"Boy, this is not a problem for you …" Broken saber emperor first teased and said, "The strength of the first alien invasion of our fix true boundary is not as good as that of today. It was almost extinct by the ancient immortals who fought against the enemy, but now the ancient battlefield is actually the legacy of the fighting at that time. Now the ancient immortals are rare …"

6 can nodded and smiled slightly and said, "If so, my method will definitely work!" ah
Chapter 27 Mysterious Reading Jade Flower Master
Meng Gu Zhou Meng Gu Shan Zhu Xian Jian Pai Hall
Heart sword statue gave a clap black rain stone desktop suddenly torn apart in Xuan heart sword statue of anger.
"I didn’t expect that little thief to have such a weird avatar! Damn it! Damn it! " The thought of 6 can magically leading the mysterious heart sword and respecting Youzi is lingering.
Although I don’t know what happened at the last moment of the compass world, it is an indisputable fact that 6 can instantly come to Gu Yuran himself
"Brother, I think you and I would have died in the compass world if it hadn’t happened that the weather had changed …" Gu Yuran’s stunned expression when 6 Can was kicked away must have been blocked by 6 Can’s back when he cast some magical power.
Heart sword statue drops a long sigh as if he were instantly old. After many hardships, he has been somewhat disheartened, especially after coming out of the compass world, seeing 6 Canhao’s injury appearance made him lose the fight against 6 Canxin.
"My compass world has been broken, and there is no chance to jointly encircle 6 Can. If we encounter a group battle, our Zhuxian Sword Sect will face a disaster!" Gu Yuran was distressed. Although many fairy wares were picked up when they fell later, such ordinary fairy wares as this one can be compared with the top fairy wares. This time, it was a heavy loss to try the sword alliance ceremony.
"Teacher Yu Ran, now it’s time for us to put the immortal sword sect to death. I also hope that you and I can put aside our differences and make common enemies, otherwise we will really die …" After a moment of silence, Xuan Xin Jian Zun was very sincere in compromising Gu Yuran.
Gu Yuran was stunned when he heard this, and then he looked at his senior brother for a few eyes. He slowly stood up and bowed down and said, "I swear that Gu Yuran will never constrain the senior brother before solving the threat of 6 Can!"
"Yuran the fairy fell seventy percent to fairy were left in the water yunshan mountain peak afraid to get fairy try sword alliance short-term strength will skyrocket! I wonder if the younger brother can have countermeasures? " Xuan heart sword statue nodded slightly and said
"To say that before we killed the Immortal Sword School, there were immortals who were afraid of the 6 Can thief, but since they left, they have never contacted us to be afraid of the celestial beings. We can’t count on it …" Gu Yuran, who has been fighting for more than ten thousand years, didn’t know his brother’s idea until now, and Xuan Xinjian even hid the trace of the Immortal himself.
"Without the help of celestial beings, I’m afraid that even if we unite with our Zhuxian Sword Sect to get close to the first-class sect, it will be difficult to defend against the strange offensive of 6 Canna!" Xuan heart sword statue sighed a headache patted his head.
"Or shall we go to the forbidden area and ask our ancestors to come out?" Gu yuran suddenly moved some excitement in my heart and said
Xuan heart sword statue wry smile unceasingly nai said, "you and I didn’t find them? However, they said that they had left the Zhuxian Sword Sect and would not participate in the Zhuxian Sword Sect. Even if the Zhuxian Sword Sect was destroyed, it would be our grandchildren! " Xuan Xin Jian Zun added in his heart, if I could please my ancestors, I would have let them kill you, an opponent, and you and I would have to compete for the power to kill the immortal sword.
"Seven bullet scattered fairy must be separated from the factions. This regulation is specially set for our level factions! I don’t know how the ancestors thought they would agree to such an absurd thing! " Gu Yuran was furious when he heard that Xuan Xin Jian Zun would finally hope to be dashed.
In the millions of years since Zhu Xianjian Sword Sect moved to Meng Guzhou, there were some surprises. Genius people spent seven days to rob scattered immortals, but after these scattered immortals were in Du Jie, Ma would leave Zhu Xianjian Sword Sect and go to a forbidden area on the edge of three continents and six islands and never be born again.
It’s in the Zhuxian Sword Sect, or there are no seven robberies and scattered immortals in the whole three continents and six islands.
Xuan heart sword statue pain close your eyes 6 can that black eyes constantly emerge in his mind, every time it emerges, it makes this Jiangliu robbery scattered fairy palpitations.
