So when he was in the park, he recited a spell and took a breath to the ground. It was a gust of wind, flying sand and stones. It was amazing that the wind was so shocking that those annoying people were so scared that they dared to walk in the street.

In this way, Sun Wucai went straight to the armory of the armory to open the door, and saw that there were several instruments, knives, guns, swords, axes, cymbals, whips, paws, bows, forks and spears. Sun Wucai was so happy to see that he pulled out a handful of hairs and chewed them up and went out to recite a spell called "Change!" Seeing thousands of little monkeys jumping out, moving around and grabbing all five or seven pieces, Sun Wu stepped on the clouds and turned the wind to lead the little monkeys back to Huaguo Mountain.
The monkeys in Huaguo Mountain were playing outside the cave when they heard that a gust of wind sounded and many little monkeys came in the middle. Not long after, Sun Wu also lowered the clouds and collected the clouds, shook his body and collected the hairs, and piled all the weapons in front of the mountain, shouting, "Come and get the weapons!"
When all the monkeys saw it, they realized that everyone came to kowtow and thank you. They all went to grab swords, axes, guns, bows and crossbows, shouting and playing all day.
The next day, Sun Wu gathered a group of monkeys to practice martial arts outside the cave. Suddenly, a little monkey came running hurriedly and shouted, "The king is in trouble!"
Sun Wu heard the words, "Don’t panic, don’t panic. Why don’t you talk about peace and disaster?"
The little monkey replied, "Your Majesty defeated the devil incarnate the day before yesterday and brought in a helper from somewhere, and now he is coming here."
"Ha ha, I take it as a matter, but someone has come to seek revenge. What kind of bird demon pustule wants to come to his helper, and it’s not much better. You can rest assured, your majesty, that I can surely defeat him again now." Sun Wu laughed.
It didn’t take long to see the devil incarnate before and after he came to water curtain cave, and he followed a big fellow with two horns, which looked terrible.
Sun Wu smiled at the devil incarnate and said, "How dare you come here today when you are defeated? I will spare you."
With that, Sun Wu’s fist attacked the devil incarnate.
Seeing Sun Wu’s attack, the big fellow behind the devil incarnate stepped forward and raised his fist to meet Sun Wu.
Sun Wu didn’t say much when he saw this big fellow fighting. As soon as the wind turned, he attacked the big fellow’s chest and went to Hankou Middle Road. A "good" was a straight punch to attack Sun Wu.
"Bang" one or two punches actually collided together in the middle, and Sun Wu felt a great force coming from his arm. Sun Wu stepped back involuntarily to unload this force.
Stop the shape of Sun Wu and look at the big fellow, only to see that the big fellow was also blasted back by his own fist, but there were three or four steps away from the heart. This fellow had great strength.
And the big fellow Sun Wu gave a hard blow, and the in the mind was also surprised that the other party had this late Jin Xian peak repair, but he could and had already stepped into the late Jin Xian and punched himself hard without being injured. Although this blow didn’t make his own efforts, the other party could still push himself back a few steps. It seems that it is necessary to make a good friend with this person.
At this moment, Sun Wu punched again, and the big fellow reached out to hold Sun Wu’s fist and said, "The cave master calmed down and waited for us to come today and was malicious. I wanted to apologize to the cave master the day before yesterday."
Sun Wu and the big fellow punched him in the heart, and he was quite impressed by the smell speech and withdrew his fist. "Why didn’t you say earlier that you had hurt me and that you had come to seek revenge and let me punch you in vain?"
Aside from the devil in the world, I was stunned. I came to seek revenge. How did it become an apology?
"I am the owner of Dali Niu Mowang Cave?" The big fellow told Sun Wudao
"My old grandson is Monkey King Sun Wu!" Sun Wu replied
"The day before yesterday, I didn’t know the depth and offended the cave master. I hope the cave master will forgive me." Niu Mowang pointed to the devil incarnate.
"It’s okay to say that I’m not that stingy, so let it go." Sun Wu laughed.
