? Section two hundred and seventy-one Dragon Stab Three Needles ()

The control of Gu Sheng’s twisted finger joint has been out of control, but he still insists on holding out three fingers, which raise Gu Sheng’s legs high and support his body with the other hand. It is also considered that he is up. He is speechless, and his teeth are clenched to stop himself from coming out. He has found it increasingly difficult to control himself. Everything is supported by firm will! May the immortal emperor still smile like that and look so cruel, but he also bit his lips tight. At this time, he knew that he should stick to it with Gusheng and never ask for forgiveness from the immortal emperor again. May the immortal emperor gently click his finger and the last dragon needle fly out of Gusheng and fall down. May the immortal emperor shrink into a ball and Gusheng’s eyes are cold. "Who dares to be with me is this field! You, you will be fine if you don’t come to my country from now on, no matter who wants to be with me, it’s the same result! " With a wave of his hand, he didn’t wait for the personal injunction to eliminate everything. He shouted, "Go away with this cripple!" Three dragon needles. From now on, he can live in pain and need help to raise his hand. This is more satisfying than death. Hum! " I didn’t rush to Gusheng’s side quickly. "Gusheng, how are you?" Gu Sheng didn’t respond. He has fallen into a deep confusion. Even in the confusion, his body twitched from time to time. Every irregular twitch made him mercilessly pull one!
I never hate anyone who doesn’t look up this time, but his eyes are full of hatred. He stares at the immortal emperor and says, "Kill me. If I don’t die, I will kill you one day. No matter what obstacles there are, no matter how powerful the enemy is to protect you, even if the whole celestial world thinks I am wrong, I will kill you!" May the Immortal Emperor have a chill in his heart, but he will soon disdain a smile and drive away the strangeness with it. Should he feel "I don’t kill you? I’ve lived for tens of thousands of years, and I’m already impatient. If you can kill me, it will be a surprise for the whole celestial world …" Gu Xi sighed, "I want a younger generation to rescue us. This is the last time we call you the Sword Sect. Although it is a small sect, it can’t bend today’s sword Sect." May the immortal emperor burst into laughter. "Ha, ha, ha ….. a small sword sect still dares to threaten me. Well, I won’t kill any of you today. I will be interesting to see that you will be like my enemy in the future-the mayfly shakes the tree! You are just a group of ants in the celestial world, and you think that our enemy is really high above the immortal emperor. I let you go today and show you what immortal emperor power is! " Did not stop talking, picked up Gusheng and left without saying a word.
The sable in the iron gate prison has been thinking about it day and night, looking forward to it. A group of people rushed into the waterside pavilion in a hurry. When the sable ran out, it saw at first sight that the skin was brown and brown, the hair was dry and the body was huddled, and the eyes were closed and unconscious. "What happened? How did this happen!" Sable cried before she finished shouting. She rushed to hug Gu Sheng and asked, "What’s going on? What’s going on?" Not heavy said, "Don’t talk so much, get better!" Sable also knew that she couldn’t delay swallowing her tears, so she quickly carried Gu Sheng to the bed. Two people, seven hands and seven feet, called out a bunch of elixirs to feed Gu Sheng to Shouyu, but she didn’t see any improvement in Gu Sheng. Sable threw herself into Gu Sheng’s body in despair and cried. Chunyu came here again. "What’s the matter? I heard that Gu Fu Prison was injured?" Chen Bing quickly said, "It’s an adult who was badly hurt." Chunyu came to the bed and looked at it again. He reached out and brushed Gu Sheng’s wrist. A fairy sent three dragon needles and hit him back hard. Chunyu shook his arm and escaped from Gu Sheng’s wrist in surprise. "What’s so amazing?"
"May the immortal dragon prick the needle!" I didn’t control my emotions and inadvertently pressed my voice very low. "What a dragon needle!" Chunyu was shocked again. "Who is so vicious?" The predecessors of the Sword Sect first came to the celestial world, but it was only three thousand years, and the road was much deeper than theirs. They didn’t know that the dragon pricker was pure, but they knew that "this dragon pricker is more precious than it must be. The dragon pricker must cooperate with the keel and the dragon tendon to grind it into powder, and seventy-two poisons should be added in the process of needle formation. Although the poison mixing delayed the poison" sex ",it was even more stubborn. The pain of people in Buron’s pricker" shooting "would be even longer! Although this thing is extremely poisonous, few people can make it. After all, the raw materials are too precious, and the 72 poisons are hard to make up. Who has offended the ancient brothers to stab him? " Without a sigh, "May the immortal emperor!" Chunyu paused again. "It’s him." He didn’t feel surprised, but everyone was in a heavy heart and no one noticed his expression.
At the same time, the sable asked, "Is there any way to save Lord Chunyu’s dragon needle?" Chunyu’s face looked hard again, but Nai shook his head and Sable was disappointed and couldn’t help crying, "Can’t we just look at Gusheng and do nothing?" Did not suddenly say, "there is another person who can save him!" " "who?" "Know-it-all!" Sable, they all don’t know who this person is. They didn’t say, "You believe me to let me take Gu Sheng away. You are all here. He won’t appear." Sable is reluctant to take Gu Sheng. "But how can we trust you to take him away alone like this …" Without gently pushing her back, Gu Sheng left silently.
Just out of the iron grating prison, there came a sigh "You really" touched "the old man’s grasp of sex". Yan Fu’s green donkey is just as fast as flying in the stars, but his eyes are red. "Wan, know-it-all, please help him. Gu Sheng is dying." Yan Fu sighed. Is it true that our fate can’t be cracked? It’s easy to protect him from these disasters!
