There is a gap of three times in the same level, five times in the same level and a hundred times in the same level, which means that he must at least reach the middle stage of pick Jin Xian.

It is necessary to break through to the realm of pick Jin Xian in the shortest time. The broken virtual body method is definitely a weapon to kill people in the battlefield. Chen Han Xian knows how to sweep things. In order to reach the early stage of pick Jin Xian, you can complete a rapid leap with this thing …
Chapter 5 Anti-robbery
It’s urgent to find a place to practice here, where the stars are strong and pure, and it’s absolutely not more than three years to advance to pick Jin Xian.
This figure is an incredible speed for an immortal. Unless in the same cultivation environment, it is impossible for a practitioner of witchcraft to complete the whole great realm from Taiyi Jin Xian to Daluo Jinxian in such a short time.
There is no shortage of talent in the celestial world, and it is better than Yi Hao’s talent, but it will take a hundred years to advance from the early stage of Taiyi to the shortest record in the early stage of Da Luo.
Of course, this is before the help of external forces
This is not a low-level fix-up realm. There is a more powerful elixir, which is even more precious than elixir. It’s easy to get a direct access to pick Jin Xian.
It is no wonder that the planet ranked as the penultimate flood level is a little higher than the planet with no fairy aura. The environment of this planet is ridiculously poor, thin and complicated, which makes it difficult to see the natural materials and treasures here. Occasionally, there are some quality differences.
Because the fairy aura is too bad, the roots can’t breed immortals. On the contrary, some places with pure and rich aura in heaven and earth can breed fairy grass and flowers.
It’s not that fairy reiki is worse than heaven and earth reiki, mainly because the reiki here is too thin and complicated, and it’s difficult to collect reiki to breed fairy medicinal materials. There is no strong spiritual vein under the ground, and fairy minerals can’t be bred. In some ways, it’s not as good as the low-level reiki but rich enough to fix the true boundary.
Two strains of middle-level tractor grass struggled desperately in a big tree to absorb the faint fairy aura.
The harsh cultivation environment is doomed to breed fairy treasures here. Even the spiritual talents and treasures are rarely found in places suitable for diving. When I came to Chenhan, I saw these two strains of tractor grass, and I didn’t even find any talents and treasures.
"Birds don’t shit, poor place …"
He couldn’t help cursing the Chinese herbal medicine, not to mention him. Even though Jing Yun would be the worst master, he wouldn’t look at it even once.
Such a low-level medicinal material refined into elixir is effective for those who fix the truth in the distracted period. Where can there be distracted garbage in the master?
"Ha ha ….. pull machine grass! Oh, my God, there are actually two tractor grasses! "
Excitement and high-pitched sound suddenly sounded, and Chen Han turned his head to look at it and suddenly found a figure yelling at the garbage in his eyes.
Cause trouble. He doesn’t have fairy knowledge to find out, but you can find out by the breath that this point is an immortal master.
Are you still so excited to see this rubbish?
Before he could figure out what was going on, the fairy found out that he put away the tractor as quickly as possible and shouted, "Who are you?"
Look, he quickly put the herbs into a ring of the first spiritual level. He is so afraid of robbing himself. Chen Han almost couldn’t help laughing. Only then will he treat the grass as a treasure?
"In the cold just soaring from the world …"
The fairy didn’t wait for Chen Han to finish, but suddenly her eyes flashed and her fairy knowledge was forced into Chen Han’s body without hesitation. "Did you really just soar from the world?"
If you encounter this kind of situation in the fix-true world, a garbage one hundred times worse than yourself is so presumptuous that he would have learned a lesson.
However, this is the celestial world, and he has too much to fear!
In the source universe, except when the source star didn’t contact the fix true person, he always had forces to rely on, such as Duanmu family, Tianlong family, Cyclops family and so on, but he could rely on himself in this strange celestial world.
Even if he later went to fix the true world without any background, he had Du Jie’s periodic fix the true world, but the gap between six robberies and scattered immortals was not so great as to be incredible.
But here?
He has no one to rely on and is poorly cultivated. He is in the early stage of the penultimate realm, which is made up of immortals and immortals.
There is no doubt that the root doesn’t want the top power in the celestial world to shoot him. Even a middle-level fairy can slap him into a paste. More importantly, Junlong told him not to forget that there are Junlong’s biggest enemies here. Those people are not the best in the celestial world.
Therefore, in the celestial world, we must never let the emperor shake the sky and expose it. Even if people have a little doubt, it may lead to an irresistible disaster.
You must learn to be forbearing and low-key, and you must not expose your mind!
At this moment, he had a decision in his heart, and he would never make his main battle force, that is, stronger than physical strength, unless he had to.
"Fortunately, the old abdomen has been repaired, otherwise it is really a trouble now …"
His heart can’t help but relax a lot of light say with smile "exactly! At the beginning, it soared from the fix-true world, so it wouldn’t bother Brother Dao to collect Lingcao. "
The fairy suddenly roared inexplicably, took out a piece of jade and crushed it and shouted, "Master Dong, there is a Jin Xian who has just risen from the boundary. Come here quickly!"
"I do his big ye how didn’t expect this crop? Not good … this king egg! "
Chen cold quickly understood the reason. Just now, that guy found out that he couldn’t see through the mind and naturally had a number.
Just soaring can make him unable to see through this medium-term fairy. The only possibility is that the realm of six robberies and scattered immortals has soared. So what does the six robberies and scattered immortals represent in the realm of repair?
Didn’t you see that fellow look at himself like a wolf sees a white rabbit?
The highest peak of the pyramid in the fix-true realm, six robberies and scattered immortals, is like ants to the strong in the celestial realm. However, in such a place where there is no fairy resources, it is like a veritable Jinshan Yinhai, which is the fat Tang monk meat in the eyes of a group of fairies.
There is no fairy resource here, but there are six robberies and scattered immortals, and even if the mix is the worst, there are also early immortals.
Because the celestial people can search the memory of the ascending person and know the situation of the fix true world, the fix true person is ignorant of the celestial things, so Chen Hangen doesn’t know the situation here. Junlong didn’t talk about these little things of sesame and mung beans
That’s right. Those who soar from the world to those places where birds don’t shit will be robbed from the outside immediately!

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