There are many apertures in Taizhong, and there is a cannon light in these apertures, which is Harley’s best jumping dragonfly killing stunt.

To say that the fighting capacity of these three B-class star cruises by star pirates is not so good, and I don’t know where they robbed the goods. They didn’t have the heart to build the war, and they were easily sunk by the Phantom of the Opera for five minutes.
If these pirates meet the general fleet, they nest has a better chance of winning. If the pirates meet the excellent fleet, it will be their end.
The battle didn’t last long when the Phantom of the Opera suddenly calmed down on the battlefield of the last star pirate main ship.
Star pirates flaunt their strength. Star pirates often fight one-on-one with ships. With the power of class B star cruises, there is a rare defeat. Today, the situation is reversed. Phantom of the Opera, one pick three, this tough fighting capacity makes the star pirates dumbfounded.
Unexpectedly, the Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate’s main ship didn’t attack, but quietly hung in the middle, and Lin momo was talking to the Star Pirate’s champion.
"Want to know? Submit to me and give you an open hand to help me receive everything here. "Momo Lin said lightly that it doesn’t matter to him whether the other party agrees or not.
"Hum, I’m very not easy to build a family business, which have so easy to surrender? If you let me take five ships and … "Star thief leader wanted to say something but saw the screen burst into blue and purple.
"Super C-class ship’s fighting skill is limited to magnetic killing"
"High-energy ray explosion of class B ship’s fighting skill"
Star Steal’s main ship trembled slightly, and at the same time, it also used the ship’s lighter skills. Star Steal’s first action was surprisingly consistent, and both of them wanted to stabilize each other and suddenly challenged.
The two ships collided with each other, and a heavy blue shock wave spread outward, and the far and near ships were hard supported by the wave, the energy tide.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun up. 542 Take over
Ship-to-ship combat is a major feature in the field of star cruises. The Phantom of the Opera and the Star Pirate main ship are covered by light.
Because of the fusion of cosmic wonders, the star cruises have developed high and low points, and the ship’s fighting skills also have strong and weak points. Sometimes, they even have different attributes. To put it bluntly, battlefield competition is the development degree of the basic quality of star cruises
Even if Phantom of the Opera didn’t turn on the five-star blood forbidden blade, a blood device was installed in the blue blood meteorite, which can consolidate the energy of the blue blood meteorite by absorbing Zerg JingXie.
This blood device has been developed several times, and its power is several times stronger than that of simply ascending the hull evolution value. The nature of the two armies in front of the battle ranks is extremely cheap, and what’s more, the evil spirit’s son experiences a shape force field and the sinking blade feeds back a lot of magnetic homologous energy to the Phantom, which encourages each other, and the power of the blue blood meteorite is getting bigger and bigger.
"Bang" sounded like a wooden stake was broken. In fact, the main ship of the Star Pirate was penetrated by a blue-purple light belt. On the other hand, the hull of Phantom of the Opera started with a dense three-layer matrix inside and outside.
The high-energy ray burst released by the Star Pirate’s main ship is very overbearing and can force out the Phantom of the Opera’s three-layer matrix and worm pattern. Unfortunately, if you lose, you will lose life and death. It depends on the result.
Lin momo roared, "Listen, all the captain and crew members of Star Pirate, don’t kill them. If you dare to make any changes, you will never show mercy."
The spirit wave flows from ship to ship, and Lin momo’s imposing manner makes the star thieves tremble with fear. "Even the champion in the main ship is taken by the enemy and beaten again, I’m afraid there is no chance of winning."
On the edge of the battlefield, two star pirates immediately turned their bows and fled because they were far away from the Tianzhu fleet. They never thought that Zeus would shine in the blink of an eye.
From a distance, the stern of the two star pirates broke apart for a few seconds and completely lost their ability to act.
"Wow," the star thieves are boiling. They worship force and face the invincible enemy. It’s not like they can’t fight, and it’s not like several small leaders lead them to join them.
The Tianzhu fleet watched the Star Pirates fleet despondently fall to the high place where Zeus hangs in the parking area of the dungeon, shaking off hundreds of robots and starting to control the prisoners.
