Maybe if she wants a point subconsciously, she will be flustered, and this palpitation will not stop.

I comforted Chai Wanying, and her face improved a lot. She said to Xiaobai that her voice was slow and soft again.
Xiaobai, then go to tourmaline’s side and take care of him for a while. You ask him to be patient for a while. It’s best not to meet me for a few days at most. Then we’ll go home.
If he insists on coming to see me, you should find a way to get a small wheelchair, which will also cover it, but it is still easy to make mistakes.
It’s not good to wrap him in a blanket and then you bring him here. It’s summer, and everyone outside is wearing a sleeveless skirt. It’s not good to wrap him in a blanket.
Then what should we do, or is it enough for you two to cast a blind eye to deceive one person?
No, even if the spell can temporarily make people who see tourmaline regard their tails as legs, they can’t escape from the extremely monitoring head video. That thing is a family thing, and who knows if it can be hidden by the smoke screen?
If you can’t hide it, you’re in trouble again.
Chapter 35 The outbreak of power
Chai Wanying thought about one way after another, which would not only reassure tourmaline to see her but also make others find him different.
But she has rejected them one by one.
In the end, I have to shake my head, so just put up with it. It’s only a few days’ work. In the past few days, your uncle Xiaobai has been to accompany his father every day, and then tell him all about his mother, so that he can rest assured and wait patiently for his mother. Will you go home together?
Small xuan pupil clever answer immediately.
But the dazzling black eyes turned to what mood Chai Wanying didn’t seem.
But Xiao Bai was greatly relieved when he heard the hostess’s words.
He was really afraid that the hostess would ask him to find a way to bring his master here to see her.
In that case, the lie will be caught.
Mowa also breathed a sigh of relief. She suspected that something might have happened to her master.
Now that she has seen Xiao Bai, she must have done something bad in her heart.
Seeing that the hostess didn’t know at the moment was both fortunate and ashamed.
Thinking of a way to ask Xiao Bai alone, Xiao Xuan said softly, Mom, since Dad is here, I’ll go and see Uncle Xiao Bai now.
Chai Wanying nodded immediately when she heard this. Of course, Xiaobai, you can take Wan Wan. If Wan Wan says tourmaline, you will definitely believe it.
Yeah, why?
Chai Wanying see small white hesitation sample can’t help but strangely asked 1.
It’s nothing, Xiao Bai. I’ll take the little master to see him.
Xiao Bai crustily skin of head pretended to smile calmly and then came in and came to the bed to hold Xiao Xuan’s pupil in his hand.
Master, let’s go.
Don’t hurry back and let Xiaobai tourmaline stay a little longer. Tourmaline is afraid of loneliness.
Is the hostess.
Walking slowly in the hospital corridor with tourmaline in his arms, Xiaobai kept thinking about what to do.
Xuan pupil also quietly don’t talk until see small white consciousness more walk more slowly.
I knew that he was hiding something from his mother. Suddenly, his little face sank to Uncle Xiaobai. Don’t you tell the truth?
Xiaobai was startled by that language with horror.
Immediately panic turned to look at the xuan pupil.
You just told your mother at the door of the ward. I lied. My mother was cheated by you. I don’t have a father.
Don’t tell me that dad was really picked up by you. If you did, how could dad not come to see mom for the first time?
That’s not a high lie. Mom just didn’t think about it for a while now. When she thinks about it, she has to see her father. How are you going to tell her?
Xiaobai mumbled something for a long time and didn’t speak.
I have to admit that Xuan pupil is right. If the former hostess insists on seeing her master, she can’t scatter the root of her lie.

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