The birth of each Taoist ancestor can suppress the virtual universe, and there will be three thousand sources of Taoism, three thousand one hundred, two, and even twenty avenues.

From then on, the universe will no longer be juxtaposed with three thousand avenues, but will add those avenues created by Taozu-at that time, they can also be crowned as Source Avenue!
From this, the potential of the universe will be stronger, and the future will be beyond the shackles to achieve immortal hope.
If possible, these top fiends hope that all three thousand fiends will also be able to achieve the same achievements as the top fiends!
Don’t be able to give birth to even a hundred ancestors, then the success rate of detachment day will increase by 50% directly in the future!
In addition, the abundant accumulation of the original wilderness and the success rate of the avenue in the end are sufficient!
This almost locked the door to immortality …
It’s a pity that every statue of the top fiend is unique in the universe, and each of them, if put aside in different times, is the kind of person who can suppress all the dragons, snakes and strongmen in the world and crush everything that challenges him.
Each of them looks down on all beings like the brightest high star in the sky!
In the era of reincarnation, there is a birth in every era, that is, a mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian, that is, a mixed-yuan saint, but not every era can give birth to a Taoist ancestor!
Therefore, it is too difficult to give birth to a whole hundred Taoist ancestors!
"Congratulations on the arrival of Aurora Daoyou!"
With one exception, every great statue sent a congratulatory message to the northeast.
Aurora visual virtual is also a light smile nodded his head.
"From now on, every force must be branded on this side when it enters the northern part of the wilderness. Can it be white?"
The coercion is like the majesty of the nine-day high god king. The converse sentence is an inquiry tone but does not refute it!
Without waiting for others to answer, Aurora will enter the will of heaven and earth. In the future, everyone who enters the northern part of the universe will be interested in competing for territory, and will be informed and branded in the will of heaven and earth.
"All right, Nine Songs of Winter Flowing Lan, you will go back to the temples after handling this place!"
In the winter, the three men nodded their heads and left the virtual barrier. Before leaving, they looked at Candle dragon and said a word. Then they left directly without looking back …
Nowadays, the name of the Lord of the Aurora in the wild is completely resounding, which is almost equal to the Lord of Gao Guanghui!
This middle-ranking first-class fiend is destined to be a fuse that inspires many first-class fiends to bravely stimulate their potential.
A generation of myths is nothing more than this! to be continued
Ps Hehe belongs to the Aurora drama, and it’s not too tangled for the official department to exhaust.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-four Three hundred yuan will be
It has lasted for 300 yuan since the robbery.
The temples also directly recalled all the members to close for a long time for three hundred yuan, even if it was Liu Lan and so on, they all went back to the temples one by one and ignored the ups and downs of the outside world.
From the moment when the amount of robbery is calculated, it can be understood that the whole amount of robbery will last for 999 yuan, and when the last yuan comes, it will be a new era.
Nowadays, the apocalypse of the flood has just entered a real large scale from the stage, and the chaos of the flood is not even counted.
Especially in the northern part of the wild, this place is more attractive than a huge cake, which directly forms a huge meat ground. Death and killing are the theme songs.
A series of killings, fierceness, causal karma and so on are hovering in it, which casts a shadow over the humanitarian mind of all creatures in this range.
Anger, pain, greed, resentment, jealousy and other negative emotions occupy their hearts, pollute their minds and erode their reason.
Among them, only some talented people, foundations, wisdom and people with merits can barely stay awake and struggle in the great disaster.
These are the theme songs of Honghuang today!
The universe needs to develop, the world needs to evolve, and those who are truly gifted, outstanding, intelligent, savvy and will are lucky, and there is hope for everyone to impact the immortal generation. Super geniuses need practice resources even more!
Most of the resources that the world really needs are occupied by those with shallow roots, but real geniuses can work hard to exhaust their talents and reduce their hope of reaching the peak.
World development needs resources, and world perfection needs to be filled.
This needs something to come?
Big robbery!
World resources need to be redistributed, such as realizing rational allocation of resources?
Big robbery!
Only those creatures who can really withstand the baptism of catastrophe can qualify for more and better resources and have the resources to climb towards Gao Shanfeng.
These are the real elite geniuses in the wild world!
However, in the catastrophe, the monks fell, and their body energy returned to heaven and earth. They realized that the manifestation of Tao and fruit created by Avenue could be integrated into heaven and earth, perfect the wilderness and promote the evolution of the world.
Nowadays, even the celestial fiends, who have always been strong and United in the northern part of the wild, almost happen to coincide to send their own ethnic groups into the quantitative robbery for baptism.
Even if you are looking down on all the people, you top fiends will not hesitate to take care of your daily life and carefully cultivate elite races and send them to the wild.
You can’t be called a genius until you have been baptized!

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