"It’s still a brother who knows the old cow and thinks you’re a friend!" Niu Mowang laughed.
"Niu Ge’s welcome. Let’s go to my cave and have fun." Sun Wudao said.
So Sun Wu and Niu Mowang went to water curtain cave with a depressed face.
Sun Wu and Niu Mowang drank and talked for days in a row, and they had a feeling of meeting late.
On this day, Niu Mowang watched Sun Wu teach a group of monkeys Sun Ling, but eventually he didn’t see Sun Wu’s weapon, so he said to Sun Wu, "Brother, I think you are also armed with special weapons, so it will be even more powerful! ‘
Sun Wuwen said, "Niu Ge, you don’t know something. An Laosun is also proficient in all kinds of weapons, but these weapons made of iron are too light to make up as good as fists."
Niu Mowang heard the words and pondered for a while. "Brother said that it was like you and me that made the immortal body and every soldier unbearable, but I wonder if brother might go into the water?"
Sun Wudao said, "I have seventy-two kinds of skills, and the somersault cloud has great magical powers. I can hide from the body and get up from the law. There are ways to get into the ground, and the shadows of the sun and the moon can’t get into the stone. I can’t drown the fire or burn it. What can’t go?"
"Brother, if you don’t go to the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, if you are willing to find the old dragon king and ask him what weapons he needs, but you don’t take care?" Niu Mowang Daosun Wu heard the news and said, "Niu Ge said yes, and they all said" Modao Dragon Palace Baby ".My Huaguo Mountain is connected to the East China Sea. I’m going to look for a weapon."
"Brother, go and wait until you find the weapon, and then we will make a good gesture!" Niu Mowang laughed.
"Please, Niu Ge, wait for me. I’m going." Sun Wudao said.
After that, Sun Wu jumped into the bridge and made a closed water method twist the tactic to drill into the water diversion path in the waves and enter the ocean floor.
Sun Wu was walking when he saw a sea patrol hag blocking him and asked, "Is it sacred to push water? Say a good report to meet. "
Sun Wu said, "I am Sun Wu, the old dragon king of your family and the monkey king of Huaguoshan."
The hag heard that Zhuan Crystal Palace reported that "there is a Huaguoshan Sun Wu outside the King who claims that the King is close to the Palace".
Ao Guang, the dragon king of the East China Sea, got up and went out of the palace to meet him. "Come in, fairy!"
Sun Wu was not polite to the Dragon King. He sat in the palace and offered tea. The Dragon King asked, "When did Ao Guang get the magic?"
Sun Wudao said, "Since I was born, I have followed a famous teacher to practice a life-and-death body. Recently, I have heard that there is no weapon for my children and grandchildren to guard the cave. There must be an extra artifact in the Beique of Yaogong, a neighboring country."
Ao Guang saw Sun Wu, but Jin Xianxiu dared to go to the Dragon Palace to beg for weapons and refused to say that he was a man. He expected that Sun Wu had a saint behind him and dared not refuse, so he ordered someone to take out a big defending knife.
Sun Wu said, "I won’t make a knife beg for another one."
AoGuang sent another man to carry out a nine-legged fork to Sun Wu to jump in his hand and let go all the way "gently! Don’t take advantage of it! Ask for another one. "
Ao Guang laughed. "Fairy, you never saw that this fork weighs 3,600 Jin!"
Sun Wu said, "Don’t take advantage of your hand!"
Ao Guang was afraid that the hedgehog had great strength and ordered people to carry out a painting pole. Fang Tianji’s halberd weighed 7,200 Jin.
When Sun Wu saw him running forward, he threw a few racks in his hand and threw two solutions in the middle. "It’s still light!"
The old dragon king was frightened and said, "I have this halberd in my palace, and there is no weapon anymore."
Sun Wu laughed. "It is said that Mo Dao Dragon Palace has no baby! Old Dragon King, please look for it again … "
Ao Guang said urgently, "There is no heavier weapon."

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