She was forced to promise me and stayed in the pawnshop since then.

I watched her in the pawnshop. I used to spoil her. She can do whatever she wants.
After all, the pawnshop is her home after she becomes my partner.
My partner can dominate not only the family but also the three worlds.
When I unify the ghost world, she will still be the king of the ghost world
After she was forcibly taken into the pawnshop, I continued to draw dark power from the ugly human nature, and the rest began to absorb the ghost power pawned by her father.
I absorbed her father’s ghost power, but I was the power of the law
I brought her to my bedroom, and I forced her to attack me. With the help of her ghost power, I was activated and absorbed into her father’s ghost power.
She didn’t let me down. She really activated me to absorb her father’s ghost power.
When I finally took all her father’s ghost power for myself, I knew I had the ability to open the tunnel.
At the same time, I also clearly feel that my practice is approaching a critical point.
I need to close my mind and break through that critical point. I am sure that if I break through that critical point, I can open the tunnel to the underworld at any time.
When I finally broke through the critical point, I went to the pawnshop in high spirits and wanted to share the good news with her at the first time.
When I entered the pawnshop, I found that she had fled the pawnshop.
This situation made me fly into a rage. I immediately killed the black man who ate inside and picked outside, and immediately went to destroy the three realms.
I told her that I was going to disturb the Three Realms, which was just a lie. I didn’t think about the Three Realms at that time.
It was she who was tired and ruined her life.
Harvesting my life against the three realms, ghosts and demons, I saw that the skill of the king of the nether world increased greatly in a short time.
The situation of the king of the nether world shows that she has committed herself to him, which makes her even more angry. I let the king of the nether world die and suffer.
After slaying me against people, ghosts and demons, I went back to the pawnshop to bathe and change clothes, and then went to the battlefield to see if she had arrived.
When I saw that she was shedding blood and tears, I couldn’t say how happy I was.
Those who abandon me should suffer.
I was slightly surprised to see those four ghosts. I knew that Lu Xiaoran was still a descendant of the ghost princess and the ghost king.
I have no dark power to deal with her. She has been deeply involved in her emotions.
Looking at her tears of blood, looking at her black hair, all white, looking at her hatred, full of sadness and disheartened, I am more and more happy.
After she promised to be my slave, I came to spare her father, mother and those four ghosts.
However, her father’s own death has always offended me, so I simply killed her father, mother and the four ghosts again.
I didn’t expect that she could finally inspire the ghost of the yin. I always thought that the ghost of the yin was the right thing to say.
Knowing that my death was approaching, I was briefly surprised and frightened.
Having lived for so long, I often feel alive and interesting, and I soon feel relieved.
I’m not afraid of death, but I don’t like it very much. She makes me die without image, and she makes me suffer.
I want to die early. I curse her and watch her attack me again. I’m always free
Wang Hao’s essay
The first chapter Wang Haowen 1
My name is Wang Haowen, and I am the second generation officer.
I can get wind, wind and rain in this place in fz city, but I have never caused any trouble to my parents. I have always been a top student.
In a word, I don’t cheat dad.
Growing up, there were women around me who took the initiative to throw themselves at me, and I disdained those women.
I know that what they are after me is that they have taken a fancy to me, but they are not interested in my family.
In this materialistic society, their reaction is very thick, but I don’t like it.
I was always calm until I met Lv Xiaoran.
Before the freshmen of Liufeng College in fz officially started to report, my family had already completed all the admission procedures.
I have to be able to wander around the campus when such a freshman starts reporting.
I first met Lv Xiaoran when I wandered to the school gate.
She walked alone in the crowd, but I noticed her at a glance
Different from other freshmen who came to the school to report, they all wished they could come to help. Lv Xiaoran had just arrived from a taxi and was walking towards the school gate alone with his suitcase.
Lu Xiaoran came towards me with a shallow smile on her face, but her shallow smile gave me the feeling of rejecting people thousands of miles away.
There is nothing left in her eyes about the excitement of freshmen when they enter school. She seems to feel the noisy environment.
I watched her sign up and then watched her go to the girls’ dormitory as shown.
When she signed up, I knew her name was Lu Xiaoran.
I went to see the placement of freshmen after she entered the girls’ dormitory. I saw that Lv Xiaoran and I were not in the same class.
I found the principal and asked him to transfer me to Lv Xiaoran’s class. I want to know more about Lv Xiaoran.
I thought it was funny that I was so worried for the first time as a woman.
I pay more attention to Lv Xiaoran in military training and class together.
The more I pay attention to Lv Xiaoran, the more I find that I can’t move my eyes.
When she is quiet, her lips always wear that shallow smile.
When she really smiles, the radian of her lips is as perfect as a crescent moon, and there are thousands of Ryukyu in her eyes.
Segmented reading 56
Glass light
The first time I had a crush on a woman, I began to try to get her to notice me, but she seemed to be indifferent to everything.
I tried many ways to make me feel deeply frustrated after she noticed me.
With a little anger in it, I began to adopt the method of frequent love and frequent girlfriend change to attract her attention.
Come to Liufeng College to learn from me, and naturally there is no shortage of girls, which makes my plan be implemented smoothly.
There are also myself and women who once loved me know that I am in love with women, and I have never had sex with those women.
After this situation lasted for two years, I finally realized that I was too naive and stupid, and I realized that what I did really made her pay attention to me, but what I did seemed to push her further
So I broke up with my last girlfriend, Wu Yueer, to re-establish a good image in front of her.

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