Children can’t blame their parents, let alone give preferential treatment to one another. It can be held in the presidential palace.

Naturally, the Hangzehao couple and the Hangan couple are going to attend the banquet, which is considered lively.
"Liang Jiang" walked behind Liang Juanbang with his hand.
"Huh?" Liang Juanbang was puzzled. "What is it?"
Today, when my mother came back, he specifically told me not to come and disturb me if there was nothing important.
"With the Korean gentleman."
Shiro? Liang Juanbang frowned and found a reason to get up and leave.
XiCui Liping looked at early from time to time.
"The body is very thin!"
"Ah?" She chuckled early. "Well … it’s thinner."
"Are you still going to have children?" Cui Liping asked this question and the atmosphere froze.
Or did Ruan Danning come forward to help her out? "Early and Junbang are still young, and Huanhuan Lele is still young. The second child still has to wait. It is good for adults and children … The two of them are finally together. It is not urgent!"
"Well, my aunt said yes." I always felt that this answer didn’t satisfy my mother-in-law when I smiled early.
Cui Liping bowed his head and took a sip of soup. "It is better to have more children, which is very good for your mother."
"…" It’s hard to say anything early. I can nod my head. "Well, yes."
Outside Liang Juanbang didn’t expect the problem to be a bit big.
"Where are people?"
At hand, I explained to the roadside in front that "people are now temporarily appeased, but I must give her a statement!" I immediately reported it to you because of the Korean gentleman … "
"Well," Liang Juanbang nodded. "What’s the story?"
"hey!" Hand nai shook his head and smiled "isn’t it because this girl has a position? Rong Jiaren … Rong Master’s daughter outside … Although it’s wild, it’s also Rong, isn’t it? It’s no problem for Master Han to deal with ordinary girls. It’s not pretty to deal with this beautiful woman! "
Liang Juanbang frowned and smacked his lips. "Let’s go!"
In the reception room of the administrative building office area
"poof!" Rongjiaren sat in a chair and spit out a mouthful of tea. "Are you wasting my time here? I’m telling you, this set doesn’t matter to me! "
When Liang Juanbang stepped in and saw Rongjiaren, he felt a headache at first sight.
"What do you want?" Liang Juanbang pulled a chair opposite her and sat straightforward.
Rong Jiaren smiled at Liang Juanbang’s extraordinary speech. "You are the boss!"
"Get to the point" Liang Juanbang frowned and was too lazy to talk nonsense.
"good!" Rong Jiaren nodded. "Since the boss is here, I will make it clear in vain! I didn’t violate the law and discipline, and people didn’t benefit me from driving me out of the imperial city! You want to be strong if you can’t pay? Am I really scared? "
Things seem a little troublesome.
Liang Juanbang also understood that Han Xilang wanted to get this girl out of the imperial city … as far away as possible, but he didn’t know what it was.
Section 756
Liang Juanbang nodded. "I can assure you that no one will force you to do it now … Can you withdraw your complaint?"
If the complaint is still hanging, you have to bother Hilong Hilong. At this time, you can’t afford to bother again … Daughter-in-law can really lose more wonderful novels. Please go to * Cong * net: shuong.
"Why should I believe you?" Rongjiaren stared at Liang Juanbang.
"Hum" Liang Juanbang sneer at "do you know who you are talking to? Don’t be a bit of a character. You can’t treat people with contempt just because you are a proud master and an illegitimate daughter! I’m telling you so much now because of your father’s exploits … "
Rong jiaren shrank her neck when she heard this. This person is different from those people just now. It seems that she has two brushes.
I can’t help feeling guilty. "Then … then you’d better do what you say or I will definitely come back to complain!" "
"…" Liang Juanbang pulled his eyelids and waved lazily at her. "Go, go!"
The problem here seems to have just been solved, but it has become a big problem.
Hang Zegao suddenly received a report that "Mr. President, Master Rong is waiting outside"
Master Rong has issued a number of patents in his life, and various fields of study are all over the country. Hang Zehao, who is definitely a national treasure, was not surprised when he heard that he came and was busy ordering "come in quickly, please."
I didn’t quite understand why Master Rong would come here.
There was a noise at the door. Master Rong acted quickly and held Hang Zegao’s hand before he came in.
"Mr. President, I … I’m really sorry to bother you here so late."
Hang Zegao shook his head and smiled. "Don’t say that to see if you are in such a hurry."
"Ah …" Master Rong seemed to struggle for a long time. "My daughter offended … but it’s my rong family blood anyway. I can give up this face and beg you to forgive her this time … let me take it back and have a good education!"

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