"You two have to take a rest after handling things, and you have to hurry on the road." Li Daoling naturally knows that heaven and earth are cruel, and he walks upstairs by himself.

"Well, this is my sister buying you steamed bread and eating it quickly." Zhuo Nongyue called the little beggars at the door to eat.
Shout shout, they all came around tightly around Zhuolong Moon, for fear that a slow person would not have his own share.
Even if they scratch their lichens with dirty little hands, they don’t care. They are still greeting everyone "Don’t worry, don’t worry, everyone will have it."
Seeing this, Muqingfeng felt some regrets that this wonderful moon is really worthy of the title of chess fairy, not only with fairy face but also with fairy heart.
Soon a big basket of steamed bread was taken away, but surprisingly, no one put it in his mouth, although it was obvious that they had been hungry for a long time.
"Why don’t you eat? Eat quickly, or it will get cold. Eating cold steamed bread is bad for your health." Zhuo Nongyue was also confused.
Finally, a little girl was so hungry that she couldn’t help but take a bite and said to a little boy next to her, "Brother smells good. Try it, too! !”
I didn’t expect the little boy next to me to be frightened to disgrace and hit the little girl in the face with a slap. The little girl hasn’t reacted yet. Why does her brother, who always loves her, hit himself?
"You are not bad? ! Who told you to eat? Hurry up and hand over your steamed bread! " After that, the boy is eager to grab it.
"No … I’m not hungry!" The little girl’s cheek was swollen, but her hand still clung to her bite of steamed bread.
Zhuo Nongyue and Mu Qingfeng frowned. Isn’t this brother a bit outrageous? He doesn’t even let go of his sister’s food. Doesn’t he know that he will give it to them if he wants to mouth himself?
Just as Mu Qingfeng was about to speak, a lazy voice sounded from behind the dozen little beggars.
"Hey, I didn’t expect you little losers to have a good harvest. It seems that you guys are late for dinner today."
Mu Qingfeng looked intently at a beggar in rags but with a red face coming unsteadily.
"Yes, I’ll give you some after you finish eating. It seems that you have met a good man."
The big beggar picked up a small beggar’s steamed bread and stuffed it directly into his mouth. It seemed that he was still wanting more.
"It’s just out of the oven. Uncle hasn’t eaten hot these days." As he walked, he watched and found that the little girl’s steamed bread was bitten. The beggar stopped and his face became more and more angry.
"Mao Ge! My sister didn’t understand the fact that she was hungry and couldn’t stand it before she took a bite of my brother and sister. We’ll give you our rations and beg Mao Ge’s adult to spare her a lot. "The little boy quickly handed the rations of himself and his sister to the so-called Mao Ge.
It seems that this is what the shopkeeper calls "beggar bully"
Mao Ge looked at the steamed bread with teeth marks in his hand and flew into a rage. He kicked the little boy out of the distance. Where did the little boy get up to the blow? There was blood flowing from his mouth.
"His mama let old eat your leftovers? ! I think you don’t want to hang out here. Is it fart when I speak Mao Ge? " Mao Ge is obviously still angry and will continue to beat them both.
Zhuo Nongyue couldn’t help but see such a bully. She hasn’t made moves yet. Mu Qingfeng rushed out with a step and kicked Mao Ge in the face. A yellow tooth flew out.
Although Mu Qingfeng’s left hand is inconvenient, it is not something that ordinary people can handle, not to mention that he is still fighting on the battlefield.
"Who dares to hit your grandfather if he is impatient!" Before Mao Ge could react, two chess games came on him, and suddenly there were few teeth left in his mouth.
"Kill you such a scum also too dirty girl’s hand! Get out of here! " Zhuonongyue couldn’t help it.
Mao Ge carefully looked at the two of them. It seems that these two people are the ones who distributed steamed bread.
Because I didn’t pay attention to Mao Ge just now, I was afraid that I was not a master, so I rushed over to Zhuolong Moon and scolded him; "Little Niang Pi dares to scold Grandpa and watch Grandpa take off your clothes and educate you well."
Zhuonongyue has been looking at Mao Ge in a huff for months, and his mouth is full of foul language. His heart is even angrier. A trick of "playing chess" is a direct luck to grab Mao Ge’s hand and throw him to the ground.