He looked at Gu Sheng and said faintly, "It’s not that I don’t save everything, but I have to rely on himself-he can save himself." He didn’t beg again, "Elder, you must help him!" Yan Fudao: "Don’t worry, he won’t die this time. If he dies, many people won’t promise. Don’t worry, but this time he really wants to save himself …" Not to mention that Yan Fu gave a hand. "Don’t worry, don’t worry …" He said that he disappeared without looking far away, and a little star flashed.
Nai Hao carried Gu Sheng back to the sable and asked, "How is it?" I didn’t nod. "I found the man, but …" He frowned and the sable thumped in his heart. "What’s the matter? He can’t save Gusheng?" He didn’t shake his head. "He said he wanted Gu Sheng to save himself this time and told us not to worry …" "What nonsense is this!" Sable was furious. "How can Gu Sheng save himself after this? Let us rest assured that he is not talking about it! " Sable doesn’t know who to get angry at, pointing to the sky, a big fight, and finally a strong worry came to her. She cried in a corner where Gu Sheng was holding her arms, but she didn’t look at her with all the elders and couldn’t say it.
It’s another night when the sable has been waiting in front of the bed for three whole days and nights without eating or drinking. It’s so silly to look at Gusheng. When they just met, the sable didn’t dare and didn’t have the opportunity to look at Gusheng like this. At that time, "shooting" Wushan left her a memory to see that all the people were indifferent winners, princes and losers, and the strength meant justice. At that time, Gusheng made her feel special, but the feelings were so vague to her. A concept "shooting" Wushan left her memory with almost everything. It doesn’t contain such a thing. She wouldn’t easily agree to Gu Sheng’s condition and be willing to marry Zhu Zhao. However, after revenge, the fascination and emptiness changed her opinion a little bit and bit by bit, and she threw away the burden of shooting Wushan. She was still a happy sable in the celestial world. This happiness came from Gu Sheng, but now her source of happiness is exhausted day by day, and it is hard for outsiders to appreciate it!
Sable gawked at Gu Sheng’s tears and unconsciously stayed for three days, or did this kind of self-help and despair? Suddenly, she felt that something was wrong with Gu Sheng’s body. Sable was pleasantly surprised. Is Gu Sheng’s injury really "colored" as the mysterious figure said? Can Gu Sheng save himself? But soon she was disappointed again. After careful examination, she found that Gusheng was still in the same state of paralysis, and the fairy god did not know where to go. However, just when she was disappointed again, Gusheng suddenly drilled a faucet, and then the whole dragon swam out. The sable knew that this was Gusheng’s spirit beast pupil. No one around the sable saw that the pupil suddenly had a confidante and said to him in tears, "Pupil, you can come out by yourself now. Gusheng is dying. I can’t help it." I really didn’t. I really wanted to save him, but I couldn’t help it. Come and see him. Maybe … "Sable couldn’t bear to say that his protege didn’t like Sable when he was overseas. It was because he felt that the Sable was hiding something fishy in Wushan. The dark power made it uncomfortable. Now, of course, there is no such scruples. The protege doesn’t hold grudges. It took a long time to look at Sable and then he made up his mind that it suddenly roared from the original half-foot length to a dragon and earned a broken house. I don’t know why it looked at its protege so inexplicably. It took a breath of Gu Sheng and flew to the sky. The sable saw that the protege was going to eat Gu Sheng and exclaimed, "What are you doing?"The protege didn’t stop. No matter how many times the sable "shot" a purple light into the sky, it went straight to the pupil’s eyes and went to the pupil’s head slightly. The sable attack slammed into its ear. Thick Long Lin resisted most of the strength, but the protege still had a buzzing "chaos" in his ear. He swallowed the ancient rise with a mouthful of uncomfortable feeling.
Wei also came here. He asked the sable, "How did his protege get out of Gusheng?" The sable pointed to his protege and said, "Gusheng has been eaten by him. Let’s save him!" Did not hold the sable more calmly than she did. "Don’t worry, I believe that my protege won’t hurt Gusheng. Let’s see first." The sable doesn’t believe in struggling. "How can I see …" At this moment, the protege of Tianzhong suddenly issued an extremely painful horn, followed by a black light around its body like a black spear stabbing at its protege’s body. The protege repeatedly screamed with pain, and it was much bigger than its body, and soon it was as short as a python’s surprise. No, I’m not sure, but he speculated that "you may be wrong about your protege. It seems to be trying to save Gusheng" "But it swallowed Gusheng …" The fairy Lord suddenly appeared. "The dragon is really saving him. There is a special magic called’ Nine-turn Dragon Fetus’, which can recover quickly regardless of multiple injuries …" The arrogant day shook his head and didn’t say that he didn’t stare at the sable for a moment, but he didn’t realize that it was arrogant.
Finally, the wind and rain in the sky gradually stopped, and the darkness outside the pupil’s body slowly disappeared. The pupil seemed to be tired and spit out the ancient rise. Its body gradually shrank into a small snake. The pupil was listless and did not go over and hold it up. "We all thank you!" The pupil’s eyes were wandering and his spirit was weak. He didn’t feel something was wrong. There came a sound "Ah …" The sable rejoiced and called "Gusheng, you are awake!"
