Said the hammer said to Samuel, "help me deal with the first few big guys, make a pair of sunglasses for each of them and feed themselves!" In how to communicate with them, you come to find a way to Miao Comrade. "

"Who’s in charge while I’m away?" asked Song Hammer and Bao Xiao.
Hammer looked up and took a strange look at the hammer. "You come with me …"
After Bao cried enough, he became interested in the ham sausage next to him, which was both curious and hostile.
"Look at your sister." Sausage reached out and pushed a pack of head "silly girl"
Bao’s eyes suddenly widened "Cat!"
Ham sausage put your finger on your lips "shh!"
"ah!" When Bao heard it, she screamed and swooped together with the sausage, muttering that she couldn’t hear clearly and muttering that she began to cry again with all her grievances. "I hate you … you throw me … throw me …"
"There was a little accident." The ham sausage was surprisingly gentle when wrapping the bag. "Aren’t we back?"
"Well …" Bao cling to hold the sausage hand "don’t go … don’t go …"
At the same time, hammer has been brought to the mayor’s office. The building is still the same, and there is no change at all. There is a light on the second floor, which used to be the hammer office.
"That building?"
Hammer, Hammer, arranged a suit "I’ll prepare something for you".
Ding hammer pinched a hammer’s ass egg as before, and then smiled and said, "Don’t be so bitter."
This can make Hammer cry and turn to eat. Hammer looks at her back and sighs, then pushes the door and goes in.
As soon as I pushed the door, there was a faint scent of grass in the vase with an orchid table, a white tablecloth and a dog …
As soon as I was familiar with the call, the chest of the hammer warmed up. Although I knew who it was at the moment I entered the door, hearing the sound again made him feel mixed.
And just as he was about to agree to go upstairs, the lazy dog lying on the sofa suddenly got up, took a look at the hammer, and then dallied away.
"Mama ah … will be the wrong meaning …" Dinghammer suddenly felt embarrassed. It turned out that the building owner called the dog, but even so, he still walked down the stairs.
The office door was slightly open with light green light, which seemed very soft. The hammer went to the door and gently pushed the door and looked at the familiar figure. He smiled gently, but before he turned his back on others, he had already said, "Two years. Oh, you owe me the best time for two years."
"Give it back to you" Dinghammer sighed. "I didn’t expect it to be you."
"Yeah, who else can I be?" Holding the dog leaf, I turned around and looked at the hammer and smiled. "I can always feel the fluctuation of your life, but I can wait for you if it is the legal location."
Ye’s expression became a little angry. "You kept me waiting for two years!"
Then she put the dog on the ground and reached for a designated hammer "Hammer! Bite him! "
The dog took a cute look at the hammer and then shrank behind the leaf with its tail between its legs. Dare to sneak a look?
"You scared my hammer," Ye said with a smile. "You are a bad person."
Fixed hammer shrugged. "I really walked for two years? But how do I feel that it has only been two days? "
"I don’t know, maybe it’s turbulence when I met you." Ye pursed her mouth. "It’s also a coincidence that you came. Bai Fei got engaged in five days."
Ding hammer zheng brain suddenly messed up again because he remembered that Bai Fei only met him last week, when Bai Fei was still single … And his words clearly revealed his affection and disappointment for Ding hammer, but I didn’t expect that she would be engaged in the blink of an eye …
"going to participate?" Before Ye left, the hammer patted the dust on his body, and his expression was bleak. "I have always been a public servant in your name, but you have always been engaged to the marshal of the second district."
"Isn’t it a shame if I don’t go?"
Ye didn’t speak, but walked to the window with the hammer, pushed the window and pointed it out. The hammer looked in the direction she pointed out and found that the city lights were shining, the tall buildings were lined with roads, and the cars were welcoming and being sent to the airport under construction. This scene was that he didn’t even think about it when he first came. Looking at those dim lights, the hammer felt like a dream.
"You’re a disgrace? Then tell me who else is not ashamed. "Ye smiled." The whole southwest economy, culture, education, industry and entertainment in the seventh district are here. Tell me where it is shameful? You tell me who is qualified to laugh at you. "
Hammer some embarrassed to touch his head "that’s your credit …"
"It’s you," Ye frowned. "I’m helping you carry out your thoughts, that’s all."
Fixed hammer didn’t speak is looking at leaf "Ye Jie …"
Ye reached out his finger and pressed the hammer lips. "Go to sleep and say nothing."
"Yes!" The hammer stood at attention and saluted "See you in heaven!"
"See you in heaven" Ye Chaoding blinked. "Bring me breakfast early!"
"No problem!"
After going out, I watched my city for an hour, and I had mixed feelings. Although it was a little sudden, there were some things … Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, I’ll walk. Nothing.
"By the way, what about Mo Hui and Ge?" The hammer squatted on the railing and asked the hammer around him, "Why didn’t you see it?"
"They? Yesterday, we were invited to participate in an international weapons exhibition. We were invited by three major arsenals. Now we are the fourth largest arsenal in the world, but we haven’t launched new products for a long time, and our share has dropped. "
"Not soon." Ding Hammer stretched himself and turned to look at Hammer. "You are beautiful, alas, much more beautiful than when we first met."
Hammer smiled a little shy. "Life is good …"
"It’s more beautiful to wear a military uniform." Before Dinghammer left, he patted Hammer on the shoulder. "God, we will formally form an army!"
"This is not! The army there … "
Fixed hammer hey hey smile looking at the distance eyes deep.
Chapter 11 Great Changes in Imperial City
Ding hammer dared to make such a strange decision. He didn’t think blindly with his eyes closed. Although he has been away for two years, the urban development is still moving forward at a high speed, which represents one thing, that is, the struggle for convenience in the imperial city has become white-hot
Through some broken information, I know that Bai Fei’s engagement is really a political marriage arbitration, so they draw people from the second district to make forward-looking preparations
Why would Yu Baifei agree to become a political sacrifice? It’s not very strange to know her. Bai Fei is a woman who wants to do great things, which is quite different from the big-chested but ambitious person like Daiye.
According to the data and intelligence, the seventh district has fallen into a downturn cycle due to the double chaos of the outside and the Ministry. The only one that is not affected by this cycle is this forgotten town.
But the more chaotic it is outside, the more prosperous it is here. In the past two years, millions of immigrants have moved into the city, which is just a fixed population, not including the floating population who work here to generate income. By the time the imperial city reacted, the city has become the fifth largest city in the seventh district for more than four months, and it has a miniature and complete industrial body. It is very direct for the city to show its national form and create profits from foreign trade, which is one-third of the total turmoil in the seventh district.
Of course, during this period, it was not that no one came over and wanted to directly submit to the big construction site. However, this clever but ambitious woman was fierce. She actually held on to her one acre and three points. She should pay taxes and contribute talents. No matter how people lobbied, it was of no help.
And all sides agree that the development of this city is due to the fact that if one side touches the interests of the big construction site when wrestling, it may directly push the big construction site to the opponent’s arms. This is not a joke, but the tripartite confrontation can’t say that the four sides are stable or barely strong. After all, there is a super soldier in the north … that is, Roger City, where people call him a great man from heaven, and it is always awesome.
"I don’t know what that guy is doing now." Ding Hammer looked at the night light and said, "This world is changing too fast."

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