Mao Ge, who was smashed, stepped on his back with a beautiful foot when he was seeing stars.
Mao Ge hasn’t come yet, lamenting that the girl’s delicate fragrance feels like a strong attack, and her dirty seems to be squeezed out. Seeing it, she will vent more and get less air.
"If you bully them like this again, be careful that the girl will trample your heart! Did you hear that! " Zhuolong Moon’s full strength made Mao Ge wish he were dead.
Mao Ge knew that he had hit a hard stubble and nodded repeatedly for fear of angering the aunt’s own life.
"And mind your mouth. If I hear your nonsense again, I’ll cut your tongue." Zhuo Nongyue withdrew his strength or Mao Ge would have to be trampled to death.
Mao Ge found himself up and running away quickly.
"Well, you should eat quickly and don’t be with such people," Zhuo said to the remaining beggars.
Seeing the fairy, my sister helped me beat the bully away, and the little beggars quickly stuffed steamed buns into their mouths.
The little girl helped her brother up and thanked Zhuo Nongyue for saying, "Thank you, big brother and big sister. I wish you good people a long life and a big fat baby."
The little girl’s mouth is full of blushes. She wants to explain something and doesn’t know how to say it.
After handling the matter, Mu Qingfeng told the master Li Daoling that Li Daoling did not praise Mu Qingfeng, but his face was heavy.
"What’s wrong with Master?" Muqingfeng asked doubtfully
"Silly boy, this is the world, not as simple as you think. I hope the teacher thinks too much about distributing food to the children, but I’m afraid it will be …" said Li Daoling.
Mu Qingfeng felt vaguely uneasy after hearing Li Daoling’s words.
Early the next morning, when they were about to go out, they found the little boy beggar lying at the door black and blue yesterday.
"Little brother, what’s wrong with you?" After discovering this situation, Zhuo Nongyue ignored the little boy’s body and quickly picked him up.
The little boy tried to open his eyes and found that Zhuolong Moon was suddenly gnashing his teeth and a cold light ran towards Zhuolong Moon’s chest.
"crescent moon, be careful!" Muqingfeng found bad shouted
Even if Zhuo’s moon fighting skill is high and he is unguarded in such a recent situation, he has not escaped this knife after all, and suddenly he is bleeding profusely.
"crescent moon!" Mu Qingfeng was shocked! !
Muqingfeng was frightened to disgrace and rushed over to push the little boy, and then he was beaten with almost no strength. Being pushed by Muqingfeng, he sat down on the ground for half a day and couldn’t get up.
Mu Qingfeng immediately leaned over to see Zhuo Nongyue’s injury. Fortunately, although Zhuo Nongyue didn’t hide from time to time, practicing martial arts for years made her realize that she avoided the key point. So, her right chest was scratched with a big mouth, and blood couldn’t stop flowing out of her fingers. But Zhuo Nongyue didn’t care if she just stared at the little boy lying on the ground. Her eyes were full of confusion.
"Crescent Moon, hurry back to the inn with me, and deal with such a big wound, or you will be in trouble if you bleed too much." Muqingfeng tried to help her up, but Zhuolong Moon didn’t want to move.
The little boy slowly got up and stared at the bleeding moon.
"What? Don’t you know how to repay kindness? Yesterday, this sister saved your life. If it weren’t for her, you would have been killed by that Mao Ge. Why did you do this! " Mu Qingfeng really can’t stand it. Why is there such a scene when he is kind?
The blood soon dyed red, and her pretty face turned pale, which showed that she had lost some blood.
I know that I can’t have another chance. After all, he saw Mao Ge being beaten badly by two people in front of him, but the little boy trembled and walked towards Zhuolong Moon without saying a word.
After discovering the little beggar’s eyes, Mu Qingfeng got up and stood in front of Zhuo Nongyue. "If you are ungrateful, I won’t show mercy."
Maybe the heart is chaotic. Mu Qingfeng is really angry.
I didn’t expect a bloody hand to stop Muqingfeng. Muqingfeng was surprised to find some weakness and gently shook his head.

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