"You …" Hal kagyu angry way just want to send is to see those cold will eat people eyes immediately swallow the words behind and then left to dark with a snort.

See Hal Ga soft’ Han Shao’ disdain a smile and still can’t recognize the laughter. "Qinglongyuan is not the place where you should come. Now you should think about how to get some results in the day competition instead of hanging out here. My name is Han Chong. If you don’t like what I say, you can get it back in person in the day competition, but now get out of here."
"Good Korea less we’ll go you calm down …" The entourage see Han Chong face some unhappiness hurriedly said is also a kind of back toward all waved behind them.
Mu Yun looked at nai shrugged his shoulders, but Mu Yun had long wanted to go. It was Jade Burn who kept coming to see it.
Xuanwu kingdom and white tiger kingdom are all in the mind aren’t angry, but they dare not directly make trouble in this Qinglong courtyard and swallow it. Who makes you less powerful than others?
Listen to jade burn cold hum a little muttered "strength is not so good temper is not small"
They didn’t even hear this from Mr. Mo behind them, but Han Chong heard it clearly.
See Han Chong face slightly change slowly mouth way "live"
The entourage quickly stopped and turned to say with smile, "Hey, hey, Korea, do you have any orders?"
But Han Chong didn’t even look at the attendant. His cold eyes stared straight at Yu Huang. "You said what you just said."
They looked at is also a surprised, except for Mu Yun and Ziyan, who heard the jade burn whisper. They all don’t know what happened. They stared at Mr. Jade burn and Mr. Mo with a face of doubt. They saw that Suzaku people had sinned against the’ Korean less’ and looked at Suzaku countries with a face of schadenfreude.
"Ehan, please calm down. Is there any misunderstanding?" The attendant was a little tense when he saw the present situation. Although he was ordered to demonstrate with these people, if there were any special circumstances, he couldn’t bear the responsibility and quickly came out to dozen circle field.
"Roll" Han Chong roared, scaring the attendant forward and then staring at Yu Huang with a sullen face. "I told you to say it again."
Jade burn a sneer at "good this time you give me listen to clear I said you don’t …"
Jade burn hasn’t finished yet. That Han Chong is an instant shot. In a short moment, Han Chong’s slender fingers are less than a foot away from Jade burn. Jade burn is also surprised to see Han Chong’s sudden shot. But now Jade burn’s strength is not the same as before. He jumped up and dodged …
Seeing that these two people don’t agree in a word is to play the crowd to watch the fun, but there are also concerns. Only Mu Yun has a relaxed face and a faint smile on his mouth. "Old thief, don’t you like to find someone to act? Then I will give you a good show."
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six A tooth for a tooth
Seeing that Han Chong’s instantaneous explosive power was so strong, Mr. Mo was also surprised and rushed to this hand. None of his disciples could catch it, and with his body qi bursting out, the peak strength in the later stage of the foundation was also on display. Looking at the instant battle, Mr. Mo asked in a low voice, "This adult is Han Chong …"
The attendant didn’t expect Han Chong to start work directly without saying anything, and it seemed as if they had any great hatred. Although the attendant didn’t know what the Suzaku country girl said, he angered Han Chong, but now his first priority is to try his best to curb the deterioration of the situation.
In his mind, it is impossible for Jade Phoenix to get hurt by Han Chong. If Jade Phoenix gets hurt, he must be to blame. Although the Qinglong Kingdom is very tough, this kind of thing of "hurting the opponent before the game" will definitely fall into the trap and greatly violate the rules of "martial arts". The king just came to power and naturally wants to use this "martial arts" to increase his resentment among the civilians.
At this time, when the entourage answered Mr. Mo’s words, the DPRK and the ROK shouted, "Don’t hit Han Shaoxiao, who can’t afford it. Don’t hit it." The sound turned out to be a little kuqiang, and then Mu Yun couldn’t help glancing aside. He quickly came to Mu Yun and said, "You are the team leader, please let your players stop it."