"Report to Elder Tai Louguan Daozong and Huayue Xingzong, please meet …" A Mahayana brother outside the hall respectfully reported back.
"Flower month stars? !” Xuan Xin Jian Zun Gu Yuran at the same time, Huo Ran rose up and spent five months in seclusion, and the strength of the earth was stronger than that of Emperor Huang Zong Wan Buddha Zong without saying, "When did Yin Gui’s old thing go with Hua Yue Xing Zong?" Gu Yuran asked eyes swept to the xuan heart sword.
Xuan Xin Jian Zun shook his head slightly, and he didn’t know anything about this matter. Although Louguan Daozong has always been the same as the Xianjian Sect, this information was obviously deliberately concealed.
Heart sword statue a word please export a magnetic voice rang.
"Xuan Xin, you old thing, I have to report back when I come to see you. Now you are so big!" With the words from the door into two people.
A man dressed in a robe of 20 stars carrying a seven-star sword holding a dusting hand and a white crane walking like a fairy, the subtle starlight in his eyes suddenly flashed in the dust, adding a bit of depth.
The other is a young woman in a white robe, with stars in front and a waning moon behind her. She is ten years old, but she is not beautiful in appearance, but she has a unique charm and temperament, which is unforgettable, and as she is not as good as the flowers in the hall, it seems like a fairy arrival.
"Yin rail, you old thing, I didn’t expect you to get into six robberies so soon!" Xuan heart sword statue affectionate to the old arch hand in the heart is very surprised, you know, more than a hundred years ago, this Yin track was just a five-robbery scattered fairy, but I didn’t expect it to be promoted to the ranks of six-robbery scattered fairy in just a hundred years.
Brother Ran is here just in time. I’d like to introduce you-this is the flower master of Huayuexing Zongnianyu! "Yin rail is affectionately to this xuan heart sword statue and Gu Yuran arch hand and then introduce the side to the young woman for the first time.
Heart sword statue and Gu Yuran horribly ignored it. Although I heard that my brother had already known that there were flowers, moons and stars coming with them, Gu Yuran and Xuan Heart Sword statue inadvertently ignored this woman after they entered the hall.
"Rob scattered fairy ….." Xuan heart sword statue swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty. It is natural that I have survived the robbery and achieved such a special ability to blend in with nature, which makes people ignore her. I didn’t expect this young girl with such an appearance to be a rob scattered fairy.
"I have seen the jade flower master!" Xuan Xin Jian Zun and Gu Yuran did not dare to ask Daqi to bend down and give a gift.
The flower, moon, star and sect have three patriarchs, and the so-called flower master is one of them. The status of the flower patriarch is so high that she deserves a gift from the mysterious sword and Gu Yuran. What’s worse, she is robbing the scattered fairy.
"Shen Xuanxin Gu Yuran Palace has seen you, but it seems that you have forgotten …" The jade flower master smiled like a hundred flowers blooming, which made the master like Xuan Xinjian and Gu Yuran indulge in her smile for a moment.
"Know my name?" Xuan Xin Jian Zun is slightly one leng. You should know that the name Shen Xuanxin was only used before he was the head of the Zhu Xian Jian Sect. Moreover, this jade flower master was really shocked to say that he had seen himself.
"You are away violet sword statue to the fairy! ?” Gu yuran suddenly woke up with a surprise and asked
Xuan Xin Jian Zun smell speech is also an incredible look of ecstasy.
"It’s true that the palace is not a fairy …" The jade flower owner smiled at Gu Yuran with a slight smile. "It’s hard for you to remember the palace, this little guy!"
In Lou Guan Daozong’s stunned eyes, the first person of Zhu Xian Jian School, Xuan Xin Jian Zun, was called the second person, and Gu Yuran both knelt on the ground to pay homage to the gift.
"The younger generation thanks the flower owner for Cheng En!" Xuan heart sword statue Gu Yuran qi qi said
It turned out that more than 60,000 years ago, the genius of the Zhuxian Sword School, Violet Sword Zun, spent seven robberies and scattered immortals. At that time, it was too long. No one said that although Violet Sword Zun quit the Zhuxian Sword School, he did not know that he would go to the forbidden area instead.
So a fairy from the forbidden area came to accept the violet sword statue and went to the forbidden area. At that time, Shen Xuanxin and Gu Yuran were still ignorant of children. That was the day when they worshipped the whole fairy sword school. Unexpectedly, the fairy saw the qualifications of the two children at a glance and planted a dream flower in their bodies. It was with this dream flower that Shen Xuanxin and Gu Yuran were able to enter the fairyland of five robberies in just 60,000 years, and finally helped become a strong man and six robbers scattered immortals in the fairy land.
