This war must be a close summit, and no one can judge the final result, but this war is not just about the ownership of Kouxun.

If ChengTianQi nearly lost this bloody battle, the top three positions in the list will change immediately.
In fact, the ranking in the bloody battle list is still second. Because of this disturbing thing, playing with the ice pupil will definitely make them worse than before, and Xuanlong will not be cheap then.
"Hehe, sister, are you kidding?"
Chengtian immediately made a wise decision, pointing to Kouxun. Hehe smiled. "This person is also owned by the school sister. If the school sister is interested in the first place in the bloody battle list, the brother immediately tells Tianbing Pupil Fairy to advance to the first place in the bloody battle list. If the school sister likes the brother, she will surely achieve her wish."
The eyes were fixed on him for about three seconds, and the shape of the ice pupil flashed away. "You two come back with me. The first place in the bloody battle list of Tianxuan Peak is not to let it out. If I want to, I will fight for it on my own."
"School sister, do you want to choose a few more people? I’ll give you all my brothers! " Xuanlong shouted at the fleeting sword light and didn’t care to look at his angry eyes.
"I haven’t left any waste to come. Let’s keep it for the two senior brothers."
The indifferent voice echoed with nearly 500 new people’s faces. In the eyes of this cold and arrogant ice pupil fairy, even people with special physique have become waste. Unfortunately, despite their unhappiness, no one dared to say a word to ask them to have a bad performance. If they don’t need ice pupils, Cheng Tian and Xuanlong will tear their ice pupils alive. Can they say that?
Two top couples were taken away, and Chengtian and Xuanlong were suddenly dull, and no one was selected and left the scene directly.
This is cheaper for others. They know very well that the top talents are not their own. Now that the top three in the bloody battle list are gone, they can get more opportunities to get more new people.
Tianxuan peak
Guarding Taixuan’s main peak, the highest Beidou Seven Peaks, everything here is decided by the ice pupil, including the life and death of those outside brothers who belong to Tianxuan Peak.
Various buildings are lined with different flowers and trees, and rockeries, flowing springs, streams and waterfalls can be seen everywhere.
Not far from the tinker, a group of practitioners are studying and practicing, and many people are waiting for flowers and plants.
"These people … don’t you mean that the super powers recruit people who have more than one step of talent growth in Du Jie?"
Chen cold pedal fly sword with behind the ice pupil looked at those busy factotum work with a full face of doubt "these people how so bad? How can the strongest people enter Taiyi Xianmen when they are distracted? "
It’s a pity that he didn’t get the answer he wanted. Bing said coldly, "At Tianxuan Peak, you need to remember that there is no seat at three o’clock. Don’t talk nonsense. Don’t say that you are not allowed to ask. There is still an order. Otherwise, you will die soon."
"You uncle!"
Heart secretly scolded 1 Chen cold and KouXun looked at each other immediately wisdom chose to shut up before there is not enough strength with six bullet scattered fairy field is absolutely not much better.
Following the ice pupil, he stayed outside a building. Two younger brothers bowed their heads and saluted respectfully. "See the teacher elder sister."
Cold-faced and nodded, Bing pupil pointed to Kouxun and said to the two men, "Zhuofeng took him to pick the waist tag of the second-class deacon in Yuege. What’s your name?"
Kouxun wanted to give up. She didn’t even know her name for a long time.
However, the younger brother named Zhuo Feng was a little surprised and said, "Sister, do you mean the second deacon?"
Ice pupil some unhappiness frowned immediately motioning with his hand, "ten years if we can break through to the Mahayana period to promote the first-class deacon, if there is no breakthrough to drop the ordinary brother, now take him to the second-class deacon to fix the true resources and then practice in the Yuege."
Chen Han and Kouxun’s understanding of super power is limited to hearsay, and many of them don’t know the real situation, just like what this deacon is.
This is a position that my true brother holds in one hundred mountain peaks. The younger brother belongs to Tai Xuanfeng directly under the jurisdiction of the whole sect, and hundreds of thousands of other brothers belong to the younger brother’s jurisdiction. These people have different talents and qualifications, different repair progress, and different efforts. Because of their future achievements, let these foreign brothers work hard to cultivate and promote. The same is true for foreign brothers.
According to the talent and promotion speed, it is divided into four grades: ordinary foreign brother, third-class deacon, second-class deacon and first-class deacon.
However, the fourth-class division does not belong to the sect, and the division of positions still belongs to the foreign brothers in the sect. The status level is limited to this peak.
There are nearly 300,000 younger brothers outside Taiyi Xianmen. Although the distribution is not completely equal, the overall difference is not very big. The real difference lies in the qualifications, such as the first place in Chengtian bloody battle list, and the best talent for selecting new people every year is mostly in his hand.
Tianxuanfeng has a total of about 4,000 external deacons, including 400 third-class deacons and 100 second-class deacons. Each of them governs four third-class deacons and ten first-class deacons, which constitutes the external force structure of Tianxuanfeng.
Because promotion and demotion are determined by talent and promotion speed, newcomers are all ordinary foreign brothers. It takes some time to decide whether they are qualified for promotion. Just coming in like this, there are few second-class deacons, which is why Zhuo Feng is surprised.
"What about me? Where am I going to practice? " Chen Han regretted it as soon as he asked a word.
"Do you want to die?"

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