In other words, he finally has an opponent

The loneliest thing for a character like him is the lack of an opponent, which is often envied by the world.
Destiny did not say anything, but let Sasuke go. Sasuke was still alive, but he felt that the pain in his arms became minimal because he knew that Kotaro, the God Valley, had made a move.
At this most dangerous moment, Shosha actually arrived. He came on his own two legs and rushed to the ground. When he arrived, he sat on the ground exhausted and gasped for a while before saying, "Thank you for your mercy."
Destiny cold way "I’m not hand but"
"I know," Shoshalo Huo Ran leaped up with a straight waist and his face glowed with pride and glory. "I have come to fight against the sea on behalf of Kotaro, the first swordsman of Yamato nation."
"The first swordsman" destiny said, "Do you know that the word first can’t be said casually?"
"There is no doubt that Kotaro, the sacred valley, is the god in the sword of the first swordsman of our day." That Sasuke shook his head and said, "We are not."
"The first swordsman, hey hey, the first swordsman" was silently read for several times, and suddenly he said, "War is in"
"War" Shosha Luo frowned. "Because I was impatient, I came here first. The war is still on the way. Please wait a moment."
"Good" destiny is obviously willing to wait for a worthy opponent.
He is full of self-confidence and half-fear, but Qu Yong is not at ease, because he knows very well that two people must take a great advantage against the sword with their bare hands. He can’t help walking up to Destiny and saying, "Martial Uncle, do you want any weapons? We are going to prepare one."
There are six swords in form and meaning, Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword, hexagram boxing and hexagram sword, and each door is a feat of shocking the past and defying the present. Qu Yong guessed that destiny would need a good sword.
Destiny gave him a look and sighed, "Are you heavy in this black dress?"
This question was asked by Quyong before China’s departure, which is why Quyong broke the door of Dan Jin, and now he is asked again. Of course, during the day, Quyong is not asking him to answer whether it is heavy or not, but actually answering his question just now.
Weight is not epee, not sword, distance is not distance
The great masters of China and Japan are so similar in their views on martial arts. In fact, it is not only their martial arts masters but also Buddhist masters. One Zen master said that he realized that "when the old monk went to Zen thirty years ago, he saw mountains and water, but later he saw mountains and water, not mountains and water, not water."
What destiny says is not weight but similarity.
Qu Yong is really white at this moment. Anyone can say that if you really want to understand the meaning, who can?
"It’s not Dan who pushes Dan. Uncle Dan said that drawing a circle is not a circle. I get it."
After watching the fierce battle of destiny, Qu Yong repeatedly drew a number of circles, big and small, and felt that those circles were set one by one, and one by one, and suddenly there was an incomprehensible feeling in his heart. It was not the words in his mouth that could describe it, just like Jia Ye’s smile. He couldn’t say what you wanted him to say, but he just realized it.
Of course, the circle is not Dan Jin. There is a circle in the circle, not a circle. This is Dan.
Qu Yong suddenly felt a loose body, which was completely loose, and then naturally took a posture of sitting in Dan. This posture was not difficult, but when he suddenly took a hug, his body and energy suddenly flowed. He had been penalizing for many years and all the dark energy gathered in Zhangmen, Zhongwan, Shanzhong, Geshu, Yanglingquan, Taiyuan, Juegu, which is the point where the human body is dirty.
Qu Yong felt that all his qi, blood, strength and spirit had gathered at that point, and that point became a circle, which in turn became a great circle during his "sitting in Dan", and the focus of this circle was on that point in Dantian.
One day, if he can hold Dan in his arms, he will hold his spirit from the meeting point to Dantian, and this Dan will be transformed.
At this time, Qu Yong’s fugue Wan Li has already turned himself into a realm that is difficult to express in words. He seems to see his blood rushing like the Yangtze River Dragon, seeing a little light like the stars in the sky, seeing the reincarnation of previous lives and future generations for a hundred years, but he seems to see nothing. He is between chaos and chaos.
I can’t say this anymore, and I look very pale because I want to talk.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Agreed imperial city
Destiny never dreamed that Qu Yong could embrace Dan so soon. He was a little angry and turned into joy. He was pointing out Qu Yong’s way from the first day, but he was a good old man, like a father, and he was a body stick with an epiphany. If he didn’t follow him at all, he would be abandoned by love, but on the other hand, it was also the fastest way.
He burned his paper and gave a real allegory in his words and deeds, and Qu Yong learned from it that it was not his old road but a brand-new road belonging to Qu Yong.
This is the real way to teach, and it is also the reason why he has been challenging for days. At the very least, he had to make a breakthrough with the real level master after the war. I didn’t expect Qu Yong to realize so quickly that he really gained more and more when he walked into Dan Jin’s door to see the battle in Kotaro.
Fate QuYong dharma keeper looked at him and murmured, "He didn’t realize early and didn’t realize late, just before the decisive battle of Kotaro, a master in my God Valley, he realized that there are not only talents, but also ordinary people who can make a fortune. It’s hard to say whether it is a blessing or a curse to be born in my door."
Destiny look a whole and complete way "can come in wartime"
Shore Saro is also anxious. He and those pirates after Kikuchi are coming with him, but he is also worried that Sasuke’s side will change first. According to his estimation, he will definitely arrive in 20 minutes at the earliest.
"Please wait another ten minutes."
Ten minutes passed quickly, but it still didn’t reach the shore. Sharo’s heart sank and he knew something was wrong
"Time has come to man". Just half an hour ago, Destiny put the challenge first, but now he doesn’t want to fight. He needs to give Qu Yongshi a period of not less than one month so that he can absorb and digest what he just realized.

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