"How many capsules in a bottle?" Merlin Haas fixed color way can’t see mood swings.

"Twenty!" Qin Chu glanced at Merlin Haas’ eyes at random, and even if Merlin Haas concealed it, Qin Chu clearly noticed the fleeting excitement.
Bargaining is an art of bargaining! You can see each other’s experience by lowering the price.
Qin Chu’s short sentence immediately made Merlin Haas white. This is just a rookie. He didn’t know the value of this solid culture Yuan Dan!
Merlin Haas has a deep understanding of the effect of Gupeiyuandan. It is common for alchemists to stay in the laboratory and stay up late. Their physical fitness is not as good as that of ordinary people. It is easy to die early, but after eating Gupeiyuandan, Merlin Haas feels that some symptoms in his original body disappear overnight!
I have long heard that Gu Peiyuan Dan became a noble in Caesar’s imperial city and rushed to buy a life-saving panacea. Merlin Haas immediately moved his mind.
"it’s a great way to win ov other alchemists!" Merlin Haas is the vice-president of the alchemy trade union, and the three vice-presidents are all anxious about the presidency in. With such a panacea, the alchemists who hope to live longer must be grateful to Merlin Haas! And merlin Haas prestige will be further promoted!
"Twenty tablets are a little less," Merlin Haas made a "dreary exercise" and said, "How about replacing thirty tablets with three elemental crystals?
"Who are you killing!" Next to it suddenly came Edison’s angry voice, "three elemental crystals can be changed to five at most!" Love does not change, do not change, get out! "
Chapter o96 barter
Pope Abraham, the spokesman of the God of Brain Light in the Hall of Parliament, stood quietly on his chest with a supple golden head. His face sat quietly on the high platform and his eyes slowly looked at Fang.
In addition to Anthony Chekhov and Archbishop Wade, there are three others, two of whom are middle-aged men in armor who are the heads of the light corps in charge of the temple. There is also a man who can’t tell his age in the big Xuan, but his pale face stands proudly against the black knife-shaped eyebrows, his eyes are slender and scattered, and his cold light is muddy like a drawn sword, giving people the feeling of war.
"This time, the other party has moved out of the temple. It is expected that Pope Abraham will slowly say," They are menacing Neptune with Poseidon fork in person this time! We don’t have much time left. If we can’t repair the crown of thorns in half at the same time, we will suffer heavy losses! "
The Pope paused and then inquired, "Do you have any good ideas to call?"
Everyone was silent.
Qi Hefu looked around awkward.
The Pope saw Chekhov move. "Archbishop Chekhov, what do you think?"
Qi Hefu hesitated a little. "I suggest that all the empires under the jurisdiction of the temple form an alliance to send the strongest troops abroad to fight against Poseidon with the Light Corps! It must be for the benefit of the people, not just the temple.
Next to the head of the army, he nodded and said, "I think Archbishop Chekhov’s suggestion is very good. Before the fight against the pirates, the Light Corps always took the lead. At that time, there was still a heavy loss when the Thorn Crown was in town. It is impossible to unite all forces only by our two legions!"
"Do you think the emperors will agree?" The Pope light way
The cold man said coldly, "If you don’t agree, you will die."
"This servant thing can’t be seen from the military strength alone. What’s more important is the semi-artifact Thorn Crown. Without its assistance, it is difficult to resist pirates with Poseidon Forks!" The archbishop of weed slowly way
"Archbishop Anthony doesn’t know what your opinion is?" The Pope looked at Anthony, who had been silent.
"Maybe let these alchemists try first." Anthony leaned slightly and said slowly.
"I’m not optimistic!" Chekhov fumed, "Where did the crown of thorns come from? Where can these common customs be repaired?"
"Then archbishop Chekhov may be able to find a golden dragon again? Anthony chuckled and heard the name of Jinlong. Chehe’s face suddenly turned ugly.
Archbishop Wade said, "Speaking of alchemists, this time I found a strange man with strange abilities, which may help to repair the crown of thorns."
"All right!" When the Pope heard the news, he didn’t show excitement. He simply said, "I ordered these alchemists to be good at repairing and go straight to the treasure house without going through a long ability test."
"Lucas’ treasure house is in your hands." The Pope turned to the cold man.
"Yes," the cold man nodded.
"Send someone to the emperors to order the strongest legion to join the front line and let the two heads arrange. If there is any disobedience, say that the temple doesn’t mind changing the weight of the empire.
Qin Chu feels that everything has changed, and the world is no longer about seeing, hearing and tasting the world by himself.
The world has been combined with grain!
Qin Chu now has mastered a strange force that is no less than his own strength!
But Qin Chu suddenly felt that this part of his power was so small!
A kind of power that is several times more powerful than then has a trivial feeling in Qin Chu’s heart.
How to put it? It’s like a frog at the bottom of a well suddenly entering the pond. Although the living water environment is big, he knows that there is a bigger environment around him and he doesn’t know anything about it!
"The tip of the iceberg!" Qin Chu breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that his strength came from the prayers of ordinary people!
A whole ten thousand people gathered to form a mind that is already so powerful. If everyone in a country takes out a little mind, Qin Chu thinks that self-cultivation can compete with pick Jin Xian at that time!
"No wonder Anthony said that the key to God’s strength lies in being strong!" Qin Chu slowly opened his eyes and suddenly fried two pale golden flames!
Qin Chu mind micro body has been flowing to the door.
"Was is king! Qin Chu Jr. verified the thought in his heart, "What saints like Nannai can’t have is this soul!"

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