Can Yangtian whistling will scare the surrounding clouds away.
Take out a flying sword from the 6-year-old self-acceptance ring. Now he is equivalent to cultivating the flying sword and flying the royal sword. After all, this is too eye-catching
This flying sword is 6 Can’s sword name, which was found in the process of killing the practitioners in three continents and six islands. It is a psychic sword that is not inferior to Jin Shangxue’s small golden sword.
The operation of the real yuan anger Lei Jian slowly shrinks in the palm of your hand, and finally it is refined into the body by 6 cans. The three colors of the real yuan contain thunder and anger, and Lei Jian complement each other. The original light blue sword body becomes a rich dark blue sword body, and the blue light flashes slightly in the abdomen, full of spirituality.
Jumping from the body and spitting out anger, Lei Jian 6 can pedal to fly the sword and fly.
Modern people who have never dreamed of martial arts have done martial arts by themselves, and now Yu Jianling has completed the dream of sword fairy flying sword.
Disgruntled eyes exude doubts. Does that broken flying sword have its own back? How come the master would rather have the imperial sword than carry it on his back?
"I said, hooligan, you are so old, but you can’t be a lamb!" In a good mood 6 can teasing way
"I like … don’t care about shook his head to 6 can sound track.
"Ha-ha strange guy" 6 Can is not paying attention to it. Looking ahead, the flying degree of this royal sword is too high, which is several times faster than the fighters’ flying skill.
In this short time, 6 Chan and Cheng have come to the Wangs.
Behind the Wangs’ big house, a piece of land exploded with a violent impact, and the strong breath made the half-school 6 can feel it.
Looking at it intently, it was seven people fighting together, not stirring up great anger.
"Who dares to make trouble at the Wangs?" 6 can a burst of doubt slowly fly sword.
Just as he fell, the people in the chaos fought each other and jumped out of the war circle and looked up at the middle 6 cans and bowls.
It is a wonder that a wild animal with a flaming body and a heroic young man in a white suit with a royal sword are in Qianlong University 6.
Hidden Dragon Big 6 is a warrior who flies with a heavenly royal sword, so the skill of the practitioner is very rare. Moreover, although the young royal sword is the emperor’s territory, the whole body is strange and colorful, and it is as fierce as an ancient fierce beast.
"The noodles are six masters!" Di lai Wang Dun Lao ye yin
"It is the younger generation!" 6 can hurriedly closed fly sword fell to the ground.
Lift up your eyes and look at the four Wangs, and there are four healthy-spirited Xie Jia, an old man dressed up.

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