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section 210 Buddha Golden Millet ()
? Section two hundred and seventy-two Buddha golden millet ()
Gusheng rolled over and sat up with a calm expression. However, the sable’s excitement did not last. Without holding a huddled protege, Gusheng came over and took the protege and was surprised. "What is this?" The arrogant sky appeared beside him. "It saved you in nine turns, but the dragon needle was refined and the seventy-two poisons were left in it …" "Ah!" Everyone was deeply moved. I didn’t expect the protege to give his life to the savior Gu Sheng and constantly caress "touch" his protege’s neck and dragon horn. He had never received such caress. He narrowed his eyes and lay lazily in Gu Sheng’s arms without looking at it. A burst of worrying sable tears pattered and fell to the enemy. Now he even shed tears. Gu Sheng asked the arrogant day, "Is it dangerous for the fairy master’s adult protege?" Jiaotian shook his head. "There’s nothing dangerous, but it’s now completely degraded to the original level because of toxins." Gusheng looked at it, didn’t he? His protege lost all those marks. It really turned into a golden dragon. Gusheng asked anxiously, "I can’t let it become like this because of me. What can help his protege detoxify?" Jiaotian shook his head. "Unless you go to the Holy Fairy Emperor for help, we don’t know which seventy-two poisons are. It may be self-defeating to make a mistake blindly!" Gu Sheng still holds a glimmer of hope. "Don’t you have eyes of all worlds? Please help me to have a look …" Jiao Tian shook his head and some Nai said, "I can see this kind of thing, but there are many poisons that look no different. In fact, there is a big gap in poison" sex "…" He shook his head and didn’t say that he would go to Gu Sheng for a while, but he didn’t expect to be hateful. ""Adult really have no other way? May the immortal emperor be so hateful that he will never give us the antidote. Think again. You are the Lord of the celestial world and there must be a way! "
There was a sudden flash of light when the arrogant day rang. "There is really such a way, but …" He stopped talking, but several people were already impatient. "But tell me quickly, no matter how difficult it is, we must save our protege!" Jiaotian smiled, "There is no danger, but it is very difficult to get it." "What is it?" The arrogant heaven said, "In the Buddhist world, the Buddha has a bag of golden millet that can cure all kinds of poisons. If you get a golden millet, you can solve the poison." Gu Sheng was overjoyed. "Where is the Buddhist world? Please let me go quickly!" Jiaotian waved his hand. "It’s not that simple. I didn’t tell you that although there are no dangers and difficulties, the former Buddhist world and the celestial world are very connected. But later, someone plotted to unify the two worlds of Buddha and didn’t want to get involved in these things. Therefore, the two worlds were closed. However, the Buddha didn’t really seal the alliance, but set a triple test. People can pass this triple test and enter the Buddhist world." Gu Sheng said, "So if you enter the Buddhist world, will you be able to see the Buddha and win the golden millet?" Pride day laughed "which have so simple? There are countless scenic spots on the vast edge of the Buddha world, such as the Ganges River. It is not certain whether you can find the Buddha Lingtai Mountain or not. "Gu Sheng asked," Why are there so many twists and turns? " "Even if you meet the Buddha and pay attention to fate, you can’t see it if the golden millet is in front of you." Gu Sheng said firmly, "I will try anyway!" Jiaotian Hehe smiled. "It’s very good for you to have this courage. Go, but you should be careful that there are evil immortals and buddhas. Be careful all the way!" Gu Sheng didn’t understand that since Qing Xiao had never practiced Buddhism in those days, he could become a Buddha with one heart and one mind, and there were evil Buddhas in the Buddhist world."Adults can’t make a mistake, can they? There are evil buddhas in the Buddhist world?" Arrogant Heaven "It seems that you still don’t understand what I mean. Buddhists pay attention to good karma and evil karma-evil buddhas are evil karma." Gu Sheng half understands it, but at least he knows one thing, and the Buddhist community is uneasy-where can there be an absolute place?
Gu Sheng handed over his protege to Wei. "I’ll leave my protege here first to wipe out the righteous people of Emperor Zhao Shengxian, so you and your predecessors can do it." He took out the ring that Jiao Tian gave him once and handed it to Wei. "There is a bundle of fairy ropes in it, so you can give it to everyone. If the rebels shoot, they will not be pursued." Gu Sheng didn’t take it. "Don’t worry, give it to me." Gu Sheng turned to Jiao Tian and said, "Where is the entrance to the adult Buddhist world?"
Proud day ha ha a smile "you are not white? It’s predestined friends-if you are predestined friends, there are all entrances. If you spend your whole life, you can’t find the entrance. "Gu Sheng seems a little white. He nodded slightly." When the arrogant day reached out and brushed the surrounding scenery, it changed. "Gu Sheng’s good thoughts make good connections. You must remember that if you want to keep good thoughts in your heart, you will be able to enter the Buddhist world …" Gu Sheng also disappeared without a word. He found himself high in the world. A miserable person was listening to a strange ear. Gusheng was about to look back and see that the brain process was hit by a heavy blow. "Om" in the ear experienced a lot of "fans" illusion at the moment, and he found himself suddenly shrinking into a ball with a vague consciousness. His limbs didn’t work, so he was surprised and immediately found that he had no limbs at the moment and was an embryo! I suddenly remembered the rebuke I had just heard-did I really have been reborn at the moment?
It’s very unpleasant to be narrow and unable to move around, but I’m growing up slowly and narrower. I’m suffering from the heat in the womb, and my body is very painful. Unconsciously, my body is gradually born and the world suddenly emerges from the mother. The cold air and hot air take turns blowing my skin when I was born. The wind is as painful as a knife! Gusheng burst into tears unconsciously, but it was a burst of laughter around him that made him feel strange that he was born so bitter but could bring such joy to others. Gusheng stopped crying. Since his birth can bring such happiness to others, what’s the point?
How many demons the Buddha is reading is that the Buddha changes from Buddha to magic, so can the magic also become Buddha?
