His words are earnest and affectionate, and people can’t help but listen to them.

Weishuyu bowed his head slightly and said lightly that it was Uncle Yu, but it won’t happen again after I was wrong.
Middle-aged people smiled, but Lian Xiao was like a sigh and cried for a long time. The Lord was a martial arts wizard. Over the years, the martial arts expert was able to rival the Lord’s dignity, and his tolerance became more and more prosperous. However, the Lord was happy when he was a subordinate, but it was also because of this that he could not say these words to the Lord wholeheartedly even if he was dissatisfied. I shouldn’t say that no one could say them except me. In fact, the Lord was polite to me, and I was still the master and subordinate alias. It was too much to say something earlier.
I will never forget that you are my elder, my benefactor and my teacher. Don’t say anything after my teacher.
The middle-aged man took a deep look at him and smiled again. Everything Yu Boping did was just to do his part. I hope that he will not be loyal. This master-slave part is something you must never forget. It is also worthwhile to treat the winner like this in this life. Don’t say it again after those who owe it to the victim.
Weishuyu didn’t pick up this message. Uncle Yu always seldom takes the initiative to come to me, but what is it?
Yu Boping smiled faintly. What should I do?
Weishuyu was silent for a while before saying that no matter what Uncle Yu came, it was fortunate that you came to help me out.
Yu Boping smiled and knew what the Lord was thinking. Some people came to me and said something, but I didn’t listen carefully or think much. Just like today, I don’t want to know what made Mo Lao unhappy. I am the Lord. I can speak to the Lord from a subordinate position. Forgive me for being unappreciative. Many times, the Lord is too polite to me and respects the prestige of the Lord. It may not be a good thing for the Lord to make a decision. I may not understand or disagree, but I can’t make suggestions to the Lord. Once the Lord finally decides that I have different ideas, I should immediately forget my own thoughts and firmly implement the
Uncle Wei Shuyu’s heart is full of heat. You are always me.
Yu Boping sighed lightly. What does it mean? It’s because that Xiao Xingde thing is so heartfelt that I don’t think, but you are the highest decision. You are our master. You can respect our opinions and also don’t accept our ideas. The only thing we should do is to try our best to help you instead of holding you. I really don’t think, but now too many people are against me. I need you.
He stared at Wei Shuyu with firm eyes. I must make people understand that you are the only and absolute master, and your will and your thoughts are the highest and the most inviolable. If we can’t solve this point, then all our efforts over the years are meaningful. Your great cause needs us, but all of us, including me, help you qualify and are not conducive to guiding you or controlling your Lord. You are our master, and we will make decisions in your hands.
He was silent for a while, and then he said, I don’t understand your idea. I don’t agree with what you did, but I will still do my best because you are my master.
Answer him is Wei Shuyu’s long silence.
He can’t find words to express his mood at this moment, and he can’t find a suitable way to respond to this. His heart is not relieved, not grateful, but heavy pressure
Yes, so many people care about their lives, fortunes, personal lives, regardless of his hands, so they devote themselves to helping each other, so that they can realize and defend their points and answer them layer by layer without worrying or thinking.
Yu Boping didn’t ask him for something and didn’t do anything, which made him miserable. Only in this way can he be reasonable and considerate, and he can’t help but consider him, which can make many people suffer a Xiao Xingde to compensate.
For so many years, everyone has fought for the inheritance wealth information with blood and tears. Too much information has been lost in Xiao Xingde, and the bottom hole has not seen any signs of filling up. I hope that Xiao Xingde’s martial arts will recover. Why don’t these people worry about it?
As a leader, he is also in charge, but he can’t express these pains to people. It’s a heavy heart and a heavy burden. It’s hard to bear for a while, full of depression and resentment, and he can’t face the sky and scream, and he can play the sword and dance vertically, but there are still too many people in the world, but there are still too many things to cut off.
He has always been a simple swordsman, and it would be great if I came and went in heaven and earth with a sword in my hand, but even this is something that can’t be told in my heart.
In the depths of his heart where no one can peek, he smiles coldly at himself, and even he feels freezing.
