Look up at the big screen one by one and don’t let me comment on my coach’s performance.

"The boss’s acting skills are great!" Carlos Campo gave a thumbs-up sign.
"The coach’s imagination is a must! Ha, I didn’t even think of disgusting each other in this way! Otherwise, I wouldn’t look for Drico after I scored just now … "The goal scorer Charles Andreas regretted that such an opportunity to show off was robbed by the head coach’s winning streak.
"I now think Certa the gang should be mad? Ha ha ha! "
At last, everyone laughed heartily and walked back to their own half court and returned to their respective positions.
As if they had won the game.
To everyone’s surprise, Certa players are not mad at the constant victory.
Maybe it’s good to be stimulated to go crazy. At least they still have fighting spirit.
But now the Certa players are obviously hit by Hertha’s goal
Their frontier mentality is very relaxed, so to speak, relaxed.
They haven’t paid attention to Hertha since they set foot on this stadium.
It’s just a second-division team. What’s the big deal?
Even if they are the first in the second division, that can’t be said.
Which newly promoted horse is not in the top three in the second division every year? How many newly promoted horses will be able to stay in the first division last season? Aren’t most of the newly promoted horses popular for demotion?
Second division champion. So what? Come to the first division, that is, let’s brush the score in Certa!
In fact, their ideas are right, because this is the reality. In the second division, it is not necessary to go to the first division to become a mainstay.
Because the second division and the first division are really two completely different worlds.
The idea of Certa players is that all players in a first-division team will have it.
But I didn’t expect this second-division team to be different from what they imagined.
They are not intimidated by their status as the first place in the first division, and they are quite tenacious at home.
And really equalized the score!
That goal just now was a wonderful counter-attack goal even if it was put into the first division.
Certa players felt a sense of confusion when they found that this opponent was different from what they imagined.
To put it bluntly, they were stunned by Hertha.
I can’t react at the moment
It’s hard to react. I found that this opponent is stronger than they thought, and I plan to throw away all my contempt and try to end Hertha.
But it’s easy to loosen that strength, but it’s not necessarily easy to tighten it again.
Especially in today’s psychological situation
After Hertha scored, some people were shocked, some were angry, some were disappointed, and some simply didn’t understand the situation.
Everyone’s ideas have not yet been unified.
They are in such a hurry to get rid of Hertha that they still don’t really regard Hertha as their opponent from the bottom of their hearts …
Of course, if you give them some, they may still come out of this panic and resume their first-class team … substitute color.
But will people like Chang Sheng give them a chance to recover slowly?
Kill you while you’re sick!
If you can’t do this at all, you don’t deserve to be the protagonist at all!
After recovering in the game, Chang Sheng returned to the sidelines and made a gesture to the players.
This gesture can’t be understood by anyone except Hertha players.
It’s a winning signal.
There are not many important instructions that need this gesture.
This is a constant victory, avoiding shouting at yourself will let the opponents next to you hear your arrangement.
At halftime, he had already told the players what to do if he scored a goal. He should continue to make a fierce offensive and try to score another goal before the other side figured out what happened.
His gesture emphasized once again that he was afraid that the players would be too excited to forget or that there would be disagreement. Some people wanted to continue scoring goals, while others wanted to talk about it later.
This time, however, must not be delayed!
Seeing the head coach’s gesture, the Hertha players also made sure to pick it up.
Hertha’s offensive has intensified.
Certa is in chaos.
Apart from their own minds not yet unified, this confusion is also related to their head coach.
Victor Hernandez hasn’t figured out how to deal with the sharp counterattack of winning the game.
In fact, he is not in a hurry, and sometimes it is impossible for the other side to score another goal in two or three minutes, which is almost as likely as the chance that he will be hit in the head by something thrown by a quarrelling couple upstairs.
So he is not in a hurry, but he can think about it slowly and try to think more carefully … He is cautious.
But he tried to frown and act like a "thinker" in this incident.
His players are in chaos.
There is no latest instruction from the head coach, and they don’t know what to do.
When they faced the Hertha offensive, they found themselves struggling to cope!
Victor Hernandez admitted that his team could not concede two goals in a few minutes.
And that’s what Hertha is trying to do!

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