Due to the large number of star pirates, dozens of staghorn worms flew out from Langqi. These are all blue-line necrophilia mental attacks, and the fierce insects are not talking to Brother Wu in the third and fourth grades.
Brilliant beetles slowly descended from the Phantom of the Opera to the ground, and the captive star pirates stared straight. Never before had anyone domesticated such a huge zerg, and the flower firefly and antlers just appeared to be under strong pressure and instantly extended out.
Just out of the cabin, the Star Thief never dared to rebel again. A bright beetle alone is worth a D-class star cruise ship, and the star power of the terrible flower firefly female is all hope to survive.
The dragon fighting beast also joined the caretaker, and Roderick led the crew to clean up the dungeon quickly.
About two hours later, the Tianzhu fleet finished controlling the scene. According to some star pirates, there are some small strongholds on the edge of Tianma Star, and the Blood Reward and Blade immediately rushed to clean up a star thief.
This star has a serial number. It was a paramilitary base thousands of years ago. Later, it was gradually forgotten due to the evacuation of the dilapidated garrison of the famous Marcuse nearby. After thousands of years, it has become an enclave in the north of Lanxingyu.
After the star pirates occupied this place, they named the Tianma Star Base here. It took 23 years to develop before and after the Tianma Base, but now Tianma Star is Lin Sisuo’s lair.
"Said Ye Shaoyan by you? There is also a dry edge, and I will let you get out of here alive. "Lin momo’s eyes are cold, and three people are sitting in front of him. It is the three bosses of the star thief gang.
"Captain, if you are really willing to let us go, I will naturally say that Ye Shaoyan can’t fall behind this Ye family woman, but I have hidden her and her boat with many eyes before the battle. Do you think I will tell the whole story?" By this time, the star thief leader laughed, and he still didn’t forget to show his fierce color, so it wasn’t that Tibetans mostly didn’t mean it before the war.
"Pa", a scar appeared on the face of the crispy star thief, which instantly turned black and gave off an unpleasant smell.
Lin momo has a whip in his hand, or a vine star thief. The champion is rolling back and forth covering his face, tearing his heart out. The pain is spreading along the whip mark. He is no longer just car-scrapping.
"Two you don’t say you say" Lin momo smiled and raised his palm to send out a wave of black gas.
"Don’t fight, don’t fight, I said that the champion is Klee. He is the younger brother of General Victoria. General Long Jianying has always been a sworn enemy. This time, our Star Pirates discovered a giant fear turtle. You know, this is the top super-order war beast, so you moved your mind and announced that you want to buy the blood of the fear turtle at a high price. Captain Ye Shaoyan can see that others can’t see it. So the champion set a trap to attract Ye Shaoyan and her two helpers. When they are almost finished with the fear turtle, our Star Pirates will come out and take advantage of it. A Ye Shaoyan champion didn’t say it’s a pity that the two of us don’t know where Captain Ye Shaoyan is hiding. The champion doesn’t believe in people. "The second husband bowed his head and honestly explained the situation because Lin momo’s means were too cruel. In less than ten seconds, the champion’s whole head was full of cancer, and the half-worm man’s breath was violent, which scared him out of his wits and threw him to other stars early.
"oh? Don’t you two know where Ye Shaoyan is hidden? " Lin momo frown Ye Shaoyan whereabouts he doesn’t mind his heart is light scales.
When Lin momo tried to drill a wormhole, a fleet first star cruise ship was like two giant anchors connected together, which kept spinning.
The giant anchor ship was followed by fifteen star cruise ships and forty battleships, all of which were painted with leading sasha and sounded the alarm at the first time.
"This is?" Lin momo narrowed his eyes and looked at the screen. This sudden fleet is unusual. At the very least, its fighting capacity is several times stronger than that of the star pirate fleet. When it is in action, it gives a faint iron momentum that people can’t be underestimated.
"I know this is Long Jianying’s fleet. How did he know about our base?" Two take charge of trying to show themselves in front of momo Lin as pug this line let three take charge of disdain.