Yu Boping saw that he looked heavy and knew that he was thinking deeply, which means adding more pressure to him. He smiled and said, Lord, can you guess what I came to the Lord for?
Weishu gave a wry smile. I really can’t come.
Yu Boping looked at him deeply.
During this period, Wei Shu-yu’s spirit was put on Xiao Xingde’s recovery of martial arts. No matter what happened outside, even if he didn’t ask, even if he was afraid of something, he didn’t know and guessed it.
But he didn’t blame or smile, saying, as I said just now, I’ve come to the Lord for a walk to listen.
Wei Shuyu zheng he Yu Boping said that it was a relief, but I didn’t expect it to be a walk.
Everyone is not idle to listen, and they never have the leisure to listen. I remember when I was a child, I practiced martial arts day after day, and when I relaxed, a bunch of adults would reprimand Yu Boping with a straight face, and he was one of the fiercest. Why did he come and pull him to listen now?
Yu Boping smiled. It was easy to laugh. I didn’t know what to say, but it was not heavy and bitter.
He raised his hand and pointed to the front to see the guest building here. Recently, a gentleman came to the guest building. He said that every word is touching and soul-stirring. He said that the anecdote was even more amazing, and he went upstairs with me to know the clue.
The small garden stands neutral in a falling flower and looks rather flat and ordinary.
After he stood quietly for a long time, he turned back to his room and said lightly.
A chuckle rings, but I can’t hide it from you
A person’s image of smoke generally wafted in from the window, and he stood leisurely in front of the sex morality. The eyes were clear and clear, and it was Dong Yan ran.
Sex Germany is not surprised. He came back with violet fragrance today. I knew it must be from Ruo, but if you can sneak in here alone.
Dong Yan ran smiled. Speaking of it, if it’s really a strange man, he is an emperor who has never been in the Jianghu, but it seems that others can’t compare with the Jianghu experience. When he left the palace, it’s not miraculous to take all kinds of gadgets with him. He was accidentally taken away and left a lot of good things in the car. I went to help my wife Xiao Yi get rid of the army. Speaking of these little things, I took some of them. The violet fragrance is the secret of the imperial doctors in the palace of Chu. Ordinary people can’t smell it, but if we drink a little violet wine in advance, we can easily sense it It’s so easy for Nalanyu to be a tracker after this fragrance. I drew him to me. When I stabbed him with his hand, I sprinkled incense on him. Because his martial arts were too high, I didn’t dare to chase him immediately after he left. Instead, Nalanyu said a few words and calmed Nalanyu down, and then secretly followed the fragrance to find here. I didn’t dare to dive in and hide until I saw him leave me.
Sex Germany calmly asked what had happened since I was forcibly taken away that day, and if I would be taken to Qin king Palace.
Dong smiled and put Qin Baiyi and others on the scene until if she was put into Qin king Palace, she knew everything would be said one by one.
Sex virtue listens quietly, eyes are clean and clear.
It was a long time before he gently said, I can’t figure out what Wang Wei wants to see. It’s possible that if Empress Wei is in the hands of the Empress Dowager, after all, Wei’s national politics is in the hands of the Empress Dowager, but even if Wei’s Qin Chu is far apart, it’s good for Wei to borrow Qin Chu to fight against the two powerful countries, but it’s possible to provoke Qin Chu’s revenge and forcibly take it away. It’s also too difficult for Xiao Yi to fool him. If something comes out for no reason, it’s good for Wei to have two great enemies in Qin Chu.
Dong Yan ran sighed, I also think impassability, but now the most important thing is to save if come.
Don’t worry, you can get close to Nalanyu. Nalanyu can go to the palace to look for it. If you can tell me through Nalanyu that if I have met you, I am in good condition. I don’t have to worry about telling him to feel at ease. Don’t offend the king of Qin. If you want to save him, we can benefit from various contradictions, including Wei Shuyu.
Wei Shuyu
That’s the guy who forced me here.
Dong Yan ran carefree smile to his name is Wei.
Is his surname WeiXingDe also quietly answered.
They have a pair of eyes, and they both get the message.

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