"Ha" Mu Yun smiled and said, "We haven’t started work. You see that my team members have been hiding from the roots and haven’t fought back. You should advise you to stop that’ Han Shao’."
Attendants looked up and it was really like this. At this time, Han Chong was like a mad dog chasing Jade Phoenix, but Jade Phoenix kept avoiding it. However, because of the’ strength gap’, Jade Phoenix was particularly struggling to see that it would not hold up.
After looking at it, he was also embarrassed and stammered, "You, the player, must have just said something that angered Han Shao. Why don’t you ask your players to apologize to Han Shao …"
"What" MuYun fierce high tone face became ugly "I didn’t hear wrong, right? Is this mad dog first? Did we say anything? Why didn’t I hear what the nearest Jade Phoenix just said?"
"Buddhist’s adult purple tree just didn’t hear anything" Xiahou purple tree light way.
"Well, you see, I told you, if you don’t believe in your eyes, then ask another, er, er, er, ha, ha, ga, man. Besides, if you say something about your strength, you will definitely hear it, right?" Mu Yun said with a’ Lai’ expression.
Hal kagyu saw that Mu Yun didn’t even remember his own name, and suddenly he was a little annoyed, but he couldn’t help but hear a few compliments behind him. "That’s Wu Zhu’s strength. I can hear it naturally, but I really didn’t hear anything just now …"
"Well, more and faster chapters, please. When you see it, I will say nothing." Mu Yun put his little finger on his ear and blew a smile.
See Mu Yun a pair of "play to depend on" and the big Hal kagyu "one track-minded" sample followers at this time completely have nothing to say, but it’s no wonder that others actually didn’t even hear it himself, didn’t hear it clearly, and he couldn’t help wondering if this Han Chong was hearing voices at the moment.
"Hey this Han Chong exactly what position scared you into this picture" Mu Yun is not worried about jade burn a face of relaxed color mouth way.
"Alas," the attendant shook his head and sighed heavily. "He is the first in the East Yard of Qinglong Yard and once the first master in Qinglong Yard. He has been the first in the Dragon List of Qinglong Yard for two consecutive years, but in the past two years, he has been stabilized by Tang Feier of the West Yard. Oh, Tang Feier is the little girl followed by Mu Waner."
"What" everyone is surprised. More and faster chapters, please come to the front. This strength of Han Chong is enough to make people feel a little scary. It has also been stabilized and stabilized, and it is the little girl who looks like she is thirteen or fourteen years old.
Mu Yun nodded slightly in the mind is andao "no wonder at the first glance that the little girl is a little unusual. It turned out to be a horror like Mu Wan ‘er, but it’s quite like them."
Just then, after listening to a loud bang and a shocking firelight, both of them went backwards. Then Han Chong fell to the ground after a back flip, but Yu Huang slipped backwards for nearly 100 meters before he could stabilize his face, flush and get some shortness of breath.
On the other hand, the opposite Han Chong’s face is not red and his heart is not jumping at the moment, as if the man who just launched the storm offensive was not him …
Obviously, Han Chong has firmly occupied the advantage in several rounds, and the students sitting in the stone pillar uniting the East Campus are also cheering for the first time to update Han Chong.
"This strength also dare to shout here" Han Chong soft cold voice slowly way.
Jade burn vomited two polluted gases lightly, and inadvertently looked back at Mu Yun. At the sight of Mu Yun, he nodded his head with a smile on his face. Jade burn’s heart suddenly became sharp and looked at Han Chong with a smile. "The drama is just beginning."
Say see jade burn in anger a whole body a shock hot breath suddenly swept out thick strong wind is blowing pure fire qi instantaneous diffuse.
"In the middle of the preconditions", Mr. Mo’s eyes flashed a trace of disdain. This strength is even the strongest among the seven people in Suzaku.
Hal karma see jade burn strength first zheng and then turned out to be laughing at Mu Yun a face of disdain.
And the two men looked at each other again, obviously recognizing that this "martial arts" is already the Suzaku country.