It can be said that both of them are in the sight of the jade flower master’s words. Without her, Shen Xuanxin and Gu Yuran are just ordinary brothers of Zhu Xianjian School. This benefactor can not worship if he is in sight.
"Get up! If your qualifications are not hard enough, even if I help you, you can achieve today! " Read jade flower robe sleeve with a wave of his hand, two six-robbery scattered immortals have no resistance ability and are held up.
Read the Jade Flower Master’s side Yin Rail. At this time, his mouth is bitter than the original one. He embraced the Flower Moon and the Star Sect. I didn’t expect that the two heads of the Zhuxian Sword Sect had already read the Jade Flower Master 60,000 years ago. I was so proud that I was rubbed a few minutes when I first entered the door.
"Flower Lord, please sit down!" Xuan Xin Jian bowed down and invited the Jade Flower Master, while Gu Yuran personally poured a cup of fairy tea and respectfully put it in front of the Jade Flower Master.
Followed by Yin Rail, two people came in, and the younger brother of Zhuxian Sword was pale and hurriedly quit. Now this scene is too weird. When can I see the three bosses of Pai and Louguan Daozong so humble and respectful, and the people they admire turned out to be girls who are somewhat contemptuous of themselves?
"I don’t know if the flower owner has any advice to ask you to order the younger generation and others to do it …" After greeting, Xuan Xin Jian asked devoutly.
"Have you ever heard that the fairy fell in Shuishan a few days ago?" Although Tankou, the master of reading jade flowers, sounds like a cardamom girl, but his words have unspeakable majesty.
"It is true that the younger generation Yuran was on the scene that day!" Speaking of this, Xuan Xin Jian Zun looked at the opposite Yin Rail curiously, but there was a Taoist priest in Louguan that day. Isn’t it like this that there is no return?
As if knowing the mysterious heart sword statue to question Yin rail with a wry smile and said, "On that day, I went to the audience in Louguan Daozong, and almost none of them escaped from the army, but they have disappeared …"
"there is such a thing!" Xuan Xin Jian’s face was surprised, but he laughed again in his heart. The Taoist Sect of Louguan had already spent a lot of time on the moon and the stars, and it was only at this time that the truth was told that it was really carefree to lose some hands.
"You were at the scene that day? So you know the ancient battlefield map? " Read jade flower Lord’s eyes a bright nasty asked
"Map? The younger generation doesn’t know that the younger generation and others were forced to leave without waiting for the fairy to land in the rain department … "Xuan Xin Jian smiled bitterly. I didn’t expect retribution to be so fast. I just laughed at Yin Rail’s old thing. Now it’s time to lose face.
"You mean that the so-called sword-testing alliance has the strength to drive you and Yuran away?" It’s rare to raise a wave in the calm look of the Jade Flower Master. In her eyes, the scattered fairy with six robberies in three continents, six islands is already the peak. It’s hard to imagine that someone can expel two scattered immortals with six robberies at the same time. "The younger generation is not afraid of shame in front of the Flower Master …" She quickly glanced at Yin Rail and said, "At that time, Yuran and I joined hands and were almost killed by the leader of the Sword Alliance. If it wasn’t for the sudden change, the younger generation would be afraid of not seeing you!"
A just Du Jie people can actually play against two six-bullet scattered immortals. This 6 can should be involved with those bastards of Emperor Huang Zong … "Read the jade flower Lord’s eyes flashing thoughtfully.
"Yes, the Emperor Huang Zong, the Second Sword Emperor and the Buddhist monk 6 Can are brothers!" Xuan heart sword statue hurriedly said
"So the news should be true! Emperor Huang Zong is really a good abacus! " For a moment, the jade flower Lord seems to have sorted out the mess.
"The news released by the Sword Alliance shows the trace of the ancient battlefield, and it is actually going to invite all interested sects from three continents and six islands to participate in the ancient battlefield in half a year!" Read jade flower Lord smiled and said
"Is there such a thing? I’m afraid it’s a trap? " Gu Yuran frown some concerns said
"It’s just a trap and a swinging trap!" Nian Yuhuazhu patted his palm and said, "I don’t know who came up with such a scheme. It’s really high!"
With that, there are dozens of celestial immortals who are hiding in three continents and six islands. The news has been told to Gu Yuran and Xuanxin Sword Zun. Of course, the truth and seal of soaring immortals have been completely concealed. The thing is that four cases of seclusion such as Emperor Huang Zong are hostile to the celestial world.

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