After Liu Xian Huang and others chased him, they were surprised to see the situation for 33 days. Although they had already seen it through the gods, they felt the atmosphere here when they got here. It is never better to see it than to feel it personally!

When the Emperor Liu Xian saw the sudden appearance of Bai Yu, he was stunned, and then his face smiled and said, "Things have actually happened to Guan Yu, but the same opportunity has become greater!"
The fairy emperor beckoned a figure from Fang Fei to stop in front of Bai Yu. That figure was Li Yinyin. When he heard the call of the fairy emperor, he flew over. When he saw Bai Yu, his mind got excited. He felt that the person in front of him seemed to have something to do with himself. They seemed to be natural enemies!
Bai Yu also had the same feeling. He focused on Li Yinyin’s body. Li Yinyin’s deep hidden death made Bai Yu feel extremely uncomfortable and gave him an impulse not to give up until he was killed.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect that we were old enemies. Come on, White House little brother!"
A pale skeleton appeared beside Li Yinyin, brandishing a broken sword and stabbing the white royal white royal hand, and a lightsaber directly intertwined with the skeleton.
Bai Ye saw that Bai Yu had already fought with people and said to the side of reincarnation, "I didn’t expect Liao Shi’s brothers to have such an identity!"
Samsara smiled and said, "I left the celestial world in those days and experienced samsara since then. If I hadn’t been awakened at that time, I wouldn’t know when I would be reincarnated!"
"So the Liao brothers have plans at this time?"
I still feel very kind about Bai Ye calling himself reincarnation. He smiled and said, "I really believe that fate is facing me. I will try my best to abide by fate and let me be here at this time. That means that things are naturally to help you look at those people and I will know that I should do it!"
Samsara pointed to those fighters, then smiled and nodded to Bai Ye, and then walked forward step by step to face those masters who killed and flowed. Samsara didn’t strike back, but chose to escape, but his direction did not change. In front of him was the direction of Wu You Xing Jun’s fighting.
"I should go, too!" Huang Beichao said Baiye nodded, and Huang Bei flickered and flew. There was a wave in her hand that Baiye was very familiar with. It was the Eldar wave.
Two Eldar, Linling and Mr Eldar, have finally cultivated into the highest form of Eldar by their natural talent and strong perseverance in the strange world full of fluctuations. Although they still have no entity at this time, their fluctuations have shaken even the immortal emperor. At this time, they are intertwined and then Huang Bei’s body is temporarily merged. In this way, although they temporarily lost the opportunity to contact the outside world, Huang Bei’s strength has once again risen to a great level.
Section 337 Peak Battlefield
Everyone around him went into battle one by one, but Baiye still didn’t participate immediately at this time, but focused on the face. Looking from him, it was an ordinary place with nothing special, but he could clearly see Huang Zhen’s look in the spirit ball.
And Huang Zhen can also sense Baiye’s eyes. He smiled at Baiye and nodded. Baiye’s face showed a smile, and his body reached a high height in a flash.
There is a constant war in the distance, but it is quiet here. A large expanse of white leaves is facing a group of people.
Looking at the middle-aged white leaves, I felt a familiar smell. When he was still in the world, he sensed this smell through the spirit ball, and it was this smell that peeped at himself from somewhere from time to time.
"Liu Xian Huang finally met you!" Baiye said softly.
Liu Xian Huang smiled and said, "You finally met me. I have always regarded the central fairy land as the main enemy and you as a decisive variable. But I didn’t expect that in the end, it was you who became the key to success. If I had known this, I would have personally eradicated you!"
Bai Ye grinned and said, "That’s just what you think. It’s already the case and you can accept it!" "
"Ha-ha, it’s a good fact. This is the worst case. The people in the Central Fairyland didn’t consume with me at all, and you suddenly came up with a big force to contain me in the celestial world, and a direct one to contain me. Ha-ha, this situation is really the last thing I want to see!"
Baiye saw him shaking his head and asked, "I’ve always wanted to ask you a question."
The fairy emperor looked at Baiye Baiye and continued, "Why did you do these things? Are you still attached to these positions and positions when you are so ignorant? Although the celestial world is very big, there are still many similar places in the world, right?
Don’t say that you are one of your own people. If you are really a rogue, what you do is to pull the rogue into the abyss, and you shouldn’t take revenge. If you want to avenge the rogue’s near genocide, this method is also undesirable. I want to know what it is that you turned the whole celestial world upside down. "
"Ha ha …"
Hearing a series of words from Baiye, Xian Huang burst out laughing and the first star gentleman laughed.
"What? Naturally, I have white leaves, and I have made the whole celestial world a mess. It is not to unify the celestial world, not to revenge, not to mention those imaginary positions. I did it myself! "
With a sigh, Liu Xianhuang said with disappointment, "Everyone has his own way, and I naturally have my own way. What I do is to go my way, but you ask me what to go, so I ask you, I don’t go my own way, so who am I going to go?" Baiye frowned. Is it a sophistry or a thorough understanding?
After a pause, Baiye asked, "It’s well known that you tampered with the destiny wheel, but what you just said means that you follow the destiny and follow the destiny. What do you believe in the destiny but you want to tamper with it at the same time?"