Gusheng gradually grew up, and after years, he gradually realized that it was unfortunate and fortunate to grow up in a rich family-few people think so. He was handsome and intelligent since he was a child, and he was able to "sing" poems and paintings when he was three years old and proficient in Tang poetry at the age of five. The 20-year-old high school won the second place and was recruited by the current emperor. The future is limitless! The scenery was good for 30 years. When people reached middle age, the country rebelled against the "chaos". At one time, the country was ruined, and their wives were killed. They were chased by rebels for thousands of miles. They were exhausted by hunger and illness, and one day they fell ill in a broken temple.
The pursuer was caught in the wind and the first general was an old friend who couldn’t bear to kill him and let him escape, but he knew that the ancients would be killed if he took his head. He laughed miserably and killed himself! At this moment, he suddenly remembered himself. past lives knew who he really was, and there was a golden dress all around him. The door was knocked in front of him to block a gold man and asked, "The world has gone in a hurry for more than 30 years. Do you have any experience?" Gu Sheng was dazed for a moment and said slowly, "Life, sickness, death and suffering are just a short moment. Life is fleeting for thousands of years, and suffering is sweet and savory." Body odor? " The golden man smiled in the middle and slowly retreated. "There are four hardships in life, but seven difficulties in life are that you have a Buddha’s" sex "in your life, and my Buddha is destined to come in …"
Gusheng tidying instrument stepped into Jinmen
The scenery behind the door changed, and the golden Buddha saw a black mountain winding until it reached the top of the mountain. It is strange that the fairy Lord once said that there are many wonderful places in the Buddhist world. I wonder what this wonderful place is? He walked along the mountain road and saw the place where he could leap, but it happened that the mountain road had to go around several big circles, and the ancient rise gradually became impatient. However, since it was a place where people had a road, it was necessary for people to follow this road. He still endured the "sex" step by step and walked to the middle of the mountain. The mountain road actually circled around the peak several times before reaching the top of the mountain. I wonder if people had built this road so much? He stopped and decided to go according to his own way. He headed straight for the top of the mountain, and it didn’t take a moment to reach the top of the mountain. Looking back, he didn’t leave any traces. If others came here, they were afraid to walk along the original road. Gusheng split a new road on the mountain with a wave of light, which was the road he had just walked.
There was a burst of laughter around me. "Hehe … the donor Buddha has a profound nature, and he will be my Buddha in the future." Gu Sheng looked back and walked slowly along the original road. An old monk was holding a string of rosary beads as bright as his head. Gu Sheng quickly saluted. "Master, where is the Buddha?" The old monk ha ha smiled. "Seven of the ten people who came to my mountain were following the original road, and three of them found a new way by themselves. I’m afraid that one of these three people will leave a shortcut for future generations." Gusheng laughed. "It’s just a matter of lifting one’s hand …" The old monk said that Gusheng was praised by him, and he was a little embarrassed to see that he didn’t answer his question just now. "Where is the master Buddha?" "Are you looking for the Buddha?" The old monk Dao Gusheng nodded. "It’s good to have something important for him." "Since you have something important, don’t let him come to you?" Gusheng is stupefied. This old monk’s words seem to be of great significance, but now he can’t understand the old monk. Hehe smiled and said, "Shortcut-the old monk has a high status in the Buddhist world. If you kill me, the Buddha will come to you. This is also a shortcut." Gusheng was shocked and waved his hand again and again. "If this makes this shortcut a must!" The old monk asked, "What do you want with Buddha?" Gu Sheng replied, "Ask for a golden millet." "Do you want a golden millet to detoxify?" "Yes, it is to save a friend’s life." The old monk smiled. "If you save a life, you have no regrets about killing a monk-there is nothing wrong with you killing and saving lives?"There seems to be another truth in the words of the old monk Gusheng, but he is so open-minded and Gusheng can’t accept "how can you kill and save people!" The old monk smiled slightly. "Why not?" "but?" Gusheng was "forced" by him to be anxious and asked irrationally.
The old monk was stunned. "Yes, yes, yes?" His eyebrows a wrinkly unexpectedly a "fan" mang kill people to save lives in the end? Gu Sheng felt that it was impossible to break off. "But what if you kill a wicked man and save a good man?" Gu Sheng said, "Yes!" The old monk ha ha smiled. "It seems that you are still in favor of killing and saving lives …" Gu Sheng said, "I don’t have the Buddha’s sex to kill myself and save lives as a master can kill the wicked and save lives." The old monk smiled. "Don’t worry, you will."
Gu Sheng bowed and asked, "Please tell the master where the Buddha is?" The old monk narrowed his eyes. "What do you say?" When the old monk finished this sentence, he ignored Gu Sheng and turned slowly along the long road. Gu Sheng chased after him and called two "Hello, Hello Master …" He chased a few steps, but he couldn’t catch up with Gu Sheng. He knew that this was a wonderful place for the old monk, so he couldn’t catch up here. He couldn’t help but shake his head. "This is strange for these Buddhas."
The old monk disappeared in Gusheng Mountain and suddenly found that there was a small temple on the mountainside. He strolled to the door of the small temple. The tattered door shaft had rotted away. Gusheng reached out and pushed "Mao". An old wooden door collapsed. A tattered monk jumped out and grabbed Gusheng. "Come with me!" "accompany the door?" Gu Sheng froze and turned out a door "back to you". The monk smiled and threw Gu Sheng to install his new door, only to find that the size of the door was not appropriate. The monk suddenly refused to "no, no, it is not appropriate to accompany this door again." Gu Sheng wondered how it would be inappropriate for him to watch the size change. He carefully looked at it again and conjured up a new door. The monk tried it again and again, but it was still not appropriate. He came to Gusheng several times and was a little annoyed. "You monk are very difficult. Your broken door has long been broken. It is not enough to accompany you!"
"Although my door is broken, it fits you. Although it is good, it can’t be installed. How can I be difficult?" Gusheng listened to his words, and his heart seemed to turn white.
