When the last trace of chaotic gas transforms into reiki for 6 hours, put away the Taiji diagram, stand up with negative hands and look around in the void. When I don’t know, those big six in heaven have split into big or small islands, and their skulls have come to be suspended in the vast void. Every island is surrounded by reiki and condensed into thick white fog.

Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, neck, and celestial spirit, these nine holes form a deeper hole than the dish, which drains into people everywhere and the ten deep and remote places, and the six dense provinces are left by Pangu on the wall of the passage. Look up and see that the five elements of hijacking wheel are forbidden to block out of the passage and cannot enter through the door.
Nu Wa Niangniang and Hong Yun Lao Zu Zhen Ling are still floating nearby, but the two regiments belonging to the quasi-Taoist priest and Amitabha Buddha have gone through the whole cranial world for six years, but they can’t find them and hide in the place.
Shook his head for 6 long self-deprecating smile and muttered, "What do you want them to do? They have lost the protection standard and access of the mixed sage avenue, but they are just two local tile dogs, and they can take their lives."
The five elements of heaven will always cross unless they never leave this world for six years. The true spirit has taken off the shackles and gained further opportunities. At the same time, for six years, it has lost the ability of the mixed sage to replenish mana
The total mana of mixed-yuan saints is limited, which is not exhaustive, because its supplement is extremely rapid, even if it is squandered, it can be replenished quickly, which gives people the illusion of "exhaustion"
After losing this ability for a long time, it is better to think about it in Du Jie. In this world where the aura is thousands of times far away from the outside world, the Du Jie class can get mana faster and gain a little grasp.
"Let’s send the Empress and the eldest brother out first. We’ll get them when we get to Du Jie."
I’ve made up my mind to raise my hand for six long times and I’ll pinch the seal tactic to send the female milk empress and Hongyun bodhi old zu Zhen Ling out. I haven’t finished a seal tactic for six long times and I’m thinking, "Do you want to make a channel to send the empress and eldest brother Zhen Ling out first? Waiting for the rabbit to wait for the right time and attracting the true spirit into the trap? "
Hesitate for a moment and give up this plan for a long time, not to show his tolerance, but because he is not sure whether they will die after destroying the lead and the quasi-true spirit. Or become an eternal saint?
If it’s the former, it’s best, but in case it’s the latter, wouldn’t it be trouble for yourself? Since you can easily clean them up after you get back to the true spirit, why do you have to make trouble for yourself?
I don’t want to take this risk for a long time to add trouble to myself, even though the probability of this trouble is less than one in ten thousand.
"imprison them?" After 6 years, another idea came up, and then I shook my head and laughed and scolded myself for being possessed.
What if they are imprisoned? Wouldn’t it keep them in a state of being saints for a while? The post-processing method must be one of two ways to release their true spirits so late as early; Secondly, obliterating their true spirit will return to the original scruples.
Knowing that you are the enemy, but you can’t move, you rubbed your eyebrows in distress for 6 long. Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in your mind for 6 long, and your lips evoked an evil smile and sniggered yourself into an extreme. "You can’t imprison, you can’t kill, but you can’t be cheap. It’s ok to make some trouble for them."
After thinking about it for 6 years, I recognized it for a moment, and then I flew to a passage leading to Xinghai with the maiden and the true spirit of Hongyun bodhi old zu.
"Saint since today! ! !”
After 6 years of chanting, the parallel refers to a sword at the same time and shoots a clear light into the deep hole, which is as dense as the fierce sun melting snow. The shadow malaria that disappears in a short time runs through the world outside Pangu’s skull.
Around 6 years, the two groups around me were really inspired by people, and the breath of Nu Wa Niangniang and Hongyun Bodhisattva slipped into Xinghai.
A little while later, a little time flew in the distance and rushed to the tunnel for 6 years. After a long time, the evil spirits smiled and flew out of the tunnel. Two weak firm but gentle waves were in the middle of the line and connected without any protection. The fragile true spirit was really hurt and swayed out of the tunnel.
Smiling for 6 years, I flew to the central island of the cranial world, that is, the Lingxiao Hall where the original heaven was located, the palaces everywhere, the four gates in all directions, and the Yaochi Wonderland. Every corner of the heaven was well preserved.
I don’t appreciate the scenery in heaven for 6 years, and I looked up straight at the colorful roulette wheel outside the top door passage.
Hands on his chest pinched a few printing tactic 6 long eyes essence mans burst now suddenly waved to both sides of the tongue bursts spring thunder way "give me away! ! !”
Visible to the naked eye, ripples spread from the chest for six years to the end of the world, and all the channel bans disappeared in a flash.
The five-element robbery wheel in the tunnel just slipped into the skull world without waiting. The red light hung high at the exit of the square tunnel and occupied the whole roulette wheel. All kinds of fires came slowly, including three kinds of true fire, delicious true fire, sun true fire, skyfire, ground fire, ordinary fire and industrial fire.
All the flames of heaven and earth seem to come to you in an instant. With six years of repair, others can still cope. Only two kinds of flames are the most difficult ones: yin fire and heart fire.
Yin fire burns from Yongquan point on the sole of the foot to Mud Pill Palace. It is also half the effort to put out the evil spirit without the suppression of Yuan God.