"Sasha asked the other party’s intention to immediately call the crew back to the ship to prepare for the war." What does it mean that Lin momo has poor eyes and Long Jianying appears at this time? Did you know that Ye Shaoyan was imprisoned so soon? I don’t believe it.
After about five or six minutes, Long Jianying’s fleet approached Tianma base, but they were very disciplined and didn’t get very close.
"Ha, ha, ha, captain Harlem, thank you for saving your little sister. I didn’t expect your fleet to find the star thief’s lair in such a short time and do what the old man wanted to do." Long Jianying’s figure appeared on the screen, which made him young and his figure was quite burly.
Lin momo was slightly stunned when he realized that the other party had the ability to change the source of form, because when he saw Long Jianying, he didn’t find that he had the ability to make the trace of medicine judge that this incredible change originated from the source.
"General Dragon, it’s really hard for your cousin to find a star thief and my mouth shut. Since your fleet can find this place, most of them have positioning means, right?" Lin momo looked at each other unblinkingly according to the current situation. Long Jianying seems to have drawn up a plan to eliminate star pirates. Captain Ye may be the bait, but the Tenchu fleet is just an accident.
"Well, Captain Lin guessed that my cousin did have a distress device. Your fleet suddenly appeared, which made me almost fail in layout. Fortunately, the Tianzhu fleet had previously appeared in Caesar’s kingdom. We should let your fleet come to Marcuse first to see what was going on. Captain Lin is really a hero, so I took this place before I got here." Long Jianying was tepid and explained that he did not forget to hold Lin momo in the end to tell the truth that he was afraid of the strength of the Tianzhu fleet.
"So that’s it. So our fleet made a vanguard. Fortunately, it didn’t become cannon fodder. Since General Long has a way to locate your sister, you might as well find her out. The captain needs light scales." Lin momo’s tone in his words is that he accused Long Jianying of not using the Tianzhu fleet as a gun, but he didn’t care if he got light scales.
"It’s better to save people before consulting." Long Jianying’s voice just fell and a spaceship landed in the mountains more than 2,000 kilometers away from Tianma base, and Zeus immediately rushed to cooperate with the action.
Say it’s a coordinated action, but it’s actually monitoring Lin momo. Don’t allow this juncture to appear. The flower firefly girl has also been sent to keep an eye on each other in the past.
Not long ago, a huge hidden warehouse was found out. This is the location of the star thief Tibetan. Fortunately, it is far enough away from the dungeon, otherwise it will be hit by the war.
More than 30 main characters were rescued, and the Phantom of the Opera immediately rushed over to the city to leave a boat to look after the Fluoron. If Long Jianying dares to attack, it will be a deadly battle.
Long Jianying inwardly sighed, "This Lin momo doesn’t simply do things in a watertight way, and his cousin Silver Scorpion Star Cruises will touch a larger foe even if he wants to seize this star pirate stronghold, and the fighting capacity of the Tenchu fleet is too strong, especially the Phantom of the Opera doesn’t know that if the strength develops to this day, the news comes from the third galaxy, and it seems that the Phantom of the Opera is a C-class Star Cruises, but it is really strange to see a lot of question marks through database analysis."
Lin momo came out to welcome Ye Shaoyan to the Phantom of the Opera, even if Long Jianying wanted to oppose it, it was too late. The ship that sent people to search for people was not an opponent.
"Dragon General, welcome to our fleet stronghold. The Star Pirates are no longer renamed Tianma Base as Tenchu Base from today. I hope you can take a seat on Phantom of the Opera." Momo Lin sent a message that from this moment on, Tenchu Fleet officially took over Tianma Base because he has this qualification.
Volume 1 Star Wars! Fengyun Chapter 543 Recovery
Phantom of the Opera’s reception room is full of guests, including the female captain of Ye’s family and the master. Lin momo, the general of Dalong, leaned slightly to sit in the main seat and then there will be a negotiation.
"Captain Lin told aunt what your moon star is?" Ye Shaoyan narrowed her eyes and chuckled as if she saw a funny thing.
"Aunt? Moon star calls you aunt? " Lin momo is a little dizzy. The female captain of Ye Jia is too young to look like a girl. She thought she was not a master near the peak. I don’t know what it means to suddenly arrive at the moon star.