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section 219 Buddha Golden Millet ()
? Section two hundred and seventy-three Buddha golden millet ()
The tattered monk lifted his tattered wooden door. "That’s all, monk. Let’s go by myself." Gu Sheng bowed and asked, "Where is the master Buddha?" The monk hey hey smiled funny, pointing to his nose, "Buddha? A monk is a Buddha. Do you look like it? " GuSheng leng immediately laughed "meet the right person monk you nature is the Buddha" poor monk laughed and jumped to clap GuSheng shoulder and said "good, good, good! You’re a funny man. You’re right. Monk, I’m a Buddha, too. Haha … "Seeing him dancing and jumping into a side door next to him, Gusheng shook his head and looked at the ruined temple. The statues of the Buddha were all ruined, and there were no arhats around him. I still lacked arms and legs. Gusheng bowed down and worshipped twice." You are my Buddha. Where is the golden millet? "
No one answered him. Gu Sheng looked at the monk’s disappearance, and the side door followed him. When he entered the door, he took the lead. xizhang hit Gu Sheng and dodged in the past. On one side, an evil fat monk rushed out. He "exposed" his left shoulder and held a thick mord and shouted, "You can’t get out alive if you break into the temple and cause death!" Ancient litres of laughs "caused the death of the temple? Will all those who enter this temple die in vain? " The monk said, "People who enter this temple will die in vain-what is called a temple of death in vain!" "What is this truth?" Gusheng laughed and the monk shook his hand and his mord turned red. "Monks build temples and make rules!" Gu Sheng couldn’t understand, "Monk, you Buddhists pay attention to purdue sentient beings. How can you kill the koo?" "Hum monk is also another person who died in vain!" The mord rose in the sky with a red light, and Gu Sheng’s figure fell back behind him. It should be the door he came in, but only to find that "bang" hit a wall with his back. Gu Sheng was surprised to look back and see if it was a white wall. Monk ha ha a laugh "into the temple in vain to live again! You just accept your fate ….. "The red light of the mord has reached the top of your head. Gusheng angrily drank a magic knife and saw a black light flash across Gusheng’s head and drew a cross. The red light was torn by this black light like silk. Gusheng rose from the crack and the magic knife unfolded." Break! "
The mord suddenly lit up with a little black star, and then "hiss", a long and narrow mord was pulled, and it crashed into two pieces and fell to the ground. The monk suddenly lost his mord and panicked. "Great!" He pulled a piece of cassock and shook it, and it suddenly expanded into a red cloud, which wrapped the ancient rise in it, and it was a magical knife. At this time, it was more powerful than "hissing …" Several layers of cassock were broken, and finally a gap was made. From the gap, the ancient rise just happened to see the monk get into a Buddha statue and hide in the ancient rise.
He chopped out the Buddha statue in the middle with a knife, but a soft force blocked Gu Sheng’s magic knife. Gu Sheng watched the evil monk sneak out of the Buddha statue and slipped into a wooden fish. Gu Sheng struggled to draw his knife, but it was embedded in the Buddha statue and could not move. Gu Sheng angered, "Since you are a Buddha, you will protect this wicked man!" The Buddha statue rose in golden light. "Buddha has sheltered all beings. How can I have the heart to let you kill him?" Gu Sheng asked. "These wicked people will be blessed!" "You see that he is a wicked man now, but how do you know that he will not be a living Buddha in 500 years?" Gu Sheng doesn’t believe that "how many people will be killed by him in the past 500 years!" "but in 500 years, the number of people who will receive his purdue will far exceed this number!" Gu Sheng still doesn’t believe that "you are just protecting your brother, so is the Buddha!" The Buddha statue actually "exposed" a smile "Oh? Didn’t you come to me? Don’t you want a golden millet? Then I’ll exchange a golden millet for this man’s "sex" life to save one person and kill another. If you save someone, you can kill the wicked. What do you think? "
Gusheng suddenly realized that he had to throw away his magic sword and kneel on the ground. "Thank you, Buddha, for teaching Xiaobai! It is better to kill a wicked man than to cross a wicked man; Saving one person is better than saving one and saving tens of thousands of people! " The Buddha statue shines brightly, and the Buddha’s voice rings again. "Yes, yes, you can have this insight. It’s a pity that although you have a Buddha’s heart, the Buddha’s fate is not ours. Take the golden millet and go quickly. We will meet again in the future!" The golden light gradually converged, and there was a crack in the eyebrows of the Buddha statue. A golden "color" millet slowly flew to Gusheng Gusheng. Raise your hands and carefully hold them in your hands. The golden light cleared. Gusheng found that he was still kneeling in the prison of the shackles of the mountains. The room never left!
He is alone in the room. Gu Sheng quickly got up and shouted with Jin Su, "Somebody! Come! " Chen Bing in a flurry don’t know where to come up "adult! It’s you, you’re back! " Chen Bing was overjoyed and shouted, "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come back, come back!" Gusheng took Chen Bing. "What are you so happy to do? How long have I been there?" Chen Bing’s eyes turned red. "My Lord, you don’t know that you have been gone for thirty years!" Gu Sheng was surprised to recall his incredible experience and asked, "Is it really thirty years?" "More than that, it should be thirty-three years!" Gu Sheng recalled that he had lived in that card until he was thirty-three years old before he poisoned himself. He couldn’t help but smile. What a dream!
Not and sable rushed in. When they saw Gusheng, they were too excited to hold him. Gusheng was suddenly embarrassed!