The fire in the heart burns people’s will, and the first merit is the treasure of heaven and earth, and the mysterious and exquisite pagoda can’t be stopped. Only when the mourning platform is clear can we resist the past.
Yin fire and Yin fire have been suffering for 6 years.
The fourth volume The first way Chapter three hundred and forty-four Fate Falun
For a long time, I never thought that it would be difficult for the congregation to cross the five elements of Armageddon. Looking at the coming doom, he cursed "Pangu" while crossing it. At this time, he already knew that the rebirth Armageddon was not brought by the East Emperor Taiyi, but by the man who called himself "Pangu"
A fire robbery is already so difficult, and the next four robberies are not tricky. I am afraid that even if I get through it, it will be difficult to get seriously injured.
"What should I do?"
After thinking hard for 6 years, I suddenly remembered the situation when I helped Wen Zhong to cross the heaven. Now I have to do it again. I shook the palm of my hand and sealed the gods list for 6 years and gave a hard nod. "The place where the five-element robbery wheel appeared is exactly where this thing collapsed and acted!"
"I am eager to learn the method of blood collection and refining." After 6 years, the sword fingers crossed the palm of my hand and then I clenched the list of gods. Soon, the blood infiltrated the surface and infiltrated into it.
At this time, the fire robbery ended, and the five-element robbery wheel Huangmang big soil robbery will come out with brewing.
Anxious for 6 long, shaking the wrist force will seal the gods’ list, that is, the Jade Alliance, or Pangu’s head will be smashed into a piece of bone and thrown into the center of the roulette wheel in the middle of the five-element robbery wheel, deeply embedded in it.
The white spider web with white bones is generally spread, and even the five-element hijacking wheel is locked at the exit of the channel to rotate, which makes the white spider web crash and break, and the white liquid is collected in the central position of the roulette wheel and partially penetrates into the five-element hijacking wheel, and then spreads again.
Spreading, locking, breaking, returning, infiltrating, spreading and locking "go on and on."
Little by little, the liquid melted by the white bones seeped into the five-element robbery wheel and gradually changed its color and shape. When it was fully integrated into it, the new appearance of the roulette wheel changed greatly, like a fan’s circular frame and the white central axis engraved with the word "destiny", and the white, black, blue, red and yellow blades adhered to it and slowly rotated at equal intervals.
The "Five-element Robbery Wheel" turned into the "Destiny Falun". The dark clouds hid the doom and sold it. The "Destiny Falun" did not gather with the dark clouds, but hung at the exit of the top door passage and spun out a circle of colorful screens.
After 6 years, the negative hand smiled and looked up, and the eyes went through the depths and went straight to the Fate Falun. The spirit of the finger Falun passed by Pangu’s skull. After several times of expansion, other passages led to the place for 6 years. Only the top door, the last passage, was blocked by the previous five-line robbery wheel.
I feel the pressure of the vast horse in vain at the ten feet of the Falun Gong. For six long, my magic is profound and my miraculous powers seem to have hit an invisible film, so I can’t help but shake my shoulders before stabilizing.
Because there is 6 long hours of blood and 6 long hours of mental thoughts in the wheel of destiny, it is a vast emptiness, no aura, no dust, even no light, and it is empty and dark.
For a long time, I can be sure that I have never met such a place. Even people, stars and stars will have light and dust. It will never be like this. There is nothing like Pangu Universe.
Curiosity rises for 6 years, which means that a sword is stabbed straight into the "before" rip, and the sharp sword and awn oppress the gas strength figure to approach the destiny wheel along the gap and blow it to the sky.
This fist has gathered six long-term mana and can mobilize the largest world force to compress into a clear fist and hit the wheel of destiny hard.
The spinning wheel was slammed and the impeller appeared a very short gap. After six years, it flashed through the destiny Falun and was in a dark place. Only one foot and one five-color Falun were all dark.
"This should be a passage for the Pangu universe to go outside, but I don’t know if the gods who created the universe are like entering the Pangu universe."
After 6 years, a little doubt rose in my heart. When I tried the magic power, my ability was still effective, but the prohibition law could not last for 6 years. Suddenly, this place is not Pangu universe, but the universe outside Pangu universe.
My heart moved for 6 long, and I suddenly felt two strands of mana fluctuations that were less than my own. I suddenly turned to my right side and muttered to myself, "Are there really so many strong people outside Pangu Yulei?" Just meet two.
After getting out of the panic for 6 years, he realized that he was in trouble. When he left Pangu Universe, he had squandered his body mana with one punch. There is no aura here, and he can’t find the slightest aura. How can he replenish his mana without aura, such as returning to Pangu Universe through the wheel of destiny?
Fortunately, there is still a world that depends on it for six years.
Concentrated for a moment, a pat on the top flashed out of the heavens and the earth, and the mysterious yellow gas protected the whole body for 6 long times. Because the mana was not comparable to the previous one, the rotation was slightly slowed down for a moment and then recovered.
"It’s really not easy to get in and out of the Falun Gong of Destiny. It seems that even the saints who mixed the Yuan Dynasty in the past, such as Yuan Tianzun and Tongtian Patriarch, can look forward to the wheel and feel helpless."
After shaking his head for 6 years, he encouraged the world force to bang out ten punches one after another, which finally made a crack in the rotation of five blades and hurriedly jumped into it.

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