"Oh," Chu’s mother reacted and took a stack of photos on the table. "These are girls chosen by mom. Look at them. They don’t mind your divorce."

Chu Fei’s face turned cold, and the line turned cold. "Didn’t I say that I don’t need you to worry about my affairs? I enjoy the current situation and have no plans to remarry."
Chu mother nasty "what do you enjoy? What day will you spend after your divorce? You know best that you can’t do it without a woman by your side. "
Chu Feiyuan kept a calm face and said nothing.
"Mom, hello, you’ve been divorced for the second time, and all the famous ladies are very concerned about this matter." Chu’s mother made a point. "Mom chose these girls and didn’t care if you divorced or not, and all of them were noble families. We Chu’s family were a good match, and you didn’t lose money when you got married."
Chapter 12 Eyes High and Appetite Diao
Chu Fei scoffed, "I don’t need them. I don’t mind me. I mind them."
Chu mother face stiff "what do you mind? They have to look like they have to be talented and talented, and their family status is among the best. "
Chu said, pulling out a finger from the photo and showing it to Chu Fei. "You see, this Harvard graduate student is your uncle Tao’s little daughter who is only 26."
Chufei glanced at his thin lips and spat "too old"
Chu mother zheng busy from the photo to pick out a piece of "this? This is your daughter Liu Bobo’s senior year 22. "
Chu Fei didn’t even look at "too old"
Chu mother holding up anger and picked out a piece of "the 21st".
"this twenty"
"It’s too tender for me."
Chu mother flew into a rage. "Chu Fei is far away. What do you want?"
Chu Fei is far from moving, but he glanced at Chu’s mother casually to appease her. "Mom, what are you angry about? Your body looks so unfilial. It’s not that they are not good, but that your son has a high vision and a sharp appetite."
"You tell mom what you like and I’ll find it for you." Chu’s mother asked to slow down.
"I like tenderness," said Chu Feiyuan.
"tender?" Chu mother froze. "Isn’t this tender? Are you underage?"
ChuFei far smile "your son is not so abnormal"
"Don’t give mom a smirk." Chu’s mother was angry. "You are too young and you are too tender. What’s your taste? Tell me what you want."
Chu Fei is far-reaching and meaningful. "I dare not say that I am afraid that you will be angry."
"You said" Chu mother stared at him.
"Twenty-year-olds in Tian Yue are 22 years old and seven months old, and their height is 165ab, and they have long blood hair".
Chu mother leng didn’t react at the moment.
"It’s hard to find," Chu Fei smiled with deep black eyes. "I’ll tell you an example, Song Anqiao, so I like being so tender."
Chu mother is angry "you!"
Section 116
"Mom, I told you, you’re angry." Chufei pretended to be koo.
Chu mother looks pale "you and Song Anqiao this generation is impossible you dead this heart! Don’t tell me you enjoy this state. You must go on a blind date with me in two days. "
Chu Fei got up with a cold face and no emotion. "Don’t worry about me. Worry more about my dad. I have work to do in the company. I have to go first."
Chu mother sitting on the sofa with a face of anger called uncle Li "You followed Xiaoyuan these two days to see if he laughed abnormally today and went to find Song Anqiao."
"Madam we this …"
Uncle Li, the mother of Chu, said, "Don’t do this, that, that, that, what do you do for a long time? It is impossible for Bai Songanqiao to enter the Chu family in your heart. Besides, I don’t agree with her remarriage with Xiaoyuan."
Uncle Li sighed and sent someone to follow Chu Feiyuan.
For three days, Chu Fei was far from appearing. Song Anqiao was relieved and life seemed to be calm again.
On this day, Song Anqiao went to his family to take a bath and dry his hair when he heard someone knocking at the door.
"who?" Song anqiao asked
"Express" is rich.
Song anqiao didn’t listen carefully to the past. When the door looked at it, it was Chufeiyuan. Immediately, the door was Chufeiyuan’s load, and he stretched out his hand to block the door and squeezed in.
"What are you doing here again?" Song anqiao nu asked
Chu Fei sat on the bed with one leg hanging down and one leg resting on the bed. "Come and have a rest when you are tired."
"…" Song Anqiao pulled him before gnashing his teeth. "This is not your rest place. Go for me."
As soon as she dragged Chu Fei far away, she simply leaned over the bed. How did Song Anqiao drag him like a magnet and sucked him into the bed?
Song anqiao was about to kick him in a blaze when the sound rang again outside the door.
"Miss Song, are you there?"
It’s Li Hao
Song Anqiao listened to the sound and felt a slight shock in my heart. I looked at Chu Fei’s distant eyes and looked at her. Zhang Jun’s face was covered with a layer of cold.

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