Gu Sheng asked, "Is everything all right when I’m not here?" Didn’t nod "Don’t worry, everything is fine. My granduncle and I have set up our department initially and recruited many new people. The Dark House has not been separated from the iron grating prison yet, just waiting for you to come back." Didn’t look at the sable mouth "dew" and gave a weak smile. "It’s really a long time for you to go here. If the fairy Lord hadn’t told us that the Buddhist world was poor for 30 years, we might have really despaired of you in an instant …" He smiled and didn’t say anything about going to Gusheng with a sigh. I finally found this golden millet when I was born. I didn’t say that my protege has been taking care of the sable by Mohua. Go and find them. The sable won’t come to Gusheng. I won’t go. It doesn’t seem that there is some white wry smile. Well, I will go. He just went out to take care of his interest and came in. Gusheng quickly dumped the sable and saluted Gu Xi. Granduncle! The sable was suddenly thrown to the ground and cried "ouch!" A look back to see Gu Xi was also a little embarrassed "granduncle, you’re here …" Gu Xi walked over and said "No, no, you young people don’t do it for thirty years at first, so it should be"
Gu Xi said to Gu Sheng, "Gu Sheng, I always said that Jiuxian and I were not wrong about you in those days. When you came to the celestial world, our Sword Sect’s status was also high, but there was really nothing we could do with this group of old things. Before you young people came, we came to help because you didn’t have manpower. Now that the dark army is stronger than Ma Zhuang, we old guys are still here, so we are not available. Besides, we can’t let people say that we have one sword Sect to win the battle, right? It’s really inappropriate to see that all our Sword Sect members are arranged in your dark house. When you come back, we’re going to leave. "Gu Sheng knew that what he said was reasonable and he didn’t want to stay." Where do you want to go, granduncle? " Gu Xi said, "We can’t go back to the mountain gate where the immortal emperor lived. We have seen some places elsewhere in recent years, but there is a favorite planet." Gusheng quickly asked, "Where is it?" "Wendaxing is not far from judging my official." Gu Xi said, "Where is quiet and the environment is good?" Gu Sheng said, "That’s good. My horse moved the dark house to Wendaxing." Gu Xi said, "No, you just have to come and see me, an old guy." Gu Sheng insisted on moving. "Anyway, we will leave the shackles mountain sooner or later …"
Just then, Mo Hua came back with his protege in his arms. When he saw Gu Sheng, Mo Hua said happily, "Brother Gu Sheng, you are back!" Gu Sheng smiled. "I haven’t seen Mo Hua’s sister for so long. She is getting more and more beautiful. How about anyone pursuing you?" Mo Hua blushed and was embarrassed to speak without coughing. He squatted on Gu Sheng’s ear and wrote, "Chunyu and his wife completely fell out again …" Gu Sheng was a little white and quickly stopped talking about it. He hugged his protege and patted his head. "Open your mouth!" The protege is still the same for more than 30 years, and it hasn’t improved. Lazy mouth, Gu Sheng, stuffed the golden millet into it. The protege held her head high, stretched her neck and swallowed it. Suddenly, the room was full of incense, and a golden light "shot" up into the sky, like a lightsaber waving in the middle! In the dim light, Long Lin suddenly became glittering and overjoyed. Yi Long, a pupil, roared and smashed the roof. In the sky, he rolled back to the dragon posture. I have been dormant for 30 years, and now I spit out the shutter, and I am very happy. I have been flying in the sky for a long time and refused to come back. The ancient face "dew" smiled with relief. "Let it play for a while. These days, it has been bitter."
As soon as Gusheng came back, the first thing he did was to move and hurry to "Old Brother, Old Brother ……" Before he entered the door, he shouted that Mo Hua hid in it with a frown. Gusheng saw Mo Hua’s attitude and was confident that "Chun Yu’s adult!" Gusheng walked over and said, "Thank you so much these days. It’s a bit sad to leave!" Chunyu slapped again. "Don’t go if you can’t bear it! I am also very reluctant to part with you! " Gusheng andao, you are reluctant to spend it. This sable is really harmful. How can you get things to this point today? He walked over and said, "This is how not bashful. I’m still here. It’s ridiculous." Chunyu is really anxious this time again. "Are you still blaming your brother for being so difficult? If this is the case, my brother will apologize to you! " He said that this is about to kneel down to Gusheng and hurriedly stopped him. "Don’t, don’t brother, isn’t this killing me?" It’s been more than 30 years since the banquet ended. It’s time to break up! " Gu Shengxin said that you haven’t impressed Mo Hua for more than 30 years. It seems that he is not drunk with your old wine, so it’s better to leave early.
Chunyu has repeatedly dissuaded Gusheng from insisting on leaving Chunyu, and there is no way to watch Iraqis leave Chunyu. One step after another, Chunyu didn’t see Mo Hua laughing. "This Chunyu adult is afraid of suffering from lovesickness in the future!" Gusheng gave sable a hard look. "It’s all your fault!" The sable was a little angry. "How could he be so respectful to you if it wasn’t for me?" Although it is absurd, Gusheng can’t say a word. He can’t shake his head and pack his things. He is increasingly worried that the sable has "determined to win" Gusheng. What should I do when Longhu and Zhu Zhao come?
The sable went back to pack things, and Gusheng sighed and asked, "Why do I feel that something is wrong? We forced the piglet to upgrade his skills in those years, even if the foundation was unstable, he should have soared for 30 or 40 years. Why is there no movement?" Wei said, "Isn’t it the same with dragons and foxes?" Gusheng’s heart thumped. "What’s wrong?" He was so worried that "why don’t we go back?" Gusheng hurriedly covered his mouth "dot! Do you know what the crime is? The fairy Lord knows that we are both going to be sent to the iron gate prison! " Didn’t ask, "What can you do?" Gu Sheng thought about "it’s really not good to ask for arrogance". He didn’t say fairy Lord but called him by his first name. Obviously, he hoped that the fairy Lord would let him go back for a friend’s sake.