"Ha-ha, I said that if I do it, it is my own destiny to show my road shape and can’t control my road direction!"
After hearing what he said, Baiye knew that the immortal emperor no longer wanted to entangle himself in this topic, and he couldn’t control his direction. If the destiny was really displayed, would he have done so many things to cover it up?
Baiye smiled faintly and didn’t pick it up again, but held out his hand. A cloud of smoke and dim light drifted out of his hand, and then the smoke turned into a sword, pointing directly at the Emperor Liu Xian.
"Flying dust? It’s a pity that my empty water can restrain you. I didn’t expect you to make progress again! " The immortal emperor looked at Bai Ye’s hand dimly and said slowly, and then he took a step back and said, "If you want me to fight, I have to look at your business, but you don’t worry that I will run away. If we meet today, no one will leave the ground!"
Queen Liu Xian stepped back, and the handsome man was obviously trying to test the depth of white leaves, but the handsome man just felt a strong fluctuating pressure to almost force him back to his original position. He looked aside and now Huang Bei is there, reaching out to him, obviously inviting him to fight.
"Lord Xianhuang, it seems that my opponent is her!"
The handsome man flew to Huang Bei’s side and came out again. Two people surrounded the white leaves at the same time.
Both of them are immortal, and each of them has a fairy emperor looking for treasure from the virtual world, an ice pole and a light.
Ice pole chop looks like a simple sword with ice. It is full of ice edges, braving the vast cold, and a lot of ice is still flowing with blue and cold light.
Light and flying dust have similar properties, that is, they are all composed of extremely fine particles, but the property of flying dust tends to be "heavy" and the property of light tends to be "dynamic", that is, look at that fairy who is erratic and unfixed, and presumably the fairy can’t even touch him.
In addition to the two men fighting outside, Luo Cheng was summoned by the immortal emperor, and the two men surrounded Baiye at the same time.
Luo Cheng’s star compass scattered beautiful starlight and soon became misty.
"Baiye, we meet again."
Luo cheng laughed
"Yes, meet again!" Baiye knows that no one will run away this time, and he plans to take his time to kill the rogue’s minions first.
Thousands of years ago, Bai Ye didn’t stand a chance when he faced Luo Cheng, even when he was recruited, but now he is confident to beat this guy.
However, adding an ice pole chop and white leaves will be a lot of trouble.
The flying dust flew out and turned into three swords, directly stabbing the white leaves at the three people. The whole body also slowly Hwa-Sung Do like quicksand. The flying sand was gone in a short time, and the white leaves were all crystal sand all over the sky.
The light also flies out. If it was thousands of years ago, it can compete with the flying dust. But now, neither the flying dust nor the white leaves are at the original level. After the flying dust is finished, one-third of the power can resist the intrusion of the light, but the light is too fast to destroy him easily in a short time.
And the effect of ice pole cutting against flying dust is even more obvious than light. The closer you get to the ice pole, the colder the flying dust becomes, and it is really difficult to get close to him if you don’t add white leaves.
Yu Luocheng’s whole body is covered with the light of stars, which is like the bright light of a large array of stars constantly spreading, and directly stopped the double attack of white leaves and flying dust at a post outside Luo’s body.
"Although this array is wonderful, it is better than the real array of stars. Let you see what the real array is!"
Suddenly, I saw the tiny flying dust condensed near Luocheng, gathering like stars all over the sky for a few breaths. When Luocheng was shining with stars, there was another layer of flying dust outside, and the law of flying dust evolution was constantly eroding Luocheng starlight.
The four people just glued together and entered a balance, and no one could break it in a short time.
A few people hesitated a few times when Xianhuang looked at the balance. He knew that it was a good opportunity to kill the white leaves that had fallen into this situation after he finished his strength, but once he did it for himself, it was greatly reduced. Look at the direction of the mountain, and the breath of heaven is not very strong. If he did it, it is unclear whether he can still get into the mountain … The Xianhuang thought twice and put up with it, and let them maintain that balance without starting work or letting others start work. If this balance can be maintained for a few years, it would be great!
On the other hand, depending on the people around him, the attack has arrived at the side of Youxing Jun in the afternoon. He smiled and said, "It’s time for Xingjun to change his life!"
After thousands of years’ imprisonment, you Xing Jun has made him retreat a little, but the sudden integration of God’s tears and powder has made him make great progress, but the real fire has not made any further progress. Now he has joined forces with the two masters of Xuanwu and Huangfu Elders to just crush the hose, which makes him have to sigh that the virtual water is strong and hear the sound of reincarnation. He has been in a state of fighting consciously. He has not seen how reincarnation came, but it is definitely not simple to tell him that he belongs to the strong feeling.
"Ha ha change life? I’ve been looking for opportunities, brother. Just say what you have to say! "
"Ha ha, look at me and you will know!"
"How are you?"
In the afternoon, you, Xing Jun, swung the waterspout and once again looked at the reincarnation, but the reincarnation figure had long since disappeared, leaving a halo the size of a palm in that position.

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