Suzaku country often goes to war with White Tiger country, but the commander of the war is Xiahou Ziti Jade Burn. Except for the second time of death, she is in charge of the palace security office. Everyone knows her far less than Xiahou Ziti.
Although the strength of Yuhuang was very high before, it was the root that no one paid attention to, and the battlefield was even worse. Unless it was strong enough to change the war situation, personal strength would not play too much.
Xuanwu kingdom has always been a relatively mysterious country, and it is only after we have an absolute grasp that we agree to Baihu kingdom.
The most important thing is that fix true people know that women can’t go far on this road, which is why they will be shocked and almost fainted when they hear about Mu Wan’s strength.
And the whole country is a female Suzaku country. How many masters can there be? Who will talk about going to Suzaku country to investigate someone’s strength? Besides, in the past, everyone in the martial arts knew the strength of Suzaku country like the back of his hand, and no one cared.
"Ha ha ha ha ha in the middle of Tsukiji" Han Chong sneered with a face, and the sound seemed a little got.
"Pack you up enough" Jade Burn binge drinks one by one, and then his body is rapidly swept away by the DPRK and the ROK. Gradually, Jade Burn’s whole body is surrounded by hot flames like a burning shell.
No matter how good-looking the offensive is, after all, the strength is there, and the entourage is also calm when they see Mu Yun and Mu Yun.
"The players in Suzaku are stupid, isn’t the team leader stupid?" The attendant looked puzzled and said, "Dare to provoke Han Chong in the middle of the preconditions? Isn’t this throwing straws against the wind?"
At the moment, the attendant saw that he was unable to root canal, and Yu Huang was dying himself. Fortunately, he said nothing. I hope this battle will be over soon. Don’t attract Jifeng, otherwise the first update will be bad.
"Fuck me and I’ll be you." Han Chong’s face was cruel and his body flashed and he rushed at Jade Phoenix.
At the moment, Mu Yun is also a little worried from his face. After all, this method is too risky. "Jade Burn, hold on, this is also an experience for you." Mu Yun heart andao.
To say that Jade Burn’s body is burning with shells, Han Chong’s body is just like a fireball from heaven, and the fluctuation of two true qi is too far away. Rosefinch countries are already afraid to look at them, while the rest of them are gloating.
In the eyes of all people, there was a loud bang, and two uncoordinated fireballs suddenly collided, as if the stone pillars were all slightly shaken and could not be rooted out. After the collision, Jade Phoenix’s charming body suddenly flew backwards and sideways …
But at this moment, seeing that the breath is a little sluggish, Jade Burn brims with body pain and bites his teeth. His right arm is slightly raised to update "sou" for the first time. An arrow with a strong qi comes out, which is the kind of small crossbow that can be tied to his arm …
But at the moment, seeing jade burn so vulnerable, he was blown away by himself. Han Chong was so proud that he couldn’t think about’ what jade burn could do with him for a while before, but now it is so easy to be blown away’. But when Han Chong stabilized himself, the true qi of the fire gradually dissipated, he saw that an object the size of a finger was rapidly coming towards his eyes, because the arrow breath was concealed by the true qi that collided around him, and he was more prepared.
Now it is found that Han Chong has tried his best to hide from the arrow, which is "shua". If it is slower, it will hit his left eye, but even so, the arrow left a shocking blood mark on his face …
Arrows across the instantaneous jade burn is also severely fell to the ground and vomitted an one mouthful blood, looking rather pale …
The fleeting burning sensation is also painful. Han Chong frowned and took a breath of air conditioning. He slowly raised his left hand and gently touched a cheek that still hurts like hemp. He let go and looked at a large amount of blood, but he could still feel the blood flowing slowly. Suddenly, his face was burning with anger and his face was gloomy and ferocious. "Dare to cut my face, I will spare you to die." He thundered and raised his hand and patted the jade burn lying on the ground. This blow contained Han Chong’s anger and vowed to kill the jade burn in his hand.

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