"Beg me? Ask me what? " I don’t know when Jiaotian came, which startled Gu Sheng and Wei. Jiaotian walked over and said, "I will always come to see you when you come back, my friend?" A glimmer of hope rose in Gu Sheng’s heart. "This is the case with Jiaotian. Our friends should have soared long ago, but nothing happened." He rubbed his hands and hesitated. Jiaotian nodded. "What do you think?" Gusheng nodded like a chicken pecking rice, looking at the arrogant sky with great expectation!
The fourth volume Fairy Mountain Section two hundred and twentieth Tanjia
? Section two hundred and seventy-four TanGu
The fairy Lord will face a plate. "How can this destroy your own selfish desires and destroy the private boundaries of the celestial world!" " GuSheng and not a disappointment only to find that the arrogant face "color" changed and said with a smile, "But if you are leading the identity world to observe the situation, that’s permissible …" GuSheng was ecstatic and rushed to hold the arrogant day, and a warm hug was so embarrassing that he hurriedly kicked him. GuSheng was happy and didn’t go to the excitement and said, "Thank you! thank you Thank you! " I haven’t seen my old friend Gu Sheng for a long time. I have already missed the disaster and missed the flood of acacia. I finally got a chance to go back to Gu Sheng. I rubbed my hand. It seems that I can’t remember any other words except thank you. I didn’t look envious. I didn’t take the lead and couldn’t go with Gu Sheng. I want to go back to Nanqingyun together. Now it can be a dream. I smiled and asked, "Do you need any assistant when I took the lead?" "Assistant?" Ancient litres of leng yi has not always been slow and didn’t respond to come over. Ancient litres of slouches suddenly turned white. Suddenly my heart felt a surge of emotion and choked up. I didn’t say, "It’s the fairy Lord’s adult, my assistant just didn’t". It’s hard to believe that he looked at the fairy Lord and gave a hand "quasi-play! You go. I, Yu Pei, judge my official, and I will naturally let you go. "I dumped my sleeves and disappeared." This time, even if I give you a gift for your safe return, I will let you have a few days off … "
Gusheng and not excited, even the individual discussed what to bring home. After knowing this, the sable felt depressed and loved to join in the fun. She huddled in the room alone. There was no sound of Gusheng and she was not immersed in the joy of going home. No one found out that the sable was wrong. She asked, "Should we take some elixirs back with her? If they enter the country too slowly, there should be some for them." Gusheng listened to his words so hard. "What do you mean by feeding them? They are not raising livestock." I didn’t know that I had said something wrong and my face turned red. "That’s what I meant. Do you want to bring it for nothing?" Gusheng is hesitant to take the celestial things privately. That’s a felony. It’s the same as a felony. Gusheng takes a risk when he bites his teeth. "Take it carefully and don’t be found out." He didn’t nod. "Don’t worry!" The two of them packed up and drove the bonfire smoke. They went straight to judge the official "boundary gate" and passed the boundary gate to reach the boundary. Of course, this is a formal channel. If you land directly on the planet without permission, the happiest people in Gusheng will be a surname, and when they move away from the shackles, they will have to drag it back for a few days. The most unhappy person should be sable. Not only have I not seen Gusheng for several days, but I still keep thinking that Gusheng is with that person. My heart is suffering like a salted fish in a frying pan turning over and burning on both sides.
Naturally, it’s not difficult to judge my official. that ancient deputy prison lead, who is in full swing, successfully hit the boundary gate, but it’s just a passage for them to smoothly return to their place of live. it’s like a long slide rising and not stepping into that spiral black door. I don’t know how long it took before I felt my body slipping. Suddenly, the familiar plants and mountains and rivers appeared in front of them, and the poor voice of my official fairy sounded in my ear. "It’s time for two adults to go!" Gu Sheng and Wei Na still have time to pay attention to him? A scream ran into the Woods! This happens to be a canyon in Wan Ren Mountain. Two people roared and rushed to a peak. When they looked at the four fields, they already found the position of the double self-peak. "There!" Gu Sheng raised his hand and pointed to "Let’s go quickly". The two men went to blink in the wind, and Shuangfeng suddenly stopped in front of them. "What’s the matter?" Gu Sheng asked without a wry smile and asked, "What’s the matter with you?" Twin peaks, blue fog and aura are still the same beautiful scenery. "Let’s go!" Together, the two men said that they had stepped into the bimodal range.
The plants around him who were responsible for defense were planted by Gu Sheng, who had a deep affection for Gu Sheng in those years. When he came back, no plant attacked Jian Pai Shanmen. It was strange that Zhu Zhaoda was on duty today, but a strange thing happened. The array showed that there was an enemy invasion, but what didn’t defend the enemy plants from attacking? Zhu can’t take care of so much. Now he and Dragon Fox are the pillars of the Sword Sect. The master is closed. Now it’s up to him to let these gangsters know the strength of the younger generation of the Sword Sect! Zhu Zhao went into the sky with a big drink, and Jin Pengjian drew a dazzling golden light and pulled out a golden "color" lotus. Then Zhu Zhao’s figure fell to the plate and sat on the golden "color" lotus that Jin Pengjian turned into. "Do you dare rats to break into the sword school?" At the sight of that fancy appearance, Gu Sheng and Wei knew it was Zhu Zhao. They both smiled at each other and became evil. They saw a black fog and wrapped them up and turned them into two black balls.