"Hey hey, I’m aunt Moon Star, although I’ve met her once, but I’m also a relative. In the last six months, the name of Captain Lin and her family is like thunder. Ye Junao vowed to destroy the Phantom of the Opera, but judging from the speed at which your fleet defeated the star pirates, I’m afraid Xiao Ao will suffer again in recent years. It’s not enough for someone to come out and wake up one day, and it’s not enough for a hero to think about the family’s family." Ye Shaoyan’s tone gradually increased, but her beautiful eyes always looked at Lin momo with a smile.
"Captain Ye’s sense of honor in the past, I Ye Junao’s first world war had to be a moon star, and I was also a teacher and a friend. From the perspective, I should rescue these past events and put them aside for the time being. It is really a light scale for us to come here and ask my aunt to help." Lin momo looked at Ye Shaoyan with a sincere tone
"Light scales?" Ye Shaoyan looked puzzled at Long Jianying as if she didn’t have much impression on this matter.
"Cousin, you won’t lose that thing from your third child, will you?" Long Jianying opened his mouth and woke up. He had a headache for this little cousin.
"Oh come to think of it! Is that thing valuable? I seem to ask me to look for it. "Ye Shaoyan’s hand suddenly propped up a big screen to search in front of everyone.
Lin momo was nervous, although it was not white where Ye Shaoyan hid the equipment and was not found by the star thief, but at this moment, her heart was in her throat and she could not consider these little things.
"Hee hee found the original here" Ye Shaoyan suddenly pointed to the reception room desktop to see the green light flashing more than a jade box.
"It’s a light scale that’s right." The sinking blade secretly sends out a feeling of thinking and scans it to give an accurate answer immediately.
"Aunt Ye, this is exactly what I am looking for. It is very important for me. If you have any requirements, just say it. My fleet will do its best to help you complete it." Lin momo has a jade box on the desktop in his eyes, no matter whether he is a hundred-year-old grandmother sitting opposite or a beautiful girl in the flower season.
"Ha ha since you call me a leaf home aunt so everyone is a family thing for you! You don’t have to be an outsider, but I have a small request. Let Ye Jun ‘ao go easy on you every time you meet him. Although Ye Jia is unpopular, he is still Ye Jia. Without Ye Jia, how can I be today? As aunt pull a little proud but Ye Junao if you don’t know the depth to continue to make moves to Captain Lin, then I "Ye Shaoyan said this with tolerance, and the light scale is equal to giving it to Lin momo. Putting Ye Junao on the horse is a request to sell or not, depending on Lin momo’s mind.
Even if Long Jianying is getting stronger and stronger, Ye Shaoyan is just a poor female captain of Ye’s family. She is not qualified to ask Lin Sisuo to do things, and in the final analysis, it is the first time for the Tientsin fleet to kill the star pirates and let Ye Shaoyan be free. This is equal to saving lives.
Ye Shaoyan has worked hard for many years and knows that hard fists are the truth. Since people are willing to sit down and discuss, it is not good for her to go too far.
"Good captain guarantees that if Ye Junao attacks the Tenchu fleet, I will handle it as appropriate before I leave the battlefield, and let him know that Ye’s aunt helped him once." Lin momo’s life has always been a grudge. Since I promised Ye Shaoyan today, I will certainly do it in the future.
"Good men talk about things first. My friend and I will stay here for two to three months. Captain Lin won’t be bothered by others, will you? Anyway, we are also relatives. "Ye Shaoyan tugged at her skirts and smoothed the pleated clothes. After that, she left the reception room with a group of hands to see her. She meant to make friends with the team of the Tenchu.
"It’s good to leave. This little cousin is active by nature. She must have gone to find her star cruise ship. Captain Lin, should you and I talk about the ownership of the Star Pirate Base?" Long Jianying turned the conversation and put the purpose of this trip on the table.
"Dragon General, I’m going to run those star pirates here enough to form a fleet, so I don’t want to cede the base." Lin momo turned cold and attacked the star pirates base Long Jianying without any benefits at this time. Isn’t it a villain?

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