When did she get pregnant? She has no idea! Is it because she is pregnant that she has been suffering from abdominal pain? !

"What’s the matter?" Mohe saw Pan Hui’s face was not right, and she was not comfortable. "It’s windy outside, and your body is just a little bit uncomfortable. Go inside and cool off. I’ll be right back."
"You … you and so on …" Pan Hui stretched out his hand and grabbed Mohe sleeve a pair of eyes beads wandering around from time to time with a tight tone and anxiety "you said I was pregnant ~ pregnant? How long? "
Mohe dazed "you don’t know? It’s been three months, and Duane doesn’t know? "
Pan Hui shook her head and suddenly remembered that Duane had been making her eat a lot of supplements for the past two months and nodded, "He … maybe you know …" So she would always give her those things and stop telling her what was bothering her and let her have a good rest to see that she would be so nervous after being hit by Guan Yuchen’s palm.
It was Pan Hui who didn’t know about it herself. When she was young, she didn’t have a mother to teach her that she didn’t know what the symptoms of pregnancy were. Even when she came to Guishui or Pu and Lin Ling told her what to do, it was even worse. Since the robbery of the adult fairy, there has been no Guishui.
After the initial fear passed, Pan Hui gently caressed her lower abdomen with her hands, and her heart was gradually filled with joy. After a series of bad news, she finally saw a ray of hope and dawn to make her life less gloomy.
A trace of bitterness emerged in Mohe’s mouth smile, but when Pan Hui looked up for a moment, he recovered bright and clear. His tone was brisk and he said, "Well … now you know what’s going on, don’t go back to the house and have a rest."
"Well," Pan Hui nodded with a smile and forgot what the big fellow had just said. He turned around and went back to the house, even with a little lighter pace than before.
In Mohe’s eyes, I couldn’t bear to turn around and leave their residence neatly behind Pan Huijin’s house, but I left a wisp of thoughts at the door when I closed the courtyard door, so that once someone came, he could feel it even hundreds of miles away.
A month passed so quietly. In this month, Pan Hui finally got used to the role of mother in Mohe and tried to get along with her neighbors. Although she was not used to it at first, especially every time someone called her a desert mother, after a long time, she felt the simplicity and enthusiasm of the villagers and gradually ignored these. Every time someone called her, she smiled and responded without refuting or admitting it.
On the contrary, Mohe always brings her some market gadgets when she goes out, sometimes sugar people and sometimes rattles, and once bought a doll to wear tiger-headed shoes and a tiger-headed hat.
Pan Hui looked at him in surprise. I don’t know whether I was moved or guilty. Mohe didn’t take care of her. Guilt was my own report.
Mohe saw that she was struggling and suddenly "sloped" and laughed. "Are you touched? Did you find that I am much better than Duane and decided to be married? "
Pan Hui immediately turned supercilious look, even saving a glance at him. It is a common practice for him to be absent all the time.
This man is very kind to her, but he likes to flirt with her all the time. Today, he said that he would let her have a daughter and marry him as his wife. The other day, he said that he would simply have a son. He wants to be michel platini. Now ask her directly if she wants to be married.
Hum! Who cares about him
Pan Hui took the shoes and hats and directly put Mohe smirked outside the door. Naturally, there would be no eyes that Mohe slowly became bitter.
Mohe turned to look at the sky, and the full moon had a faint uneasiness in her heart.
When he stole this month, he was not sure how long it would last. He wanted to give Pan Hui a stable life, away from all the dust and killings. Although he knew that this was his hope that the day would be completely chaotic in the near future, no one could stop it, but the story was no longer the original track.
Everything has changed a little because of him. Unexpectedly, he can go step by step.
That night Mohe stayed outside Pan Huimen without going back to his room until he heard the sound of Pan Hui getting up in the room. When he left Pan Huimen, he saw a pair of shoes printed on the green flag floor wet with dew, which looked strangely dry.
Mohe came back before noon, and his face was dignified. As soon as he came back, he directly packed his things and asked Pan Hui to leave together.
Pan Hui suspicious way "what’s the matter? What happened? "
Mohe gave her a deep look and hesitated for a moment before sinking, "Zhou Guo defeated Song Jun and will soon be under siege. We have to leave immediately."
"What about the villagers? They … Don’t you care about them? " Anyway, after living for a month, Pan Hui still has some affection for these koo villagers and can’t bear to see them suffer from the war.
Mohe shook his head. "I don’t care about them. This is their fate. Even if they leave with us now, they will still die in the war in the future. You are different. Since I saved you, you will not die."
With that, he threw himself up and picked up Pan Huifei and rushed out. He didn’t even want to buy tiger shoes and tiger hats yesterday. Now he wants to take Pan Hui to an place quickly, even if he has to move again in a few days.
Pan Hui consciously gripped the front of Mohe and deliberately ignored the question for a month. Finally, she asked, "How did you … how did you know that I was in trouble?"
Sorry I’m late.
She heard Mohe’s last sentence before she fell into a coma, so she chose to stay. She wanted to know whether Mohe would appear in such a crisis or whether she knew it clearly.
She doesn’t believe that there is such a coincidence in this world unless it is in the hands of people from the beginning.
Mohe didn’t answer is to take her to running all the way until they arrived at the city of Wanqiu, the capital of Zhou, and stopped without sweating but panting badly.
In fact, he was covering up by Pan Hui’s questioning about the crazy jump and his restless panting.
It was a long time before he calmed down and hung up the iconic laughing tone again and said briskly, "Of course, I have calculated a killer … if there are no two brushes, where can I live today! Divination for good or ill luck is just a trick of carving insects. I can know that you are in trouble and know each other. Of course, I have to save you. "
Chapter 49 Meet Li Rong again (2)
Pan Hui stared at Mohe’s eyes intently and seemed to want to see a flaw in each other’s eyes. Unfortunately, there was nothing in Mohe’s eyes, and the arrogance was perfect. But it was this that Pan Huicai became more and more sure that Mohe must know something to hide the truth so thoroughly.
Mohe had a good rest and yawned again. "Okay, okay, don’t think so much. Anyway, now that the border is temporarily set up, the war there should not burn so fast. We advanced city will find a room in the city to live when you give me the baby. Go wherever you like, even if you want to die, I don’t care about you, but you have to leave my future daughter-in-law or godson first."
Pan Hui didn’t stare at him this time, but she took the lead in walking into the city with a deep look at him.
Some things are not so easy to reduce once you are suspicious, and someone, no matter how much you doubt his purpose, you can’t doubt his heart for you.
Pan Hui doesn’t know whether she believes or suspects when she talks to Mohe. This person has always been talking crazy. You never know which words he said are true and which words are to cover up her. The only thing that can be sure is that Mohe will never hurt her feelings.
"Mohe, can you help me figure out when I can live?" Pan Hui didn’t look back. She knew Mohe was behind her. It was a strange peace of mind that made her a little uneasy.
Mohe footsteps followed again and again. "Is your fortune telling so simple? That needs the right time, the right place and now. You see, it’s already noon. When the sun is falling, there must be no place to live. How can we benefit people and let alone come out hungry without eating lunch? "

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