In the black sphere, I said angrily, "You are a man-sword sect, from 131 people to 131 people. I don’t know why I don’t know you?" Zhu Zhao was stunned and wondered who this guy was and how he knew so much about the Sword Sect. It turns out that the Sword Sect left without the ancient promotion, which happened to be 131 people. In the past few decades, the head brother ordered that the younger brother be temporarily stopped, so the scale of the Sword Sect did not expand. "Who are you and how do you know so clearly about my Sect?" Come and sign up quickly. Grandpa sat in Jin Jian and hurt you! " Gusheng cursed this little bastard for calling himself "Little Master" and taught him a lesson whatever he said today! Gusheng continued that strange sound and said, "Hum! You are so arrogant, then you can try it! " Zhu Zhao doesn’t save the oil lamp. What’s more, someone is openly provocative? Zhu Zhao shouted angrily, pointing to the two black balls, "Well, today I will let you learn the skills of Sword Sect! Look at the trick! " At least he hasn’t forgotten that he is the right person. He woke up his opponent before he shot.
Jin Pengjian drew a fan in front of him, and then the blade stretched to form a long golden stick, which was stacked with the huge fan in front to form a huge golden tomahawk. Zhu Zhao drank "mountain axe!" Gold "color" axe rose and split China mountain head-on. Gusheng gave a series of dry long smiles as if his throat had been burned by something. I didn’t hear her smile. It’s quite like pretending to be an old devil in my heart. Who let people have experience? But this thing must be known.
Gu Sheng laughed and fell into the black ball "shooting" a thin black line, and the black line caught the axe handle without blowing. The seemingly solid and indestructible axe was broken in the middle, and the axe fell with a clatter. I don’t know where it fell. Zhu Zhao was taken aback. Gu Sheng said that the urn was old-fashioned and said, "If you hit the snake seven inches, you can win with one blow." His tone seems to be like that the elders are teaching the younger generation-Zhu Zhao was his uncle in the past, although in name.
Zhu Zhao, whose axe was destroyed, didn’t give up. He pinched out the magic spell with his hands. Jin Peng Jian Ling jumped like a diving dragon gate, and Zhu Zhao came out with a golden light. He drank "Bai Hong Guan Ri!" Jin Pengjian whizzed with sunlight and shot rapidly. Jin Pengjian’s shock buzzed and vibrated. Gusheng gently drank a mass of black gas and spewed out the black paint, which seemed to be a thin bundle, but eventually stood in front of Jin Pengjian. Although the angle was constantly changing, Jin Pengjian could not break through the black gas to stop the continuous consumption of black gas, and at the same time weakened Jin Pengjian’s strength a little. In the end, Jin Pengjian became a spent force, but Zhu Zhao’s attack was very rewarding. He had already seen the black paint "sex" with a full face of surprise. He quickly knelt in the middle. "I don’t know which elder visited Xiao. Please forgive me for being so offensive just now!" " He is still an unknown predecessor of the Sword Sect, so he hurriedly knelt down.
Gusheng laughed and didn’t take off his disguise together. "Little pig, please pick up your predecessors quickly and don’t blame you!" Zhu Zhao cocked his head. Why is this sound so familiar and calling his nickname? As soon as he looked up, he knelt down and turned out to be Gu Sheng and did not immediately get angry. "You two assholes …" His eyes turned red and he rushed to the three of them and hugged each other tightly!
The strong bodies of three men "bang" together, and the feeling of flesh and blood connection and deep brotherhood can’t be cut off even if they are in different worlds!
"Mom, you finally remember me. Remember to come back and see me!" Zhu Zhao’s dissatisfaction scolded Gu Sheng and didn’t give a wry smile. He said, "The celestial precepts are not allowed to be privately bound. Do you know how many twists and turns we have come back this time? If it weren’t for the fairy Lord’s grace, we wouldn’t be able to come back?" Zhu Zhao was naturally white, but he was so "sexual" that even if he knew it, he would complain.
At this time, a group of people flew in. The first one was a girl. "Is there anything wrong with Uncle Zhu?" Gu Sheng listened to the sound and looked down and turned out to be Fu Shuanghui! I haven’t seen her for decades, but her eyes are still bleak. However, it is this gloom that completely isolates her from this troubled world … Just when Gu Sheng was lost in his gloom, Fu Shuang’s dark nose twitched and his shoulders suddenly shook. "Is it … you?" Gusheng sighed and smiled happily. "It’s me. I’m back to see everyone." Fu Shuanghui suddenly reacted. "Go and inform all the masters that Gusheng is back!" My cousin has already seen the ancient rise. No, she said, a bell has already sounded in the gate of Sword Sect.
That is to call all the younger brothers to ring the bell. Soon, the whole twin peaks are boiling. The younger brothers, uncles and uncles greet each other one by one. The smiling faces are ancient and excited. After seeing each other for decades, the joy is really like a flood. The ancient body is surging with this kind of excitement. In general, there is a hard rock in the emotion. He can’t rest assured that the dragon and fox have never appeared.
The celebration lasted for a long time. In the middle of the night, the talents gradually dispersed. Gu Sheng was a little drunk. Generally, he had been put down by Zhu Zhao. Nan Qingyun helped him to go back. During the day, the lively scene suddenly disappeared. Gu Sheng followed the immortal memory and slowly came to the front of the red gate yard. He pushed the door with a piece of red flowers. Gu Sheng was shocked. This was when he picked those mountain flowers for Dragon Fox. It was a Bomei person who smiled, but only to find that after he left, Dragon Fox planted this mountain flower ivory moonlight red "color" all over the yard.
The faint scent of flowers wafted into his nostrils, silently stimulating his sense of smell and secretly stirring his strings.
Gusheng crossed the flower path and stepped on the steps. The main entrance in the room was a green "color". The futon was white like a snow dragon fox, sitting with his back to the door and his hair drifting away.

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